Dave Matthews Band
National Car Rental Center, Sunrise, Florida
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band: Junior Brown

#40 (tease)
JTR *+
Captain (tease)
When The World Ends *
So Right *
The Stone *
Fish Monkey Man -->
Bartender *
Too Much *
What You Are *
If I Had It All *+
The Space Between *+
Two Step *
Fool To Think *+
Everyday (#36) *+
Tripping Billies *
Sleep To Dream Her * -->
Grace Is Gone *
True Reflections *+
Stay *+
Aint It Funny How Time Slips Away
I Did It *+
Ants Marching *
* Butch Taylor on keys
+ Tawatha, Cindy & Brenda on vocals

Evan A.
It's 12:15am and I'm soking wet because of a storm that was even strong enough to bust the power at NCRC tonight. The band played an amazingly strong show tonight. A short #40 tease opened the show which ran right into JTR. The entire show was filled with brilliant jamming and lively songs. I'll spare the song by song and goto the hi-lites. Captain was a nice but very abrupt treat. Big Eyed Fish was played better than I've ever heard it done. Two Step was amazing - the longest jam and most energetic song ever. Fool to Think sounded surprisingly good - slow tho. Everyday was amazing. Billies was quite energetic as well. True Reflections was pulled off excellently/ Stay was funny in the beginning - Dave broke a string in the very beginning and they didn get a new guitar out for him till the chorus. The Willie Nelson cover went over very nicely - I did it was cool but Ants was the most interesting song of the evening. Right before Dave would come in the power went out, but Carter kept on playing and they finished the song, in the break before the 1st verse dave said "we seem to be experiencing technical difficulties. Sorry for the inconviniece" in a funny voice. It was great - the show ended and we ran outside to a lightening storm - thanks to Juan for lettin us into his car for a minute - all in all - The bes show I've ever been to.
Eric D.
Missed the opening act, but was great if you like counry music. This was my 6th Dave show, first time seeing them indoors & from the 5th row - THANKS WAREHOUSE!! They played amazingly from the first notes of JTR to the last notes of Ants Marching - which included the power shutting down for a few seconds due to the huge storm outside. The funny thing was that people were even singing along just as loud to the unreleased Lillywhite songs. They concentrated a large part of the show to their newer 'Everyday' album. Though not a huge fan of it, these songs came alive in concert. Especially "What You Are" and "Everyday" -which mixed in the melodies of #36 almost too perfectly. Was a great show from start to finish. A few lulls in the set included a slower version of "Bartender" & "Sleep to Dream Her." But "Grace Is Gone" made my evening complete. I did wish they would've play "Grey Street", but no such luck. But an explosive & unexpected "Tripping Billies", "True Reflections" with the Lovely Ladies, and "Stay" made the crowd melt with applause. Topping it off with "Ants Marching" always a crowd favorite..A fantastic show.
Andrew G.
Well,the boys were on fire tonight.It was only my fourth show, but by far the best I have been to so far.They just had so much energy, even Too Much was good, a song that is not a personal favorite of mine.My only complaint was a little too much off the new album,i could have done without Fool to Think and Sleep to Dream Her, but besides that the show was unreal.Big Eyed Fish was definitely as good as advertised.Also, a very emotional Bartender was a highlight.The two best songs of the night were defintely Two Step and Tripping Billies, as the boys were just jamming tonight, Boyd stole the show with a seventeen minute Two Step, and then a very lively True Reflections.However, the encore was just amazing.First dave played the willie nelson cover, which was very chill, but nobody really knew it. Then he pulled out the electric and i was about to cry because i didnt want him to ruin an awesome show by closing with I Did It. However, to the surprise of everyone, Carter took it right into an amazing version of Ants Marching, what a way to close the night. All in all a wonderfully energetic show, which lasted twenty one songs and almost three hours, of which Dave danced about half of it. Cant wait til tomorrow night in Palm Beach
Ronnie F.
I should begin by telling everyone that I am amazed by the new techniques The Band has begun to practice since my last concert (Virginia Beach app. August 31, 2000). I am, on the one hand, happy to see that Dave has attempted to mix and match the old with the new, but I should also say that it isn't working too well. Last night, Dave made a statement by opening with JTR and then doing, for the next 10 or so songs, 1 EVERYDAY track and 1 LILLYWHITE track...very interesting. It was a rough crowd, and so when he played EVERYDAY songs, only the recent Dave lovers stayed and sang the choruses to the new songs, and the old, "faithful" Dave fans left to roam the huge arena. Speaking of the arena, it was perfect for a Dave gig because I was sitting lower level, but was only a couple of hundred feet away from him. There were two huge displays behind the band, which I've noticed are being better utilized by the Dave visual guys. For example, during "JTR", when Dave sings "Rain, Rain, Rain Down On ME" the displays would show a pre-recorded video of what seemed to be an African dancer with mask and all, spinning in rain. Regardless, I think Dave realizes the power contained in his old songs, and so the band would really put their effort into those. The band is barely utilized with some of the new stuff, and it seems that Carter has to rush to get in his still-amazing drum fill-ins, but that's just because of the more jamless nature of the new songs I presume. In other words, they did not jam on the new songs, with the exception of #36/Everyday (intertwined), which lasted many minutes. Now that I've stated the potentially bad aspects (depending from your perspective) of the show, onto the good. All together, the show was FREAKIN AMAZING, the BEST DAVE CONCERT I've been to in 5, including 3 in South Florida, 1 in Massachusetts, and 1 in Virginia Beach. The Captain Tease is an amazing idea and actually sounds pretty nice going into "When the World Ends". The same could be said for Fish Monkey Man going into Bartender. I am happy to see that Too Much still allows Steffan to slap the bass a little and express himself. The band has shifted a little fromt he LISTENER SUPPORTED format. Two Step was the best I've ever seen...lasting perhaps 20 minutes by itself...you know it will be good when, right after the amazing Butch piano solo, Carter gives Dave a little grin. You KNOW those drum solos are coming! So, the suspense was killing me until Carter hit those Drums and the band went crazy. So did the crowd, needless to say. Even the aforementioned recent Dave afficionados were amazed by how much a part of the songs instruments were before the EVERYDAY release. I mean, I had worries coming into this concert that Dave would have changed the format of all his songs to remove the jams, because of the 5.5 minute-a-track nature of the new album...but it was just the opposite. Tawatha, Cindy & Brenda really augment the energy in the place, and they have grown to be just as much a part of the band as the other members. Tripping Billies rocked the house...literally. Carter was hitting the drums so hard that whenever they showed him on the displays, the screens would shake. True Reflections was very very interesting and nice, because it has that Gospel ring to it, and it really has a nice organ/violin solo and it's nice to hear a song without Dave singing. Okay, now Stay was a funny performance, because the guys who set up the guitars for Dave to pickup (and now he has to use 3 different ones: 2 acoustics and the new electric) messed up and left the Dropped-D acoustic from Bartender or something! So You hear Dave play a downtuned guitar and steffan slapping the bass and all and carter going crazy, and then Dave turns around and says something to Carter, at which point the bald guitar-helper guy runs out with the right acoustic. After 4 of the clean Stay riffs, each member begins to improvise a little to delay it and make time. Dave picks it up and begins the song...hilarious and amazing all at once! You can't practice for shit like that!So that song went nice until I counted 41 repetitions of the lyric "Don't it, make you wanna stay" or "Make me wanna make me wanna stay" or some variation. Though 41 is a magical number (if you get that reference, you do, if you don't, sorry), isn't that a little excessive? The teenie bopper behind me kept yelping and saying stuff like "Dave, I want to have your baby." I turned around and told them to please be quiet because I couldn't hear a thing being sung...I GOT DIRTY LOOKS! Anywho, concert ends at that point, but the arena REALLY REALLY applauded like freakin crazy for 10 minutes until Dave, (much slimmer and also a little more balding since 11 months ago) comes back onto the stage and mumbles some crap about something and then says "But it's a real quiet song, so ya'll have to keep it down" or something and begins to sing "Aint it Funny How Time Slips Away", which was real nice and soft and made several people tear. Then, the entire band came back and they did "I did it" with very heavy electric guitar riffs. I must admit, I'm not a fan of this song at all, but it was very well done. Everything was in perfect rhythym and Dave's riffs were very very clean (in a distorted sense). I wish I could indent the next description....I DID IT went right into ANTS MARCHING. I have never heard a crows yell like that but everyone was wearing a smile. I should mention at this point that there was a horrible tropical storm outside, one of the worst I've ever seen. We kept seeing lightning when the arena doors opened. Anywho, When Ants marching was on the 5th beat or something, all the sound and visuals gave out and the house lights came on for a second and Dave looked back at Carter with a "WHAT THE FUCK JUSTH HAPPENED" look. Carter kept going and for the next minute or so, there was tangible proof that this band is amazing. Carter did some drum soloing WHILE he played his own background beat, which never ceases to amaze me. Steffan added some fill-ins in with his bass, and Boyd did a pretty variation of previous ANTS solos....wow. Dave kept playing and didn't sing until the sound came back on...but the crowd was going wild...amazed that the band could improvise in that way and to that degree. So the song began and man oh man it was a great ants...again the best I've ever seen/heard...the longest too. And when it finished, no one could complain, because everyone had been emotionally satisfied with the various songs Dave played and the amazing Encore. Good job, DMB. You've kept this fan. For the 7 or so minutes that ants marching was played, no one threatened to beat anyone up and no dirty looks were given..
Julian N.
It began with Rain and ended with Rain but more on that later. The band was in great spirits and most likely happy to be indoors after stadiums and Texas heat and bugs. The usually disattached and uninterested South Florida crowd was surprisingly right on it and one of the best crowds ever down here. JTR was a solid opener. The expected WTWE and the better SO RIGHT preceded a gorgeous and perfectly placed THE STONE, one of my favorite live songs as dave sings so beautifully on it. The also expected BIG EYED FISH and BARTENDER were standard and awesome although I am getting to the point where I would like Raven or Captain instead but i should not get greedy i guess. TOO MUCH had the crowd in a frenzy and is nice to hear once in a while without SMTS > ASTB before it, although I love it that wasy too. WHAT YOU ARE is good but perfect for a bathroom break and beer run. IIHIA same thing. I don't care what anyone says about commercialization or overplay on radio THE SPACE BETWEEN is an incredible song, great live and holds so much emotion for the crowd to soak into. I love TWO STEP in the mid set vicinity and it was really good. By this time I was in that euphoric state where anything can come next and it is cool and I stop thinking altogether. FOOL TO THINK was next and is without a doubt one of my favorite Everyday songs and it was my first time to see it. EVERYDAY was standard and good and the crowd really got off on the 36/Boyd wah-wah intro and singing along. I've seen it many times but have never seen a better TRIPPING BILLIES. Every show has it's own highlights and this was definitely one, nothing out of the ordinary just the spine chilling feel of a DMB show at it's pinnacle. I was not keeping count but it felt as if it could possibly be the ender and it would have been allright because at this point the crowd could not have been more spanked. STDH allowed a break for people who were so inclined to sit down and some stayed that way or GRACE IS GONE which was the other best song of the show. Life as a higher thinking mammal is at it's best when you can sing GRACE while the band is 4 rows away and the Warehouse section is singing along in a respectful unison. TRUE REFLECTIONS standard and awesome and STAY ends the set as the crowd pleaser it is. Although there are many songs I would prefer to see the effect it has on the audience while dave dances around is undeniable. Wllie Nelson cover and then a blistering IDI followed by a blistering ANTS MARCHING in which at the beginning of the song the sound system cranked off and was recovered in a 10 second frame. It must have been the lightning and back to the ending of rain becuase as we stepped out of the arena a typical July South Florida thunderstorm was cranking up and the lightning was severe and the tghe downpour was such that the parking lot was literally filling up to a point where some cars were getting close to stuck as they exited. We were saying that the legendary 6-11-01 TWO STEP closer must have been a similar storm and incredible to be a part of so we sat there for 15 minutes waiting for our friends to pick us up saying almost nothing and knowing how lucky we are to be alive. On to WPB tonight and Tampa on Monday. Life is good. Peace.
Chris B.
A very nice show overall, with much different song placement and some different songs even for me this year. the JTR was awesome to start, and it was pouring outside. Stone was also very good, and Bartender got the crowd very excited despite their seeming ignorance of the song. Too Much was nice to hear in standalone fashion and the midset Two Step simply cooked. A very heartfelt Grace Is Gone and the Ain't It Funny How Time Slips all made this a worthwhile drive. Then the rain! I have never seen a venue so unprepared for the mass of rain that dumped down, in certain parts of the lot we were in knee deep water. I was very glad that we left during I Did It as we may have been stuck for hours in those lots.
Nia H.
This was my first DMB concert and I must say its definately not gonna be the last!!! THEY ROCKEDDDDD!!!!!! I think the highlight of the nite was the encore when lightenin struck close to the stadium and knocked out the power in the middle of the intro to Ants Marching. When it came back on the energy was great and everyone was dancing. My personal favorite (I really can't even pick, the whole night I was in a dream!) but I'd say it probably was Stay. I was hoping they'd play it and I actually didn't think they would so it was a pleasant surprise to say the least! Well, I could go on forever but I think I'll stop now. I LOOOVVVEEE DMB!!! and I hope to see mannnny concerts to come! I swear its 100x better live! peace!
Tim L.
Alright, great show, 21 songs, high energy, dave dancing all over the stage, power surges, and all. Dave and the boys come out and he strums #40 for about a minute and a half and then right into JTR- AWESOME opener, outro jam was tight as hell, dave did the air drums while carter was doing his lead in to the outro Captain- Recognized it right away, Dave sang for about 30 seconds, Carter added some light drums and then right into: WTWE: Good spot for this song in the set, short and sweet, sounded great with butch So Right: Dave strapped on the electric and the ladies left so this one was easy to call. Sounded great, the jam at the end was real long, Dave's voice is incredible in the latter part of this song. Stone- Dave puts on the acoustic and I hear noodling and recognize it right away. This was one song I was praying to hear and it did not dissappoint. So powerful but such a great chorus and the outro gave me chills. Highlight for sure. BEF-Bartender- Dave grabs the 12 string and rocks it out for about 20 minutes of heaven. Great pennywhistle intro and outro. Dave's wails during Bartender were amazing. Too Much- Really didn't see this coming without SMTS or ASTB but it was Bad as Shit. Stefan and Butch owned this song. What You Are- Electric comes back, Dave moans at the start. Great song, nice jam at the end. If I had It all- Such a great build up in this song toward the end, kept the crowd going. Space Between- Ladies come back and the band plays a gorgeous Space Between, one of the best I've heard. Two Step- My and my bro see Boyd face Dave ready to pluck and call it. Another highlight, great jamming including Butch just taking over for about 5 minutes and then the band slowing it down only to speed it back up again. Carter tore shit up on this song. About 13 minutes of pure energy. Fool to Think- Saw the ladies and the red electric and called it. Sounded clean, fast, and sweet. Nice work by Roi toward the end. Everyday/#36- Boyd with a tight Wah-Wah intro and the Floor crowd around me definatley singing the Hani Hani part. Such a great song, lasted for a long time, Dave danced all over the place. When I think the energy can't get any higher. . . Tripping Billies- Dave busts out the nature intro and Carter and Boyd just go nuts on this song. Another highlight for sure. STDH- ughh, only good thing is that it leads into. . . Grace is gone- beautiful, jammed out, Dave's voice was incredible True Reflections- I thought this was gonna suck but it was great. Great Boyd solos and nice vocals from Dave and the ladies. Stay- This song was amazing. Right at the start after "We were walking" dave broke a string and stopped playing guitar but kept singing without missing a beat. A roadie came out and handed him a guitar, which Dave put on and began to play all while singing the first verse without missing a damn beat, this was really cool to see in person. Roi and the ladies took this song over at the end jam while dave did a 360 degree dance around the entire stage. Definately a highlight. Ain't it Funny- "This is a song by my good friend Willie Nelson", sounded awesome w/ the Otis Redding add i, the lighters were out in force. Also, right in the middle of this song a giant clap of thunder could be heard from outside the venue, definately an omen for the near future. I Did IT- Sounded tight as hell, I was worried this was the closer until as soon the end of the bridge Carter busts the snare right into. . . Ants- AMAZING, The boys do the standard jamming intro when a power surge hits the building. Most of the stage lights stay on but the amps all go out for a bit. Dave and the boys look around a bit confused but Carter never stops ripping it up on the drums and Stefan smiles and keeps punching the bass when suddenly the power comes back on and the boys continue to jam the intro while dave goes to the mic and mumbles like "Ladies and gentlemen, please ..." like a test of the emergency broadcast system, it was hillarious and definately something that will probably never happen again. The rest of the song was great and the show ended with a bang. Overall, great crowd, 21 SONG SET, 2 hours and 50 minutes of DMB, for anyone saying the band is getting dull or slowing up, tonight with Dave dancing like a maniac and seeing nothing but permanent smiles from the faces of the band, I'd say they were pretty damn good. See y'all in Tampa on Monday!
Gabe G.
Few words can describe the awesome power of Dave live, and this show definitely proved that. A truly amazing performance--the band looked like they enjoyed every moment of it. Dave's cheerful banter with the crowd was fun, as was his impressive (and hilarious) dance moves. Carter and Boyd also seemed to have the time of their lives. This was a heavy Everyday concert, with some Lillywhite thrown in, but the few old songs that he did play were gems, and made the new ones that much better. Highlights of the show included a FANTASTIC jammed out version of "Two Step"--Butch Taylor had an amazing keyboard solo which the crowd loved. Carter teased the crowd at the end of the jam numerous times by launching back into the song and back out again. However, the ultimate highlight of the night for me was "Tripping Billies"--WOW! The ENTIRE arena went nuts as Carter, Boyd, and Dave let loose in between verses for this song. The energy was out of hand. I don't think a single person was sitting down. Dave's mix of "Sleep to Dream Her" and "Grace is Gone" was just beautiful. The Lovely Ladies were jaw-dropping today as well: "The Space Between", "Everyday", and "Stay" were beyond great. The Willie Nelson cover for the encore was a treat as well--Dave came out by himself after the crowd waited for 5 minutes with hundreds of lighters illuminating the arena. With a lone spotlight on him, the acoustic ballad hit home. Then, as a testament to how great this band really is, they immediately were able to switch gears and bring the crowd to a roar with a rockin version of "I Did It". However many critics that song has, Dave sings it with a smile, knowing that the lyrics are basically an "screw you" to all those critics. Nevertheless, I'm sure most of the crowd realized that he hadn't played a single tune from UTTAD, so naturally, right after abruptly ending "I Did It," Carter immediately started banging on the drums, which sent the ballistic crowd over the edge..."Ants Marching" was reason to celebrate. Things were so energetic that about a minute into it, the huge video screen and some lights short circuited. Dave was great...he had to wait while the tech crew salvaged the situation, and poked fun at them, saying into the mic in a funny voice: "We seem to be experiencing technical difficulties." Didn't matter, they still finished the song, though it did deflate the mood a bit. In any case, Dave definitely made his presence felt in South Florida. That guy is my dad.
Frankie A.
I've been a huge DMB fan for years now, and a loyal one at that. Trust me, it takes one loyal fan to appreciate tonight's setlist...9 songs from "Everyday". But unlike many, I cherish this cd as much as the others. Now, onto the show...JTR was an excellent opener; I had my fingers crossed for GREY STREET...but that's ok, Dave never dissappoints. The Captain Tease was hysterical...these "Everyday" tracks are tight and the highlights in those were definitely SO RIGHT and FOOL TO THINK. THE STONE is not one of my faves but right now it is repeating on my CD player! THE SPACE BETWEEN was gorgeous and TOO MUCH and TWO STEP had the crowd having so much fun. The highlight of the night was definitely TRIPPING BILLIES. The solos were nuts and so was I! STAY and ANTS MARCHING were great crowd pleasers and I was definitely pleased! Dave blew out a speaker and he grabbed the mike and said, "I'm sorry, we are experiencing some technical difficuties..."! Hysterical! Including the beer and the running in the rain afterwards, this was one of the best nights of my life! Dave, you're my dad!
Jon R.
First review for me, first show of this tour too. Tonight marked the first of three consecutive shows I'd be attending and it did not disappoint. NCRC is a great venue for a concert...although it's a large arena it still felt intimate. Liked the stage setup, especially the screens. JTR a very cool opener. Neat Captain tease before WTWE. As I had previously read here, So Right should become one of the better live songs over time. I flipped out when Dave started into The Stone...it is one of my absolute favorite DMB songs and he rarely plays it, so to hear it was amazing. Bartender was really solid, and Too Much had the crowd hoppin'. Then a three-song visit to Everyday. I have to say I enjoy the material from this CD better in person than in my car. Butch and the ladies add a much fuller sound to the songs. Then after Space Between Dave starts into Two Step! My girlfriend checks her watch, as we expect a long rendition: it's 9:22. Seventeen minutes later at 9:39, the song comes to a close, highlighted by a sweet solo by Butch in the middle...very much like Listener Supported. I could have left right after this song and felt satisfied. But instead, after Fool to Think (which I honestly could have done without), we get the 36/Everyday/36 I had heard so much about, and then Tripping Billies! I had to scream at my section to get off their seats and enjoy it, and we all did. I was completly exhausted after this song, which Dave must have known, since he played 2 slow songs that I don't like, so I could sit. Then Boyd starts out TR with a sweet violin solo, followed by a great rendition of the song with the Lovely Ladies really into it. Stay was the best I'd ever heard it, and really had the crowd aching for more. Dave came out alone and played AIFHTSA, which was cool, then the rest of the band joined him for I Did It. At that point I am thinking "If this is the encore then Dave must think we're all stupid." I was not impressed. But then he TOTALLY redeems himself as the last drum beat of I Did It became the first drum beat of Ants Marching. Everyone was on their feet, screaming their heads off, and during the intro there was a huge flash in the top of the arena and the power went out briefly, but the boys kept on playing on the backup power. Dave rambled something about technical difficulties into the mike, and then we were treated to a solid version of Ants that really pleased the crowd. Leaving the concert we were treated to a torential downpour that soaked everyone, but it was well worth it. Personally, I needed it, after 2 hours and 45 minutes of excitement. 1 show down, 2 to go!!
Art B.
Unreal....probably the best show I've ever seen. JTR was a great intro and I was happy to see how the setlist progressed, although there wasn't that much old school. So Right was a definate highlight tonight, others were BEF-->Bartender, TSB, The Stone, Billies, Ants.....but my personal fav was Two Step, can't really get enough of this song, I wish Butch would ride out on the keys like Peter did back in the day, but it's always good to see Butch at a show. Hope the boys decide to play some old school songs sometime soon, two more shows left. Peace yall, all day everyday.