Dave Matthews Band
Starwood Amphitheatre, Antioch, TN
Graph of songs performed, by album
One Sweet World
Don't Drink the Water
Drive In, Drive Out
Pantala Naga Pampa -->
Sugar Will
Hello Again
Joy Ride
When The World Ends
Seek Up
Ants Marching
Cry Freedom
Too Much (Fame, Li'l John outro)
The Stone
Tripping Billies

Tonights show was simply UNBELIEVABLE! This was by far the best setlist and was the best show of the seven that I've seen. One Sweet World rocked and then Don't Drink the Water was so cool. Among my favorites tonight, Ant's Marching, Rapuzel was insane, and Tripping Bilies! It was so great to see Dave play the stone to start the encore! Dave and all the band were the most lively and pumped as I've ever seen them! Great show guys!! See ya in Cinci!
Joseph M.
Amazing concert. The rain started coming down 5-10 minutes before showtime, and it was pouring all through Don't Drink the Water. After this it started to slack off. One of the most intense Rapunzel's I've ever heard. Seek Up was completely unexpected, mid-set as it was, and the jam at the end of it was incredible. Ants was intense. It was assumed that Ants would be the closer, but the band kept playing for three more songs. A closer of Too Much, with an encore of The Stone and Tripping Billies made this an incredible night.
A mindblowing show, to say the least. The rain had me worried for a little bit, given the weather 'round here lately, but it ended after the first couple songs. I have to say that the Drive In Drive Out was OUTSTANDING. It's never been that good on any concert I've seen or album I own. I mean Boyd was ON! All the new songs were tight, and I heard Joyride and Crazy/Easy for the first time at this show(can't wait to get em burned!) If I had any complaints, I would like to have heard the intro to One Sweet world, but it was great having the band chime in to Cry Freedom after the first verse, and the Lil' Jon outro to Too Much had me ROLLING! Boys, you brought me much joy on 08/04/04! See you next year!
Ive been to four dave shows and this show was awesome. Boyd really was into it the whole night. Including the new songs the first 8 songs they played I heard for the first time live. OSW was made all the better by the rain and daves scat at the end was sweet. DDTW...first time heard live and I love it all the more. The best song all night was Ants Marching. I thought they were done but they just stayed up there. The encore was the best ive ever seen. The stone is one of my favorites and I thought it was better than ever. Then came the one i was hoping for, Tripping Biliies. OMG what an amazing song. Boyd and Dave danced everywhere and it capped an awesome night. Thanks Dave
WOW!!! Out of the 7 DMB shows I have witnessed and 3 on this tour, this one had to be one of the two best. And the other was last years show in Antioch. The show seemed quite mellow the entire night but was very pumped up. I like the slow jam approach that was taken during the entire night with OSW to open, Satellite, the Granny which is an awesome song and this was the first time I had heard it live I believe, Crush which is always awesome to hear, WTWE, Seek Up which was unexpected especially in the middle of the set but an awesome treat and the jam session was incredible, and cry freedom was an awesome addition to a set that is hard to be beat. Just when Dave needed something big to keep the crowd going, Antz was there to help him out. That was awesome, and it seemed as though everything was over as far as the first set but he kept playing for three more and then Too Much has become a great song to close with. I have thouroughly enjoyed all the new stuff, Hello Again and Good Good Time have to be my two favorites. Rapunzel was another great addition, considering I have never heard it live and Dave and the boys did it right. Then as the show was just about to end, they rolled out The Stone and I called Tripping Billies to close it all out. I don't think there are many other songs that would have made the night any better except maybe a lil' #41. It was an awesome time and another Dave show down and many many more to come. Keep it real everybody and we'll see yall in the future.
Antich is awesome every year. This year was no different, except for no special guests. OSW was a great opener and nice to hear anytime. DDTW and DIDO were good, but not what i want to hear four or five times in a summer. They seem to make it a good atmosphere though. The songs always gets the crowd pumped. Satellite was great. I haven't heard it since '02, in Antioch by coincidence, and loved it. PNP-->Rapunzel was so great in the middle of the set. I like it, but it's so much better when you know you'll get something else afterwards. Except for the mishap last year in St. Louis, the band plays this song so well. Sugar Will was next and has come to be a better song than the song that followed, Hello Again. Yes I said it, it's better! They are both just awesome and if it's any indication as to what the album might be like, we're in for a treat. Both of them have gotten better with each show played. Granny mid-set, nice surprise. This song was unbelievable. Just jammin' it out and Dave screaming, "Feel like fallin'" over and over was awesome. Joy Ride, believe it or not, is just okay. It seems to get the crowd pumped, and the chorus is pretty unique. I'll just have to see what the finished product is like, before making any other judgements. Nice Crush! Thanks Stefan for giving us another tease two years in a row for a song I may never get to hear. Some setlists say it's a #41 tease, but i swear it's LLD. Either way it's disappointing. WTWE was something that was expected. They all can't be great songs. Seek Up was probably the best song I heard all tour. Even better than Jimi in Noblesville. Leroi had two solos with two different saxophones. Ants seemed to be the closer at the time and was just better when the band stayed on stage afterwards. Cry Freedom was great too, it's a slow song but it's so good that i could hear it several times and not get tired of it. Crazy-Easy is a good song too. The lyrics tonight were not as good as i've heard early in the tour but still nice to hear. Too Much was great. I hadn't got a chance to hear it since they mixed it up a bit, but I was expecting the Lil' John outro. For encore, The Stone and Billies. There's not a better two songs to hear. I loved every minute of it. Thanks DMB.