Dave Matthews Band
Gorge Amphitheatre, George, Washington
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band: The Mavericks
Seek Up *
Pantala Naga Pampa * -->
Rapunzel *
The Stone *
I'll Back You Up *
Dancing Nancies *
Satellite *
Recently *
#41 *+
Grace Is Gone *
Lie In Our Graves *
Bartender *
Crush *
Granny *
Two Step *
All Along the Watchtower *

* with Butch Taylor on keys
+ with Mitch Rutman on electric guitar

WOW! My 19th Dave show and one that definitely contends for the best I've seen. The boys were on fire and had a ton of energy tonight playing a full 3 hour set. The crowd was pretty mellow for the most part but did respond to Boyd's many jams. Dave also was a little more talkative and mentioned that Roi loves Spam and that he eats some too but told the crowd not to send them any (you probably had to be there). Anyway, I can't believe that I got almost all the songs I wanted to hear tonight...Highlights: Seek Up- Was really hoping they would open with this and sure enough, we got it. Incredible 19 minute version. The Stone- in my opinion, the best song off of BTCS and was really hoping they'd pull it out since they've only played it one other time all summer. Couldn't believe it when Dave ripped out the chords on this. IBYU- Dave's first song is always welcome. GRACE IS GONE- what a great song that the crowds just aren't appreciating. Already one of my favorites. Granny- got this last year and was hoping for it again. TWO STEP- didn't think I'd get to hear another one, not to mention one that was better than 8/4. At least 20 minutes and perhaps the best version of Two Step I've ever heard. Do I dare say I was disappointed to only get a one-song encore? Okay, Watchtower was amazing but I would really have liked to hear another Grey Street first but that would be stupid to complain about anything after an incredible weekend of DMB, especially since I got my first experience being in the first row 8/6. Three great nights with Sunday being the best followed by Friday then Saturday. Can't wait till DMB comes back to the Gorge.
phat concert, We all had a blast recently was great, it was a beautiful setting for my second matthews concert of the year, I cant wait until the Dave & TIm tour
Scott J.
This was a great show. The best of the four I've seen. Great mix of stuff from all of the albums. Glad to hear both I'll Back You Up and Grace Is Gone. Seek Up was huge to start the show. Had to be at least 20 minutes. The highlight was definitely Boyd going nuts on Dancing Nancies. Crowd went crazy. Lie In Our Graves and Two Step also had great jams, with Carter and Stefan even mixing some jazzy sounding grooves in Two Step. Mitch Rutman was a cool addition to #41. Added some pop to the end of the song. Only one song in the encore was kind of disappointing, but the rest of the show definitely made up for it. No Sweet Up & Down all weekend, but I'm sure there will be plenty of time to hear that in the future. Overall, great show on a great night at a great venue.
Ryan E.
What an amazing show, this is probably the best show I have ever been to out of five, it is a close call over sat. night's show, but Sunday was just stronger and longer. The Boy's put their game faces on, and you know they came to play as soon as they steeped onto the stage, smiles and goodtimes all night long. I looked at my friend Kevan and he said "this is it!" We both knew they were going to close the first leg of the tour in style. It was the Boyd Tinsley Show, solo's left and right, plus plenty of Dancing and Jamming, Not to mention his cool red and white design leather pants, and matching red and white shoes. Butch was awsome, just brilliant last night, especially on Two Step. Some of my highlights were Recently, Grace is Gone, LIOG, Nancies, Granny and Two step -Brilliant- far stronger than friday's version and probably around 20 min long. Closing with the tradional Watchtower was a classic ending to the weekend and the tour. I would like to Thank Dave, Boyd, Carter, Stefan, Leroi and Butch for a great weekend I will never forget.
An overall excellent show. Dave and the Band played over 3 hours of non-stop music. It was great to hear the more obscure songs as well as the new tracks from the up-coming studio CD.
I'll start with the location. The Gorge is absolutely phenomenal. The perfect venue for a concert of this type, and always a good natured crowd (this is my 3rd show there). This is possibly the best concert I've heard out of a dozen. I was personally very pleased to hear I'll Back You Up. I have always loved that song. The more I hear JTR the more I like it, and I've loved Grace Is Gone since I first heard it. No Grey Street though. I think this is only the second show this tour without it. The topper of the show was without question Two Step however. They worked it down to a nice mellow jam that lasted quite a while, getting more and more mellow, then it exploded back to life once again. They didn't keep us waiting long for the encore, Watchtower, which was amazing as always. Laying back on the grass alternating between the stage and the sky (where there was a light meteor shower going) was an experience I will not soon forget. Thanks to the 7 of you (Butch '#6' and Mitch Rutman on #41) it was a wonderful night. On a side note, I heard a rumor (several times) that they were taping this show for an upcoming live CD. If so, I am that much more happy.
Matt H.
Good lord! What a way top end a three-day thrill-fest at what I think is the most beautiful venue on the continent! This set was miles above the previous nights at the Gorge, starting strong, cooling down toward the end, only to kick the bejeezus out of the place for Two Step and Watchtower!!! Tonight was probably the most intense I've ever seen Boyd play, he had the spirit of a whirling dervish and the and the energy of a madman. Mitch Rutman had a sweet solo on #41 (If I were a roadie, I'd DEFINITELY want to retire by making a solo appearance with the band). Two Step was just too much at the end, going every which way from in your face loudness to a chill half-time feel for a couple solos and even a little bit of a jazz standard feel with Carter and Butch fooling around at the end. All-around an amazing show, and a great end to an even more amazing run!
Karin W.
Every show I go to is better than the last and this time I was in heaven... I know I was in for a great show when they started off with my favorite song Seek Up. Two Step was just incredible! As was GIG. LIOG was really really short which was a bit disappointing but overall it was just a high energy show mixed with the great weather and enthusiatic crowd. Although several people around us where overheard saying "Play something I know!"
Djakob W.
Uh. well. my friends and i were talking about how the band could top last night's performance, but i honestly didn't care if they did or not. i'm sick of people complaining about shows. the DMB is amazing when and wherever they play. but, this show was a standout for me. i've only been to six but i've got about 100 shows on cd and i've never heard one that went on this long. i was happy to hear seek up, dancing nancies and the stone, but kind of disappointed that we didn't get sweet up and down the whole weekend. I"M NOT COMPLAINING, though. we all thought tim was going to come out but it was mitch rutman and he was amazing. LIOG, as always, was fantastic. boyd never ceases to amaze me, but none of them do. recently had a nice long jam at the end and two step, again, was legendary. i'd like to see the lovely ladies because i think they add a lot to songs like granny but maybe next time. nice to meet all of you warehouse members.
Marshall P.
I have been to eight DMB shows and this was hands the best i have seen. Every person in the band was on, it was amazing. An extra bonus was a roady/friend of theirs came on and with them on Lie in our Graves, but i can't remember his name. Anyway this was a fantastic show, i don't one song was shorter than 10 minutes. And to end with Watchtower, UNBELIEVABLE!!!
Darcy L.
Unbelievable concert, the best of the weekend. JTR and Grace is gone were awsome One of the best concerts that I have ever seen, and the theater and weather were great. Definatly worth the 6 hour drive.
Brandon P.
This was a great show, but I've surely seen better. The band was great and the setlist was awesome, but I found the venue a little disappointing. After moving around 5 different times, we concluded that the only good seats were the reserved seats. Also seemed like there were way to many radio fans, felt like I was at a high school homecoming footbal game...I am only 22, and I felt like an old-timer. Would have liked a few more old songs(like Ants or Warehouse), but the songs they did play were excellent. Grace is gone is great...can't wait for the album. Of all the shows I've seen( 14 in all), this was by far the most disappointing, but not because of the is to hoping there is a winter tour!
While all three nights of the gorge shows were amazing, sunday's was by far the best. Seek Up-- i was so excited to hear this song, and it didn't dissapoint, an 18 minute version with plenty of solo's from the boys. it then went directly into a similar jam as the one found on the beginning of Listener Supported. a nice little few minute solo by leroi, which went right into... PNP ~~~~> Rapunzel-- an awesome version of the two songs... dave was dancing like crazy, and they just jammed the end of the song for sooo long. all in all the combination of seek up and rapunzel was a constant 33 minutes of jamming, awesome way to start the show. The Stone-- I was glad to hear this song as the first two nights were a definite lack of crowded streets material. the ending was great with "let it all fall down...' etc.. IBYU-- dave asked the crowd on this one to "keep it real quiet", and we obliged. very pretty version, with dave scrunching his face with emotions on the higher parts...stefan had a nice solo in place of timmy's. Dancing Nancies--- the song i wanted to hear the most this night...and it was awesome. Boyd just ripped it up with an intense solo to finish up the song. Satelite--- very standard, i found this was much more enjoyable with singing the "after her" lyrics instead. Recently-- no pretty girl outro, which i was sad for momentarily, but the song just rocked. was similar to the Two Things version..with the call response of boyd and leroi at the end. #41-- very nice to hear again, with DMB's food caterer joining them...he had an awesome solo which lasted for a good part of the jam at the end. JTR-- the only song to be played all three nights, was cool to hear again. Grace is Gone-- good good. LIOG--- awesome version..better than friday nights. boyd had a great solo in front of our section where he was grooving for the crowd, and then he walked over to butch and slowed it down to let him take over...and butch didn't let down. had a beautiful solo. nice 14 minute version of the song. Bartender-- yes! my favorite of the new songs...i was in awe at the way dave just bellowed out parts of this song... Crush-- very solid version with a nice little extra jam at the end...was very happy to hear this. Granny-- kind of short version, but very powerful when you have 20,000 people screaming love....maybe! Two Step-- amazing version. i clocked it at 22 minutes...with butch having another awesome solo, as well as carter taking over at the end...very very cool. great way to finish. encore--Watchtower-- another great version of watchtower...dave totally had the crowd hanging on every note in the beginning...great solo's by everyone. all in all a very very solid show, i clocked it at just a few minutes under 3 hours... was cool to see things like.....on IBYU, a sea of lighters showing appreciation, a little dave speak for the first time all weekend, where he talked about how more spam is consumed in hawaii than in any other state...and how he doesn't eat it, but leroi can't keep away from it. satelite on crash being played on different nights, and having only a few repeats over the course of all three nights, and those repeats being things like...two step and lie in, not anything radio-ish. soo anyways, an amazing weekend for the people who stayed all three nights, and an amazing night even by itself.
Carolyn F.
This show was awesome. The band seemed to be playing for the real fans. They played all the songs that everyone who truly loves the band knows. Not many of the typical radio songs. It was incredible. One of the highlights for me was an absolutely incredible Dancing Nancies. I've never heard that one played better. Another highlight had to be #41 with Mitch Rutman, a caterer on tour with the band for years. His guitar solo was amazing, made me think he should go on tour with Dave and Tim. It was great hearing the new stuff, Grace is Gone is so beautiful. Lie In Our Graves was wonderful, so was Two Step. It was also great to hear Seek Up, I'll Back You Up, Recently and Granny live. Those are some great songs that don't get as much credit as some of Dave's other songs. All the songs sounded so incredible with Butch Taylor on piano, that adds so much to the band. I think this was the best concert I've heard in a while, can't wait for more.
Dan F.
This show was definetly worth staying for the 3rd night in the Gorge. The band was on fire and seemed to be having a good time. We finally got to see Dancning Nancies which was standard but it was great as always. The highlight had to be #41 with Mitch Rutman as a guest. That one sure came out of the blue. Overall a great set-list. It is a hard call but I would give this the nod over friday night for the best show of the 3 nights at the Gorge.