Cricket Pavilion, Phoenix, Arizona
Graph of songs performed, by album
Stand Up
Say Goodbye
Rhyme & Reason
Hunger For The Great Light
Smooth Rider
American Baby Intro
American Baby
Seek Up
Dancing Nancies
Louisiana Bayou
Ants Marching

You Might Die Trying
What You Are

Chris V.
Give it up for Boyd!!! What a performance he put on last night. The rest of the boys were solid as well, but damn he really stole the show. The set list was great, especially with 'say goodbye' in the mix. Im not going to say anything negative about the crowd, but it really sucks when you are the only person in the bunch singing "honey, honey" during 'everyday'...But I didn't care, I had a great time watching the best freakin band in the world!!!
Thomas A.
This show, out of the many i have seen, was extremely well rounded. The new album being good this time around, was nice to hear live. Smooth Rider and Louisiana Boayuo were creative and unique in the jam section, and the American Baby intro's time signature is one of their most creative it being 16/8. The old stuff was also unbelievable.

SAY GOODBYE!!! this being really rare well goddamn goddamn godamn!! and then seek up. It was the kind of show to write home about. Good Job DMB
Wow, this was by far the best show I've seen Dave and the boys do in Arizona since the 90's. Amazing Seek Up and Dancing Nancies. Boyd made the show, he was out of control jamming left and right and running all over the stage with a big smile on his face. Carter didn't really take any solos which was a disappointment, but I guess even the best drummer in the world deserves a night off once in a while. In my opinion way, way too many songs off of the new album. Dave did however redeem himself by playing Say Goodbye, Rhyme and Reason and saying "Damn it's hot out here, if it's getting too hot for you, you can always find someone to blow on you" or something along those lines. No matter what though I'll always remember the Seek Up and Dancing Nancies, out of the countless times I've seen DMB play those songs, I never saw the intensity and felt the energy like I did last night. Next stop Vegoose baby!
you kidding? this was mediocre at best. last year's blew this away. i enjoyed maybe three of the 8(?) stand up songs, and definetly enjoyed non's. no busted stuff, no before these crowded streets. amd far too much boyd. i was generally unimpressed.
4th time seeing DMB, 2nd in Arizona. This was an incredible show partly aided by the great seats my friend scored. Talk about the 2 extremes of the playlist. Something new, something old, something new, something old. And by old I mean throwing out ants, nancies, seek up, R+R, say goodbye all in one set (and all before the encore to add to it) was asking too much. The only song that dragged it down for me was Smooth Rider but the other new ones really were formulated and tweaked wonderfully. It certainly was BT's night with the solos. I don't remember exactly which song I felt goosebumps on but reliving the concert in my head is bringing back a few. Awesome show, cant wait until next year. Won't life suck when these guys hang it up? It will happen some day - but let's not let that be too soon.
I hadn't sat in the lawn seats for about 8 years and I've seen him at least once a year since then. I thought the setlist was great, quite a mix of old and new. The Smooth Rider song he did I thought took the concert to a completely new level...great drums and violin with a strained voice. It was rather melodic.

Lastly, the jazz jam between the drums and piano was unreal. That was what I was hoping to hear. Ants Marching?! Whodathought?
Victor Y.
Our first time at this venue, and there are definite similarities between this venue and Cleveland's Blossom Music Center (though to fair, Blossom has a much bigger lawn). Pretty sedate show; Dave-speak was almost non-existant and Leroi said pretty much nothing. The big exception was Boyd who went absolutely bonkers on jamming for multiple songs. They dug out a lot of oldies ("Say Goodbye", "Crash", "Ants Marching", woo hoo!). Contrary to some reports, I thought that a lot of the new songs translated well to a live, jamming environment, particularly "Lousiana Bayou" and the intro to "American Baby", which was as long as a separate song in and of itself.