Dave Matthews Band
Verizon Wireless Amphitheater, Selma, TX
Graph of songs performed, by album
Grey Street
Fool To Think
Joy Ride
What Would You Say
Sugar Will
Where Are You Going
When the World Ends
Crazy Easy
Lie In Our Graves
Hello Again
I Did It
Tripping Billies
One Sweet World

Too Much

Diego V.
Well, that rocked. Just got back to The Woodlands. I decided to make a stop by a certain nameless hotel just to see if the busses had beat me back here and sure enough one of them was already parked and the driver was walkin inside. Anyway...the show. Awesome. Grey Street was nice to hear, they haven't played that too much this tour so it was somewhat of a surprise. The 12string was sittin' out there before they came out and the rain was comin' down pretty decently so I was hopin (pointlessly) for JTR..but that hasn't happened in a while and since apparently they hate playing it, never will. Rapunzel was probably one of the best I have heard over the years even though Dave mixed up the verses. Tripping Billies was great to hear and Hello Again and Crazy Easy were both full of energy. By the way, if one more person sits down for Hello Again or Crazy Easy or a non radio song and then gets up for Where Are You Going I'll probably flip out and kill them. So yeah..the show..awesome..the guys had a lot of energy tonight. Especially Boyd. He was on fire. Ok i am tired as sh*t. sleep time. great show. I'd give it a B+. It was definitely a lot better than it looks on paper. Setlist doesn't look that amazing, but it was a great show. See you guys in The Woodlands this weekend. maybe a little Seek Up huh? laters
This was the first opportunity I had to see the band this year, and the "DMB Texas Tour" kicked off in San Antonio. Despite some nasty weather that preceded the show (and some persistent rain during the opening act), it was a very good (not great) show. Remember, it's all relative to the standard they have set for the fans, not in reference to how they compare to other bands. I was really looking forward to hearing the new songs from the upcoming CD, so those were the highlights for me personally. All in all, the setlist was varied, covering songs from all periods of the bands career, but not what you would call stellar. Dave came out with the 12 string, so Grey Street was going to be the obvious opener. It's a song I seem to hear every time they play, but it gets the crowd going. They then moved into Fool To Think (o.k.), and then new song #1 for the night, Joy Ride. I love this song (along with all the new ones I've heard so far). These guys really get excited and pick it up a notch for the new ones-it seems the freshness of them brings out the best in them. WWYS was next, which is always a fun song to hear, and then came Sugar Will, right now my favorite of the new ones. I love the jams that Leroi and Butch do on this one live (which probably won't be on the CD version), but the visual effects did nothing for the song. WAYG (forgetable-time to drop this from the setlists), WTWE were next, all with minimal energy. Then they played Rapunzel, with an ending jam that was very intense. Next came Crazy/Easy, another outstanding new song. After that, they pulled out LIOG, one of my favorites in concert. The reason I love this song in concert is because each time I hear it, they change their jam up a little bit, making it sound fresh and new. Then came Hello Again, and it seemed that Dave was going to tear his voice apart at the end-very intense. After that, Dave slung the electric around his neck and started in with IDI (forgetable), saving some spark for Bartender. This is a song I never tire of hearing and wouldn't mind them playing each concert. Another passionate rendition by Dave. TB was next, which I had not heard in quite some time, but always look forward to hearing (Boyd blew it up on this rendition). A beautiful version of OSW came next, with a nice change in the intro and outro from what I've heard in the past. Finally, the regular set ended with Stay, and the guys let it all hang out on the jam at the end, with Dave finally doing some fancy footwork. The encore started with Granny, a song that keeps getting better every time I hear it, and then they closed with Too Much, not my first choice, but a version that didn't disappoint. It was great to see the guys again and look forward to bigger and better things on Friday and Saturday in Houston.
Well....lets see the opening band was okay at first then started soundind the same. overall some potential radio hits. Then if Things were tense enuf things lights were messin up. The DMB came out and Dave whipped out the Twelve string, Me expecting Bartender but nope Grey st.(hmm) pretty cool.Crowd was really into it. I never the band version of Fool 2 Think live I really like the song despite it being an Everyday song its a Dave. Joy Ride need to listen to it really want to listen more of it.WWYS come on they jam on this song! Sugar Will kinda like the Best of whats around.Next 2 songs Beer break, and they really ran through them. To pick everyone up again came Rapunzel out the freakin blue..yea baby. Then the goods started pourin out. Its sunset and the visual screens are great to start Crazy/Easy which is a New favorite of mine its so coool, that stefan even has a SOLO. Good lyrical chorus, again Great song. Then if that wasn't enuf LIOG that song is Always good jammorama. Hello again was interesting, wanna hear more of it too. I did it and Bartender were pretty standard aside from the end of Bar10er. Trippin Billies rocked Carter put LOTS of energy. One Sweet World is gettin better if possible, I mean the song is good already but now its gettin better.When Stay came on when knew it was time to leave...pretty standard. Granny is So cool to Hear Live!!! One of those you gotta be there things. Too Much I don't care what others say when done right this song jams, and by that time Dave was already -------- on stage and pretty Uh so Too Much fit perfect and full of energy, then Dave started screamin at the end of the song " WHAT...YEAH...OKAY...WHAT...YEAH...OKAY" THAT DID IT FOR ME I CAME I SAW I LEFT HAPPY.