Dave Matthews Band
Shoreline Amphitheatre, Mountain View California
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band: Medeski, Martin & Wood
Seek Up *
Pantala Naga Pampa * -->
Rapunzel *
Ants Marching *
The Maker *
Bartender *
Crash Into Me (Dixie Chicken) *
All Along the Watchtower *
#41 *
Grey Street *
Lie In Our Graves *
Digging a Ditch *
Too Much *
Drive In, Drive Out *
Grace Is Gone *
Tripping Billies *

* with Butch Taylor on keys

Manuel N.
This show is by far the best I've seen. The guys were totally on it. Boyd owned Ants Marching and Tripping Billies. Butch Taylor was smokin' on Lie In Our Graves. Dave sang some alternate lyrics on Drive In, Drive Out that were sooo awesome. All the new songs are amazing, especially Grace Is Gone. It was awesome to hear full band versions of The Maker, Digging a Ditch, and Bartender. The crowd was going wild and the energy all around was cracking. The setlist was perfect (Though I was hoping for Sweet Up and Down). Definitely one for the record books.
Andrea A.
Jesus Christ what a great f-wording show! They were so on tonight that I can't believe that I will ever see a better show. A freaking awesome setlist ANTS was like third and then Watchtower in the middle it made me think how much more could I take. #41, Watchtower, and LIOG had to be the highlights for me, and the guys behind me debating extacly how round a girls ass had to be in order to qualify as perfect. I swear if they had played Nancies I would have gone up in a burst of spontanous conbustion. BOYD was on fire tonight. It was a hundred times better than the Devore show and they played the exact same encore. I almost peed my pants because I couldn't leave my seat and I had sucky seats. Tomorroww is going to rock!
Zeb, R.
Unreal....Despite the fact that we got to the amphitheater a bit late and missed the opening act, we still able to find some pretty decent open area seats. The group around us was hella-cool, and were all into the whole DMB experience big time... except for that one guy, who apparently drank far too much before the concert and chose to pass out on the floor for the entire show. Our group was blow away by the efforts of Dave and the rest of the band. I personally traveled from Canada this very morning to attend the show, and it was worth it. HIGHLIGHTS: Maker - what a treat, never would have thought they would play that - beautifully done. Watchtower... amazing, hats off to Boyd, and Dave seemed to change up his vocal style towards the end, and made it unreal. The new tunes were all amazing, especially Grey Street. The revised lyrics to Drive in Drive out gave it a whole new life, and kicked some ass. But the one defining moment of the concert was Lie in Our Graves, actually Butch Taylors solo in lie in our graves was the defining moment of the show. We were all in a zone while he threw down on the keys (I closed my eyes so I could just absorb it). when I finally opened my eyes, at the end of the solo, a shooting star actually passed over the amphitheater. Some one up stairs must have been digging the show too. Bottom line the night was picture perfect, and we can't wait for night 2!
Paul R.
I attended my very first DMB show Aug 1 way up in the upper lawn at the shoreline amphitheater in Mountain View. Like recent shows I read about, he came onstage 8:20 or so and was done by 11:00. It was a very mellow show. Dave only spoke a few lines. One of the highlights for me was watching the bassist play an incredible sounding solo way up the fretboard, and made it sound like some other instrument without effects.Overall, very mellow. Great instrument playing by da boys. The only thing that detracted from the entire night was the group of 15 or so local high school students sitting in front of us who smoked marijuana and drank incessantly and by the end of the evening started wressling each other to the ground and worrying us about catching loose fist in the face by accident. They really got out of control and tumbled into bystanders. A message to the local high school students: grow up, Dave probably doesn't want you to be there if your only purpose is to get intoxicated and embarrass yourselves. And for sure, I'm not that old, I love to have fun, but I'd love to have your asses busted for ruining the show for the people around you.
Shireen G.
"It's good to be back here again", said Dave Matthews. Well, it's good to have you back here, Dave, as usual. Seek Up was a perfect way to start the night. It was so delicately played, and seemed to be just a little bit slower than normal to emanate the full effect. As we waited in anticipation of the next song, the familiar sounds of PNP came on and everyone joined in on the "come and relax nahahowwww..." It was one of those warm and fuzzy moments during a Dave concert. Throughout the show, I was pleased to hear a few songs I had never seen performed live before, one of which was The Maker. It had an even more soothing tone when heard live. Then there was Bartender, which started out with the steady drone from Boyd's violin and developed into the mesmerizing ballad it is. The highlight of the show for me was definitely #41. The only way to sing along to this song is to put your whole heart into it, as Dave did, especially during the high notes. And there's something therapeutic about singing along with him like that. LIOG was a crowd-pleaser and the lighters came on like little fireflies scattered throughout the amphitheater. Butch and Boyd had a sweet little duet near the end which had the audience yelling, "Yeah Butch!" The rest of the show was great, including a short, sped-up video of driving through traffic accompanying DIDO. GIG hushed the audience after waiting for the encore, and was beautifully done, I have to say. Of all the new songs played, this was my favorite. During this concert, I noticed Dave played the two songs I usually hear in the encore, Ants Marching and AAtW, in the middle of the setlist, which enthused the crowd. Tripping Billies ended the night with everyone singing and dancing around. I must admit that I have seen better setlists in the past, but overall it was definitely a great show and an honor to see. Thanks DMB.
Michael W.
I believe that Seek up is the Best opener Possible and I was happy tonight. Next was PNP into a good Rapunzel (not as hot as Sac Valley Amp though. Ants was next, fourth song so at that point I though Watchtower would be the closer but read on and find the truth. That is The Maker, Bartender, Crash, JTR then Watchtower. Dave is playing Ants and Watchtower in other than encore positions and that makes for an outstading show as this one was. #41 is such a great song followed by Grey Street (this song is a hit I tell ya), Lie in Our Graves, Digging a Ditch is a close second on the new DMB song catalog. After that it was time to rock with Too Much and Drive in Drive out. The encore was Grace is Gone (a new one that Dave has been playing)which is always nicely done and last but never least Tripping Billies. Dave has been playing seventeen to twent songs on this tour and Stefan has been arranging everything with extreme creativity to keep us coming back for more. Finally, after the house lights came on, Carter cam out on stage and threw four or five drum sticks to the fans. THANK YOU VERY MUCH.
Dickson N.
dave sucked!! Boyd rocked!!butch taylor sucked horribly! kind of a depressing show. Dave's getting old! Where's that energy? It's gone. Too bad. just kinda of sucks, Mick Jagger can still run around like a lunatic, and he's old. Dave's only 33. Dave needs some new energy he needs to find some new musical tastes. You can tell he's not as into the music anymore. As I said too bad, 'cause dave used to rock harder than just about anyone! Later!!!!!!
Jeff F.
This was the first show I've been to, and it absolutely blew me away. I didn't feel the setlist was outstanding, but it didn't matter because it was such a great show. It started smooth with Seek Up, and then the energy level really increased with PNP and Rapunzel. The highlights for me were Ants Marching and All Along the Watchtower, as well as the solos on LIOG (Boyd on the violin, and Butch on the keyboard were both amazing). I got a little pissed when people around me started talking during The Maker, because I hadn't heard it before and it sounds really good. I can't wait for the new release to come out. Like I said before, there were a few other songs I would have liked to have heard (I was practically praying that they'd play Two Step) but it was still an amazing show.
Matt T.
Quickly for those that read these reviews and those who produce them: Thank you for having a forum where Dave fans can come together and talk about the shows. Having said that, I am a long-time fan who contributed to this list once a while ago; but I wanted to take a quick second on this show. Dave, Shoreline, August 1st, was truly a measure of how far the band has come. All the songs were tight and the band played the best I have ever seen "as a group". A particular favorite was the mellow and meandering of Eyes of the Maker into Bartender into Crash--how beautiful. Grace is Gone and a powerful, if not totally jammed out Tripping Billies perfectly closed this show. Thanks Dave and band, your trip here is appreciated.
Dan K.
I have been to 42 DMB shows, and this is the best one I haver ever seen, heard, or witnessed.
Tim D.
Almost didnt go, but at the last minute scored a ticket from ticketbastard, right behind the soundboard! Amazing sound right there, loud and probaly the best I have heard at Shoreline. Seek Up is my favorite opener. Ants was fantastic, especially since I was kind of bored of hearing that tune. Not this time, the energy was incredible. Dave wished Jerry Garcia "Happy Birthday", before launching into "The Maker" (Which the Jerry Garcia Band used to play as well). My #41 streak is still alive and well! I loved this version. ALso the new sounds were intriguing. DMB's next albulm should be good.