Gorge Amphitheatre, George, WA
Graph of songs performed, by album
When The World Ends
Best of What's Around
Stand Up
Dreamgirl (Blackbird outro)
Lie In Our Graves
You Never Know
What Would You Say?
You Might Die Trying
Hunger for the Great Light
Everyday -->
Ants Marching

Old Dirt Hill
Two Step

Adam H.
WOW!!! That's all I have to say. Every DMB fan must experience this place, the setting, the camping, the venue, the shows. I was blown away by the setlist the first night but being an old school fan of Ants and Twostep I have to say that of the 5 shows I Have been to this was the best. When they opened the show with #41 it totaly caught me off gaurd I thought it was amazing. Then we started the Everyday chant while they were jamming at the end and It was all good from there. I was so excited to hear The BOWA never heard it before live. Anyway throughout the night I could almost guess what was coming next it was like having the set list taped to the grass below me. One Word BOYD!!! he was off the hook and Carter went crazy two or three times as well. Other Favs were Lie in our graves, Hunger 4 the great light, granny, and old dirt hill. These guys never cease to amaze me and the Venue was so worth the 24 hour round trip drive from cali. Sadly I missed the sunday show due the long drive we decided to hit the road. So I am yet to hear Watchtower which has got to happen soon or I will loose it.
I have been to my share of DMB shows (10-12) and would say that this one is DEFINITELY not very high on the list. That said, I would also like to say i a HUGE fan. with that here goes. first of all the breaks between the songs were SOOOOO long. they took the momentum out of the whole show. especially the first half. i was so looking forward to hearing them roll from one to the other and that just DIDNT happen. they could have played three or four more tunes in the time alotted had they not sat around between songs. really pulled away from the performance. i found the mix of songs to be fine. they pulled stuff out from every album. that was good. a little light from the new one, which is too bad considering the other show reviews when they leaned on it and people loved it. some highlights were DIE TRYING (off the hook), STAND UP, ANTS, WTWE(!!!), LIOG was great too. but the rest was kinda ho-hum. encore as well. they seemed bored and in turn I was as well. honestly i dont know what to say. i was so suprised at being disappointed, yeah, i didnt even have words for it. . . just one from busted stuff. that was a bummer too. i dont know. i was so looking forward to it and my hopes were dashed. i found myself saying "COme on dave, next song please," the whole time. i could have found better ways to spend my saturday night.

The gorge is an amazing place. The band are fabulous musicians. I just think that the whole DMB at the gorge thing is more about hype than anything else. it's too bad. cause i have seem them here before and it was magical. tonight tho, it was the opposite of magical. whatever that is. i hate being negative but -- it was trite and mundane. PICK it UP between the songs fellas!!!
Matthew R.
BEST SHOW EVER for me and I've seen the band over 20 times. The entire atmosphere of the Gorge helped take this show over the top for me. #41 was the perfect way to start the show. You really can tell the band loves to play here. I love seeing DMB at places like Alpine Valley and the Gorge where fans make an effort to travel. You get the true fans at these out of the way venues and they were on it tonight. The crowd responded to Dave like ants to the queen, starting from the march to the show from the campground. When Lie In Our Graves started my head nearly exploded I was so excited. Old Dirt Hill will become one of the classic live songs in the years to come. Dave lead the crowd in the "bring that beat back to me again" chant and the crowd responded beautifully. I didn't want Two Step to end but it was a perfect way to conclude the best concert experience I've had. Thanks Dave, Boyd, Carter, Stephan, and Butch!
Well this was show #15 for me, and #4 at the Gorge, and its still a breath taking view when you walk up the hill and look out at the stage and the back drop view. Like a fine wine somethings just get better with age, Dave and the boys are at there best, and there is not much else that can be said, Just love how new songs sounded, Dreamgirl, HFTGL, YOU MIGHT DIE TRING, STAND UP, all sounded better then I thought they would, other highlight 41, and crash, both heard for the first time live in 15 shows, te new lighting and whole stage show + GORGE+ greatest live band in the world= a great night
Phyllis S.
I attended Friday and Saturday night and both were fantastic shows with awesome jams and incredible energy from the band and the crowd. I'd have to say Saturday night was my favorite though. Maybe it was the hotter weather, the lively crowd, once again the full moon rising, but the band absolutely hit it on Ants Marching and Two step. It is so cool to see Boyd face to face going crazy on his violin with Dave or Carter! Awesome awesome awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They all looked like they were truley having a great time and it spilled over to everyone in the crowd. The only bad part is having to wait another year to return to the Gorge for DMB. As I left the ampitheatre Saturday night, slowly amid the crowd, I just tried to drink it all in...
Stephen L.
This show was my 14th overall, but first at the Gorge, and my latest since 2001-02. In all honesty I'd been somewhat burnt out on DMB for these last couple of years, until I saw this show. I can officially say my enthusiasm's been renewed. I was at the first show that the crowd made Dave turn Everyday into song #36, so I feel a heavy connection anytime I hear that. Plus, the show opened with #41 and closed with Two Step- it was like the Crash tour. Phenomenal!
Matt K.
Thinking back on this show, I have to say it was likely the best show I have ever been to. I love the older setlist. I love that ALL of the songs were played with urgency. 41 to open was spectacular. Having the nice Everyday outro singalong really pumped up the crowd. WTWE, another singalong, and the crowd energy is set for the rest of the night. LIOG was great tonight - seemed longer than usual, but I could be wrong on that. Granny can sometimes seem like a standard, but tonight it was a special song. So much energy! If Granny is rocking, the show is a good one. I had figured (wrongly) that with Ants to close that Two Step would come out on Sunday. Oops. The band plays a fantastic Two Step to close out the night. Some people grumbled that the jam was too mellow. You know, I think it just left us wanting Sunday night that much more. The jam was mellow, inspiring, and even strange at times. I can honestly say I have never heard the band play quite like that. WICKED Two Step! Just an amazing show. The band hit such a high tonight.
This was my 8th show and 2nd at the Gorge(after seeing the Friday show) and I have to say that if I had created a set-list for DMB this would have been it. All of my favorites (almost) and they played with so much enthusiam and love for their music that everyone there truely felt it. I came to the Gorge from Dallas TX and I have to say that they really know how to jam up there.
Joe L.
what a better start then yesterday, #41 AMAZING with an everyday outro, crowd loved it. what a surprise when the world ends was, kinda hoping he did a outro to this song not just stop. BOWA is another song that got the crowd going, good version. stand up is not a bad song and i loike butch's opening to it. crash is always a crowd favorite. dreamgirl was nice, didn't know blackbird but the person next to me told me. i love lie in our graves and the boys rocked ot so hard. thank you guys. you never know was a shock haven't heard it in a while so it was great. WWYS and you might die trying were alright. granny was nice didn't really enjoy hunger again. everyday into ants marching got the crowd crazy. butterfly again like last year like it old dirt hill was great. my second favoritew new song. two steps stole the show the boys rocke it for about 20 minutes or so and roecked it hard. thanks for a great show and will see you tomorrow.
This was my 4th DMB show of the year; 15th overall. And I have to say that every second took my breath away. Just when you thought it couldn't get any better; it blew your hair back even more. My face hurt so bad from smiling; and I didn't rest it until later the next day because my good pals and I were on such a music high. I was so excited for my first trek to the Gorge from San Francisco and honestly, was a bit bummed at the low energy of the Friday night show. This show, this crowd and this night made it all worth it. The boys were on fire, the fans were kicking up grass and dust from their dancing feet and the moon was high and shining bright. I was so excited when they started playing Granny that it literally moved me to tears. I got to see Stefan's glorious hands move on his bass during the intro to Ants Marching, Blackbird after a lovely rendition of Dream Girl was unbelieveably moving. Dave's sweet voice on Butterfly, Carter's bad ass, smokin licks on Two Step and the long awaited melodies of #34. Thanks, DMB. We will always come back to you and travel miles and miles and miles to see the smiles on your faces and await the musical happiness you bring to us every time.
Stamati H.
No thinking twice when I say this was the best concert of my life (been to about 50, 5th for Dave). I'm a #41 person and although I'd rather hear it at the end, it was an amazing opener this night with a special, fan-interactive instrumental. World Ends and Best of What's Around got crowd fired up. Crash and 34 were special to hear and Blackbird completely shocked me(I didn't even know that he plays that). I heard Lie in Our Graves last year and this version blew the other one away (at least 25 minutes). What Would You Say was intense and Die Trying has become my new fav with that hard beat and violin solo at the end. End of concert (WWYS, Die Trying, Granny, Hunger, Everyday, Ants Marching) was packed with energy and spirit. As for the encore, I became a huge fan of Old Dirt Hill that night getting to hear it live for the first time and closing with Two Step - say no more. Easily th best concert of my life. I'll never forget it - Rock On Dave.
Ash H.
Saturday's show was one of the best Dave shows I have ever seen, lots of old school songs made the evening very special. #41 to open was incredible, an amazing version to. Lie In Our Graves was the best song of the evening, other highlights included seeing #34 for the first time and a wonderfull version of Granny. Also really enjoyed the Everyday>Ants Marching to close out the set.