Dave Matthews Band
Alpine Valley Music Theatre, East Troy, Wisconsin
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band: Indigenous; The Getaway People
What Would You Say
Rhyme & Reason
The Song That Jane Likes
Crash Into Me (Dixie Chicken)
Two Step
Digging a Ditch
Grey Street
All Along the Watchtower
One Sweet World (instrumental intro)
Tripping Billies
Grace Is Gone
Ants Marching

Joe L.
Alpine Valley is always a great place to see a show, and the front row is also a great place to see a show. Ticket upgrade to front row center, and the boys put on a spectacular show. All I can say is Leroi Leroi Leroi!!! I dont know what he was on but I want some. He was jamming like it was nobody's business. Carter was blazing as always and everything was very tight and together. Great crowd also (except for the people cramping my dancing space up front). Dave seemed happy, he wasn't icing his wrist like he was at SOldier Field (good sign), but he was eyeing up my girlfriend from the stage, but oh well. New stuff sounded great. One thing missing-nothing from Before these crowded streets, but beggars can't be choosers, right?
Andrew C.
I think that Dave and the boys put on a good show to start the second leg of their summer tour. I'd place it somewhere in the middle of the six shows I've seen. Boyd was incredible as usual, and Leroi played the best solos yet. In fact, Leroi would have been the star of the show if not for Carter. He brought his "A" game (I admit that I am biased because he wore a Brett Favre jersey during the set!). He was a maniac on "Two Step" and "Tripping Billies," among others. The song selection was OK -- lots of older stuff like "TSTJL" and "One Sweet World" (one of our faves). I don't see the set list up and I am not savvy enough to recall the entire list, but I don't remember them playing a single tune from TTCS all night. I was a bit disappointed that after screaming for the encore to begin, the first tune was a mellow one ("Grace is Gone?"). However, "Ants" more than made up for it -- DMB had neglected this song that started it all for me the past three shows I had seen. A note on my fellow "fans." There was a fight in front of us, beer spilled on us, and dozens of idiot drivers getting out of the lot afterwards. The worst thing, however, was the gentleman who decided to urinate on our legs and blanket in the middle of the show. I posit that we don't need to overindulge in drink and smoke when Dave plays such incredible music. If you can't control yourself and do stupid things instead, you're not a real DMB fan; please stay home.
James P.
Very disappointing after such a long break. Fans were ready for a better show, and the music theatre was jam-packed. New songs sounded great; much better than at Soldier Field (excellent Bartender jam, Granny is always welcome, etc.)...but his song choice from the past was terrible, focusing on the radio fans. I look forward to him slowing things down tonight (maybe one or two of these: Lover Lay Down, I'll Back You Up, Say Goodbye, Pig, Spoon, etc.?????). Either way, I thought it would be a better show after the time off. It's still Dave, and even a bad show is a great show.
Mary P.
I have been to 10 DMB shows before this one, and I must honestly say, this one was the worst yet. It was my third one of the summer and I was not impressed. When I went to Soldier Field I was impressed with the new songs, but all in all the intensity has not been there this year. I do not understand how people can wonder why others complain about the shows. The crowd has been terrible as well. It is pretty sad when a band as talented as DMB plays a great new song like Gray Street, and that is the time when people decide to stand in little groups and talk to eachother, or take a trip to the bathroom. All any of these people want is the same old songs they play every year, at ever show...(Crash, Ants, Tripping...all songs that were played last night) Don't get me wrong, I still respect DMB very much, however the band needs desperately to play more variety in the music to keep their loyal fans from getting bored with it.
Ryan S.
Wow, this is my second show at the terrific Alpine. The boys looked great and ready to rock and roll right after their short break. Tonight, they really focused on a lot of new stuff and geared the show more towards hard-core Dave fans (which is fine by me). Dave started it off with #41, which was a terrific opening. They jazzed up WWYS alittle bit by speeding it up. Then he went into R&R, Song That Jane Likes, and Granny which lost some 'radio fans'. But then the band play a great version of 'Crash', then into my favorite song 'Two Step'. Jammed that one out real nice. Then came a sandwich. A bunch of new stuff with Watchtower in between. The highlight of the new stuff had to have been 'Bartender'. Dave really showed a lot of emotion and really jammed and sped up the end of the song. The crowd liked it. Then after OSW and JTR, 'Trippin Billies' which got the crowd nuts. Dave was dancing all over the stage. Then for the encore, what else, but 'Grace Is Gone' and ANTS. Overall, great show, with a lot of new stuff that I greatly enjoyed.
Sara A.
Compared to my 2 shows at Soldier Field earlier this summer, last night was anything but magical. Having been in the 29th row and 2nd row center both nights (thanks to the warehouse) last night's show made me realize that I HATE THE LAWN!!! everyone there around me was drunk and made the night a horrible experience. Watching 10 people make out, having a girl squatting down next to me peeing down the hill, and having some random guy puke all over my feet only made matters worse. Why would you come to see such a great band only to get really drunk and make a complete ass out of yourself. Trust me you all know who you are. I realized last night that Dave's shows are no longer about the music. It is all about the party. Who's going to get the drunkest, who's going to make out with the most people and it makes me sick. I felt horrible watching all of these people wasting away and completely missing the entire show....what a good way to spend $40. The music was good. I like all of the new songs. STJL was a surprise. and i was a but surprised that he opened w/ #41. Dave and the guys seemed to have a ton of energy coming off of their 2 week break and it was evident with all of dave's dancing, especially on JTR. the guys did a great job on their own w/o the Lovely Ladies or butch taylor. that's the way it should be. They are a solid band that can play on their own. i called the closing song, i knew he would end w/ Billies. and it was so cool when Dave said "take it easy". that made the night a little better. When he came out again, i was expecting a great encore, with either #40 or Grace is Gone. And as soon as i heard the line "it's 2 am and i'm drunk again" i loved it. I just wanted to stand there and listen to Dave's voice and the wonderful lyrics, but that was a bit impossible since everyone around me was screaming "what is this song? is it new? i dont know this! why wont he play something i know?" talk about a dumb annoying crowd. then he played Ants. what a disappointing way to end the show. I was hoping for something better, but i guess not. Oh well. For all of you in the pavilion i really do hope that your night was much more enjoyable than mine, and i hope that you really appreciated where you were.
Ryan B.
Alpine always seems to bring out the party in everyone, and this year was no different. Due to poor planning I was left with arriving in East Troy early AM looking for a spot to rest my head after the show. Thanks again to the people at Country View camping! The lot scene was pretty low key before the show, but as you came over the rise in the hill to behold the greatness that is Alpine you knew the fans were ready to jam. We all know the downfalls of lawn seats, but I enjoy being able to spread out my arms and dance. #41 was expected after the first leg of the tour, but who cared it was great. When ever Dave says, "I got a little sister!" you know your in for a treat and last night was no different. Last nights version of Granny was one of the best yet. I did not have a direct view of the stage but you could tell that Dave was in a great mood, and enjoying himself. Two Step, not much else needs to be said about that! Digging a Ditch was really cool to hear again. I have a really early version of the song, and I like what they did this time around with it. It's just one of the those song that grooves! Bartender (Reconcile our Differences) was fantastic, the radio fans did not know what was going on. Half the fans on the lawn were yelling "DDTW, I love this song" as the boys opened it up, but what can you expect from fans who's only knowledge of Dave is from radio. Grey Street is in my opinion the best of the new songs, I can listen to that song over and over again and this version did not let me down. Watchtower tonight was worth the price of admission, but I still believe it is getting played too often. JTR, what a kick ass jam. The set break seemed a bit long to me, but maybe that was becuase of the drunk people in all directions wondering what was going on, like they had never been to a concert before. Grace is just one of those songs that you have to love, I cannot wait for the new album to play it over and over again. ! Ants was to be expected on a night like tonight, but the lights alone of it were worth the lack of creative thinking in song choices. I only wish they would have really brought out the lights to there fullest early in the show. Regardless of what is played, Alpine is always a must stop for any fan. I am sure that there are many today who are wondering where they were last night and what was played, and to those all I can say is sober up! Enjoy your vises in moderation my friends, Dave is an experience but don't let your vises the thing you remember most about the show! Happy trails ya'll, be good to each other, we'll see again soon, bye-bye!
Erik C.
Great Show Dave. A little short, only 16 songs, I hoped for about 20. but still awesome show. Damn, no security, at all...i saw an Alpine Valley security guard smoing a j, but anyways thats besides the point, great night for a show, great night to party. Opened with 41, its was great, jammed for like 10 minutes, very romantic. Got a rise out of the crowd in Rhyme & Reason when he said "put that needle in my vein my friend" instead of "take this needle from my friend", everyone screamed. Amazing intro to Two Step, Dave said some dark words, couldnt tell what he said, anybody know? anyways it was great...Diggin a Ditch was beautiful, dave was very emotional in this one. Watchtower, I like it better as the closer, but still, incredible, the lights were spectacular on this one, boyd tripped and nearly fell on his solo, didnt miss a beat though, stefans 6 string bass intro was amazing, wow...there was a reason to get excited during this one, it was the highlight of the show(to me at least) One Sweet world, where the hell did this come from? it was unexpected, totally unexpected, but great, the intro was really something. JTR, very nice, a great boyd solo...Tripping Billies, good one to end on, Dave was flailing his legs like i never saw, he went buck wild in this song, good solo's, got the crowd ready, we all knew what was coming...ANTS MARCHING for the encore, incredible, great end to a great night. thanks dave
Jimmy R.
Really good show. Indigenous ended pretty quick. When DMB came out, some people threw a t-shirt and a hat onstage. Dave picked them up, looked them over, and set them aside. There is no bettr opener than #41. SAme as 6.29.00 soldier, but who cares. Leroi hit some really high notes near the end of the his solo, first time iv heard that. What Would You Say, standard, nice to see Leroi and Boyd singing. Getting to like Rhyme and Reason more than before. The red and white swirling lights on that was great. Granny, my first time live, its cool that everybody knew it eb=ven though its unreleased. Carter does a nice job hitting the cymbals really fast and then stopping them suddenly for the song's breaks. Song That Jane Likes, standard. Crash Into Me, excellent. Very cool how they put in the video clips of the Japenese girls. I like Stefan's basswork during the beginning. At this point the new stuff had to be coming. Dave came to the mic and said " this is a real quiet one." I thought maybe Lover, but it was diggin a ditch. Really good song. The 12-string came out for Bartender. Awesome song, the "on bended knees" yells are really cool. Grey Street, standard, but good, maybe the best new song. Two Step, awesome. Carter does a cool thing with the bass pedal at the end when its quiet, hitting them real fast. JTR, good, liking it more. The end was good, Dave did some nice footwork during the outro that got the cowd goin. Standard Watchtower. We got the intro to One Sweet World, glad the crowd liked it. Billies was the best song of the night. Extremely high-energy from the band, especially Boyd. The more the band gets into it, the more we get into it. They waited a long time before coming back out onstage. Grace Is Gone, again, liking it more and more. I called Ants, and as usual, was awesome. There wasn't a snare-only opening for it tonight. Good solos from Leroi and Boyd. Butch is gone, i noticed. Excellent concert.
This was overall a supurb show. There was so much energy from the audience, it was incredible. I was in the lawn for this show, and nobody sat down (at least in my area) for the entire show. Dave kept everybody on their dancing feet!! He seemed to give the audience what he wanted by playing a lot of popular stuff, WWYS, Crash, Billies. The ending for Two Step was incredible!! I thought nothing could top the Two Step from 6/23 at Deer Creed (right before the storm) but they did it tonight!! Dave had so much energy just jamming with Stefan for what seemed like forever. Dave officially tagged Bartender as "a drinking song" And I was pleasantly surprised how many people in the lawn were singing along with Granny, proving there were a lot more than just radio fans there. And the encore, Grace is Gone and Ants, couldn't ask for anything better!! And I get to do it all again Sunday!!
Grant G.
This was my third show...It was pretty good overall. I really enjoyed hearing alot of the old and Watchtower. Trippinbillies was great-it looked as though Boyd got the boys pumped up again for the second leg of the show. My girlfriends first-she loved it. Hey Lisa!
Ryan D.
I thought tonight's show was lacking a little in variety (no BTCS), but was made up for by the band's intensity. They were smiling a lot during the show. #41 is a great opener. Crash had a lot of energy. Two Step was amazing. They sounded better on the new songs this time around, especially with Dave going off at the end of Bartender. That outro to JTR is awesome. The crowd went nuts for Wtwr and Tripping. I want to say thanks to the crowd for being quiet during Grace Is Gone, it was incredible. Ants closed off the show with a lot of energy.
Derek Z.
The show tonight was great. Despite the lack of fan response to pretty much everything-- especially the new songs which the band played so well and with so much energy. I thought they were incredible but the crowd seemed to be in a bit of a daze through the three new song streak. #41 was a great opener and the band was up for the next three songs-- they were all so good. Dave brought it back a little for Granny and Crash and just let everybody chill. Those two songs are always a pleasure. Two Step was incredible. They played so long on this song and the crowd was pretty into it, but that did not hold true for the next three songs which was too bad, but Watchtower brought everybody back. It was probably one of the most energetic mid-show songs ever. Grace is Gone was just good. The crowd loved it and Dave was so mellow through it. Ants Marching-- a classic conclusion to another well done show. Hopefully tomorrow we'll really reap the benefits of the two week break.
Jeremy I.
This was my second time seeing DMB, and all I have to say is that knowing the songs makes the show 100% better. I've only been a fan a little over a year and this is arguably the best concert I've ever been to. #41 was awesome. Dave seemed to be hitting the high notes pretty well tonite. WWYS, I don't know why everyone hates this song, fabulous in concert. Leroi seemed to be getting into it and really jammed. Two Step, my first time seeing in concert, any taped show does not beat the experience of seeing it live, spectacular. My first time ever hearing Grey Street and JTR, both good songs. I'm looking forward to the new CD. Watchtower, the lights were phenomonal and the crowd went crazy when Carter responded to "life is but a joke" Tripping Billies, also my first time seeing live, the place erupted. For the final song, I was thinking Warehouse or Ants, and got treated to Ants for the first time. Boyd broke it down pretty well. I can't wait until I get to see them again, and neither can my friends who I went with, as it was their first time seeing Dave. Just an outstanding show. Thanks Dave!
David H.
I don't belive that all these people said the band had no energy. Did they listen at all to Granny, or Tripping Billies? Sure the concert set list has been over played. Crash is a song I'm getting tired of, the only reason he keeps playing it is so the 12 year old girls get excited, honestly I want to see Grace is gone take the place of Crash in the set lists. I must say the encore was a tiny bit weak. I wanna hear him bust out Halloween or Last Stop...I honestly didn't notice that they didn't play anything from BTCS which was kind of nice because they beat the hell out of it on the last tour. What the hell was up with Carter wearing a Favre jersey...just beause they were playing in hicksville doesn't mean he has to be a fan of the pakcers...GO VIKINGS! I lost so much respect of carter from that. It makes sense when he wore a Cris Carter jersey last year at the Target center because his name is carter...what the hell does Favre have to do with anything? on the way up to the concert we saw a$$ driving a truck that says "the only good vikings not even a dead one" What the hell is with this? Wait this is for the show...I was dissapointed with the fans there were a couple drunk fags that hooked up during the show next to us. The crowd didn't recognize the intro to one sweet world even though they have played since at least 1993...People lost interest in the new songs they were talking and I wanted to beat them can you talk during such great songs as JTR and Bartender? Idiots...well all the people who don't like this show should just not call them selves fans of dave anymore...go follow phish! Eat drink and be merry..
Sam K.
DISSAPOINTED!!!!!!!!! Whats up with all these unenergenic shows? I went to Chicago to see him and was very very dissapointed there. This one had at least a hint on the old Dave, No energy at all. The crowd was ready to go and he didn't come up to the plate. The encore start with a slow song, acceptiable, then Ants. Other then the new songs, that no one but me and a couple others knew of, ants and crash were the best. Crash was saved by the dixie chicken version. Over all TRHUMBS DOWN ON THE SHOWS AT ALPINE AND CHICAGO!
Matt H.
I thought that this show was incredible. Personally, I am a drummer, so from my 8th row center seats I was basically in a trance the whole show watching Carter. He is absolutely unbelieivable. Some of the stuff he was doing on two step, tripping, and ants just blew my mind. I thought Dave was great on Watchtower, lots of energy, jumping around and whatnot. Boyd and Leroi were of course solid and spectacular and Stefan was great tonight. When he was playing the high part on two I thought this was a great setlist as well...#41 was a good opener, followed strongly by WWYS. Watchtower got everyone up in the middle and Tripping and ANTS were great set and encore conclusions. I called ants as the closer...just for you all to know. I cant praise this show and carter enough.