Dave Matthews Band
Meadows Music Theatre, Hartford, Connecticut
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band: The Getaway People
The Stone *
Drive In, Drive Out *
Don't Drink the Water *
Satellite *
Raven *
Granny *
Bartender *
Grey Street *
Rhyme & Reason *
All Along the Watchtower *
Busted Stuff *
Lie In Our Graves *
So Much To Say (Anyone Seen the Bridge?) * -->
Too Much *
Grace Is Gone *
Pantala Naga Pampa * -->
Rapunzel *

* with Butch Taylor on keys

Just got back from night #1 at Hartford. A solid show highlighted by the new songs. Busted Stuff, Grey Street, and Grace is Gone are all incredible and should be great on the new album. The Stone was a great opener. DIDO, DDTW, and Satellite were a disappointing stretch but then it improved from there. A great LIOG before the standard SMTS-->Too Much. Rapunzel was out of place in the sncore. Was hoping for Billies. Maybe tomorrow night. Solid opening night without any problems like last year...
Jonathan M.
I thought the show was amazing. It was a great crowd. The band jammed like they always do, with a little more energy then the usual concert. The version of "All Along The Watchtower" was unbelieveable.
Red C.
Another solid one at the Meadows. All week I was pumped up to get a Stone opener. I thought those chances were shot to hell with Hershey's encore. But they were suddenly brought to life, much to the content of Red, Josh, and the Mike. It was a great jam at the end, just the perfect way to start a show. They didn't play immediately into DRIVE which surprised me, but it was great anyway. To it's credit DDTW was well played. Bleh. RAVEN kinda surprised me in the five slot. It was well played. GRANNY was excellent on this night. The crowd was really into it and that was cool. And really surprising RED was the fact that the crowd even stayed alive for BARTENDER and GREY ST, both of which were great. Bartender is my favorite new one and it keeps getting better. Dave shows soooo much emotion in it and I love it. WATCHTOWER got everyone excited, and got the RED dancing like a fool again. I am a big fan of BUSTED STUFF and Dave was really into it. LIE was excellent as usual, and as is the norm these days, Butch was showcased at the end. A great song to hear live anytime. SO MUCH-->TOO MUCH was fun as usual but disappointing that it ended a short set time wise. GRACE IS GONE was great in a sad way. RAPUNZEL surprised the RED, who was quite displeased at first. Then they JAMMED THE HELL out of it and it was my favorite song of the night, besides STONE. That's saying alot. It was the best Rapunzel I have heard, bar none. Saturday, Sunday, and SPAC should all be great see y'all there.
Matt K.
This show was a little slow getting started, but once the boys got rolling, it was incredible. The Stone was a surprise opener (they opened their Meadows stint last year w/ it as well) and was definitely a treat to hear. DIDO was excellent, with Dave changing the lyrics as always. The crowd was really moving to this one. DDTW was pretty standard, and I think a lot of people (even radio fans) are tired of hearing it. Satellite was a good sing-along... but I didn't like the pace; it was very slow. Raven shocked me, seeing as how it hadn't been played since Giants in July. I just don't like this song, and the crowd seemed to lose interest too. But Granny got everyone dancing. It was a great version. Good to see Roi and Boyd singing backup instead of the Ladies. Bartender and Grey Street had an incredible amount of energy from Dave. Of the new ones, the crowd responded best to these. No 12 string on Grey Street tonight. Rhyme rocked, and in my opinion, this is where the show took off. Watchtower was absolutely insane. Boyd, Butch, and Roi took solos in that order and they brought the house down. She My Bitch took a little energy out of the end, but Lie in Our Graves brought it right back up. Boyd! Boyd! Boyd! He just took over during this song. Dave stood off to the side and just let Boyd take off. Butch's solo here was nice too. What a sweet, sweet song!! Praying to hear SMTS->ASTB->Too Much as a closer beforehand... and the boys pulled through. There was so much energy here. Everyone was dancing and singing along up on the lawn. Grace was predictably the first encore song. I absolutely love this song. Roi had more of a presence in it than before too. Good to see it evolving. Rapunzel really surprised me as a closer. That brought the tally to 3 BTCS songs for the night. Wasn't thrilled when it started, but the jam at the end was incredible. Everyone on stage was jamming their hearts out. Great way to end the show! Taking the night off tonight. See y'all again Sunday. Maybe we can hope for Nancies, Recently, #40?? Hope so. Later.
Gary D.
Wow! This show was simply amazing. The energy was really there tonight, and the band really seemed to be enjoying themselves. Opening with The Stone was a great choice, and it got the crowd into it immediately. Some other highlights included DDTW, with tremendous energy from Dave at the end. Satellite was nice, and it got the crowd excited, so I can't complain. What I can complain about is people showing a complete lack of respect for the band during the new songs. During Raven, Bartender, Grey Street, Busted Stuff, and Grace is Gone, people were going to get beer and having conversations. Very rude. Nonetheless, the new songs were all done very well, particularly Bartender and Busted Stuff, which sounds better every time I hear it. The higlight of the night had to be Watchtower midset. This got the the crowd into a frenzy, and boyd and leroi's solos were especially good tonight. Also, LIOG was simply magical, as Boyd had a 6 minute solo that was unreal. While I thought that would be the last song, he then went into So Much(ASTB)Too Much, with tons of dancing! Dave was going crazy, and Anyone Seen the Bridge was the best version of that that I have ever heard. After about 7 minutes, the band came on to do the encore, and I was so happy that they started with grace is gone. This song is so beautiful, and I can't wait until it comes out on the new album. I expected Ants next, but PNP into Rapunzel was just as good if not better. This was by far the most energized version of this song that I have heard them play. Overall, a great night. Can't wait for tonight and Sunday.
Michael M.
Dave and the rest of the band came out a little later then expected, they didnt show up on stage to like 9:10 or so, I was a little dissapointed with this! The Stone- I was hoping for a Seek Up, but I should have expected this tune considering he closed with it the show before, still a good song to start things off with.Drive In Drive Out- I knew this song was coming when he opened with Stone because he also used this in his encore the show before. This was more of a mellow version, I was hoping for some power, which I got in the end with a Bolyd and Leroi solos!Don't Drink the Water- Totally unexpected, i know he has played this song a lot in his past tours but looking at other setlists from the 2000 tour it's a rare song. If it wasn't played so often I think people would enjoy it more! Satellite- Not one of his best songs to play live, and this version was very slow, with no great solo from Carter. Would have liked to see a Say Goodbye or Crush to get the crowd into it more.Raven- This is a good new song, it took me awhile to pick up on the words because he didn't introduce it, but still a great song. Again would havel liked to see Warehouse here to get some momentum and power, so far the setlist has been very mellow.Granny- GREAT SONG!!! It was about time he gave us something to really jam too! This is one of my favs in concert and he didn't let me down with some great dancing. Bartender- This is one of my favorite songs! This is a great song, i was hoping for the new #40 intro to it but still a good version, I can't wait to the new CD to hear this one.Grey Street- Not one of my favortie new songs, Dave shouldn't have played it tonight with the rest of the mellow songs, I would have rather heard Digging a Ditch or Sweet Up and Down in it's place.Rhyme & Reason- FINALLY!!! A faster paced song, this got everybody up and dancing! Dave just went ape shit on this song I have never seen him dance so much, he was running into Stefan and! Boyld. This is where the concert started to really get going. Watchtower- Extremely fast version, this is one of the songs I soooo wanted to hear and I got it i was happy as anything! They mellowed out going into the second chorus, and then the just busted out with everything they had and jamed for like 5 minutes after it was great!Busted Stuff- This is one of the best new songs along with Grace is Gone! WOW!!!!!!!!!! Even though it was a slower version then what I have heard from MP3's, it was a great way to slip in a sad love song. Thank God the Ladies didn't come out for this one, it was great to hear just Dave going at it.Lie In Our Graves- Holy Shit, this is such a great song in concert, Boyld had a great solo on this one, this again got everybody up and dancing!! At the end when they were about to close out into the Lie In Our Graves lyrics they all just stopped playing!! I got sooooo dissapointed I didn't think that Dave was going to finish it, especially after he introduced Butch on the keyboards, but then Butch gave the biggest smile and the world and they jammed out! It was a perfect way to end this song!So Much To Say- This was a song I was hoping to hear and i wasnt dissapointed great version! With Anybody Seen the Bridge outro!Too Much- I knew Dave was going to fade into this song as soon as i heard SMTS!! Great song Leroi and Stefan and Boyld went at each other with solos on this one!!Grace Is Gone- Deffinitely my favortie song on the new CD I can't wait!!!PNP/ Rapunzel- OMG this was such the the right song to end with!! It had great emotion and power and was the best played song the whole night, it really made up for the slow beginning! The whole band jammed out sooooo hardcore on this song for like 10 mintues at the end it was the BEST!!! My favorite song of the night!
Adam L.
A very high energy show, I knew it would be a good set when they opened with The Stone. Highlights of the show included Drive in, Drive out, Satellite and Granny. Watchtower blew the roof off the place. Boyd worked hard all night - the band seemed very into the whole show, I felt. To close the set they played So Much to Say which bridged into Too Much, which was fantastic. For an encore the did Grace is Gone (Which is quickly becoming a personal favorite) and closed with Rapunzel. All in all a good show. Unfortunately, I can't say the same for the venue. The Meadows Lawn is an awful place to see a show, especially after a little rain. People falling everywhere. After the show it took us 2 hours to get out of the parking lot (then 1.5 more hours ride home). It kind of put a damper on what was a great set.
Ryan W.
After reading all the currently postded reviews I have to add my two cents. Just about everything I read was solid commentary but RAVEN has simply not recieved it's due! This song I feel personifies the what will be the new sound of DMB. This night, like almost every version I have heard, brings a suttle but powerful energy. Simply put played perfect. This song did not, does not, and (in my humble opinion) will never carry the all energy and crowd rousing frenzy that a WHATCHTOWER, CRASH, or DRIVE IN DRIVE OUT will. Point, I don't think it's suposed to. This song with-in itself I think was as intense as any other this night. This song is an intense chill, for all those who understand what I'm getting at. It was the highlight of my night.