Dave Matthews Band
Blossom Music Center, Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band: Indigenous
One Sweet World (instrumental intro)
What Would You Say
Rhyme & Reason
Busted Stuff
Crash Into Me (Dixie Chicken)
Grey Street
All Along the Watchtower
Grace Is Gone
Lie In Our Graves
So Much To Say (Anyone Seen the Bridge?) -->
Too Much
Digging a Ditch
Pantala Naga Pampa -->

Chris C.
Good show, not jammed out much. My first WWYS in 13 shows, and it was good. Leroi sounded better than ever, and the library with new tunes makes for a more interesting concert. I really liked Grace is Gone and the Bartender Jam is breathtaking. I thought that OSW was a good opener, and the new stuff was sandwhiched in between radio songs so the crowd didn't get sidetracked. I thought that the crowd was pretty quiet the whole time. Dave said "Busted Stuff...or She's My Bitch" before they played BS, and before JTR he said "Monkey love...not monkey love." They sounded very good and smooth, but nothing really shined out as being abnormal or special. Just a good show. ASB was rocking and Ditch was quiet and nice. A good show in all.
i was lying on the lawn with my friends and girlfriend and then heard a roar come from the pavilion, so i stood up and saw the best band in the land walk onstage. they came out with a beautiful version of one sweet world with a great intro. they song had great sax solos. what would you say did not surprise me, was after osw. it was the usual jam of everyone yelling "mom it's my birthday". i heard a chord or two of dave tuning the guitar and i called ryme and reason. satellite was next, the same old love song. #41 had leroi doing an amasing job on the sax and flute, very good version it was the first time i heard it and i loved it.they then played busted stuff(she my bitch) and bartender. they played the first chords of crash and all you could hear were the girls screaming. the most played song on the tour was next in grey street, great jam. watchtower was the greatest song of the night. the lights were amasing, and the song made everyone just go nuts!!! grace is gone, one of my new favorites was played and it sounded great. jtr was a good version because of the way they had a extended jam at the end. Lie in our graves did not end. boyd was totally going insane, usually dave plays facing carter, but boyd came up and was just jamming. the song made everyone just go overboard. the so much to say->anyone seen the bridge->too much combo was great. i was the only one around who knew that too much was coming and knew what anyone seen the bridge was. it's cool though. digging a ditch was a great slow jam encore. i did not like pampa->rapunzel too much untill the end where they all just went insane on jammin, so it made up for it. overall the show was fantastic, i could not have asked for a lot more excpet a close with ants or two step.
Michael M.
This was my 3rd concert I went to this week, and it all built up to the best DMB concert I have ever been to out of the 5 I have attended. Most people might disagree because of all of the new songs that were played, but all of the new songs are AMAZING. the crowd seemed lost with every new song that was played and I found myself telling everyone around me what song it was and that it would be on the new studio album. The intro to OSW set the mood for the night, it was the second time I heard the Intro and it was A LOT better then the last time. Every member of the band seemed to be having a BLAST. WWYS, R&R and Sattilte were pretty basic but still great. #41 was played excellent by every member of the band and it seemed as if the band was playing off of each other, Boyd would take a solo then dave would kick in and move it on to Leroi. Busted Stuff was played a lot better than at Three Rivers it sounded much better without the "Lovly Ladies". Bartender was a great jam with everything you could ask for. The major Highlight of the night was LIOG, it was with no doubt the best version I have every heard boyd played his heart out from begining to the end and the crowd loved it. SMTS into Too Much was a great way to finish off the show everything sounded perfect and it was a great trasition from one song to the next with Stefan leading the way with his Funk Outro. And the encore was good but I think Dave lost the crowd with Digging a Ditch But I thought it was an increidable song and it set the stage for a great (kinda new) closer Rapunzel. The only this that was bad about the night was the sound wasnt to great, at some points the crowd would make so much noise that you could hear dave sing. and the worst part of the night was BLOSSOM its a great place to watch a concert BUT I was stuck in traffic for about an Hour just tring to get out of the parking lot, but I think it was definitly worth it. Well, See ya'll next summer.
[Name R.
All i can say about this show is WOW. unbelievable. it was my 4th dave show and it was by far my favorite. that might have something to do with my 11th row tickets tho. everyone in the pavilion was full of energy, and so was the band. it was just the 5 of them tonight. no one extra, and i was kinda glad. he came out and played a big, long intro to one sweet world. OSW was pretty standard version. sounded great. then WWYS. they played the jam out for a long time in the middle. tonight was definitely Boyd's night to shine. he had huge solos in almost every song. then he slowly worked his way into rhyme and reason by playing the notes very slowly at first. it was kinda strange. we didn't know if it was a tease or not. he did the same thing with satellite. dave seemed to play with the crowd a lot, which made the show really exciting cuz u didn't know what would happen next. R&R had lots of energy, and satellite was solid as usual. #41 was gorgeous, with a big ole jam at the end. then came the new stuff. busted stuff was sweet. i love that song. then he picked up a 12-string and walked up to the mic and said "sometimes u like to drink, and get just a lil buzz. then sometimes u drink to get DRUNK." everyone got a kick outta that. then boyd struck up the violin and they went into bartender. great song. one of my fav's off the new album. then he switched back to the 6-string for crash. very standard version. same thing he's played all tour. same as LS. then grey street. what a sweet song. then came the highlight as far as i'm concerned. watchtower was incredible. by far the best version of watchtower i've ever heard. it was so full of energy and so alive. everyone was totally diggin it. grace is gone is such a pretty song. same with JTR. then LIOG. what an awesome jam. leroi didnt do anything during the jam tho. i think he had problems with a mouthpiece. he kept playing with it and trying to fix it. so boyd stepped in and did a 5-minute solo instead. it was so awesome. then came SMTS->ASTB->2Much for the closer, which they've been using a lot lately. standard version, but all sounded great. then for the encore, he did "something a lil quieter, then something a lil louder." diggin a ditch is gonna be a hit. and then rapunzel got everyone rockin for the finale. it was such a good version. everything they played seemed like it had somuch more energy. the rapunzel jam went on and on, but like all good things, eventually it had to come to an end. what a great tour it's been. i've been to 4 shows this tour, and i'm runnin outta $$$ so i gotta call it quits. but see ya'll next summer!! this show gets a 10.0. great great show.
Tiffany W.
Tonites Show, one word sum's it up..awesome!! Amazing Lite show. Fans were all very into,as well as Dave. Was going crazy with his dancing. Opening with O.S.W. was a nice relaxing suprise. Then W.W.Y.S. got the crowd up and going, and not one person was sitting down the rest of the nite. Lighting was great on crash. Watchtower was a suprise in the middle of the setlist, but really got the crowd pumped. L.I.O.G. was spectacular. Boyds solo was great. Everybodys lighters were up in the air. Took a little while for them to come back out for the encore, but the crowd didn't seem to mind because they didn't let up at all. Great show, Keep it up DMB!!!
Matt H.
This was my 6th show, and it was pretty average. Nothing too special, but overall a solid show. OSW was a very good opener..I was surprised by how many people knew it. WWYS was a very energetic version. Satellite was standard, but nice. #41 was very good..Boyd and Roi had a good little battle. Busted Stuff was very mellow. Bartender was of the highlights of the night. Crash was nice, but standard. Grey Street was very well done. Watchtower in the middle of the set works really well for me..great version. Grace is Gone is a pretty song, but slowed things down way too much after Watchtower..crowd had little interest. JTR didn't help much. LIOG was very good..that's one of the longest Boyd solos I've heard. SMTS-ASTB-Too Much was great as always. The encore was very dissapointing to me. Diggin a Ditch is a nice song, but Rapunzel does NOT work as a closer. Overall, nice show, but nothing special and no surprises.
Jared B.
Out of 6/19/00, 6/20/00, and 7/3/00, this show was definitely the best one I've seen of the year. I only have one more to go to to see if the band can top it. First I'ld like to say something about Blossom, it's beautiful, it's made of wood, and you can see from every seat and the accoustics are great...none of which I can say about polaris. Ok, now on with the show...Opened with One Sweet World, which was kinda a shock, i was expecting something different, but it was really good. Did I hear a "9 planets around this world..."? Ok, Busted Stuff, this was my 2nd time hearing it, and it's a great song, but it's MUCH better without the "lovely ladies", next was bartender which i've seen 3 times now...and it just keeps getting better, i like the little verbal intro he's added, it makes it really cool. i think it's much better as a full band song. crash was unncecessary, but it was worth sitting through because next was grey street, which is one of my favorites of the new songs. watchtower was one of the most high energy watchtowers i've ever seen. very impressive. next was Grace is Gone, I LOVE this song!!! i really wanted to hear it again and got to hear it again. i was singing along to it, but obviously everyone around me wasn't impressed with it because they sat down(as they did during all the new songs) and this made me mad because of how great a song it really is. JTR, another one of my new favorites and was REALLY glad to hear it again! i love it! It sounds better without the "lovely ladies" as well. I was glad to hear SMTS->ASTB->Too Much, I love anyone seen the bridge, and it was just great. The encore...i knew they were gonna play one new song digging a ditch wasn't a suprise to me...but then i was expecting ants or two step, and then they went into rapunzel! it was great. Dave was dancing a LOT the whole night, but during rapunzel he was dancing so much i thought he was gonna fall off the stage! this was a great show. see everyone Sept 4th in Antioch!
[Name R.
I flew from Baltimore to see this Ohio show, and it was disappointing. Dave seemed completely jaded, and the crowd was as quiet as a mouse. They seemed like radio fans, and screamed insanely when he would mention something taboo, like "drinking to get drunk". Maryland/Virginia is where you find real fans. There were some noteworthy Tinsley's amazing solo on Lie In Our Graves, which was so mind blowing, that the bowl had to be passed around, in appreciation. Grey Street carried the only energy of the night, and the encore was stretching decent. Overall- just an average show, which made me wish i scalped my ticket for an EASY $100 bucks, and instead paid off a security guard to tell me where young david would be afterward.