Dave Matthews Band
Meadows Music Theatre, Hartford, Connecticut
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band: The Getaway People
One Sweet World (instrumental intro) *
The Best of What's Around *
#41 *
The Song That Jane Likes *
Warehouse (stop time intro) *
Lover Lay Down *
Two Step *
Busted Stuff *
Jimi Thing *
Typical Situation *
Crash Into Me (Dixie Chicken) *
True Reflections *
Tripping Billies *
Digging a Ditch *
What Would You Say *

* with Butch Taylor on keys

Red C.
WELL...Red and the crew thought last night was a solid show and we were not expecting this as a follow up! Show number 20 for the Red and it ranks way up there indeed. ONE SWEET way to open it with OSW. Mike called her which was appreciated. Now I may just be a little nutty but I swear he teased WATCHTOWER right after OSW. Probably not but I thought so for a good few seconds. Instead we got a tight BEST to our delight. Good way to get the crowd going. #41 was pleasing, Carter going nuts helps of course. JANE did a great job batting clean off. WAREHOUSE surprised me next. BUT it didn't take me long to begin the WHOOING! The Mike and I got a large portion of section 800 to WHOO during the Stop Time. The Red felt so special. Solid solid Warehouse too. I was thinking new song at the 6 slot but got a good LOVER LAY DOWN instead. Not an overly big LLD fan, but it was good enough. I called JTR next because I really felt like dancing again. They obliged. It was a tight tight JTR, and got Mike and I dancing like fools, which was a theme to the evening. Much to our surprise, TWO STEP was soon to follow and it kept us foolish for every second of it's incredible 16 minute jam. Butch and Carter jammed with each other for awhile and then much to the Red's liking Carter slowly but surely built up a little solo for himself. It was a highlight for sure. BUSTED STUFF was the ONLY REPEAT OF THE NIGHT!!! That's impressive to say the least. A good song. A JIMI THING was a foregone conclusion for the weekend and sure enough it came next. Boyd went a little nutty in the middle which kept the crowd happy and standing. I think last night's crowd had a little more energy, or maybe it was just where I was sitting. I was thinking CRASH next but instead we got a TYPICAL treat. It seemed weird that Dave would play two 13+ minute songs back to back. But weird doesn't = bad. I loved it. All who know Red know that the Red is ALL ABOUT THE HAPPY JAM!! And this one was solid as usual. crash = water break. Dave started strumming something that sounded like Minarets right before TRUE REFLECTIONS. I was happy with True, I mean we couldn't argue with anything because of the set that had already been played. TRIPPING BILLIES was one hell of a closer let me tell you. I was dancing my Red ass off for the entire 6 minutes. DIGGIN A DITCH doesn't do much for me. WHAT WOULD YOU SAY doesn't either. But aside from a disappointing encore, this is definately a Top 5 show for the Red. I am definately looking forward to Sunday and SPAC where Carter is destined to see my CARTER BEAUFORD IS GOD sign from Section 2 row M seat 132. I shall get a drumstick. I hope. CARTER BEAUFORD IS GOD!!
Jason C.
Wow ! What a show. It was really good. Boyd went crazy on True Reflections and Jimi Thing. OSW was a great opener. TSTJL was well received by the crowd. Tripping Billies was awesome. A near 20 minute Two Step was incredible. It was a lot of fun there tonight. Nobody knew Diggin' A Ditch by heart so it was nice hearing only Dave singing. But there were no ladies anymore, so it was kinda different hearing True Reflections. Crash was unbelievable, the whole crowd got into it. Lover Lay Down was nice to have in the middle. Missed Bartender and Seek Up but I have heard them already this year. All in all, not a disappointment, it was a great time of dave.
Gary D.
Another solid one at the Meadows. All week I was pumped up to get a Stone opener. I thought those chances were shot to hell with Hershey's encore. But they were suddenly brought to life, much to the content of Red, Josh, and the Mike. It was a great jam at the end, just the perfect way to start a show. They didn't play immediately into DRIVE which surprised me, but it was great anyway. To it's credit DDTW was well played. Bleh. RAVEN kinda surprised me in the five slot. It was well played. GRANNY was excellent on this night. The crowd was really into it and that was cool. And really surprising RED was the fact that the crowd even stayed alive for BARTENDER and GREY ST, both of which were great. Bartender is my favorite new one and it keeps getting better. Dave shows soooo much emotion in it and I love it. WATCHTOWER got everyone excited, and got the RED dancing like a fool again. I am a big fan of BUSTED STUFF and Dave was really into it. LIE was excellent as usual, and as is the norm these days, Butch was showcased at the end. A great song to hear live anytime. SO MUCH-->TOO MUCH was fun as usual but disappointing that it ended a short set time wise. GRACE IS GONE was great in a sad way. RAPUNZEL surprised the RED, who was quite displeased at first. Then they JAMMED THE HELL out of it and it was my favorite song of the night, besides STONE. That's saying alot. It was the best Rapunzel I have heard, bar none. Saturday, Sunday, and SPAC should all be great see y'all there.
Matt K.
This show was a little slow getting started, but once the boys got rolling, it was incredible. The Stone was a surprise opener (they opened their Meadows stint last year w/ it as well) and was definitely a treat to hear. DIDO was excellent, with Dave changing the lyrics as always. The crowd was really moving to this one. DDTW was pretty standard, and I think a lot of people (even radio fans) are tired of hearing it. Satellite was a good sing-along... but I didn't like the pace; it was very slow. Raven shocked me, seeing as how it hadn't been played since Giants in July. I just don't like this song, and the crowd seemed to lose interest too. But Granny got everyone dancing. It was a great version. Good to see Roi and Boyd singing backup instead of the Ladies. Bartender and Grey Street had an incredible amount of energy from Dave. Of the new ones, the crowd responded best to these. No 12 string on Grey Street tonight. Rhyme rocked, and in my opinion, this is where the show took off. Watchtower was absolutely insane. Boyd, Butch, and Roi took solos in that order and they brought the house down. She My Bitch took a little energy out of the end, but Lie in Our Graves brought it right back up. Boyd! Boyd! Boyd! He just took over during this song. Dave stood off to the side and just let Boyd take off. Butch's solo here was nice too. What a sweet, sweet song!! Praying to hear SMTS->ASTB->Too Much as a closer beforehand... and the boys pulled through. There was so much energy here. Everyone was dancing and singing along up on the lawn. Grace was predictably the first encore song. I absolutely love this song. Roi had more of a presence in it than before too. Good to see it evolving. Rapunzel really surprised me as a closer. That brought the tally to 3 BTCS songs for the night. Wasn't thrilled when it started, but the jam at the end was incredible. Everyone on stage was jamming their hearts out. Great way to end the show! Taking the night off tonight. See y'all again Sunday. Maybe we can hope for Nancies, Recently, #40?? Hope so. Later.
Gary D.
Unbelievably, this show was better than friday's show. The setlist was absolutely amazing, beyond anything I could have expected. I was on the lawn tonight, but the crowd was actually pretty good, so no problems there. On to the show. The band came on around 8:25, when the sun had finally set. I have to say, I love having One Sweet World as an opener. Particularly with the nature intro, this song is a perfect fit for an opener. Dave and Stefan then played a few chords that sounded like Watchtower to me and a lot of people, but he then went into BOWA, which I was thrilled to hear live. The energy on this song was amazing, as was Leroi Moore. This was Leroi's night, and he had major roles in most of the songs tonight. When they pulled out #41, I could hardly believe it. This is my favorite song, and it did not disappoint. Dave then told the crowd, " I have a little sister, her name is Jane," and went right into STJL, which I was surprised to hear, but extremely excited to hear live. Warehouse was tremendous as always with the stop time intro, although most of the crowd didn't pick up on the "whoo" thing until the end of the intro. If it seems like I am going through all of the songs, it is because every song he played was worth noting because the show was simply outstanding. Lover Lay Down was also a surprise, and Leroi was amazing once again. I was so happy to hear JTR, because this is one of my favorites of the new songs, and the jam at the end is awesome. Two Step was absolutely great as usual, and it went un for upwards of 20 minutes, with Butch Taylor having a great solo there too, and Carter doing things that drumers aren't supposed to be able to do. Busted Stuff was nice, but would have preferred Sweet Up and Down. Jimi was great, and typical was unbelievable, although I'm not sure I like the jam in the middle of it. Crash was good to get the crowd into it, and dave showed a lot of emotion here. True Reflections was also a surprise, and Boyd did not disappoint. The highlight of the night had to be Tripping Billies, with more energy than I have ever seen from the band. Boyd tore sh*t up, and this made my night and my weekend for that matter. The encore was decent, with digging a ditch, a great new sog, and WWYS. Overall a great night. See you all on Sunday.
Jason W.
Overall, good setlist, good crowd one of the best shows I have seen. Plus it was Mom and Dad's first show. Intro->OSW good start for happy set and a nice mellow crowd. Leroi was featured throughout, but Carter just carries the boys throughout was close enough to see his Drumstick shatter during JTR which sounded good. Highlights: Wharehouse. was in 700 section and started in on the Woooos! Nice touch, Dave and boys seemed to like it, and I had not seen that yet. Two Step, psyched to hear because have not heard past two years! Felt bad for Stephan, at beginning he had problems with his feature, hot fire bass and yellow hat on, something went wrong and Dave and the band rallied around, I dont think many people noticed him get angry and throw something. But he got back into groove and the rest of Two Step rocked. Typical Situation with jam, sounded much better then at Giants Stadium, Tripping Billies was a nice close. Busted Stuff is getting better and better, as is Digging a Ditch! Disappointed with closer of WWYS. Crowd was already leaving. Overall good show, cant wait to see the boys again.
Johnny Q.
First off - The Red entertains me. Meadows - great place to see a show...if you get in your seat at 4:30 in the afternoon. What was with the gridlock? I found some secret American Express entrance that I suggest you all try to use next time. Anyways...SHOW WAS AWESOME. I wont go through every song, but it was great. Dave acknowledges the WHOO! thing in Warehouse now. He smiled at our side of the theatre during the last one. Lover Lay Down...every time at the Meadows they've played go figure it out cause I can't!! Busted Stuff was the only repeat from Friday's show so that was a bonus. My last show this tour so see you next leg!!
Simply put, this was a show for the DMB fan. The casual fan may have been a bit lost with the song selection, at first. Additionally, after seeing Dave many times in the past, this was the best show ever. It had it all...the sound: crystal clear, the setlist: just about perfect. You really couldn't ask for more. Glad to see all those tapers out there! This will be one show everyone will not want to miss out on. Next official live CD should be comprised of this show. WOW!!
Paul C.
Yet another terrific Dave show-I've already seen him twice this summer and this show was totally different from those, which is awesome. I can't believe he played Lover Lay Down and Best of What's Around-they were great. Opener of One Sweet World was great, especially with the funky little intro he does. They really jammed a lot tonight, like on Typical Situation and Two Step. Boyd was AWESOME-looking cool when he wasn't playing and then just going nuts during solos. The funniest part of the show was during True Reflections when Boyd made fun of Dave by doing his little foot jig. It was hilarious. The whole crowd reacted, I think because no one's ever seen him do something like that. It was great. Crash, True Reflections and Tripping Billies were great to close out the show. The new songs (Digging a Ditch, Busted Stuff and John the Revelator) were good, but I was hoping for Sweet Up and Down, Grey Street or Grace is Gone, because those are my favorites so far. What Would You Say was a good last song-they really jammed a lot on it. Again, they played almost 3 hours and everyone on stage looked like they were having the best time. I'm looking forward to the next tour!