Dave Matthews Band
Journal Pavilion, Albuquerque, NM
Graph of songs performed, by album
The Stone
Fool To Think
I Did It
Hello Again
Sugar Will
Grey Street
When the World Ends
Crazy Easy
One Sweet World
Joy Ride
Ants Marching
Typical Situation
Help Myself *
Crash Into Me *
Dancing Nancies *
Too Much *


* with Tim Reynolds

Jon A.
Boy i sure hope to go to more concerts at the Journal Pavilion! Beautiful setting for a show and the weather was just awesome, esp. for the Southwest. Anyway, this was show #12 for me, 2nd of the Tour (Nissan was the first). Couple of Overall things... 1. setlist had 11 repeats from Nissan which was kinda a bummer, but i can see past that. 2. The newer songs are progressing very nicely, especially Hello Again and Sugar Will. 3. the band really was not all that tight tonight. there were some pretty sloppy/sub-par performances.

STONE - one of my personal top 5 dmb songs, was ecstatic to hear it, but really wasnt a great performance of the song. I felt like LeRoi was pretty low-key for this song. but, very happy to hear it.

FOOL TO THINK - i dont really mind hearing this song so often, but like Stone, i felt it was lacking a little energy, mainly from LeRoi. Played exactly as it always has been.

I DID IT - ok, some people seemed to get a kick out of it. Especially when the rest of the set is acoustic, this one sort of sticks out like a soar thumb. pointless song, but over before you can complain about it.

CRUSH - Butch was turned up loud on this one, sounded pretty good. Boyd had some sketchy notes here and there, but what else is new? Roi finally opened up for a fantastic solo at the end. Stefan's little intro was pretty bland, i liked the swelling effect he had going back at Nissan for that encore.

HELLO AGAIN - awesome. so well played, and im glad to see that Roi has foudn a part for the song. In fact, he turned in a terrific bari sax solo right after the band returns from Carter's drum solo, which was solid tonight. This one is turning into a concert highlight. Surprisingly, the crowd really responded well to this song.

SUGAR WILL - Very well played. Stefan's clean bass parts to this song are perfect. Dave seemed to have added a little line after the chorus that i couldnt quite make out... something to the effect of "weve heard about that". works well, whatever it is. LeRoi shines on this song... every version ive heard he has been on fire. That ending with Butch and Roi is so perfect.

GREY STREET - i hadnt heard this song in awhile. It was a pick-me-up for the crowd. Again, nothing really special about this version. Roi has certainly played more impressive solos on this song.

WHEN THE WORLD ENDS - another one i dont really mind hearing all the time. Roi was excellent over the last chorus. otherwise, same as it always is.

CRAZY EASY - Im still kind of on the fence about this song. Set lyrics and more work on Rois solo would certainly help. Sounded pretty good though. Dave was really getting into the vocals. THis song reminds me of If I Had It All in it's Dynamic changes. That is a good thing, in case you were wondering. Im sure this song will turn out very well.

ONE SWEET WORLD - the new intro just isnt very exciting. Oh well, a song i never mind hearing. Dave sang it quite well, with a good little scat at the end. Butch added nicely to this one, particualrly during the "one sweet world" line near the end of the song.

JOY RIDE - very much like crazy easy, this one really needs set lyrics. A very upbeat tune though, and the crowd enjoyed it. it is my least favorite of the new songs. and, fitting in with the slightly sloppy performances of the night, Roi kept playing as the song ended. oh well.

ANTS MARCHING - well played, seemed like they werent sure how long the intro was going to be played out. At a few points i dont think Boyd and Roi were quite in time with Carter, but oh well. Its hard to ruin this song. Boyds solo was great and included parts of his UTTAD solo which was a surprise, and Roi and Butch were on top of their parts.

TYPICAL SITUATION - sooo happy to hear this one. one of very few songs i had never seen live. Roi was terrific for both his solos, and the band really seemed to be enjoying themselves as they played the song.

After seeing a guitar tech playing with an oddly placed Marshall Stack over by boyd, i cant say i wasnt thinking Tim might be in town, but when they brought out TIm's huge effect board and Dave introduced him, i think the whole crowd simultaneously crapped itself. What a moment it was. Roi walked all the way across the stage and hugged Tim and the whole band took turns welcoming him back.

HELP MYSELF - odd selection, in light of the fact that Tim had just been introduced. I was figuring LIOG or Two Step were in store. Help Myself is growing tiresome to me. unfortunately, tim did little to help the song. just sort of played along.

CRASH - again, odd selection given timmy's presence. however, it was very comforting to hear his trademark Crash licks, and actually made this song a highlight of the night.

DANCING NANCIES - surprised to hear this one. It was an interesting blend of the full band nancies and the Dave/Tim nancies. Tims effects at the beginning were wonderful to hear again. I thought the song however was going to play out normally. well, it didn't. Boyd took the first 2 solos, but then Tim took the big one, and was absolutely wailing, alternating between Delay and distortion, and clean flamenco rhythmic stuff (like his acoustic nancies solos). It was a terrific display and really made his presence known.

TOO MUCH - I was thinking it would be this or Warehouse. Im actually glad they chose htis for Timmy's last song. He added some perfect little riffs to the song. I wonder if the band told him before hand that they changed up the instrumental part after the first verse... Timmy looked pretty surprised for a second there, but seemed to catch on quickly. By the way, that new part is great, and its nice to see the band changing up old parts. The ending was equally bad-ass, and that little duel between Roi's bari sax and dave's "what"'s is pretty damn cool. This song has been given a great new life, and is a very worthy closer.

WAREHOUSE - i always am happy to hear this one. BUT, thank you Boyd Tinsley for RUINING this particular performance. Yeah, so right at the point where Roi's first solo is supposed to be, Boyd screwed up and started sawing away at the part he plays in the beginning of the song, causing the rest of the band to become very confused, particularly Dave. So, Boyd digs himself into a deeper hole by trying to cover up the mistake by soloing in a key he has no idea how to play in. it sounded wretched, and just killed the song. Roi as a result, lost half his solo, and the song just never really recovered, (even in the cool calypso jam) and, i suspect, prevented them from playing a second encore song (Rapunzel??? roi had the soprano out there). yeah, so THANK YOU BOYD.

oh well, overall, this show will be remembered for the brief return of Tim, and i will certainly remember it for my first Typical Situation. Some sloppy playing and a somewhat bland setlist prevents this show from being a classic.
James M.
Damn, this was probably the best show the guys have done in Albuquerque! It was a nice mix of the old (and obscure) stuff with ALOT of new material. There was lots of jamming this time, which was pretty good. Couple o' shockers -- they put Ants Marching into the middle of their set, and followed it up with Typical Situation, which included an awesome jam in 7/8 before they pulled back into the tune. Pretty stellar. The second shocker came right after when they brought out Tim Reynolds to play with 'em, on electric guitar! He really added alot to the sound! Since Tim was there, they pulled out "Crash Into Me" which about sent the crowd into a frenzy. It was so cool to hear Tim's parts played on a distorted electric guitar! Their closer was "Too Much" complete with Tim's electric riffin'. Their encore was "Warehouse", with the stop time intro. Doesn't get any better. As for the new material, finally Dave returns to being a good guitar player! The first one they did started out with Dave singing solo, in a VERY Ralph Stanley-esque fashion. That got my attention. The song itself shifted between a country breakdown and kind of a funk-rock chorus. Pretty nifty. The guys also had a real knack for playing in odd time---lots of 7/8 and stuff, so you never really knew where they were headed, which was pretty damn exciting, at least for me. So, great show boys as always! You keep playin and I'll keep comin'.
Ash H.
My 10th DMB show- was here in New Mexico. Overall I thought the Journal Pavalion is a pretty nice venue for a DMB show although getting out after the show took hours. Anyways onto to the show- I was lucky enough to be hooked up with 11th row center tickets. I arrived just as they were opening with STONE- this was pretty nice to hear, had not heard this one open before-FOOL TO THINK-was not really expecting this track this early in the set, sounded ok-I DID IT- nothing special here-CRUSH- Heard this one a lot over the last few years but sounded pretty good, Carter was all over this one-HELLO AGAIN-Love this new track, has lots of energy and again Carter tore it up, mindblowing-SUGAR WILL-Easily my favorite of the new songs, sounded just amazing-GREY STREET- standard version, crowd like it-WHEN THE WORLD ENDS-standard-CRAZY-EASY-this one is decent without being anything amazing, kind of sounds like Best Of What's Around-ONE SWEET WORLD-always nice to hear, I really like the new intro, just goes straight into the track-JOYRIDE- sounded pretty tight, a catchy tune, at this point of the show I was thinking this show has been ok but nothing special yet, well that was all about to change-ANTS MARCHING-very happy to hear this, heard this more than any other Dave song live but I love it every time, sounded awesome-TYPICAL SITUATION- Could not belive they played this one, first time hearing it,incredible version, this song totally made my night-dave then came to the mic and announced that Tim Reynolds was coming out to jam with them, I could not belive it, when was the last time he played with the band??? so they straight away went into-HELP MYSELF- pretty standard but I liked it-CRASH INTO ME- Had not heard this one in a while, very nice to hear Tim's trade mark licks, crowd loved it-DANCING NANCIES-very happy to hear this track, also never heard it live, best song of the night for sure, Tim went nuts of the outro and was even playing his guitar with his teeth at one point-TO MUCH- this was awesome, the new version of this song is so awesome, what a great outro, best version I've ever heard of this song-ENCORE BREAK-WAREHOUSE- Got pretty excited to hear this one, although Boyd kind of screwed it up so it was not the best version. Overall though this show was pretty tight, seeing Tim play with the band was something I would never have expected so that totally made my night, Nancies and Typical were oh so special...