Dave Matthews Band
Gorge Amphitheatre, George, Washington
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band: The Mavericks
#41 *
Rhyme & Reason *
What Would You Say *
The Song That Jane Likes *
Warehouse (stop time intro) *
Grace Is Gone *
Bartender *
Lie In Our Graves *
Digging a Ditch *
Grey Street *
Lover Lay Down *
Two Step *
All Along the Watchtower *
The Maker *
Tripping Billies *

* with Butch Taylor on keys

Brian W.
Well, this was my 5th dave concert, and this may very well be the best I've seen to date. I was in awe of some of the new songs played, espically grace is gone and digging a ditch. The gorge seems to be the perfect place for his concerts, the view off stage melded perfectly with the somgs being played on stage, almost like it was planned that way. My only dissapointment was the absence of my favorite jam song: Jimi Thing, but alas, this is a 3 night event ;) Peace ya'll
Tim H.
This was my second show, and better than the first, which says a lot. Last years second show at the Gorge was amazing. The show started off with a nice #41, but didn't really pick up until warehouse. After that it took off. Grace is gone is a beautiful song, although nobody around me seemed to interested in it, too much chattering. Bartender was great, but once again the radio fans wouldn't stand up and dance! Last years version of lie in our graves was so great, I didn't think I would ever hear anything better. This years was, however. boyd was wild, and all over the stage. Butch's solo was very nice, and dave announced him as #6 again. John the revelator was another good new one but the radio fans behind me were throwing things at me because i was dancing. Evidently they couldn't see..NOT COOL. i was hoping for diggin a ditch, and got it..wonderful. Grey street was intense, a good jam song. I never expected to hear lover lay down!! Beautiful. Two step was even better than the listener supported version...I didn't think that they would ever come out with the intense jam, it went on and on, i love that! he kept us waiting.....i thought for sure this would be the closer but then they played WATCHTOWER!!! This version even beat the socks off of the famous roseland ballroom version with trey and popper...Perfect.....I was hoping for the maker, one of the best of the night. Billies was very intense, and a good closer. The only dissapointment...that i don't get to go back for saturday and sunday...and i would have liked to hear seek up as an opener....but no regrets. Thanks dave, leroi, carter, boyd, stefan, AND butch for an epic night.
One of the best DMB shows ever at the Gorge with one of the worst crowds. Incredible setlist with a lot of new material and amazingly not one song from BTCS. A lot of radio fans were to be found in the first 20 rows and they didn't have a lot of energy and did quite a bit of sitting down and having dumbfounded looks on their faces. Dave once again yelled "Butch Taylor Number 6!! to start to show" Highlights: #41- always a solid opener, STJL- great version with the whole band, Warehouse- always a solid song GRACE IS GONE- my favorite of the new songs and made my night; didn't get nearly the crowd approval it should have ('xchuse me, one more drink, could you make it strong cause I don't need to think)- one of Dave's best songs in terms of lyrics, LIOG- tore it up, GREY STREET- the boys tear this up and along with GIG, my two favorites of the new stuff, LLD- awesome, TWO STEP- their best concert song and great to get this the first night with a huge jam, THE MAKER- my first with the whole band...before the encore, Dave came out and smoked a joint someone had thrown up on stage and threw it back to them...classic Dave right there. Overall, a great night at the Gorge with a great set.
Great show. Probably the best of seven so far. I FINALLY got to hear my favorite, #41. Made my day. This concert was a nice mix of new and old. Pretty quiet, though. I really enjoyed hearing the new songs, especially Grace is Gone (very sweet and melodic) and Grey Street (I'm sure it'll be a fan favorite soon enough). Good to hear JTR, but I miss the old chorus (How does it go? "Who's that savior/ John the Revelator..." Something like that). Anyways, what was up with the "Whoo"s during the start of Warehouse?...Some other highlights: audience member threw a glowstick on stage, which Dave narrowly avoided. In response, Carter flung a drumstick into the crowd...At the start of the encore, Dave picked up a joint thrown on stage and pretended to take a puff before throwing it back...All in all, a wonderful show. See you tomorrow.
Ryan E.
This was my first show of the 2000 tour and I was very excited to see what the setlist were going to look like and how the boys would perform. The Mavericks were difinetly not my favorite, good background musc. though. So I was anxiously awaiting dave, it was cool cause he rode out on one of those inline scooters, from the bus up to the onramp, before introducing them. The sun began to set and dave came out around 8:15, Man it was great just to be there. good show, not the best of the three, but solid performance, alittle lack in energy, but the overall sound quality and timing were flawless. I think the highlights for me were an amazing Two step,LioG, and the Maker As well as the new songs especially Digging a ditch. Overall a pretty mellow show which was cool with me, I enjoyed myself and it was a great start to a three day series.
Tonight had was a really good show.just kicked some serious ass. The gorge was absolutely beautiful as the sun was setting over the columbia river when dave came out was great. The first five songs just rocked for me, beginning with #41. No epic version or anything, but very solid.and a song that I was waiting to hear, so I was glad they started off with it. Next came a pretty standard version of R&R, packed full of energy. A very old school version of what would you say followed.boyd and carter doing the backup singing etc.nice to hear it at the normal pace. Dave came up to the microphone at this point and said the standard. "Hey all, I got a little sister named Jane" etc.and the crowd went crazy.I like the little extra jam they throw in at the beginning.. spices it up nicely. Finally came a solid version of warehouse, which I was ecstatic to hear.last year I just got the tease ~~~> ants, so hearing the full deal was great. At this point in the concert I was completely riled up.and then came the new stuff. GIG was beautiful.although my seat location wasn't the best.boyd was pretty covered by the speakers, so that was a little annoying considering this is a song that he kind of stands out in. next came bartender, which is my fav of the new stuff. Very solid, love the 12 how dave stretches his vocal range etc.just awesome. LIOG was a little break to get the crowd back into things.a great solo by boyd.followed by another by butch. During the pause dave gave props to butch, and introduced him as #6 came JTR with the somewhat intense outro it has, followed by diggin' a ditch.which I thought was pretty good. Grey street followed, and personally at this point I was loving the concert.. so much new stuff etc.but I think they lost a lot of the crowd by playing 5 new songs almost right in a row.but whatever, it rocked. Lover lay down was next.absolutely beautiful. Wonderful solo by leroi. Finally the band jammed again! with a 20 minute 2 step.had an intro somewhat similar to the LS version.but different words.. I didn't catch what they were though. Butch rocked on this one though. I liked watchtower as a closer too, had great solo's by everyone.and just generally got the crowd pumped heading into the encore. Sooo. the encore. They waited 6 minutes to come back out.which I thought was a little while. Dave threw a joint into the crowd when he came back out.then started up a serene version of the maker.had never heard this before, but it was great.finally, boyd just rocked with an awesome solo on tripping billies.I was dancing so hard on this song.was a great finish to the night. For me, this show was great..for the radio crowd, this probably wasn't the best. But screw the radio crowd.the boys did awesome tonight. and set up nicely for the rest of the weekend.
Peter D.
My first Dave show and it was excellent. I was a little disappointed with #41 as an opener, I was looking for a little something more upbeat. WWYS was a great jam. JTR was incredible, It was a treat to hear the Song that Jane likes live, I was not expecting it. Grace is Gone is a wonderful new song, and The Maker was outstanding. Tripping Billies was a great closer, very spirited. The crowd was very mellow which was a bit disappointing. All in all a great show.