Dave Matthews Band
Meadows Music Theatre, Hartford, Connecticut
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band: The Getaway People
Dancing Nancies *
Seek Up * -->
Pantala Naga Pampa (Linus & Lucy) * -->
Rapunzel *
I'll Back You Up *
Busted Stuff *
Recently *
Raven *
The Maker *
Grey Street *
Grace Is Gone *
Say Goodbye *
Bartender *
Ants Marching *
The Stone *
Drive In, Drive Out *

* with Butch Taylor on keys

Matt K.
Oh my God!!! What an awesome show tonight - a true fan's absolute dream come true. By far, this was the best DMB show I've ever seen. The band had so much energy from the moment the six of them set foot on the stage. When Dave started in on Nancies, I knew we were in for a treat. Boyd rocked this song home; I've never seen him so intense during one song. Seek Up (my called opener - 1 song off)was great as always. Butch rocked the house w/ his Linus and Lucy Peanuts-style jam at the end. PNP--->Rapunzel was jammed to the extreme. I didn't think the boys could top Friday's encore... but they did! I'll Back You Up was a treat. Mostly Dave and Stefan on this one. She My Bitch came next. Pretty standard, but I'm starting to like it more. Recently was another treat. No intros or outros on it, which was somewhat disappointing... but we can't get everything. Raven is starting to grow on me. The band seemed very into it tonight, more than Friday. The Maker - oh my God!! Never thought I'd hear it live. Dave covered it perfectly, a great slow tune. Grey Street was again jammed out by the entire band to the max. It's definitely my favorite new tune. Grace is Gone is a close second. So sad, but sweet. Roi again had more of a presence during this song. Say Bye was unbelievable. Carter owned this song w/ his drum intro, and Dave put so much emotion into the song. The crowd was going wild. Dave also put a tremendous amount of energy into Bartender w/ his screaming at the end. The crowd definitely responded. JTR was a great upbeat song w/ an incredible jam. As expected, Ants closed the night out w/ a bang. I was going so wild; I was actually standing on my seat during this song. Best version I've ever heard. Praying for Two Step in the encore, but wasnt disappointed at all w/ the Stone. Once it started, I knew DIDO would wrap things up. DIDO was much better than Friday - a lot faster and more energetic. "Drive in, drive out, I'm leaving." I thought it was an appropriate way to close the weekend. Anyway, an unbelievable show -one worth getting if you get the chance. And to the girl who was in Section 500 Row GGG, e-mail me if you get the chance - I was the one who called all the songs - I wanna know how Saratoga was. That's it for me for the summer. Hopefully see yall in the fall for another tour. Until then, make the best of what's around.
Red C.
DAAAAAMN! I never thought three nights in a row could get so much better and better each night. Red back once again for another play by play. If you want to tell me that you called the opener then you are the biggest lier I've ever seen. DANCING NANCIES came from the depths of NOWHERE to SHOCK EVERY SINGLE LAST PERSON! Dare I say it was the first time EVER as an opener? I dare. It was a tight tight version too, a rather giddy way to start a weird yet sensational night of music. SEEK UP was ON tonight. Carter definately had it working towards the end of the jam and they seemed really into it. The Mike and I figured RAPUNZEL would follow but not after FIFTEEN more minutes of jamming and-oh yeah-LINUS AND LUCY! It came out of nowhere really, they did a good job of disguising it and then just went crazy on it. I loved it. RAPUNZEL was TIGHT once again, but I had no expectations of it being better than Friday's closer. It wasn't on par with Fri's but then again NO OTHER version of the song is. I did figure that we would get an I'LL BACK YOU UP and it was sweet as it could be. A third consecutive BUSTED STUFF was greated well but RAVEN seemed misplaced. RECENTLY had to be the disappointment of the show with a potential PRETTY GIRL lauching the show into another atmosphere. That hurt but in the eyes of THE MAKER I soon recovered. Dave introduced it as a song by Daniel Lanois, which made me momentarily soil myself cause I thought WYNONNA would be busted out, but hey you can't win them all. Those who know Red know that he is a WYNONNA fiend. Maybe some other day. Maker was great though. GREY ST. really grabbed me tonight. GRACE IS GONE is a good middle set tune, or I was just sick of it being the first encore so much. Either way good tune. SAY GOODBYE was standard because Carter didn't do much on his drum solo. The Mike and I were looking for a CRUSH instead. BARTENDER was tremendous tonight, the best I've heard. Why? Because Carter took over, that's what makes EVERY song better. JTR was a surprise next, a GREAT one of course. Awesome jam at the end, a definate Red favorite. ANTS closed as only Ants could, just incredible energy and crowd involvement--you just can't help but to dance like a fool, something I have seemed to perfect. I loved leading Section 700 in the 1-2-3 jam. Fun times indeed. NOW IT GETS INTERESTING!! All that know Red--and have read my review from 8/25--know that he IS CRAZY FOR THE STONE!! Of course the Stone-->Drive encore did cross my head but it seemed as likely as Dancing Nancies opening the show. Which is exactly why the show ended Stone->Drive. STONE was incredible as only it can be. DRIVE was tight despite the band kinda losing it at the end which pissed Dave off a little. Still the best damn encore I have ever been a part of in 21 shows! I LOVED IT! I know I will look back and think tonight's was the best show I have ever been to. Good luck SPAC, I hope you try your damn hardest to beat ANY of the three nights in Hartford. It won't be easy by any stretch. The Mike and I will still go just to make sure they don't open with HALLOWEEN or something--I guess ANYTHING is possible now. Have a good one y'all.
Carl J.
The show started off great with Boyd going crazy on Dancing Nancy. I was suprised to hear it as an opener but it was great. Next came Seek Up. It was good and turned into a full jam session. Everyone took a solo, and Butch played Linus and Lucy. That went straight into PNP and then Rapunzel. Rapunzel got the crowd up and dancing, LeRoi's solo was great. After that Dave said he was going to play a quiet song and really surprised me by playing I'll Back You Up. It was great with Steffan playing Tim's solo on bass. Busted stuff was great, and Recently was good but stopped before the jamming part which was made me mad. Then came Raven, The Maker, Grey Street, and Grace is Gone, all good songs but they didn't get the crowd going. Then came Carter's huge drum solo on Say Goodbye, which brought everyone to their feet. Bartender was great and JTR was rocking. Then came Ants, which blew us all away. The encore was good too. The Stone was nice and Drive in Drive Out was great, Carter was awesome!
Gary D.
First , let me start off by saying that after three nights, the opening act The Getaway People sort of grew on me. They really did a great job of getting the crowd into the show tonight. Anyways, onto Dave. A much more mellow concert tonight, with lots of slow ballads, but nonetheless an amazing show. Starting with Dancing Nancies was a great choice, and I could tell rght away that this concert was going to be for the real fans. Boyd was spectacular as always, and they jammed this out pretty well. He then went into Seek Up, which I thought would be the opener,but I was still thriled to hear. The band was really in the mood to jam tonight, and this song must have lasted close to 20 minutes. He went into a jam that sounded like the opening of listener supported, but then he cut into the Linus and Lucy jam, wich was awesome. As I expected, the band then joined in the listener supported jam and took that into PNP--> Rapunzel. Very nice. Rapunzel was really rocking, as it did friday night in the encore. I was so excited to hear I'll Back You Up, because this song is one of the sweetest songs that dave has written, and its cool cause it was his first song. Busted Stuff for the 3rd night in a row was expected, and it is obvious that he is really trying to promote this song now. Its a great song with no lovely ladies, and I was happy to hear it every time he plaed it. Recently was also an unexpected surprise, and Dave wisely shortened it because of the insane amount of jamming that the band had already done. The Ravenwas not a very good fit in the next spot. I really haven't taken a liking to this song yet, and the crowd response to thesong was the weakest of the night. The Maker was absolutely amazing though. I was soooo glad that he pulled this one out, because I know how rarely heplays this. Its too bad the crowd didn't get into it, because it is a rare treat when he plays a song like this. Grey Street was expected after he didn't play it last night, and the crowd showed at least some response to this. I love this song personally, and I can't wait until more people know it and they get into it at the shows. Grace is gone, my favorite of the new songs, was amazing as usual. The lyrics to this song are incredible, and I feel fortunate to have heard it two out of three nights. Say Goodbye was much needed in the next slot, and Carter and Leroi were spectacular in the beginning. This song is so great live, because Dave gets into it at the end and the crowd loves it. Bartender and JTR were great as always. This made it 6 news songs for the night, which was great for me, but not for a lot of other fans who had no idea what the songs were. Ending the set with Ants was great, and this was my first Ants experience live. The energ from boyd and leroi is so amazing. I was hoping for a #40, Watchtower closer, but instead we got the Stone and DIDO. I love the Stone, but I am not a big DIDO fan. A little dissapointing ending, but not a dissapointing weekend. These three shows kicked ass, and i can't wait until DMB comes back next year.
Steph C.
Last night wasmuch different from the other showsI've been too, but still rocked. The show began with an incredible dancing nancies. Next was seek up, which lasted for 25-30 mins and faded into an incredible Linus and Lucy - the second time I've seen this at Hartford. Other highlights were a beautiful I'll Back You Up and a kick ass Grey Street. The great thing about this show was that I heard so many songs i never had before live (like recently etc...) Ants was unbelieveable, and the only disappointment was the fact that they didn't play Watchtower - I still have never been to a show where they played it. This was a true fan's concert, some of my friends were getting kinda restless in the middle during the beautiful ballads: the people around me wanted to hear satellite, tripping billies, etc... but this was an unforgettable show that was a totally new dmb experience for me.
Jun.30.2004 .
Hey y'all, just got home so please bear with my sleepiness. it was bout and hour and a half drive home :P. SET: i believe they went on at 8:30 but i could be wrong... Nancies-wow! i knew they were due to play this, i kinda called it, have never seen it as an opener but I was thoroughly impressed. Dave was singing different words, he was confusin' me for a lil bit...anyone else? Seek Up- HALLIELUIAH!!!!!!!!!!! there is a god, actually 5 of them, the Dave Matthews Band and they really do love me! I have waited 7 shows t hear this one, i clocked about 30 mins on this one. they jammed forever and a day till finally Butch broke out with the Linus and Lucy! Linus and Lucy---->Pnp--->Rapunzel- tight tight tight! this one really got the crowd moving. so far things were looking excellent for this night at Hartford, I was set with the show this far, the DMB coudl do no wrong... I'll Back You Up-please excuse my french, but i nearly shit a brick!!!!! again, have never heard this song live, it means so much to me. I just recently sent the lyrics to all of my friends as we all go off to our own seperate colleges, so of course hearing it brought a tear to the eye :o) anyone notice Dave kinda taking over the riens tonight? he was in the spotlight a little more than usual, no really big solos tonight, u know? Busted Stuff- gotta love the way Dave "introduces" this one...."busteds stuff" he says :) I really dig this song. Lotsa people aroudn me were groovin to it. good good stuff Recently- short but sweet, hey ya gotta love it, crowd favorite. Raven- Good thing i had gotten this off of napster today! This is a really nice jam...i really really enjoyed this song...i called out JTR and the guy next to me caught me on it right away, if hes reading this, he was pretty damn cool ;) The Maker- whens the last time we heard this baby? wow...awesome. again called it right away, i was expectign #40 tonight to the way things were goin' but no such luck..hey it's all good. Grey Street- They always play this one, but it is definately my fav. new one thus far. I love how no one knows the words until "and the colors mix together to grey.." it makes me laugh :) Grace Is Gone- I had really wanted to hear this one too, had a feeling it was coming, but maybe as an encore. Love this one, it's my younger sisters new fav. i taught her the words during the song.. Say Goodbye- I love Carter. that's all that needs to be said...talent pure talent Bartender- Dave puts such emotion into this song i get chills every time i hear it. I'm so glad they played it tonight. "on bendeeeeeeed knees!" JTR- I miss the "whos that writing John the revelator" part :( me and the guy behind me were singing it anyway, it was fun :) I love the jam at the end. Ants- FINALLY! 7 shows=first Ants Marching, i completely spazzed, i figured it would be the encore, but we got it right at the end...glad to see them not choose stay, was getting old. wow the audience flipped out, i think they were glad to hear an old favorite after all the new stuff. This one rocked HARD! Encore: The Stone- I've heard this one several times live but I love it. I know it's one of Dave's favs. it was a surprise, i thought we might hear crash tonight, but we didn't need it tonight... DIDO- I was racking my brain to try and figure out what the encore would be, it seems as if they played every possible good song already, they had to end with a bang, this was certainly the way to do it. again, i repeat, 7 shows, first DIDO. i was in complete awe. They tore it up. so this has to be the best setlist i have ever been present for. the people around me kinda sucked...i mean, talking during the maker??? common now...anyone notice Dave starting to interact more with the crowd? he came real close to the edge and was like pointing and stuff, i haven't seen him like that before. and what exactly was the huge thing thrown on the stage?? alright it's 2am i'm drunk again (j/k) i should go to sleep. hope u got something oughta my review! peace y'all
Josh M.
This was my 16th Dave show and it was awesome. It started on such a high note promptly at 8:30. I haven't heard Dancing Nancies since they played it in 98 so I was really happy to hear the first chords as the opener. I really started getting excited when it was followed by a Seek Up that blew everyone away. They jammed hard core!! I couldn't even tell when Seek Up ended and PNP began because of the Charlie Brown jam by Butch somewhere in the middle. But I do know that 2 songs and 39 minutes into the show was when you heard the band break into PNP. 39 minutes 2 songs. AWESOME!!!! The peak of the night for all of the true Dave fans came when he sat in the spotlight by himself and played the first song he ever wrote. Dave fans, you know the one. Stefan helped him little by giving some bass to the song but it was an incredible I'll Back You Up. The band came back into the light to play Busted Stuff, he only song that Dave and the boys played all three nights. The band then did a short and sweet Recently. I don't even think it went 4 minutes. Raven followed. Then came The Maker. I have loved this song since the first time I heard it so I was really psyched to get to see it live. My girlfriend and I were the only ones singing but we didn't care. After The Maker came Grey Street and The Grace is Gone. Both pretty standard to the way they have been playing it all summer. At this point the radio crowd that was sitting down and talking among themselves (very annoying) stood up when they started hearing Carter beat his drums. Everyone knew Say Goodbye was coming and it did. Then came Bartender and an awesome John the Revelator. I thought for a minute that maybe JTR was going to be the closer but then it ended the band was still on stage. Then came Ants. No Carter intro like they have been doing. They just went right into it. It was a great Ants. Boyd was on fire. Then they went off stage. They came back to play The Stone. My favorite song off BTCS. I was hoping they would end with Two Step or Watchtower but they went with Drive In Drive Out. The crowd was happy. They could finally sing along. I thought the show was awesome and I can't wait to see them again. I love you Maura!! Thank You Hartford. See ya next year.
Courtney C.
Wow- what can I possibly say here that will do this show any justice? This was my fourth DMB show and by far the best I've been to. It was without a doubt the best night of my summer and I owe that wholly to Dave and the boys. Dancing Nancies was a good opener since it is a favorite of any real fan and it sure got the crowd going. I would have liked to see Seek Up as the opener, but that ended up being second anyway. PNP into Rapunzel was so awesome. I was at the Hartford show on Friday when this was the encore but last night's version blew friday's out of the water. It was explosive and was played with so much meaning- the crowd was really into it. Then came the best part of my evening- the moment I had been waiting for as long as I've been a fan... I'll Back You Up. I didn't see it coming and it's such a raretie nowadays, but somehow I had a subconcious feeling that it could happen. And it was fucking amazing!!! My hands were shaking and I was so overwhelmed with joy. I was in awe. The concert could have ended there and I would have been completely satisfied- it was awesome, a real treat. All of DMB's "new" songs are great. My personal favorites are Raven, Bartender and Grey Street. I'd never heard The Maker or JTR so those were nice to hear, but Raven, Bartender and Grey Street have really been stuck in my head after hearing them only twice- so if this is a preview of the new album then I can guarantee it will be outstanding- not too mellow, not too dark- just GREAT! Ants Marching was a definitely a highlight. They really had everyone! going nuts with that one as usual. It was nice to hear The Stone in the encore, but I still think they could have picked something better- a more classic tune. I was really disappointed when they ended with Drive In, Drive Out because I wouldn't consider that a "fan favorite", however it was a stunning rendition and left the crowd dancing and singing even after it was over. Overall, it was an amazing night and an absolutely perfect way to end the summer! I couldn't have asked for anything more... And I'd like to say hi to the guy at the ketchup table who I introduced to mayo on french fries- just in case he happens to see this.- I hope you enjoyed it!
Mathieu V.
Third of a three night stay in Hartford, the boys did pretty well. BTW thanks to the Warehouse I had 6 row. (I love those people.) Dancing Nancies was a great opener. Got the crowd going. I called Seek Up next. About 20 minutes into it though, Stefan seemed to have trouble with his bass. With that, he switched basses and Dave picked up the LS intro to PNP->Rapunzel. But out of the blue, Butch starts Linus and Lucy! (I'm assuming to give the guitar techs more time.) Then Butch gave a signal for Rupunzel and they started where they left off. I'll Back You Up was a sweet song. Busted Stuff for a third night in a row was ok. Would have rather had Sweet Up and Down (which has seemed to have left the stage recently.) Recently was the shortend version, nothing special. Raven again confused everyone (Dave's totally revamped the lyrics to this song.) The Maker!!! Now there's a song i never ever thought I'd hear live. Absolutly great. 2 more new songs in Grey Street and Grace is Gone. I love both of them. Then the stage darkens and we get Carter tearing his drum kit up! Great solos throughout. Bartender was very cool. The emotion from Dave on this one is amazing. Lost my voice singing along. JTR was great, the outro was awesome. Then, after waiting all weekend for it, I finally get Ants. I was ready to go home after that, but a fool would leave a DMB concert early. The encore was exactly what they started with on Friday, which was ok. Overall a good night, but nothing compared to Saturday.
Jason V.
Just to clarifywhat actually happened with Linus and Lucy: when SEEK UP ended the band slowly began working into the PRE-PNP jam, as they normaly do. I don't think there was any chance they were going to play Linus and Lucy. But there was a kid in the first row that had a "Linus and Lucy" sign and he began to wave it around hoping to get Butch's attention. Butch seemed too focused-in to notice the sign, but Dave walked over towoards the kid to read the sign, then alerted Butch to it and directed him to play it.
Rick B.
One of the rarest setlists in years. It was an honor to be in attendance.
Anthony P.
Hey guys this is my first review. I've been to seven shows and I have to say that the Sunday show at the Meadows in Hartford was the best I've ever seen. I spent Saturday hangin out with my friends and had an intense time that night. But Saturday was a little different for me. I was there with my girlfriend Jennifer and we were in an altered state of mind. It was her first show and at first we was a little nervous about being in the crowd in that state of mind but when Nancies finished and Dave started into Seek Up I couldn't control myself anymore. My girlfriend and I hit the lawn and just chilled out for most mellow Dave experience of my life. This 20 minute jam was unbelievable and put us both in a great mood. PNP and Rapunzel got the blood flowin again but then I'll Back You Up was incredibly soothing to my soul and made my weekend. My girlfriend loves that song and claims that we're going to play it at our wedding so you can imagine how nice it was to just be with a great girl listening to a great song. Busted Stuff is my favorite new song and I was pleased to hear it kept me right where I needed to be. I wasn't really happy with Recently as the next choice because I just don't like the song anymore. The next 4 songs were absolutely perfect and I definitely felt like Dave and I were on the same wavelength that night. The last thing I needed was to have 10,000 drunk kids around me trying to sing like Dave. Raven, The Maker, Grey Street, and Grace is Gone fit in nicely because it forced everyone to just shutup for about 45 minutes since no one has the words memorized yet. It was at this time that we discovered the sky and were able to block out all the clowns that were acting foolish around us. I personally find it very annoying when some 18 year old kid is hammered and trying to dance to a song like The Maker. Everyone at these shows seems to be so into drinking and doing their own thing that everyone forgets to listen to the show. I've been there before but not on Sunday. Dave to ok us to another place that night and proved that he and is friends are great musicians and can take slow songs and still make a great night of it. Say Goodbye is another great song to listen to when your with a girl and I expected him to play it since Crash was the night before. He seems to rotate the girly songs on a nightly basis. Then more great quiet songs Bartender and JTR that no one can sing along to. Good times for us. Only Ants Marching can bring a crowd into a frenzy like it did Sunday night. I don't care who you are but everyone loves or used to love Ants Marching. Nothing more to be said about that. A fitting encore with Stone as one of my favorite songs and of course Drive In Drive Out which pretty much sums up the weekend. Dave drives into Hartford, blows away 75,000 people over 3 days and then drives right out again. Thank you Dave Matthews for finally giving a performance for your true fans; the fans who know all the words but don't feel compelled to scream everyone of them; the fans who are at the show to hear the music and enjoy the experience for what it is, a musical performance not a shouting match. Thank you, thank you, thank you Dave Matthews.
Doug S.
This was my third DMB show and this one definately stood out about all of the rest. The opener of Dancing Nancies was a pleasant surprise with Dave just fooling around with the lyrics at the very beginning of the song. As for Seek Up, this was with out a doubt the highlight for myself. The song was great since it lasted 30 minutes, and went right into a great Linus and Lucy jam and then into the intro to Pantala Naga Pampa. This jam was full of so much energy, it showed the night was going to be great. Rapunzel was great as usual, and then came I'll Back You Up, which was great with Stefan taking over Tim's solo. Busted Stuff was better without the lovely ladies, and unfortunately Recently was very short. Raven was also good, but the Maker was even better. Dave sang this with such sincerity and sweetness. Although my friends and I were standing still everyone else was sitting down, smoking or talking. It was dissapointing how the crowd lost interest with so many new or rare songs in a row. I love the new stuff, and I think it shows how great the band really is. It is sad though that the crowd only picked up to Ants and then the Stone and DIDO. A great show for a true fan.