Dave Matthews Band
Riverbend Music Center, Cincinnati, OH
Graph of songs performed, by album
The Best of What's Around
When the World Ends
The Song That Jane Likes
Sugar Will
Iíll Back You Up
So Much To Say (Anyone Seen the Bridge?) -->
Too Much
Typical Situation
Hello Again
Crazy Easy
Lie In Our Graves
Lover Lay Down
Joy Ride
The Stone

Crash Into Me

Matt M.
So DMB show number 14 has come and gone. At the start of this show I was certain that it was going to blow my favorite (June 24, 2003) out of the water, but then it just ended up being a typical show. Don't get me wrong it ranks on the high end of the scale for me, but it was a bit of a letdown. Opening up with BOWA was amazing and it was great to hear this song back in the rotation after a couple year hiatus. Satellite followed to the delight of the crowd. WTWE was pretty standard, but the camera work during the "We'll be burnin' one" part was exquisite. Next up was STJL which I've now heard a bunch of times, but I never get tired of it. Upbeat and fun as always and it got the crowd groovin'. Next up was Sugar Will, the first new song of the night. I have a feeling this song will grow on me, but for now all I can say about it was that the intro is pretty damn cool. A little suprise was in store next with I'll Back You Up. Heard it last year at Riverbend as well but it was a welcome addition to the setlist. Strange to see it played midset with the full band on stage as well. NOW, the highlight of the night. SMTS--ASTB--Too Much was a fucking religious experience. Normally this combo is standard album stuff, but tonight it was lights out. I honestly can say that I have never in 13 previous shows seen anything like this. SMTS was pretty standard in itself, but heading into Anyone Seen the Bridge? Dave went OFF! He threw his arms into the air like he was talking to God or something and just scatted like his life depended on it. After a little Dave-dance around the stage, Too Much followed. Mid-song should have been a clue that this was gonna be special. After the first verse, the band played the intrumental part in SLOW MOTION. It was unreal. The rest of the song played out normally UNTIL the greatest end of any Dave song I have ever heard in my life. You have to hear it to believe it and it still won't do it justice. Dave went off like I have never heard him go off for probably a good 3 minutes before the last "I eat too much..etc." All I can say is get a copy of this show for this alone. Typical Situation came next amid the buzz of the previous events. Standard version, but the end jam was on fire. Hello Again is probably my second favorite new song and I can best describe it as a strange love child between a dark love song and an old fashioned, sitting on the porch in overalls drinking moonshine country song. Really cool though. Next up was Crazy Easy which was decent, but kinda lost the crowd. Lyrics were hard to make out, but I think I heard something about a Jesus bobblehead doll? I could be wrong. Probably am. LIOG was next. I've heard it. It was the same as it always has been. Boyd was amazing though and he soloed to Dave, Carter and Stefan before they ended the song. Lover Lay Down I hadn't heard in a while so it was nice to hear again. Warehouse. Finally, I was starting to think I was cursed to never hear this again. The "woo's" are hilarious and Carter and Stefan were leading them from the stage. Great version overall. The little calypso jame towards the end was awesome too. Highlight of this was Dave heading to the mic to sing the next verse then kinda laughing and deciding he wanted to keep jammin' and turned around to dance some more. Joy Ride was by far my favorite new song and I can see this being a crowd favorite very quickly. They are even starting to "woo" during this one. This one sounds a little like Rapunzel on drugs musically. Great song though. I look forward to hearing it again. Ending is intense. The Stone closed out the set. Good song, but I'm getting tired of it and was hoping for Watchtower. Encore break seemed shorter than normal. Crash was a nice suprise to start off, although there was no Dixie Chicken Outro which I thought was strange. Are they dropping it or did Dave just forget? Stay was pretty cool. Dave went off during the "make you wanna, make you wanna" part and they dragged out the "stays" forever which was pretty sweet. Overall a solid show. After SMTS--->ASTB--->Too Much though I was expecting a lot more out of it, but I still was happy to be there. Good crowd as the Cincinnati ones tend to be. Looking forward to seeing the boys up in Dayton in October. Till then....Cheers.
It was a ncie mellow show too bad the venue is crap hole. The crowd is horrible and would not shut up at all. It was nice to hear the 1st IBYU and the first Typical of the tour. Crash did not the Dixie Chicken but it was cool to see it in the encore. Overall it was not the best or the worst show I have ever seen. I was at a DMB show so I had a great time!
On the whole, this concert was close to awesome. The new songs are amazing. I had Hello Again in my head for a week after having heard it this one time. The jam at the end of Sugar Will was nearly as good. TBOWA was a treat, having never heard it live before. ASTB was amazing. WTWE was nice, Dave recognising the venue and all...

But Riverbend is a giant brown stool. I had front row lawn after standing in the parking lot for several hours. Unfortunately the fans in the lower area block the view entirely. The sound (especially during Guster (who rocked our socks for too short a short time)) was shaky and, from my angle, even the giant screen behind Carter was partially blocked. The roof is supported with giant beams leaving huge sections staring at the monitors only. That's what I call watching TV and I could do that at home.

Back to the band... Boyd seemed to disappear this concert with Butch Taylor soloing more. Carter was his usual self, but I noticed a wrapped wrist... I hope he lasts for decades to come! Dave was awesome with a commanding vocal performance. peace and shalom