Sleep Train Amphitheatre, Marysville, CA
Graph of songs performed, by album
American Baby
What Would You Say?
Rhyme & Reason
Louisiana Bayou
Lie in Our Graves
Smooth Rider
Too Much
Hunger for the Great Light
Steady as We Go
Pantala Naga Pampa -->

Old Dirt Hill
Tripping Billies

Michael W.
I have been to every show at this venue since its creation and have never been disappointed and, last night the band and the crowd went off. From my perspective (5th row center), the setlist was all that I could ask for. WWYS, LIOG, Warehouse, Rapunzel and Billies (as a closer)were outstanding. All the new songs were performed to perfection. I danced nonstop as did everyone around me. The combination of Friday night at SBC in SF and Tuesday night at Sleepy Train gave me a real treat in terms of song selection and outstanding performances. I treated too all of my favorites - Ants, WWYS, Billies and Warehouse.. Thanks to the band for another great tour. You all are really on your game. See you in real near future... Keep Smiling- Wieb out west......
I missed Dave for the last few years, they keep getting better. Butch's solo on Rapunzel was amazing. I have never seen Boyd as good as tonight, he was an absolute beast and totally brought the house down. Seeing Dave laugh off hozing the Crash lyrics was pretty funny. The band is getting edgier with Carter taking jams to a new level.

Great show, a "beautiful evening" indeed.
This show was one song away from being really good. Everything was tight and high energy right up through a sweet version of Warehouse. Now, I understand that Carter kills it and Boyd was sawing for his life tonight, but Steady as We Go totally destroyed the upbeat groove that was carrying the night. I really like the song, but if they are going to play it live, first encore is the only spot for it. However, Rapunzel did manage to get everyone back up on their feet, but the set really needed one more song to close out the evening. Something like Ants or SMTS. The encores were fine. I honestly would have prefered Watchtower over Billies, but I can't complain. I just think the set needed to either lose SAWG or throw on one extra song to close. After seeing this one and both SF shows, I must say that this band is reenergized, refocused, and as tight and complex as ever. I have my little quibbles (what true fan dosen't) but I am as impressed as ever.
Absolutely Stunning!!! My eighth show, and it was an experience that I will not soon forget. I was flying solo in the 3rd row, and I will tell one and all that at least once in this meager existence to break down, steer clear of fast food for a year, save those hard-earned sheckels and pay the rotten heathen scalper. Was a bit tentative because Stand Up had not entirely worked for me, but with American Baby as the opener, my opionion was quickly transformed. Next was Granny-- a sentimental favorite I hadn't heard live yet, and I was in Eden. Then the show got large and rocking with WWYS, R&R, and a Lousiana Bayou in which Boyd got his bow heated up and cooking. Back down to earth with Crash, then a phenomenal LIOG where once again Boyd danced magically with his violin. A bit later a phenomenally poweful Warehouse that took my mind and essence to another time and place. Steady As We Go, brought us back to the concert and then a solid PNP--> Rapunzel stormed though our being. Awesome... Encore started iffy with Old Dirt Hill, but they followed up with Trippin' Billies and I thought my capillaries were going to explode. Dave was on fire this night, plus lots of happy feet, dancing eyebrows and smiles. Butch and Stephan were stellar, and Carter held it together like only Carter can. Warmed my soul all evening...
Nancy B.
This was an awesome show. The band was really on and really high energy. They seemed really happy to be there performing for everyone and really connecting with eachother. This show made me soooooo happy! It was great to hear them perform songs from their newest cd and with the same excellance as their older songs. This band is truly amazing!
I thought energy was lacking for this show. They just didn't seem that into it in comparison to the second SF show. Dave even messed up the words to Crash! I was surprised at how many of the same songs from the second SF show were played. Two songs not played at the Saturday SF show, Lie in Our Graves and Louisiana Bayou, were the most enthusiastically peformed and the crowd responded accordingly. Overall the performance was still good and the sound was real solid as in SF, not to mention that the weather was absolutely perfect. The long gaps between songs can be a real momentum buster though; more segues between songs would be welcome. The venue was overall pretty nice, but what's with all the concession stands not open? Getting a beer was quite a chore. Pretty lame. I miss seeing them at Shoreline Amphitheater instead of SF and this place out in the boonies. Hopefully next year....