Dave Matthews Band
Giants Stadium, East Rutherford, New Jersey
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band: Angelique Kidjo / Macy Gray

Don't Drink the Water
So Right *
Rhyme & Reason
Satellite *
JTR *+
When The World Ends *
So Much To Say * -->
(Anyone Seen the Bridge?) * -->
Too Much *
Long Black Veil *+
Mother Father *+
The Space Between *+
Jimi Thing
Digging a Ditch
Everyday (#36) *+
Fool To Think *+
I Did It *+
All Along the Watchtower
#40 ^
Waste ^
Tripping Billies *
* Butch Taylor on keys
+ Tawatha, Cindy & Brenda
^ Dave solo

Timothy Z.
I was entirely inquisitive as to how DMB could back up an evening like last night... and the answer for the second Giants show was to play an outstanding, diverse 18 song set and three song encore. DDTW set a good tone, and So Right was absolutely beautiful. One of my favorite "Everyday" songs. Dave messed with the lyrics to Rhyme and Reason a bit, which was otherwise standard. Satellite was a crowd pleaser, and JTR kept the mood upbeat. After WTWE Dave and Carter did a little Davespeak jam.. Dave mumbling into the mic (frequently done throughout) and Carter just picking it up. Carter's been kickin' it with the Franklin batting gloves on.. which never go out of style. SMTS-->Anyone Seen the Bridge?-->Too Much was completely awesome. A highlight you might even say. The lovely ladies took over at the end of Long Black Veil with the DUI jail cell favorite "nobody knows the troubles I've seen.." Mother Father was chill.. nice intro that reminded me of the long lost Last Stop. The electric guitar on The Space Between took me aback, as it did several times. Jimi Thing rocked.. glorious jams. Recently was appealing but the band played it with expediency, resulting in disappointing brevity. Diggin' A Ditch mellowed the mood, and Everyday/ #36 was incredible. Boyd and his violin tricks.. Dave at the end singing "pick me up love, lift me up love" and the lovely ladies contributing simultaneously with "honey, honey.. come and dance with me," which culminated with "Everyday!!" Wonderful. Fool To Think was much cleaner than last evening and I Did It created the necessary energy for a superb, superb Watchtower to end the set. Stephan simply rocks on that intro. Dave solo for the encore was expected, but not expected was at least a 3 minute long #40.. including beautiful images like Dave in a "magic twist" of love and his speaking of a romance that would last so long that the lovers would become "monuments." Gorgeous. Waste was awesome (little mess up on the second set of lyrics that Dave just didn't give a shit about). Boyd's solo toward the end of Tripping Billies was longer than I've ever heard it and had the entire band smiling. Sharing that smile I'll venture back to good ol' MA, awaiting an awesome weekend at Foxboro.
Chad F.
Tonight was my 4th show of the tour, 21st all time, and I must say that it was definitely a solid performance. First off, for any of you who haven't seen Angelique Kidjo, I definitely recommend it. She has so much energy, and it's gotta be really tough to play to a nearly empty stadium - Help her out! Macy Gray is continually eh, but that's no surprise. Onto the big guys...excellent performance. So Right has gotten so much better with each show, and I think tonight's may have been the best one of the three I've heard this tour. Macy Gray surprised the band by walking on stage during Satellite, kissing Dave on the cheek, and exiting just as quickly...I can't say I'm upset that she didn't stay for the song, tho it may have suited her singing style quite well. JTR was amusing, as Dave forgot to wait for the ladies and they rushed on stage for their first song of the night, almost missing their cue of "Rain..." For all the doubters, Mother Father still sounds excellent even without Santana (tho he certainly does add alot to the song). The crowd was really into Everyday, singing the chorus to #36 while Dave sang the regular chorus. The night really came together for me during the encore. #40 is such a wonderful live song, and to hear it played solo by Dave to 50,000+ fans is an incredible experience. I thoroughly enjoyed Waste, as did the hippie guy a few feet away, who slowly put on and ear-to-ear grin and danced more than he had all night. Billies as a closer - how can you go wrong? Overall, an energy packed show with a great crowd and wonderful effort by everyone involved. See y'all tomorrow...
Justin C.
The show was great. Good songs and even the new ones were good. The Jimi thing jam was interesting and fun to hear. The lot scene and the crowd were weak. Alot of the fans were the 'space between' fans if you know and when that song was played, all i heard was a high pitch scream. It was not pleasant. The clapping and sing-along was not appreciated. However, Dave and the band were great and the setlist was amazing.
Peter C.
Arriving at this show, I was thinking to myself: There is no way they can top last night's show. Its' not possible. Well, tonight, DMB came pretty close to beating it. The show was awesome, and it was completely different from last night. They only played 4 of the same songs. IT was really great. So Right was great, Loved to hear recently...Jimi was awesome yet again. LBV always is great. Watchtower was possilby the best i've ever seen...Stefan was going crazy on the intro. As encores, Waste and 40 were INSANE. IT was really solid. Billies ended a great evening.
Dave was well, Dave, tonight. A lot of crazy, jibberish babble, but you gotta love that. The balance between old songs and new songs was very solid, and got the crowd roaring. Satellite, was incredible as it always is, it can't be bad. Jimi Thing was a surprise and very much appreciated by all. Dave whipped out an awesome Recently, by throwing in an "On Broadway", intro which was great! #36 into Everyday and back to #36 was hot, and it was clear that Dave enjoyed it too. I was a "Fool to Think", since i thought it was Last Stop but was Fooled. Watchtower, awesome! Weird #40 but very thankful. All around great show (I give it an A).
Erik O.
DMB once again showed how much they love Giants stadium and all these great fans in the Tri-State area. I've seen DMB at a number of different venues in past years and again and again this place just has that feel. Tonights show showed this because the band was on. They really had a great time out there tonight. Starting off with Don't Drink the water was great. I am starting to miss the Before These Crowded Streets songs because they have been so much fun the past few years so seeing this definatly was nice. The last time I saw So right was in C'ville back in april and I commented that it didn't sound "so right"... In the past few months DMB really tightend up this song and now sounds great. Moving on through the set I was glad to see some older tunes fill the place up with energy. One song later I was hoping for was Mother Father and I was glad to finally get a chance to see it. I also finally had the chance to see Digging a Ditch and that also sounded great... Watchtower as always was powerful and fun to hear. The encores definately made it feel special. An extended #40 and waste were great to see Dave play solo. Tripping Billies was also something I have seen again and again but yet glad to see it on a night like this... 21 songs in all and from where I was sitting the crowd loved every single one of them. It was kind of hard to top an encore like last nights. I don't think I have ever seen anything like that in my life, but tonight was a great end to a "dry" show... Overall A+ performance by DMB... Can't wait to see what will come tommorrow night!
Erich W.
Honestly, although tonights show had a great setlist and they had some tight jams, i must say that I like last nights better. Some quick comments... High points were deffinatly Jimi Thing, which seemed to have a slightly different jam tonight, Recently, which is always good to hear, and the entire encore. I was so happy to hear a good full version of #40, and to hear Waste. Billies was intense beyond words, and a perfect closer.... but the lowpoints were the energy.... there were some songs that just didnt do it for me, i just wasnt feeling them and it really looked like the band wasnt feeling them either (Mother Father, DAD...). Overall the show was great and had me on my feet the whole time, but it wasnt as face melting as last nights. Im just hoping for #41 tomorrow, cause thats why I bought all three tickets for giants stadium ;)
Pete S.
Great setlist!!!! My tenth show overall (not that many in retrospect) and probably one of the best. My first time in Giants Stadium, and the crowd was great. DDTW was a great opener. All of the songs from the new album are definitely better live than in the studio. I was really glad to hear Recently again, and of course Dave added the "On Broadway" intro. The band was really solid; Boyd was great, but during Jimmy Thing, Leroi stole the show with his amazing solo. The encore was mellow to start with #40 and Waste. Tripping Billies was a great end to a very fun filled evening. My favorite memory from the show (other than the music) will probably end up being the entrance of the band. When Dave came out, he picked up a beach ball that had been thrown onto the stage, looked at the crowd and faked a throw at them and then threw it off the stage.Overall a great fast paced show with a few mellow songs to keep the energy level at a healthy pace.
David E.
Another very solid show from the boys at the Meadowlands, in New Jersey, not New York. Although you probably have to give the nod to the first night as being the better show, even without that amazing Two Step, this show was more than enjoyable from beginning to end. If people don't let themselves get too excited about the fact that DMB is in a position where they pretty much have to promote their new material, and can actually sit back and enjoy ALL the songs for what they are, not what personal favorite songs the boys didn't play you'll be able to experience so much more. I apologize for the little rant there, but that philosophy let me enjoy last night's show in a big way. Highlights had to be #36-Everyday-#36 and an itense Watchtower. The encore rivaled last night's, even without the rain and thunder...#40 was a good 3 minutes and was incredible as usual. How can anyone not enjoy a song where all you can do is stand there and smile at Dave? Waste is covered nicely by Dave too, and Billies was taken to another level for the closer. Speaking of covers, tonight's LBVeil was awesome. The Everyday songs are getting better live it seemes, but it still seems like something is missing. Look what DMB has done to Space Between and I Did It, there should be hope for the rest. Fool to Think shines live. By the way, who was on stage bothering Dave during Satellite? It looked like Macy Gray, but I'm not sure...anyone? See all of you tonight and tak
WOW!!! What an amazing show. DDTW the a great opener then So Right. Great everyday song to be in the begging of the show. Dave showed some power in Rhyme and Reason was really good. Sattelite was really good but mellowed the crowd. Highlights....SMTS-->Too much. Jimi THing ....WOW...Watchtower...Amazing..Boyd was on Fire...Then Trippin Billies. Ill see all you tonight 6/13 Giants stadium...Peace
Brian P.
I think anyone who sees this setlist can agree last night's show was the best of 2001 so far. Dave went way back and busted out classics like Satelite and Recently which sounded great and kept the crowd going all night. I was suprised they opened with DDTW and blown away when Ryhme & Reason came on followed by Satelite. The highlight of the show was So Much to Say --> Too Much, the boys nailed both songs and had the stadium rocking. Unfortunately, they played Long Black Veil and Mother Father directly after, my 2 least favorite Dave songs. But, he rebounded with a solid version of Space Between and a jamming version of Jimi Thing. Boyd had this crazy solo to the sound of a packed house screaming their heads off, it was the best version I've seen (7 times). Watchtower was also well done and it was nice to throw solo Dave into the encore (#40, Waste). Tripping was a fitting end to the night. Overall, a very good show with a lot of variety. DMB always puts on great shows at Giants Stadium and this one is right up there.
Roland P.
Weak. Really weak. Not happy about the $60 dollars plus $10 for parking I just blew. Never sustained a solid groove through the show. Anything that got the crowd up was met with Everyday songs that got everyone sitting down. For example So Much To Say ---> Too Much (I'm not even a huge fan of it, but was happy to hear anything that got pepole energized), people get up and are psyched to keep groovin' and have a kick ass night, but then concert cryptonite 'Long Black Veil' (people start to think about sitting), then 'Mother Father' (Everyone sits). It's just sad to think how much cool shit could happen but does not. I'm sorry but Everyday sucks. Why it was made and what it is for is cool and all, but playing Giants stadium means pulling out concert bombs not playing filler. The Everyday album is concert filler. It upsets me as to what this band has become, a one or two hit a night wonder. Last night Watchtower smoked but after I Did It, fucking Macy Gray might even sound good after that. There is no vibe at shows now. One randomn awesome song leads into bullshit, then back again and again. The crowd was not into it except for a few select moments. This is not because it was a bad crowd, it's because Dave is honestly losing it (it's hard for me to say also). Look at the upper deck, half full. Lower deck seated 75% of the time. Sometimes the truth hurts, and hopefully Dave will realize people are there to jam out. But he sure did not realize it last night. It's like watching a jukebox that a record executive programmed, solid playing and energy but no spontineity or suprises. All night my friends and I are like, "O.K. now the madness starts" only to be constantly dissapointed. Recently, O.K. here we go!!! On Broadway, Some People Do, extended jam, NOPE, On Broadway for two seconds with nothing else and no jam, so anti-climactic and lame. So sad they gotta cut down classics to make room for more filler. The sad truth about the Dave Matthews seen s that shows are now generic concert filler with one or two moments a night. Sad but true. Really sad but true. P.S. - A verse of 'Rain' was sung in the LIOG jam last night.
Evan J.
This was my very first DMB concert. I think I can safely say that it will also be the last. I was pretty psyched when $60 got us front row seats on the lower tier, but it turns out that a tent full of what I assume to be sound equipment obstructed three-fifths of the band including Dave. I do not know whether to blame DMB or Giants Stadium or both, but I think it was pretty inconsiderate. I think I have finally learned my lesson, the lesson being that giant venues are usually a waste of time, and I sadly do not see Dave playing to smaller houses anytime soon. Although, if he keeps making albums like Everyday, maybe he'll have no choice, because, I'm sorry, but this album pretty much sucks. I love every previous album and was sorry to hear mostly mediocre songs from them, with very noteable exception of Jimi Thing. Dave wasn't keeping the fans' attention but then, I found most of the fans seated around me to be incredibly rude and obnoxious, and most of them I wonder why they even came, they hardly glanced toward the (albeit obstructed) stage between going on beer runs and talking on their cell phones. What a waste of a night.
Tonight was a great show, compared to last night. DMB showed a lot of energy and it showed in there songs. They started off with DDTW, which proved to be a great opener. Then came So Right, my 2nd fav off the new album. Dave ripped it up on the electric guitar at the start of the song. Rhyme and Reason was great as always, even though Dave had some trouble with the lyrics. Nor could he get the 1st few chords down to the beginning of Satelitte. JTR was one of my favorites on the night, they look like they really enjoy playing this song. Long black veil and mother father were nice suprises, as was digging a ditch. Everyday was beyond greatness, and Jimi thing is awesome everytime they play it. What everybody wanted to know is why they would not jam out Recently, they played the standard version for 3 minutes and stopped. This was the worse part of the night. Watchtower blow the roof off, not very shocking. Then the encore of #40 was the longest version i ever heard dave do, it had to be 3 minutes long. Waste was sweet with some touching lyrics. Then tripping billies was pretty standard, but boyd did have an awesome jam. I would say this was a great show compared to last night, the only bad thing is the boys not jamming on Recently. Indeed, Indeed.
Brian M.
WOW!!! what an amazing show tonight, they started tonight where last night left off!!! They open up with DON'T DRINK THE WATER--he had so much emotion tonight including with this song.... You could really hear Stephan tonight, he is the MAN!!! then he goes into SO RIGHT--was waiting for this song cuz i loved this one as well, great live!!! then RHYME & REASON---really got the crowd going, he had so much emotion in this one as well, DAVE was on tonight, he was dancing away having the best time with US!!!! then he brought out the classic SATELLITE---WOW!!! next he came up with JTR--thought he would of done that last night due to the rain but he did it tonight, one of my fav's from the LILLYWHITE'S!!!! Next was WHEN THE WORLD ENDS--it doesn't matter how many times he does this, i love this song!!!! Then the combo of SO MUCH TO SAY INTO ANYONE SEEN THE BRIDGE INTO TOO MUCH-- i have heard this before but never actually seen it live, crowd was pumped especially for TOO MUCH everyone was singing!!!Then it was LONG BLACK VEIL---Carter did he little laugh and it was a bit loud and then Dave looked back and smiled and then i knew they were just into everything that was going on... Been waiting for this next song, it was MOTHER FATHER, don't care what anyone says that is such an awesome song live, everyone around me was sitting but i didn't care it was like dave was singing to me---thanks DAVE!!! Next was SPACE BETWEEN, did it better tonight then he did last night, just amazing!!!! then it was JIMI THING, everyone was like in their own little world with that one, BOYD ROCKED AND SO DID LEROI, you guys are amazing!!! then it was RECENTLY WITH ON BROADWAY INTRO, was a bit short but wanting to hear that anyway, i love that song!!!! Then since DAVE said it was a melody night he brought out a slow song called DIGGIN A DITCH, i have never seen this live and they met my expectations of it, i am really starting to love this song especially live... Then it was my highlight of the night, i have been waiting for this, it was EVERYDAY (#36),I can't believe i heard this live, thanks you so much GUYS!!! then it was FOOL TO THINK, third song he did last night but didn't care, tonight was more slower than last night so who cares!!!! Then it was the radio hit I DID IT, got the crowd pumped considering everyone was sitting down for FOOL TO THINK so it made the crowd come back so that was good... then it was ALL ALONG THE WATCHTOWER, the best version i have ever seen BOYD WENT NUTS!!!! had to wait until then for BOYD to go crazy and it was well worth the wait!!!! Onto the encore, called it again when Dave came by himself, wow!!!! he told us that we give him and the band the warmest welcome then any other city next to there hometown--THANKS DAVE FOR SAYING THAT--it was #40 (ALWAYS), MY ALL TIME FAVORITE DMB SONG and they did it WOW!!! just awesome and then he went right into WASTE, wanted to hear last night but tonight was just amazing, and then i called out TRIPPING BILLIES and then there it was, BOYD WENT NUTS AGAIN... AWESOME SETLIST AGAIN---AWESOME NIGHT, wow it was so amazing--see you guys all here tomorrow, can't wait to what they do tomorrow!!!!
WOW. 7th show for myself, second in a row, and 3rd of the tour. I cant say much cause my hands are tired from writing my 6/11 review, so ill run through why this show was amazing. DDTW, So Right, Rhyme to open the show, and the energy level was INSANE! Mother Father was great, especially the little Carlos intro Dave was messin with. Recently (bitch version, I know) still rocked, and Ditch was great for the first time heard by me. God, Space was great again as was Fool. LBV was amazing, Jimi was great and even Satellite was impressive. The entire show was great: 18 songs plus a 3 song encore=21 songs, which is unheard of. Anyway, Wachtower, 40, Waste and Billies as the last 4 songs of the night was crazy. The energy of Watchtower was again unreal, then Dave brings it down w/ only the second #40 of the tour and then Waste. If anyone noticed, Dave added a verse to 40, instead of the regular verse, chorus version. This made the song about 3 minutes or so, maybe even 4. And nothing in the world can top Dave solo on stage screaming "Aaaallllllwaaaaaaayyyyys". I was almost brought to tears, such emotion. And then Watse was great and Billies was just insane. I cant believe this band sometimes, I really cant. Anyway, my best 2 shows ever have been the last 2 nights, and hopefully tonight makes 3 :) Im out in 3 hours, PEACE!
Jimmy M.
It was another great day in Jersey. Cloudy and windy in the lots, but again perfect temperature for tailgating. I moved to the "California" lot for last night and regretted it because of the "endless tunnel of death" that I would have to gasp all the way through- it was even worse after the show.... never again. Maybe it was just me but the crowd last night seemed younger and more abercrombie-ish than night one's crowd- detracted only slightly from the show. Last night I was again in section 130 but this time I found myself in row 7 right on the closer aisle- great seats! I had been wanting to hear "Don't Drink the Water" all the way through night one and was almost confused by having it as an opener- happy to hear it but wishing it was later in the set. "So Right" was not special- I still think it is a cheesy song. "Rhyme and Reason" had perfect placement and was wonderful to hear- I am always up for the "darker" DMB tunes and this one always howls. "Satellite," "JTR," and "When the World Ends" were all standard. The "JTR" outro was fun, but I have seen far better. I think the band must really love "WTWE." I really enjoyed all of "So Much to Say"-->"Anyone Seen the Bridge"-->"Too Much" almost unexpectably. "ASTB" absolutely blazed as usual- but the whole thing was suprisingly great for normal radio hits. "Long Black Veil" was great to hear, because it has been a while for me, but the lovely ladies went on a little too long. "Mother Father" was downright wierd- I didn't really know where the band was going with it- especially with the lovely ladies part in it (their part was so strange I was intrigued and enjoyed it!). "The Space Between" was good, but two nights in a row?? "Jimi Thing" was pretty crazy- I don't think of that song as the launching pad for the extended jam that we saw last night. Everyone got a part of the action- Boyd has two solos instead of the usual one and really got the song going, Leroi had a really long solo that Dave just loved (as did I), we even saw a rare Dave guitar solo. Then they kept the energy going with "Recently"- a great version which included the "On Broadway" intro- no one seemed to appreciate that NYC tribute like I did though- not as good as the MSG "Recently" from December- but solid and a classic. I loved "Digging a Ditch"- a nice slow gentle groove. "36/Everyday" was fun- seems to be the theme music to this tour but everyone, including me, got into it. "Fool to Think"- two nights in a row- give me a break- you can do that with a growing song like "Busted Stuff (ie meadows last year)- but not with "Fool to Think." (and yes the band should do whatever I want them to) God damnit, I really liked "I Did It"- how they made that crappy song really enjoyable is beyond me. "Watchtower" was standard- aka fabulous and exciting. Encore was good- a nice, long "#40" and a really gorgeous "Waste." Then a solid "Tripping Billies" to close it all. The show was good, but night one was better (better crowd, better energy, UNBEATABLE finish). Although Dave seemed more into it last night. Looking forward to tonight (night 3) when I will be on the floor in section 5 (first time on the floor at giants). See ya'll there- I think it will be a special one...
Rob H.
Decent concert - If you showed me this setlist and the one from the night before, I probably would have opted for this one, but I would have been mistaken - They had great energy once again, but they showed how difficult it'll be to ever top Two Step from the first night. Not a let-down, but it was a far cry from Monday, too. It was nice that they varied from the first night's setlist, though.
Dov I.
Last nights second show of the three at Giants Stadium was truely a wonderful experience however was not compareable to monday nights performance. The band came out with Dont Drink The Water to get things started and worked through a very diverse set of great songs. Jimi Thing with the very long Jam towards the end was just amazing (Not as amazing as the Lie in Our Graves the night before) Things started to get slow and most of the fans started to sit down until Dave played watchtower which was just amazing. Tripping Billies is always great to hear and a wonderful way to close the night. Lets see how things are tonight for the last show of this 3 show week.
Bob G.
What a great show! The boys started off hard with "Don't Drink the Water," then "So Right," and I knew they would be firing on all four cylinders thoughout the evening. I was concerned about hearing a couple of the tracks from 'Everyday,' but one of my least favorites, "Mother Father," was very good live. The "Everyday (#36)" was as great as people described here before. The highlight was easily their extra-hard version of "Watchtower" - the hardest I've ever heard them play it. "I Did The guys were having the best time I've ever seen them play: 3 shows and counting. Boyd had a huge smile on his face doing his "Jimi Thing" solos. Never a dull moment! I hope to be at the Saratoga show(s), see ya then!
Linda A.
Okay, this is our third DMB concert. We love DMB. We hate I did it. DDTW was a crowd pleaser, but not high on the real fan list.. So Right was really good. Rhyme and Reason was amazing, but Satellite isn't among our favorites, no offense. Would it kill him to play After Her once? JTR is ok, not our favorite off Lilywhite. He should just put it on some cd somewhere so people will know it. WTWE is one of the better songs off Everyday, and is damned good live. SMTS-->ASTB-->Too Much is always kickass. LBV is a nice song when you're not in a crowd of 50,000. Mother, Father should not be played live, especially when it sounds like he just MIGHT start playing TYPICAL. The Space Between is actually a good radio and live song. Not too many songs (besides Crash) make that list. Jimi Thing rocked, gave the crowd some life. Recently was good, until he forgot to play the whole intro. Digging a Ditch would be a lot better if people would shut up during it. When he says "this is a quiet song", people should shut the fuck up. Everyday with #36 was good, but truthfully, i like Everyday attached to #41 a hell of a lot better.. A Fool To Think was also too quiet to hear.. and i dont like it anyways.. I did it, i demanded the people around me sit down in protest of Dave's worst song ever, played for the second night IN A ROW. All Along the Watchtower fuckin redeemed the whole night, it was an amazing ender, got the crowd back. #40 was great, but he missed a few lyrics, Waste was a treat for those Phish fans out there, and Tripping Billies was a great 3rd encore, dont get me wrong, but still a disappointment when youre expecting #41.. WAS THAT MACY GRAY ON STAGE DURING SATELLITE? WTF. yeah she should never open for anyone ever.
Daniel H.
mad props to section 1A rows 10-12!! Great vibe, great crowd- we cleared our chairs away and made a big open space so that everyone could be dancin and chillin. The setlist, as yall probably read already was long and great. #40 was a huge treat. I have to say that I understand the need for tightened security after RFK, but these dudes definitely got really annoying after a while- totally anal security guards in everyones face. It was my tenth show, and ive see dave do watchtower with santana, warren haynes, and neil young, and it think that tonights watchtower was more intense than any other time. Dave came on early, ended late, Boyd and leroi tore it up, it was 90 degrees, and the crowd was totally chill. Who could want a better night. peace yall.
Jeffrey P.
Folks i must say i have seen dave a few times but this was one of the best concerts i have ever been at.Coming out with Dont Drink the Water got me and the rest of the crowd ready for an awesome show.I wish he would have jammed out some newer songs longer but the show was overall an awesome show.Watchtower at the end had me pumped and was perfect to end the set.I enjoyed him coming out to play #40 as the encore followed by an excellent version of waste.Then he went out with a bang with Tripping Billies as Dave,Carter,and Boyd jammed out the epic song.
Mike Z.
OK, OK....So us crazy Canadians decided to stay for the second of the 3 giant stadium shows. Obviously nothing on earth can compare to what we witnessed last night with that amazing lightning storm during Two Step (my all time favorite song). So the boys came on at 8:15 and opened with a solid DDTW. I was hoping for One Sweet World but it's all good. I must say however that the fans in our section (125) were weak as hell. Everyone sat down during most of the show and only got up for radio songs such as SMTS, Too Much and Satellite (which I could have done without). My three friends and I who drove in from 7 hours away (Montreal) did not sit for one second of the entire 2 hours and 30 minutes. Some highlights from the show were as followed. 36 into everyday was amazing and the lovely ladies did an incredible job in long black veil. The jam in Jimi Thing allowed Boyd, Leroi and Dave to lay down their respective solos and JTR was a song that i wished he would have played last night because of the "Rain Down On Me" part. People sitting around me were so impressed by my DMB setlist predictions. I play most DMB songs on the guitar so I can sorta tell what Dave'll play next just by looking at his fingers on his gui-tar. I called about 11 out of 21 songs before they were actually played...I guess it's a magical talent I possess. We were praying for Ants the entire night but knew that Dave would play it tomorrow night, which was a bit of a loss. All in all however, Dave put on a terrific show and what I liked even more was that there were only 4 repeated songs from the previous show on the 11th. #40!! AMAZING. I knew he'd play Waste since he came out for the encore by himself but he surprised us all with a sweet version of #40 before it. Tripping Billies: a very good concert ender, which left us with great memories of our DMB adventure. Hope to see Y'all again in Montreal in August.
Mary D.
I'm really surprised to hear so many positive reviews. I've been to a number of Dave concerts, all of them amazing, but I have to say that I was really disappointed with the show. It was weak and lacking in energy. His concerts are typically so good because his jams are so awesome and spontaneous. But at this one, People were sitting for most songs. The only times they got really excited was for Jimi Thing, Watchtower, and Tripping Billies. Definately not worth $60.I hope Dave took notice that the audience really only responded to his older stuff.
Tonight had a better setlist than last night I thought. I happy to hear DDTW as the opener, I thought it had set the mood for the full audience's attention. So Right was good. R&R was a shocker. Out of my 7 DMB concerts that was the first I've heard it live. Satellite was a great filler. My favorite song was played, JTR. I love that song! It sounded awesome. WTWE was nice I heard it the night before so it wasn't that big of a surprise. SMTS into TM was sooooo good. LBV was of my favorites I like the little part the ladies sang, different from last years. MF I didn't hear much of cause i moved my seat since there was no energy by us. TSB was nice wasn't the same with out the rain. JT was good. Recently was great I love that song. DAD was nice to hear. Everyday definitely the high light of the night! Fool to think was good. I don't like I did it but tonight I think changed my feelings on that song. Watchtower second highlight of the night. Always a favorite of mine. The Encore was definitely AWESOME! One of my favorite concerts I think.
Joe Z.
This was my 2nd Dave show overall, and I must say was a spectacular one. When Dave started off with Dont Drink the Water, i was shocked. I had a feeling the show was going to rocking the whole way through. So Right, which is my favorite song from the new album was just great to finally hear live. The show was not mellow at all. Rhyme and Reason, Satilite, and Too Much were just great and booming. I was standing up throughout the whole show. Jimi Thing was well appriciated by the crowd as well. When dave entered the first mellow songs of the night, mother father and space between, i think the crowd needed a break, and what they got was a great resting period. Two more songs that i love from the new album hearing live was great. Getting into the end of the show with Watchtower was unbelievable. At my show last summer, i saw dave come back on the encore with Watchtower, and i must say Tuesday he was more on the money than the first time i had heard it. There was more energy and more crowd appriciation. When dave came back with Waste i almost didnt believe what i was hearing. His Phish songs make his concerts so much different than everyone else's. And finally, what can i say about Tripping Billies. My favorite dave song, and a stupendous rendition of it. Best setlist of the nights at Giants. Great concert overall.
Im just gonna touch on a few highlights and bad points on the show cuz most of you got the gist of it. Guys Im sorry, DDTW is a great great song, but not a concert opener. The energy had been lost from the opening song. I dont remmeber who was commenting up top about the rhythm of the show getting thrown off...it happened cuz of the opener. .. and if hes gonna take off one song from BTCS, make sure its not that one. if he opened with the Stone, it would have been a completely different show. ok point number 2, macy gray sucks...ahh before i forget, i really dislike the lovely ladies...ive seen dave 11 times. but this time they knew what they were doing. Long Black Veil, Everyday def. clinched the show. Mother Father suks...most disappointing song on the album, and had the crowd sitting. Otherwise the concert was good; but the crowd was terrible. listen during a dave concert you do not sit down, dont care what song it is...even mother father, especially if ur on the floor...ur ass better be off the seat. k enough about concert etiquette, it was pretty solid. I was really impressed iwth teh setlist on the 13th, but this was great too... i mean #40?!/ thats a step under blue water. wish he played for lillywhite sessions as well....ah well, hartford is only a month and change away. see y'all there.