Dave Matthews Band
GTE Virginia Beach Amphitheatre, Virginia Beach, Virginia
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band: Taj Mahal & the Phantom Blues Band
Minarets *
Raven *
The Best of What's Around *
The Song That Jane Likes *
Rhyme & Reason *
Satellite *
Busted Stuff *
All Along the Watchtower *
Minarets *
Crush *+
Too Much *+
Grace Is Gone *
Grey Street *
Raven *
Drive In, Drive Out *
Jimi Thing *
Tripping Billies *
Pantala Naga Pampa *+ -->
Rapunzel *+

* with Butch Taylor on keys
+ with Jamal Milner on electric guitar

Jason B.
Excellent at times, but lacking in other departments. To get the lowlights out of the way...first, although the set was good, I was hoping that, since this is the band's only show in their homestate, we'd be in for a treat. But apparently, the band used that on the people who were lucky enough to see the show in Hartford on the 27th (really wish I was there for that one). The other thing about tonight is that it was HOT, so much so that Dave kept coming up to his mike mumbling (in that low sinister grunt), "It's sticky, sticky, sticky," refering to the outrageous humidity tonight.The heat/humidity wasn't my problem, but I think it was the cause of the two major complaints I had about the show tonight. First, although the set was good, and chock-full of old material...hardly any jamming compared to other shows. There were a couple good ones, and I'll get to those. The other complaint...ONE-SONG ENCORE...ARGH! This is the second time the band's done this to me, and even though I can blame the weather for both times (the other being lightning the 2nd night of Deer Creek), I want a longer encore. So, on to the good stuff. Like I said before, full of old material (thankfully). Band on promptly at 8:30. BOWA as an opener was awesome. Roi absolutely wailed near the end of this one...I've been appreciating his mad skillz more and more lately. STJL was nice, but no surprise since we're in Virginia. The set mellowed out for a little bit...R&R was standard and not as intense as usual. Standard SATELLITE...Dave was cracking my ass up in BUSTED STUFF...near the end, he did this little Ella Fitzgerald jazz thing with his voice, which wasn't too bad at first, but then it just got funny, and when he finished, he whipped back to Carter and Stefan and started laughing. WATCHTOWER...had some "technical difficulties" with the speakers breaking up during the beginning of the song.not sure if I like it this early in the set, but that's ok, cause it set up...MINARETS...wait, I want to say that again...MINARETS!!!! WHOA! I saw the set from SPAC the night before and saw that the band played it then too, but I never thought I'd hear this live, and it was awesome. I was so excited to hear it, after Dave scratched his guitar the first time during the intro to the song (listen to older tapes of the song if you don't know what I'm talking about), I knew what it was and screamed "Minarets...WOO!" at the top of my lungs. Since nobody knew what the hell he was playing, the whole crowd was quiet then, so chances are, if you get a copy of the show, you'll hear me there. Which leads me to Crush, and let me just say, Jamal Millner is BOMB! He totally rocked his jam at the end of this song, and like Dave told us as he introduced him, he is a great friend of the band. I went to see Jamal play in a really small club in Charlottesville last year, and wouldn't you know it, LeRoi was watching quietly in the back of the crowd. Too Much...keeps getting more and more bass heavy every time I hear it, and I'm loving it...GIG, wonderful, but sounds the same as the 4 other versions I've heard of it...JTR was tight...same with GREY STREET...RAVEN...there were some surprises for me here. I've heard it twice live, and on a couple of boots, but tonight sounded a LOT different from all of those. Some lyrics were changed, a couple rhythms tweaked, and Carter's a lot more prevalent in the song. I think liked it better before, but you can't argue with genius, so of course I loved the changes...I also want to point out here that nearly EVERYONE had sat down by this point, even those in the VERY GOOD (ahem...warehouse) seats...very surprising, but the band did play 4 NEW songs in a row. Kind of a lot. DIDO...funny thing about this song...I absolutely despised it when the tour began, but I heard it three times, and now I'm in love with it. Can't beat Dave's new line about making up a brand new God and having a little tea party of his own, either. real reason for submitting the review. I usually don't like hearing this song since it's always so long. But, some AWESOME jams in this song...Boyd, Roi, and Dave all had VERY good instrumentals. Dave really has come a long way with his guitar skills, and it showed in this jam, his improv was great. Boyd had a really good night tonight. This tour he's seemed to have a lot of energy but has a lot of off nights where he misses a lot of notes and plays out of tune a lot...not tonight, he was definitely on. BILLIES, standard, nature's always nice to hear. And, version I've heard, VERY intense, and Jamal added some flavor to an already incredible jam song. Band was off around 10:45 (don't quote me on that), but anyway, a surprisingly short set. Maybe the best part of the set was this: TWO, that's right, TWO radio songs (4 if you count Satellite and Too Much, but really, those just had videos, they're not radio songs). Can't emphasize that enough. Crowd tonight looked a lot different than usual...very few Abercrombie kids, a LOT of older/non-teenage/middle-aged faces...and Dave even h! ad a friend in the crowd who he was joking with when he came out for the encore. My favorite Davespeak of the night (and there was plenty)... to the crowd playing with a beach ball around..."Y'all play nice now."
Tom H.
Once again Dave and the boys rocked the house. BOWA was a great opener. When I heard Dave say, "I've got a sister named Jane," I knew it was going to be a cool night. STJL was a nice surprise. Leroi was in excellent form tonight, and I noticed him without shades both early in the show and during the encore. "Minarets" was a nice addition and a first for me live. Watchtower was AWESOME!!! I can't say enough about how much the boys rocked on this one. Boyd, Leroi, and Butch traded jams and had the crowd in a frenzy. I thought to myself "How will they top this?" especially as early in the set as it was. The boys did not disappoint though. They played quite a bit from the new album (Damn, is that gonna rock?) including personal favs "Grace Is Gone" and "Grey Street." They topped off the set with a 20(?) minute "Jimi Thing" that was just a big phatty jam, probably the best version I've heard. Everyone got in their licks, but just when it seemed they were through, Dave solos and then duels with Butch's keys. How cool is that? Dave soloed a little in Hershey, and I've got to say it's GREAT to see him doing it more. Before I could totally catch my breath, the boys finished with a rocking "Tripping Billies." I swear I thought Boyd was going to set his fiddle on fire! That man never ceases to amaze me. Rapunzel was a good encore (though not my favorite closer) and was jammed out well at the end. Only 2 complaints: 1) One encore song and the band quit at 10:50. As good as they were, an "Ants" or a jammed out "Two Step" or LIOG would have been the perfect capper. 2) Not enough Butch. He was more of a background player tonight and was not given the opportunity to shine as he does on "Two Step" and LIOG. I really hope there is a Winter tour because this is my last of the summer. I can't wait till next year.
Adam S.
After seeing the bands show on May 25 at Giant's Stadium, I came in expecting a lot. The show started off very slow and I was disappointed, but picked up A LOT with Watchtower. It was really cool to hear this song in the beginning of the show rather than as a closer. Tripping billies, DIDO and Jimi Thing were amazing. Dave's new stuff is all really cool. Grey Street sounds amazing, the drum intro to it is awesome. Also, JTR is great, but what happened to them singing the chorus of this song? It sounded so good with Santana and Dave last year, but the outro to the song was really cool. I was really disappointed with the one song closer, and it was PNP into Rapunzel, which isn't a great closer. I was dying to hear Two Step and Ants marching, but they didn't play them. Also, Boyd didn't seem to have that much energy tonight and was a little bored with his solos it seemed. They also didn't give Carter a really long solo. the only people that seemed to be really into this show were Dave and Stefan. All in all, I think that this was an average show but I was really happy to see them play this summer.
Jon A.
This will be brief, can't comment on first 4 songs, because I missed them. The first song I heard from my Warehouse seats (Thanx a lot Adrian!) was Busted Stuff. It's a simple song, very mellow, a little like PFWYG. I particularly like the "Yer the one, yer the one, yer the one for me" vocal lines, along with Roi's jazzy soprano licks at the end. Watchtower was my first with the Butch solo sandwiched between Roi and Boyd. Very cool. Much better than LS, and the intro is a hell of a lot more creative. Intense. Although Minarets was not nearly as long as many of the older versions, I have no complaints about it. Butch's keys sound like some of the parts Peter griesar would do. Scat intro was cool, and the outro was very cool, thoguh short. My personal highlight fo rthe night. Crush with Jamal Millner was tight. Boyd came through big for his solo, and Jamal laced the outro with his bluesy licks. Cool, though It'd be nice ot hear the guitar interwoven with Roi and Boyd, like BTCS. Too Much was normal, Jamal added some interesting sounds. GIG was gorgeous, and I like the evolution of the Roi/Boyd/Butch parts at the end. it seems like they are fleshing it out a little. I like it. JTR is growing on me. I think they've extended some parts longer than normal, I could be wrong. Outro was longer and very intense. Grey Street is a jamming song. Boyd and Roi were all over it. Man, anyone else notice how dave is using his voice as an instrument A LOT on the new songs, esp this and Bartender? Raven was a little off I thought, I think the botched start had something to do with it. Drive in Drive Out was normal. Tight, loud, lot's of Carter and Roi. Jimi Thing has changed for the better even since LS. First, Butch's keyboards allow the funk outro to work without being boring. Dave improvved a few lines before going into the main verses. Boyd put down 2 excellent solo's, among the best I've heard him on JT ever. Roi started a little slow, but he caught fire in his solo, with the help of Butch duling with him. Verey laid back, but boy, Roi really blew his guts oout, even the squeaks and wrong notes sounded good. eventually, it wound down into one of Dave's "solo"s. At first, he seemed to be struggling,and I turned to the guy behind me and said, "he still needs a little work with his soloing" as he botched a note. As if he heard me, he got into a fierce duel with Butch that blew my mind. Anyone else here that one rela cool bassy riff he did? tHAT WAS TIGHT! Props to Dave and Butch! Had to be around 17-20 minutes. Tripping Billies blew the lid off the place. Boyd always impresses me on this song. How he keeps on going for as long and fast as he does, I have no clue. Very cool way to end the set. The encore was Rapunzel. I love the song, and I loved hearing it, but I kind of liek the long Roi solo leading into it, esp. with Butch chiming in, but oh well, minor complaint. Jamal added some very cool sounds to this, sort of like pick scrapes, but I'm not sure, very Timmy-like. The second bridge tore my heart out with a few of Roi's soprano lines. Very cool. The end was loud, with Roi, Butch and Jamal competing for voulume, and I think Butch ca thru the clearest. Very good ending to a show. Much better than the stadium show I saw. Hope most of you agreed.
Charlie S.
BOWA - sweet mellow opening to a hot but sweet VA Beach show. Nothing really unusual about this one except Roi seemed to be more on than in the 20 or so other versions I've heard of this song. The solos were really ripping. JANE- Since Jane was there, this one only made sense, sweet extended violin jam at the beginning, standard version. RHYME AND REASON-Grrrrooowwwlll...intense loud song, good live as usual, nothing special here either, except for Carter going wild at the end. SATELLITE- this made my boy Pat happy, being that this is his favorite song. Third year in a row for me, but hell, it is a beautiful song. For everyone to sing along with. BUSTED STUFF- The tech boy brought out the big fat 12 stringer, and I started praying for Sweet Up and Down. Nice version of Busted Stuff though, with some added scat at the end that wasn't there with the Lovely Lizards on the tour. Also, this song featured some nice soprano work from Roi at the end. Seems more polished now that earlier. WATCHTOWER- Pat and I heard some bass noodling by Stefan, and we immediately called it. Nice, loud wake up call for the large group of people who got bored during Busted Stuff. Nice solos from Boyd and Roi, and another from Butch that was one of the few times he was heard from all evening. MINARETS- I heard the muted strumming, followed by the scat, and I knew it had to be Minarets. I wasn't too thrilled, since I was never a big fan of this song, but this is definitely one that gets all of it's energy in person. Great song, and one of the highlights of the evening. I was especially digging Carter's gong work during the intro. CRUSH- another one called by both Pat and myself, due to Stefan's noodling at the beginning. Nice version, featuring Jamal Millner of Corey Harris' band on electric guitar. Unfortunately, he didn't play with his teeth like in Raleigh '99, but it was still a jamming solo. TOO MUCH- this would bne the last refuge of the radio fan, and if I heard coorectly, he may have changed all of the Suck it Ups to Fuck it Ups, rocking version, easy to dance to, and no matter what people say, I still love it. Millner had some nice fills and Butch was doing the hip hop noises like on LS that I love. GRACE IS GONE"this is time for something quiet" so immediately half the seats sit down, and I start hoping for I'll Back You Up. This was a pleasant surprise, a nice song, this one's also progressed a lot from the version I first heard it on. JTR- some mumbling, but he still had the 12 stringer, so he all figured Grey Street. Wrong. Nice song, quote from Pat on the outro "this is bomb" "this is the phattest breakdown I've ever seen". Think someone might buy the new CD now. GREY STREET- we were off by one. Nice version, played on the 6 instead of the 12. New lyrics from the version I have, but the same jam, yet still the best of the new songs this evening. Onc! e again though, the whole croud sat for a song they didn't know. This was a theme for the evening. RAVEN- I doubted we'd get another new one in a row, I was figuring a DDTW or Crash to get the crowd going, but Raven!!!. Niiice, even though he messed up the intro a little, the music and lyrics were real tight, and there was more of a jam at the end than in previous shows. DRIVE IN DRIVE OUT- Carter Beauford on the drums!! Carter Beauford on the drums!!! This one had improv-ed lyrics, the usual with making up our own God, and the new ones with the presidential candidates as well. JIMI THING-DAAAMN!!! This was a highlight, and for all the people who say they never change the jams BOO-YAH!!! This was not at all like the jam off of Listener Supported, it was noticeably different in that Roi was no longer the sole main voice. Dave has improved his soloing a great deal this year, I was wowed by his guitar solo and his give and take with Butch at the end. Sweet jam, song clocked in at around 19 minutes long. Highlight of the evening. BILLIES-blew the roof off. Boyd stole this one, dueling with Dave, and eventually moving all the way to the middle of the stage, where the spotlights were only on him and he took it away. This one also had some sweet Carter work, but then again , what doesn't?? PNP- short, sweet, more nice Millner fills, but no Heartbeat jam beforehand. RAPUNZEL- well..Pat and I spent the 5 minutes between the set and the encore yelling our asses off for Ants Marching. This would be my 3rd show, and no Ants. However, to show how good this song was, it more than made up for being a one song encore that had no Ants. It ROCKED. HARD. A serious jam, the usual Funkin Five, leading into a SERIOUS 7 man jam session between Dave, Boyd, Roi, Stefan, Carter, Butch and Jamal all doing their own thing, and it BLEW ME AWAY. Musical heaven, this may be my new favorite closer, the raw energy of this song was great. Notes- Davespeak -" Sticky sticky sticky", about the weather, some mumbling about a beach ball. Butch was introduced as #6, but I still think it was as a compliment, nothing official. He did a cool little Chinese bow type thing after he was introduced.
Veronica H.
I waited all summer for DMB to come to my city and they finally arrived! What a show! This is my 3rd time this summer (and ever) of seeing the guys and they rocked! He opened with one of my favs...BOWA..totally awesome. He played a lot of songs I had not heard live, including #34 and Minarets. That was a treat. The boys broke out into Watchtower about 5 songs in. What can I say, but they jammed! Quite a bit was played from the new album (I can't wait for this!). They did 4 in a row including Busted Stuff, Grey Street, Grace, and JTR (not necessarily in that order). They again paled Jimi Thing (another one I had not heard live), and they rocked!!!!! It was at least 20 minutes long, and Boyd went up in flames!!!! They closed the set with Tripping Billies-which I had been waiting for! The encore only gave us one song, which was Rapunzel. Good song, but they didn't jam...they had plenty of time to wail. Oh well if that is my only complaint!!! Left the show feeling empty. It's my last one of the summer...pray for a winter tour!