Coors Amphitheatre, Chula Vista, CA
Graph of songs performed, by album
Pantala Naga Pampa -->
One Sweet World
Stand Up
Hunger for The Great Light
Say Goodbye
Grey Street
American Baby Intro
American Baby
Warehouse -->
(Norwegian Wood Intro) -->
Steady As We Go
Louisiana Bayou
What Would You Say?
Tripping Billies

You Might Die Trying
What You Are

Jared A.
I just got back from this show and I must say everytime the Band comes to Coors Ampitheater, the shows just keep getting better. I was hoping to hear #34 tonight but the show still rocked. The band really seemed to be enjoying themselves with Boyd Tinsley stealing the show most of the time. I could have sworn this show was a time warp from the early days because I haven's seen this kind of energy from the band in a long time. Dave was just having fun and being goofy on stage. The highlights of the night was Dream Girl with Dave giving a nice passionate intro. Hunger for the Great light rocked. I loved it. Say Goodbye was awesome despite some dumbass with no shirt on sneaking on to the stage and dancing like a fool during Carter's drum intro. From Granny on to the end of the show, the engergy level from the band picked up tremendously as evidenced with Wharehouse-->Norwegian Wood---Lousiana Bayou. Both WWYS and Tripping Billies set Boyd Tinsley on fire. The encore ended nicely with a badass solo from Stefan that made the intro into What YOu Are just awesome. I'm definately getting my hands on this show because it was awesome!
Being in my home town, this was definitely the best concert I have ever seen by my favorite band. If you were there, you knew it was going to be a great show by the way the show kicked off with Rapunzel. The energy of the band was apparent as soon as the first jam began at the end of the song. One Sweet World was a nice breather for everyone. Stand Up was the third song and it was the first time I had heard it live. It definitely made me like the song more than I already did. They ripped on it, and it got the crowd pushing into a little frenzy. Then they threw out Dream Girl. In the intro of the song, Dave was remarkable. it gave my shivers to hear him do his chant in the beginning. The crowd at that point really got up and started to get loud. This was just the beginning of an unforgettable night. Hunger for The Great Light was electric. it definitely got people on their feet and pumped up. Say Goodbye was a shock for me. I don't think anyone was expecting that. it was a great song. Grey Street was I absolutely love that song. First time I have hear that song live, and it was great. the American Baby Intro really blew the American baby song out of the water. But with Dave's energy, the song really picked up as they jammed in the end. Granny through me for a nice suprise, another first time hearing that one live. I was very lucky to hear it. Then came Warehouse which was amazing. At that point, the entire crowd really get involved, and everyone who was sitting, get up for the rest of the show. It was a great version. I think the next song, Steady As We Go, might have been the biggest suprise of the evening for me. It was simply amazing, and Dave was hugging his guitar while he sang the song, once again it gave me shivers watch him put all of his soul into the song. The next three ongs were maybe the best three song arrangement I have ever heard live. Louisiana Bayou was simply ridiculous. the jamin the end might be my favorite jam session in any song i have ever heard. The entire band definitely seemed to love this song. Next was What Would You Say, another guarantee crowd pleaser. Then, maybe the highlight of the show, was Tripping Billies. wow. All I have to say is one word...Boyd! He was amazing in this song, (let alone the entire night) he was all over the entire stage going from band member to band member with his violin solo, it gave me the biggest shivers I have ever got in my life. He was great. The encore was decent, you could tell the energy level dropped a little from the band members getting a little tired, but that was to be expected. Might Die Trying was smooth, and Carter's drum solo was a highlight to me. What You Are was the last song, and it was electric. I like that as an end song. It defitely woke everyone up who might have passed out due to drunkeness. dave's intro was a scary good. last night was an eye opener to me. This band is my favorite band, and with all of the shows I have been to, I was suprised to see The band with so much energy. They seeme to get better with every show. last year's in san diego was a bummer a little to me because of the lack of energy they seemed to have, but this year made up for it and then some. What a treat it was.
Hugo R.
OOOkay. So, here I am coming off of my 18th DMB show. Each year, I attend less and less shows because of how disinterested I am with this group. PNP->Rapunzel was a cool opener, not too much energy but enough to get the show started. OSW through Hunger was pretty laid back nothing special. Say Goodbye was a great surprise and it was good to hear Grey Street although, still, the energy never seemed to climb to the energy the band had when I first fell in love with them. American Baby intro had to be the highlite of the night. Wow, finally the band was on. Carter was playing like it was going out of style and Dave was screaming and it was loud and powerful. On a side note, I decided to not to judge the new Album until I saw the songs live........well, it's official. I hate it. Warehouse was awesome, with a great latin break down between Carter and Butch. That never gets old. The rest of the show was pretty blah. What you are as a closer was like getting a pepperoni pizza taking the first bite and realizing it is a donut, and that pizza that you were craving for about a year now, you'll never get back because you are eating a plain donut. Blue Balls.......big time. Oh well, I am still a DMB fan and I will continue to spend money on seeing them live and buying their albums. Just wish they'd stop making rap songs.
Marion L.
This is my seven dave's show, and I would have to disagree with Jared. Yes, they did Jam but,it seemed like if they didn't know what song to play after they were done singing a song. There was a long delay in between almost every song, and because of this, the set list was too short. Also, the delays affected the rhythm of the show. They also did'nt sing some of their best stuff. A give them a grade of 'C' for this show.
This was the 9th show that I have been to and it was one of my least favorites. I am surprised to hear people raving about it. The energy was alright, but they played WAY too much from Stand Up. I understand that they need to promote the new album, but the new album isnt that good, and doesnt even compare to classic DMB. Of course they rocked on their jam songs, like WWYS, Rapunzel, Grey Street, Warehouse, Granny, Tripping Billies etc... and the finale with WYA was pretty good with a huge tease into the song with great guitar sound effects and the moaning and screaming. Grey Street was my favorite song of the night followed by Tripping Billies and Rapunzel. The more years that go by as we get farther away from Before These Crowded Streets and Crash, the more disapointing the concerts get. I hope the band redeems themselves with the next album (unlike the last few albums) because they have always been my favorite band and I want it to stay that way! They are all amazingly talented musicians and I am tired of seeing them put their energy into this poppy, "socially satisfying" crap. So overall, the setlist was pretty weak, but the older songs that they did play provided for a great time...Better luck next year...
Well this was my 36th show, and i have to say that the band kicked major butt tonight. Energy level of the band and the crowd was awesome. Pnp-rapunzel totally set the show off right. Wanted to hear a osw and ,got it on the second song. Dreamgirl was really good as well as stand up. But the highlights for me were granny, say goodbye and the mind blowing warehouse with the little norwegian wood thrown in was great. I once loved a girl or should i say she once loved me!!! I don't know what other people were watching last night but i thought this show made up for debacle that occured up in frisco. This crowd rocked!!!! The band felt it you could only tell. This is what a dmb show was all about. New stuff,popular stuff, and of course a few hidden gems. Thanks guys, i'll see you in la.
Well all I have to say is THANK YOU WAREHOUSE !!!!!!! This was my 6th show and this year was my 2nd year in the Warhouse.. I got the call we all wait for the UPGRADE call to 1ST ROW!!! I have never seen them close.. and now this. From the start of the show the guys looked like they were having a lot of fun. Rapunzal is just sucha good vibe. OSW was well,,, sweet. Stand up was ok but then the intro to dream girl was amazing Dave standing back duing the acapella beginning. Say Goodbye was just one of those little treats of the night. I agree the American Baby Intro was INSANE probably better than the song, Dave was going off!! Granny is one of my favorite live songs. Warehouse rocked, steady as we go was very nice and settled everyone down for a few minutes until they broke into Louisiana Bayou which was seriously one of the best songs of the night especially the way they finished it up. (side note my sister got a speeding ticket earier in the day rocking out to that song so we made a sign that read "dave I got a speeding ticket rocking out to Louisiana Bayou today!" ) I know kind of dorky but we held it up and both Stephan and Dave smiled and looked right at us. Tripping Billings was off the hook. I was kind of bummed on the Oncore but what are you gonna do? What You Are was pretty crazy at the end. All and all one of my favorite and most memorable shows ever yes probably had a lot to do with where I was sitting but the boys still know how to rock. Thanks to my sister Amy who has been my partner in crime and got me turned on to this band 7 years ago.THANKS DMB see ya next year !
This was the first dave matthews show i've been to and I was kind of disappointed. Granny and Warehouse were the highlights... I seriously don't think they could have chosen any weaker of a setlist. If I'm not mistaken they literally played more songs off of Stand Up than every other album combined, and it's just not a good album. I suppose for people who have been to 5+ shows this show was fine because you've heard all of the best songs already. I'm not a hardcore dave fan and went in with about 15 songs I was hoping to hear, and I heard ONE of them (What You Are as the closer). I look at other people's posts about how high the energy level was... I think it was good but it seemed almost mechanical at times... for example the Louisiana Bayou jam had a lot of energy but musically, it was completely static and they kept grooving the same 4 chords and soloed on the same 4 notes on the violin, and the 5 minutes of pick scratches that opened What You Are got to be just plain frustrating after awhile.

I stopped listening to dave matthews awhile ago because I was disappointed by everyday, but I figured it would be worth it to get to see a couple of the old songs that i liked. If they want people like me to attend another concert, they either have to come up with a great new album or play more than 1 song off of Crowded Streets at their concerts. Oh well.
Three hours in traffic.. not such a good way to start the day ... yeah 3 hours. but once i got a few drinks in me i was fine. Rapunzel is great opener to hear always reminds me of BTCS album... which was fine with me. OSW a good crowd pleaser.. STAND UP .. amazing too good to see how that song has grown too ..DREAM GIRL . i love following the beat to that song and its a beautiful song. hunger for the great light is good. Say Goodbye .. waas real treat to hear. Greystreet .. was hoping to hear bartender.. but greystreet hit the speakers and it rocked.american baby is starting to grow. Granny was a crowd pleaser too .. WAREHOUSE >> ITS WAREHOUSE,, thank you Boyd . Steady as we go .. good to hear off the new album.. louisiana bayou it a jam .. WWYS i love that solos for Leroi on that song .. thanks Leroi .. Trippin Billies ... yeah that song kick my ass too .. you might die trying .. love the beat of that song too .. What you are.. i enjoy that song .. i love how dave gets into it at the end. over all the concert for me was a great first show of the tour for me. i loved every minute of it .. cant wait to see them on saturday.. thanks again you DMB for another great show .. it was my 17th show and its one for me to look for in the trading community... see you saturday and sunday
Jackie H.
First time at Chula Vista, nice venue. The show was good. I love the new songs live better than on the studio album. I didn't feel much energy, maybe it was the people around me. The people kept talking and it takes the energy out of a good show when the people around you aren't into it as much as you are. Oh well, it was a good beginning to my run of the shows here in L.A. It was all just worth it to hear Say Goodbye for the first time.
Danny B.
I have gone to 6 Dmb shows and this was was amazing. Unlike many naysayers I love Standum and the Abbaby intro and Steady as we go and Bayou were AMAZING!!!!!!!!I am so excited. I bet the lady friend I took that if they played Warehouse I'd get some and sure enough when they played it I knew I was in for it. What You are is so amazing and dave is really powerdful. best concert ever and the after part with my lady friend was great!
First show I have been to since 2003. I am glad the band had those few days off before the show, it really showed!!! They JAMMED all night!! You can't ever go wrong with Rapunzel as the opener. OSW was pretty good. Stand up, dream girl, hunger, all great songs from the new album, def. better live!! Say Goodbye was good. Grey street was a treat to throw in there. AB Intro what can you say other than WOW!! and than AB what a great song. Granny nice old treat. Warehouse, how can you ever go wrong with that, everyone loves that song and it showed! Bayou that song is so good live, they love to jam that song. Tripping Billies WOW what a great end to the show. Now for the encore couldn't of asked for much more.. YMDT my favorite song off the new album into an upbeat song like What you are. WOW what a night!! Top 5 show for me.