Dave Matthews Band
The Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion, The Woodlands, TX
Graph of songs performed, by album
Tripping Billies
Joy Ride
Hello Again
Grace Is Gone
When the World Ends
Drive In Drive Out
Lover Lay Down
The Song That Jane Likes
Sugar Will
Ants Marching
Typical Situation
Crazy Easy
Grey Street

The Best of What's Around
All Along The Watchtower

Well, this one lived up to all of my anticipation. First, the weather was a little hotter tonight then Wednesday in San Antonio, but no rain around show time. I don't know if they were having some problems with the AC blowing on the stage or if he was working off a few too many, but Dave was sweating like a madman! After the first two songs, it was pouring out of him! A couple of times during the show, I remember him jamming and then, all of a sudden, give his head a couple of shakes, and sweat would fly everywhere! Fortunately, it didn't affect his playing, which was awesome. The band's setlist was outstanding, leaning heavily on UTTAD, which is still my favorite album. They opened with TB, which I heard Wednesday, but a great opener for the fans to get fired up and into the show (and, anytime you get Boyd into it early, it's going to be special). Then came a surprise-Granny. Again, this song is just awesome, and the fans got into the "love/baby" feedback, which the band really enjoyed seeing. Two new songs came next (Joy Ride and Hello Again), both done very well, followed by a nice version of GIG. WTWE and DIDO were mere transisitons for the next segment of the set that was incredible: Warehouse (my very favorit DMB song), LLD, STJL, Sugar Will (my favorite of the new songs), Ants and TS. It has been over five years since I heard Warehouse live, and their version was awesome. I really love LLD, and STJL is such a fun song to hear (always intro'd with Dave's reference to his sister, Jane). Ants was a crowd favorite and TS was nice to hear after not seeing it played for a few years (despite the slight change in a few of the lyrics by Dave). The set closed out with a better version of Crazy/Easy then from Wednesday, and finally Grey Street (pretty standard-no three verses again). The encore featured BOWA (a timeless classic that always sounds great to hear live) and, finally, a version of Watchtower (with a little new twist to the intro) which still proves these guys do the best cover of that song of anyone short of JH. All in all, an outstanding show (top 5 for me), one with great energy, jams and crowd excitement. It really feels like DMB enjoys playing in the Woodlands. See you Saturday.
Ryan W.
this was the best show i have heard the band play...they were so on tonight, the weather was fantastic and the lawn was unbelievable...highlights would have to be Joy Ride, Hello Again, and the entire that jane likes was a suprise and it was setlist i have ever seen for a live show. no complaints...every song was a highlight in my opinion...good crowd, great energy from the band, everything you could ask for while attending a DMB concert :)
Diego V.
Tonight marked one of the best shows I have seen in years. Tonight's setlist was ridiculous. Nobody expected it. That's about all I can say. Thanks to Betsy for gettin 4 or 5 people up in the 2nd row, that was sweet. OSW and Typical were the highlights of the night I think. Also...Watchtower...really awesome. Stefan had a sweet solo and Dave was really feelin it too. The guys had a lot of energy tonight and hopefully can play as well tomorrow night. Peace.