Dave Matthews Band
Giants Stadium, East Rutherford, New Jersey
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band: Angelique Kidjo / Macy Gray

Warehouse * (Stop-time Intro)
#41 (Everyday)
Crash Into Me (Dixie Chicken)
When The World Ends *
Angel *+
Angel from Montgomery
What You Are *
Crush *
One Sweet World (Instrumental Intro)
I Did It *+
If I Had It All *+
Seek Up *
The Space Between *+
Grey Street *
Stay *+
Ants Marching

* Butch Taylor on keys
+ Tawatha, Cindy & Brenda
^ Dave solo

Jeremy S.
This was my third show and my best one of all, a little commercial but I felt i had more of a field day than the annoying no-fan 13 year old girls. Warehouse-->2nd time I've heard it as an opener, not bad. #41-->eh, getting kind of sick of it, heard it all 3 times, only good with the Flecktones anyway, Crash-->watned to die, When the World Ends-->worked great acoustic and a nice short song to throw in, Angel-->unnecessarily long 13 minutes with the Lovely Ladies destroying it completely, Angel From Montgomery-->the better of the 2 Angels, this is where the set started to get 100 times better, i thought it was funny how the fans were really confused when Boyd started singing, What You Are-->coolest song of the night, lighting was amazing, Crush-->always good, solid outro despite absence of electric guitar, One Sweet World-->first time i've heard it live,can't complain, I Did It-->1st time i've ever left the concert area, went to get a soda and go to the bathroom, If I Had it All--> INCREDIBLE, best song of the new album by far, Seek Up-->WOW, this was unexpected, I love this song(even though the commercial morons had no idea what it was), Space Between-->YAWN, GREY STREET-->I WAS THE HAPPIEST MAN ALIVE TO HEAR THIS, ask anyone sitting near me, i was calling for it all night, he changed the words a bit from last year but still incredible lyrics, a great tune, and best of all, nobody new what is was so i only had to hear dave sing it as opposed to the annoying pre-teen girls sitting in back of me, Stay-->surprisingly, I enjoyed this as a closer, proabably because i was still recovering from Grey Street, Encore--> 1 Song, what the hell, terrible, Ants Marching, ineviatable but i was hoping that they'd at least throw in a grace is gone or #40 before they put in the crowd pleaser. Can't wait till the winter tour
Erik O.
Night 3 of Giants was a night filled with great Jams both new and old... I felt like I was at 1999 show for a little while there with Warehouse, #41, Crash into me, Seek Up, OSW, Crush, Angel from Mont. and a strong Ants Encore... Just looking at these songs says enough. We got some great Jams. It was a nice change from seeing all the Everyday songs show after show. In my opinion it was a great end to a great few days of music for me. I mean sure it didn't compare with the Thundering Two Step of the first night or the 21 song setlist last night, but tonight the band was tight and it just felt good to be there. Overall I think I counted something like 47 songs or so... It was definately a great few days for me and everyone who stayed all three nights for these shows. As I have said in past reviews... Giants Stadium may be the biggest place the band plays now, but it's also the best in my opinion. Over all tonights performance was a A+ showing by the band and the week in general was a A++... I'm looking foreward to Camden and Hershey yet so we'll see how those setlists shape up with these. If the band plays as good as they have been, the rest of the tour should turn out to be one of their best!
Brian M.
This has been the BEST 3 nights of my life and the third night i was disappointed---thanks guys!!!! They start off with WAREHOUSE---kicked butt, an awesome start to an awesome night. Then goes into #41 with EVERYDAY outro---wow i love that song especially the way they did the outro to it, just AMAZING!!!! Then it was the classic hit CRASH---GREAT SONG at a great time---3rd night was great to hear... Then there was ANGEL---the LOVELY LADIES sang to band again as they did the first night i am so glad they played it again. Then DAVE played ANGEL FROM MONTGOMERY--never saw this live and what a treat---BOYD rocked the first two verses and then DAVE played the rest, just wow they pulled that out of nowhere---thank you so much for that... WHAT YOU ARE---i really love that song, it has so much meaning for me right now---WOW!!!! then it was the song i have been waiting forever to see live and it was CRUSH OH MY GOD that is where i lost my voice cuz that song is just AMAZING and the guys did not let me down and BOYD was jammin with that song and CARTER was smiling through the whole show including this song.... this next song i really didn't think they would do, ONE SWEET WORLD with the instrumental intro--- i am so glad they did this song, i just love it everytime i hear it....Then the radio hit which every night he has done the crowd gets more and more into it---I DID IT!!Then he plays IF I HAD IT ALL--- GREAT SONG i am really liking this song. Then he pulls out this like 15 min version of SEEK UP and it was the first time i saw this live and LEROI was rockin during the whole song---much respect to him and the whole band, great job guys!!! Then the popular song of SPACE BETWEEN--gets better and better everytime i hear it and he played it all 3 nights---loving it!!!! This next song i wanted to especially hear tonight and again they didn't disappoint me it was GREY STREET---oh my god great song off the LILLYWHITES---thanks guys alot. Then the popular end to the first set was STAY---everyone was singing to this great ending... Then the encore, alot of people were disappointed about only being one song but if it had to be one song it was the best song to play, ANTS MARCHING, BOYD went absolutely nuts and even though they only played one song it was the best way to go out of GIANTS STADIUM---on a personal note---THANK YOU DMB FOR THE BEST 3 NIGHTS OF MY LIFE WILL NEVER FORGET IT--- good luck on the rest of the tour---to everyone else DAVE MATTHEWS BAND is the best band ever and i'm out!!!!!!!
What a show to end Giants Stadium of 2001. The first night I must say had the most energy but this show most definitely had the best set. Not a long set, but almost all of the songs were jammed out to an extent. The 2nd night was by far my one of my greatest nights ever. My friend and I went back stage and we got to chill wit Dave. Talked to him about SNL and Space Between and all that. Then talked to Butch who was a rather nice guy. Carter was the man though. We took a peak at the setlist Carter had in his hand and when we went back to 12th Row and told people "we though" DDTW was the opener they denied us. But ya'll should I have seen there faces when DDTW did come on. Since I am drummer, Carter gave me a little hug "drummer to drummer." -Good night though. Anyways, on 6/12 - Warehouse for the opener couldn't have started up the energy any better. #41 was solid as usual and the Everyday outro kickd some serious stuff. Crash was cool. I saw some girl cryin as Dave played the firt note. WTWE and Angel were solid as usual. The big surprise of then night was Angel from Montgomery. I couldn't of asked for a better cover on the 3rd night. What You Are was great of course and Crush was a great surprise w/ its unbelievable jam. Seek Up was another great surprise, and Grey Street was unreal. When I talked to Carter, my friend and I told him that we hadn't seen GS yet and Carter said "No way, Grey Street is one of my faves to play!" Never would have guessed. And Stay had some serious positive vibes to it. It got the croud ready for Ants. Now I am a person who had to go to 8 shows just to see Ants once. When they hit that first note . . . it was crazy and lets just leave it that.
Rob F.
WHAT A SHOW... wow. WAREHOUSE was an awesome opener. Stop time intros, and the "woos" were pretty loud. 41 was nice to hear. Roi and Boyd were all over this one. Everyday outro was really popular with the crowd. CRASH got the crowd really going. It was nice and early in the set. People went bezerk after hearing Dixie Chicken. Only the second time played this tour! WTWE was cool. The video screens played a shot of the Earth burning during the choruses. The lights also shined red, orange and yellow. Lots of cheering for "we'll be burnin' one." ANGEL was incredible. The new outro is awesome, and really makes this song nice to hear. The Ladies sang out the boys names, followed by a little solo from Butch. Stefan was doing a great job on the bass as usual... It was really long, very nice to hear. Next was ANGEL FROM MONTGOMERY... this was amazing. Two angels in a row... We knew what it was as Dave started strumming, and then Boyd starts, "I am an old woman..." Infuckingcredible. WHAT YOU ARE was damn good, with them going back into the bridge for some extended play. The lights were kicking some major ass. CRUSH, CRUSH, CRUSH. Damn. Great version, with Boyd ripping it up. Carter went crazy, and it was a great jam. Next we were treated to ONE SWEET WORLD. First time this has been mid-set in a while. My two friends and I had an opener contest, me with 41, my friend going with Warehouse, and my other friend saying Seek Up. All 3 were played, which was really cool. OSW had a nice long instrumental intro, and Dave was dancing all along the song. Now the Everyday songs came out. I Did It is surprisingly awesome. So much energy, and the ladies are great on this... If I Had It All was one that I really was looking forward to. It lived up to expectations, and was very awesome. Then, out of Left Field comes SEEK UP!! Holy shit. So, so awesome. Really long jam to open it up, and "sometimes I feel like I'm fa-alling." Nice choruses, with Boyd and Roi echoing Dave. Also, a nice jam at the end featuring Carter. Stefan also kicked some ass here. Another Everyday tune I'd been looking forward to, SPACE BETWEEN, came up. It's really improved with help from Butch and the ladies. The crowd loved this one. Then Dave picks up the 12-string, and I called out GREY STREET. I'd been hoping for this one... Dave comes up to the mic... "this is a song called Grey Street." Incredible version with lively jamming. I'm still yet to figure out what Dave is mumbling, but it was really cool. Next up was STAY. It's been a little over-played this tour, but I think it's an awesome closer. The crowd was so energetic for this one. Awesome. Encore: ANTS. Well... one song encore... but if it had to be one song, Ants would be it. The boys got on stage and talked for a while, and the Carter it the snare. The crowd was loving it. Boyd was awesome as usual. Overall, an incredible show. Later.-Rob
Lance B.
Well, I just got back from tonite's show and I must say I was very pleasantly surprised. Obviously the intensity couldn't be like the first night (2 step), but then again,that night wasn't so great-everyone is overrating that night because of the storm, which was cool (NOT AMAZING THOUGH) Anyways, tonite was a tour-de force setlist from dave and the boys. I mean, this was my 32nd show and I cant remember the last time I got a combo of warehouse,41,seek up, crush,osw and grey street. All that was missing was a scat intro minarets that I haven't seen since MSG in 98. I really loved the list, obviously the crowd wasn't too hot tonite, but then again-it is Giants Stadium. Tonite was definitely a solid solid show for dave veterans and I only hope we see more of the same in Foxboro and Camden. Look for me-I'll have a big Dreaming Tree sign. Have a great tour everyone.
Chrs D.
I must say to a very large extent I am very dissapointed. Before I start my review thoughi have to say something about this crowd tonight. In the general area that i was sitting in NO ONE was singing, dancing, or even standing up. I really dont see the point of paying 60 dollars to sit there and talk with your friends. Anyway on to the high points and the more numerous low points. First off the acoustics in Giants Stadium are horrendous. When i can hear the people two rows above me having a quiet conversation over the music you know theres a problem. I couldnt hear a word Dave was saying. OK- Warehouse a great opener and a bit of a surprise for me. Done very well though. #41 great as always and luckily even if they tried to make that song sound ad it just wouldnt work. Then came the Everyday stuff. Was there really any need to drag Angel on that long with those awful Ladies? I Did It has to be the worst song ever written in the history of popular music. When i heard theopening chords of what you are i was excited as its my favorite song on the new record. BIG DISSAPONTMENT. The Everyday stuff just does not sound good live, with the exception of The Space Between, which was done really well and sounds beautiful with the whole piano thing. Angel From Montgomery was a big surprise and was glad to hear it. Now contrast the Everyday songs with the amazing Grey Street (which even though the 15 year olds in attendence didnt know still had the crowd roaring) and tell me which one of those records the should have released. The two personal favorites of the evening were One Sweet World and Seek Up. I was pleasntly surpised to hear both of them and they were done very well. And finally why only one song for the encore? Ants is always great but i was hoping for watchtower or two step along with it. I suppose the band is tired but i dont know. All in all it was a relatively mediocre night.
Chad F.
Tonight's show was short but sweet. The 16 song setlist is quite deceiving, as many of the tracks really stood out compared to last night's performance. The building was empty, with probably prompted the band to chill and do what they wanted to with the time it had. Crush was great, but I still can't figure out why it's taken so long for the boys to play this one - nice jam, crowd favorite, excellent rendition. The Everyday stuff was pretty standard, especially having heard them all in the last few shows. Seek Up was wonderful, and the band really kicked it into overdrive on this tune. I'll admit the encore was a little weak, as I expected at least a Grace is Gone or Diggin' A Ditch before Ants was played. It's been quite a while since I've seen a one song encore, but I'm not really complaining - it was great. Dave really seemed to be having a good time tonight tho, dancing and making his usual quotes about New York and the Tri-State Area. The show was a great way to end the band's stay in NYC. Until Foxboro...
Steve H.
Ok. You'd pretty much have to have a serious hearing disability to not like that show. Simply extrOADinary! Starting out with another insane opening (re: previous night) with a Warehouse, #41, Crash triumverate of auditory bliss, and a Whuut?? Phat!! Angel From Montgomery. Nicely played What You Are and then more treats with Crush and One Sweet World. First time on the tour they played Crush and it was worth the wait(plus a day or two if it came to that), and One Sweet World it was. Silencing critics and appeasing the hopeful, the band played a really solid If I had it all (for the second time in a fortnight) and The Space Between. It seems the newer songs are coming together nicely live, with a few exceptions, which were. On the interval [IfIHadItAll, TSB], another great tune wandered in from recent obscurity and practically everyone had big monsters fighting wars for them. Then the PA came on paging Mr. Lillywhite and the band busted into a rendition of Grey Street reminiscient of last year. Dave then asked us to Stay, and the audience made it very clear we had no plans on going anywhere, followed by an Ants Encore. The Setlist was near perfect(who'd want it to be for then we'd have nothing to go on for), the new songs played as though they were old, and the jams were aplenty. Boyd had some amazing jams several times, Dave had his moodmeter on extra spicy all night, Carter had an all night fiesta in Drum Town; The entire show was like one big jam! Overall I'd have to say this was the strongest night of the three, but nothing in any of these or any other shows I've heard could compare to Monday night's Two Step explosion which was about a light-year beyond special. Thank you DMB, see ya at Tweeter...
Dickie B.
I've been to over twenty shows since '95 and I must say that the third and final show at Giants Stadium was solid....nothing more and nothing less. It was good to hear Warehouse, 41, and OSW. The new stuff has some potential but he didn't do much with it except for Angel...in which the lovely ladies drag out the song a few minutes too long. Pleasantly surprised with a sick crush last night....boyd and leroi were on the whole night. A little dissapointed with a one song encore. Maybe if Dave would stop stalling in between songs he could have stuck in another song at the end....but I knew once the clock struck 10:45 he would pack it in. 60$ for a ticket is ridiculous....maybe since the upper deck was completly empty dave will realize that either he shouldnt be playing three nights at Giants Stadium or that he must lower his prices. Hopefully he'll do both.
Tom S.
The show was absolutely great! "Warehouse" is the best song that Dave opens with. A lot of the jams were great and "Crush" was awesome. It was funny to see all the radio Dave fans sit down when the intro to "One Sweet World" began. They had no clue what was going on. I don't care too much for "I Did It", but it started with such energy that I enjoyed it a lot. "Seek Up" and "Grey Street" were such powerful songs that maybe they should have played them more in the middle of the set. "Ants Marching", unreal. The stadium was so loud that you could hardly hear Dave singing. I really enjoyed the show a lot and I hope that they play the rest of their shows with the same energy.
Kurt A.
A lot of people wonder why anyone would attend all three nights at Giants Stadium, and the answer is simple: all three concerts bring something different to the table. The first night, with a sold out house and a lot of reviewers on hand, showed a more tight setlist with eight Everyday songs, a more composed Dave, and of course, the historical "Two Step" experience that threw the "composed" book out of the window. The second night was a marathon, 21 songs in all, some done so quickly if you went to the bathroom you missed two instead of just one song. The final night, however, was something to remember: with a smaller crowd, the band shrunk its setlist to 16 and did what is arguably the most jamming they've done all tour. So let's go through the 15 song set and 1 song encore briefly: Warehouse (Stop-Time Intro) - I think you knew here it would be a special concert, and you knew Dave was in a much better mood as he was dancing around the stage from the get-go. #41 (Everyday outro)- Wow. Whereas last night Dave did nine songs in the first hour, the first two songs took 20 minutes. Great LeRoi solo here, and the crowd took a while, but finally picked up on the outro. Crash Into Me (Dixie Chicken outro) - well, they had to play it one night. And at least he throws in Dixie Chicken. That's always special. When The World Ends - he played this every night, and he finally played it at the right part of the setlist. It's not a good opener, it's good right here after a couple big ones and a big radio song, to get the energy up after Crash. Angel- Angel is getting more and more solid live with each performance, and the outro with the ladies soloing may be a bit long, but if you pay a little more attention, they're introducing each member of the band ("Mr. Piano Man" etc.) Even Dave got in on the action: "I'm lookin for an angel" Angel From Montgomery - Another sign we had a special concert on our hands. Boyd sings beautifully here. What You Are - This may be the most solid Everyday song done live. Its intensity is reminiscent of Halloween and Dont Drink The Water. It'll be one of those songs he'll play long after this tour is over. Crush - Everybody was asking for it, and Dave delivered. First of the tour. Stefan at the beginning is incredible, and Carter is really tight at the end, and hopefully they'll be more acquainted with it now. One Sweet World - Expecting another short Everyday song here, Dave went way back in time to this one, doing the traditional jam at the beginning, then playing it out for a good amount of time. At this juncture, while some of the crowd is in heaven, some is just not thrilled ("where's I Did It?," the guy behind me asks). I Did It - Well, there you go, with the ladies doing "I told you, I told you I did" and all. It's much better live than in the studio, the riff at the beginning comes across much better. If I Had It All - "Everyday" songs come in twos usually, and so here you go. This one's another solid one live. He stayed away from the less polished ones tonight such as Fool To Think and Mother Father. Seek Up - I thought it was a joke. First Seek Up of the tour. Right in the middle of the set. Another long one. At the end, Dave gave some props to Carter and Stefan. Well-deserved. The Space Between - Everybody's up, swaying, lighters on, crying, you get the picture. Grey Street - "This song's called Grey Street." Finally, a Lillywhite! The first and only of the night, the one they hadnt played yet at Giants Stadium, and boy was it memorable. It's cool that he never has solid lyrics for the song, a la Granny, makes each experience unique. Stay - Well, we hadnt gotten it all week, and usually he either ends a set or even a show with this, and so he did here. It was a long one, and even though everyone criticizes the ladies, blah blah blah they're annoying, the crowd there at least just loves it when they go through their routine at the end. Encore: Ants Marching - the only negative obviously was that it was a one song encore, and believe it or not, people were either pissed off or expecting them to play another, but, come on people, it's Ants! Enjoy it! When the whole band came out at first, I had a feeling they'd go right into it. They've been there three nights, Dave's voice is tired as heck, so he probably didnt want to try to carry an acoustic solo. A perfect way to end the set, a perfect way to end the night, 16 songs in all. Last year, the third night was an amazing setlist too, so in the future, if you have to choose one night of three, always pick the third. Setlist wise, I'd give the show a 10 out of 10, but energy wise, I'd give it more towards an 8.5-9 just because it wasnt a packed house like Monday and the new crowd tends to get bored during jams. Finally, I wanted to dedicate my concert experience to my best friend because she was unable to attend last night, and Dave played our song nonetheless (hiya sunshine.)
Dov S.
This one tops them all!!! From the moment Dave walked onto the stage tonight we all felt that this show was going to be different than the first two. Maybe Dave wanted to give his loyal fans a great show for sticking with him for three nights or maybe he was just in the mood to let loose tonight but for whatever reason it was, All the best songs were played tonight, from the opening with Warehouse and going into #41 with tunes from Everyday. To crash and the always popular Crush which took mostly everybody by surprise being that they have not played it once on the current tour before tonight. Tonights set list was for sure the best bunch of music i have ever heard at any DMB concert and what a way to end it with Ants Marching
Mike D.
My fourth DMB show in the last 4 years, my 3rd in less than a year. I have to say that this show does not compare to the 12/13 show last year at the Garden. But it does at least equal last year's 7/12 show at Giants. The evening started out strong with Warehouse and #41. The crowd was really into it during Crash. The energy definitely was lost during the next two tracks, When The World Ends and Angel. I had heard great things about the Angel jam at the end, but it really was very average and did nothing for me. However, the next 3 songs were flawless. Angel From Montgomery lost most of the crowd (which by the way was horrible... sat down during any song that wasn't a radio hit) but was a highlight for devoted fans. What You Are is not only the best song off of Everyday, but it is one of the band's best ever. Crush- enough said. Great job on keys by Butch. OSW was standard. I Did It and If I Had It All were both very similar to the CD, I really did not like IIHIA. Seek Up was very good, got the crowd back into it. The place went nuts during Space Between. Grey Street and Stay were excellent. I was hoping for Grace is Gone before Ants, but it wasn't played. Ants had tons of energy but again did not compare to the 12/13 version with Warren Haynes at the Garden. Worst song: If I Had It All; Best song(s)- Crush, What You Are, Seek Up, Angel From Montgomery.
Zach M.
Well I'm not going to write a long review like I did for the 11th. All I'm going to say is that it was a pumpin show with a pumpin setlist. Seek up was fantastic and crush was such a gift. Nothing could coupld match the energy of two step on monday night but with the setlist from tonight the boys came close. Stephan sounded good tonight and so did Dave. Boyd was not very present as except for ants marching he didn't have any real long "Boyd solos". Roi sounded sweet and had a nice intro to OSW ands Seek up. A solid solid show with one of the best setlists all year long. Thanks DMB for finishing it out strong and making night three's set top all the rest.
Jimmy M.
This was another strong show for the band. Another cloudy, windy day at Giants Stadium to end the band's amazing, diverse run. Everyone had predictions of what would be played tonight- with the band having nearly exhausted the normal hits on Monday and Tuesday. I was suprised by how many people showed up for the third show- having barely sold out the 100s, I'm pretty sure they sold out the 200s in the last few days (maybe people who were there for Monday's "Two Step" and were begging for more...), there were even a few people up in the 300s. I was fortunate enough to get in the 14th row of section 5 on the floor, where there was a great view of the stage, but more confusion. I definetely enjoyed my time in 130 on nights one and two- appreciating the lack of floor security, confunsion, and sometimes rudeness. The show did seem to have less of the pure energy from the crowd and band epitomized by night one- but there was a really cool chill vibe that made for an interesting show. The band came on with an always welcome "Warehouse" opener- although I have definetely seen far better versions. Many had called that Giants was due for "#41" and we got it, complete with the "Everyday" outro- a solid version. I had called that they would either play "Crash" or "Crush" and got the first with a great "Crash" with the "Dixie Chicken" outro again- this song is actually (finally) a rarity (#2 on this tour) and I was happy to hear it, again very chill version. "When the World Ends"- OK, I'm starting to think that the band has some sort of deal/joke on who will be the first member to get so sick of this song that they refuse to play it.... every show this tour has included it- and it is a great song live. (When this song ends...) Then the band kept it chill with their arsenal of "Angels." "Angel" was decent with that slow, long outro from the ladies. "Angel from Montgomery" was a real treat for me- my first and I love the song- sounded great. "What You Are" was decent- again, no blazes being set today. "Crush"- oh yeah!! I heard it the only time they played it the last tour and this was the first time on this tour- everyone loves this song and it was great to hear it again- a real treat #2. "One Sweet World" sounded really good as well and was a pleasure to hear- very well placed in the set. Finally I had the pleasure of feeling sick of this fourth "I Did It" in this tour for me- still not that bad though. "If I had It All" had very little to offer- standardly weak. "Seek Up"- this was my one prediction for the show that I felt very unsure about and was thrilled to hear, always a great song and it fit perfectly with the vibe of the night- very, very cool and of course- seemingly endless. "The Space Between"- sick of it- was moving the first night in the encore spot but by now it wasn't doing anything for me (I know that is wierd tense usage- but you know what I mean). "Grey Street"- great to hear, but still lacking the energy from last year. I really, really enjoyed "Stay" and stayed (pun intended) with the band throughout the long ladies ending- loving every minute- I would like to think that the band, like me, wanted to "Stay" for a few more nights at Giants Stadium. The "Ants Marching" encore was all that was needed there- everyone knew it was coming and it needed no support- everyone from an old fan to a new one HAS to love this song and it was the perfect song to end both this chill show 3 and the powerful Giants Stadium run that the band gave us. Giants was a great place to see a show- the screens were really cool and the security and staff were all really nice- I hope everyone enjoyed the run as much as I did. See everyone at Foxboro Sunday night- section B3 row 2- should be a strong night two- I can only hope that they will save BEF-->Bartender for Sunday night- but they probably will not...
Brian M.
This was a good show dave put on. This is definitly the best out of all three. I wasn't at the second one, but after reading the reviews and looking at the setlist, the first night was better and this show definitly topped the first night. This was a lot better start to a show by playing warehouse and #41. Crash wasn't terrible, but I used this time to take a bathroom break. I'll skip the next two songs for no apparent reason, but Angel from Montgomey was sweet. This was a first for me a defnite surprise so early in the set. This is what dave should do more often, more surprises like this. Crush was another nice surprise, i had a feeling that they were going play it for the first time all tour tonight. OSW was also another great chocie adn this concert is shaping up to be nice. Then they have to play I DID IT and IIHIA which just killed my energy, the crowd might of loved but this was just terrible. The only thing that could save these two songs were if they played a real nice jam, like maybe Seek Up?. Then they go ahead and play it. Great choice, who cares if barely anyone was dancing to it, but I loved it and this song made the show. Definitly the highlight of both shows for me. I was waiting to hear Gray Street which sounds excellant. I knew they were gonna close with Stay, couldn't they think of anything else ever to close with. Take a chance with another song dave, the crowd will love whatever you play. I was dissapointed by the encore. I was hoping for a Grace->Rapunzel encore again, one song just doesn't do it for me. This was definitly a better show then the first night, it had a lot more grooves. Just throw out the Everyday junk and we got a great show. Well thank dave for those two nights, i had a great time, peace all.
Harry E.
This show was my first, and what a show to get started out on! Lot of surprises here, but Dave must've been listening in to our car's conversation on the ride over to the show. We wanted a Crash/Crush night, #41, Grey Street, and we wanted Angel. Dave and co. delivered. The Stadium wasn't sold out, but everyone there was going f'n nuts. Warehouse, very nice opener. #41 was unbelievable. After I heard this, I knew it was going to be an awesome night. Crash was good, crowd went apeshiznit. WTWE was good, but Angel blew it away. What an awesome jam and an amazing song. Angel from Montgomery was unexpected and Boyd was rocking it on the vocals. Crush was unbelievable, Steffan really is a master on the bass guitar. One Sweet World, one of my all time favs brought the house down! I Did It three nights in a row was a little dissapointing, Would have liked to hear Last Stop but, whatever. Seek Up, a little long on the jam, but otherwise awesome. TSB rocked the house, the place was going apeshit! Grey Street was awesome as usual, love this song. Stay absolutely brought the roof down! The guys really gave it their all on this one. The highlight of the night was Ants though. Dave was tearing up major rug on this one, Long sweet ass jam, LeRoi and Boyd are Gods. Couldn't believe that this was the Encore, and loved every second of it. A+A+A+A+A+A+A+!!!!
Frank H.
The boys redeemed themselves for last nights boring show with a great set of old material. Having to hear I did it and Space Between three nights in a row allowed me time to use the potty but besides those songs it was a great night. They didnt surpass mondays amazing show but they came pretty close. One thing i dont understand is why they played Angel with this cool jam on monday and then played it the same way on Wednesday. It ruined the monday's Angel because we all felt that it was something special. ANGEL FROM MONTGOMERY kicks ass. it was nice to hear the song because everyone around us sat down and they didnt know the words so they kept pretty quiet. All i have to say is I'll never go back there again because thats where all the TRL Kids go to watch "DAVE." All they do is scream "I LOVE YOU DAVE!!!!" The dont care about the B in DMB. If dave lost his voice and carter wound up singing, they would probably all leave. Alot of them left after the closer, cuz they had no idea about the encore. ANTS! its nice to hear this song, especially after three days in a row of music. Good way to end the three night stand at Giants. I think at this point of the tour they should cut out alot of the everyday stuff. No one wants to hear it and they arent going to attract more outsiders with these new songs. BUTCH!!!! thank god hes back. see yall in camden for three more nights!
Three incredible days in New Jersey and this last one was the best overall. Nothing will compare to the encore of the first day, but the entire show today was just great. Despite most of the upper deck being empty and Dave's voice being a little off (three days in a row will do that), we still got a great show. Dave was really into it and was talking and dancing several times. The setlist speaks for itself. The show flowed so smoothly. Warehouse, #41, and Crash began the show with everyone into it. The show mellowed out for awhile, but he did play his best mellow songs with Crush, Seek Up, and a little more laid back than normal One Sweet World. The showed picked up perfectly near the end with the Space Between. The energy carried through Grey Street and finished with Stay and Ants encore. A great show the end three nights in Giants Stadium.
Bill K.
Hello everyone! Just got back from the third and final night at Giants Stadium. Compared to the first night that I attended, I felt that tonight's setlist was a lot better. Tonight did not revolve around the new album, which was great for me since I prefer the older tunes. The Warehouse opener juiced up the crowd and the band. Speaking about the crowd, there was probably only about 200-400 people in the upper deck, yet the crowd had the ability to sound like a full house. #41 followed Warehouse: FINALLY! In all of my DMB shows I have never heard this song and tonight it made it for me. Crash into Me kept the crowd going which was great, because sometimes they lose interest after the first few songs. When the World Ends fit nicely into the fourth spot, unlike its opening position during the first night at Giants. Angel followed WWTE and I liked it better hearing it a second time around. The Lovely Ladies add nicely to the beat of the song. I was thinking that the band would bring up the energy level a notch but instead they play....Angel From Montgomery! Heck yeah! I wasn't expecting this song at all! Dave started playing the opening chords and Boyd strolled over to the mic. I was the only one standing and singing to this song in my section so I enjoyed it even more. What You Are attempted to get the crowd back off its feet but failed to do so where I was sitting (the 200's). This song is great live, with Dave mumbling in the beginning before the band kicks in. CRUSH! Everyone who wasn't dancing to What You Are picked themselves up for this one. I knew it was coming because it was soundchecked on Monday and Stefan began fumbing around on his bass more than usual. The whole song, especially the ending, was extremely tight. One Sweet world kept most people on their feet with the exception of the beginning of the song when most people sat down out of utter confusion. I Did It and If I Had it All got the crowd moving around again and were pretty standard versions, nothing special. SEEK UP! At first I was like, "No way! Not at this point in the set!" But yes, a very very VERY nice version was played. The band seemed to be loving every minute of it, and after the song Stefan and Carter gave each other a high five. The Space Between was played for the third night in a row, but this is expected when they're touring to promote their album. It was great to hear Grey Street and actually see so many fans enjoying the song, where as last year when it was played most people ran to the bathroom. Stay rounded out the set and exhilerated the crowd. The Lovely Ladies add so much to the song and its great to see Dave dancing his funky beats. The song just made me wanna made me wanna...STAY! When the band returned I knew Ants Marching was coming. It hadn't been played at Giants yet, and it was only fitting to end such a memorable night with a classic DMB tune. The guys turned out an AMAZING version. Boyd went nuts as usual. The engery was so incredible there were probably only four people in the stadium who were not dancing. At some points in the song it seemed that the crowd overpowerd the band! I was a little disappointed in only having one encore song, but after a set including #41, Angel From Montgomery, Crush, One Sweet World, and Seek Up, how could I not feel great? This night definitely outdid the other two nights. Once again, DMB pumped out three amazing shows at Giants Stadium. See ya'll next year!!!
There is no doubt in my mind that the show tonight was the greatest DMB show I have ever seen. The most powerful and energetic display of musical talent ever! Just to name a few: Warehouse, #41, Seek Up, and One Sweet World. And just when you thought he was cooling down he pulled out Crush, Grey Street and the notorious Ants Marching. Absolutely incredible!! In addition to the great new stuff, Everything was perfect!! The Dave Matthews Band will never cease to impress me with what they are able to create on-stage. I hope that i have the opportunity to see a show like this one soon!
Timothy G.
i seriously had some high hopes after the first two shows. i figured maybe tonight they would just fucking lay it all down and shit, and for a second it seemed like they we're. then, apparently he remembered that he had to play half of "everyday" every night. i tried guys, i swear i really did, but i just found it so hard to get into this album. i thought the songs would be all fucking balls out once he got on tour and the band got down on them, but they are just so disapointing. man, it is hard even to dance to them. this is maybe my sixteenth show, the fourth of this tour and my first review, but i feel like i just have to say "PLEASE RELEASE THE LILYWHITE SESSIONS, PLEASE." i understand that he had to make this album and he really likes it, but it just really doesn't do much for me. hell, it even seems like the band is bored sometimes. crush always rocks, and they even did an amazing angel (brenda, tawatha, and cindy fuckin rocked) but for the most part once he starts playing those new songs it makes it hard to get back into it.i don't know maybe cause i drove to giants stadium all three nights i didn't have the energy, but i don't know. it just seems all too coincidental that when he plays the new songs, the energy level drops a little. the crowd was pumped for the encore though. which i think was bad as hell. fuck they could all switch instruments and play ants fucking awesome. i wouldn't be surprised if they only did two nights at giants stadium next year. well, two more shows to go. and there is always hope right.
Lesley S.
Dave was unreal last night, June 13th. The energy was unbelievable, and the stadium was quite smokey, as if it was a dream. When Dave came on stage, his audience erupted! He opened with warehouse, which had his typical,long,excellent, yet teasing warehouse intro, #41 was beautiful, Crash into me was so much fun (and unexpected), Angel was great with a video of some young woman, who looked felicitous, dancing around with a euphoric frin on her face, Grey street was another favorite of the evening, as was crush and of course stay (it was so so good!), the new songs were done well, and of course got the crowd going. His encore was by far the best, when the crowd heard the intro to ants marching they went crazy, pumping their fists into the air with each beat he played! The evening was a total success, and as people left the stadium you heard "When is he coming back?" and "Where is he playing next?" People just can't get enough of Dave Mathews, after all, he is a musical god...and his performance proved it.
Adrian R.
The setlist for this concert was magnificent! Warehouse, #41, and Crash Into Me were all standard (excellent), Dave's eyes were bulging out in an extremely psychotic way in the beginning. When the World Ends seemed to lack a little "umph". Angel was fine until the drawn out singing by the ladies wasted valuable time; that was the only low-point on the night. Next was Angel from Montgomery, I "called" it, and then proceeded to enjoy it. Then What You Are which was great and full of energy. Crush was amazing with Boyd spazzing out more than usual. One Sweet World was suberb with the standard long intro that I hummed for 40 minutes after the show. I Did It was fine; it still sounds weird, and no one wants to hear the lovely ladies screaming out the lines occassionally. I have no comment on If I Had It All. Seek Up is freckin' incredible, Boyd played his standard solo at the end of the song followed by some LeRoi fluting and a splendid culmination afterwards by everyone. The Space Between got the best crowd reaction of the night (except perhaps, for the encore), it was marvelous and sounded richer than usual. Listening to Grey Street is pure bliss, whenever I hear it live I typically have a "pleasure overload" like Bart. Stay was a wonderful way to go out, it's one of the songs where I actually want the lovely ladies to go on repeating the same lines forever! Everyone knew Ants was coming for the encore, many were hoping for an Everday first, but oh well. The encore was fabulous, and ended things perfectly. Overall, a brilliant 3 days..starting with heaven's intervention and ending with a string of the absolute best songs ever written!
Jamie F.
what a great show. i was so happy to hear warehouse open cause i still hadnt heard this one yet, very good, great energy from the band and the crowd. then came #41 which was really great as usual. Next came crash which was okay, not to exciting but still good. I like that theyre not overplaying it this tour. wtwe was good and angel had a great outro, everyone got a solo, dave was soloing like the whole time. angel from montgomery was incredible and left me the only one standing in my section. what you are is one of my favorite everday songs and they did it really well. CRUSH, how cool was this. Boyd and Roi had great solos and carter was going crazy at the end, really awesome, highlight of the night. OSW was a surprise in the middle of the set, really good. I did it (i may have to dance but i dont have to like it :). this was okay but i would have rather heard something else, it is getting better though. if i had it all was good, and then came the highlight of the night, SEEK UP. WOW was this a surprise, i was the only one in my section screaming for the openign jam. Carter and stefan were going at it during the end, and they shook hands afterwards. Space between was pretty good and butch and the ladies added alot. Next came the best version of Grey street i have ever heard, the energy was incredible. Dave did the scream at the end perfectly and Roi had a great solo, Carter was going nuts at the end, he was really on all night. Stay got the crowd really into it but i really didnt like it. ive heard this at all 5 shows ive been to and am sick of it. THen a one song encore but what a song, Ants was incredible, what a way to end the 3 shows. awesome show, very great energy from the crowd and teh band, incredible.
Noel B.
As a big DMB fan who went to all 3 Giants Stadium shows, I must say that although the third show was not as up tempo as the first two, it definitely had many nice surprises. DMB's RARE performance of CRUSH had to be the second best moment of his visit to Giants Stadium. I've heard other crush performances via napster, but they were weak and didn't sound anything like the original. This performance, however, was near PERFECT in quality and had the entire crowd wanting to get with the person next to them. After not hearing warehouse the previous two nights, the warehouse opener was predictable but great, and the closing Stay / Ants Marching were great ways to finish off the trio of shows. Dave also did an spontaneous switch in the middle of the show, and put down his black guitar for the accoustic and told the band he wanted to play Grey Street. Seeing as that was the only Lily White song from this show, he made a good decision. (Also before I said crush was the second best thing from his visit. The best being on the end of the first concert when dave screamed "LET IT RAIN DOWN ON ME" which was simultaneous with the crashing thunder and lightning, and at the exact moment the rain actually pouring down on everyone. The floor turned into a mob scene and hundreds of people sent chairs flying to the side, and sections 9-15 became DMB-WOODSTOCK!)
John T.
Wow. That was a really nice show. I don't know what other people were talking about, there weren't that many commercial pre-teen girls there however there were a few. I remember when Crash came on, about 10 from a box seating room freaked out and screamed and then afterword they were bored out of their mind, almost falling asleep. That was really funny. The set rocked. Warehouse with the stop-intro was awesome. #41 was great with the Everyday outro. 41 is a great song and they really took in the whole 9 yards. crash was amazing with the dixie chicken outro... the crowd loved it. Angel was nice sounding, nothing special that you can't get on the cd though. What you are was great. CRUSH WAS AMAZING! I felt in heaven. The crowd went nuts when he said "sitting, smoking, feeling high" and dave almost started to laugh. One Sweet World was great, so peaceful, great song. I really hate I Did It as a song but live it rocked, it was so filled with energy I liked it. Seek Up dragged on a little bit long but as a whole it was good. Space Between was cool, the crowd broke out the lighters and it all looked like stars, it was so cool... or maybe it was the pot floating through the air... Grey street was the highlight of the night in my opinion. I didn't know the song that well, I'd only heard ita few times, but it was so phat. Stay was also a highlight, the whole crowd was singing and going crazy. Everybody was dancing and jumping and it was wild. Ants Marching was a must and it was great, so much energy and everyone was singing. It was great.
Etan E.
What a great setlist. Dave opened with my favorite DMB song, Warehouse. then he went into #41 another great song, especially live, Everyday outro was really cool. Crash was typical, nothing spaecial. it was so funny to see all the commercial babies, only know crash, i did it, and space between. When the World Ends is one of the better Everyday songs, but it was the exact same as Monday night's, it still wasn't too bad. But Angel, my god, the lovely ladies just butchered it, i really dont like the outro but I was still on a high from the first 3 songs. Then Dave kinda lost the crowd with Angel from Montgomerey, and Boyd started it, What the fuck was that? What You Are, rocked. Crush, who woulda thunk it. i dunno where this one came from but it was cool to here. OSW always a great song to here, i like it better as an opener, but was still really great. I Did It was...., yeah. It's not that I don't like it, it's just that it's a bad song. If I had it all second best Everyday song (next to Everyday) and was cool to here, but again they played it the same as Monday night. I'm still trying to figure out where Seek Up came from, but it was pretty cool to here live, thay dragged it out a little too long though. TSB was TSB, pretty bland but decent. Just when I was wondering where the Lillywhites were DAve whipped out Grey Street. Probably my favorite Lillywhite, next to Barteneder. Stay was cool, very energentic. By the time the lovely ladies 10th "Makes you wanna, makes you wanna" I knew it was the end. Ants was the perfect closer though I would've liked another song before it. Oh well. The setlist kicked ass, but nothing will ever compare to the energy from Monday's TWO STEP!!And jesus christ DAve, try and Change the Everyday Songs a little bit.