Gorge Amphitheatre, George, WA
Graph of songs performed, by album
Pantala Naga Pampa -->
Hello Again
Lover Lay Down
Louisiana Bayou
Grey Street
Out of My Hands
Say Goodbye
Drive In, Drive Out
Hunger for the Great Light
Dancing Nancies
All Along The Watchtower

What You Are

Danny H.
Best Dave show of my life. I would almost be okay with dying, if I weren't so excited for next year. Opening with PNP into Rapunzel was a very very good way to start the Sunday night, even if they did do the exact same thing last year. Dave's voice was also much stronger and healthier this year on the last day at the Gorge in compared to last year. Throughout this entire weekend, you could definitely tell that these fellas were having fun. There were way too many amazing things that happened this SUnday (and the entire weekend) to even try and mention them all in a single paragraph. The Dreaming Tree tease into Watchtower by Stefan was one thing that put many people in a state of euphoria that lasted all the way through the encore break and right up to the point where dave was set and ready to open the encore with #40, but forgot that he was in drop D for Crush and ended up laughing off his attempt...the crowd and the band loved it. Apparently, the woman that ended up with the set list after the show said that they had planned on playing Steady as We Go to open the encore, but it had been crossed out and replaced with Crush. Who knows the reason behind this, but maybe the guys were really feeling the electricity in the air and really wanted to end this weekend on an intense note. Along with Say Goodbye, an intense version of Hello Again, and many other songs, all I have to say is Blackbird. From Nancies right into Warehouse and then jamming the hell out of the end of Warehouse and suddenly 20,000 plus people were astonished as Butch began to softly play a well known Beatles tune and the crowd thought it would end this way, similar to the Norwegian Wood outro. However, the crowd was not prepared at all for Dave to sing a verse from Blackbird right before the whole band went on to play a full cover of the song. There wasn't much hooting and hollering, simply because everyone could not even fathom trying to express how they felt about what the had just heard. That was the greatest surprise ever. Much better than my surprise birthday party. To end, I will just say that although I may have a biased opinion since I was in attendance, but for of all of the live shows that I have seen or heard or even live versions of the songs that were played, this show was the very best Dave Matthews Band show I have been witness to. The Central Park concert is the only other show that I could think of that the guys were even close to being as on as they were Sunday. Incredible.
Aaron G.
Well for my first DMB concert I would say the Gorge was the best to see a band like Dave. I took with me my girlfriend and a good buddie of mine, also their frist DMB expirence. He waited till it was dark and just started jamming. I dont think there is any other band out there that can have a fan base that is so awsome and just out to have a good time. From whats I heard he had a new light setup, it looked like a cave from the grass, but the lights were amazing. Very visual, and the type of song he played, like "Say Goodby" he lights went purple and white, it just set the mood for the audience. But the best thing about seeing any venue at the Gorge was the fact you can camp after the show, just a walk away from the show and you see nothing but a city of tents, RV's, Vanagians. The people I talked with were from all over the place. The people we camped next to flew into Sea-Tac from Maui, Hawaii, when we sat on the grass the people in front of us were from Venezula, that should tell you something about DMB. If I had to do it again I would see all three shows and camp all weekend, that the only way to get the full effect, as people have told me. But only one more year and I am already planning it. To everyone I had the pleasure to meet there, I hope our paths cross again and another DMB show. To Dave keep it going, you have definately made an impact on my life, and thank you. Keep Rockin!!!!!
All the way from Colorado we drove to spend this fabulous weekend. We saw all three shows with great seats for each of them. These three shows were my 16,17, and 18th and the band was RIGHT ON the money. Each time that I see them I become more an more in love with the sounds that come from their instruments. This weekend was without a doubt the "Boyd Tinsley" show. This man can rock a violin like no one else ever will. Seek up and Lie in our Graves were simply incredible with new jams and sounds that I have never heard before. I was extremely impressed with their new material and I really like the way that they jam out on the American Baby intro. Bayou is off the hook and the way they play the slower songs like Out of my Hands are simply amazing. Dave's voice sounded really good this weekend and on sunday night he really had at it, playing gray streey, bartender, watchtower and all the other songs where he really screams. The highlight of the weekend would have to be without a doubt Jimi Thing. The boys ROCKED this song and Dave's tirade at the end was sick not to mention the "For what its worth" outro where he really was digging when the crowd was singing along. If I had to cahnge one thing about the weekend it would be that the band didnt have out North Mississippi Allstars out to jam. Those guys are really good and could have played along with any song of DMB. But I cant complain, good weather, great people, lots of booze and the best music in the world HANDS DOWN! Cant wait til they blow the roof of off Red Rocks! See ya'll there!
Clint D.
While this was not my first DMB show, it was my wife's, and it was her thirtieth(sp?) birthday as well. All I can say is, "WOW"! The vibe; the people; the location; and of course, the band--what else could you want out of life? One day I'll tell my grandchildren about the time I saw DMB perform "Blackbird" at The Gorge, and by the twinkle in my eye, they'll know I was touched by that one special weekend. Dave and the guys secured a place in my life and my wife's life forever--thank you boys!
Neil M.
This was my 7th show and 6th at the Gorge. The 7th being D&F at Key Arena in Seattle. This by far was my favorite of all. They kept us on our feet all night long. I know I fed off of their energy and I believe they fed off of ours. Leroi was unbelievable as was Carter and Boyd. Dave as always rocked out, and Butch and Fonzie did their part as well. It was good to see them bring back greats like Say Goodbye and Lover Lay Down. Dancing Nacies was incredible as always, and I felt tons of emotion pouring out on Bartender. The show started our rad by the band grooving hard to Rapunzel and then by going into a beautiful love song like Dream Girl. All in all it was amazing night. One that will keep me waiting again for next year. I hope they never stop coming to the Gorge because now it is an annual right of the passing of summer into the fall season and something I can't live without. Keep em coming boys. We appreciate it! See ya next year. NM
Tom C.
What a great show Sunday night. It was warm, the stars were shinning bright and the boys were absolutely at their best. They blended new and old seemlessly. Jimmi would have been proud of Watchtower, as would Paul of Blackbird. This was our third show at the Gorge, and the very best, I hope there will be more. Grey Street and Crush were filled with emotion, those songs reached inside everyone. Nancies and Warehouse - wow - what great songs to sing along with.
It has been far too long since my last DMB concert, and the show was absolutely rejuvenating. The intensity of the sounds that come out of Dave’s mouth really fill you up and swallow you whole at the same time, especially in the powerful, climactic moments in songs like Say Goodbye, Drive in Drive Out, and All Along the Watchtower. It is as if Dave is screaming from somewhere deeper than the core of his being

For us old school fans, hearing Dancing Nancies followed immediately by Warehouse was a treat. And, a spectacular rendition of Lover Lay Down added to an already amazing night for my husband and I to celebrate our anniversary.

The whole show really freed my soul. It was obvious that all of the guys were having a great time playing, especially Carter and Boyd. Boyd was playing so hard that it looked as if he might saw his violin in half, and that just fed the fire.

Keep on keepin' on, guys! I can't get enough!
Matt K.
And all good things come to an end. So much nicer to hear Rapunzel open a show rather than close. A good dancing number to break things wide open early. Dreamgirl three times in three nights? Ok. Hello Again was great, with the Dave screaming in full effect. Bartender, Bayou, Grey St - what a great run of songs. I was worried how the band would top Saturday, but everything seemed to be shaping up nicely. I loved getting some slower songs as well. Having them spaced out was even better. Say Goodbye - the best part about that is seeing someone else seeing it for the first time! Nancies into WH was as amazing as you'd care to hear. Then Blackbird. WOW! I have not seen a DMB crowd so respectful before. You could sense people crying out of sheer joy. What a magical moment. And it was done very well too. You could not ask for more! Leroi's solo on Watchtower just rips! Great closer. A very nice encore. Crush was so groovy. WYA gets a lot of bad press. It is such a great end to a show. Dave screaming his guts out. Crowd going insane. There were a lot of chants for Halloween, but I think we got a great encore as it stands. The three nights put together really renewed my DMB addiction. Three great, great shows. This remains a band that can bring it night in, night out. Thank you DMB!!
Joe L.
well it finally over and thank you boys for a weekend of fun. camping 4 night was totally worth it. PNP>rapunzel started the shopw off great. i'm glad he got dreamgirl out of the way early after hearing 2 prior nights. hello again was great and was my first time hearing it this year. lover lay down was nice slowed things down but i love that song. Bartender was a pleasent surprise and rocked for a while 15 or so minutes. bayou grey street combo was different. out of my hands was a nice song to lead into "SAY GOODBYE" haven't heard it since atlanta ga in '98. thank you boys for playing it it was awesome. drive in-out was good but didnt want to hear hunger again. dancing into warehouse is always greast and the didn't let me down one bit. Blackbird was a shock. learned about this song the night before so i glad to hear the whole version. nice cover song. dreaming tree tease was cool but wish they jammed the whole song. glad they played watchtower to close the set. nice version. encore was good not great the crowd wanted #40 but we only got teased a couple of chords. crush was great glad we go it but what you are has closed so many other sets wish they changed it up a little. well i see them at red rocks
Stamati H.
Well, day three. Like 1 and 2, they didn't waste anytime kickin off with Rapunzel and gettin crowd into it early. This show, unlike the others had a lot of up and down, back and forth flow to it. Hello Again (loud and intense), Lover Lay Down (soft and smooth). Bayou and Grey St(energetic and raw), Out of My Hands(slow and melodic). Never heard Say Goodbye live before, that was special. End of concert was filled with intensity once again. I was dying to hear Nancies into Warehouse and man was that awesome. Nancies was exhilarating and Warehouse never sounded so good. BlackBird calmed everyone down then WatchTower jumped us right back up. Carter showcased his talents with a hard ass drum solo in there somewhere too. I think I needed the ten minutes break before the encore more than they did. First time hearing Crush in concert and I was hoping it would never end. What You Are wouldn't have been my choice to end the 3 day fiasco with but hey it's Dave, he can do what he wants and I'll love it. I drove 16 hrs to the Gorge to hear DMB in all it's glory and to put to rest my addiction for their music. But I ended up just falling in love with this band that much more. Now, I'm a bigger fan than ever. This was truly an inspiring experience. DMB fans are part of a special thing taking over the world with peace and love. We are privileged to get to enjoy DMB's music and celebrate this crazy existence along with them.
Ash H.
The last night at the Gorge was a special one to end a special weekend. They kicked things off with Pantala which was pretty awesome, had not seen that one in 5 years and it was just as good as I remember it. Finally got Lover Lay Down for the first time so was stoked for that to. Blackbird was the highlight of the night, was expecting something crazy but nothing like that. It really was a beatifull moment. Other highlights included an amazing version of Say Goodbye and an awesome Nancies>Warehouse. Was hoping What You Are was not going to close but it did, was not bad though. THe gorge is an incredible venue and I had so much fun camping out there, hope to be back maybe next year!