Dave Matthews Band
Gorge Amphitheatre, George, Washington
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band: The Mavericks
Don't Drink the Water *
The Best of What's Around *
Grey Street *
Pantala Naga Pampa * -->
Rapunzel *
Say Goodbye *
True Reflections *
Jimi Thing *
One Sweet World (instrumental intro) *
Typical Situation *
Crash Into Me (Dixie Chicken) *
Drive In, Drive Out *
So Much To Say * -->
Too Much *
Ants Marching *

* with Butch Taylor on keys

A lot more energy out of both the band and the crowd tonight. Tons of long jams in which the boys were smiling a lot more and appearing to be having more fun. Overall, the setlist wasn't as good as 8/4 (Fri.) but appealed more to the non-diehards and the radio fans. In general, just a solid, solid show. Highlights were Butch and Carter going back and forth jamming to start Say Goodbye, a tight, upbeat, and longer version of GREY STREET- I can't wait for the new album- and Carter tossing up a handful of his sticks behind him while beginning Ants as a stagehand saved the day with the snare drum. Knew we'd get an Ants closer tonight but was hoping for Grace is Gone as well. Maybe tonight...Hope they go out with a huge bang to end the first leg of the summer tour...
Tripoli S.
Like i have to say it, but i will anyway: Mr. Tinsley is amazing. He had some amazing jams- and that thing he does with his hips is so cute... This was a great show (though not as good as Friday); it was aimed as the less-hard-core audience... And congratulations to the lucky christmas trees: the girls wrapped in christmas lights got true reflections dedicated to them! An amazing close w/ DIDO, SMTS, and TM all in a row. Talk about energy. After that set the audience was ready to collapse we all danced so hard and then they come out and play DN and then we really almost passed out. I really wished he'd played granny though... maybe sunday...
Deja vu? 9 of the 15 songs tonight were the same they had played on 7.16.99 at the Gorge. Nevertheless, there was a ton more energy from the boys and they were really jamming, which annoyed the heck out of some radio-friendly folk. Nothing spectacularly interesting except the concert got off to a late start (thus the one song encore). Also, Dave busted out the funky dance moves tonight. I feel the need to buy the man some more clothes, as he wore the same thing as yesterday. But, hey, he can do whatever he wants, and he probably owns ten of the same shirt. Sat behind some lucky (albeit screaming and extremely swooning) girls who won some pre-show backstage passes...By the way, the Mavericks played exactly the same set they did yesterday...Random Thought: I wish the Warehouse would sell more than two tickets per show to its members. It's very difficult when you have two really good friends coming! That is why I was sitting in row 45 tonight rather than 23 (and 11 yesterday). Come on, Warehouse!...Combined with yesterday's awesome show, this has been an extremely well-rounded and enjoyable set...I'm not going to the show tomorrow, so see you all next year!
Ted S.
This has to be one of the most amazing shows i've ever been to. If the first night was for hard-core dave fans, then the second was for everyone, even those unfortunate enough to only listen to dave on the radio. Opening up with a huge energy DDTW and busting into TBWA second really got the crowd going. Next came Grey Street (I definately wasn't expecting that one), a bit longer than the first night, making it even better. After GS, we got a pantala, jumping straight into rapunzel, which got everyone up on their feet. Next came a great say goodbye, with carter and butch taylor playing a nice intro. After SG came my favorite song of the night, an amazing True Reflections, with Boyd and Dave just going at it the whole time through. I couldn't have asked for more on that one. Next, we got JTR, followed up by a really intense Jimi Thing that just seemed to go on forever... It was incredible. Then came OSW, with a beautifully put together intro. After that, we got a few slightly toned down (toned down if you compared them to the songs immediately beforehand) songs, A dixie-chickened crash, DIDO, and then a great so much to say that led straight into too much as a closer. The crowd started going nuts as soon as they walked off the stage, and they came back out and did an absolutely incredible ants marching, With Carter tossing drumsticks around while they fixed his snare for the beginning of the song. This one had everyone that I could see dancing and singing along. I couldn't have asked for more in a show, Thanks Dave, Carter, Steffan, Boyd, Leroi, and Butch for making that night one of the best i've ever had. Peace y'all!
Ryan E.
Setlist is accurate but prior to PNP after Greystreet there was a 4 to 6 minute Leroi, Butch Taylor, Carter jam, you know the mellow one where carter hits his bass drum like dum-dum ................dum-dum, and leroi plays cool melodies over the top with butch, I have heard it before on some bootlegs but don't know what to call it, I just said Leroi and butch Jam. I thought it might go into the Charlie brown theme song but nope, not this time. Wow....almost a night a day difference from friday's show. Tons of energy, the Boys were all smiles. I heard from a VERY reliable sorce that they were up partying REALLY hard Fri night till 5 am I don't know if that is common, but it was evident in thier playing. I mean don't get me wrong, excellent show Dave was having a blast and was very animated and dancing like a wild man, but he difinatly had to make it happen. He stuggled alittle through out the night, very subtle but i noticed a couple of goofs, the main one on the intro to TS, I will have to double check but it sounded like Dave goofed. Anyways, it is all good, I was Jamming along and had tons of fun, some of my highlights were Grey Street,True Reflections (minus the lovely ladies wich was nice for a change), DIDO and I think it is safe to say that some of everyones favs were the Phat drum solo into Say Goodbye, Carter is ALWAYS solid, not to mention the Ants marching intro which was the best I have ever seen,Carter must have had atleast 15 snare hits, tossed 6 or so drum sticks and did it while his snare was being changed by a stagehand. My good friend Kevan was absolutly thrilled, it made his weekend. I was hoping for a longer encore, but my guess is that since Dave's left hand was really bothering him towards the end of the show, he wanted to wrap things up, he even stopped playin at one point during SMTS or Too Much and just sang for a minute to rest his hand. ONe more thing, it definatly wasn't boyd's night, he played wonderful when he played but it wasn't the Boyd Tinsley show that it sometimes is, not very many solo's, Leroi covered nicely and played excellent as usual. Great show, one of the best out of five for me. very pleased I'm ready to do it all over again on Sun. OH yea A little shorter of a show they were on late, 8:45, and finished up at 11:15. Thanks to the Boys and all the fans for a great evening. Dave looked like a bad ass in his capenter jeans, white sneakers and red t-shirt
Drew J.
This was my 5th show, and I must say that this was a great show! After seeing the band perform earlier this week at Shoreline, it's easy to tell that the band really enjoys being at The Gorge. The only thing that was less than perfect with this show was the fact that there was only one encore...and that just seemed to make for an abrupt end. The song selection was a good mix of old stuff, radio era stuff, and new tunes. The crowd was definitly into it the whole way through. Lots of dancing and grooving! Also some very nice mellow moments (like the long intro to "One Sweet World"). "Ants" was stellar! Boyd rocked on "True Reflections"! Just picking one or two highlights is pretty tough, because this show was just that good.
it started out mellow and there as a bit of a audio problem but that was fixed. all the songs were great but i would have like to hear something other than true reflections. one sweet world was great and the last five songs of the set got the crowd going. typical situation was great. so much to say > astb > too much really got the crowd going. it was a great way to end a show. didn't matter if you were a diehard or a radio fan, it was a great way to end the set. only a one song encore, i was hoping for another grace is gone even though we heard it last night. all in all it was great, but i could have gone without true reflections.
Enter night 2---- DDTW- the whole tour I'd been seeing this and not really caring if I heard it..but I glad they played it. Dave was just bellowing out parts of this song.the band seemed pretty into it. BOWA-The ending to this song was great.the entire crowd singing the "hey la" part.was a lot of fun.kept the energy up nicely following DDTW. Grey--- I was surprised to hear this so early.and repeated from last night so quick, but was definitely cool to hear again. PNP ~~~~> Rapunzel--- this had that little introduction from LS before PNP. which had leroi doing a nifty little solo.just kind of keeping it mellow before they broke into the songs. The whole crowd seemingly was jamming on this one, and it looked like dave's feet were barely touching the ground from dancing so much. Say bye--- carter's intro.ahhhhh.was awesome. The whole crowd was just hanging on the next beat.dave changed quite a few of the lyrics on this one too..i was trying to sing a long but was constantly thrown off. Definitely cool to hear. True Reflections--- wasn't expecting this one at all without the ladies.but I was glad how it was. standard version but still really good. JTR- wasn't expecting this again tonight.but was cool to hear again. Jimi Thing--- ahhh. a nice long jimi thing. leroi had a good solo at the end.. and everyone did an awesome job keeping this tight. OSW-Love the instrumental intro on this.I was a little sad there was no swim naked outro.. but oh well, was still really glad to hear it. Typical-this was one of the highlights of the night for me. Really slow and powerful in the beginning.they did the "she stands.a tear falls from her chin" thing.which I love. it was just amazing. At the end too, they inserted an awesome jam that was really upbeat.. to kind of bring the lighter side of the song was just amazing. Crash-standard dixie chicken deal. Crowd went crazy..blah blah blah.regular reaction to crash. DIDO-I was surprisingly very happy to hear this song.different lyrics at places, all that good stuff. "maybe I'll make up a new god, and throw my own tea party" SMTS --- I love hearing this song live.and the whole time I was hoping for. ASTB--- was so happy to hear this.dave did some scat singing in the beginning which was cool..and of course this went right into Too Much-I was a dancing fool by the end of this trio. an awesome way to close before the encore. Encore.Ants-I was a little sad to hear this first, since that would mean a one song encore.but it turned out good. carter broke his drum right in the they had to fix that..but once it started.ahh yeah. Was an awesome version that kept the energy high. All in all it was an awesome show. I was dancing throughout.they jammed on all the songs.the energy was high throughout.I went home a very happy camper
Jim W.
I know I'm late on this review, but I just got back to Chicago tonight from my vacation from the Pacific Northwest today with the first two nights at the Gorge as the crowing jewels of my trip. I consider myself somewhat a veteren of DMB shows these last two being my 18th and 19th respectively, and let me just say that combined they were the best concert experiences of my life. First of all, any lover of music (or just beautiful places for that matter) should make a pilgramage out to the Gorge once in their life for any show. It is an absolute treat. Seeing DMB there just made it pure heaven. Second, I had the best seats of my life the second night (thank you Warehouse!) - 11th row dead center. It is really amazing to watch the band that close. They have so much energy and enjoy playing with each other so much. I think we as fans take that a bit for granted. I certainly can really appreciate so much more now. By the way, #6 should become a permanent addition to the band. He adds a texture and enthusiasm to the shows that come at what I think is a perfect time in the band's career. Anyway, I won't get into the details, but the highlights for me were The Maker in the first night's encore and Typical Situation on the second night. Both sets were great, though I was a bit disappointed with night two's encore. I see I missed the Seek Up I was looking for on night three, but so be it. The new stuff is all great. I absolutely love Grey Street, though every song is unbelievable. I'm really looking forward to the new album. All in all, two great shows in a perfect setting by six really great musicians. Can't ask for a better vacation than that.