Home Depot Center, Carson, CA
Graph of songs performed, by album
Pantala Naga Pampa -->
What Would You Say?
One Sweet World
When The World Ends
Stand Up
Lie In Our Graves
American Baby Intro
Warehouse *
Steady As We Go
Hunger for the Great Light
Ants Marching
Stolen Away on 55th & 3rd
You Might Die Trying
Tripping Billies
All Along The Watchtower *+

Old Dirt Hill
What You Are

* With Leon Mobley
+ With Robert Randolph

Sean P.
GARBAGE!!! This was show number 42 for me in 5 years and this was by far the worst one ever...One will probably look at the setlist and think that it was a great show with Warehouse, Ants, Rapunzel and so on but it was horrible. They might as well have called this show the second Stand Up cd release party. I went to the first one at Roseland in May, I really didn't need to hear 7 painful songs off of Stand Up the first night and then have to sit through 8 of them the next night...I mean come on, they have to know that the Stand Up songs are some of the weakest songs they have ever made. DMB have finally lowered themselves to the level of just about every other band out there that can't come up with genuine lyrics so they are forced to repeat the same two lines over and over within the songs, i.e. Louisiana Bayou, Stand Up, Dirt Hill...Tonight would have been a complete disappointment if it wasn't for Boyd's solo on Lie In Our Graves. But other then that one highlight it was a total joke...I will check out Dave and Tim in Vegas in Oct. But after tonight's lackluster setlist and performance I think show #42 just might be the last one. It is sad but I guess all good things have to come to an end sooner or later.
Jackie H.
WOW!!!! Awesome show, it didn't hurt that Warehouse gave me front row seats and I caught Cartter's drumstick at the end, but even with that the songs were awesome. The energy was so high and even the slow songs were high with energy were you just want to melt. The album Stand Up is not one of my favorites, but to hear the songs live, on my! The energy is so much higher when they play them live. It was my 17th show and the best and it was everything that made it the best, the seats and the music!
John C.
Show was a complete let down. There was WAY to many Stand Up songs. Two years ago when they released Everyday, they probably only played 3 songs off the they play 8? There was absolutely no flow to the show either. The first 45 min was the best part of the concert. It kept getting worse and worse after that. Security sucked big time. And $20 parking!!! They wouldn't let people dance on the open spot on the floor. I'm so over DMB and Home Depot Center
I'm reviewing both shows in this post. Both nights were very strong. This was show 35, 36 for me so I like to believe I have some idea of what I'm talking about. Night 1 highlight was easily Lou Bayou. Robert Randolph was insane. I thought the entire stadium was going to blow up. So much energy, so much joy. It was flat out awesome. Night 2 highlight LIOG. Boyd was absolutely awesome. So much so that Dave even gave him a standing o.

Instead of reviewing the show in detail. I instead want to focus on how lucky we all are to be able to year in and year out see this band. Regardless of wether you like whatever current album they are pushing, this band annually rocks our collective worlds. They are so gifted as musicians, and the love they have for the music they play is unmatched and humbling.

After seeing these guys again this weekend, I just felt a moment of reflection was needed. Instead of picking apart the show for one good song or one bad, I thought someone should at least say thanks. Thanks for playing every year. Thanks for loving what you do. And thanks for putting on two great shows, in a great tour season. DMB is the truth.
I thought the show was amazing. Some of the best LA shows Dave has EVER played. The setlist speaks for itself. And I think what they've done with the new songs live is sick! Watchtower was unbelieveable, along with Lie in Our graves, Wherehouse, Ants....and the vibe was suprprisingly vibrant for LA. I just saw the SBC shows, and I will say this, LA comes dangerously close to blowing those shows out of the water.
wow, i really liked both shows at home depot, I've been surprised at how much I like the new material--live that is. American Baby intro was hot last night,lie in our graves too. Steady as we go was sweet and soulful. The band is so tight! Loved the addition of Robert Randolph. Of course my pleasure could have something to do with the great seats that the warehouse set me up with! I'm glad to be a part of that fan club!
This band does what they love, they are passionate and they share that passion with us, we should appreciate all we can get. I don't see any reason to bash DMB. I am happy with anything, any song I can hear from them live. They have such energy I can't ignore or discredit. I think the fact that they didn't play #41, my favorite could have been disappointing but that was immediately forgotten when they played Dreamgirl and Stolen Away from Stand Up; yes a lot of stand up was played, but how many times do you need to hear Dont' Drink the Water and So Much to Say? --DMB is not only truth they are passion
The B.
After an amazing Saturday night show, I could not immagine possibly a better show occuring on Sunday. Well guess what... I was wrong! Listen, I'm not a huge fan of the new "studio version" of Stand Up, but to hear some of the songs live really changed my mind. I can honestly say that I will be looking forward to hearing them again some time down the road. This weekend was show 21 and 22 for me. Show #6 at the Home Depot Center. I have to tell you, I hate to hear people complain about there "horrible time at the HDC" and the "$20 parking" Well do us all a favor and stay home next year. Also, the reason you can't dance in the aisles is because you will be in my way!!!! Have some respect for the people that are there to enjoy the music, not to nit-pick the show. I have heard every song over and over in different venues. One of the great things about DMB is that you never know what your gonna get. I also vote that Robert Randolph become a permanent member of the band. I never knew the slide guitar could blow the roof off of an outdoor stadium!!!
I saw DMB's Sunday show at the Home Depot Center. Yes they played a bunch off of their new album, but HELLO, but did you hear Steady as We Go and Stolen Away at 55th and 3rd??!?!?!!!!! Those are perhaps the 2 most romantic, poetic songs they've EVER made on ANY of their albums........and then to nail a classic like Lie in Our Graves with a 10 minute Boyd solo????!!! Absolutely bananas performance. Can't wait to see them again. Also, would love to hear any gossip regarding possible Dave and Friends shows (will be touring this winter (I know about the Halloween show, but what about other shows)?.
Paul Z.
well, after being part of dmb's west coast swing the past four years, this being my 18th show. the boys still put on the best show of any act out there. but in my opinion their music has gotten down right aweful. stand up sucks. 8 songs! agony. wya is a terrible closer. i'm sick of that song. hey dave must love that song. heard it for a closer at sbc, chula vista, and home depot. how about halloween, last stop, proudest monkey, seek up, minarets. if they go into the studio again with baston and come with another everyday or stand up it will be time stop going to dmb shows. and that would be a terrible shame because these guys are so talented and after btcs semmed to ready to take on the world. now they seem to be past their prime. they need new direction. bring back lillywhite.
I can not believe i got to see these shows! Flat out amazing stuff. Watchtower, watchtower, watchtower wow. For those that don't think that these shows were their best west coast shows since vegas 2001, you should not be allowed on the floor for any future shows! Dave started strong in san diego, then rocked the home depot center on sat. Then completely made my year with sunday's killer performance. I must say that getting backstage before the show was a great added bonus. (Thanks again adam and friends from yorba linda). I hope dave never stops recording new jams and coming to the west coast. Can not wait for their return to vegas. Still waiting for the ladies to come back.
NO QUESTION, IT WAS A GREAT NIGHT! Dave's voice was strong, the vibe on stage was hot, and the setlist was masterfully crafted. Stand Up songs rock in concert and add a dimension to their sound that takes fans to new places. I couldn't get enough, and time flew by. This was my 8th DMB show, and I can't believe I almost passed on it. Surprise Highlights: AB Intro, Dreamgirl, Old Dirt Hill. Totally Rockin: Rapunzel, LIOG, OSW, Watchtower. (Don't mean to say I didn't love it all, cuz I did).
Jason T.
WOW and WOW!! First off, THANK YOU WAREHOUSE and thank you DAVE! It is so unbelievable that after 8 years of going to the shows, I have to say that this was my favorite! AMERICAN BABY INTO is absolutely insane. I, too, have not been a big fan of the last two albums, but the live show makes it for me every time. By the way, there is something to be said about being 5th ROW - CENTER!!! and having an amazing group of people around me. It was only fitting that Dave played WAREHOUSE as a tribute to the Fan Club, which has given us so much back.

I can't believe that they played 3 different closers. I thought Ants was the last song, but Dave and co. kept on going. Tripping Billies was incredible and a usual closer, but NO - one more for us....WATCHTOWER, absolutely amazing. Just a pinnacle of a great time. Thank you fans, Dave and the Warehouse!

Eat, Drink and Be Merry for we live everyday!
Diane H.
Every time I go to a DMB concert, I think, "it can't get any better" I was wrong. The band was outstanding. It felt like Dave was glad to be there and gave up all he had. The setlist was great in that he sang a lot of his new songs and if you are a true DMB fan, you already have to CD, know the songs, love them, and love to hear them come alive in a concert. The energy was top level. I have never seen so many fans so into a concert as they were on Sunday night. The only thing missing was...Dave, we really love to watch you move. The "crazy leg" dancing was not as strong, but who cares...IT WAS HOT!!! I usually pay A LOT of money for these tickets, (Last night's ticket was $240. apiece), but it was worth every dime of it. Dave Matthews're the best!
I've loved the band for years, but this was the first time I was able to see them live and I was BLOWN AWAY! To hear "Lie in our Graves" that way, with Boyd playing that fiddle within and inch of its life, was something I will never forget.

I always believed that DMB was more of a religious experience than a rock show, but this was nothing I'd experienced. The band took that crowd to giddy excitement to calm reflection in minutes! That is power.

Good job guys, and keep up the good work.
Sean N.
Wow great show with apperance by robert randolph! Carson is not the best venue ever but accoustics are good and if you have floor seats it's easy to work your way to the front of the stage (high school kids as security) Any time you get watchtower and randolph is a good show regardless of what the possers think! oh, and since we are bragging I've been to 65 shows in 10 years. Only ten years you say, I'm 23 and live on the west coast so shows are fewer and farther between.
Ive been to many shows and this was amazing. I had viewed many setlists and I had a feeling they would play Old Dirt Hill and when they had it as the 1st encore I was so excited. When the world ends has a part where they say "Grace, oh Grace" and that is the middle name of my daughter. Her mom and I love that song. Warehouse is my favorite and they added some salsa to it. American Baby intro is better than the song itself. In fact, they didnt even play American Baby. Lie in our graves is my top 3 after Warehouse and PIG and Boyd had at least a 10 minute solo and Dave was clapping for him in approval afterwards. Best song of the night. What you are is just sweet. There wasnt one song I didnt love. My best bruder Dave loves Panta Langa Rapunzel and I spent more time calling him to play songs than I did dancing. Ha!! Amazing concert. Anyone who doesnt like Stand up really amazes me because it is legit. Dreamgirl and the way dave starts it was amazing. Im flying to Red Rocks for the tour finale and I hope its as good as this one.
i traveled all the way from southeast asia to come to america just to see dave matthews band live and for the very first time. my cellphone was on the whole time so my friends back home could listen to the concert with me. it was absolutely, absolutely the most amazing thing i have ever experienced. after more than 10 years of listening and singing along to dmb's music, being there to see them perform live was like finally meeting old friends. i go home looking forward to coming back to next year's tour. amazing, amazing, amazing!