Journal Pavilion, Albuquerque, NM
Graph of songs performed, by album
Don't Drink The Water
Louisiana Bayou
Hunger For The Great Light
Too Much
Stand Up
American Baby
Blackbird >
Steady As We Go
Ants Marching

Old Dirt Hill
Tripping Billies

Chris M.
Thanks to the great people at the Warehouse, I got to sit front row at this concert. It was the most amazing concert experience I have ever had. The fact that the band acknowledges individual fans in the crowd just proves that connecting with people is still an essential component to every live DMB show. A wink from Dave, a nod and thumbs-up from LeRoi and a drumstick point from Carter made this DMB fan's summer. I don't know how they continue to do what they do after all these years, but seeing the band members play and interact with each other, it's clear that they genuinely enjoy playing for us fans. One side note. I'm almost positive that the first encore song was not "Old Dirt Hill." I can't remember exactly what it was, but I specifically remember not hearing that song. Great setlist though! Beautiful mix of old and new favorites.
A good show, my second of three this summer. The sound held up in the strong winds all night long, at least from where I sat in the lower section. The new songs were still strong, and a little different than in the July 1 show I saw. I think Hunger got weaker, though, with that terribly rushed ending. I don't recall hearing the super-fast ending at SPAC. #41 was so smooth, so good tonight. In my opinion, Blackbird was neat to hear because it's rare, but clearly the band is still toying with it, exploring it, and that's OK I guess. The band kept everything moving quite nicely through the first half of the show, even with the long breaks between songs. #34: quite a treat to hear that song live! It chilled out the crowd, but then, with the first drone or two, Bartender brought the energy back, and it all climbed in volume and tempo to Stand Up. Granny was straightforward and didn't add anything special. But later came Warehouse, which was amazing! Scream at the top of your lungs amazing. A sweet, tight, long jam with several different directions, and it grew SO powerful. Ants kept up the pace and these last two songs were so high in excitement and perfection, they could've been ending the show right then. After a decent break came YMDT and Billies. YMDT was brief but strong, Billies was good old Dave Matthews Band sing-and-dance-along music. A happy time. There were a few noticable missed plucks and strums, but it was a very good show. We got to hear lots of Mr. Moore and not tons of Butch, so it balanced out pretty evenly. Albuquerque got a very special show that night.
Bruce W.
This was my thirty-first show over a ten year period, and for me it ranked in the top five. Bayou was great because it was early on in the set and it created a wonderful energy for the rest of the show. They're really tightening up some of the newer changes to old songs. For instance, the last five minutes of Bartender were glorious. The two songs that closed the show were Warehouse and Ants. Both with tons of energy. I especially love the new part of the salsa jam where they have added the bit that is reminiscent of the breakdown during Typical situation. It sounded great. The two highlights of the show were hearing #34 and Blackbird. Blackbird especially was beautiful. Butch took a solo, roi took a solo, and Carter really jazzed it up. Also, Boyd was playing what I believe was an electric mandolin. The song was such a surprise and really well-done. Overall, Dave's vocals were not through the roof as they can be (ie 8/27/05 in LA) but the energy of the music itself was absolutely there. It is obvious from this show that these guys enjoy playing together as much as always. The venue is stellar. Very intimate. It was one of those shows that made it easy to hang out on the lawn and pretend it was 1995.
This was by far the best Albuquerque show, and easily in the top three of the 16 Iíve had the opportunity to see. Everyone was right, the new songs are great live. LB was fantastic and really set the crowd on fire. Not to mention opening with DDTW. I donít know if the band was reacting to the crowd or the crowd to the band, but Iíve never seen them this pumped up in Albuquerque. They played hard and they seemed to be having a great time. At one point there was a long pause between songs and I was hoping Tim Reynolds would come out like last year, but no luck. During one of the jams in Warehouse, they played this lick that sounded familiar but I couldnít put my finger on it. It was awesome. #34 was great to hear live. It calmed down the crowd but only for a moment before Bartender along with the wailing Dave at the end got everyone up again. I was afraid we were only going to get a Blackbird tease but after what seemed a long instrumental part, Dave continued singing the rest of the song. The energy and feeling of Warehouse made me think that was it, and start wondering what the encore would be. But no, they played a typical, but always great version of Antz before heading off stage. And yes, the first song of the encore wasnít Old Dirt Hill. It was You Might Die Trying, which was even better live. I was glad we got TB instead of W.Y.A. for the last song. Everyone was singing and dancing their hearts out. It was a great show and canít wait to see how pumped theyíll be in Red Rocks. Thanks guys!