Dave Matthews Band
Tweeter Center, Camden, New Jersey
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band:Jim White

on-stage: 8:15pm
JTR *+
Best of Whats Around +
Satellite *
The Space Between *+
Rhyme & Reason
Mother Father *+
Everyday (#36) *+
Pantala Naga Pampa * -->
Rapunzel *
What You Are *
Sleep To Dream Her * -->
Grace Is Gone *
Jimi Thing
When The World Ends *
Granny *+
True Reflections *+
Stay *+
(Little Thing tease)
Tripping Billies *
off-stage: 10:40pm
* Butch Taylor on keys
+ Tawatha, Cindy & Brenda on vocals

Cody A.
This was an AMAZING concert. I am happy that he played GRACE IS GONE wich was amazing, and he played SATELLITE. that was awsome to here live. THe crowd went crazy during the GRANNY. Everyone had a great time and especially on the grass. And JIMI THING was also great to here so were all of the songs he played. It was an AMAZING CONCERT.
David G.
What a show, What a show. One of the best shows that I have been to. I still wish I could have heard Minarets or Lie in Our Graves but the Jimi Thing almost made up for any song that was not there. Jimi Thing was by far the best version that I have heard yet. Then Granny, this I did not expect at all. But starting it off with JTR I think really got the crowd into the show. People in Philly seem to know Dave pretty well. Then hitting the old stuff for most of the night was a great departure from last night. Best of Whats Around and Satellite were tremendous and two that I have not heard since the last show at Maple Leaf Gardens in Toronto. Everyone knew the Space Between and loved it more than any of the others, except maybe Tripping Billies. Once I heard Rhyme and Reason I as a little disapointed because I figured that we would not hear LIOG, and he played Rhyme and Reason Last December when he was accross the River at the FU Center, but it was still well worth the listen. Mother Father with the accoustic guitar was a nice treat and took a little of the Santana edge off the song but gave it a more DMB feel which I loved. Everyday was great as always, I just wished they would have done #36>Everyday but we cant have it all only Dave can. PNP into Rapunzel was great and got the crowd hopping, especcially the girl down in front of me who flashed dave durring the song. What You Are is a good song but it quashed my hopes of hearing Minarets, which I know everyone on this board would love to hear, hopefully tomarrow I will get a little treat. The prelude into Grace is Gone was definatly different and sounded almost like a new song but then he broke out Grace is Gone (my favorite Lillywhite) and I knew it was just an intro, but not too many others knew Grace. Then of course was the BEST redition of Jimi Thing I have ever heard, especially the introductions of the Band that Dave did near the and, and Dave walking off stage to let Roi do his thang. By far a Jimi that has to be heard in any and every format possible. When the World Ends Next was nice but I think it should have closed the show like it did in Buffalo to put a real pop on the ending. Breaking out with Granny and then True Reflections, can I say OLD SCHOOL, s@!t the only show that is more old school would be the FU Center show from last December, where he played half of Remember Two Things. Stay as a closer was excellent and really got the crowd ready to stay for an encore. Waste, as a couple of phisheads behind me said "I can't F!@&*ng belive it." I loved it. And then closing out with one of the all time best party songs Tripping Billies is how everyshow that does not end with Watchtower should end.
Well, Dave concerts are always fun, but I much would have rather gone to last night's show looking at the setlist. Out of my 6 favorite songs, he didn't play any of them. No #41, no Crush, no Watchtower, no Ants Marching, No Two Step. I was really disappointed to not hear Greystreet--such a great song. The concert was alright though. Tripping BIllies was not my favorite encore, but Boyd made it amazing with the violin. I thought it was cool how Dave introduced his band members in a song-like fashion. That was great. I really wish I could have gone to Friday night's show, but that's life. I did have very good seats though, so that made it a little better. Basically I thought that it was a weak setlist. I am glad he only played 5 Everyday songs though. Anyway, can't wait for his next Philly show. I'll be there.
Barry E.
Oh my god. I just got back, and this show was beyond belief. After last nights dissapointment, this way made up for it. After the crazy amounts of rain during the opener, the chorus of JTR, (rain, rain, rain down on me) just went perfect. SPACE BETWEEN was just incredible. R&R was great, definetly didnt expect that. MOTHER FATHER was decent. RAPUNZEL was beyond belief. It must of lasted like 15 minutes. I was just in heaven. GRACE IS GONE, my favorite song was so unexpected, since it is very rare he plays it. JIMI THING, TRUE REFLECTIONS & STAY were all also great live... all about the same level, but just awesome. WASTE, for an encore was great... considering Phish is my favorite band becides Dave. Finally, TRIPPING BILLIES was also great, once again an unexpected song. Tomorrow is my last night... hopefully we'll see some Watchtower, 41, ants or LIOG. Definetly looking forward to that. I guess ill see you guys then.
Michael F.
JTR, great opener, especially with the mention of "rain", which got the crowd on the lawn pumped. BOWA, great to have a UTTAD song played this early, much appreciation from the crowd to hear this song. Satellite, great to have another UTTAD song played so soon. The Space Between, greatest song off of Everday, greatest Everyday song to hear live. Rhyme and Reason, another UTTAD song, great to hear this many, especially the ones chosen, crowd-pleasers. Mother Father sounded good, it could have used Carlos Santana to add effect though, it still sounded good. Everyday with the #36 intro, sounded great with the Lovely Ladies. PNP-->Rapunzel was great with the saxophone work of Leroi. What You Are, great sounding song, you could tell what it was as Dave did his mumbling into the mic at the beginning of it. Sleep to Dream Her into Grace is Gone was simply amazing, the prelude between the two I've never heard before, but would definately like to hear again. When the World Ends, a great Everyday song. Granny, True Reflections sounded great with the Lovely Ladies and with Boyd's singing on TR. Stay, so much energy it's not even funny, couldn't have asked for a better closer to the regular set. Waste was a great solo encore by Dave, really emotional and strung out. With the 3 taps of the drumsticks by Carter, it was evident that Tripping Billies would be the final song, ****ing awesome, cannot describe it any better. Overall 10 out of 10, this show was simply perfect.
Ben M.
wow!!! what a show. to start off, dave introduced jimmy and the boys and the rain started to pour down on our lawn section of the venue as whitey played. it was rockin. the boys came on at about 8:15 and opened with jtr. it was a very energetic opener which was followed by a great BOWA. satellite, space, r+r were good. madre padre was great. the 36/everyday/36 was started off by boyd with his wawa pedal. PNP--> rapunzel was great. dave had to switch from his 6 to 12 in the middle of this one, mabye he broke a string. next was what u r which i enjoyed hearing for the first time. next i'm positive i heard a little thing guitar tease. instead they played a quiet sleep, then next was a sweet rarity. the group played some sort of grace prelude. i recall dave using a few lyrics from fish monkey like "i don't wanna die like a little dog." grace was chillin. next was an absolutely amazing version of jimi. first solo went to leroi when dave actually stepped off stage. dave came back on and jammed with boyd. butch even got in a mean solo. then dave stepped to the mic and did a sort of band introduction thing. he went through and sang a line for each member. i remember him singin "who am i missing?... who am i missing?... he's got a face, he's got hair, he's got hair in his face, mr. carter beauford." next was when the world ends, the tvs cutting off at the end of the song add a cool effect. granny was a great little number! next was true reflections! boyd went into a solo and joined dave in the middle of the stage. as the two danced there i got chills up my spine. butch got into a solo of his own and dave danced along excitedly. indeed it made me wanna stay. appropriately dave started up stay next. great song to step off with. the crowd was goin absolutely nuts. sure wish it began to rain but it never came. during the wait as i held up my lighter i couldn't stop lookin at the lizard sitting on top of steffan's amp next to a stuffed pig that was thrown onto stage by a fan. when the band came on dave played another guitar tease of little thing. instead he played a very good waste as he stood in the spotlight. next me my friends and a bunch of people around us started screamin for watchtower. i guess that'll hafta wait one more night cause the band played trippin. this is the second time i've heard this song to close this tour. just as good this time if not better. carter was abosolutely incredible. i was dancin away. wow what a show. great energy from the band tonight!! 2 down 1 left to go. can't wait for one more!!! hasta manana. ps... no thanks to that super crazy bitch driving in figure eights goin 80 in the post concert tailgating parking lot.
James D.
NIGHT #2..ECentre.....Simply Awesome!! As much as i loved the first night, this one just blew it away. There was such a vibe tonite. I was around much better people and it was great meeting and hanging with the peeps from minarets.net, they were cool! As for the show itself. Sick! amazing! Awesome! I loved every minute of it, it was a little shorter than the first show but better. Just a ton of "Pick me up" songs and i just couldnt stop dancing all night. Mother Father snuck up on us all, The space between was gorgeous with the cloudy orange sunset over the city skyline. JimiThing was THE BEST! version i had ever heard with dave introducing all the band members in the song. JTR to start the show gave the whole "rain" vibe all night long. The band was just having the greatest time tonite and so was everyone there. It was just incredible. True Reflections went right into stay without a break, The night was just so electric. The first night gave me chills and tonite blew me through the roof. The night belonged to boyd! After sleep to dream her they had an improv "prelude" jam which was off the hook, right into grace is gone. Well..it just keeps getting better..tommorow night should be something for the record books..lets hope. Goodnight ALL!!
James D.
Hey guys, just got home from Camden. I must say, with no reservations, the best show this year. By FAR. with the exception of getting my car slammed by a drunk driver on the parkway (he got SCREWED by the cops when they got there. I'm fine and i'm just gonna have a crappy lookin car for a few) , you may look at the setlist and say, eh not too bad. But let me tell you, if you were only there. First of all E-Center is the best venue i've ever been too. My seats were amazing. Perfect closeup view the whole show, plus room to dance (yeah Sarah). There were a TON of rarities, HUGE engergy and dnacing from Dave and Leroi* (MVP of the night) and a TON of unforgetful moments (like last night...Dave, "Butch Taylor on the saxophone......let's try that again, Butch taylor on the keyboards. ..well it jsut looks like a saxophone )Overall 9.8 out of 10 (because of BOWA and and TR) Also and 9.8 because i heard all songs that are not standard setlist memebers. Biggies that i was glad i DIDN"T see AGAIN were Watchtower, 41, Two Step, WWYS, Warehouse, Ants. Brought the points way up for that. Dave was PERFECT tonight, he looked good, sang amazing, awesome made up lyrics and variations, great dave speak, and the BEST dancing i've ever seen, he's got a new move where like bounces on one foot across the stage, it's sick you gotta see it. (i'll put a short review of last night at the end)JTR *+ Really nice opener, lots of energy to start off the night. A guy was like, "I love all of those other new songs they do, like Grey Street and JTR" I said, "yo, this IS JTR" haha Best of Whats Around + Definitely the weakest song of the night because it was too slow. Good voice warmer upper. Satellite * Teased Little Thing chords first. then this is where the show picked up though from the tease i thought it was Raven. WOW, and i NEVER like this song live. Dave sang it beautifully and it was perfectly pulled off. One of my favorites of the night. The Space Between *+ Crowd pleaser but very nicely done. Lots of emotion. Beautiful keyboards by Butch on this. Rhyme & Reason Hadn't heard this in a while, pretty standard with lots of energy. Mother Father *+ This started the dream part of the set. This is SOOOOOO good live without Santana. He changes a lot of words so it's almost like he's tlaking to you. boy does he belt it out on this tune. Great faces (sarah) too on this one. Everyday *+ Teases Little Thing AGAIN but this time with words. The one wish that i wanted....o yes, came true. Everyday + 36. My favorite of both nights there. First he teased the #36 guitar riff, then went into Everyday, at the end of everyday Boyd bustes out this solo (at first you didn't know what is was) with a Wah Wah pedal on his violin. Never seen anything so cool. Sounded amazing. the layering started, first the sax and violin did the 36 riff overtop of "pick me up love" then the ladies (great job tonight for once) picked up "Hani Hani..." and then Dave went into 36 words witht he Band doing everyday words. SOOO nice. Can't describe how much engery it had.. plus Dave making up words at the end. Pantala Naga Pampa * Rapunzel * Standard with a lot of energy. Towards the end dave broke a string and he jsut took his guitar off and sang like a normal frontman in a band (no instrument, that was cool) they finally got him another guitar and he made a funny face at the crowd. Gave a broke string to a girl in the crowd. What You Are * Called this one off the bat with the low bass rumble and the dark lighting. Awesome, GREAT GREAT vocal impov on this one.. Sleep To Dream Her * Had no idea about this one but loved it. Carter got everyone on stage really quiet for a whole verse so Dave almost did a solo and then he kicked in hard with for the chorus....and so on.. (Prelude) --> can anyone say KIT KAT JAM....YAY + the words were cool as anything. He knew the crowd was into it when he started doing the riff by himself. As soon as carter and Roi came in the crowd went nuts. Great jam but i knew grace was coming. Grace Is Gone * Gets better everytime i see it. Beautiful and tight. Esp the jammed ending with Butch solo on top of Roi solo. Jimi Thing Rarity equivilant to Two Step in the rain 2 weeks ago. First off, GREAT solo in the beginning by Dave in between the first two verses. Then carter got really soft just for "smoke my mind" crowd loved it. Then dave just LEAVES the stage totally with butch. Gone. We're like what? Then we realized... Roi was SOOOO on tonight and SO into it (bouncing all around like Maceo Parker) Dave just knew it. So he took off his guitar and sat on the side to watch. Best solo i've ever heard. Like the old days too (lots of cool noises and squeaks) THen after like 10 minutes, he comes back out and gets on the mic improv style. He starts singing all this stuff like (The baddest man up in here, Leroi Moore we all love to hear...then he did stephan, butch, boyd in a similar manner, and then the kicker. He sings "is there somone i'm forgetting" and the crowd responded CARTER. The he did it 3 more times and then said some kind words about carter as he did with the others. The jam picked up again and Dave busted out a solo. After doing like 1 minutes, he waved his hand and made a face to butch saying (man, i can't solo, butch take over) and he did and played a sweet organ solo) great ending. Big drum solo. When The World Ends * Knew it was coming. Forgot words for verse 3. Granny *+ Standard but a highlight of the night becasue dave made up EVERY word after the first verse/chorus. He was GOING NUTS. He was jumping ALL OVER the stage ( like me in the isle). Great to hear again True Reflections *+ Usually hate this one. Surprisingly, Boyd and Roi's solos were breathtaking. Had to stand back up at the end. Stay *+ Sat down at first but the ended up doing it REALLY REALLy nicely and not too many "don't it make you wanna stay" which made it good. Waste Totally KNEW this was coming. Thew me off with YET ANOTHER Little Thing tease again with singing. THen waste was beautifully done except i was the only one around me singing the words and dancing. errrr. Tripping Billies * Very cool. Dave started ot play the into chords but then he walked over and told carter and the buys to do it old fashioned style. No nature intro (RTT way). ended with a LOT of energy.
Kathleen F.
This show was incredible. My 4th show, and my second here at Tweeter. Last nights show was certainly different to fridays, but either way a great solid show. They opened with JTR, which was somewhat a given facing the fact it had been raining on us the entire day. The highlights for me were everyday-->#36, PNP-->Rapunzel, Jimi Thing, GRANNY, and Tripping Billies. Everyday was definately my favorite part. All the people i was with were singing 36 the entire time the band was jamming, it was perfect. Then when the band went into 36 the energy was crazy. Granny was incredible. You could just see in the bands faces that they love playing. The encore was also just about perfect. I like waste, i think it is a beautiful song and im glad i got to here it. Tripping Billies was a great closer. I was at RFK when he closed with this. The crowd gets so into this and its just amazing to have that feeling in you like things cant get much more perfect. That songs does it for me. I think it was a great show and i LOVED when dave introduced the rest of the band.....looking forwared to hershey august 1st! (still hoping they'd play pig!)
Ethan F.
WOW!!! WOW!!! WOW!!!!! That was an amazing show. It was 100% better than the night before. Dave was amzing, dancing the whole time even with his injured rib. Stefan sounded great! I could feel the base on every song. Mother Father really does need Santana to be good but they gave it a good effort and ended it well. Everyday was great! Boyd did a 2 minute solo in the beginging of it with a WAH WAH pedal on his violin. It was crazy. I also heard the best version of Jimi Thing ever. Body played the best and fastest solo I have ever heard at a Dave shows. In the middle of jaming Jimi Thing Dave left and let the band solo without him, when he returned he did a great humorous singing intro about all the band members. It was AMAZING! I hope tonights Dave Show is as great as last nights!!!!
This was my 3rd Dave show and without a doubt the absolute best!!! They jammed soooo much. It was also louder than any other one I've been to. Onto the set----JTR was an expected opener because the rain started coming before Dave got on stage. Boyd's jam in this was longer than any other time that I've heard it. After the song Dave announced that tonight would be an awesome setlist with a lot of jamming. After saying that they went straight into BOWA which to me was totally unexpected. It was my first time hearing it live. It sounded great and Leroi's solo was awesome. Satellite I called because he did a little intro to it that he also did in Philly during the winter tour of 2000. It was standard but jammed a little more tonight than usual. After this I knew a new one was coming but did not expect TSB. It sounds great live and the ladies were not actually too bad tonight. Rhyme and Reason was standard but still great to hear. Another new one came next. That was Mother Father. This was awesome and there was a jam at the end of that isn't on the album. #36-Everyday combo was excellent. Everyday is definitely one the best new songs live. After that came in my opinion the most unpredictable song-Rapunzel. I never thought they would do this tonight because they have only done it a few times this tour. It was easily the best jam of the night. Dave was dancing like crazy and Boyd and Leroi were tearing up this song. Next came the best live new song of the night. That was What You Are. I liked how it mellowed out in the middle stopped for a split second and then started jamming the chorus again. After that awesome jam came the only song of the set that I could have done without-STDH. The song itself is not horrible but the placement was. This song really died the crowd down. It was also the only song I sat down for. The next song was Grace Is Gone but it had a jam to it at the beginning. I found out later that the jam was part of the original Grace off of the Lillywhite Sessions. Nobody around me knew what song this was. Next came 1 of 2 songs that I've never heard live that I had to hear live before I die. Jimi Thing was AWESOME!!! The best version I have ever heard. I loved it when Dave introduced the members of the band. I have never heard him do this before. Him singing "who am I forgetting" (which was Carter) is a moment I will never forget. Every time he said that the crowd yelled "Carter". Boyd tore this song up along with Dave and Leroi. It was funny how Boyd knocked his glasses off during his solo. WTWE was short and sweet. I did not think they would play this tonight because they opened with it the first night. When they did play it I thought it would be the end of the set because they have closed with this before. They didn't close with it and went right into Granny, which was definitely a highlight of the set. It was the best version I've ever heard. True Reflections was next and when it started I was kind of bummed out. I really did not want to hear it. By the end of the song my mind had changed quickly. Boyd did his best jam of the night and he was all over the stage. Dave and him were both dancing together. As soon as the song ended I knew what was coming and I was right. Stay was a highlight of the night. Also It was the first time I've heard it live. I knew the set was over now but I was really hoping that it wasn't. I was hoping they would go into Ants or Watchtower but they didn't. Oh well. The encore I called before I even got there. Waste sounded great. As most people know it is a Phish song. Tripping Billies was the 2 of 2 songs that I had to hear live before I die. It did not disappoint me at all. The ending jam could have been longer but I'm not going to complain. What a night this was for the greatest jam band of all time and the greatest live act in the world. Can't wait for Hershey and maybe a winter tour.
After driving 7 hours from Ohio (due to the fact that their asses did not want to come to Ohio or Western PA), with a close friend named Jolene, we must state that we were somewhat dissapoited with last nights set list. I also traveled down to Giants Stadium for the second show, and we noticed that both of these shows were rather similar, an example being the matching encores. (Waste, Tripping Billies). We are both big fans of the band and have seen many of his shows. I am dissapointed this tour because I feel the set lists have been very unbalanced. DMB should have taken into consideration the fact that the majority of people that were at Giants Stadium were also going to be at the Tweeter Center. We both noticed that his signature songs, (Two Step, Crash and Warehouse) have been played during the first nights of all his shows. Nothing more than Satelite was played last night. Just watch tonights setlist. You will notice that that the other half of his signature songs will be played tonight. We feel as though especially for shows of three nights his signature song should be divided up into thirds. He needs to stop force-feeding and promoting his new album. Christ, enough of "I Did It" already. Me, like most of the other DMB fans, enjoy the new CD, but we are not paying to hear the entire CD live in concert. Maybe as the tour continues, we will see the band bring out our old favorites. Seems as though he is starting to already, as I have heard (Drive In/Out, Seek Up and the Stone). Just one question...Where is Say Goodbye?????????
Timothy Z.
Just returned home to MA from several excellent evenings in the Camden/ Philadelphia area. Figured I'd throw in a short recap. Friday night was incredible.. the most solid DMB set I've ever seen. From WTWE to The Stone (a very surprising closer) everything was TIGHT! Saturday night was awesome in another way.. everything was mellow until about Rapunzel, but in sitting in 202, row A, i was right next to the sound and mixing board and talked to various crew members throughout the night. One of them gave me an official copy of the night's setlist.. has a little firedancer on it and such. considering I always go to the shows and write down everything, this made me feel all bad-ass and stuff, at least to myself. Anyway, highlights of the night were definitely the multiple Little Thing teases (there was a person with a huge sign requesting it about 10th row.. Dave was looking right at that direction when he'd tease it) and "the prelude" to Grace Is Gone. After STDH Dave went funky on the guitar, Carter had a drum beat going something like Granny, and Stefan and Butch went in on it too. Really like a faster paced, upbeat Grace Is Gone. Dave sang a few lyrics, of which I caught "when you die, you don't wake up, on the other side." The crew member (who looks like he belongs with Weezer) who tapes the shows told me afterwards that this little jam is believed to have originated back when the Lillywhite Sessions were taking place in the winter and spring of 2000. First time they've kicked this intro. So I'm calling it the "Grace is Leaving" intro, and perhaps it'll catch on. Perhaps it shant. Whichever. Last Camden show should be really interesting; very much wish I could have stayed around. Alas, it's to Hartford in August, and by then I imagine there will be a full-band Captain emerging and all sorts of other glorious DMB stuff. Catch you then.
Matthew S.
Hello all. I would first like to start out on a positive note. The band that was playing on the sidestage before Jim White went on, The Gabe Dixon Band, was incredable, and deserved to be on the main stage. This show was a slap in the face for me. The Tweeter (what kind of name is tweeter?) center is better than the God awful vet, mostly becuase the lawn is normally so much fun. However when I got there almost every inch of ground was covered with lawn chairs and blankets, territory bitterly poccessed by their owners. What happened to the nice people at Dave shows? I tried to say hi to people with my friend and start conversations but everyone blew me off. I don't think I'm that scary. Maybe they were afraid of spilling their 7 dollar beers. On to the show. I figured since this was a three night stand, one of the shows would have to be generic, and this was definately the one. This show was almost painfully easy to call song for song. The rare, enjoyable parts of the evening came with angery energy of rhyme and reason and the beautifully somber sleep to dream her into grace is gone, with the stellar intro to grace. The people standing behind me were shouting for halloween, and like the Indian who looks at the destruction of his beautiful homeland, I nearly shed a tear for what is no longer there. Even though the show was light and airheaded, there was very little dancing, once again I think it had to do with not spilling 7 dollar beers. Jimi thing was played out in an incredable version...the exact same way he played it last time he was here. I sat down in the mud during stay. The encore of waste was cozy, but tripping billies such a dissapointment. Please don't get mad at me just cause I didn't enjoy the show. I just feel jaded that a band this good with such great material put out a show that was so dumbed down. As we walked back to the car, someone was throwing glass beer bottles from the multiple story parking garage at people walking underneath. You pay for what you get.
Jason F.
Although this was my 4th show... i wasn't quite sure what to expect because of the new album... however...the night started off with JTR-- Pretty standard although it got the crowd into it... BEST OF WHAT'S AROUND-- had everyone singing and completly into it... SATELLITE-- everyone was singing again... and it looked to be a great start to a great night... SPACE BETWEEN-- although i'm not a huge fan of the new album, the song sounded decent...RHYME and REASON-- i wasn't expecting it at all, although i enjoyed it... MOTHER FATHER-- another Everyday song i could do without... probably sounds MUCH better with Santana... EVERYDAY-- another somewhat decent song of the new album... PNP-> RAPUNZEL-- Although i've heard this at all my shows... it's always a fan favorite... WHAT YOU ARE-- another song i could do without on new album... SLEEP TO DREAM HER-- another song i could do without off the new album...GRACE IS GONE-- not my favorite.. but still sounded good...better than the new album... and at this point the night started well and sunk... but Dave decided to play JIMI THING-- the only way i could describe this song is- Hello, my name is Dave Matthews and these are my friends Leroi, Boyd, Carter and Stefan... and now we're going to take you for a ride... this was without a doubt the most incredible version of this song i've ever heard... WHEN THE WORLD ENDS-- one of the better songs off the new album that i like... GRANNY-- heard this at my last show (MSG 12-13-00), but always good to hear... TRUE REFLECTIONS-- Boyd is always rocking on this song... definetly a favorite... then the ladies came back on... (they had been on and off all night) for STAY-- very good version... with the whole crowd as backup... into expected encore of WASTE-- Dave solos... pretty standard... but then the unexpected disappointment of TRIPPING BILLIES-- i like this song a lot... but they hadn't played Watchtower or Ants the night before... and hadn't played it on this night either... however... tripping billies was pretty standard... i was expecting more... but it's DAVE.. so its always a good show...
Phil M.
This was my first DMB show, and what a first it was! The lively Dave decided to open with JTR, which fit the occasion because everyone expected tremendous thunderstorms, but luckily the downpours held off. Right next to me was a guy wearing a white T-shirt and had blue marker in his hand. He wrote down each and every song that was played. Next up came Best of What's Around, which was stupendous. It was then that I realized the whole band came to play tonight. Once he started playing The Space Between, the crowd errupted. Everybody sang. It was almost hard to hear Dave! As I looked up at the sky, I saw a line of massive rainclouds to our right, and thought that everyone on the lawn would be drenched in a few minutes, but it stayed to the right of us. Skipping a few songs, the soothing Pantala Naga Pampa came on, and everyone was ready for what was to follow. I thought that Rapunzel was a little slow, but that is to be expected. Otherwise, it was still really good. Jimi Thing/Jam, which lasted about a half hour, was excellent. Everyone got a solo. I don't think there's much more to say about it. It was just great. I absolutely loved Boyd's True Reflections. It gave Dave a break for his next song. It was around this time that my right leg was nearly pissed on by the drunk guy behind me. I was having too much fun to care if he did or not. I was about to shit myself when Dave started to strum his guitar for Stay. It was the song that I came to hear. He had so much energy and was grooving all over the stage. The band left the stage for about five minutes before returning for the encore. My friends and I thought he started to play #40, but we realized it was Waste. I could have done without it, but it still was good. Then came the highlight of the night. Tripping Billies was electrifying. I knew he was going to play it. Right before dave came on around 8:15, I said that it would be the last song. The band played a great set, and hopefully I'll be seeing more of him soon!
Buck T.
This was one of the best (big-band) shows that I have ever seen. I think this was like my 20th show or something. JTR is my favorite song so as always it blew me away, I could tell right away that the band's energy level was considerably higher than the show the night before. BOWA was fun. He changed the words or something toward the end of Sattelite. Space Between better than expected. R&R got the crowd amped. MF'er: BLAH. Pantala & Rapunzel just clicked so well with the crowd...best version I've seen yet. What UR: good live song. Sleep2Dream: wonderfully done, lot of emotion from Dave. Grace was amazing...Jimi Thing was a welcomed surprise and he did an amazing job. World and Granny Rocked, True Ref I can't stand, but Stay wasn't as annoying as always...they jammed for like 6 or 7 minutes at the end to the "don't it make you wanna," and Dave danced the whole time across to the left side of the stage then all the way to the right and back to the center for the ending jam out while looking at Carter. Encore: I had no idea about waste and it was truly a show highlight. Dave solo belting out the whole song. He did it justice. I could have seen 20 ways to end better than Tripping, but it was high energy and ended a great show. Looking forward to Hershey. Peace.
The Tweeter Center is an awesome venue, and how great was it that the rain held off for the tailgating and for the show. This was my eighth DMB show over the last five years and it was very enjoyable. Not the best or the worst or rated on a scale from one to ten, just a great time. Sometimes I read the reviews and wonder if some people actually enjoy the shows, or simply sit there and analyze why Dave is playing what he is playing. I was with a group of friends, under the influence and listening to the best band of my generation, that is more than enough for me. I like the new album, I like the Lillywhites and I like all the old stuff, I have my favorite songs and I have a few that I could do without, but the bottom line is the show and the experience. I am glad that the reviews on this page have become more positive as the tour has gone on. I was in Charlottesville, and just like this past weekend, I had a great time. I understand where some of the bitching was coming from about that show, but the band had just started to play the new songs, and they have cleaned them up quite nicely. Highlights of this show were BOWA, Rapunzel, Everyday, GIG, Granny, TR, and a jammed out Stay to end, also awesome to hear Waste and TB for the encore. Also the first time I have heard Dave introduce the band, culminating with a very cool "Who'm I forgettin' . . . the hero and the legend of the drums, Mr. Carter Beauford." It was a great time, would've liked to hear Big Eye Fish, but they played it the nite before, oh well, hopefully in Hershey. Take care everybody and hope for a Pittsburgh show next year.
Dave M.
This concert was amazing. I have been to four dave shows and this was my second best one so far. I got to hear the new, never heard before prelude to GIG!!! I had no idea what song he was going to play when he began the prelude and to my happy suprise it was GIG! Granny was amazing along with Rhyme and Reason. Jimi Thing ... all I have to say is WOW! It was the best performance of Jimi Thing that I have ever heard live. Waste was absolutely beautiful along with Satellite. The intro to Satellite is amazing. Billies was a great closer and I left the tweeter center. Overall, an amazing show with some pleasant suprises.
Chris F.
This was the third show I've seen so far on the Spring/Summer 2001 tour, and to me, it seemed very similar to the previous show I had attended - Giants Stadium night #2 (6/12). Very similar setlist, and a nearly identical encore... less of an encore, actually, since we were treated to an excellent complete #40 at Giants. First time I'd been to the Tweeter Center... It's a really nice facility, but damn, they picked a horrible place to plunk it down. Smack in the middle of a bombed out neighborhood, complete with the lovely stench of urine. I know that the acoustics at the Vet are pretty poor, but the overall stadium experience there is much nicer. At least the Vet is clean outside. But enough about the fine city of Camden and onto the show. Jim White was a much better opening act than Macy Gray... hope he turns up again on a future DMB tour. The JTR opener was something I expected, considering the rain that had been happening on and off all afternoon. I love this song as an opener - so much better than WTWE. It seemed like they added a few extra measures in the outro for Boyd to jam a bit more... glad to see this one is still evolving a bit. The lights on the Ben Franklin bridge seemed to be dancing in time to the band, and the sunset over downtown Philly was spectacular during the first few numbers. This was actually one of the big highlights of the rather unremarkable setlist for me... Another highlight was the intro to Grace is Gone, followed by an excellent version of this beautiful song. It rocks harder and harder each time I hear it... love the way this one is coming along. Also enjoyed the extended Jimi Thing jam and impromptu band introductions from Dave. "Who am I forgettin'? Who am I forgettin'? Who am I forgettin'?" "CARTER!!!!!" That was fun - all of the guys seemed to get a kick out of that. The director of the video screens kept getting fooled though... zoomed in on Carter twice, only to have Dave introduce Boyd and Butch. These highlights aside, though, everything else was very standard. Stay is a fun closer, but it seems like it's getting very routine... would love to see them shake things up and open a show with it for a change. As for the encore... there was most definately some serious Little Thing teasing going on... can't mistake those opening chords. He had teased it a bit earlier on in the set after What You Are, and when he came out solo at the beginning of the encore and started fooling around with the intro chords, I really started to believe that a rare Little Thing performance would redeem the relatively mediocre set. But instead Dave launched into Waste, which was very nice to hear as always, but a little bit of a letdown for me since I had heard it only a week before. And someone has got to tell all the Phish fans in the audience to quiet down when Dave plays this lovely song!!! Yes, he's playing a Phish song. Yes, you love Phish, you love Dave, and you love this song. But that doesn't mean you have to scream "Phish!!!!" during the first verse. And the clapping along has got to go... Really, by encore time, a good portion of the audience is not exactly feeling 100% capable of keeping perfect rhythm. Clapping along to a nice mellow song like this one just ruins the vibe. But enough of my bitter ranting. I was hoping for something longer and exciting to end the show, perhaps Watchtower (even though that was another song from Giants 6/12)... Tripping Billies is a great song to dance and be merry to, but it's just so short to end an encore with! SMTS-ASTB-Too Much would have been awesome to end this show with, but alas, no luck. Guess I kind of knew that we would get this kind of setlist after seeing what the band had played the night before. Only one Two Step per stop, I guess... and having played FMM-Bartender, Crush, Warehouse, Grey Street, and The Stone the night before, it was inevitable that we'd get the songs we got on Saturday. Oh well, lesson learned... if you go to 2nd night Giants, don't go to 2nd night Philly the following week (if that's the only show you can get to in Philly). But, DMB is DMB, and the concert was still awesome - no other band can rock out so hard with such class. Any night with the Dave Matthews Band is still a night to remember. This one may not be at the top of my list of favorite DMB shows, but it still blows away just about any other group's concert that I've been to... and that's why I keep going back! Looking forward to Hershey in August - Maybe I'll finally get to hear Crush for the first time in 6 shows? And maybe by then Little Thing will be more than just a tease!
Nick S.
well, these camden shows have put me up to 31 total. saturday was my favorite out of the 3. JTR might have been the sickest one ever, the jam at the end was looooooong. and BOWA is always a treat when your jammin out with your friends! They cranked it up for mother father, and the light show had me buggin out!!! THEN IT CAME, rapunzel, it was all she wrote, they are so on point it was ridiculous, and once again the lights and the sreens are hypnotizing. then they busted out some jam before GIG, it was so chill, i never heard it before, but WOW! then they kept it coming, jimi thing! man o man was the soemthing, it was so funky i couldnt stop dancinf if i wanted too. then dave goes around the horn to all the boys on the stage and they do a solo, like what they do with angel. i had a kool aid smile on, then we got granny, TR, and stay, 3 fast songs, im with it!!! the crowd was hype and so were the fellas. trippin billies blew the damn roof off. it was a hype show!!!! moved into my top 5. if your all about gettin crazy and dancin like a fool, this was the show to be at.
Brian P.
Saturday night was my 29th show, and in my recent recollection, one of the best and most energetic. Now of course after so many shows they all seem to blend together, but in maybe the last 10, it was the top. Alright, to the show...When they first took the stage, and Dave put on the 12-String and the ladies appeared, I knew we were getting JTR. Always a great opener. The instrumental outtro was explosive, as always. I could see that 1,000 times and it will never get old. Next up, Best of What's Around and Satellite, it's always nice to hear some of the older tunes, and they were solid as usual. The Space Between was pretty standard, no real deviations from the album, and then Rhyme & Reason got everybody back up after the ballad. By this time I was in dire need for a trip to the bathroom, and I usually make it a rule not to leave my seats during a show. But I figured I would wait until they played something that I heard the night before or heard a million times, like LIOG or Say Goodbye...but that didn't happen. Every time a song ended, they played another song that I didn't want to miss. Anyway, Mother Father was a little weaker than the album version, which is odd because their songs are always better live. I think Santana adds a lot to the album version. Then came the Everyday/#36 medley thing. I've been reading the reviews, and everybody raved about it, but I hadn't heard it yet. This was the absolute highlight of the show. I looked around my section and everybody was up and jamming. The crowd was mostly active anyway, but this got everyone going. O.K. getting a little long here. Other Highlights: What You Are was fantastic. It's between that and So Right for best Everyday songs to hear live. Grace is Gone - one of Dave's best writing feats. Jimi Thing - Leroi, Leroi, Leroi! And can I express how much I enjoy Butch on the keys? Because he really completes the package. Oh yeah, still no bathroom break for me. Couldn't miss Granny or True Reflections. I know that they played WTWE again, but I didn't want to miss that either. Stay! I can finally Go! But I only missed half the song. I guess I really didn't have to torture myself that much. Finally, Encore - Waste was great, I was hoping I would get to hear that. Tripping Billies - always good, but I always hear it. All in all it was a stellar show. This is the first time I've written a review, I just had such a great time on saturday that I thought I'd share my enjoyment. Sorry it was a little long, I promise I'll never write again.
Scott K.
A very good show..Dave made a pretty good selection of songs. I love the fact that he played new songs but busted out some old school songs..And what a surprise it was when he played Waste usually performed by Phish..a great ending with Trippin Billies left me goin nuts and I just cant wait till Hershey!