Dave Matthews Band
Soldier Field Stadium, Chicago, Illinois
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band:Angelique Kidjo / Buddy Guy

JTR *+
One Sweet World (Instrumental Intro)
When The World Ends *
Granny +
Crush *
Fish Monkey Man -->
So Right *
If I Had It All *+
I Did It *+
Seek Up *
Fool To Think *+
Angel *+
All Along the Watchtower *
Two Step *
The Space Between *+
Pantala Naga Pampa * -->
Rapunzel *

* Butch Taylor on keys
+ Tawatha, Cindy & Brenda on vocals

Ah great show. This was my 14th time seeing the band and they put on a pretty solid show. Buddy Guy the opening act, a great chicago jazz musician, put on a solid set. He did a great job at getting the crowd goin and i was very surprised to see the stadium almost full when buddy took stage. Most of the time the stadium isnt really that full when the opening act comes on. Dave took stage around 8:15 pm and when i saw the lovely ladies out there two i knew the opening song had to be JTR in tribute to the little rain we got right before the band took stage. Next up was OSW. Nice sweet version of this song that really god the crowd goin. I guessed that WTWE would be next and i was right. Nice to hear this song early in the set. Strong solid verion of it. Granny was next. YES!!! Thank You Dave!!! This was one of the songs that i was dying to hear. Really got the crowd grovin and singing along with the Love and Baby part. Crush!!! I did not expect him to play it tonight but we were very fortunate to have Dave and the boys play an unbelievable version of it. Got a good reaction from the crowd during the "sittin smokin feelin high part." Great Boyd solo too. Up Next was Big Eyed Fish. Nobody in my section knew what this song was and no one really got into it. Oh well. I was still happy to hear this song for the second time. That went straight into an awesome version of Bartender. This definately woke up the crowd after Big Eyed Fish. Lots of wailing at emotion at the end of this song by Dave. After that was So Right. This is such a great song to hear live. Probably my favorite song off the new album to hear live. Great grove to it. If I Had It All was pretty good. Coulda lived without it but oh well. Next came I Did It. Got a decent reaction from the crowd. Short, but sweet song. Next came my favorite moment of the evening. Seek Up. No way did i expect to hear this song either. I was shittin my self when i heard the first few chords. Amazing version that almost laster 20 min. Got me grovin the entire song. Angel was nice to hear for the first time. Had an interesting jam at the end. The Lovely Ladies would call off one band member at a time to solo which was really cool to see. After that was Fool To Think. This was also my first time hearing this song. Sounds really nice but very similiar to the album version. It was still a nice treat though. Next came a powerful version of Watchtower. Awesome energy and lights during this song. Most of the people in my section thought that Watchtower was gonna be the closer but I knew it couldnt be since it was only 10:15 at the time and it woulda been a 2 hour show which is too short. So I knew we'd be in for atleast one more song. And it was Two Step. Just an amazing version. I loved hearing 60,000 people singing the chores to this song. Everyone was into it and the band was all in smiles. Butch forgot to mention him yet in this review had an awesome solo during this tune aswell. Encore time. Played Space Between which i was not expecting to hear. Still it was nice to hear for the first time. Finally came Rapunzel. Dave was dancing like a freak during this song and the crowd loved it. Great song to end the show with where the band and crowd were all in smiles. Overall this was a very solid show. This show definately beat both shows last year at Soldeirs Field which were pretty much snoozers. All in all this was a great show. Hopefully tomorrows show will be even better!!! See you all there!!! Peace.
Sara M.
Dave finally played "Crush" for me and that's all that matters. I've been waiting forever to hear it! A really soulful show, Dave was doing a lot of chanting, lots of vocal jamming, variation, and adlibbing. So much emotion in him for many of the songs, he had such a soulful look in his eyes tonight. At the end of "Bartender", I swear I could feel Dave's soul by what he was doing with his voice. "Angel" was superb because the Lovely Ladies each did a very new and unique vocal solo, then the band members each followed ending with Dave's solo. Dave had some new, beautiful lyrics for the intro to "Two Step". And he was full of crazy noises and dancing for the last song, "Rapunzel". The Lovely Ladies were there for most of the show, Butch Taylor was on keyboards the whole show. The setlist was unpredictable and it was really nice to hear new songs instead of the ones that he usually plays at every show. This show was unlike any I've ever heard, they just did everything different than usual, but in a very good way. Tomorrow I predict they'll play Everyday, #41, Crash, Jimi Thing, probably Tripping Billies and of course Ants Marching. If you're interested in trading Dave Matthews shows, check this out: http://www.humblelogics.com/sara/index.htm
Wow, what a night! It was like the anti-radio show. I'm sorry but I have to say that I wasn't that upset to hear the disappointment in the 13 year-old girls' voices behind us when they said, "Why didn't he play "Crash into Me"?" An absolutely fantastic version of Bartender, Dave and the boys jammed out to it like I haven't seen before. And although, this was only my third show, Watchtower was amazing! All in all, a great show for a the true fans.
Joe D.
First off, I would like to say that Buddy Guy was great. If I actually lived in Chicago, I believe that I would definatley find out where he was playing and go see him. Now, the word of the night is MELLOW, until the end of the set. JTR as an opener, now that was sweet! The boys seemed to be right on. Another highlight was Crush. I don't really know how often they have played it so far this tour, but it was a delightful suprize. I hadn't heard it live before, and it was definately worth it. Big Eyed Fish or whatever it's been called, was another one of the mellower songs that really added to the show. But just when I was about to be mellowed out, they hit So Right. Excuse the pun but, it was definately so right to place it in the set at that point. However, the last two songs before the encore made my night. I had never heard either of them live before. Stephan's intro on Watchtower was great! The rest of the song was tight and great. Butch Taylor, wow, he does really add to Two Step, which I believe was a great closing song before the encore. Encore, big suprise they played Space Between. But Rapunzel was like many of the other songs of the evening a joy to my ears and mind. You could tell that it was late in the night because Dave wasn't even trying to hit the high notes. That didn't even matter because it was still a great song. Now, I have been known to not really care for the Lovely Ladies. Yes they were there, and did their usual. I don't know if they have done this before, I've really been out of the loop this summer, but the boys must have decided to give the LL a solo section in Angel. Wow, it really was cool. I believe Cindy was the last one to do a little solo, and went through the band and introduced every member, and they did a little solo. This was so frickin tight! If there isn't a name for this, I propose "I Got What You Want". This is because they did a mini-chorus with that line repeated in it. The overall night was great! It was so beautiful to look at the stage an d see the skyline all lit up. Wow, I love Chicago, but I still hope the they bring back Deer Creek, or Verizon Wireless Music Center whatever, next year.
Matt L.
Great show last night...Soldier Field is a sweet venue and the weather held off. The band really seemed to be enjoying themselves, so that always makes it fun. On to the show....JTR, when the guitar tech put out the 12-string before they came out, it was inevitable. Great song and Dave was all about the outro last night. ONE SWEET WORLD, this really got the crowd into it...always a good tune to hear, the scats and the end were awesome. WHEN THE WORLD ENDS, new it was coming sooner or later, but still a good song. GRANNY, my first time ever hearing it live, the crowd was really into the "LOVE"'s. Then Dave switched to the drop-d acoustic with the guitar tech so that could only mean Don't Drink the Water or CRUSH...I called this one and everyone around me was pumped. This song is just amazing, that's the only way to put it. The outro was sweet. BIG EYED FISH, Dave prefaced this with saying something about how it was about his friend over in the sea(refering to Lake Michigan). So cool to see it actually called Big Eyed Fish. This was my second time hear this one(the first in Detriot) and it was just as awesome. --> Pennywistle outro, this is so cool it adds so much to--->Bartender, what can I even say about this one. So much energy, got the whole place going. It was just...SO RIGHT. This one ED song I really wanted to hear in Detriot, so I'm glad I finally got to hear it tonight. This is definately one of my faves off the new album. IF I HAD IT ALL, this song was good, they seem to really like the Lovely Ladies on the end. I DID IT...this song has came a long long way since SNL in Feb. SEEK UP, and this point I was like hmmmm...Seek up would be cool right now, and sure enough, it was my first time hearing this one live and it was badass. FOOL TO THINK, he brought out the electic so I knew it was coming but it's still a good song, I love the ending of this one though. ANGEL, ok they did the improve outro for the first time in Detriot, but last night the Ladies just blew this one away, the outro was so cool, they started called for their angels and pointing people in the crowd, and then they called out each band memeber and they each did a solo, it was soooo awesome, when they got to Dave everyone went crazy and Dave did this kickass guitar lick. WATCHTOWER, saw this coming but I thought it was a little early yet. Tons of energy on this one and got the crowd into it. At this point the Guitar tech was bring out the bari-electric but Dave waved him off(probably for Space). TWO STEP, this was just a kickass way to close the set, they were so into it. The crowd went crazy too. -------- SPACE BETWEEN, most likely moved hear from the original setlist, good song definatly a radio fan fave, but I still like it too. PNP-->RAPUNZEL, the only song of the night I didn't call before it happened, still it is a really great closer, Dave was all over the place on the end Jam. The camera guy even was focusing on his feet...it was really cool. Overall, great show, but it still didn't touch 6.4.01(but not much will), the fans kinda sucked, around me anyway. That will probably be my last show of the tour so it was a fun way to end it. See ya next tour.
Derek J.
The show was sweet. I kind of wish that he didnt play 7 songs from the Everyday cd. Even though Angel was simple breathtaking and The Space Between was good too, I dont really like the new usage of a Baritone guitar. I thought that the highlight of the show was when the lovely ladies went krazy on their solo's during Angel. That was the best part. This is my second Soldier Field show and the best ever. I had good seats for this one. Well not amazing, but decent. I had 24th row. Anyway, One Sweet World was also kool with the instrumental intro. And my two all time fav. songs AATW and Crush. Even though AATW is a cover, dave can really make the crowd move during that song. Lastly, I would just like to say that Butch did an excellent job on the keys last night. He was really sounding good. Aight, Peace!
Ben S.
What can you say? This show was simply amazing from start to finish. They opened with JTR, which was somewhat quiet at first but got us in the mood for a great night. Dave went into the slow intro of One Sweet World and set the stage for a nice, long, upbeat version of this song. I was very interested in hearing the new album live and When the World Ends was our first taste of what was to come. The energy definitely picks in this song but it still ends so abruptly we aren't sure whether to clap or check the PA system. Granny brought in the Soul Sisters and a lot of singing from the crowd. Definitely a crowd favorite that could never get old or played out. I could hear the drum beats but couldn't quite tell where they were going with this---right into a smooth version of Crush and some keyboards from Butch Taylor. He could probably join the band for good and really break into all their songs. He provides another element that the band hasn't always had. Great jam to finish off Crush. A huge highlight for me was Fish Monkey Man--the 2nd Lillywhite of the night. Very few people knew what was going on with this one but that will change. There is so much passion in this song but quiet passion. It will take some time for it to catch on until it is more well known. I was pretty much blown away by the setlist already. Leroi faded out FMM with a peace pipe? (kinda funny, but it sounded great) into Bartender. Last summer nobody really got into this song, but this summer there was a much stronger response. Dave pours with emotion at the climax at the song pulling everyone out of their seat to respond. This was a chilling performance that faded out nicely at the end. With many of the new songs the crowd seemed to care less but So Right seemed to build on itself and really charge up the audience. The band still seems to be developing most of the newer material but So Right was very clean and strong from start to finish. Continuing with If I Had It All and I Did It wasn't exactly what I was looking for but still the Ballard songs are much better live. The band is much more involved with little touches here and there to add to them. When Seek Up started it was definitely time to get comfortable. Once again they pulled out some old songs that are some of their best. Seek Up never gets old because it goes to so many place from LeRoi to Dave to Boyd and back again and then to Butch Taylor to end the song. Conversely they played Fool to Think followed by Angel. Angel didn't seem to have a ton going on until the Soul Sisters got into it. I have never seen or heard so much from them. They literally stole the show from the band screaming out in gospel style alluding to the women in the audience. They went on to introduce each member of the band who would do a short solo. Truly incredible spin on things here. They jammed out a great song in a way I never imagined. Look for this song if you can get it. Things were just getting started now. A few plucks on Dave's guitar and we were heading into Watchtower. How can you ever get sick of this one? So much energy, so much power, the crowd literally lit up for this song. Boyd went into a dizzying solo along with LeRoi and the coolest thing I have ever seen a keyboardest do. Butch turned into a guitarist for about two minutes. He went into a horrid solo of distorted electric guitar---it was incredible to see the depth of this instrument and to be played so aggressively. We barely had time to recover from Watchtower and then the familiar chants of Two Step started. Stefan used the slide on his bass and Dave started in a very long version of this song. The crowded sang most of it and Dave sang right back. Very nice, smooth outro too. Well I couldn't even stand up after hearing those two in a row but they came out for the encore and continued with The Space Between. Good mellow song with a lot of the crowd getting into it. The ending was longer and the Ladies compliment this song well. To end the night they stuttered and popped through Rapunzel. Such a unique song that uses each member of the band so strongly. This was my 9th show and BY FAR the best one I have been to. Go out and enjoy them!
Chris B.
Overall a pretty good show. Playes A LOT of new stuff...a total of 10 songs off Everyday and Lily Whites. Crush was awesome, as was Bartender and Watchtower. I think The Space Between was one of the crowd favorites. Overall good show, but the second one is always better
Mike F.
Wow. What a great show. Energy my god this is the some of the most energy i've ever seen from dmb. They played close to 3 hours. Opened with JTR standard opener with the ladies who i have to say were pretty good 2-nite. That moved into ONe Sweet World with instumental intro very awesome got the crowd going early. Next was WHEN THE WORLD ENDS just awesome people were going crazy when this started.GRANNY was standard. CRUSH what can i say I've been waiting for this for a long time and it didn't dissapoint just plain out awesome. BIG EYED FISH/ BARTENDER wow this was the best lead in to another song i've ever heard Bartender is very much improved with the whistle intro and outro. SO RIGHT and IF I HAD IT ALL where both really good, I DID IT now this isn't my favorite dave song but i'm telling you this is awesome live it had so much energy and dave had a big smile on his face all the way through it. then came SEEK UP nothing but a surprise and a very welcome one. This has been on the top of my list to hear and it was amazing nice long intro great jams i swear it was about 15 minutes, Next was FOOL TO THINK this was really good I haven't heard many good things about it but it had a lot of energy and potential to become a live favorite. ANGEL this was the ladies moment with a long black veil kind of part at the end, it was cool how they introduced all the band members as angels though that was cool. WATCHTOWER what can you say but pure energy, just awesome. I thought watchtower was it but then out of nowhere 2-STEP my god it was so long and so great. I swear it may have been like 20 minutes, the best jam on 2-step i ever heard. Butch had a nice part and dave had a litle part of his own. encores SPACE BETWEEN the ladies actually sounded good on it not bad a lot better than mtv awards. PNP-RAPUNZEL good closer, some nice footwork by dave. ALL in all a great show i didn't think anything could top dec.4 at allstate but this ranks right up there with it. I dont know if they'll be able to top it 2-nite see ya there.
Brandon B.
Probably the most amazing show that I have seen...Opened with JTR...Great Choice...All of his EVERYDAY songs sounded UNBELIEVABLE...I can't stand it when I hear soo many people shit on his new songs, but let me tell you...Once some "fans" see and hear the new stuff live...You'll have a new view...He played Granny which is always a treat for me and then followed up with Crush...I COULD HAVE LEFT RIGHT AFTER THAT ONE...I loved it..Angel sounded wonderful...Watchtower and Two Step to close it out..Now thats a show...Then the encore...Space Between-Pantala-Rapunzel...I can't see this show ever being topped..But then again this is Dave and the boys that we are talking about...Enjoy the show tonite and the rest of the summer!!!
Collin Q.
Great show tonight and the rain held out for us as well. Opening with JTR was nice, I think Dave expected it rain when he got out there as it did earlier during Buddy Guys set. One Sweet World is always nice to hear and the Dave solo into it is sweet like always. When the World Ends was cool and lived up to the whole cut off verse like always. I noticed Dave played this on the acoustic guitar instead of the electric. Granny was a classic unreleased song when we needed one and had the whole crowd singing. Crush, the first time hearing it live for me, was sweet and Boyd went nuts during his solo. Big Eyed Fish lived up to it hype, with Dave swearing a few times in it as well and Roi's solo into Bartender had everyone put their lighters in the air, it was beautiful. Bartender was tight and strong like always and with the powerful screams towards the end of the song, the crowd wend wild. So right got us back on our feet and dancing again, and this song, is like the next Tripping Billies or Too Much. Really powerful. If I Had It All was nice to hear with the whole crowd singing the "I'd fuck it up" part. I Did It was the standard version nothing to special, but I like it. Seek Up, another first for me, was powerful and beautiful, with Roi's solo's and all, great song and a great time to hear a classic. Glad the boys brought this song back out for the tour. Fool To Think was sweet. That groovy little beat it has got people going again, and always will. Angel was sweet, Roi soloed even before the lyrics began and the ladies jam at the end, holy crap, that is cool as hell. I want to hear it again to night just so I can sing along. The jam is still well alive in the Everyday songs. Watchtower was intense and Butch did this little electric guitar thing in his keyboards, very nice. After Tower, I though they were done but I think Dave actually stopped them and said lets do.....Two Step....hell yeah...great intro, talked about being young and growing up, very cool. The song itself got people up and dancing again and Dave got the feet moving and did his little dance during about the last 30 seconds of the song. Always a great song to hear. The Space Between was a cool encore song. I was expecting Waste or Funny How Time, but I was wrong. PNP -> Rapunzel was cool, a great jam song to end the night. Can't wait for tonights show. See ya'll tomorrow. Peace Collin
Brian A.
Wow - this was definately an incredible show. Highlights would have to be the JTR opener (even though it stopped raining by the time DMB got on stage), a great Granny, Crush, Big Eyed Fish (which I guess is called Big Eyed Fish again) -> Bartender (jammed out great), Seek Up (also jammed out great), Watchtower (which wasn't the set closer, which I expected), Two Step, and the PNP -> Rapunzel closer. Actually, I never thought I'd say this, but the "jam" after Angel was incredible...the lovely ladies sang (what seemed to be) an improvised song, and then sang for each member of the band and Butch to take a solo (calling each one their "angel" on their respective instrument). All in all, high energy, and an incredible choice of songs. It's going to be hard to top this for the second show.
Scott S.
I give the show a solid B. It was a very mellow setlist. Dave and the guys looked pump to be back on the stage. Even though the show was somewhat mellow the band ended up REAL strong! Attire: Dave was wearing a Black T-Shirt with grey pants, Carter was wearing black adidas button downs and a white longsleeve shirt, Boyd-well we all know how he dresses, Leroi was wearing a tie dyed shirt and nice pants, and then Stephan was wearing a white hat backwards with a longsleeve redish shirt and his cargo pants. The video projection was nothing short of amazing! However i was dissapited in the lightshow. Setlist: JTR was a nice opener, it was a little slower than normal and as usual there were different lyrics to most of the verses. OSW opened with the instrumental intro and i sunded great. WTWE was nice dave played it with his acoustic guitar and this too was slower than on the album. Granny was awesome there was a lot of good energy coming from the band and the lovely ladies. As soon as Dave said " Give it up for Staphan Lessard," i knew it was Crush as usual crush was nothing short of amazing, i dont think there is a song that the crowd sings louder than this. Now here was one of the best 2 song sets i have ever heard BIG EYED FISH --> BARTENDER it was FU@king awesome! I dont even know how to describe how awesome it was. As soon as Boyd kept going with the violin chords alone we knew it had to be bartender. So Right was not to shabby however IF I Had It All was a little shaddy..i wasnt to thrilled about that. It was intrestin when he played I did it because the crowd seemed to really dig the song... It was cool!! Seek UP was awesome I was very pleased with it and it sounded great. Fol to thnk i thought sucked bu ill give it some time. ANGEL was Awesome with the Ladies, it might hve been the highlight of the night it was awesome one of the ladies flowed about Dave it was awesome. Watchtower ws awesome with Staphan and Dave doing the intro together and Two Step had some mad energy. The encore was pretty good Space Between was awesome i thought and PNP to Repunzel was nothing short of awesome Dave was two stepping from stage left to stage right he was so into the song...All in all pretty good show..looking forward to tonight...Peace
Justin B.
One word: Unbelievable. This was only my second show (and probably only show of the summer unless Dave adds some more midwest dates) and it was incredible. The show started out jamming with JTR followed by One Sweet World which I think they switched them at the last minute because it was raining just before they went on stage. But anyways, Dave was excited all night, he was smiling and laughing, especially when he missed his cue on Fish Monkey Man and forgot a verse on Bartender and decided to repeat the chorus again. It was kinda slow in the middle of the set with the Everyday songs being played, although So Right was great, they jammed out the end which was nice. But the best song of all was Watchtower, amazing, he was going nuts on stage dancing away with the crowd, then when we all thought he was going to walk off the stage, Boyd started to pluck his violin to the tune of Two Step, a great version, they slowed it down and gave Butch a solo then picked it back up and jammed out the end. All in all a great show, I am hoping Dave will add Alpine so I can see him one more time, but if not, just hearing Watchtower last night was enough for me. Peace.
First off, I was glad to not see Macy Gray, Buddy Guy was awesome. JTR-it was really neat, with the gospel singers. OSW- they played a really neat intro w/ LeRoi on the sax, and the song was awesome. WTWE-this was okay, they cut-off too early though, must have been an error by the tech. crew. GRANNY-i re ally like this song, it was my first time hearing it in the 4 shows i've been to now. CRUSH-i went nuts during this, this is one of my favorite songs and i was hoping that they would play it and they did. I couldn't really hear Stefan's intro though. BEF-> BARTENDER this was awesome, dave again brought out the "monkey should stay in your f***ing tree" again, and i could actually hear leroi's pennywhistle solo which was cool. @detroit i couldn't hear it at all. SR-first time hearing this(my 2nd show this tour) and it was cool. IIHIA-butch was cool here. IDI-they've "did it" enough. SU-i was suprised to hear this, it was a real treat, they sure played their hearts out. FTT-another everyday song, still pretty good. ANGEL-they played it thru normally, and just when everyone thought the song was done, each of the "lovely ladies" came in with their own solo and they sounded great. AATW-this was great, not only did we get a boyd solo and a leroi solo, Butch even gave us something too. TS-i thought watchtower would close out the set, but then the band broke into Two Step and it was AMAZING. the crowd was really getting into all the songs, but this one especially. TSB-first time hearing this one, it was good, but it can definitely use some work. PNP->RAPUNZEL- out my 4 shows i've been to, this was my first time hearing this and it was cool. everyone around me was hoping for ants(as was I) but this was great. it rocked! highlights-seeing 7 songs i haven't already seen before, boyd's biker outfit, and the diversity of the jams, it wasn't all boyd or all leroi, they mixed it well. lowlights-the a** right next to me who decided to take a pee right there at his seat and got pee all over the guy infront of him but didn't get kicked out. it was gross. also no ants, tripping billies, satellite, crash, or any of those types but it was still an excellent show none the less.
Madeleine C.
What an awesome show!! The band played a lot of songs from the new album, which I loved. I'd have to say my favorites were the good old ones though~ Bartender, Granny, and I think they played the best version of Two Step I've ever heard. The Lovely Ladies added a nice touch also. During "Angel", they were going around calling all the band members angels. "My angel on the saaaaxxoophone" It was very cute. Excellent acoustics at Soldier Field too.
Tammy A.
First off, thanks to Buddy Guy for opening with a great set and sparing us Macy Gray - he was awesome and always a crowd fave, especially in Chicago. So, on to the show. I've been to about 15 or so now and this will probably be in my list of top three. And not for the normal reasons. It was a very unusual set list, especially for a stadium show. I had to relook, but not one song off of UTTAD, and only Two Step off of Crash, now that's a real fan's kind of night -sorry radioheads. I knew it was going to be solid when they chose to open with JTR instead of one of the Everyday songs. We were treated to a host of rare treats for this tour including OSW, Granny, a loooooooong massive jammed out Crush. God, I love Bartender and a personal highlight for me was to hear Seek Up live - first time in all those concerts. THanks for a great show in Chi-town guys - you continue to amaze and delight me. My only downer -the two lame drunk guys behind me who likely ruined the tapes cause they were yelling all through all of the songs and pissing off everyone in general.
Andrew C.
Comparing this years show to last years show, (And maybe that is my first mistake) I have to say i am very disappointed in Dave. He started out great which is very typical of him. He hardly ever lets his fans down. It was good to hear "Seek up" and "Granny" but i was really looking forward to hearing some of the older "jamming" classics where they go all out on stage and just jam and the crowd goes crazy as it gets more intense as the instuments just play on like never before. I would have to say that "Watchtower" was the highight of the evening although, once again, the instumental part of it was rather short. Overall, i would have to say the show was alright but i did walk away disappointed. It was much shorter than last year and it more more based on the newer songs than the older classsics. I just hope that Saturdays show is much better, although i will not be there i hope the people that go, walk away happy with what they heard.
Jay P.
The show at Soldier Field I would consider above average. I haven't heard the instrumental intro to OSW before this show, and all I can say is it was beautiful. I really enjoyed Granny, and a lot of people seemed to get into it, as the same for Two Step. Bartender, just like on the CD, is amazing live. Seek Up was refreshing to hear, despite that over half of the audience had no idea what was playing at the time. Angel at first seemed lacking, but once the song was over, (I sense hate mail coming for this) the ladies did a wonderful job at jamming it out on the end. Overall, I would give the show a solid B.
Kevin R.
This was my third Dave show, and surprisingly it was the best I have ever been to. The night started off well with JTR which the lovely ladies did very nice with, in fact, they were great all night. One Sweet World was outstanding, the instrumental intro was absolutely beautiful and the song was great. Dave played a lot of Everyday tonight, but they all turned out to be great live songs. When the World Ends was a very fun, funky song and Stefan was rockin it. Granny is always a great song to hear that I'll never get tired of. But then they just sent the football sailing through the proverbial uprights by whipping out Crush, it was my first time hearing it and it was absolutely unbelievable. Big Eyed Fish into Bartender was fantastic, probably the best version of Bartender I've heard. Leroi started off on a tin whistle or something along that lines, very very cool. Well, I won't go on for all the songs, but as for all the "Everyday"s, the lovely ladies and Butch were the saviors of those songs, demonstrated especially through Angel, once the portion of the song we all know was done, the ladies went on there own little "Lookin for an Angel" solo and introduced each band member for a solo, one of the highlights of the night. The Ladies made songs such as I Did It and Fool To Think surprisingly great live songs. I was screaming my lungs out all night, but when Seek Up came, that was the straw that broke the camels back, unbelievable doesn't begin to describe it. Watchtower was FULL of energy tonight, as was the whole set, probably the benefit of the nice break between tonight and the last show. Two Step was a great closer as always, Carter's solo was awesome. And for the encore Space Between was a big crowd fave, but Pantala Naga Pampa/Rapunzel was HUGE! Not one part of the stage wasn't graced by Dave's footsteps while he danced during the Rapunzel ending solos. The whole band was on tonight, including Butch and the Ladies, Boyd and Leroi really stood out. All in all, probably the best show I've been to.
I have been to 10 dave shows before and this one was right in the middle, it was an okay show not too bad not too good, i personally don't like the new everyday album that much but the songs do sound way better live. Two step and big eyed fish were really good i thought, i've seen better shows, and ive seen worse, but i had a great time as always and each time i see dave he gets fatter and fatter, he is the man.
Peter J.
Ok... I have been to only one other Dave concert in December and I still think the song choices from then were better. Anywayz, I was kind of dissapointed in the number of songs they played from the EVERYDAY cd (SEVEN!!). They were played well though. Granny was when I started to get into the concert. AND then CRUSH!!! Excellent song to play live. As soon as I heard the violin strumming, I knew it was Bartender, one of my favorite songs. However, he didn't get the high notes like he usually does in it. Angel was great, especially with the lovely ladies and their introduction of the band. It was great. Watchtower sounded good and the light were awesome. Although it was played in a normal way. Everyone went crazy after "The wind began to... HOOOOOOOOWWWWWWLLLLLLLL!!!" It was sweeet. I thought that was the end of the setlist, but then he did Two Step!! It was played in a standard way, but in then end, Dave started to dance like crazy....it was poetry in motion! The encore was excellent Space Between was good and sos was PNP and Rapunzel. However he didn't hit the hight parts in that song either. Overall, this concert was ok. Out of ten (ten being the best), it was a 6. I would have loved to hear Tripping Billies and/or Ants Marching, cuz they're my fave. But what can you expect for the starting of the second half of his tour? Can't wait for Dave to come back to Chicago.
John K.
all in all a good show...good tailgatin and hangen out b4 the show...buddy guy was simply amazing, he is so talented and a damn fin performer...onto the show...JTR-everyone knew it was comin and it actually was a real good opener ONE SWEET WORLD-good intro sounded real good WHEN THE WORLD ENDS-this song is soo much better live then on everyday, the ending just like on the album when it just stops was excellant GRANNY-this was a real pleasant surprise and sounded good CRUSH-1st real highlight of the night, this sounded so good and i havent heard this song since summer 99 BIG EYED FISH-->BARTENDER this was simply the best part of the whole night i dug rois pennywhistles the most SO RIGHT-this sounded good just like WTWE IF I HAD IT ALL-standard not bad I DID IT-flat out awful, how can they play it? SEEK UP- yessss. this was awesome. too many peeps sat down and were like "what the hell is this?" but nonetheless it was a definate highlight FOOL TO THINK-this wasnt too bad im still nota big fan of this one though ANGEL-started off good but the "lovely ladies" made it into some big improve that sounded like it belonged it church..it was way way too long WATCHTOWER-i was pissed cause i thought that that was it, a very good version though TWO STEP-this was awesome nother highlight one of the best versions ive heard encore;SPACE BETWEEN-not as bad as i thought, good version PNP->RAPUNZEL-a perfect way to close the show i dont think anybody there wasnt dancinall in all bout a 9 outa 10 good show
Jacob B.
My second Dave concert of the summer wasn't as good as the one in Detroit, but was still a soid show. It got off to a great start with a couple of my favorites, One sweet World and Crush. Then, the show kinda slowed down when it got into the Everyday stuff. But the conclusion of All Along the watchtower and Two step was awesome. The encore was also solid. The Space Between was very well done. However, Pantala Naga Pampa and Rapunzel was the bread and butter of the show, in my opinion. What an awesome song live. It was a very good performance, but couldn't match up to Detroit.
Chris W.
This show was easily the worst of the several I have been to. We arrived about an hour before the band came out, and I was excited that I might get to dance and sing and enjoy myself for a really good show. Sadly, this wasn't the case. This band is obviously still trying to sell their new CD, since a full 7 songs in the setlist were right off Everyday. JTR and OSW were alright to start with, but pretty slow and not as energetic as I'd have liked. Those two were followed by 5 more slooooow songs, ending with Bartender which I didn't mind, although I would have preferred something upbeat by that time. Then came the first of the 5 upbeat songs that they played for the entire show. And, of course, it had to be So Right. Then MORE slow songs, followed by I Did It. Long story short, when they started I Did It, I was about ready to leave the show. My heart was beating at a snail's pace, and I had been actually sitting in my seat for the last 10 minutes. Then, FINALLY, something I got somewhat excited about. The band played Seek Up, which I haven't heard live other than on RedRocks. It was fantastic, especially with the additional 12 minutes of jamming they added to the end. This was followed by an approx. 15 minute watchtower, and then a 20 minute angel, and then a 15 minute 2 step. Then, just as things started to get good, they ended the set. The encore wasn't exciting either, as it was so short and there really was no jamming other than just playing the songs as we're used to. Even Rapunzel, my favorite of all the band's songs, wasn't enough to make up for the poor quality of this show for me. A song which is usually played as energetically as that one was just sang and done. An overall lackluster performance by the Dave Matthews Band, and the first concert I've ever attended where I did not lose my voice. I hope the next night's show was much better, for the sake of other Chicagoans. And if, in order to hear another good show like I have in past years, I have to go out and single-handedly buy every copy of Everday in every Chicago music store, it just might be worth it at this point.
Laura O.
What a great show! This was my first time to see them this summer since they skipped Deer Creek, so I was really psyched for the show. First of all, I have to say that Buddy Guy is amazing. I was so glad that we got to see him instead of Macy Gray. The only thing that disappointed me was that I thought he would come out and sit in at least one song with the band, but he didn't. Oh, well. On to the show. The opener, JTR, was pretty mellow, but it seemed to get the crowd going. OSW was the one song that I was dying to hear, but only with the instrumental intro, and I got to hear it! The only thing was that I called it as the opener and they played it second. WTWE is probably one of the songs I like best on Everyday. The guitar just sounds so dirty that you have to love it. Granny was great to hear among all the Everyday stuff, and the Lovely Ladies didn't even annoy me. The "love, baby" thing always gets everyone going. Crush was good, and Fish Monkey Man was really cool to hear live for the first time. If I am not mistaken, Dave sang the last verse first, which I thought was funny. The crowd went nuts when he said "stay up in your fucking tree" on the second verse. The boys went straight into Bartender from Fish Monkey Man, and I knew they were going to because Boyd was dragging that note out on his violin. Bartender is a beautiful song, and Dave's wailing at the end is so awesome. The only thing is I have seen that for the last 7 shows in a row that I have been to. It's still a great song, though. So Right and If I Had It All were good to hear live for the first time, and I think both of them have the potential to be really great live songs, maybe after this tour. I was a little worried that I Did It wouldn't sound so great live, but I was proven wrong, and it wasn't too bad. It was still weird to see and hear Dave play electric guitar, though. Seek Up was something I hadn't heard forever, so I was really surprised and excited to hear it. Fool to Think was really good, and Angel rose far above my expectations. Now, the song admittedly has a really dumb line in it, "why do I beg like a child for your candy?" but the Lovely Ladies totally kicked ass on the jam at the end. They were so amazing, and I think they gave the song soul and made it less of a simple sweet song about love. Everyone got up to go to the bathroom and stuff, and they totally missed out. The Lovely Ladies took it to a new level and I thought it was definitely a highlight of the show. Actually, all of the highlights, at least for me, seemed to come at the end of the show. After Angel, Watchtower was so powerful and crazy that I was sure that was the closer before the encore. I mean, Dave was just flying all over the stage. Then, instead of walking off when the song was over, they stayed and played Two Step! I will always love hearing Two Step at the end of the show. It's always good to leave with the thought that you better live your life today, because tomorrow it could be over. Then end of the song always really gets me, because everyone thinks it's over when it starts to get quiet. Then, after a few minutes, they start playing it louder than before and just tear it up until it's over. When they came back for the encore, I kind of expected something slow to start, and I was right. TSB was what they played, and the Lovely Ladies were back. The song itself was great, but the cool thing was that there was a full moon shining over the back of the stadium, and because of the way the clouds were floating across it, it kind of looked like the moon in the video. That might sound goofy, but it's true. And then for the last song(s): PNP and Rapunzel. They were extra funky tonight and they provided the highlight of the night for me. At the end of Rapunzel, Dave just started dancing all around the place, and worked his way from the center of the stage all the way over to in front of the screens on the right side. It was so awesome, and the crowd was just going crazy!! When the show was over, I left with a really good feeling. I can't wait for the rest of the shows this summer!
Scott L.
Hey. Only one word to explain this show. Energy. Dave had more energy than i have ever seen. I am from Michigan and Dave never has energy there. Just plays. But here in Chicago he was on Fire. The opener... Rain, Clouds... im thinking Two Step, then i thought JTR but i was unsure and sure enough he brings out the 12-String and plays JTR. The intro to OSW was dope as well as the song. Into a very unpredictable Granny. (amazing). Next was the biggest suprise of the night. Crush. WOW i mean that song is becomming a Rarity. FishMonkeyMan into Bartender. Always room for that. Specially the Jam in Bartender. Now one of my highlights of the night. Never thought id hear So Right. I mean i waited in the Detriot Show both nights but didnt get it. Everyday is an alright album but So Right is amazing. If i had it all good ... I did it the only poor song in my mind. Fool To Think... DOPE...... Now ANGEL... I mean i wasnt waiting for it but as it went on i was in love with it. The jam at the end with Tawatha Cindy and Brenda was sweet. (Im not a fan of the Lovely Ladies but they were great in that song) you had to be there to understand. Watchtower ... W O W ... almost thought the concert would end but then he plays TWO STEP... ANOTHER W O W thought maybe we were done but he comes back out... gets the electic and plays Space Between ...great choice. The last two PTP into Rapunzel was alright but i was waiting for ANTS... i dont know why but i thought he had the energy to do so. AMAZING CONCERT... #1 of my 4 ive been to.
Alex B.
This was by far the best show i've seen. JTR was a great way to open the show. Highlights for me were "Seek Up" ( at least i know it was for the girl behind me with the Seek Up tang top), Watchtower was amazing, "Two Step" had a new intro that i never heard before, it was great. Finally, "Rapunzel". i was thinking that they were going to close with ants, but this blew my mind. Oh yeah Dave was a dancing machine!!
April L.
Friday's show had some really great parts and some really crappy parts. Maybe I'm just extremely hard of hearing but for some reason I couldn't hear Dave or the other instruments many times during the show. The projection screens were really cool and very convienent, made the show much more enjoyable. I'm not crazy about the new CD but seeing it performed live made it sound a lot better (as other reveiwers have said.) I though playing the Space Between for the encore was incredibly weak and thank goodness he redeemed himself with Rapunzel. Bartender was AWESOME live. I wish there would have been more soloing and creativity with the format of some of the songs that I have enjoyed at previous concerts. But, since I got to witness the incredible muscical talent of Dave Matthews Band for 2 1/2 hours, I was happy with the evening.
Pat M.
WOW, tonights show was at the top of my list along with 8/20/00. JTR, i missed, i could kill myself for missing but i did, i dont know about that being an opener tho, one sweet world with the instrumental is unbelievable, i will just believe that that was his opener, i excepted WWTE, and it was good. Granny always good. then crush, and major surprise for me, havent heard since 12/14/98, i loved it. then BEF-->Bartender, jeez this was unbelievable, one of the songs i needed to hear this weekend. the pennywhistle was sweet and bartender was jammed out hard. then so right, great song, i think it is replacing warehouse. i am not a fan of i did it so i tried to find my friends. FTT was standard. the ending of angel was good. Watchtower is was soooooooo sweet, butch was doing some crazy electric guitar sounds. and then two step. UNBELIEVABLE. i loved it how it died down and they fired it back up. i was actually dissappointed with the encore, but besides the there was alot of great songs. and one final thing, "sitting down is for the birds" and alpine valley staff are the best.
Eric P.
What a great feel-good dave show. The whole set just had this happy flowing vibe to it. I never thaught JTR would ever be a good opening song, but it definitly set the pace for the rest of the show. Hi-lights include all of the Lillywhite songs. Fish Monkey Man into Bartender was just absolutly amazing, probably my favorite part of both of the Soldier Field shows. Granny got Dave and the rest of us dancing, followed by a beautiful Crush. So Right was very upbeat, this song is much much better live with the jam they do at the end. Seek Up was very nice to hear, considering ive never heard it before live. Watchtower was amazing with a kick ass Butch keyboard synth solo that sounded like an electric guitar, followed by Two Step which can never be short of amazing. Space Between - PNP - Repunzel was a great closer that left the whole crowd feeling good. Some low points were alot of the Everyday songs. Im not here to bash Everyday, but they play a lot of the songs just the same way as on the album. Fool to Think was too slow, and the 10 min version of Angel was borring. I was about ready to shoot those Lovely Ladies, who had a solo in the end. i think my friend said it best when he said, "Im here to see Dave, not Destinys Child." All in all though, this was a realy kick ass Dave show, the band and the crowd were definitly into to it.
Dennis R.
Really amazing show. JTR was a suprising opener and was great. This is the first show that I have seen that they did not take a long time to go into the next number. DMB was really pumped up and Two Step was really intense. Seek Up was a nice suprise and it rocked. -Dennis
Justin B.
What a night. I was a rush. Dave announced Buddy Guy! Thank God it wasn't Macy Gray... I even saw some younger chick @ the T-shirt stand saying "whos' buddy guy? blah blah" I wanted to laugh! = ) JTR: was a nice opener I hadn't heard it yet (not my first show) OSW: YES!!! You'd think I'd have heard it before, again one I'd missed. I've heard it with Tim but great WHEN T WOLRD E okay, I like this song one of the Everyday songs I liked everyone is getting into it now. GRANNY: the guy next to me was like "whoh, great time to get back" he was buying beer. I love this song and everyone was sinning by now it was almost magical, plus the singing cut out or I just focused in on Dave wailing that "BABY BABY ahh LOVE!" Chilling! CRUSH: oooo! rare and wowed me again singing along and loving it! Body you rock! BIG E FISH--> BARTENDER: Great Lillywhite stuff Mr. Moore was amazing as well. SO RIGHT got everyone moving again and was very energetic! my favorite song from everyday and I wanted to roll the red carpet out with friends, thank you! IF I HIA: I lik ethis song okay on everyday, but it took some of our energy away. I DID IT: I don't like this song and was about to sit down in protest, but I couldn't do it it was too energetic nice and I had to crack a smile, thanks guys SEEK UP: I saw it on a previous set list and wanted to hear it! aw nice! Again Leroi was hot. FOOL TT: Nicely done, but it didn't almost fit with a DMB flow in the show. ANGEL: SHIT that song was sweet! LONG and the ladies were out and announcing soloists WATCHTOWER: uh hu! hehehe 2STEP: I thought Watchtower would be it, but twop step wow they had energy they'd played like 2hour 30 minutes by the time they stopped this song! (encore) Space between: They guy behind me was drunk and trying to sing it and didn't know the words thanks a lot dipshit! It was good though. PNP-->RAPUNZEL: Dave's feet were flying it was a great closer. I've heard it as a onpener and was like ohh PNP, sweet shit! All in all a party atmo stphere! Didn't let me down, but not a 10! I'll do again some other day! See ya "peAce
Matt C.
This was my third DMB show, and i have to say it was great. the traffic to the show was horrible (I wish i would have learned to use the 'L' train earlier). The news in Chicago said the Soldier Field lot was full by 2:30. Great choices of songs. Big eyed fish was great (wish that monkey would stay in his fuckin tree). They played Crush, one of my 2 favorite dave songs. JTR, Bartender, Space Between are my 3 favorites of of the 2 new albums (Lillywhite and Everyday), glad they played them all. Encore of PNP and rapunzel was awesome. Love you Molly
Matthew G.
I tend to catch the band either at the very beginning of the tour or as they come off an extended break. They tend to do one of two things: either they take a little time getting warmed up, or they come right of the blocks running. Tonight they tore the Chicago Lakefront apart. Starting out with JTR followed by OSW, I thought he was going to have a laid back night, but you could tell by the bands' dress that they had tricks up their sleeve. CRUSH, as always. rocked the house-not a still pair of feet in the house. FMM-->BARTENDER--Boyd held the intial note for BARTENDER forever while Leroi kicked out the best pennywhistle intro I've heard. SO RIGHT had a nice flavor to it and IDI came at just the right time so I could hit the bathroom and get some refreshements. SEEK UP put us back on course and then came ANGEL. Damn. The ladies, who can sometimes get on my nerves, took over and led us through a great jamming session each band member at a time. Crowd ate it up, myself included. WATCHTOWER had great jamming, did a good job tricking us on the set closer, which would actually be TWO STEP. Slam dunk on that tune too. Great set so far and then a well crafted encore. THE SPACE BETWEEN--Newest single, video in regular rotation, crowd liked it, everyone knew the lyrics, except Dave. He forgot more than a couple in there, but he hadn't played it for two weeks, so we forgive him. PNP-->RAPUNZEL--a superb closer, completely unexpected, made the perfect end to a truly special first night at Soldier Field. Leroi, in my humble opinion, was the star tonight. I do have to say this is not the band I saw two years ago. If there's anything that can be done on those instruments, DMB will find it. Butch included. See you all tomorrow night...
Ziggy K.
I have read a bunch of these reviews and have to submit my own to say that it was not a great show for me and my friends. This was my eigth show since becoming a DMB fan back in '97. Buddy Guy rocked the house, a ton better than Macy Gray would have been. This was a mellow show, too mellow. This is the first concert that I would have to say that me and my friends sat down during a song. Never thought that would happen. The best thing that I believed happen during this entire evening was when Dave played Seek Up. Seek Up had to last at least ten minutes+ long, wonderful track. The thing that really showed me a lot was that Seek Up lasted almost longer than the previous three songs that he had played off of Everyday. He really didn't look alive playing his new stuff. But boy when he played All Along the Watchtower, Two Step, etc. he was dancing all over that stage like a mad man. He did not look like he was really into his new songs at all. It was truly exciting and livined up by the end of the show. The crowd is totally different at the shows now then back in the day. I had yuppies all around me dancing around to all the songs from Everyday and sitting down during the older songs. That is quite dissapointing to me. I don't want to sound like one of those "oh my god I can't believe they got popular" people but I think things have taken a turn for the worse. The concert was good but will most likely be the last for me until Dave decides that the POP direction for the band isn't exactly what got them to where they are now. Later...
Matthew S.
My first show, so my opinion is prolly a lot more slanted than that of your longtime concert-goer. Opened with JTR, which was great, it would have been even cooler if it had actually started to pour, but there were only a few drops of rain coming down at the time. But it set a great atmosphere for the nite. The weather was really good actually, the sky turned like a purple and orange right behind the stage and it was just really peaceful as the played the instrumental intro on OSW. Things really picked up for me when Granny was pulled out. But the one highlight that I'm forever grateful for would have to be Crush. That was just so awesome, I can't even explain it. BEF>Bartender was sweet, Dave really got into BEF, and Roi on Bartender was stunning. Near the end of Bartender it was already dark, and simultaneously, lighters just started to come on, all across the stadium. It was just one of those moments where everyone seemed to be on the same page, everyone was in tune to what was happening. The ED stuff was pretty good actually, I thought they did a nice job with Angel and So Right, but I still wish they hadn't done I Did It. Seek up was a great surprise and they grooved the shit out of it. The last 45 min or so was just craziness. Watchtower I think was going to be the closer for the main set, but Dave just got everyone to stay and pull out Two Step, the most amazing version I've heard. It was easily 20 minutes long. They slowed down to an almost dead halt, then just picked right back up, and didn't lose anyone in my opinion. The encore was a real surprise. Not TSB so much, but pulling out PNP>Rapunzel was something that I never expected. That was the first time Crush and PNP>Rapunzel had been played in the same show since 8/31/00. Dave was dancing his ass off all over the stage during Rapunzel and everyone was going nuts. It really was a great way to end the show. If I can find another show to come close to that, good lord, that'd just be pure bliss.
Rivers C.
JTR was an awesome opener, much better than on lillywhite sessions. OSW was great to hear live with swim naked outro, then a solid wtwe. Granny was nice to hear again, but crush was a suprise and a great one at that, i missed tim though. Fish monkey man into bartender was definitely a highlight for me, both great songs and great solos by boyd. so right was aweseome with a cool jam at the end, roi tore it up. a bit too much everydat at this show but when dave started to play seek up i about shit myself, i've never heard this song played to dramatically and slow by dave, i could hear him really getting into it lyricly and a great jam. fool to think and angel i must sucked giant balls, but watchtower completely kicked my ass!!!! sweet intro and solo by boyd and then, he turns to butch who play this kick ass guitar synth solo that sounded like tim reynolds thru a keyboard, totally got me hard. then when i thought the set was over, they play two step, i was ecstatic. coolest encore since christmas song and halloween at the assembly hall in 98. space between and a kick ass pnp--> rapunzel, great ending and an overall sweet show by the boys, and (unfortunately) the ladies.
Scott R.
Derek, I think I am the only one who agrees with you. This was my 12th show, and while the band rocked out as hard if not harder than they had in the past, I can't get past the setlist. Too many repeats... if I am going to pay this much, I want two completely different shows. These guys are fantastic musicians, which is why it is hard for them to put on a bad show, but I was definitely disappointed. Right before LIOG, I turned to my friend and said that only a great LIOG could save this show, and for the time being DMB has salvaged his status as my favorite band. If they do not cut down on the new songs next tour, and continue to cut excellent jamming songs short (what the hell was up with Recently??), this show may have been my last.
Chris A.
The night started out kind of wet, but it led for a cool evening to be at Soldier Field. JTR was a good opener with the rain and all. OSW had a cool musical opener that I did not remember last year. I started to get nervous when he did WTWE followed by GRANNY, because I thought that it would be the Knoxville show again, but it was great to see the audience get into Granny. Crush was amazing. It totally captures Chicago night life. I thought the band had a great chance to go into Say Goodbye with the flute and drums at the end of the song, but they went a different route. Seek up was great to hear live. All in all I was glad to hear a mellow set list with a lot of Lillywhite and older stuff. This was certainly the strongest set list that i have seen yet,and I think this would have been a great live album.
Meg H.
I have been to 19 DMB shows in the past four years and July 6 2001 in Chicago, was defintely NOT a bad one, in fact I loved the energy that they had after the long break! However, for some reason the crowd seemed a little disappointed. Or maybe the better word to describe it would be LOST. Dave opened with a great rare one from the Lillywhite Sessions -- JTR. He chanted RAAAAAAAAAIN RAAAAAAAAIN in a howling voice almost as he was calling to the blackened sky to rain down on the crowd as it did on May 12, 2001 at the show in Houston (which of course was my absolute favorite) and I was hoping maybe we were nearing towards a repeat of that amazing night. And as the wind whirled around and a storm was brewing in the air, the sky unexpectedly began to clear up as the band played a long insturmental going into one of Dave's popular Summer 2001 opener -- One Sweet World. The show continued on and the crowd was pumped but sorta started to die when Dave played FishMonkeyMan... obviously once again this crowd at soldiers field did not know this song. My seats were on the lawn and I noticed many people sitting down and even staring at me while I was dancing around and singing this great tune! But of course the drunk frat boys started to scream again when Dave belted out "Beacuse fishes never stay in the F***ING sea!" and the crowd picked up again. (give it to the meatheads to only hear the curse words) The crowd also picked up again at So Right. And I picked up too! At that point I slowly danced my way up from the 50th row to like th 10th row -- and I was defintely trance dancing that night :)WOOOOOOOOOOOO! At that point I was thinking that Dave and crew figured out the kinda crowd they were playing to and would stick to the short crowd pleasers, but of course DMB never disappoints and they continued on with the solos and LOOOOOONG insturmentals on Seek Up. I wish that most of the 14 year old tight black pants crowd would have decided to go to the clubs that night instead of the show. Oh yeah and also..... I had to yell at a few drunken 16 year old boys next to me while they screamed "PLAY SATELLITE PLAY SATELLITE, if he doesnt f***ing play satellite I want my money back" -- I for one... was not in the mood to hear this song. Well you kinda get the jist of what I am trying to say. This crowd just wasnt prepared for Dave's new sound and rare unreleased songs. They wanted to hear Crash, Satellite, Stay, and Ants Marching -- all good songs to say the least.... but defintely not as GREAT as the ones the band chose for thier set list. Great show -- I give Dave props for the guts to go out there and open with a rare one JTR..... I think it was the first time this summer hes done that :) pretty cool eh? Also I think Dave gets an award for the best Dance moves :) He was JAMMMIN on Rapunzel ... I havent seen him act that crazy in a WHILE! It musta been the 2 week break that gave him all that energy..... and he also did look pretty messed up....way to go Dave! Anyways GREAT show dont let anyone tell you otherwise. I hope he will be back next year in either alpine or tinley park... thats where the REAL action takes place!
Phil M.
This was one of the more amazing shows I have been to of the bands. They started off the evening with an awesome version of JTR....in lieu of the little bit of rain that fell before the show started. The instrumental to OSW had some people surprised as to what it was, till the first chords came in and got the crowd fired up. WTWE sounded great live. Granny was one of my favs, got the crowd going again. Crush came on and surprised the hell of out me. The lighters went up and one of the most heart-endearing versions of the song I have ever heard. Big Eyed Fish kind of quieted the crowd down, but they recognized the second Lilywhite song to come after that....Bartender. AWESOME VERSION!!!! So Right kept the crowd going and everyone was chiming in to the chorus. If I Had It All was a sweet and soft song that sounded great live. I Did It was good, nothing you wouldn't expect differently. Seek Up was a very welcome surprise and one of the hightlights of the night with the 15 min.+ jam. Fool To Think sounded good live, much like the album. Angel sounded great and showed off the vocal talents of the "lovely ladies". AATWT...thought it was going to end the first set, but the crowd was so riled up that they just had to do Two Step to keep the energy up. The 20 minute jam had the people on their feet the entire time. The Space Between opened the encore and once again ignited all the lighters.....sounded great live! Then PNP and Rapunzel to close off the evening. The jam at the end was excellent with Butch and Boyd really getting into it. Defitetely one for the books! If you get a hold of the show e-mail me at my addy. Thanks!
Wow! This was my third show and I thought it was a good set. JTR was a great opener since we had a few rain drops falling during Buddy Guy's performance. Then into One Sweet World since the rain stopped was a cool move. I think WTWE is a great song, one of my faves off of Everyday and I thought it was good in concert. Granny!!! I LOVE this song and was so pleased to hear it. Same goes for Crush, great live version. One Eyed Fish was great to hear, it is a favorite off the Lillywhite Sessions, and was full of emotion. I love the "Monkey should know stay up in your fucking tree" Bartender just put me in awe. Dave has soooo much emotion and the shots the camera got were sweet. So Right is a good concert song, and I was glad to hear this one. If I Had It All, it is an okay song, but it doesn't really do much for me. Same goes for I Did It, but I have to admit, Dave was really smiling during this one and I found myself kinda getting into it, even though I think it is one of the worst songs off of Everyday. Seek Up, this was the first time I had seen this live, and I thought it was a good long jammed out version. Fool To Think...eh...i could take it or leave it. I think it was just kinda there. Angel, the outro was VERY cool. Props to the Lovely Ladies. Watchtower, I was thinking this was the end of the set, because I thought they pumped a lot of energy into this one, but the show wasn't over yet! Two Step! I really wanted to see this in concert and I knew I would get my wish during one of the Chicago shows. Great long version. The Space Between...I like this one, gonna be the next Crash if it isn't already. PNP--->Rapunzel. I wasn't looking for this one to close the show. I always thought it opened the show, but it was a nice ending. Dave screwed up on the lyrics a bit, but made up for it by doing a great stretch of funky Dave dancing. All in all, great show, better songs compared to the second show, and lots of energy. Dave and the boys were glad to be back in Chi-town and were well-res ted after their short break.
Christal A.
I have to say that is wasn't the best dave show but it was still good. It was too short and I was surprised when I heared he played alot more on july 7 because it was so icky outside and the 6th was perfect. I went to alpine valley last year and that show was life changing and this show wasn't as close at that one but good still. It had great energy and was nice to see people young and old and all races to the show. It is nice to see how music can bring people together
Dan B.
This was probably the last DMB show I will see. Buddy Guy was incredible, but nobody paid attention. Apparently none of them knew he is a Chicago blues legend, and if they had, I doubt they would have cared. My experience was horrible. I paid $50 for my ticket to be surrounded by a bunch of frat guys/sorority girls. I couldn't hear Dave actually sing, because he was drowned out by the interpretations of the lyrics of everyone around me. Also, everyone decided to stand on their seats, so nobody on the ground could see. As my friend Kevin agreed, this was one of the worst Dave shows (at least from our vantage point). I did appreciate the DMB's vengeance on the crowd, and partial redemption of the roots of the band, in playing Seek Up. It was funny that the only people in my section standing and not talking through the selection were my friend and I. We found it ironic that the lyrics of the song went directly against everyone else in our section, driving there in their wasteful SUV's with tickets purchased on mommy and daddy's credit card. Call me bitter, but like phish, I am going on hiatus on touring (with the DMB). I cannot afford it, and I refuse to be around large groups of people who are assholes.