Dave Matthews Band
Alpine Valley Music Theatre, East Troy, WI
Graph of songs performed, by album
Hello Again
The Stone
Crazy Easy
So Much To Say -->
(Super Freak) -->
Too Much
When the World Ends
Help Myself
I’ll Back You Up
Joy Ride
Grey Street
Sugar Will
Ants Marching

Typical Situation

Ben S.
This was a great show that touched on all of the DMB albums. There were 4 new songs that were spread out all a bit different in style...being up-tempo and fast and then slow and building to a jam. The next album will definitely be different for the band and a more mature sound. This was my 15th plus show and they have changed over the years...that's what makes them even more appealing. Tragedy struck on Friday for Rick James and the band did a tribute to Super Freak in the segue between So Much To Say and Too Much---this was truly incredible and so fun to hear from DMB!! Dave spouted and scatted like I've never seen towards the end of Too Much---so much passion that I think the crowd was caught off guard. Bartender was dedicated to the troops that are working hard to keep this world safe for us. I'll Back You Up was thrown in there to remember a simpler and much younger Dave Matthews. Ants and then Everyday touched the hearts of all the fans because this is why we go to their feel good about the experience and join in the performance. The encore was 2 "deep cuts" as some would like to call them. Typical Situation was dark and eerie and jammed hard at the end. Warehouse while not Watchtower is a crowd favorite and a classic. They threw in a double-time feel to it before the last chorus...something I've never heard before. DMB never disappoints and never stays the same.
Wow tonight was great! I mean it was really a different show all around. A few years ago Dave called Alpine his favorite place to play and I knew then that it would be a great show, he didn't let us down then and last night was even better. Starting off with a new song with an appropriate title by saying Hello Again to his old friends was a GREAT opener and yet surprising. Most people around me had heard the song already, so they were really digging it! Granny REALLY got the crowd into it. I have never heard this song done so well live before and it was very cool! I FINALLY got to hear #41! FINALLY! It is a curse with me, Dave plays all the songs I want to hear the show right before mine, and on the 5th he played everything I wanted (except 41) so I didn’t expect a good show! But I was wrong! #41 was superb and almost earth moving! The Stone was a treat as well, the best version I have heard live. Then the surprise to end all, after a standard version or SMTS, then expecting a standard version of ASTB, they teased us with the bridge for a few seconds then we got hit with their tribute to the late and great Rick James by playing “Super Freak” and the place went insane! I have never seen anything as cool as this. It was so amazing!! Then what started of sounding like Dave-speak was actually him doing Lil’ Jon’s “Whaaat and YEEAA” it was crowd pleasing to say the least. Too Much was standard as well. Bartender was dedicated to the troops and was good, jam was a bit long but good too. IBYU was phenomenal and I am happy to have heard it finally as well. The new songs were still ok. But the two last highlights go as follows… #36 and Everyday sound great together. Especially when the crowd is singing #36 and the guys are playing Everyday over it and going back and forth. And lastly, I finally got to hear my all time second favorite song Typical Situation. A great version and I am so happy that I got to hear it! This show ranks High on the list for me! Alpine Was beautiful despite the threat of rain, and I can’t wait for tonight
Tammy A.
Another miracle night at Alpine Valley - unbelieveable crowd,and unbelieveable setlist. A few overall thoughts... 1) What other band in America today could open a show with two songs that have never been recorded and ROCK the house? HELLO AGAIN, GRANNY 2) I have a new religion. It is called BARTENDER. 3) The band is better when Dave leave the electric on the rack - we did not see it one time tonight. 4) I'LL BACK YOU UP has got to be the best "first song" ever written, and the fact that Dave played it tonight was awesome. 5) LEROI is back!! I've missed him the past few years, but the LeRoi who showed up tonight (sans RayBans) rocks. 6) Dave does a pretty Damn good Rick James cover, and I heard some Bowie as well - nice props! 7) This show has got to be in serious contention for best of the summer Thanks for another mind blowing experience, DMB!!!!!!
Philip M.
What an amazing show....if not one of the best I have been to in the 11 I have seen. I knew it was going to be a great night when he opened up w/ HELLO AGAIN. Love the feel of this song...a little two-stepish if you ask me. Full of energy and the crowd soaked it up. GRANNY-standard as usual, crowd sing along for the outro. #41-AMAZING! Didn't think they would pull this out and it was only the second time I have seen it live. THE STONE-full of the outro on it. CRAZY-EASY-not one of my favorite new songs, lost the crowd a little on this one. SO MUCH TO SAY-standard, except Dave pulls out his tribute to Rick James by going a verse and the chorus to SUPERFREAK...just plain sick! TOO MUCH-love the Golden Years interploy along w/ the Lil' John's YEAH! WHAT? OK! BARTENDER...loved Dave's wailing....crowd loved this one. WHEN THE WORLD ENDS...guess we'll never get away from this one. HELP MYSELF...standard as usual. I'LL BACK YOU UP-YES!!! First time ever heard played live. Soaked in the beauty of this great old song. JOY RIDE-love the energy off this song too. Crowd seems to feel the same too. GREY STREET-crowd sing-a-long. SUGAR WILL-love Carter's druming on this one. Long 14+ minute version....lost the crowd a little at the end of it. ANTS MARCHING-thought this might be the closer...picked up the crowd as the previous song. EVERYDAY-second time hearing this one. Loved Dave singing the #36 parts on the outro. TYPICAL SITUATION-SICK!! I finally got the hear this one live too and I was in awe that it opened up the encore. Hell he could of just played this song along for the encore and I would of been a happy man! WAREHOUSE-did not expect this as a closer. Don't know how I feel about it closing the show, but nevertheless love to hear it live.