Dave Matthews Band
RFK Stadium, Washington, DC
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band: Angelique Kidjo / Macy Gray

onstage: 8:24pm
When The World Ends *
I Did It *+
Captain (tease - no words)
Best of Whats Around *+
Fool To Think *+
#41 (Everyday)
Angel *+
Two Step *
Fish Monkey Man -->
Everyday *+
Pantala Naga Pampa * -->
Rapunzel *
Digging a Ditch
The Space Between *+
True Reflections *+
Stay *+
If I Had It All *+
Tripping Billies
* Butch Taylor on keys
+ Tawatha, Cindy & Brenda

Anthony L.
WOW! This show was just amazing. I couldn't believe how much energy Dave and the boys had tonight. It was just great. Here are my highlights from the show. I Did It was surprisingly great. You can tell they've improved the song since they first played it. I was surprised to hear BOWA, it was groovin' and the crowd was into it. #41 really got the house movin' but it was nothing compared to TWO STEP. Two Step was just too good for words. Butch had one of the coolest solos I've ever heard, Dave was really gettin' into it, Boyd was outta control. It was great! PNP-->Rapunzel had the greatest groove to it. Dave switched some of the verses on it, but it was still cool. Stay surprised me on how good it was. There was so much energy coming from that song and it was really cool. I liked that I was the only person in my section that recognized the Nature intro on Tripping Billies. Everybody gave me that "what the heck is he getting all crazy about" look. It was cool. DMB is the greatest!
Just got back from RFK...all I can say is WOW!!! This concert was one of, if not the most amazing spectacle I have witnessed in my 20 years of being alive. The band was on fire, playing an incredibly long setlist and jamming like mad to songs like Two Step, #41, Rapunzel, True Reflections Stay, and of course, Tripping Billies. I was hoping for a bit more variety in the setlist (older stuff vs 'everyday' stuff), but with the crowd the way it was, the band could have played the same song over and over 12 times in a row and it wouldn't have mattered at all. The crowd was energetic beyond what I have ever seen at any DMB show. The were jumping up and down to every song, singing their hearts out and screaming and howling with approval for the band all night long. Early in the evening, the people on the lower decks stormed the floor, nearly causing all hell to break loose while people were being pushed and smashed up towards the front of the stage. When Dave told the crowd to "cool it...we were just there to have fun..." the crowd stopped the pushing, but still maintained the same incredible level of intensity the remainder of the show. This year blew last years show out of the water...literally. I think this will be the only show of the tour I get a chance to see, and I am grateful it was at RFK. Thanks DMB for the awesome show! It'll be one night I'll remember for a long time.
Gabe C.
This show was amazing. DMB rocked the nations capital. We got into the stadium and it was jam packed, full of so many people from different places. The concert started very slow ...WTWE's was a very standard but cool version, not really a great opener, then came I Did It always cool to hear in concert, it kinda makes you hate the song a little less. These two were followed by a very upbeat a fun BOWA and Satellite. Then it started getting good, DMB played a newer Fool To Think, very good live, loved to hear it again. Then an amazing 41 with an everyday outro (shoulder to shoulder everyday, elbow to elbow everyday) This was followed by an amazing Angel with a crazy jam with Butch and the Lovely Ladies. Then it turned in to the best concert in the world ... Two Step, two Butch Taylor solos, Carter solo, LeRoi solo, and Boyd solo NUTS!! Went straight into what I wanted to hear, Fish Monkey Man, awesome in concert cant wait to hear it again. Ended the set with 8 of the best songs, Everyday, awesome, Bartender best version i have ever heard. PNP-RAPUNZEL came out of nowhere and he played it wiht the baratone guitar, i was speechless. Diggn A Ditch, so tight! SPace Between, crazy! TRue Reflections and the best version of Stay. He left and come back and played a standard If I Had It All and an awesome closing Tripping Billies which left the crowd screaming for more. In my personal opinion, highlight of the night: Fish Monkey Man, Diggn A Ditch, and Tripping Billies. Lows: nothing much, Maybe WTWE as an opener, not as a song and all the crazy people who were getting in fights and those who had the nerve to sit during Diggn and Fish after they had screamed the lyrics to I Did It.
Dave S.
Two main themes here for me: 1. F*** ALL THE STAGE-RUSHING RETARDED A** MOTHERF*****S WHO WEREN'T SUPPOSED TO BE DOWN FRONT. 2. The band sounded great, played great, and it was nice to hear some of the new songs start to stretch their legs. On the first topic -- well, I think I already said it all. My idea of enjoying a DMB concert does not involve trying to see it through the ass of someone's drunk drink-spilling girlfriend and getting choked and punched by some crack-smoking jerk who shoved some girl into me. Security was woefully inadequate to the idiocy of the crowd (2 guards every 50 feet per aisle?). Next time I get a seat that close, I'm bringing a squirt gun loaded with skunk juice, I swear to god. Why is it, that of about 12 or 13 shows, the ONLY three I've been in the pit for have also been the ONLY three of that group where the pit has gotten rushed and Dave's had to yell at people to move back and relax. On a more positive note, the band played well tonight, and Dave's voice was in particularly good shape. It was great to hear Angel getting a nice gospel jam out at the end, nice to hear PNP/Rapunzel return in fine form (and on the PRS electric, too!) Two Step and Bartender recieved two of the best jam treatments I've heard so far -- truly great versions. I've only been to one show with a worse crowd (SPAC 97), but this was still pretty bad. Musically, it ranks among the better ones I've been to, though it would have been nice to see some more suprises in the setlist. Probably would have had much better things to say if I'd had the good fortune to be up in the nosebleeds.
Courtney B.
I luckily saw this show standing up against the stage! I have no words to describe my feelings other than unbelievable. Seeing Dave so close up was a dream come true for me! The band opened with an upbeat "When the World Ends". This song pumped the crowd for what was in store for the rest of the night! They performed an even mix of songs from older albums such as "Rapunzel", "Stay" and "Two Step" and songs from the new album, "Fool to Think" and "I Did It". A personal favorite was the song, "The Space Between". Dave's face was full of happiness throughout this song. All night, he was smiling, as if this was his first time on stage. Since I was so close, I could pick up on the amazing chemistry between Dave and the rest of the band. He would occasionally throw a smile and wink to Leroi and Carter. The encores of "If I had it all" and "Tripping Billies" were amazing. Dave played a long, full list, putting his heart into every song. And of course, he broke out into his crazy dancing which thrilled the audience. I can say that this concert will be something that will stay with me forever!
Joe S.
well first off i just want to say im lucky to have goten out of DC alive, it took us 2 hours to find RFK and got lost again on the way out. but we still managed to see the first opening band, some latin/pop group i hadnt heard of, and then macy gray who didnt do much for me. i got floor seats in the mid section and was satisfied with the view, but decided to venture foward mainly cause the guy behind us had taken too many shrooms and looked like he was gona have projectile vomit going on. the thing i noticed first was that they added jumbo screens behind the band now, which was used to get a cool phasing effect when zoomed in on someone with it in the backround. quick highlights: ---world ends: not a bad opener, was hoping for WWYS. i see they stuck with the quick ending like on the album ---Fishmonkeyman>>Bartender: fmm is a cool song, and boyd went right into bartender which was interesting since they hardly >> from one song to another anymore. dave messed up the lyrics in bartender. ---PNP>>Rapunzel: highlight for me just because it had SOO much energy. ---Encore: if i had it all and trippin billies, both songs i love. trippin was the way to end the night overall too many new songs and the two step jam wasnt that good, big downfalls for me. peace.
Ben M.
around 8:20 the band stepped on in front of an extremely frenzied crowd! he started off with when the world ends(dave on the acoustic)which in my opinion wasn't quite right as an opener, but i enjoyed hearin this song live for the first time. they proceeded with i did it, which i actually thought was pretty mean, then surprisingly broke out with BOWA. about the time satellite was ending and fool to think was starting, the crowd at rfk went absolutely insane. people from all over began to stampede the aisles on the floor area. the guards were helpless to stop the mob and eventually the crowd filled all the aisles until the floor was packed with people. dave later took care of this and told the crowd to "keep it cool" and not push forward. i got pretty ticked off but it didn't ruin the mood cause next they played a high energy #41 (everyday outro). as dave introduced the lovely ladies next he said something like, "in 7 days god created the earth, on the 8th day he created the lovely ladies..." angel was jammed out with the lovely ladies adding their two cents. then two step!!! the highlight of the night for sure!!! after that i saw dave pick up the 12 string and prepared for some lillywhite. he played fish monkey right into bartender thanks to leroi and his pennywhistle. 36/everyday filled the stadium with high spirits as everyone broke out into a sing along at the end with half singing the "honey, honey..." bit and the other singing "life me up love..." PNP-->rapunzel was groovin, then things calmed down with a nice rendition of digging a ditch. dave picked up the bari and hammered down the chords to space btwn. boyd shined on true reflections and stay rocked the house and left everybody howling for the encore. lighters lit up the night sky during the break which looked "colorful indeed." if i had it all was nice, then dave started up tripping billies with the nature intro. carter really blew me away at the end of this one and served well as a closer around 11:00. thanks dave for an amazing night! see ya'll at 3 straight nights in camden!!!
Gary C.
When I first sat down in my seat, I was hoping to enjoy my second DMB concert in 3 days! Dave started with WTWE and followed with a crowd favorite I DID IT. This song shook things up pretty good. Next came one of my favorites BEST OF WHATS AORUND. SATELLITE was the song that got every fan in the building singing! FOOL TO THINK sounds better to me everytime I hear it. Next came the song that was my runner up for best jam, and of course it was #41! A great song form the new cd which has yet to get air time on the radio ANGEL, came after and was played excelent. Then a shock for me when I heard dave begin to play his TWO STEP into solo, and I went crazy. FISH MONKEY and BARTENDER was sounding better than ever. EVERYDAY played next and what a song! The song I was waiting for came on next, and I loved every minute of it! PNP into RAPUNZEL was the highlight song of the night! DIGGING A DITCH followed and kept the roll of great songs on! The new hit off Everyday THE SPACE BETWEEN rocked the crowd senseless! Next I have one name for you, Boyd Tinsley! A masterful performance in TRUE REFLECTIONS. Dave kept on rolling the hits out by next playing STAY. After coming back on stage for the encore, the band played another song yet to be played on the radio, IF I HAD IT ALL. That song lead up to the last one of the night! To finish of his visit to RFK, he and the band jammed and rocked the crowd with TRIPPING BILLIES! I've been to 19 total dave concerts till the day I wrote this, and hope to enjoy many more like this one!
to start off, angelique kidjo did a great job; she really can sing, and the band that was backing her up did very well. then the wrath of macy... her band was ok, but they we're mixed wrongly, and it showed. i was about to fall asleep while macy was rolling on the stage floor (?). then, they started to set up for dmb. this task included setting up carter's massive drum set and, of course, vaccuming the stage after macy's "preformance." highlights: when the world ends (great live), angel (bad song, sweet outro), fish monkey man -> bartender (sweet! i was the only kid there who knew what songs they were), pnp -> rapunzel (just what the doctor ordered - MORE BTCS!), best of whats around (lovely ladies sounding better than usual), everyday (sounding great). lowlights: i did it (yeah we know), fool to think (this song SUCKS live), two step (its a great song and everything, but im sorta sick of it, and the jamming at the end could have been filled with another song, say, i dunno... SPOTLIGHT ...well maybe not), the space between (this song is just bad, and dave didnt do anything to improve it), true reflections (first space between, now this; i just dont like this song... its too corny). all in all, i give it a B.
Ben B.
Great show! lots of energy!! The only thing i didnt like was the beginning. They came on when it was still light, which kinda ruined the begining ...somethihng about it....? WTWE-- okay as an opener. little disapointing. IDI-- i wanted to hear this live because i had heard it on letterman and SNL. Now ive heard it and im fine if i never do again. BOWA--Awsome, some old school dave, greeat with the lovely ladies. SATELLITE-- best i ever heard, dave held this note at the end for real long which was cool. FOOL-- i had a hard time understanding this one for some reason. my friends were like "its fool to think dude!!!!" and i was like is it? oohhhh. but it was good. does need a little tuning. #41-- This was when it picked up. Roi's solo was amazing!!! and the everyday outro was great. ANGEL-- sweet, its reall chill live, with the new jam with the lovely ladies solo and stuff, and dave did one too, then butch palyed a few riffs, makin some funny faces. sweet. TWOSTEP- great in the middle of the set!!! great hard jam. butch had a great solo. FISHMONKEY- awsome!!! nevr thought i would hear it live, awsome song. love the penny whistle. BARTENDER-- one word.....ORGASM!!! EVERYDAY--sweet with 36 and everyday going simultaneosly. boyd tinsley with a wah-wah pedal was great. PNP-RAPUNZEL- first time on this tour!! dave played electric, they jammed it out at the end it was nuts.DAD- i called this one when dave played the G. really relaxing. good live. SPACE-- good to hear very nice!!! True Reflections-- butch and ROi jammed at the end it was the best id heard STAY- didnt wAnt to hear it again but it i changed my mind in the midddle of the song. awsome IIHIA- good live, nice to hear. BILLIES- boyd was tearing it ui[p, it was so awsome, great finale WOW!!! funny how nobody knows what it is during the nature intro and when carte comes and then the band witht he first BAH BAH!!! every body goes nuts. all in all disapointing in the beginnning but they definatly made up for it wow!!!!!!
Brian K.
Well i must say this is the best ive seen dmb since Pittsburgh on 7/3/00. The intesity was amazing. The beginning was not as good as it could have been. I like both songs but not what i was looking for to get the crowd on its feet. Also, it was weird that there was still daylight when dave came on. But the band and the crowd really woke up when dave busted out #41. This is just an unbelievable crowd anthem. After an amazing rendition, the show got crazy. Jam after Jam. Angel was unbelievable. The lovely ladies jam at the end was soooo great. The just started harmonizing and it was absolutely beautiful. Then, since the crowd in the first row was getting pushy, dave came in w/ the lovely ladies and started singing about how everybody in the front "just has to lean back and groove. Dont push, just groove. Y'all cant groove if your pushin." After the amazing jam, he took a break for a couple minutes to talk to the crowd in the front about how they need to move back and stop pushin each other. Two Step was unbelievable. The jam was a little different from previous times. Now i must talk about FIsh Monkey Man --> Bartender. This was one of the highlights. Fish Monkey Man sounds so great, but then it even got better when Leroi made it flow into Bartender with the pennywhistle. It was so great. Everyday continues to be my favorite song along w/ Angel from the new album. I wasnt expecting to hear PNP/Rapunzel so when they busted out the first couple notes i exploded. It was the normal, high energy song that just uplifts anybody who's not havin a good time. I thought this would be the last song before the encore, so it was even greater when they did diggin a ditch, which was the first time i had heard that song live. Aside from the usual Boyd solo, then the butch solo, True Reflections also contained a monstrous leroi jam. This was definitely the best True Reflections i have ever heard. Finally they did Stay, and the whole band started rockin and dancin. Dave was going nuts. I just love the happiness and energy this band has. Then came the encore. If I Had It All was okay, but then Billies put a perfect ending to the night. I hadn't heard this closer in a while, actually not since hershey on 8/4/99. So, all in all, it was probably number one or two on the charts for my best dmb show ever. So much energy, I cant describe. This band is the greatest.
Matt H.
OK this show was amazing. This is the 3rd so far this summer for me and it blew the first two out of the water. The band was just on fire tonight and played a great set. The crowd was as fired up as i have ever seen and i knew when the people in the stands rushed the field this was going to be an amazing night. The show started off a little slow when they opened up with WWTE and I Did It, but i was a Fool to Think. The rest of the show was magic. They came back next with an old fav Best of What's Around and than an awesome Satellite. Fool to Think was next and although not a fav they blew it up like every song they played tonight. Next they tore through a number of songs that left me breathless. #41 started it and was amazing, than a great Angel which they did some jammn on. Next a tremendous Two Step with Dave muttering some alternate lryics in the intro. They jammed they hell out of this one and it was simply bliss. Next the highlight of the show, Fishmonkey Man --> Bartender. This was uterly mind blowing. Fish is such an awesome song that showcases Boyd's picking abilities and Leroi's pennywhistle outro was the shit and Bartender what can i say, this song speaks for itself. Than an awesome Everyday with the #36 outro jam. Next a very unexpected Pantala Naga Pampa --> Rapunzel which was awesome as well with Dave on the electric. Diggin a Ditch was the song i was waiting to hear and they came through with it and did a tremondous version. Space Between, True Reflections, and Stay finished out the show, all of which were just exceptional. The encore was a litte weak with If I had it All and Tripping, but how could they top the rest of the show? This show was a gem of DMB's and 9.5 out of 10, the best show i have ever been to. Plus the two lovely ladies from Texas that danced with me made it the best. See everyone in VA Beach.
Daniel B.
Wow! My 2nd DMB show and this time clear skies! (Last year it poured the entire night at RFK). The show started a little weak but then we get incredible song after incredible song. WTWE- I was hoping to hear this and got to hear it right off the bat. Sounded really good, cuttong off at the end with the video screen going off was cool. IDI- cool to hear live, the whole crowd was into screaming "I Did It!" with dave. BOWA- a very pleasant surprise since hadn't been played much this tour, everyone was into it. Satellite- another awesome surprise and a nice treat. It was nice to hear a DMB "classic" live in concert. Had a lot of energy. FTT- don't really care for this song but it did sound better than the CD version. 41- Yes! I was so ripped when I heard Leroi blast out that first note. Lots of energy both from the band and from the crowd. I was especially happy to hear this since I've always wanted to hear the "Everyday" outro. Big treat! This was the turning point of the night. Angel- Another ED song that I really do not care for but it sounded nice. They extended the beginning of the song by dave playing his guitar with leroi soloing -- then into the lyrics. Very cool to hear. Carter and Lovely Ladies had like a 4 minute Jam at the end. The ED songs are becoming less and less like the CD. Two Step- Wow! This was incredible! 15+ minutes long with mean solos from boyd and butch. End of the song was awesome. FFM- I was so happy to hear this! Of course, no one else knew what the hell it was but it was awesome. Sounded more and more like the CD version to me. Lots of energy. High point of the night. Bartender- Hadn't listened to this song much but holy crap, this is a mammoth. No one knew what it was but it was incredible. Dave had so much energy and belting out the lyrics amazingly. Another high point of the show. Everyday- Yes! My favorite off ED and with 36, it was amazing. Defeintely wanted to hear this and did. Lots of energy and jamming out at the end mixing with "honey honey" and "pick me up love" for 4 minutes. Sounded soo sweet. Another high point. PNP--> Rapunzel - I had a dream the night before that we would hear it and we did! They sound checked a couple nights ago with this and I had a feeling they'd play it. Went nuts when Carter started PNP. Knew this was the first time they played it the entire tour and this was a big treat. Energy! High point!Digging A Ditch- a very pleasant surprise. it was cool to hear live. nice and mellow and done very well. very enjoyable. The Space Between- Wow! I did not expect this song to be played so late in the set. Took me a second to realize what they were playing cause dave had the distortion pumped up -- which sounded so cool. Sounded really husky but needed to turn up butch and leroi (even hard to hear leroi doing his thing at the end of the song). Very nice surprise and sounded sweet. True Reflections- sounded really good. boyd was enjoying himself you could tell. Stay- not thrilled to hear. standard version. Encore -- IIHIA- Dave started it with his guitar and didn't recognize it first since I'm used to the UVA version. it was very good sounded. Billies- Yes! Another DMB "classic" that I can say I've heard live. Great closer with tons of energy and sweet solos. Overall, this long, energy packed set was well worth my money. 41, Two Step, FMM-->Bartender, PNP --> Rapunzel, Everyday, Space Between all awesome and highlights.
Alan G.
What a show!!! Tonight's theme was "cool". It started out kinda scary as me, my 7 friends, and about 3000 other people flooded the floor and upgraded our seats. When the World Ends was kinda an apt song to play as thats how it looked. That was a great song live, one I wasn't expecting to like. I Did It was another one I like off of Everyday, and was just a rockin tune. When I heard the snare in Best of Whats Around I knew we had a good show going, that tune was awesome by great solos by the ladies, and Boyd. Then the first time I've heard Satellite live. It was beautiful with some great ad lib lyrics from Dave, something like: "Everyone just needs to be cool, move up to the front but be cool." Nothing special about Fool to Think, but gave us all a chance to chill out. #41, I couldn't believe it! Unbelievable solo by Boyd, then Roi on the flute. Even that was great, but when I heard Everyday, I lost it, by far the best version I've ever heard. Angel was originally a song I didn't like on the new album, but with more improv lyrics by Dave and his ladies, and a nice long extended jam, I became a believer. Two Step must have lasted for about 15 minutes, great jams and solos, Stefan!!! He is the man, he had a beautiful bass solo at the beginning, just awesome. Then Butch Taylor on the keys, just made that song, another best ever on my list. Fish Monkey Man --> Bartender were awesome, they helped calm the crowd and mellow everyone out. Everyday was the best, I liked this song on the new album because I knew it had the potential to be a great live song, and I was right. They started with the "Honey Honey Come and dance with me" of #36 and broke into Everyday, and the song reached its climax, Dave was singing Everyday and the Ladies were singing #36. What a great sound, the blending between the two lyrics was beautiful, making me wish I could sing along to both at the same time. Pantala Naga Pampa -->Rapunzel!!!!!!!!!!! Are you kidding me??????? This is the first time they played this on the tour I think. I was not expecting it at all. Dave played electric on this one and it sounded unbelievable. Again, the best I've heard. At this point it was getting late and I was afraid this was it. But then the lights went to a nice cool color and we heard the opening chords to Digging a Ditch. I was one of a few people who immediately recognized it but by the end of the song all 50,000 people were enjoying the nice grooves of this phenomenal song. I knew they couldn't end on a soft song like that so when True Reflections started, I just screamed for Boyd like never before. This song kicked, Boyd and Butch had solos that just tore the stadium up. Great set, but I knew there was more. The chords the Stay rang out and the crowd of 50,000 erupted in joy. Dave had his happy feet going, along with the rest of the crowd. And during another violin solo, Boyd had his happy feet going too!!!!!!!!! It was so much better than last years version. I knew it was it for the bulk of the set, as he left stage the lighters went in the air, and a Dave, Dave, Dave chant started up. 5 or 10 minutes later they returned to play If I Had it All. A disappointing song, the only let down of the night. But Dave certainly redeemed himself with a rocking version of Tripping Billies. Just awesome, it must have lasted 10-15 minuets. As it ended Boyd and Dave hugged, and I got the feeling that everyone on stage felt they had put on a great show, especially Boyd, whose solos were on. What a concert. It was really special for me as I got the tickets on my birthday, and went to the concert with some of my best friends the evening after graduation. Class of 2001!!! Go Dave!!!!!!!!
Chad F.
OK, this was my 20th show, and unfortunately my review is not entirely good. First the show - Great job by the boys. They came out strong, and the energy stuck throughout the entire evening. When The World Ends is really growing on me as one of the best Everyday songs, and it's getting better live each time I hear it. I Did It is doing the same, and it's not even annoying to hear anymore. Rounding out my Everyday highlights is Fool to Think, since I'd never heard it live before and it really sounded great. My favorite moment of the night had to be Big Eyed Fish - this was the best Lillywhite IMO, and live it just rocks. The way it has developed is excellent, and it just sounds great in a concert setting. PNP->Rapunzel was played electric, which was surprising but great nonetheless. Very much like Timmy's work on BTCS, gave the song a kick that it didn't have before. Billies was a strong closer, as usual, one I can never be unhappy with. Onto the not-so-great aspect of the show - a rowdy crowd mixed with terrible security. RFK did NOTHING to maintain order, and the utter lack of security guards made for what became a very dangerous situation. The entire front may as well have been general admission, because you coulnd't move to your seat if you wanted to, mostly because the first three rows were basically dismantled during the set. Dave was sincerely worried, and one report even stated that he was considering not playing an encore in order to help the people in front who were getting crushed...I also heard that a girl broke her leg and couldn't be reached by medical personel. This just isn't cool for anyone. I hope in the future the band considers this when they're choosing venues for their tours. Otherwise, an excellent show.
My first show of this tour, 24th overall. I did the drive down from Philly after the Warehouse bribed me with such excellent seats. Well, I did have front row...technically...A1 front row is the right most seat on the floor, but honestly...I am happy anywhere I sit. A lot of the people on the floor insisted upon moving up and dancing in the open area right of the stage. I am not against anyone having a good time, but I have had a great time at the very back of the Vet, so stay in your seats. Overall though, I wasnt bothered by the people around us and enjoyed their company. Angelique was highly entertaining with all her dancing, her band was very good. Macy was not bad at all, surprisingly enough...she really got the crowd into it actually. So Dave comes on and the crowd was really fired up for the opening number. WTWE was not very powerful but kinda groovy as everyone found their seats. I think the next song, I Did It, would have been a better opener. The song is really good now, despite some of the reviews here, and the crowd really cheered when Boyd did his little rap in the middle. The ladies were excellent with it as well. BOWA is still beautiful with the ladies and never gets old. Satellite was typical of the last several years. Fool to Think was probably the only song very similar to the album...a new project for the boys...but its nice to see that most of the songs get play time on the shows. #41 is becoming more than regular in these sets but never seems to get old. Boyd tore it open, Leroi got everyone dancing and Carters big close at the end got the crowd so loud...Dave also did the Everyday outro as always. I think it was at this point that Dave pointed out that the crowd was pushing a lot and everyone needs to be "coooool"(in a tomcat kinda voice). He was annoyed with those pushing but tried to stay cool and just ask them to calm down. Angel was just incredible. For those that havent seen a show yet, look forward to this one. It has been turned into a long jam with the ladies who sing quite a bit solo. Butch got into it as well with a nice improv over the ladies voices. Dave improv sung over this and the next one telling everyone to be cooooool and to calm down. Quote of the night from Dave "God created a lot of great things on those first 7 days...but on the 8th day he created the lovely ladies." Over the first 7 songs it was a lot of dancing and grooving, Two Step changed all that and the crowd just exploded with energy...the dancing was insane and up there with the way it was at Woodstock. Butch gave us an incredible jam, what a talent he is. Just beautiful at first, than funky in the middle, and then just rocking by the end...he got a well deserved cheer at the end. Everyone was into Fish--->Bartender, Fish is probably the song I was looking forward to the most of the night. Everyday was just great, I cant say enough about how the transitions b/w Everyday and 36 go and how well its sung by the ladies. The shock of the night came when Pantala--->Rapunzel was played on the electric guitar. It sounded different, but not extremely noticible. Really powerful version of this song too. Diggin and Space B/W were both very good, Im looking for a good jam to come out of one of them though. True Reflections gave Boyd a chance to jam, he had been fairly quiet all night. Leroi added a jam to this song along with Butch and Boyd to really round out this song nicely. Stay was predictable and I can live without it, but I must say, this was super power version...the energy off the band was intense and the stadium almost exploded by the end. Encore saw If I Had it All w/ ladies...not bad. Billies was the typical "blow em away" version you would expect at the end. Overall, good show. Nothing special but nothing to complain about either. Probably falls somewhere in the middle of all the shows Ive been to. New songs are all good to great...ladies bring so much to every song and I dont get why people complain so much. Butch Taylor can sit in with the band every show he wants to as far as Im concerned, he is just plain great. I got to meet him before the show when he came out by the stage, real nice guy....didnt have my camera though, damn! Thats all from me, Im in NY on Monday and then 3 in Philly. See ya later!
Dennis K.
WHEN THE WORLD ENDS, the average age of a DMB concert goer will approach single digits and simple etiquette will be altogether forgotten, such as putting an emphasis on listening to the music, and not talking about your plans for the summer. But then the sound at this show was so bad for the first half, at least from section 206, that I probably can't blame the people behind me for not getting engaged. So much bottom (sorry Stefan) that the rest of the mix really got drowned out. During the sing-along portions of the show (SATELLITE, BEST OF WHAT'S AROUND) I could barely hear Dave above all the Dave wannabe's in the crowd. I realize that it's hard to contain oneself, but at least, Ms. Soundperson, give the band a chance to win out over the audience. At two points in the show there was actually FEEDBACK!!! I expect that from a garage band, but not from professionals. I hope the sound engineers put the crack pipe down so that I can better enjoy the shows I have tickets to at Giants Stadium and the eCentre in Camden. Now for the positive- it was a good, long set with multiple crescendo points leading into a great encore- RAPUNZEL, TRUE REFLECTIONS and STAY (best I've heard) could have finished the set, but thankfully, the Band Kept Going. Thankfully as well, the sound became much better toward the latter half of the show, and perhaps knowing this, the band was seeking to redeem itself. As expected, the new CD was represented well, and the younger, newer crowd was appreciative. The "Lovely Ladies" were never better, and seemed to be featured more than ever. As one who have not just discovered this band, I expect any band's work to grow and change, and I am impressed with their latest offering. However, it seems like they have not gotten all the kinks out even after 20+ shows. I hope the show at RFK was the exception and not the rule. Dave and company remain the brightest light in the Rock 'n Roll sky.
Timothy B.
This was my 3rd show and definetly the best. The night started off with the pain of having to listen to a bunch of drunken college kids, yelling at each other. But, it was nice to know that none of them would be sitting near me. I sat in the 26 row of field section A4. These were terrific seats, and the people around us were extremely respectful. The highlights of the night were 1. The fact that I was the one of the only people in the entire stadium to know what song Fish Monkey Man (Big Eyed Fish) was and I won $5 from my brother by guessing that Bartender would be next. 2. Two Step had a wonderful solo by Butch(I know, he may slow down the band, but, it was a great solo) and it was the first time I had heard it live. 3.Hearing all the new songs live and for the first time liking I Did It. 4. PNP->Rapunzel had come out of no where and it had soo much energy. 5. #36->Everday->#36 At the end of the song, it was so cool that dave was singing everyday and the lovely ladies were singing "Honi Honi". OK, thats enough of the good. Now, the bad. 1. The drunk guy who decided to break the chairs apart to get ahead in seats. 2. The two girls who snuck next to us and were singing, off key and extremely load, almost every song. 3. The only bad part about the music was Diggin a Ditch. I thought that the entire show had such a high energy that I would have better liked Gace is Gone. So, to wrap it up, the music was great, It made me actually like all the Everyday songs, and, I had a great time.
Melissa C.
This is actually a plea with nancies.org, Dave Matthews Band, their Management, all venues & especially DMB fans...I have been seeing these guys for about 10 years now and never in my wildest dreams did I think that I would pay $60.00 a ticket to go see who I believe are the most talented musicians, fight for the seat that I paid for, be trampled, kicked, punched and cursed at by uncontrollable fans. I took my boyfriend for his birthday to hear some good live music and record the show...we (and the many people seated around us) missed the first 5 or 6 songs, because people were trying to rush the field, jumping over us, landing on us...My boyfriend lost his shoe, has bruises all over his back from trying to protect his taping equipment (which by the way captured the entire experience). I have bruises everywhere and feel as if someone beat me with a bat. I wish I would have had a video camera to capture what happened. It was completely out of hand!! We asked event staff why they couldn't control what was happening and they told us that they didn't have an adequate amount of staff to control the massive crowd. But, if it weren't for some very courteous fans that were sitting next to us and the few men on the event staff that tried their hardest to get the crowd under control..the second half of the show would have never been so great. To be honest with everyone, Sean and I (and many others)are lucky to have come home with just bruises. Someone could have been seriously injured. A special thanks to Dave Matthews who told the crowd to stop pushing!!! I would hate to think that I couldn't go to another show in fear of being seriously injured. Please post this or share this with anyone who is willing to help the fans that are there to actually enjoy the show and have a good time!!
Mark L.
This was my 11th show and finally i was able to go back stage. The show was great. A lot of energy from the fans and of course Dave. There was a lot of pushing up front, but Dave talked to them, asking them to please "stay cool." As i waiting next to the stage during Tripping Billies, I watched as the band walked right by me and got into a van in which they proceeded to their bus. I was so pissed to see the bus drive off!!! I did end up going back to the dressing room though. I also had a chance to hang out in the "Everyday Lounge." I had a great chat with Butch Taylor. He was such a great guy. Very down to earth. I wish that i could have met Dave and the rest, but that will have to wait until next year, i guess. Overall, a great show!
Mike W.
I have mixed feelings about this show. As far as Dave and the boys' playing goes, I suppose it was a great show. This one just didn't do it for me. When I pulled in the parking lot I thought I was going to see Blink 182 due to the fact that it was all I heard through car stereo systems. Next I walk to the gate and I hear Warehouse playing by a D.C. radio station. After walking a couple more feet I can't hear Warehouse anymore because it's being overpowered by another D.C. radio staion plaing gangsta rap. Next, I walk in the stadium and find out that there is no seat set up for me so I walk to the security guard and he relocates me to another section. Thanks for the help but now I can't enjoy the show with my friends. After that, fans crowd the field and I can't see. It really pisses me off cause the band sounded awesome and I wasn't able to enjoy it. To make along story short, the band was great but the vibe just wasn't happening. Hopefully Tuesday night at the Meadowlands will make up for this.
Brandon H.
All I have to say about this show is two words: TWO STEP!!! THE best thing I have ever seen live in my life. This was my first DMB show and I was so happy to finally get to see them. I wasn't too pleased with the opening first few songs, but they were OK. When they played Best of What's Around, I was sooo excited, its one of my fav songs. And #41 was so killer... but on to Two Step... they jammed it out for what must've been 25 minutes, it was so unbelievable!! Butch's keyboard solo was amazing. A few times I thought the song was over, but then they came back louder than ever. Carter played a drum solo near the end that was awesome, even Dave had a guitar solo. This will forever be THE best thing I've seen in my life. I hope I can still get Hershey tix...
Ben H.
Wow, what an awesome show. I just knew that this one would be full of energy when I was standing along the fence overlooking the tour buses and saw Dave drive his golf cart down the ramp into the stadium at extreme high velocity all the time sticking his head out the side like a maniac. I just knew he would have it tonight. And he did. All his wild energy was passed from him through his guitars into the crowd which rushed the stage not long after the beginning. I consider myself lucky to be down there, as durring this time he would come over to the left side of the stage and I was but 20 ft from him!!!!! He just looked so happy to be there and have this stadium packed. Luckily for us in the very front, he told the crowd to chill and we did. The set list was packed with some of the sweetest stuff on earth. I was shocked to hear PNP->> Rapunzel and Two Step was absolutely Jammin. After Stay the crowd was still full of energy. IIHIA was a beautiful song, and Billies was the BEST EVER!!! I couldn't believe it was over, but sadly had to realize the fact as the Stadium lights slowly lit the night sky. Maybe it was the bit of rum I had, but I had this euphoric feeling durring the whole show that I have never felt before. I hope Hershey kicks as much ass as this did! Oh, and if somebody could explain to me what the "Nature intro" on billies is, I would really really appreciate it.
This was my first show and it was great. The crowd was up all nite and Dave played some awesome stuff. The Lilywhite songs were awesome and Tripping Billies was a good closer even though I wanted to see Watchtower really bad. I am going to Hershy in August so hopefully he will play it then
Matt C.
This was my first Show and all i can say is HOLY S***!!! Two Step was sooooo amazing and i was soo pumped to hear stay and rapunzel. The whole crowd was soooo Into every song and singin along. For all those who complained about the pushing ad shovin up front. . . ALL I CAN SAY IS GET OVER IT PLEASE! Its Dave i mean what do u expect! YOu cant go to a Dave Concert and not get pumped up and go crazy. They paid just as much as you to get in - let them have their fun- if u dont like it maybe you should get ur seats that close- let the true dave fans have them and party and dance and get as close as they can!