Dave Matthews Band
Coors Amphitheatre, Chula Vista, CA
Graph of songs performed, by album
Joy Ride
One Sweet World
The Best of What's Around
Crazy Easy
Fool To Think
Hello Again
The Stone
Sugar Will
Drive In Drive Out
Typical Situation
Crash Into Me
When the World Ends
Too Much


Out of ten shows I've been to last nights was one of the best I've been to. Dave came on early to introduce Red West which was a pretty good band, and came back later for the main event. The band started off with a rousing #41 which was unexpected. Joyride followed which sounded great and the crowd enjoyed it. One Sweet World was nice to hear, although I've heard better versions it still sounded sweet. Best of What's Around kept the crowd hootn' and a hollerin' and then another new song, Crazy Easy filled the air with sounds of classic dave matthews band. And then dave foolishly played Fool To Think, which left me longing to hear another new song with HEllo Again which kind of sounds to me like a cool country song. Everyday followed as poor whimpers of Honey Honey polluted the air, it wasn't til the end of the song that people started singing Honey Honey which Dave joyfully sang along. The Stone haungtingly rolled things along, into what is quickly becoming my favorite song, Sugar Will. There isn't a whole lot of lyrics but it sure has a great jam session. Typical was great to hear for the first time and I really enjoyed it. The evening eventually ended with a palethera of fine tunes. The shows hear are always great, the sound is never problematic, and the crowd is usually great. My only complaint is that the parking sucks other, than that its a fine facility. I can't wait til next year but for now the balcony is closed:}
Jay T.
ok to start out this is my 13th show .... and since my motorcycle accident this could not have been more memerable .. what a show ... i got My #41 .. which i have not seen in the last i think 5 shows .. i could be worng ... but #41 man i love that song ... the new songs that they played i think we are going to enjoy .. i think JOYRIDE will be my favorite out of the new ones .. but "you never know" ... funny how that sounds .....anyway ,, i cant wait to see what they bring out on saturday at home Depot ... i think the concert could have been longer and whats up with one encore? what happened to the 2-3 songs ... i dont know maybe it has something to do with Chicago .... Hey Dave dump it on me ,,, kinda like crash into me .... lol ... dont worry im now into that stuff .. welp got to go see you guys saturday and sunday and tuesday .....