Dave Matthews Band
Alpine Valley Music Theatre, East Troy, Wisconsin
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band: Indigenous; The Getaway People
Warehouse (stop time intro)
The Best of What's Around
Don't Drink the Water
Busted Stuff
Seek Up
Pantala Naga Pampa -->
Grace Is Gone
Jimi Thing
Grey Street
Lover Lay Down
Drive In, Drive Out
So Much To Say (Anyone Seen the Bridge?) -->
Too Much
Lie In Our Graves

Brian A.
this was my first dave concert, and my first real concert of any band...and it really was an eye opener. i expected pot and booze, but i found out there was a whole lot of pot and booze. and people trying to hop the fence from lawn to reserved seating. as for the show, i was a little dissapointed. a pretty standard setlist, a nice mix of new and old though. the jimi thing and seek up jams were nuts...dave was bustin' a move. the so much to say -> ASTB -> too much is a great combination. a one song encore? what was up with that? it wasnt a very long LIOG either...still, the crowd seemed really into it, the lighters went on for satellite and lover lay down, and it was a really good time.
Ben S.
Well, the show got off to a strong start with Warehouse (got to brag now--I called this one) and got everybody up and moving. The band looked really tight together and eager for a strong show. We kept on groovin with Best of What's Around--always fun to hear live. Still oldies like Satellite which always makes me smile. The band really got going for Don't Drink the Water. They play this song so often, but the was one of the most powerful performances I have ever heard...Boyd, LeRoi and Dave were just feeding off each other and Dave shook the place to end the song. If you are looking for jam songs, check out Seek Up. One of my favorites to settle everyone down and let the band do what they do best. "Ashes to ashes, dust to dust" was something new for me to hear in this song and yet another commentary on how mortal we really are. To pick things up again they layed into Rapunzel very hard and the crowd roared back. It is such a playful, happy song that I could never get sick of it. Dave threw in a few new songs that look like they are still in progress. The lighting was really amazing during the show. It compliments the band as each song would build up to the end. Another highlight for me was John the Revelator (that no one knew). Dave pulled out his 12-string and jazzed up the crowd with this one. It is different from when he played with Santana (no soloing) and Boyd got into it at the end. Drive In, Drive Out was intense and ripping all the way through---this song is so creepy, but it demands your attention. Carter was going nuts at the end showcasing his amazing skills on the drums. Lover Lay Down slowed things down, but this ballad can never get old---a beatiful song with such emotion. The best "new" song out there has got to be "Grey Street!! Such a clean performance of an upbeat, almost uplifting song. The entire band is involved in this one. You could tell the crowd was hanging onto every note because it caught our eye but we weren't quite sure when (or how) it would end. The show wra pped up with the most energy I have ever felt in the crowd and the band together. So Much to Say into Too Much cannot disappoint especially when everyone can sing the song from start to finish. The band really looked like they were getting into this one. Stefan even started to dance around during the segue to Too Much. For an encore, I was happy to hear Lie In Our Graves--super showing by Boyd on this one. He literally took center stage and brought all eyes on him. Dave stood back and watched in awe. To my surprise this is how the concert ended ("as we dance away") and I couldn't have asked for much more. The band looks great and sounded exceptional. For my 7th time to see them I couldn't be happier.
Tony D.
All I can say is that the crowd tonight was the worst ever. Besides standing for hours with my feet at a terrible angle, these drunken louts had no regard for their fellow man. Being pushed around and having beer spilled on me was nothing compared to getting kicked in the face by people jumping over the railing. A girl I saw later was crying so much because her face was all scratched up and bloody from the crowd. Anyway, the band was great. Dave looked so energized the way he would jump around the stage. I was pleased that he didn't just play radio tunes, and Jimi Thing and Seek Up seemed to last for hours. I was also kinda bummed that there was only one encore (but it was LIOG, so i can't complain too much). All in all, if not for the crowd, it would have topped my Soldier Field experience.
well i guess i got mixed feelings bout this show. We missed the beginning [warehouse] for reasons i simply do not know. I guess it was because there was a long ass line to get in-- it was weird. For some reason the whole show seemed short-- but i guess i've heard people say they thpought it was long. Seek up was killer- came at a great time. I really dig that busted stuff song-- haven't heard it before. Lover was excellent-- great to hear. ANNOY ANNOY ANNOY smts-astb-too much. ANNOY. they need to get over that grouping of songs so bad. I am so sick of hearing that shit. Maybe if they did a different "jam" occasionally into too much, it would be ok-- they need to figure out something, i don't know. lie in our graves was excellent, and i'm kind of mad it was the only encore song but they totally made up for it when dave said "till we dance away". I've never heard him say it live, and i was like, yeah man . the crowd was good, but not great..... All i can say is gold stars to the lost and found crew for having homegirls car keys-- unreal.
Ryan L.
This was good ol' number 9 on my DMB going experiences, and I wasn't even going to go. I was very disappointed with this summer tour when I went to the two soldier field shows, but the morning of the show I decided to give it one last shot. And I made the right decision. Unbelievable show! Great setlist, sent the radio tennybopping fans to sleep and the band put on the show for their loyal fans. Highlights were Seek Up, pretty jam, nice, long, and soothing with Dave's yelling. Good to hear no Stay, Crash, Ants. The new songs were beautiful. Grace is Gone is so pretty. Grey Street should be their new single. Busted Stuff is good, yet it could be developed more. Anyways, great show, probably up there with 6/15/99 as my favorite. You boys redeemed yourselves in my eyes. And one more thing, the two girls sitting behind me on the lawn, Meg and her friend from Plymouth, Wiscons, if you're reading this, you shoulda stayed till the end and lied to your parents. You missed a great ending, and Meg, email me.
David M.
Before I say anything let me just say that i did enjoy this show, it was a good show. I think any time you get the chance to see these guys play it is going to be more worth your while than seeing almost any other band. They quite simply are one of the greatest bands ever and I don't care if some people don't agree with that because they are. It just gets to the point where after as many times as I have seen them (and i know there are many many other people out ther who know what i mean by this) you can just tell when the band is really into it and when they are on. Tonight, it took them awile to get going and i don't think they finished on a real strong note. Again it was a good show though. Lets see, warehouse, ok good choice for an opener but it was such a sedated version of the song. The same goes for BOWA. Both good songs, but they were both way too mellow for what they are supposed to be. Satellite, could have done without this one. Don't get me wrong it is a good song, but think about how many other songs you would rather hear, I have a pretty long list. Busted, great, i love this song it has such a great vibe to it, i considered myself lucky to hear this one. I was very happy to hear Seek Up, but for about the first 7 minutes of it the they were still just going through the motions. Right about the time Boyd hit his solo the show really started. Rapunzel was great, I can never get sick of this song for some reason and it was good, dave was finally dancing and the whole band seemed into this one and it showed. Grace was one of the highlights of the show, I was happy that the crowd actually seemed to respond to this one. This is a great song. And i did not expect it again after the night before. I don't want to drag this on so lets see . . . Grey Street, excellent. That is all I have to say about that. DIDO was great as well, a lot of energy. SM2S-(ASTB0)-TM, same as Satellite, they are fine but think about what could have been in its place, Stone, #40, LBV, Maker, and i could think of even more but they are songs that the band haven't played or just aren't playing this summer. Now the encore, I was trying to figure out what they would play because they had used up almost all the encore material they have used this summer either last night or in tonights set. We got LIOG. This is a great song, I love this song. Boyd was incredible on this one. but as an encore I felt it cut the show a bit short. LIOG has a lot of energy and it really gets the crowd into it which is what you usually want in an encore but it also kind of fizzles out at the end. It is a great song but I wish they would have played this during the show and saved Grey Street or DIDO, or maybe even Grace for the encore. All in all, it was not the *greatest*, I have seen the boys at their best and last night was good, they are always good, but I have seen better. Riverbend 6/26 was better (in my opinion) well I am done for the summer, now I can do nothing but wait for the fall/winter dates, assuming they have time to tour around finishing the album. See ya
Jimmy R.
A lot better than last night. We got several fairly rare songs. The crowd really liked the new songs. Warehouse is always cool. Crowd picked up on the "woo" by the second or third stop. It's awesome when the lights go with Carter's drumming during the stop-time. Best Of, my first time live. Nice again to see Boyd on backup vocal, along with Carter. Satellite, standard but still excellent. Dont Drink, real good. After it ended, with no instuments playing, Dave came back up to the mic and sang the "and I live with the notion lines" again real quietly. Busted Stuff, my first. Its a pretty good song, i just have to hear it more. Seek Up! My first. Very cool how the crowd knew it and was singin along. Then PNP-Rapunzel, also my first. The ending jam was excellent. Dave did dome cool dancing then. "This is a song called Grey Street.' After hearing GIG and Grey Street three and four times apiece, i really like them. They're up there with warehouse, 41, satellite, stuff like that. Lover Lay Down, again my first. Good. Afterwards "Leroi Moore on the saxophone!" Best Jimi Thing Ive ever heard. Dave switched up the lyircs on the "sometimes I take a Bus there" part. Didn't catch it. Dave did an actual guitar solo, unbelievable. GIG-"scuse me please, one more drink, make it strong cuz i dont need to think." awesome. Drive In, very good. High-energy. I expected it to be the last one. But we got So Much To Say. Good sing-along. We got a short Anyone Seen the Bridge, which was cool. Dave was dancin crazily on this one, real fast. Too Much, standard, but a good closer. Lie In our Graves is now an epic song. One that defines the band. Easily the best of song of both nights. Best live song from them or any other band. The emotion that Boyd puts into it is something to see. At the height of his solo, he played two bars of Ode to Joy, which blew me away, You can't describe it on paper. My only complaint is too many idiots on the lawn. I'll only get lawn tix if i have to. Theres a big difference in the way the people act under the pavilion and on the lawn. Alpine Valley is a nice venue though. But this concert was unbelievable. My five shows rank like this. 6.29.00, 8.20.00, 6.30.00, 8.19.00, and 6.14.99.
Jason W.
This was second show I have seen at Alpine, first was Phish and second was tonight seeing DMB for the 8th time this summer. If it was not for their almost out-of-control energy, the would not have been very good. I was happy with parts of the setlist, but other parts really lacked, especially the encore. Warehouse openend and was not totally suprised by this. It was solid and a standard version. Best of What's Around was next and this could be one of the most underrated songs they have. It is always great to see Boyd and Carter doing some singing with Dave as as all of them are rockin'. Always happy to see this song. Satellite was 3rd and really was not suprised and was glad that it was early so it was out of the way. When Don't Drink the Water started, I knew the show was just starting to get good. People complain way to much about this song, that it is overplayed and/or a radio song. Dave's energy cannot be topped in this song and it has a vey powerful meaning behind it. Combine it with the lighting and you have a great song. Busted Stuff was great. I have heard this song plenty, but the debuted after I was done with my part of the tour. Dave was really gettin' into this one and it was fun to see. Too bad people sit down and/or talk with each other during this song. I drove four hours and paid 40 bucks to see what came next. Seek Up into Rapunzel. I have never seen Seek Up before and it was also when Boyd decided it was time for to take over the only way he can. Dave and him got crazy during his Boyd Violin part. Dave just stoof their and basically said "let me have it." Roi's solo was very nice and very long, I really enjoyed it and was just waiting to see how they would blow up during Rapunzel. This was the highlight of the show. The boys' went absolutly nuts at the end. This could be the best song I have ever seen or heard by them. It was just awesome. Got to see Grace is Gone debut in Cincy and was looking forward to seeing it again tonight. I wonder how he is talking about in this song, I am intrested in finding out. After Grace is Gone came JTR. I really like the way they do this song now, but I wish they still said John the Revelator part. The ending of this song is very solid and they get rockin' pretty good. Next came Jimi Thing and I was looking forward to it. It is too bad they don't this as often as they used too. This could be one of their best songs and everyone's energy was at peak during this one also. I like the little changes they have done with this song. Dave has also changeda few lyrics in a couple parts of the song. Grey Street came next and although I really like this song I was looking for Sweet Up & Down or Bartender, but got neither tonight. It was a good version of the song and the more I see it the more it grows on me (Just like all their music). Lover Lay down was a nice treat. I wish my fiance could have been with me for this one. This just makes verybody just strip down and do it on the lawn. Drive in Drive out is always good, shorter then usually though, but I enjoy seeing Carter blow up at the end. I knew what they would end with tonight and was not suprised when SMTO-->ASTB-->Too Much came. These are good songs, but I wish they would do some changing in what the end with. The really need to mix it up. ASTB was great, the best I have ever seen it done. The biggest dissapointment of the night was the encore. Lie in our Graves is always great, but the need to either follow it up with something or play something before it. I was really looking and hoping for Bartender or Diggin' a Ditch. This was a good show, probably a 7 out of 10. I knew the set would be varied as they played all their crowd favs last night. The thing that I don't like is the fact that they use the bright lights on the crowd way too much. During the encore they had the lights on and we were in the front of the lawn and you couldn't even see Boyd or anybody on stage. They do it way too often and it really takes away from the band and the rest of the lighting they have. It seems they have really started doing this more this year and they need to stop. The crowd is always going nuts anyway, we don't need to see them. The one thing I have noticed during this tour is how much they better they have gotten. They keep growing as musicians and it keeps showing in their music and lyrics. They lacked the energy last summer, but they have found it again this summer and it shows on stage and through their music. Something happened with these guys while working on the new album, I hope it carries over into the album and hopefully into a tour this winter.
Amy L.
Wow, what can I say!?! This was my first time being in front row, and what a treat it was!! Boyd is fantastic!! He really interacts with the audience!! And Carter...stole the show several times (at least he took off the goofy Favre jersey, thank goodness!!) Dave and the boys were really on fire. What a way to end the show, with So Much leading into Too Much. Really held the audience's attention. Although LIOG was phenomenal, I think in general everyone was a little disappointed with just the one song as an encore. Overall, FANTASTIC!! I don't think I could ever go back to lawn again!
Matt H.
Whoa! Great show! My first visit to alpine, and it was quite nice. My 5th show, and third this summer. I had lawn tickets, so I urged to arrive around 5:30 when they opened it up, but there were complications and we barely got inside the place before Dave came on. We were far back, and I couldn't see much, but the video crew as always did a good job, so I could watch the screens. Warehouse - always a wonderful opener, complete with stop time intro. Got everything going nicely. Next came Best of What's Around, such a great song! I must say, however, I missed sitting in the warehouse section, as the crowd energy is always better there. Now I could have sworn I heard Dave down-tuning his E string to a D in preparation for DDTW or Bartender. He must have switched guitars when I wasn't paying attention, because next came Satellite. Solid and standard. Dave did, however, sign the harmony on the last chorus while the crowd sang the melody, which was a really neat touch. Now Dave switches guitars and DDTW came. I like the song, but I have heard it at EVERY show I have been too. Oh well, so it goes. Now a real treat. "This song's called 'Busted Stuff', but when I was writing it, it was 'She My Bitch.'" J Nice job clearing all that up. First time id witnessed it live, and it was truly amazing. Dave was smiling SO big and having SO much fun scatting and improving lyrics. The recording I have had the Ladies, and I think I liked it this way better. Again, I missed the warehouse section when others around me unfamiliar with the tune decided it was time to chat. Sigh.. Now Dave totally slowed things down with Seek Up, I LOVE this tune live. Such a great, long jam. Now, I could have SWORN that the long jam at the end of seek up blended seamlessly into the Intro to Pantala Naga Pampa, however the "on the road" site does not indicate such. Anyways, before I new it I recognized the chords for this intro and I was blown away. I was very surprised not so many people recognized it. Well, it went into Pantala and everyone sang really loud and it was great. Then that of course led into Rapunzel, which got everyone dancing after a relatively long string of slow songs. So much energy from the band, and still, not great energy from the lawn crowd, at least around me. Slightly Disappointing. Next came another Huge treat; Grace is Gone. Didn't think I would get to hear this one, as they had played it last night. Such a great, sad song. Next, a GREAT JTR, with lots of improved Lyrics. Dave did that a lot tonight, I liked it. Best slide into the outro I have heard, and Boyd mixed it up a bit, which was also very nice. The people unfamiliar with the new tunes were getting restless right about now, and their (not to mention my) prayers were answered with the absolute best Jimi Thing I have ever heard!!! I was really hoping to hear this one again tonight, as I had not gotten in since my first show in '98. They jammed it out for what seemed like forever! I've also noticed that Dave has done a whole lot more lead guitar stuff in the jams this tour, and he does them very well! It was absolutely incredible. Definitely a big high point of the evening. Next came a solid performance of Grey Street, a standout among the new tracks. Again, I was the only one singing, it seemed. Now came a string of songs that absolutely blew me away. First, Lover Lay Down. Perhaps the sweetest love song he's ever written (besides I'll Back You Up), and I have longed to see it live. So gorgeous. Then, an energy packed rendition of Drive In, Drive Out. Such a great live tune. I love the "We'll make up a new god and have a little party of our own" line he has thrown in this year. I figured this would be the last song before the encore, but as it closed the whole band kept their instruments on. At this point I was literally whispering to myself "So Much to Say, So Much to Say!" I have REALLY wanted to see the SMTS->ASTB->Too Much combo again. And before I knew it, dave started up SMTS!!!!! I pretty much went crazy with excitement. So much energy from the band, and finally from the whole crowd too. SMTS ends, and I call the Bridge transfer and it comes, much to my delight. Then BOOM right into Too much, and the crowd is rocking. I cant describe the amount of energy in the air. Dave said goodnight, and I really could have left a happy man. But hey, might as well stick around for the encore right? :::grin:::: ok, so we only got 4 new songs so far so I figured he'd play another one, maybe diggin a ditch, and then close it up. To my delight, I was wonderfully mistaken. They coma back on, let the crowd roast in the anticipation for a bit, and then busted into LIE IN OUR GRAVES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Probably the best live song ever, and I had NEVER heard of them using it as a closer. Oh my sweet lord it was amazing. Totally unexpected and such a great surprise. Everybody jammed so well and so long on this one, and Boyd threw in some Pachabel Canon in D. What a TREAT! Best closer I could have ever asked for, to round up an excellent show.
Scott S.
WOW!!!! What a Fu*king show!!! I have never seen the band and fans so energetic in a single show, i mean i have only been to 11 shows but this show by far had the most energy. I have never seen Dave and Boyd have so much fun on the stage. I had about 15th row seats and everyone around me was awesome i didn't know more then 3 people around me but it felt like i had known everyone for the 2 and a half hpurs he was on stage. But anyhow to the show. Warehouse was a SWEET opener and as usual durig the stop-time intro the crowd would go Whoooo!!! and dave would respond with a smile like no other. BOWA was a real suprise he has not played that much at all this tour it was nice to hear. Busted Stuff what a cool song that was the first time i had heard it live i really like it. Then SEEK UP!!!! i love that song it is so awesome in concert and the crowd went nuts when they heard the intro mad props to the band. Grace is Gone was nice to hear again even though we had heard it last night. I was never a big fan of Jimi Thing in concert until tonight HOLY SH*T! Dave was two steppin BOyd was rocking Carter even gave a nice fist to the air and a scream of YESSSSSs as the song ended, during one of Boyds solos dave dropped his guitar down and started to pretend he was playin the violin needless to say the crowd went ape sh*t. Dave broke 2 strings during the song and Boyd broke a string to and Stephan broke a string during DDTW, what was wrong with the strings tongiht, but that didnt stop an awesome production by the band. Grey Street and JTR were nice to hear again I could hear Grey Street every time and i would be happy actually out of the 6 shows i saw this tour i heard Grey Street at every show!!! Lover Lay Down was awesome that is my favorite slow song by the band and he was way into the song tonight. It was also nice to hear PNP and Repunzel that was the first time tis tour he had played it in the middle of the show it was a treat. DIDO was awesome the crowd thought that it was the closer BUT NO it wasnt we still got So Much to Say with alittle ANYONE SEEN THE BRIDGE which is my favorite Jam into Too Much. LIOG was an awesome encore i wished the show could go on but it came to end but it was most memorable. Hope DMB comes back soon so till then LATER
Jason .
This being Dave's last show in chicagoland and after putting on a great show saturday I was expecting another great show but this show was pretty average for dmb standards. The highlights of the show were jimi thing and a beautiful grace is gone, but they didnt really seem to grab the whole crowd until smts->atsb->too much to close the show. The encore was weak, LIOG was solid, but only a one song encore! i was not of fan of that. Oh well ill be there next year.
Andrew H.
First of all the crowd in the parking lot was wild. Everybody in the front row of the lot just had a blast. Warehouse, with the stop time intro just got the crowd going right of the bat. Other highlights were Grace Is Gone and that sweet jam at the end of JTR. Lover Lay Down and SMTS into Too Much with Anyone Seen The Bridge kicked the crowds ass too. The lighting was crazy, and to look back at all of the thousands of lighters before the encore is always a beautiful sight. The only minor let down was the one encore(LIOG) but I can never complain at one of these shows.
Derek Z.
This show was simply amazing-- after getting out whatever observed cobwebs they might have had the night before the band rocked tonight! Warehouse and Best of What's Around were tight and full of energy; after that there was no looking back. Satellite was classic and Don't Drink the Water flew. Busted Stuff was awesome, but it was very dissapointing to see all the "so-called" fans use that song for intermission. JTR was crazy-- Dave was dancing through the jam-- the crowd loved it. Much better crowd reaction to the new songs tonight than last. Jimi Thing was incredible: you could tell Dave was so pumped-- the energy here was unreal and continued through Grey Street. Lover Lay Down was so chill. Dave cranked it back up with Drive In, Drive Out and turned around to Carter and pumped his fist after the song. So Much to Say including the Jam into Too Much and Too Much itself were the best I've ever seen or heard. The last three songs were so good that I found it hard for anyone to be dissapointed with a one song encore. Lie in Our Graves was so high and then they did the little quite jam, it seemed, forever-- nobody could get enough-- Boyd was playing "Ode to Joy." I almost forgot about the whole last section: "I can't believe..." It was so good-- the crowd was dancing, the band was jamming and anyone who was there tonight had to be amazed. Yeah DAVE!!
Jon T.
First of all, bringing bootlegs to give away is an awesome idea for those of you who can't always get there first. I brought a bunch of tapes that I had extra (Sonys, though) and gave them away to anyone I saw who looked like they weren't having the best time of their lives. I found a guy with a broken leg whom I gave a Dave and Tim show. Anyways, I got me and my buddies to the front of the line before they opened the gates by donating a 2000 show to 3 characters who became good friends to us throughout the night. To the show, I loved the set, I felt it was very mixed, and I've seen plenty reviews complaining about the songlist. One thing one must consider before saying anything stupid like that is that the band almost completely changed it from last night. Seek Up, Rapunzel, etc. How can you complain? How can you expect Dave to give you different songs just when YOU see him? He plays what he wants, as the mood hits the band, making those chosen songs the most functional. Although we got one encore, the fact that Seek Up, Rapunzel (amazing, with the most phantasmagoric lights I've ever seen for any song, and this one beats all of my versions from 98-99 on tape), LIOG, SMTS-ASTB-Too Much, DIDO, blows the fact that we didn't get a few that I was hoping for out of my mind. I can't complain, I mean like 2 hours and 45 minutes of any DMB could be bad? Boyd was really on it tonight, groovin' in the jimi jam and LIOG jam. I creamed my pants repeatedly, and the guy behind me puked on them, so it was equalized for sure. One more thing is that before the show, I put a note in a tic tac box saying how much we enjoyed seeing them and love their live music, oh yeah, and begging for Blue Water and Dreamed I Killed. . . with our addresses on it, opining that we think they would still be wonderful live. So if any of you saw right before the last 3 songs were played someone throw a white box up there and Stefan pick it up, that was mine (Even though we were only at the front of the lawn and hired a friend in the seats to do it for us:) I thank everyone there for being so friendly to me and my friends, making this the best show we've been to, but I don't thank the bouncers in the seats because I had to throw quarters at them to move.
Bridget J.
I think any average-to-good DMB show will leave you feeling good after the show, that is until they blow you away the next evening. I had rated Saturday's Alpine Valley show as the best of my 5 shows this tour. But then the stop-time intro "Whoos" began in Warehouse. This has been so energetic both times I've heard it this summer, the band seemed genuinely surprised by the intensity and excitement from the crowd. Really great versions of both Warehouse and BOWA. I was a little bummed when they started playing Satellite but even it seemed a little more energetic than usual. I'll stop here to say that there really is a great vibe at Alpine Valley. You can't compete with the energy that emerges when you combine a beautiful natural setting and great music. Glad to finally hear a song from BTCS a third of the way into the second show; DDTW was solid as usual. Busted Stuff. Hmmm. It sounded very similar to the versions from earlier in the tour, except without the pleasant absence of the Lovely Ladies, that is, until the end of the song. Dave just started repeating some of the lyrics over and over again but mostly just making seductive noises, dancing seductively, and making suggestive facial expressions. This was, without a single doubt, the most blatantly sexual AND sensual I have ever seen Dave. Then came the real highlights. I had been hoping for Seek Up as an opener and was still holding on to some hope for it until Busted Stuff started and I decided it was too late. But I was so happy to be wrong. This 20+ minute experience kicked the crap out of the 7/8/00 version I witnessed earlier. So much more energy from everyone and better solos from Boyd and LeRoi. Then they transitioned into the Intro from Listener Supported. Really great mellow vibe at this point carried over from the end of Seek Up. Nice bluesy solo from Dave too. And then Pantala into Rapuzel. My other favorite opener. Amazing version; each member was wailing away during the whole song. Grace Is Gone. Just gets better and still gets me close to tears. I have to be honest, on the way to the show I said I did not want to hear Jimi Thing tonight; I had heard two excrutiatingly slow and long versions earlier, courtesy of Butch, and one last summer, without Butch. But now I know why this song has evoloved into a 15-20 minute experience. When each member brings the best of what's worked in the past and a little something new, this song becomes something truly special. Lover Lay Down was simply perfect. I thought Drive In, Drive Out was the last song before the encore and I was perfectly happy. The place was going nuts and the band had already outdone themselves. But they were still standing there, holding onto their instruments. And then So Much to Say started. Right away I hoped for a Anyone Seen the Bridge transition into Too Much and the boys came through yet again. This combo is amazing every single time I hear it. When they came back on stage and started Lie In Our Graves I intuitively knew this was going to be my first one-song encore show. There was no possible way they could build on that much energy for two more songs. Great version of it (although 6/24/00 might still top it). One more highlight: a return of Dave saying "LeRoi Moore on the saxophone" and "Carter Beauford on the drums." This show will likely stay on the top of my Greatest Concerts list for quite some time. Thank you DMB.
Chris C.
This review is really for BOTH NIGHTS at alpine. After 3 night at deer creek, 2 at riverbend and 2 at soldier this summer, these two shows were much anticipated. First off, I read some review before i wrote this and it really gets old reading all of these people COMPLAINING that they had a bad time. It's either the crowd doesn't know the songs or the crowd in drunk/high or dave plays radio tunes. Come on people. I am with you to a certain point but let it go(expect the guy who was punked on). Some of my friends may not be huge fans but they still have a good time. It's that what it is all about? OK, I could go on but the show must come first. I LOVED BOTH NIGHTS. HIGHLIGHTS - (Night 1)TSTJL (thankyoujane),Granny (always get me going), OSW (swim naked, maybe later tonight), JTR/Diggn/Bartender/Grey/Grace (new cd can't get here soon enough. Night 2 - BOWA(not where you are but who you're with), Busted Stuff (rolling stone gatherings no moss, but leaves a trail of bus! ted stuff), SEEK UP (great in concert), SMTS->bridge->Too Much (love when you know too much is on the way). also, encore - LIOG - great tune, did not mind single encore, keeps me guessing. OVERALL HIGHLIGHTS - no "lovely ladies", no butch and no tim. Nothing against them. Just nice to hear the boyz by themselves. The long jams were great with only five band members to take turns. ULMIMATE HIGHLIGHT - I bumped into an old college friend on saturday. I was going for a pre concert walk and just happened to make eye contact with a girl in the distance. As i decided to go in for a closer look, i realized who she was. I spent the rest of the night with her. It's amazing the people you can meet at these shows if you just open your eyes. We truley live on OSW. LOWLIGHTS - all the a-holes who think that they are the ultimate dave fans and myself for complaining about it. And for Allison ->"A friend is always good to have, but a lovers kiss is better than angels raining down on me"
Paul M.
What a concert! This was a great show for true Dave fans. None of this RADIO SONGS ONLY stuff! I was on the lawn seating where it was a bit difficult to see. Nothing as close to the seats I had for the 7/25 concert! But, from the moment he opened with Warehouse, I knew the show was headed in the right direction. The jams were so unbelievable!! Seek up, Jimi Thing and Lie in Our Graves (Encore) were as my buddy Chi would say "SO BEAUTIFUL!!" I couldn't say it better, they contained the most meticulous jams that lasted for what felt like a soothing eternity. His new songs were outstanding as well. I thoroughly enjoy Grace is Gone, it is a great song to relax your body and mind :) Overall this was a great concert, the band and the crowd worked off of each other to produce a intense amount of energy, the encore was so also so amazing! I couldn't have left feeling more satisfied.
Nick ".
This whole weekend turned out to be a blast. Hooked up with DMBRaccoon "Coleman Donley " for the first time and along with his DMB attitude he brought that Pittsburgh accent. We kicked off our nite with being car numbers 2,3,and 4 into Alpines Lot. Warehouse was no suprise as an opener and the wooooos during the stop time intro just made it so much better. My first time this summer hearing Busted Stuff or better known as SHE MY BITCH, but I have to admit it ranks up there ast number 1 for me. Grace Is Gone is becoming to well known and predictable while PNP-->Rapunzel was what I mainly came to see along with the bridge. The nite was capped off with a great encore of LIOG and Boyd literally tore that pavillion roof off. Overall it was a great weekend with Sunday the 20th of August being the best DMB experience ever.
Andrea G.
This was my second concert at Alpine Valley, my first being Bob Dylan and Phil Lesh in July. The Bob show was great, and it was because of the crowd there, which consisted mostly of friendly dirty hippies. The fans at Dave, however, were a complete disgrace. These little Abercrombie suburbanites had absolutely no consideration for the fans around them. Throughout the show, I was pushed and shoved from every possible direction. I saw people get kicked, stepped on, tripped over, and no one ever apologized for any injury or pain they may have caused to their fellow Dave fans. There was barely room to breathe on the lawn, but every five minutes a seemingly endless stream of people had to squeeze through the crowd (all holding hands, of course) and each one had to step on me and almost knock me over. Also, two girls in front of us had to dance the entire time. Every movement they made caused them to bump into someone else. One of them kept rubbing her ass against my boyfriend's arm while she elbowed me repeatedly in the stomach. After the show (the setlist disappointed me, although Dave sounded incredible), we went to the 24 hour Taco Bell in Beloit where we saw a girl who was all bloody from being kicked in the face, and then a half dozen bratty concertgoers budged in front of us in line. It is a shame that a band as talented as DMB has to have fans of this caliber.
Laura C.
Ah, Alpine! I can always count on you to revive my love for Dave! Honestly, after my disappointment with the Soldier Field show, Sunday was a welcome relief. And if you read my last review, you can guess HOW HAPPY I was that the encore was something besides Ants Marching. Not only was it something besides Ants Marching...which just isn't an encore tune was Lie on Our Graves...Nice. Overall, this show was really very good. The band was tight, the crowd was happy, and you just can't beat the sound at Alpine...there really isn't a bad place to sit in the venue. Combine that with a beautiful night outside, and you have yourself one hell of a show. Cannot Wait for the new album to come out.
Got One 2 Step in the past 5 shows i've been to, I must be cursed. This was my 9th show, and it most definately ranks up there with the best. You know the band is on when you're feelin' the songs you don't particularily care 4, and there were more than a few. Warehouse is a strong opener, displays the bands ability to blend dark and colorful notes in a song, lyrically one of his best. Best Don't Drink I've ever heard, followed by She My Bitch. First time i've heard "my bitch", loved it, awsome Dave vocals, fun lyrics and chorus. Seek Up, Dave's best song lyrically , next to Last Stop and Two Step, his best song to be jammed out, powerful version. PNP and Rapunzel are probably my least favorite songs, very choppy music and obnoxious lyrics, but as far as versions go one of the best I've heard. Grace Is Gone is beautiful, though I'd like to see the band do more with it. Grey Street reminds me of 2 Step, very powerful, lots of Dave Wailing, lyrically one of his bestl. Jimi Thing is always fun, phenominal jam, fun Dave Solo. DIDO and SMTS->Too Much, are some of my least favorites, just glad they wern't the encore. Lie in our Graves was a pleasent surprise for an closer. The 2000 version is the best since '96. Boyd is simply the catz ass on this tune, his solo has come a long way. Musically one of the best shows, however I've been noticing that Dave concerts are really starting to bring out all the ass-holes. However seeing all those cheese-dick, Abercrombe face asses has made me realize just how totaly refined I am, glad I'm not them.
Dan T.
WOW! That was my first Dave concert and it was awesome. I've been a die hard fan for about a year now and I was glad to finally see them live. It was a great show starting right from the git go with Warehouse and the stop time intro. I was glad to hear BOWA, what an underated song. Satellite was good, a typical satellite. DDTW was decent. Busted Stuff was ok, I just think I have to hear it more. I thought the show really got started with Seek Up. An awesome song and it lasted forever going from Boyd's solo to Leroi's. This is where the band really got into the show. Then the familiar jam of PNP into Rapunzel. That's a great tune. Grace is Gone was nice with a nice Boyd solo. JTR was cool with a lot of falsetto from Dave and great back up singing from Carter. I love to hear Carter sing. Him and Dave's voices blend so well together. Jimi Thing was great. We even got to hear a solo from Dave. Grey Street was nice. Again, I will have to hear it more. Lover Lay Down was awesome. I love that song so much. Leroi is huge in that song. Drive in Drive out was nice. I was glad to finally see Leroi pull out the Bari, 'cause I love that sound. Next came SMTS and I thought that would be it but they went into Too Much from ASTB. LIOG was an awesome song for the encore but I was a little dissapointed when it was the only one. But it was awesome. Boyd took center stage and took off. In the slow section of his solo he even threw in two bars of Ode to Joy, which I thoght was pretty neat. Overall, a great show and I am looking forward to seeing DMB many more times in the future.
Yousuf K.
Oh no...5th row, and the best of the 7 shows i have seen thus far. as for 2000, soldier field and alpine day one. in my opinion, soldier was pretty damn astounding, but alpine day one was bland. but hey, it was david john matthews, nonetheless, and i was amazed as usual.
Derek J.
Ok, I love dave matthews, I dont see how anyone can say that any of his concerts would be bad. Granted on the 20th at Alpine, there was a lot of pushing and shoving, its still dave matthews! Stop pouting about it.I loved that he played warehouse as an opener. It helped the low moods people were in from that horrible excuse for an opening band. Not to be mean, but those guys really sucked. Maybe it was just cause no one at the time was feeling good yet, if you know what i mean, but it just seemed liek they didnt have the vibe that dave and the band had going on. I was hoping to see David Gray play but whatever his reason was for pussing out was, im sure it was a good one. My favorite song of the show had to be Grace Is Gone, it just made me feel really good about myself, and to see all the hard core dave fans holding their lighters up was just heart touching. That song is my new all time favorite dmb song. The LIOG encore was definately a good one. I was hoping they would play more than one song but it was the second show at alpine and im sure the band was tired as hell from the tour so far. I went to both soldier field shows, and alpine was definately better then those two put together. The highlight of the night was to see dancing on stage, that I will never forget. He is a funny guy, what can I say????? Peace out yall, hope to see some of ya and some up coming shows.