Gorge Amphitheatre, George, WA
Graph of songs performed, by album
One Sweet World
Donít Drink the Water
Rhyme & Reason
Seek Up
Hunger For The Great Light
Where Are You Going?
American Baby Intro
American Baby
The Stone
Jimi Thing
Stolen Away On 55th & 3rd
Louisiana Bayou
So Much To Say -->
Too Much

Smooth Rider
Tripping Billies

Front R.
Was in the 3rd row center for Friday & Saturday's shows. Friday was definitely reserved, it was a mellow show from Dave which the fans fed off of. Saturday nights show was off the hook!! I was (and everyone around me) was soaking wet by the time the concert was over. All of the seats were moved (rumor has it that TicketMaster sold 2 tickets for every seat in the 3rd row, which turned out to be the best mistake they've ever made) and I'm sure there were alot of people with tired legs from dancing the whole night.
This is the first time I have gone to two DMB shows in a row. The only way to go. Friday at the Gorge was AWESOME. They played so tight & played 7 songs off their new album, Louisana Bayoo really rocked. Boyd was on fire. On Saturday, they really mixed it up & played a great set list of old & new DMB. Next year, we plan on all three shows, as each show is so special. They had a few repeats for both shows, but it was the new stuff, so that was okay. Can't say enough about the Gorge. It's the best place to see an outdoor show. Rock on DMB.
Renae K.
This was my second show at the gorge and I have to say this show was the best show yet. A lot of my other friends have seen them 5 or 6 times and said this show was the best, that it beat all others. The jam sessions this year around were amazing. I loved how Dave sat down for "Stolen Away on 55th and 3rd". The pianist was incredible and it was such a spiritual high. For me, my fiance and friends, it is now a tradition that will last as long as the band does to go every year, for all three shows. This band is amazing and truly the best ion the world. The best part about the show was how many times Dave said "Thank you" to us. No, thank you Dave, for continually mind-blowing performances.
Matt K.
Hmm, never been to the Gorge before. Think I'll make it a habit! The energy awaiting the start of this first show was out of this world - Don't Drink The Water was the real kickoff for this one. One of the stronger early songs around. Seek Up? Wow... just beautiful. Everyone was in total awe of this one. Rightly so. One of the best moments came right next. You have to love the pairing of Seek Up and Hunger. An epic, beautiful song followed by a song that just drips with sex. I had never had my mind blown like that before, and it was great! Jimi Thing was great. Boyd just tore through this one. SMTS and TM were dominated by Fonz. Actually he was just all over this entire show. Billies to end the set was a bit more tame than I have heard before, but great nonetheless. A good show to kick it all off and some real great moments. You will love the groove of this show.
1st year to the gorge for a three night party. Show friday was great.Loved the set, great classics with some of thier best new music. Stolen away was amazing one of my new favs. The band seemed happy to be there and had great energy. Fridays show was great but just a taste of what was in store. Thanks to everyone at the shows for the great times, met alot of great friends from all over America and beyond.
Joe L.
not a bad first show of the gorge. loved the opener osw and the ddtw. dream girl has been good all tour. rhyme and reason another classic followed by SEEK UP. WOW,an amazing version. Hunger slowed down the show. love Where are you going, actually it is my wedding song so glad to hear it. american baby intro is one of my new song favorites. american baby was alright. the stone was classic always good to hear it. Jimi Thing was probably the best version i ever heard and i been to 35 or so shows. could of done with out stolen away. bayou to so much to say> anyone seen the bridge> too much was a nice ending to the show. was alittle disappointed in the encore. smooth rider and tripping billies wasn't the encore i hoped for. well i tell you about tomorrows show
Stamati H.
This was the second time I've heard Dave open with One Sweet World and I think that's my favorite of his songs to open to. It sets the stage for a special performance. Haven't heard Don't Drink in a while and that just raised the intensity and expectations for the whole weekend. He changed the words around in Seek Up which caught me off guard (Man, what a beautiful song). The highlight of the show easily goes to the 30 minute version of Jimi Thing which seemed like it would never end. People couldn't stop talking about it. The Stone was intense and I made out with a stranger for the duration of that song, Hunger, and Stolen Away which I was very pleased to hear (really liked the lighting effects for Hunger). Loved Tripping Billies for the first night's encore, I danced my ass off. Played a lot of new songs, a lot of old hits, and kept a great arsenal of music to look forward to for the next 2 nights. Rock On
Ash H.
Wow, my first time to the Gorge, I had been wanting to see DMB here since 02 and now finally it has happened. Friday's show was pretty awesome. One Sweet World was an awesome way to start the weekend, Seek Up was a pleasant surprise. Jimi Thing was the song of the night though, just an incredible version. Really enjoyed the new songs especially Bayou and the Baby Intro, both had lots of energy. Billies was the prefect closer. A great beggining to a great weekend!