Dave Matthews Band
Turner Field, Atlanta, Georgia
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band: Angelique Kidjo / Macy Gray

One Sweet World (Instrumental Intro)
When The World Ends *
The Space Between *+
Fishman & The Drunk Monkey -->
I Did It *+
Sleep To Dream Her *
Grace Is Gone
What You Are
#41 (Everyday outro)
True Reflections *+
Long Black Veil *+
JTR *+
Angel *+
Stay *+
Waste ^
Everyday (#36) *+
Ants Marching *
* Butch Taylor on keys
+ Tawatha, Cindy & Brenda
^ Dave solo

Chris F.
2nd Dave show, and by far the worst. I have heard all kinds of live shows and this one is just less than par. Were they trying to play the entire Everyday CD?! The show started out great. Opened OSW, WTWE (AWESOME LIVE), Space Between and a SWEET BARTENDER. But then a major downfall. The two songs I didn't want to hear I got to hear back to back. IDI and STDR, and to top it off a mellow Grace is Gone, just BLAH. But then a comeback, #41 and an awesome True Reflections, the best I have ever heard. Then the show died again. What you are into LBV, and then JTR. It just doesn't fit. Great songs, but bad placement. Then Angel was jammed out some with the lovely ladies adding a little soul to the outro and finally Stay which was great, but to end a show with it? What are we staying for, well a pretty damn good encore. The encore had Waste which I wanted to hear, yet no one around knew what the hell it was. It's a great song to hear. Then all the boys and girls came out and we got Everyday with #36 mixed in. I was getting real down though because I didn't want the show to end on this. Dave toward the end introduced everyone and the song was ending, but what's this, Carter is keeping that slow highhat beat, and boom, they go right into ANTS. I was so very thankful and DAVE definitely screwed with the crowd by mixing up the verses. It was great. All and all, it would get a 6 of 10 in my book. The show had great songs, yet they just didn't all fit together or they had bad placement. The band will probably need this tour to sort this stuff out.
Josh B.
This was the second show i've caught this tour (third show i've seen so far) and also the second show i've seen in Atlanta. Tonight the mood was really mellow, and i really enjoyed it. The band seemed to jam a lot to the new songs and that was amazing to hear. it was a lot different than the first time i heard them back in May. ONE SWEET WORLD...helluvan opener! the intro just gets better and better every time i hear it. WHEN THE WORLD ENDS sounded awesome. I was really digging the artwork they had on the jumbotron screens. THE SPACE BETWEEN was amazing as usual. I've loved the song ever since I came across my copy of Everyday, and I think it sounded amazing live (even up in the nosebleeds!). FISHMAN & THE DRUNK MONKEY was insane! Dave pulled out the 12 string guitar and unloaded an AWESOME jam into Bartender (teasing Grace is Gone which they played later). That was the first real big jam of the night and it absolutely blew me away. BARTENDER this is the third show I've been to, and the third time i've heard this song. I think it's a good replacement for Don't Drink the Water. Boyd was getting the crowd hyped during the violin solo intro. The energy throughout the night was definitely there, though Dave kept the mood mellow throughout the whole show, ending with some amazing jams and a little high energy explosion to end the night. I DID IT sounded just like it did on the CD and Radio. No complaints though, i don't think there is a lot you can do with the song as far as jams go, and it sounds good just the way it is. SLEEP TO DREAM HER had an awesome intro. For a moment I thought they might have pulled out Warehouse or Halloween because of the haunting intro Dave had for the song. This was also another great jam that impressed me (as far as the new stuff goes). I was glad to hear that Dave and the guys pulled out a lot of jams on the new material. i was getting tired of hearing "all the new stuff sounds like it does on the CDs". GRACE IS GONE was my favorite of the Lillywhite Sessions, and I wasn't disappointed tonight. the song just blows me away. #41 was perhaps the best jam of the night. This one got everyone in the crowd off their feet, and I don't think there was a person in the house who wasn't gettin on down through the long jams. At the end, the Everyday outro was great to hear for a second time this summer TRUE REFLECTIONS...what more can you say? Boyd Tinsley is a BAD BAD man...is there nothing this man can't do? LONG BLACK VEIL was *intense*! Dave introduced it as a "song written by a good friend of mine...Mr. Johnny Cash" and EVERYONE went insane. The Lovely Ladies totally made the song. This was the first time for me to experience them live, and i was DEFINITELY impressed. I can't wait to hear more from them at future shows! JTR is another classic Dave track from the Lillywhites and it was great to hear it again. ANGEL was THE BEST song of the night...The Lovely Ladies had an improv jam of their own at the end of the song and it was the first time I had ever heard the new tracks being jammed out like Two Step would have been...WOW!!! STAY...waaaaasting time i shall miss this thing when it all rolls by. What a way to close the show. They jammed, got mellow, got the crowd pumped and left everyone wanting more...couldn't have asked for a better closer. ENCORE: WASTE I expected to hear this one tonight (especially since dave came out alone, and i knew he wouldn't play #40 since he played it the show before in Detroit). It gets better every time i hear it. Can't wait for the Phish tribute CD to hit the stores in mid June! #36/EVERYDAY...again, Boyd blew me away with the processor/wah wah pedal he had hooked to his violin. I was perfectly happy with the way things were going at this point then suddenly Carter went into the intro to Ants and the entire crowd went NUTS. There wasn't a person in the building who didn't sing along (even though dave changed up the lyrics in the middle of the song, just throw everyone off). Wow...what an amazing show. Can't wait to see more. the crowd was excellent, the lovely ladies were awesome, and as always DMB put on a great show.
Jim R.
A bit of a disappointment: good, but not great. The band seemed to have a hard time finding a groove. Most of the Everyday songs in particular were flat, especially "Angel." In fact, I didn't think they really got on track until "Stay," which turned out to be the last song of the regular set. Could have been a stronger set, too; I really don't think "Long Black Veil" is a good pick for a cover--it's hard to top the Band's version. "Waste," on the other hand, made a great first encore, and "Ants Marching" was unbelievable--even though Dave forgot the middle verse. If the whole show had been like that, it would have been fantastic.
Namrata S.
After reading the setlist, you can pretty much figure out that it was a mellow show. I was in 2nd row!!! Got to actually see the expressions on the band's faces, it was amazing. I got in just in time to see the band come out. Dave wearing blue or grey cargos and a grey t-shirt. He looked happy, they all looked into it. I had been to 5/9/01 Pelham, AL and they opened with OSW, surprisingly I kind of expected it. It was still cool though, they kept it short. And then I predicted three songs in a row. I saw Dave switch to electric and I was like "they're about to play WTWE" and when we heard the first chord, it was crazy. That must be one of the better songs to hear live off the everyday CD. I didn't predict TSB but I totally was like they've got to play BIG EYED FISH!!! When I heard that I was ecstatic. BARTENDER was very powerful but I was not quite settled in my seat, lost one of my friends, so couldn't pay full attention but it was great, Leroi and Boyd just went at it. Pretty standard IDI. Sleep to dream her sounded better than C'Ville, I guess because I was MUCH closer up this time. GIG was absolutely breathtaking. That song just reaches the brim of emotion and everyone around me was chanting the lyrics and was all into it. Then another prediction, #41 was the absolute highlight of the show. It was incredible and must have lasted about 15 mins. Then Boyd went into TRUE REFLECTIONS. He was baring it tonight, sleeveless vest, showing off his chest. TRUE REFLECTIONS was great as usual, and I was surprised when Dave said "this is a song by Johnny Cash." I didn't expect LONG BLACK VEIL. JTR just blew my mind away, very strong jam at the end. Speaking of jam, ANGEL was next and they totally jammed out, I think this song is evolving well. I would have preferred not to have the lovely ladies at this show, they are very talented and they all had solos in the ANGEL jam but I've been to two shows without them and my personal opinion is they sound better without the gospel like theme to each song. Ofcourse they played a great version of STAY, again I have to say much better than at Charlottsville 4/21/01, and it rocked the house. I think Dave and I made eye contact for three seconds during the encore. I just held my breath...ANTS MARCHING was great, apart from that the encore wasn't that powerful. I like the 36-Everyday fusion but I was up for more energy. I was hoping for Tripping Billies and Sweet Up and Down, even Crush. But I should be happy they played Big Eyed Fish. Altogether a good show, not the best I've seen this tour but definitely worth it in the end. I was kinda glad it didn't rain. See y'all at VA Beach! Peace. Namrata
Melissa M.
I thought the show was great. The show got better as it went on. The "Everyday" songs sound so much better live.. He did play some Lillywhite stuff, but not that many people knew them, so the energy was low there. Everyone really wanted #41, and it was great, as usual. "True Reflections" and "Long Black Veil" were surprisingly (I thought) big crowd favorites. I thought it was a really solid show, and I think most people enjoyed it. I really hoped for "Watchtower" or "Two Step" on the encore, but maybe next time.:)
Mike D.
Oh man, theres a show huh! One sweet world knocked my Aunt Connies socks off. Always great to hear that as an opener. Nice lead into When the world ends. The Crowd Seemed mellow, but no crowd is like a NY crowd fruitcake. The crowd went bonkers when they played The space between. Better version than any I've seen on tv. They gotta play the whole big eyed monkey fish bird drunk whatever the fuck these guys call it. Great song even as an intro. I did it, sleep to dream her standard. Always nice to hear Grace is gone. Where'd she go? 41 is the best ever so of course it was great, and the everyday outro fits nice as a tease in the closing. Long black veil was too long, and Butch played too long of a solo. Get rid of him, just go on the road without him or the "Lovely ladies". Lovely according to who? Angel had a nice jam at the end of it with Carter and Leroi leading the way Charlie. I'll be honest- Stay sucks. Not so much the song, but how much they play it, and I can't stand hearing it as a set closer or encore. But the encore made up for it. Dave walked out and did a quick, quiet, nicey nice version of Waste zand kicked it into Everyday, which gets better every god damn time I hear it. And then, Ants Marching. Always a pleasure hearing this song cause it's a longtime fuckin favorite of mine. All in all, good show. Can't wait till they play a venue like Giants stadium where the crowd is always up, not like Atlanta, where half of them were braindead and sleeping!! God bless America, and the DMB Keep Rockin fellas, see ya then later Nitz.
Davis H.
I am sorry but Turner Field is a horrible venue. I guess I am not a stadium fan. Lakewood has such a better vibe to it and the sound is a hundred times better. Now for the show. Macy Gray is horrible. The guy beside me fell asleep. The band opened up with OSW, nothin special but always a good opener. But this was the beginning of a very mellow concert. Next was WTWE this is one the few everyday songs that sounded good.Space Between is a great song as is Fishman-drunk monkey. No one aroumd me new the song except me I think. Barteder is an amazing song and Dave face was really intense. It was the high point for me. IDI, well they shouldn't have done it. Sleep to dream her is not a good concert song. Would have liked DoF here. GIG and 41 both sounded very good. True Reflections is a good song but not at every concert. WYA was ok nothing special. LBV was nice but the whole cocert seemed geared for the lovely ladies. JTR sounded really good and evryone around me thought things were about to pick up. It didn't, Angel was amazing at the begining but the lovely ladies sang for about 10 minutes after Dave finished and by the end everyone around me was sitting down. Stay was really good, alot of energy. Very predictable encore. Waste GREAT SONG, 36-everyday was cool at first but now getting old, and a very high powered ants marching. All in all there was way too much everyday and very little energy. So on this tour I got to see an amzing concert In Birmingham and probably my worst in Atlanta. Take it back to lakewood packed with warehouse members and then things will get back to normal.
Joey B.
Well first of all I wanna say it was a decent show, atleast for me. If you're a serious dave fan, join the warehouse or get good seats! I had pretty good seats but i was surrounded by a bunch of loud-talking drunks and i couldnt hear that well cus they were screaming "dave you're so sexy" all night. The concert would have been much better if i were surrounded by dave fans who were listening to the music and not being stupid. Its ok to go to a concert and not be a big dave fan, but the problem was when they heard songs that they didn't recognize (which were a lot) they decided to just talk really loud or yell "dave rules" so i couldnt hear crap. Anyways, when i got to turner field i went to go eat with some friends away from the rain and next to us were the tour buses! I was in awe. The next thing i know, Boyd comes out of the bus and takes a picture with some kid and goes to the can. We saw the whole band get out of the buses and they gave us some waves and smiling faces.. it was nice.. they really are humble for being the best band ever. i was the only one who recognized Butch and i yelled his name and he gave me a peace sign or some sort of hand signal. I am a new Butch fan cus of that. My friend was gonna yell "you're not as good as Peter Greisar" but he didnt, cus he isnt satan. On to the concert... The highs were all over.. You could tell the band was having a pretty good time.. During Bartender and What you are you could see the intensity in dave's face when he wailed.. it was really cool.. The crew is doing an awesome job with the big screens next to the stage.. They do nice close-ups and they even add some video and such.. It's awesome. Anyways, the concert really picked up ironically when the band played I Did It. There was good energy cus the concert started off with pretty slow songs.. Another high was the swim naked outtro during one sweet world. Personally i got going when the played an awesome #41. The everyday outtro is awesome. I'm kinda skipping around in the setlist so just deal with it. I really enjoyed big eyed fish---> bartender. Nobody else around me knew what it was so i was yelling "Shut up i love this song". There was more socializing around me (which is good to an extent) than enjoying the music. Anyways, true reflections was awesome. There was some major dave-boyd dancing. Angel was pretty good, it is getting much better.. The little impromptu is good stuff. The everyday songs are sounding more and more like genuine dave matthews band songs. The lovely ladies were good tonight.. i dont see what everyone's issue with them is.. ok.. JTR. holy crap this song is so cool.. i saw dave whoop out the 12 string and i knew it was coming.. Once again, nobody around me knew what the song was , which isnt a bad thing, but they kept on yelling gay crap. The encore was awesome! waste is really cool. Everyday rocked. it's just a fun song.. I had no idea they would play ants marching next! i figured they would just stop there or play watchtower. It was the best ants i've ever heard and i'm a cd-r junkie so i've heard a lot of concerts. Dave screwed up the lyrics or something but that just made the song more fun. It was awesome. So anyways, it was a good concert. If you're a serious dave fan, get good seats so that you can hear really well and so that you're not surrounded by people who would rather talk/yell all night.
Booger W.
The show last night was amazing. My 2nd Dave concert and definitely a 10/10. The sun hadn't quite gone down and The boys came out on stage with that lil' instrumental and then into 1SW. Good version. They went through about half a dozen Everyday/Lilywhite songs. I really liked them but they took the crowd out of it. Grace is Gone was better than I remember- still my Favorite Lilywhite song. 41 really got the crowd into it. as did True Reflections and the soulful LBV. JTR and Angel good but everybody around me sat down and kind of went to sleep. Stay was long and got the crowd all riled up. The encore was killer. Waste- I love Phish, I love Dave, I love Dave doing Phish stuff. When I heard the opening notes of 36 I thought ok nice lil' mellow ending. Boy was I wrong It was just like old Dave 36/Everyday-->Ants. It was amazing. Everybody was on thier feet for the 1st time in the whole show. Does anybody know the last time they did that combonation? I think it's been a while. Any way it was a killer show. Nobody should be complaining about these shows. At least not this one. I didn't think the stadium would be a good place to see Dave but it was ok. All in all a great way to spend a muggy night in Atlanta.
Mark S.
This is my first time submitting a review here, but I have read many reviews in the past. This was my third DMB show (the other two being Atlanta 7/28/99 and Hershey 8/23/00) and it definitely wasn't the best. I'd rank last year's Hershey show the best setlist-wise. ONE SWEET WORLD, while I had already seen it live once before, was a cool opener, even if he didn't do the Swim Naked thing that I've been hearing so much about. The Everyday songs were standard and there were too many. 7 songs is a little ridiculous. That's more than half the album. Many of them sounded exactly the same as on the CD. BARTENDER and GRACE (probably my favorite of the Lilywhites) made very welcome returns. It was nice to see LONG BLACK VEIL again; I saw it two years ago without Butch or the Lovely Ladies. I felt fortunate to finally be at a show with the Ladies there, so I was happy to hear STAY and TRUE REFLECTIONS. I went to this show with my sister and her fiance, and my 51-year-old mother. Let me just say I'm going with friends next time. My mom said she had a headache and felt sick to her stomach in the middle of STAY, and asked if we could go up to one of the entrances and watch the rest of the show from there. Well, she suddenly decided as WASTE was beginning that we had to leave then, so we missed what was probably the best part of the show, and definitely would have made up for the mediocre setlist. I was so mad, and what pissed me off the most is that she was OKAY afterwards. I was thinking, "Well, fuck. To miss the best part of a Dave show, she had better be coughing up blood." She wasn't. She didn't puke or anything. She felt much better. I'm leaving her at home from now on. So I'm getting a ticket to the 7/25 Antioch show, and guess who I'm not taking!!! I'll be back to write a review of that one, too. I kind of dig this reviewing thing. One more thing: I'd like to give a shout out to that girl I was sitting next to. If you're reading this, and you were sitting in Section F3, Row 27, Seat 7 I believe you said it was (remember you asked me whether I liked Lakewood or Turner Field better), e-mail me if you'd like. I'd love to chill sometime. Well, celebrate we will, and I'll catch you guys at Antioch, Tennessee
Steve K.
"Hello My Friends" ... wow. When Dave changed venues from lakewood last year to Turner this year I thought the obvious he had sold out, oh contrare. When Angelique Kidjo yelled out "hello detriot" it kind of ruined the mood so I blew her off and walked around and got some food and a shirt. Macy Gray (much much better than vertical horizon last year) was better than expected and set stage for Dave. I felt something special about the night my friend and I had bet on either "Too Much" or "Satellite" as an opener, well he didn't even play those, but my girlfriend said right before he came out it would be nice to hear "One Sweet World" and that's what we heard. It may be Dave's best opener along with "Ants Marching". I'm not a big fan of Dave's Everday cd and wasn't really looking forward to those songs, but it was going to be mandatory. "When The World Ends" was good, it kind of got the crowd into it. "The Space Between" was a sweet song that allowed everyone to sing along. I got into "Fishman and Drunk Monkey", but I thought his songs could of been put in a better order, but it was cool. "Bartender" (probably best song off lily whites) was good, but I personally did not like "I Did It", but it really got the crowd into it especially the dudes who were smokin' in front of us haha. "Sleep to Dream Her" and "Grace is Gone" kind of slowed everything down for a great jam session in "#41", "True Reflections" and "Long Black Veil". I would say for me, Boyd made the night. My girlfriend said she wanted to hear that when I look in the mirror song and so it came true. Boyd is great on vocals on that song and gets so into his violin jams. I think that that is what makes a Dave show, but he followed with exaclty what I wanted "Long Black Veil" reminiscient of Listener Supported. "JTR" was good, but "Angel" was much better probably the best song off everday, it sounded great live. "Stay" got me really into it and I didn't want to have to think about leaving. To the encore, being a phish fan it was great to hear "Waste", but alot of people who had never heard of it didn't seem to enjoy it, but I thought it was good, not as good as I thought it was goin' to be( i think im used to treys pull off solo and you couldnt really hear it that well) but im glad he played it. Everyday (#36) was good and got the crowd really in to it. He played like it was gonna be the last song so with about 30 seconds left in the song my friend Ed and I left then as we were goin' up the steps we heard Carter hit the intro to "Ants Marching" and we ran right back to our seats. I don't think he could have ended with anything better. Everbody was jumpin' around, a great finisher. All in all a great show compared to last year at lakewood. I had lawn seats and you could barely hear and you couldn't see at all(lakewood). This year you could hear much better and actually see the stage. This is my third show although I was only in fourth grade the first time I saw him in I think '96 at Charlotte but I got into this show the most. Dave never lets you down.
Drew W.
Wow, what a great show. Some highlights were One Sweet World Opener (never gets old), Fishman & The Drunk Monkey (Big Eyed Fish)->bartender, with the penny whistle outro, and the "monkey should know stay up your fucking tree" line, great great version. Hell, I Did It wasn't even that bad, It got everyone dancing and singing along, lots of energy. #41 was VERY VERY nice as always, they did a little jamming in there, and that too got everyone singing along. True Reflections- normally I'm not a fan of this song, but this was definately an energetic song for the crowd, I loved it. Long Black Veil, I LOVE this song, and I was so glad to see it. The last 3 songs of the set were just amazing: JTR, Angel, and Stay. Pure Energy in them. I did not see one person near me sitting down even during the slightly slower Angel, the crowd was going wild. When Dave came back out by himself, I got a little "40" chant with my friends going, but it was no suprise when he started playing Waste. I enjoyed this song, but I didn't feel much excitement in the crowd, but we needed a more quiet song. Wow, Everyday (36) was just purely amazing, i love the way lyrics of these two songs go together. I was amazed, I was pleased, I was just about to walk up the stairs of the stadium when I heard Carter's drum beat, and I knew it was Ants marching. I went crazy during this song, the lights were amazing, I loved it all. Great way to end a great night. All in all, this show was a wonderful experience for me, and the sound in Turner wasn't bad at all to me. The crowd was one of the best I've had in all the shows I have been too, I can't wait until my film gets developed!
Christopher J.
Dave lit up Atlanta with this spectacular show. This show proves that he is bent on promoting his new album. He played seven out the the twelve songs on "Everyday". To whoever posted the setlist, you left off "What You Are". Despite the fact that I am not a particularly huge fan of "Everyday", there were parts of these songs that did impress me. For instance, adding Butch Taylor a.k.a. "Number six" to the tour is an excellent move by Dave. He participated in every song off of the new album. "When the World Ends" continues to be my favorite song off of the album when played live. It is great to listen to and great to dance to. "The Space Between" and "I Did It" were made to get on TRL, and that is where they should stay. "What You Are" was the only evidence of the "dark dave" genre seen tonight. There was no "Rhyme or Reason" or "Drive in, Drive Out" to satisfy my need for the dark side of dave, but I will just have to settle with "What You Are". Boyd was really right with dave on center stage tonight. He took most of the solos and even walked to the front towards the crowd at one point. What he really impressed me with was with the use of the pedal in the intro to "Angel". He never ceases to amaze me. Well, with all the new songs, seven off of "Everyday" and four from the Lillywhite Sessions, one starts to miss the days of dreaming under the table. Dave reminds us at the end of the concert that those days aren't over, but if he really wants to assure us, he should look over the lyrics to "Ants Marching", since he left out one verse and instead repeated one over. Who am I kidding? Who am I to criticize the king? Long Live Dave!
This is my third Dave show. Id have to say it is the weakest of the three, but it was still VERY good.One sweet world was a good opener. WTWE sounded great live with the cutoff. All the Lillywhite session songs were amazeing! #41 with the everyday outro was really cool. long black veil was definitly the weakest song of all the setlist. Angel sounded great live, the crowd seemed to get into it. Stay(Wasteing Time) was definitly the turning point. The crowd jumped up onto the visitors dugout and started danceing. The encore was ok. I am so glad they ended with Ants Marching because just those two(Waste, Everdday) would have stunk! All in all I rate the show a B-
April G.
Atlanta was the first show I've seen this year, so I really don't have anything to compare it to, besides the last show I went to in Raleigh back in September. In comparison to that one, I was disappointed, but mainly because I like the old stuff so much better. I was at least hoping for Watchtower, Warehouse, Tripping Billies, or Crash, but the only older songs he played were: #41 (very cool), Stay, and as a surprise 3rd encore song-Ants Marching. That brought a very redeeming quality to the show for me. Boyd singing True Reflections was good and Long Black Veil was amazing. And I enjoyed all the Lillywhite songs a lot. Overall, it was a good show, everyone seemed to have a fun time and were very into it, at least where I was on the field. Hoping to catch them again in Virginia Beach.
J. L.
Atlanta, GA, June 6, 2001. Aside from a few minor problems with the stadium security (apparently they were uninformed about the DMB taping policy) the Turner Field experience was a good one for this Alabama boy. My companion and I missed the first opener and tried to ignore Macy Gray, to no avail. Ms. Gray solicited the audience to "shake their asses," of which I would have no part-- that's not exactly what I came for. But I digress. 8:34 onstage- Dave in basic black, reaches for a Chet Atkins. Carter, out to please the hometown crowd is sporting a Braves jersey and batting gloves, no doubt due to the southern humidity. Roi, in a mood that can only be described as "playful,"is in a black Fat Albert t-shirt. They open with a nice Swim Naked, One Sweet World combo. Boyd was really into it- he broke a bowstring during the first verse. Enter Butch Taylor. I called When the World Ends, and was rewarded. This one is much better with Butch filling in on keys. The show was complimented by a globe graphic on the jumbo-tron, alternating with shots of the band. They ended well, with crew and band much more in sync than in Birmingham. The blackout provided an opportunity for the giant-shroom-looking-things to appear upstage and the lovely ladies, Chinah, Tawatha, and Brenda to enter downstage-right. Dave also reaches for the much discussed and debated electric. Again, I called it- Space Between. This was a definate crowd pleaser- you'll have read the other posts for an accurate review, I was distracted by the ample breasts of a young woman two rows in front of me who, from the looks of it, was enjoying her male companion more than the music. Get a room! Exuent the ladies and Butch. Enter what I believe to be a Dave Matthews signature series acoustic, but I'm no guitar expert by any means. Saw Boyd preparing to pick the violin and called Fish/Monkey Man (aka Big Eyed Fish aka Fishman and the Drunk Monkey-whatever). Damn I'm good. Not my favorite song on the lillywhites, but entertaining nonetheless. I enjoyed the live version much more than the recording which just seems to kill the emotion. Dave was wailing on this one, with an absolutely beautiful segue into Bartender. The Boyd/Roi inro gave Dave just enough time to switch back over to the Chet Atkins and gave us just enough time to prepare to be astounded. Could have used a little more volume on Roi's mic, but other than that, an absolutely flawless performance. Dave was all over it, wailing and pleading like only he knows how. Absolutely amazing! Enter Butch, the ladies, and the electric. I knew we were about to hear the obligatory I Did It. I must admit, this song is growing on me, and it kept the 95% non-warehouse crowd on their feet after the 17-minute Fish/Bartender combo. I'm liking the ladies' part in it, and with time this might become a favorite of old and new alike. As quick as they came, the ladies leave and Dave goes for the signature series. Once again, I called it: Sleep to Dream Her. (Note: at this point, my companion on this trip, Jeffrey Hart, declares me "one with the show." The time is 9:23) After a somewhat uneventful Sleep to Dream, (excepting the strip show going on in front of me) a brief pause, and I hear the opening strains of Grace is Gone. Roi added a new alto sax part toward the end, and it absolutely blew my mind. Amazing! Dave gave me a long enough break to change tapes, and after a frenzied minute on my end, Carter tapped out some beautiful cymbal work to ease us into #41. I don't think my tape will reflect exactly how the band sounded, as 60,000+ fans sang along with every word. They ended with probably the best 41 jam I've heard in a good long while, blending the Everyday lyrics with a little stop-time. Then, the Boyd Tinsley band took the stage (along with Butch and the ladies) for their rendition of True Reflections. The crew complimented Boyd's lyrics with a funky Bohemian Rhapsody thing on the monitors-very cool. After a short jam session, the ladies went backstage and Dave went electric while the crew adjusted Carter's mic. I was hoping for So Right, but instead got What You Are. It seemed like Dave was using a different effect on his guitar, but I could be wrong. They played the hell out of it; I felt every word of the song. (It should be noted that at this point the people making out in front of me ask me to B+P them a copy of the show-I decline) Enter once again the ladies and Butch, as well as Dave's beloved Chet Atkins. Davespeak: "this is a song about cows." Well, giddy up, 'cause here comes Long Black Veil. I should have known it was coming, but I wanted JTR. A very cool breakdown at the end, with the ladies giving us a wonderful vocal jam complimented by Taylor's keyboard work. Sometime during the ladies' solo, Stefan's knit hat became a casualty to the thick Atlanta atmosphere-no one can escape! Next up, JTR, this is probably my personal favorite, but tonight they band just wasn't in it. Dave's "scat" section left a little to be desired, but hey, you win some, you lose some. Carter, however, saved it with some enthusiastic snare towards the end. Enter the electric, meaning hear comes Angel. I must admit, I wasn't too enthusiastic about the trite lyrics and stained guitar riff, but the lovely ladies have made me a convert! In this fan's humble opinion, the highlight of the show was the gospel-inspired "I got what you want" breakdown with Butch Taylor filling in on keys. They belted it out for a good five minutes; Jeffrey was half expecting them to break into Amazing Grace or something. (Note: coolest sign award "Carter is GOD" from about 10th row, section F2). During the break, Roi took off his glasses. As Dave reached for the signature series, Jeffrey called Stay. We heard the opening chords and flipped out; I wasn't even paying attention to the rig. There aren't enough superlatives in the English language to describe the energy flowing from the stage during a live version of Stay. Offstage:10:37, Dave came back on 10:42 amidst the chanting of "We love Dave, We love Dave." I really wanted #40, but instead got Waste, "a song by a friend of mine," same as B'ham. Enter the band, including Butch and the ladies, with Stefan in his hat and Roi back in shades. We hear the familiar distorted violin and we knew we were in for a #36/Everyday combo same as Birmingham (and just about everywhere else I'm told.). I'm really liking Boyd's wah-wah pedal. This was very nice, but they didn't go as far back into 36 as I would have liked. Oh well. I think the guys had planned something else, but Dave turns to Carter and makes a single drumming motion, and Carter looks at Boyd, both grinning from ear to ear. Incidentally, Carter glanced to his right, in the direction of left field before he laid down the opening beats to a classic Ants Marching. I don't think anyone in the audience saw that one coming. Dave threw heart and soul into it, and had a little trouble; he left out the bridge. He turned to Carter and I read "I fucked up that song" on his lips before he launched into the chorus. Absolutely amazing 1-2-3 jam, ending in classic Boyd Tinsley style. The guys took a long time leaving the stage, and Carter tried twice to throw a stick to the "Carter is GOD" guy, but missed. Long time coming on the house lights, almost expected another encore, but we knew Dave only does that for extremely special occasions. When we heard the funky backbeat of Soulive on the P.A., we knew the show had come to an end. (Crew: what happened to Moby?). Overall, a good show, but the setlist pales in comparison to Oak Mountain. See you in DC!! (I'll be the one in the Hawaiian shirt)
Matt P.
Turner Field show was good, but wasn't as good as the Oak Mtn Amphitheatre show i saw last month. Setlist was surprisingly very very similar but that's just how things fell i guess. First off let me say that the crowd sucked. The energy wasn't there from them. The crowd only got hyped up once, during Ants. The rest of the show was really lackluster from the fans. People were sitting down all around me (F3, Row 8) which is unheard of for floor at a DMB concert. Some girl behind me decided playing Snake on her cell phone was more exciting than the concert. And the Turner Field people were doing a really bad job. No pat downs at all, which i thought was surprising. They made people stand in line for wristbands if you were on the field, then checked your ticket anyway so I'm not sure who came up with that idea. Oh yeah if you happen to catch a stadium show this summer, check out the video screens. They're doing an effect where they do everything in slow motion while Dave is wailing. It looks very cool. Met a guy in front of me who had came all the way from the Virgin Islands to see the show. I was pretty impressed by that. I missed Angelique and Macy Gray, don't really care. Macy Gray annoys me with that voice of hers. Anyway onto the show. Onstage at 8:25 ONE SWEET WORLD opened the set. Instrumental intro. This is my favorite opener cause I love the way that the instrumental intro sets up the vibe for the show. Good stuff, scat at the end. WHEN THE WORLD ENDS was next. Standard, I like this song live though. THE SPACE BETWEEN with the lovely ladies and Butch Taylor. Standard, great song though. BIG EYED FISH MONKEY MAN BIRD whatever. I was really pumped to hear this since it made it's debut in New Mexico. Loved it, Dave switched up the lyrics and mentioned that a "monkey should stay in it's fucking tree." Then they segued into BARTENDER. Good performance, nice jamming at the end from everyone. I DID IT was next. This set off a kind of low point in the show. The performance was ok but I'm just not really much into this song anymore. SLEEP TO DREAM HER was next. I just don't like this song. Enough said, they segued into GRACE IS GONE which i was glad to hear. A lot of people were half asleep at this point. As I said, the crowd was horrible. #41 came next. Late in the set, very glad to hear it! Nice jamming at the end from Boyd and Roi. Everyday outro. You can't go wrong with this one. Good performance. TRUE REFLECTIONS was next. The Lovely Ladies and Butch Taylor came back and stayed for the rest of the set. I like this song although a bunch of people aren't big fans of it. Nice jam from Boyd at the end. LONG BLACK VEIL was next. Great stuff! Lovely Ladies vocals at the end are great. People gotta quit knocking the Lovely Ladies. JTR, it was pretty good. Nice jamming at the end. ANGEL came next as Dave brought back out the baritone. You've gotta hear the new jam at the end of it, really cool. Jazzy vibe to it. Lovely Ladies, Butch, and Carter. When they went into the thing at the end, Dave made this funny motion pretending to be an Angel. STAY finished out the set. Crowd actually woke up for this one. The stuff at the end with the Ladies singing seemed to go on forever. Good stuff. Dave was playing the old 700 series Taylor instead of his new 900 series cutaway. WASTE started the encore. Dave came out solo and used the 700 series Taylor again. Again the crowd decided to sleep through a song. Dave fucked up playing once during this and laughed it off. EVERYDAY as the ladies and Butch returned. Good performance, about 10 minutes too. #36 intro and outro. Boyd on the wah is awesome! This is my new favorite live song. At the end, Dave introduced everyone and i was thinking this was the end of the show but then they finished Everyday and went into... ANTS MARCHING!!! First time it's been played in a few weeks. The only song the crowd really reacted strongly to. Dave screwed up the lyrics in the second verse I think. I know everyone around me was confused cause I think he started off singing the third verse and then realized this about halfway through where the second verse should have been. Very energetic performance and a big Boyd solo and Carter finished off by banging on every symbol he had and then probably a few more. I was very glad to hear this, strong ending to the show. Offstage about 10:45. Closing, not as good as the show i saw last month in Birmingham but still a thumbs up show.
Russell S.
OSW- Pretty good, a little slow in the tempo I though.WTWE- Had a lot of energy and like the lighting effects that go along with the end.TSB- People went crazy cause it's the current single and Dave did a good job with it. Sounded really good.BEF, FMM, Fishman & Drunk Monkey (whatever you wanna call it)- My friends and I and this one guy in a Boston cap were the only ones that went crazy when this came on. It's a great song. Went crazy when Dave sang "monkey should know stay up your fuckin' tree." Bartender-expected this after Monkey, The transition into it took awhile but it was great.I Did It- This song again got a big response from the crowd and it was just rockin. I'm liking Dave on the Baritone, it sounds great.STDH- Well alot of people sat for this one. Not my favorite song, but it sounded pretty good.GIG- More people sat down but I love this song. I was happy to hear it and had a lot of passion in it.What you Are- People stood up again and it grooved. 41- My friend called this one. 41 is always great and the boys just had fun with this one. Wasn't long and wasn't short but it was good.True Reflections- I didn't want them to play this but I liked it tonight and Boyd rocked on violin and just tore it up. LBV- I like this song and it brought the lighters out. at the end the ladies and the band jammed on it and it was crazy.JTR- I called this one and was glad to hear it and Dave just jammed on it and the sax was wailing.Angel- There was a little intro by leroi cause one of the ladies left the stage. Was pretty normal until the end when Butch and the Ladies went into a gospel feeling thing and the band just jammed on it and the ladies just tore it up. it was great to see them jam on an Everyday song.Stay- I was hoping for Warehouse or billies but got this. It was a good version and got the crowd grooving. Very energetic.Waste- I wanted to hear this and I like it. I was the only one who knew the words and what itwas.36/Everyday-Wanted to hear this. had a stop time thing when he went back to everyday from 36. He introduced the band and the lights went out and I thought it was over and I was about to leave then.......Ants Marching- Carter's shadow beating the ants intro on blinding white drums flashed on the screen and the place went bezerk. I went so crazy I fell out of the seat I was standing in and just grooved on this song. Dave screwed up bit it was all good. Great version of ants and was glad to get 3 encore songs. Overall- Great show. The everyday songs sound great and the ants at the end made it worth it. Great show for being my first.
Thomas M.
Made the trip down to Hot-lanta for the show last night. Random thoughts: First of all, the weather was perfect for an outdoor concert. I was in the upper deck and it was just a gorgeous night, with a nice breeze. I'll take that weather for any show, anywhere. Anyway... I strongly suspect that years from now we're going to look back at this as the pinnacle of the band's performing ability. While this show was a bit weaker than some of the other ones I've seen lately, I just find it remarkable how consistently they can create magic in a venue as big as Turner Field. Even I, sitting hundreds of feet from the stage, could feel the energy that they put out when they really got going. Some highlights: The "Everyday" outro to #41 was really cool. I like how they're weaving that song into the shows. Drunken Fish Monkey Boy (or whatever they're calling it now) sounded great, and Bartender was really stirring. Not too many oldies, unfortunately. But in general it was a pretty good setlist. I didn't expect to hear Ants at the end, but I'm glad they played it; the show needed an exclamation point. The only thing I would really change would be the abundance of Lovely Ladies showcasing. Frankly, I shelled out my dough to see Dave and the boys, not the Ladies. They add very little to the show, and when they start soloing it just kills the mood. But, I still have to say that I'm really impressed with the energy that Dave is providing every night. And the shows are much more nip-and-tuck than they used to be; less noodling, more purposeful soloing. I'd give this one a B-, but it'd be an A if not for the 15 minutes of Ladies we had to endure.
Michael C.
This concert was way better than I expected it to be. The band was full of energy and the setlist had few flaws. Highlights were an always-insparational space between and fish monkey, and then the last 5 songs before the enocore blew me away. I have a new respect for these 5 after hearing the band explode with badass 5-10 minute jams on each song. Then the encore....breathtaking. Dave strolls back out and plays an extended version of Waste, the the band comes out for a 15 minute Everyday(#36) in which i think every single person at Turner was dancing their ass off. Then the Ants Marching.....words cannot explain how good they played it. It must have been the longest version I've ever heard. WHAT A SHOW! Anyone who has this show on cdr email me immediately i have to get it .
Brendan G.
This was my second DMB concert, and probably the best one so far. Macy Gray, the opening act, wasn't really the reason why I was there. In fact, I purposely left to go grab snacks (which were very highly priced, hot dogs for five dollars). As soon as Macy Gray left, I went back to my seats, which were on the field in section F4, seat 7, row 28. When the show started, i noticed the 5 big jumbo sized screens which were placed at all angles so everyone all the way to the back of the stadium could catch a good glance of the show. Anyway, when he started One Sweet World, I was amazed. I remember back in Pelham, AL, when he performed there, he played One Sweet World first and I loved the unique live sound of it, and when he played it in Atlanta it was exactly the same. It was great. Moving on through the show, I was very surprised to hear JTR. Surprisingly nobody around me knew what song this was. A little note to Dave: "Release those Lillywhite Sessions buddy!" I also hoped the whole time during the show that it would rain like it did in Pelham, AL, cause Dave has a lot of songs that have to do with rain for some reason, but it woulda helped the atmosphere so much. Coming to the end of the show, Dave leaves off the stage after playing Stay, and everyone whips out their lighters and starts chanting "DAVE!", and five minutes later he comes out and does a solo of Phish's Waste. After that was Everyday with #36 thrown in, but the best part had to be the last song. Never have I seen them play Ants Marching. I thought he was going to play All Along The Watchtower, and so did everyone else. I guess not because he pulled off the best Ants Marching ever, and this had to be the best way to top off one of the best nights of my entire life.
well all i can say is that was so gooood. dave's june 6th show was really good, mellow, but nice, calm, and in a sense, enlightening. this was my first dave show, ot of hopefully very many. my two favorite people (besides dave of course) and i arrived at the oh so large stadium, in hopes of a great show. we sat for an hour or so before dave started. dave, i mean who the fuck is he? he just walked out there like.. like nothing. i guess i was expecting he would fly out, but you know... it was awesome. he started to play the swim naked intro, and i knew what it was because i had seen it on other setlists this tour. then this led into one sweet world, a great opener. the five of them looked so happy, and i was so amazed i was actually seeing one of the best people alive make music, right in front of me. after this, when the world ends. not my favorite, but the ending was really really good. the space between came next. i never cared for it that much, but after seeing the video, and the reain, and dave's face in it, i grew to love it. now comes fishman and the drunk monkey. i had never heard this song, and i had no fucking clue what it was, but it was great. this led into bartender. my second favorite lillywhite song. i was really excited to hear it, and dave sang it really well. then i did it. i was glad to hear this song, especially with the lovely ladies. new. different. yes. so then, STDH. sounded like the studio, typical i guess.grace is gone. my favorite lillywhite song. it was so good. so good. i sang right along, and found myself waving my hands in a church freak mannerish way a lot of the song. what you are was acutally pretty good. #41 was fucking awesome. not only do i love that song, but it was the best version i have ever heard, plus the everyday outro rocked. when dave yelled out the 'yeahhhh's it made my heart skip a beat. true refelctions was really good, boyd tinsley's a fucking god. he looked so good, and happy, and lively! long black veil was tremendous. dave sang the first line, and it was like... heaven. the whole crowd of hundreds of thousands shut up, and everyone put on their lighters, and it was just. it was great. enlightening. JTR, known to me and my friend as the rain song. it was nice. it would have been sweeet if it had rained, but im glad it didn't. Angel. definitely a highlight of the night. Not only is angel one of my favorite everyday songs, but the lovely ladies went off on an awesome vocal gospel rampage at the end. it was so great. they just kept on singing, 'i got what you want, i got what you need.' stay was a really good song to end the set with. the crowd was majorly abercrombue, but all was forgotten when dave played the first riff. everyone stood up and started dancing and clapping. it was great. the lovely ladies did an awesome job. after a few neverending minutes of screaming, dave came out, and played waste. i had never heard the song, but by the end, knew all the words. dave dedicated it to his friend (bart?) at the start, and it was really great. the whole 36-everyday jam was awesome. i knew they were gonna sing 'honey honey' as soon as they playeed the first few chords. the end was the best, they close-up-ed on dave and his sweaty singing self. ants marching could not have been a better song to end the show with. it was a quite mellow show, but a fast song was good to end with. i'm glad they didn't end with watchtower, that would be too hard, and two step would have been cool, but ants marching was fucking great. another definite crowd pleaser. everyone stood up and sang. dave messed up right at my favorite part, but he went back and fixed it. including the mistake it was my favorite version of the song ever. of course the reasoning was because it was my first dave show and i saw him sing it live. all around, i cannot judge how good it is compared to others, but all i know is that this show was so good. it was such a good setlist for me to hear from dave my first time. also if anyone has a recording, or knows where i can get one of the concert, email me, bohemian_trixie@yahoo.com all in all, great show, keep up the aweosme work there dave.
Brittany L.
I'm just gonna start off by saying, I didn't understand a word of what the opening act "Anjelico whatever" was singing/saying. And I expected more from Macy Gray. Dave was pretty awesome. I am absolutely in love with "#41" with the "Everyday" outro! And "Long Black Veil" was awesome! But the best part of the whole thing, was "Ants Marching"! EVERYBODY was singing along, and whatnot, so it was the best. This was the second Dave Matthews concert I've been to, and it was my second favorite. (Oak Mountain #1).
Tom B.
There have been some complaints about the setlist for this one, but in general, I found it fine. A nice start with the intro and OSW, a long opener that I feel leads nicely into the short punch of "When the World Ends." The energy seemed to flag a little mid-set, but picked up with some nice jams on #41 and "Stay," and "Bartender" has become one of my faves. LBV was as welcome as always. Maybe a few too many "Everyday" songs grouped together, but you can feel the new numbers starting to grow and expand, and I really feel that eventually some of these tunes will be as welcome as anything in the DMB catalog, the less-than-exceptional fan reaction to "Everyday" notwithstanding. But I must comment on the venue--there is NO NEED WHATSOEVER for a stadium show in Atlanta, except to sell more tickets than Lakewood / Hi-Fi Buys Amphitheatre can accomodate. I really feel that a stadium show like this does not do justice to the band's sound, the lines of sight were horrible for many folks on the field, the area did not support that many people coming at going at the same time...all in all, a good show that was undermined by a terrible venue. In fact, this is probably the worst DMB show I've seen, mostly because of the venue. I would really like to see the band move away from stadiums--some markets call for it, but not the majority--and back to theatres and arenas. Anyone with me on this????
Robb L.
Good show. Carter in the Braves Jersey was a great touch! The setlist was good, and the gang was real into this show!(lots of people talk about the individual songs, so I won't waste time with the details) The overall feel of the show was a little dissapointing. I was in Charlotte last month, and thought the band was playing a lot stronger at that show. Several of the songs, like WTWE, just seemed to be slowed down a bit. At Charlotte this song rocked. The addition of Butch Taylor, (who is great on classic DMB songs, and clearly needed) takes Glen Ballard's role on the new songs. I did not miss Ballard's keyboards at the show in Charlotte, and actually thought the new songs sounded better without the keyboards. It just took them too long to get going in Atlanta. As soon as they started to really start jamming with some upbeat songs, they slowed down, well, at least during the first 3/4 of the show. It ended very strongly with a rousing rendition of Everyday and Ants Marching Boyd was phenomenal and actually came out toward the edge of the stage right by my seats (i was in the third row) and wailed and wailed like only he can. The Lovely Ladies were fantastic! Their solos on Long Black Veil have been phenomenally expanded and the band picks up with it at the end of that song... fantastic! The only problem with the Ladies is that Dave & co. seem to play more songs that are compatible with them to give them more to do. I agree they should not waste the LL's prescence, but I think the setlist was not balanced because of it. I don't mean to sound negative, this was a great show! But from an overall standpoint I just liked Charlotte better (I can't believe I am saying this, because DMB has always played Atlanta so strong!). The songs were more straightforward and raw there. I am glad I did not see a repeat of that show, and got to hear renditions of songs live that were different or that I have not heard before. Atlanta had a lot of unique individual moments that stood out more than the Charlotte performance. A great show, well worth the money, and I am already looking forward to next year.. (if there is a tour that is!)
Kyle S.
After almost a year of not hearing the band live, it was nice to be back at a live show, and the 11th row center seats were fabulous, thanks to the Warehouse. I know some people are going to complain because of the heavy dose of LWS and Everyday tracks, but since this tour is to promote their new material, I for one was happen to hear some of these songs for the first time. Highlights were definitely "Fishman and the Drunken Monkey", something we really wanted to hear going into the show. The best jam all night, in my opinion, was Bartender, which was just unbelievable, I'm happy to hear what they've done with it. But one of the best parts had to be after "Everyday" in the encore, when Dave made everyone think that was it, introducting the entire band, but then went right into Ants, the perfect song to end a concert. We went nuts. And Dave screwed up the 2nd verse, but just smiled and made caught back up in the 3rd verse. Overall, the show and trip to Atlanta was great, and I'm glad I only have to wait a month to see them again, instead of a year.
Christopher P.
First of all, let me say that when/if DMB comes back to Atlanta, i hope they will pick a better venue that Turner Field. I had seats in the club level on the right side of the stage, and the sound was horrible. I could never quite make out what Dave was saying between songs, other than the obligatory "Thank you very much", and the music sounded muffled, almost to the point of not being able to make out what was being played. The worst part about it was the fact that I was sitting in the Smoking Nazi Usher's section, who would pounce on anyone that lit up, saying they should go outside (we were outside, lady),and all but threatening to strip search us because some one around where I was sitting took a couple of pictures. However, the night was not a total loss!!! In my dire need to suppress my nicotine craving, I ventured out to the smoking "balcony" outside the club level. It just so happened that this overlooked the parking lot for all the tour buses, and right before I left to return to my seat for the start of the show, a golf cart driven by a security guard drove out from between the buses carrying none other than Boyd Tinsley!! Everyone around started cheering and waving, prompoting Boyd to wave and smile back at us. Definitly a highlight of the evening! The show, even with it's somewhat disappointing sound, was still great. This was my second DMB show, and almost every song was one that wasn't played at the last one (West Palm, 9/00). OSW was an amazing opening song, and I got to hear #41, my all time favorite DMB song live, which made the evening perfect no matter what else happened. The jury is still out on the Everyday tunes, although seeing them performed live made them a little easier to handle. I do think it's time to give True Reflections a rest, but that is, of course, my opinion. Bartender was a wonderful treat as well. Dave's encore solo, Waste, was a true testament to his ability as a musician and vocalist, and brought back many memories. Although I was a tad disappointed that Watchtower wasn't played, AM was the most awesome closing song I could imagine anyway. There was just something poingnant about closing the show with the lines "Take these chances, place them in a box until a quieter time - Lights down you up and die." Great advice- take a chance and see DMB on this tour, and if you aren't blown away at first, place the experience in a box in your head and reflect on them at a quieter time- chances are you will be amazed as much as I am of the powerful force that is the Dave Matthews band.
Bailey T.
Easily the worst dave show I have ever attended - possibly the worst concert I have ever been to period. First off, ATL's handling of traffic and parking was atrocious. Cars were so backed up that we not only missed Macy (which, I must say, I am not that despondent about) but we also almost missed the opening number. Good seats, 7th row, but even from their the show seemed lack-luster. Combine dearth of energy with the "lovely ladies," a less-than-majestic setlist, and the 16 year old in front of me showing off her thong for all to see and you get an idea of how insufficient this show really was. If this concert was anyone's introduction to live Dave and you are reading this - I, on behalf of all Dave fans, am sorry. It was not indicative of the band's talent or usual live intesity. I guess I should just be thankful that I heard "Waste" again. Absolutely gorgeous. That song alone was worth the ticket price, and its a good thing too, because without it we the audience would have been robbed.
Ted G.
I need to clear up a few things said here for anyone who actually reads everything written, although i know this goes past the 3 days rule. This was my 4th show this tour, and god knows how many i've seen total (somewhere around 40). Was this the best show ever, no, was it the worst, hardly. And even so a bad show from Dave is better than a great show from practically anyone else (imho), that being said, everyone should realize how bad the band was feeling phsyically. Leroi stepped off stage i don't know how many times, and he EVEN TOOK OFF HIS Shades!!!!! Which was very cool, but he did it b/c he wasn't feeling well. (he won't leave stage otherwise). Also, Dave's hand was killing him...i can't tell you how many times he shook it out during the concert, and that is probably why he played ants for the encore (it's an easy song for him to play for any of you guitar wizs out there). So before you slam the band and the man, at least know why it was the way it was. I mean,he even cut out a verse in Ants.....so was it a good show, yes...was it up to par with all of dave's shows, certainly not. Was it worth the money, hella yeah!!! Keep the peace
Brian D.
Well first off let me say Turner field absolutely sucks for a show. I mean I can understand charging $48.00 for tickets at Lakewood b/c of the size.. But $48 for a large toliet-like facility like Turner Field!! Anyway my review..., I thought the show was a very mellow groove, I enjoyed the songs from the lilleywhite sessions throughly, but the Everyday songs and LOVELY LADIES must go!! I am not sure if anyone has caught it yet, but Everyday is lame attempt to make it in the POP Charts. I have been going to shows since '93, and by far this is the worse Cd, and worse live songs availble.. THANK YOU GLEN BALLARD, I think I hear Alanis calling, pick up the damn phone and leave our boys alone!! The varity in songs lacked. Although, I thought Waste was a great Encore song, I am looking foward to hearing the studio version of that song next week. I was refreshing to hear OSW for an opener. I absolutely loved Grace is Gone and Bartender. #41 was awesome as usual. True Reflections was also a nice surprise, Although it seemed a lot of people didn't know what it was.. Welcome to the Mainstreaming of DMB!!I had a lot of lame asses around me that didn't want to groove to the songs. IF YOU PEOPLE WANT TO SIT DOWN, GO SEE ELTON JOHN OR BILLY JOEL!! Other than the venue blowing Goats, lame people around me, and the lovely ladies, it was a good show. But seriously guys.. Scrap Everyday, chalk it up to the record producer being a dumb-ass..