Dave Matthews Band
Home Depot Center, Carson, CA
Graph of songs performed, by album
The Stone
When the World Ends
Joy Ride
Loving Wings -->
Where Are You Going
Ants Marching
Help Myself
Rhyme & Reason
Hello Again
So Much To Say -->

Two Step

Heather C.
First off let me say $20 for parking - what happened here? If I recall correctly, last year it was free. I was getting a little Dodger Stadium vibe from three years ago. Anyway, never been so excited to see an opening act as I was tonight for Ben Harper & the Innocent Criminals - so great. As far as DMB goes - lots of energy of the boys tonight with seven repeats from the Chula Vista show. I love sitting with fellow Warehouse members because everyone around me is just as involved in dancing, singing, and participating with whoo's and everyday's and #36. Stone as an opener was a shocker, but a pleasant surprise. Glad to hear #41 again and this time Dave hit all the high notes perfectly and Carter rocked. #36/Everday directly into Ants Marching was so much fun. Dave let the crowd sing the "people in every direction..." part. That was followed up by a very powerful Bartender with Dave hollering the lyrics so loud I thought that giant vain in his neck was going to burst! The show ended with a very interesting combo: So Much to Say-->ASTB-->PNP-->Rapunzel! For an encore I was very happy to hear Granny, which started with shots of the full moon up on the screens. That was followed by Two Step where Dave mixed up the lyrics, singing the second verse first then going back to the first. I had so much fun tonight, I think I'll go back for some more tomorrow night.
Just finished the L.A. run and the first night was the best show I have seen so far. The Stone was a great opener and it just got better with #41, Joyride, and a nice surpise of Loving Wings which I have never heard live. The energy was so high tonight and ending with Rapunzel and then the best closer I think I have ever heard, Granny and Two Step, two of my favorite songs. Awesome, awesome show!!!
Jeff F.
Well, I wasn't sure what to expect going in, because I'd heard the boys didn't love playing in L.A. If they don't, they sure did a good job of hiding it. What a performance. Great energy from both the band and the fans, much more than at Chula Vista two nights before. A superb setlist, with a great encore. Also, they only played two of the new songs, but they're my two favorite (Joy Ride and Hello Again). I've been to 9 shows now; this one rivals 8/2/03 Shoreline as the best.
Very Good show. The band did what i wanted to see them do , JAM . Lie in our graves was a highlight to me, you expect to hear it from jimmi thing and others. The new stuff really fits what the band has been able to do, change a bit and keep fresh . Joy RIde seems to be a fan favorite here and in the LA shows . This show had so much , but the best thing was the jams more than i have heard . Who ever had the idea to play the hell out of stone thanx... One of the songs that i could hear every year. The only bad thing is once a show is over you realize next year seems so long away .... Take care all .
well, here i am in california - start of my west coast tour of 7 shows in 2 weeks. Flew in from toronto not expecting to be blown away by the carson shows - the l.a. shows have had a history of not being anything like we got this weekend..i'm gonna write a review of each show on my own personal "tour for change";) So my boy and i had not bad seats night 1 but i have front row centre for night 2 - so i figure this is just gonna be a warm up.. Im a big fan of ben harper and what a great opening act - this man has MAD talent - and the blind boys of alabama - my god what a great group of musicians they all are - put us in a great mood for dmb. So i wont go on too much about this set list as my review of the sunday show will be more intense,,but at the time this show kicked us right in the head,,,Stone opener is pretty solid, we figured on DDTW for night 1, but nope - that will be 2morrow i think for sure - so nice surprise,,im sure ive seen it as an opener - but dont remeber when - ive lost track of my details. But we definitly got treated - satellite into #41 - satalitte was typical but felt likee they rocked out on 41 a litter better than usual..just crazy and then into joyride - which im love'n..maybe my fav of the new ones..its close between it and hello again which i knew was coming later, feels a little akward rockin out so hard to the awsome new stuff when allmost everyone around ya isnt as familiar as a few of us freaks ;) but its all good - my energy is enough to get lots of people moving there feet :) so im gettin real excited by this point..since there bustin outa lot of real gems early..well after a great joyride dave takes'r down to a loving wings into an WAYG which we called - awsome,but didnt expect what was coming - the meat & potatoes of the show = bamb! into a warehouse/evreyday-no #36 but thats cool - were gonna get it plenty the next couple weeks and i aint greedy ;) - so everyday into ants into bartender - ahhh ya - were real impressed right now ! ive decide bartended has become my fav. live = dave's passion on that tune everytime i see it just gets better & better ! strong bottom half of show too...they rocked out on hello again into SMTS and set closer of rapunzel is a great closer - id seen it a few times as the encore which they hit it a little harder - but i like it a little better as the set closer. A granny & a 2 step encore that no joke when they finished it musta been a 10+ minute 2 step - we coulda used a wheel chair to get outta there - we were spent ! it was just the nail in the coffin to make us walk outta there shaking our heads and wondring if its realistically possible to have a night 2 much better than that....i think im in for a ridiculous 2 weeks ! stay tuned. peace
Nicole J.
This show was a very good show. The opening acts were good, but Ben Harper was in my opinion the more rocking of the two. I was very anxious though, to see DMB because I'd been waiting all summer for this! The show opened with a surprising Stone that was very well sang by Dave and the crowd. WTWE was also a surprise. It looked to be a very mellow night for the boys. Satellite was perfect for that evening because you could see the stars in the sky and the blue lights from the staduim were nice. #41 is always a fan favorite and you could hear it when everyone started to cheer. Kicking it into Joy Ride was good to kick things up a bit and Loving Wings was a good cool-down. WAYG was a sort of "omg, i cant believe he's playing this" but also an "oh ok, i guess it's alright." Then with Warehouse and the awesome "whoo!" intro. always Fun. Everyday / #36 is also one of the songs where you can't help but sing along. Ants Marching was a great song to once again speed things along. Bartender was sort of the right moment because I think that's when all the bars started to sell less and less drinks. Help Myself also surprised me for some reason. I was expecting something more from Crash. Then, the band kicked into an awesome version of R&R which surprised me. (Can you all tell that all of this surprised me?) Hello Again's energy was off the charts and carter's drumming was kickin tonight! SMTS/ASTB ... need i say more? Stefan was pogoing during ASTB and some of the crowd was too, but there should've been more. Rapunzel was rocking too! Dave was dancing the whole time, making his way around the stage. Sadly, I had to leave before the encore. So, I guess some other DaveHeads will have to fill y'all in on that. Later Days.
Jay T.
this is #14 show .. switch those two numbers and you get #41 .. 14 41 ...ahhhhhhh,,,,,yeah Ok today i saw ben harper ... opening act ..still whish the black eyed peas were still opening b4 Ben ,, but what can you do? ,, anwyay ben great opening act ... i like the War .. from BOB MArLEY ... " everywhere is war" and that funky guy on the bass .... nice job you guys ... ok onto dave ...Just the high lights .... #41, Bartender, Loving wings .....ahhhhhhhhh i got three of my favorite songs in one night .. man i was blown away ... that show was a good one this year ,.. i love the home depot center ... its sound is good and this year the LA crowd was into it ... i just have to say DMB put on a damn great show if you ask me .... i love their music ... i really do .... its sooo good for my soul... anyway ... great job you guys ..see you sunday ......... Jay