Home Depot Center, Carson, CA
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band: John Butler Trio, Jason Mraz
Everyday (#36)
Don't Drink the Water
American Baby Intro
Grey Street
Hunger for the Great Light
Say Goodbye
American Baby
Out of My Hands
Smooth Rider
Dancing Nancies
Too Much
Louisiana Bayou *

Best of What's Around
Two Step

* With Robert Randolph

Jared A.
After posting numerous concert reviews over the years on Nancies, I think this is the first time I'm going to post a negative review of a DMB show. Just by looking at the setlist, the show looks solid. However, after attending seeing DMB at Coors Ampitheater last Thursday and then seeing the boys tonight...I noticed that DMB that 8 of the songs that were played at Coors were played tonight! I'm not the only one who was bothered by this since many people I talked to seemed disapointed by this. Another thing, (and maybe its just me) but while the band definately rocked and there was plenty of energy in the band...the whole spirit of the music wasn't there for me tonight. There were other things that bothered me about tonight but they are minor issues.

This show did have its highlights though. I was pleased with Everday as an opener which fallowed by DDTW. The band played an excellent Bartender! It was awesome to have Dancing Nancies, Too Much, Best of What's Around and Two Step all in one night. This show gets a "B" from me tonight.
Beth B.
I brought someone who had never seen DMB before and I felt like I had to say, "It's usually better, really".

The security was too much and very distracting. Let us enjoy the show!

I was surprised Dave chose to do songs he had to yell a lot in. That doesn't compensate for energy. But he pulled it off and his voice held in there. Maybe I just need to like SU more but the set list felt strange to me . Hunger For The Great Light and Say Goodbye were fabulous and everyone loved it. We finally got to dance with Smooth Rider, DN and Granny. Too Much and then a great jam with Louisiana Bayou with special guest Robert Randolph was a great treat. He was hot.

Where was everyone? I knew the show wasn't going to be sold out, but wow! Then you would think it would be a better vibe that way, but from the start things felt different.

The band felt like they had a slow start or were tired. I mean they sure deserve to be tired, don't know how they do it all. But I think it was the SET LIST. It was a strange set list to me. But still - I love the boys, I just can't quite put my finger on what the show felt like. Their energy was different.

One highlight was we were walking around the venue just checking out the layout because we got there early. As we walked by the tour busses and a golf cart came up behind us with Boyd on it. He was checking us girls out and smiling, then he went into a big white trailer.

So I am mixed, but had a nice night, Next time I'm going to Chula Vista or a different venue for sure.
Does DMB like LA? Does a bear sh&t in the woods ? ;-) Night 1 in LA and clearly there is a relationship between this band and these fans. #36 Everyday #36. The fans are in tune and everyone is enjoying it.....DDTW... played hard. Dave's voice is sound and strong and it needs to be for AB intro. The harmonies of Dream Girl sound better and and better each show (my 6th show this tour)..Although to be honest, I could do with a little less of the 5 min jam to end DG. Out comes the 12th string... wait.... Grey Street...solid...HFGL.. growing on me (pun intended) this will be a fav down the road i think....Then carter starts a drum solo...he is fabulous this tour.. and the solo is not a tease but simply the intro to Say Goodbye..Leroi on the flute is on as usual... and the crowd singing along makes this so much fun...At the end of SGB, Dave sings "Say Goodbye" an Octave lower... to save his voice i am guessing..and the fans fill in on the high end.. it sounds wonderful..outcomes the 12 string again. But it gets funky when Boyd and Leroi start Bartender together!! Prob 1 of my top 5...and they dont dissapoint tonight either. Then AB..trying to learn to enjoy and better than the Album...but not my fav...same with Out of my hands and Smooth rider...Good but I am just not sold on the new cd yet...then comes nancies..."look up at the sky" seems to be the crowd's fav lyrics..and boyd is now stealing the show...he is dancing and going one on one with dave... then carter...his solo seems to go on forever.. umm WOW...hoping for transition to WH..but nancies ends... and they go into granny... and again the crown is at full steam with "love... baby"....Too Much follows (prob my least fav off of crash) ..Then, to end the first set.. Louisiana Bayou..again.. learning to like.. and then Robert Randolph gets going and this jam is getting ridiculous! I have been won over... At one point Dave and Robert are basically dancing as it they were hand in hand yet each is glued to his own intrument. good stuff...encore time... BOWA. the crowd sing along continues.."Hey la Hey la, Hey La, Hey La" No one seems dissapointed... and without any pause at the end of BOWA, Boyd's plucking begins and we close with Two-Step.... No reg dave rant intro... something very different..but good! Again the crowd is eating this up... they are delighted this is how it is closing...Butch shines during his solo.... then carter solos us into the Two step outro....Another fantastic night of DMB (65+)... One final note...I feel like there is a sense of urgency this summer with this band that I have never felt before. Like they realize that this is as good as it will ever get and thus they want to suck the life out of every show. (This is a good thing). They are having more fun than I have ever seen. They are interacting with the crowds as much as ever, and the crowds are responding. Thus I am trying to do the same. Not take them for granted... But rather enjoy every moment as if this is it. Happy Listening!
Well, this was my first show of the tour, after I was supposed to see them before. I have got to say, I am glad I caught the back-end of the tour. I really was looking forward to hearing the Stand Up songs in concert. They sounded pretty good live. I am just convinced they cannot be captured on an album, except Before These Crowded Streets.

The setlist was a little different, and definitely mellow after DDTW. The end of the show (Granny, Too Much, Bayou) was great. Robert Randolph was very impressive. I about lost it when they played Best of What's Around, a perosnal fav. Two Step, as always, was a great closer.

I am interested to see how they show goes tonight. Overall, a pretty decent first show of the tour for me.
Awesome show last night! The band had a lot of energy and it was great to see Robert Randolph on stage. It was definitely a better performance than San Diego and Dave seemed to be having a good time. He kept looking back at Carter and they were both laughing together throughout the show. I hope tonights show can match last night.
Amy L.
The show DID rock but after listening to my brother's review of the Gorge shows, I was expecting a more energetic Dave. And for the most part, that just was not there. However, Dancing Nancies was a treat, as were the other oldies Say Goodbay, DDTW, Granny, Too Much, Best of What's Around and Two Step. They tore it up towars the second half of the show, but something was definitely missing in the first half. I can't put my finger on it but I am inclined to blame the LA crowd. SITTING DOWN? Come on people! I was suprised by the amount of available seats. Next time: Chula for me.
Tim C.
Anyone who has been to shows at Home Depot knows there will be issues with security but is suppose you take the good with the bad. Last nights show was extra special and far out weighed any issues with the venue. Lets see what tonight holds...

what an awesome show, after attending the chula vista show, getting bad vibes from the people around me, this show blew it out of the water. I was hesitate on attending, but was glad i made the trip. I love the new ablum and don't mind hearing the same songs over, but tonight I heard some new songs I haven't heard ever (6th DMB show): smooth rider dancing nancies out of my hands and BARTENDER

and an added plus, dave actually talked to the crowd. Is more often subdued on stage, but tonight seemed a bit more open.

the only thing that could have made the show better, was to be on the floor, which I accomplished by the end of the night. I don't suggest getting any other tickets than close floor seats for ultimate dmb fans.
Home Depot just keeps getting better and better every year i go see them there. yeah they played some songs from thursday night but they still f**kin rocked the house. i really could careless if they played the more stuff off of Stand Up. i think those songs have grown into a beautiful flower from birth. everyday opener was a good one to get the crowd going. DDTW always one of my favorites, dave got me going with that song,. Dream GIrl was great to hear, i think thursday was better.. but still awesome. i saw the 12 string come out and its either Greystreet or Bartender .. greystreet it was ... love that song ..HFTL i'm starting to love the jam in this song.. then the band feed into that..SAY GOODBYE ..CARTER YOU KICKED it thursday night .. but man you hit the nail with tonights version .. ( thanks for the drum solos)..12 string again can mean only one thing ..BARTENDER ...thats all im going to say.. BARTENDER .. PLEASE....fill my glass for me ... mind blowing everytime i hear that song .. American Baby the ending of the song is getting better and better . out of my hands good to hear .. smooth rider .. was a treat to hear last night .. i love that song and its better live,...DANCING NANCIES .... what is there to say? its DANCING NANCIES...Granny good song to hear too .. Too Much was fun to hear too .. then Louisiana Bayou with Randolf .. was the shit .... they were rocking all over the place with him .. BOWA good to hear too ... TWO STEP ... What an amazing closer ... thanks again carter... over all my exsperience for this show was great. i loved every minute i was there and i cant wait to hear them on sunday. these guys rocked. flat out kicked ass. see you all tomorrow night ...
Well after absolutely loving the dave matthews band for three years, last night was my first show and i was impressed. i dont have any comparision for it being my first show, but the mix of my stoke, the great music, and a cool buzz made the night unforgetable. opening with everyday and closing with two step, i mean come on who doesnt want to hear those two. the new songs ruled, ABI probably being my favorite with its intense energy. daves voice, epic, carters drumming, beyond epic. cant wait for my next show.
Brendan S.
As a Phoenix resident, I always travel to L.A. to see DMB, as I cannot take any concert's when its 108 degrees outside at showtime. As far as what I think, the Home Depot Center is a great facility. I dont know what everyone else is talking about, but I saw very few security guards anywhere. That goes for last years L.A> shows too. It was a mellow vibe and it was a beautiful night. And, who cares if it wasnt sold out? More room for dancing! Anyway, as a 10 year Dave fan and veteran of many DMB shows, it is my opinion this show was an 8.5/10. Great opener, great selection of "choice" songs (Say Goodbye, Nancies,Granny, Bartender), a more bearable overplayed set ender (Too Much), and two encores that absolutely rocked (not to mention the insane jam w/Robert Randolf). I agree the new songs are a little flat, but isnt that the case every year? All in all, the energy was great, tune selection above average, and the band seemed ot be having a great time. What more do you want? (How about a "Seek Up" next year Dave!!!!). BTW- Great choice to play the Sublime CD on the PA before coming on. It got everyone going. Word to the LBC!
WOW!!!! First off, I came all the way from Maui for this show, which I may add was my first show of many more to come on this musical journey! What a way to start. The energy was through the roof and the crowd was jumping. The EVERYDAY opener was perfect, a nice solid touch to the start of the show. DDTW followed with high energy and perfect vocals on Dave's part. AB INTRO is just a pure, beautiful song live, this one is really something special. DREAMGIRL is great to hear live and it's pretty and melodic and just seems to flow. GREY STREET wow definately a great song to hear at your first concert, and a near faint experience for me. HUNGER got the crowd moving, this one is quickly becoming a favorite off of Stand Up live. SAY GOODBYE was such an excellent song to experience live and I am so glad it's being played again, thanks DMB! BARTENDER was amazing from start to finish, Dave nailed the vocals, Butch nailed his solo, and so did LeRoi, this one was surely a magical highlight of the evening. AMERICAN BABY was hot and the crowd also seemed to enjoy it. OUT OF MY HANDS was a nice mellow touch to this energy driven show. SMOOTH RIDER was the Stand Up song I was looking forward to hearing live most and DMB definately delivered a cool performance on this one, nice work by LeRoi. DANCING NANCIES, well lets just say I was speechless during it's performance and I am still speechless now. GRANNY was so amazing, I have always been a fan of this song and hearing it live really hit something with me, I'm getting chills thinking about it. Of course the classic TOO MUCH was really groovy and it rocked. Robert Randolph walks on stage and I almost shit myself. LOUISIANA BAYOU was pumping with energy and it was a sick song and a sick solo from Robert which sealed the deal for the night. The band walks back on stage for the encore and Carter comes in with the drum intro for BEST OF WHATS AROUND, stellar performance of this song and a true DMB classic to experience live! Just as I thought this show could'nt get any better TWO STEP, what can I say but that it was fucking awesome and it put the nail in the coffin for the end of the show. I could'nt have asked for a better first show, DMB played Grey Street, Say Goodbye, DDTW, Bartender, Nancies, Granny, Too Much, BOWA, and Two Step all in the same show. I just don't think there is anything left to ask for or say than Thank You DMB for an amazing show and Summer tour this year!!!!
Roy B.
I have been a DMB fan since high school. I went to college in Virginia and have seen 24 DMB & Dave/Tim shows. This was the absolute pits.

Rather than focus on all of the songs, I'll make a couple of general comments. These guys sound old and look tired. There was absolutely no energy. How can you sleepwalk through Ants Marching? Just imagine what the slower songs were like. Seeing the band that was once my favorite band get old in front of my eyes is no fun.

The show peaked with Everyday (loved the continued use of "Hani, Hani" which most mistake for "Honey, Honey") and DDTW (the best version of this song I ever heard) - the snoozefest commenced thereafter. The remaining highlights were a solid version of Grey Street and pulling out Granny towards the end, though Granny sounded like her age caught up with her, too.

The lowest of the lowlights - Say Goodbye and Smooth Rider. As an aside, has anyone ever heard such a poorly written song from DMB. Admittedly, sometimes Dave's lyrics can be downright sappy, but at least the music makes up for it (I'm thinking of Lover Lay Down and Let You Down here). When did Dave feel compelled to become Don Juan climbing down the trellis after deflowering the innocents? The same man wrote the Dreaming Tree....think about that.

Admittedly, I didn't stay for the encore b/c I was disappointed in the whole night and wanted to beat traffic out. I truly miss hearing Two Step. They don't write 'em like that anymore.