Dave Matthews Band
Alpine Valley Music Theatre, East Troy, WI
Graph of songs performed, by album
Donít Drink the Water
One Sweet World
Fool To Think
Sugar Will
Lover Lay Down
I Did It
Seek Up
Rhyme & Reason
Hello Again
Joy Ride
Loving Wings -->
Where Are You Going
Jimi Thing
Drive In Drive Out
What Would You Say

Crazy Easy
Tripping Billies

Sheila S.
I loved seeing two of my favorite bands perform tonight, Guster and of course DMB. Guster did a great job as always, highlight was Ryan's story about the guy singing "Every Rose has its Thorns" in the bathroom. Dave was in a pretty silly mood, going on and on about peeing, then registering to vote, or register to vote then pee. As far as I can tell, the DMB is alive and well. An energy filled night for sure. Could have done without IDI and Stay. It was my first time hearing LLD in concert so that made me really happy. The scatting at the end of Jimmy Thing is AMAZING. Dave literally forgets he is holding his guitar. His arms flail about as if he is possessed. Just awesome, a real treat. Tripping Billies closer was good fun. This was my first concert gong alone and of course, you are never alone at a DMB concert. Thanks for another great night guys!
If it was possible, and I know it isnít, to sum up DMB in a word it would be PERFECT. Despite getting a late start (somewhere in the ballpark of 8:30) tonightís show was flawless. It was the best show I have ever seen by any artist at anytime. My seats were in the middle of the back of the pavilion and it was the closest I have been to the guys, thanks Warehouse! I have never heard a place explode the way Alpine did when the guys busted out with DDTW. OSW was a treat and even FTT which is not one of my favís was great! The new songs are still getting better, and tonightís version of Hello Again was better than last night. That is my pick out of the 4 new ones. Stay which is always a crowd favorite was spectacular! LLD was superb and one of the songs I was looking forward to, it was angelic and I couldnít imagine a prettier song. R&R was a gift. But the highlight was the last 5 songs of the set starting with WAYG. I hate the fact that I am a sucker for this song. It is ear candy and I canít get sick of it! But the coolest part of any show I have ever seen was Daveís almost out of body experience with his bluesy scat during Jimi Thing. The heavens opened and He was a different creature from space for about 7 minutes while he went off on a rant just making the most amazing sounds with his mouth. Then After an incredible jam, I Finally got to hear CRASH live! This was my 7th show and I havenít heard it live. So within the last two days I have heard song that I ever wanted to hear live all except 1. So there is always the fall/winter or next summer! Everything after Crash was icing on he cake! It is possible that these guys were in the rarest for of perfectness tonight. Thanks
I cannot begin to say what an incredible show I attended. Thank you to Wharehouse for making my night such a wonderful one. To begin...7th Row, right in front of Dave himself. What an experience. THANK YOU... On with the show...There is not much but great things I can say about every song that was played. Maybe this was because I had such great seats. Seeing all the guys JAM through every song was insane. Boyd and Dave you guys were was the entire band. Thank you for such a wonderful weekend at Alpine...Til next time!!!
Mike L.
The Best Dave Matthews Performance these eyes have seen. I went to the Dave and Friends show on Dec 13 2003 in Chicago and that was smooth as smooth Dave goes. He had Trey, a Bottle of wine, and plenty of people around him to enjoy what he had to play. The Alpine Valley show on 8/8/04 was amazing because I was there with My Girl on my shoulders with her arms around me like a monkey. It was the best concert a couple could see. We saw God that Night. Thanks DaveMatthewsBand n Friends Much Love Mike