Dave Matthews Band
Shoreline Amphitheatre, Mountain View California
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band: Medeski, Martin & Wood
One Sweet World (instrumental intro) *
Satellite *
Recently (Some People Do intro, Pretty Girl outro, Take Me to the River outro) *
Dancing Nancies *
Grey Street *
Lover Lay Down *
Don't Drink the Water *
Typical Situation *
So Much To Say (Anyone Seen the Bridge?) * -->
Too Much *
Warehouse (stop time intro) *
Jimi Thing *
Rhyme & Reason *
Two Step *
Grace Is Gone *
What Would You Say *

* with Butch Taylor on keys

David J.
very melow show with a lot of great old songs. Full of great jams especially the great jam of recently(boyd rocks). see you in washington
Michael W.
Dave turned it up a notch from 08/01/00 here at the beautiful Shoreline. Opening with One Sweet World was SWEET FOR CERTAIN then Satellite which for me is always nice to hear, go Carter. After that came Recently and it was played to perfection and I am SO glad I got to here it on this tour then, Dancies Nancies with a way hot Boyd solo. Dave says, " this is called Grey Street" Love this song each time I here it (which is every night). Lover Lay Down was beautiful. After that came JTR, Dont Drink the Water and Typical Situation which was a first for me. The next six songs in the list brought the house down they are SO MUCH (the same but smoking hot), TOO MUCH (my wife loved it and so did I), WAREHOUSE (I am so glad I got to hear it this tour complete with stop time), JIMI THING (big Butch solo with this song nowadays),RHYME AND REASON (this song is really being played well)AND THEY CLOSED WITH TWO STEP ( huge Boyd and Dave call and response then a BIG solo by Butch).Finally Grace opened the encore but I was shocked (in a good way)to hear What Would you Say as the last song. Thank you Dave, Stefan, Leroi, Carter, Boyd and Butch for a total musical experience that I was able to share with my Family.
Misty G.
The boys redeemed themselves tonite. After the horrible setlist on Tuesday, the band came back strong. No pre-determinded setlist - Dave was taking requests! - and 5 extended jams, including Recently, Typical Situation, Warehouse, Jimi Thing and Two Step. (What was with the "whoo" during the Warehouse intro - that cracked them up!) Lots of interaction with the crowd and the band was clearly having a great time. My 15th show and by far the best.
Nicholas J.
I disagree with the girl who said last night's Shoreline show sucked, but tonight was definitely better. Tons of amazing energy and enthusiasm from the Band..even Butch got into it. This was my 13th show and by far it was the best. Highlights: Everything from "Under the Table" including a butt shakin' venue rockin' Jimi Thing(which had some strange new lyrics in the "sometimes i take a taxi" part, an insanely epic version of Dancin Nancies, and that warehouse with the wierd "woo"ing in the intro Recently: Ok they played my favorite intro and outro to this one"take me to the River"! JTR- The JAAMMM at the end of this must be heard by everyone-simply funky Two Step: something like a 15 minute version. Butch made this jam the show stopper of the night Typical- Made my night hearing the "mambo" jam in the middle Lights- New Effects, More Lights-really powerful Butch taylor-Sign him up, Get him the contract, he is good enough to be in this band All in all the most intense, well varied, jammed out DMB show that I have ever witnessed, the new songs and the addition of Butch taylor made this show da bomb.
Patrick A.
Tonight's show was better than last night's. Last night's was great as well, but musically this one was superior (the setlist was better too). Recently was a treat- complete with Some Do/Some Don't, and Pretty Pretty Girl, AND Take Me to the River! Awesome. Dancing Nancies was great also. It's cool to see everyone point up at the sky as Dave sings "Look up at the sky." Typical Situation was beautiful, and Jimi Thing was as jazzy as ever. Great solos by Leroi, Butch and Dave. Highlight of the show was Two Step. Carter practically destroyed his drums and blocks at the end. Can't wait to see them next tour!
Jared O.
Okay, I cannot even start explaining how amazing the second night at Shoreline was! Every song I REALLY wanted to hear was played! I could never imagine seeing Recently, Dancing Nancies, Typical Situation, Warehouse, and One Sweet World all in one show! DMB was definitly saving their energy in the last 2 shows for last night. After Lover Lay Down, the whole show was high energy. The whole band was having a blast on stage. After seeing Too Much at Sac Valey and the first Shoreline show, I was kinda bummed because neither was played with SMTS -> ASTB. But they pulled it out! Yes, I had to hear a THIRD Too Much, but to hear the SMTS/Too Much combo was worth it. Another surprise, DMB is known for long breaks in between songs and directly after Recently, Dave started right into Dancing Nancies w/o a break - kinda strange. Also, don't know if this has been done before, but during Warehouse on the stop-time intro, in between each stop, the crowd did this "WOOO!" thing. It was so awesome. Even after a dozen surprises, the highlights didn't come till later in the show. An amazingly long and jammed-out Jimi Thing, and the best damn Two Step I've ever seen. Carter went insane! I was dancing hard to it but when Carter started going crazy I just stopped and was standing there in complete awe. CHILLS ALL OVER MY BODY!!!! Another Grace as an encore wasn't a surprise, but I did not mind. I started tearing up. Not sure if it was the lyrics, or the fact that this was my last show of the tour and I really didn't want to say goodbye to the band. WWYS was not the best way to end such a great show, but I think it was the shortest song they could end a show with - it was already 11:05 before the encore. DMB has an effect on me like nothing else in this world does. And being able to experience DMB at such a close distnace (4th row!) was the best experience of my life.
Jake D.
The show was great as always. The beginning, I thought was very easy-going, except for a few more dramatic jams. But, by the end of the night it had become extremely powerful. I think that turning point was "Don't Drink the Water". It was disappointing to not hear "All Along the Watchtower", but at the same time, refreshing to hear the newest and/or unrealeased pieces. Another fun night with Dave, the Gang, and Butch Taylor.
Mitch B.
This was my first concert ever from the DMB! I'm 13 and lovin it already! I have heard from friend that were at that concert that it was by far the best one they had ever seen. Carter rocked out on Two Step with the Ride cymbal and the China. The cover on Too Much was good when the messed up at the end. This was certenly an excellent concert from what I've heard from the CD's such as LS, LARR, Recently, and WALHFMF (With a little help fromy friends)
Randy F.
DMB played two very good shows at the Shoreline this past August, very different shows though. The first night was a very smooth show and every song flowed perfectly into the next. The second night was a hardcore fan's wet dream. But with so many great songs played, there was no balance. It was like, slow song, fast song, slow song, fast song ... you get the idea. Not to say that the second night was bad. The band really tore it up, especially near the end. One thing that nobody mentioned in the review was the plane during Satellite. Right as Dave began singing the lyrics a large plane (probably landing at Moffet Field) flew right over the top of the venue, pretty low to the ground too. It all seemed planned but I'm sure it wasn't. Overall, they were both very magical shows and the two best concerts I've ever been to. Congrats to the tapers out there. I got copies of both night within a week of seeing the show. See everybody at the Shoreline on Oct 28th and 29th when DMB plays the Bridge Benefit again....