Dave Matthews Band
Home Depot Center, Carson, CA
Graph of songs performed, by album
Donít Drink the Water
Hello Again
Crash Into Me
One Sweet World
Grey Street
Typical Situation
Joy Ride
Jimi Thing
The Song That Jane Likes
Sugar Will
Too Much
Lie In Our Graves
Drive In Drive Out
Crazy Easy

What Would You Say
All Along The Watchtower

I didn't think they could outdo themselves on night two of the L.A. run but they did try. Jimi Thing was the best I have ever heard and Dave was so into it he ripped out his ear thingys and started going down with the microphone. Tonights setlist was more jam band songs with TS, Jimi, and LIOG. It was slow at first but picked up and ended perfectly with Watchtower. L.A. was a great run and I saw 2 of the best shows I have ever seen.
Heather C.
Well, tonight marked show #20 for me and as always I had a blast. I had hoped to hear Grey Street & LIOG and was jumping for joy as the first chords were played. Highlights tonight included: A Typical Situation jam with a very cool ending; the crowd having fun with Too Much, Crash Into Me, Stay, & WWYS; and the craziest Jimi Thing I've ever seen with Dave dancing with his mic stand and guitar - scatting away lyrics & ending the jam with "Stop, what's that sound, everyone look what's going down." The only bad thing about the show was that there were times where the band seemed to lack their usual energy and as a result, large groups of people sat down. The only thing I can say to that is people need to give the new songs a chance. I remember three years ago when Grey Street was a "new" song and now it's evolved into something wonderful. Time will only tell...See y'all at Golden Gate Park. Enjoy the rest of the tour!
Tony S.
The band sounds better every tour, although their L.A. shows always leave a little something to be desired. I don't think they love playing this town so much. Predictable opener with DDTW which is now standardized and doesn't change much, but always delivers. New songs sounded good and had more energy than the older songs, I'm glad to see DMB enjoying the new material. Hello Again is real punchy and they let Carter solo in the middle- that's a highlight. Joyride is the strongest new song. We'll be seeing Joyride and Hello Again in concert for a few more years, and maybe Crazy-Easy. Sugar Will is going to go the way of Raven. By the way, there were no Everyday songs, so we missed out on WTWE and Fool to Think. OSW sounded gorgeous and keeps getting better every year, and was perfect in the four-slot in the set. Lowlights of the show are Typical, Too Much, and Sugar Will. Folks, Too Much needs to be retired, can I get a witness? Jimi was perfect as always and felt great. The highest highlight of the show for me was STJL. So great to hear him say "I got a sister named Jane and this is the song she likes" WOOOOOOOOO!!!! This song only gets better with age, thank you Dave! The set felt short to me, when Stay came, I wasn't ready to end the set! Encore opener WWYS is deceent, but like Too Much, this one needs to be put on the shelf for a couple years. AATW finale was brilliant as always, the Stefan bass solo intro started out real heavy, sounding like Sabbath, then clicked it into a psychadelic riff and it was just awesome. They kicked into the full song and it was great as always, it sounded fresh. Overall show gets a 6.5 out of 10 on the Dave Scale, which translates to a 9 out of 10 for any other touring artist.
Clayton B.
Having seen DMB in concert about 15-20 times over the past 10 years, I have to say that this was one of the better performances I have seen by Dave and the boys in my time. From the moment Dave came out to introduce the opening Band, Ben Harper et al, it was obvious he was in a good mood and enjoying the day. And a good day/night it was with perfect weather, a cool venue, a hot opening act, and a crowd ready to rock. Highlites for me included a nice Typical Situation, an insane Jimi Thing (with dave going off on the Scat), Boyd jamming out on LIOG, STJL, Drive In Drive out, and the always great All Along the Watchtower, which they totally rocked and was a prefect closer. The new tunes even sounded great, and I look forward to the new album. And, I cant close without giving credit to all the beautiful SOcal honeys. Unbelievable. Thank you DMB & Ben!
Hello A.
I know everyone says they've been to "tons of shows" but I have been to so many I can't even remember how many and I don't want to sound cliche when I tell you that this show was THE BEST I've ever seen. I didn't even have very good tix and one of my friends was so drunk he needed a babysitter. Aside from all of that, I have never seen Dave in the 'steven tyler' form like I saw during Jimi Thing. And I admit, I was pretty drunk at the show but I've been like that at most of 'em. Now, whether a show is worth $60 usually depends on whether he plays Watchtower at the end. Tonight, though, I had my money's worth after three songs. Hello, Again is going to be, by far, his best radio single since Ants. I usually hate the "radio singles" but Hello Again is just too good. Take it from a veteran, the band was in rare form in LA.
Jay T.
Ok 15th show .... ben harper .opening another good one ..same setlist as yesterday ... Dave ... Carter , Stefan , Leroi, Boyd . and Butch ,...thank you so much for two amazing shows .... today open up with DDTW.. powerful opener ,... from there i knew that this was goin to be another great show,.. pulled out JIMI THING >>. hell yeah ... " stop whats that sound everbody look whats going down ,," same as NY show ... but awesome to see live ,,.. this show just frickin good .. if you missed it .. im sorry .... you just will never know .. break all your plans to see these guys . stop and take a look around if you miss them . they may just pass you by " ...watchtower , grey street , stay ,typical sit... just sooooo goood ... im glad i saw these guys tonight ... im still diggig their new stuff.. Joyride , hello again, crazy easy .. are all great new songs .. welp 16th show what a blast .. simon , daniel and my love tom .. im glad you guys were there to share with me ... " and now you know why i love this music" i kept telling them the whole night... see you guys tuesday in Marysville.........Jay
Well here i am again - nite 2 and 2nd of 7 shows in the next 2 weeks..& as i said in my nite 1 review where i was pleasantly surprised and couldnt imagine a nite 2 could be much better - surely we wouldnt get 2 big nites in l.a would we...i wasnt caring too much anywayz = as this was my first front row centre show -thank you warehouse- so the show coulda sucked and i wouldnt cared..but my 1 sad or happy thing with being front & centre = i could see the set list taped to the camera stand so i knew what was gonna happen - i tried not to look - but how could i not right ? but i didnt believe what i saw anywayz ! But first - big props again to ben harper and the blind boyz of alabama - damn they were hot - real great show - and i hope i get a chance to see those alabama boyz again - they really set the mood for a great night. My boyz and i had it figured that we'd get a ben & dave set closer tonite of watchtower - we really did call it - and i'll get to that in a little bit but first..I said in nite 1 review we'd get the DDTW opener and i love gettin it right - i like this song as an opener - there new ending of this tune is really re-energizing this song and sets the stage for a good energy show - and from what i saw on the list i was about to get my mind blown. People that havent been front row - i wish sometime you get the chance - it is indeed everything its cracked up to be ! nuff said on that.. so into hello again where dave is just enjoying the hell out of that song - there's big passion in his voice on that song for him for sure. Then into a couple a 3/4 somewhat softies of a crash a One sweet world & grey street..we knew there was big things to come. Just a great typical into a joy ride..with a big highlite of jimi thing - are you kidding me on this jimi !? people people - if you werent there please listen- i have or i should say had the central park jimi as the best ive seen - but im tellin ya - this was the best jimi ive ever seen - i get goose bumps just thinkin about it ! dave went ass-crazy on this tune - its gotta be his fav. live tune - he rocks this tune every time but on certain occasions he goes ape - and man did he ever ape this tune - dancin around like he was steven tyler on speed ! just a phenom of a jimi...he busted a string with a few minuets left - didnt matter..he kept going hard! just awsome ! gonna be hard to beat this jimi for a long time to come im tellin you. he was exahausted after this tune - you saw him turn around to carter and do an exhaustion kinda knee buckler and wiped his forhead - real cool ! he then took a break into a real nice song that jane likes. Sugar will was average and is becoming a all around band jam - everyone on stage gets a turn on this one and is getting longer every show - so as a musician you must appreciate - and people dont critize please..too many of you are saying you hate this song - its boring or its too long - dont say it around me or you gettin told off ! so at this point im gettin excited because i see were getting too much into a lie in our graves into a drive in then crazy eazy - all solid - really strong DIDO..but the kicker for me was on the set list it showed watchtower as the set closer - OHH YA - were gettin ben & dave out for that - and im certain we were supposed to - being front row i could see the action - and they were waiting...dave and all band members were looking backstage a couple times and it was supposed to happen, there was a long pause - id bet my ass on it happening...but alas no - the set list got switched at that moment - we were supposed to get a watchtower set closer & a stay encore closer - but those 2 got flipped - if you were that lucky cute blonde gal who got that set list a few over from me (ya figures right ;) then you got a nice memory..but anywayz stay set closer was real great..and i figured watchtower was gonna be the final - so that ok regardless - who's complaining about that - escpecially with a WWYS as the first encore tune ! ohhh man what a great first row experience - a fantastic show - and im writing this review from home after my trip so i have seen 5 more shows since this one, and i can say with conviction that this show is the highlight for me of this tour..yes even after 3 nights at the gorge and sanatana in golden gate.. to give you some reviews of the gorge & GG, but this show - man you people in L.A. = complain no more - this was grade A - prime beef ! no doubt ! Cheers kitch