SBC Park, San Francisco, CA
Graph of songs performed, by album
American Baby
What Would You Say?
Tripping Billies
The Stone
Lover Lay Down
Dancing Nancies
Warehouse *
Old Dirt Hill +
Stand Up *+
Two Step *+

Steady As We Go
What You Are

* With Rashawn Ross on trumpet
+ With Eric Krasno on guitar

Bay A.
Overcast and dew-like weather throughout the show. Highly lubricated audience as usual for a Saturday night show.

Wonderful song choices for us old time fans, especially after Friday night's lackluster song selections. #41 opened the show, which set the tone for the whole evening. Very solid version, although the ending dragged on a little long. WWYS got the joint jumping and singing along. Six more older songs followed, most notably GRANNY, TRIPPING, STONE, NANCIES and finally a tremendous version of WAREHOUSE.

Eric Krasno of Soulive came out for the last three tunes of the main set. He was a nice addition for the songs. Rashawn Ross was also solid, if infrequent, on trumpet. TWO STEP, which ended the main set, was a marathon effort, as everyone seemed to take turns with a solo.

Encores were a touching STEADY AS WE GO, with a beautiful opening piano arrangement by Butch. Dave offered up some extended spacey electric guitar sounds to the intro of WHAT YOU ARE. The tune rocked hard and the crowd seemed mesmerized.

The Good: Great setlist, the band was clicking on all cylinders and a buzzing crowd.

The Bad: The cool weather and the constant yakkity yakking of those around us in the crowd during almost every song.

The Ugly: Black Eyed Peas? Please.
We traveled from sacramento to get to the show. I thought I got directions to the SBC Park but we ended up at the 49ers game at a completely different venue where there were tons of football fans in their football gear BBQing with friends in the parking lot. It looked like so much fun I was ready to convert to a football fan. We asked one of the parking helper where SBC Park was and he pointed us in the right direction. When we got to the show there were no fans in the parking lot partying. For some reason they were all in the venue partying with the Black Eyed Peas. After a 4 hour drive from home we finally made it, what a celebration in itself. We made it before Dave started singing WOOO!!! The opening song #41 was AMAZING especially after such an adventure travelling to the concert. I REALLY enjoyed crash, #34, Granny, and Tripping Billies. Then coming to a close with the touching song, Old Dirt Hill, brings me back to my childhood. Two-step one of my favorite songs was GREAT, good job taking turns doing solos. The encore i didn't care for at all, the songs he played I don't care if i ever hear in concert again. See you at the Marysville Amphitheatre DMB! I love you guys!
This was my first DMB show since 1998 (last time DMB came to Winnipeg, Canada). I thought that the setlist was great. I was really surprised to hear so many of the pre-Everday songs. Stone, #34, #41, LLD were all great and definately satisfied my desire to hear some songs that are not played all the time. The biggest surprise for me was just how much I enjoyed the "radio" songs. Pretty standard (at least compared to all the live releases) versions of Crash and WWYS, however I totally enjoyed them. The new songs were played with a lot of energy (no surprise) and provided a good source of variety to the music but I thought that they would have been jammed out a bit longer (I did not attend Friday and do not know how the other new ones sound). I really like WYA, however it should be in the middle of the set, not the last song that I hear of the night. Regarding the guest appearances, I came to see BMD not some other people.

One comment about all of the hardcore DMB fans constantly complaining about having to hear songs like Crash. It seems to me that DMB does its best to put into the set some rare songs (#34) to try and make your night more enjoyable even though these type of songs clearly bore (which I can't understand by the way) many of the casual fans (I can tell because many fans in my section looked like they were at a funeral). Count yourself lucky that you guys in the States get the chance to hear this band live every summer. DMB please come up north for a Canadian tour. Later.
I watched my baby girl while my wife & good friend went inside for the show. I was pleasently suprised to learn that you can actually see parts of the stage and hear the music(just fine!) from 'outside' SBC park! Wow, a poor mans show, just for me And my liitle baby! Actually, there was a beautiful gaggle of people peeking through the gates at Dave & Co. I was so tickled that I went back to my car for a wineskin. We hung out for about an hour sipping Pinot Noir and trading stories with the other poor fans. Shortly after 9 pm I went for a stroll arpound the venue and the doorman let me in... for free!!! So my little girl, her name is 'Calla Lily', got to see her first show upon the kindness of a stranger! Thats beautiful. We hung out on the first level above the field, I had her in a special front-pac, and we danced alllllll night long..... Thank you, kind door man!!!
Heather C.
Back for another night @ SBC Park. I was convinced tonight was going to be a radio show with the rarity of the songs the previous night and #41, American Baby, & Crash being the first taste of what was to come...was I ever wrong! This turned out to be my favorite setlist of my 23 shows! The band was all smiles and appeared to be having just as much fun as I was. Shocked to hear #34 for the first time - both light and melancholy at times, this song is full of emotion. Also a first for me was Dancing Nancies with the entire band, Old Dirt Hill, and Stand Up (which I do not like on the CD, but is more enjoyable live). I was delighted to hear Granny (even though the end was a little twisted when Carter seemed to be closing the song as the band kept going) and the Stone with its "bone chillin cold" lyrics - so descriptive of the SF damp, drizzly weather that night. With Dreamgirl being the only repeat from the night before and a roaring Two Step, this show will go down in my DMB history as one of the best setlist this girl could ever dream of. The perfect balance between radio and random songs gives a little something for everyone! Many thanks to David for inviting us up to the DMB lounge again - a perfect end to our fabulous SF trip. One more week and I'll be back in California for the So Cal shows. See y'all there...
Kevin M.
My 40th show and definitely one of the best. The kind of show that makes you wake up the next morning with a smile on your face. Any show that starts with #41 is not going to suck. That song is the perfect opener...when you see the boys walk onstage and play those first few chords of #41, it just sends chills down your spine and puts a big ole smile on your face. And the rest of the night did not disappoint. Crash was excellent. I don't care how often it's been's just a sweet, beautiful great song. And Dave really gets into it at the end. Tripping Billies came from nowhere and was GREAT!!! Adding into the middle of the set gives it so much more life. The Stone is always a treat...just wish he would throw the "Wise men Say" outro into it...that would really take it to another level. After Lover and Dancing Nancies...began to realize that the boys were feeling it tonight and that this was becoming a classic show. Two step was the perfect choice to close epic version. For the encore, SAWG was ok...but What You Are had to be the twin highlight of the night(w/ the 41 opener). The band continued to tweak the's just sick now. The longest intro I've seen yet...a bit longer than the Randall's one. It's just so spooky and haunting I don't know how to describe it. It's worth getting a copy of this show just to hear it. And the rest of the song provided a perfect ending to the show....Dave just loves this song song and really gets into it. At this point it's really starting to remind me of Halloween for its level of intensity (and cursing). The perfect example of how DMB can make a song grow over time.

My 6th and last show this tour...thanks for another great summer DMB. Sorry to say goodbye.
This was only second dmb show I have seen (last being Coors Amphitheater last year), but I thought it was absolutely incredible. I'm surprised no one's mentioned the Everyday outro at the end of #41, which closed the already sick opener that left me speechless personally. American Baby started off sounding a little weak but towards the end Dave just exploded and started skatting likek they were the last breathes in his body before dying. With the mist from the stage mixing with sf's fog, Dreamgirl's "yeahs" with the crowd sent chills down my spine and still do just to think about it. It was special to hear some of the older stuff like 34 and lover lay down. And to continue, The Stone was amazing the way it crawls under your skin (maybe I like it more than most). And need I say anything for nancies, warehouse and twostep? The new stuff sounds a lot better in concert... but what doesn't? I liked Butch's intro to Steady and I really like What You Are as a song, just not so much as a closer. What can I say though, any of their shows is a great show, but I thought their energy was better in san francisco as opposed to san diego, go figure.
Sean T.
HELL YEAH!!! One of the best shows I have ever seen, if not the best(been to about 30). The songs were great, the mix of slow and fast was perfect. I kept waiting for a song that I could hit the bathroom and it never came. Even my friend Ken utilized a bottle to relieve himself because he did not want to miss anything. The guests added a lot more than they did the night before. Solid show from beginning to end!
I was at both shows and thought this was the best. The two songs I wanted to hear dancing nancies and warehouse we played back to back so I was happy about that. #41 was an awesome opener and a little unexpected but after that you just knew it was gonna be a great show. It was nice that no songs were repeated except for dream girl. Its nice to hear almost 6 hours of live music with no repeats, but I wish the band would flow into songs better rather than completely stopping between songs. Tripping Billies was unexpected in the middle of the set which brought everyone to life. The only disappointment was that I didn't get to meet Dave. I was walking by the entrance gate and he was right there taking a picture with some other fan and out of the corner of my eye I saw him. It was wierd because no one else really saw him. I had my camera ready and everything. I began walking up their with my friends and his bodyguard or securtiy looked at me like no more pics and shook his hand at me with a dont even think about it attitude and then off they went. So I was a little bummed because of that...who knows if I'll ever get that chance again.
This was the 1st time i have ever seen dave live and to be honest im addicted. I had no idea what to do with the emotion that I was feeling when i heard the 1st note to #41. I will never experience anything like that ever again, well seeing him 14th row at marysville was a close second but truely breathe takeing!!! Best live band alive hands down!!!
2nd Best show of 10 that I have been to, with the best being the Saturday show of DMB's first two day stint at SBC (then Pac Bell Park) in 2000. Set list was great and I think for the true fans. Was impressed with how the band handled the cold weather, not easy to keep a sax in tune in the cold! So much better to see the band play in a city that they enjoy, SF, vs. a city that they don't, Sacramento!
i was there for both nights of the weekend in san francisco. this was the second night and it was the better of the two. the set list was amazing and it was full of energy the whole time. hearing warehouse from the top of sbc park with the bay bridge in the backgroud was beautiful. great concert. the way american baby was performed made it an instant classic. it's a must for future concerts. the guest artists were great too. rashawn ross on the trumpet blew me way. just incredible.
What a feeling. I cryed almost throug the whole concert. I drove down from Chico CA, with my boyfriend at the time. He had purchased the tickets on ebay for 150.00 dollars. He never listen to any of his music. My ex was not to excited to go see Dave, it was like no big deal to him. He was doing it all for me. Once the concert started he looked around and was amazed at how many Dave Matthews fans were there, around 50 thousand. The energy in the croud was a tottal high, and it rubed off on him. During the concert this guy and I had a eye to eye descision on who was the bigger Dave Matthews fan, it was off the hook, he was drunk and being really cool, but I think I won that one When I showed him my DMB tatoo on my lower back. The show was truly the best show I have seen yet. I have a very deep passion for his music. It's a part of me, it's real it's life, love, grief, God and the devil it's Dave Matthews Band.