Dave Matthews Band
Verizon Wireless Virginia Beach Amphitheater, Virginia Beach, Virginia
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band: Junior Brown

onstage: 8:15pm
#41 (Everyday)
The Stone *
When The World Ends *
So Right *
Fish Monkey Man * -->
Bartender *
The Space Between *+
Fool To Think *+
What You Are *
Say Goodbye *
I Did It *+
If I Had It All *+
Donít Drink the Water *+ -->
Long Black Veil *+
Two Step *
Crush *
What Would You Say *
Blue Water (tease)
Aint It Funny How Time Slips Away
All Along the Watchtower *
offstage: 11:15pm
* Butch Taylor on keys
+ Tawatha Agee on vocals

Well, after seeing the DMB at Charlottesville this year, one thing can really be said about this show. The second show totally makes up for the problems of the first. My friend Pat and I missed the opening of #41, since he had to work. We got there in time to hear the Everyday outro, and some dude in the bathroom after the show was overheard saying that this was a good #41. Traffic kept us from hearing it. Second song of the night was THE STONE, which was well played, with the intense outro that has become the norm. After The Stone was over, Dave played a few bars of the Prelude to Grace is Gone, gettin' me all excited to hear that rarity. But, going the direct opposite direction of a rarity, we got WHEN THE WORLD ENDS, which had really cool lighting behind it, with the planet graphics on the screens. Dave got into this one, as did Roi at the end. After that came the Jerry Jones baritone electric and SO RIGHT. So RIght featured some good Dave dancing, some good Roi solos, and a bit more of an extended jam than I heard on the Camden shows from this year. Next up, Dave played some of BIG EYED FISH on the 6 stringer, decided it wasn't right, and got the 12. This song was one of the more emotional of the evening, and was outroed beautifully by Roi and his whistles. This led right into BARTENDER, which was the highlight of the night not named Blue Water. Intensity was the word, with Roi leading the way on the outro with the pennywhistles. Bartender was followed up by THE SPACE BETWEEN. This was the first appearance of the lovely lady, Tawatha Agee. I found having one lovely lady instead of three to be a very good thing, as Tawatha by herself did nothing to overpower the band or drag down the sound. The Space Between sounded just about normal, not craptacular like usual with all three of them. This was the biggest crowd pleaser of the evening. FOOL TO THINK- standard, with the red electric. Decent Roi solo, but nothing too special. WHAT YOU ARE has the Dave mumblings at the beginning extended, due to work on Carter's drum kit. This is a powerful song live, it rocked the house out tonight. Dave inserted some nice "FUCK THE WORLD"s in here. Dave has also gotten much better at the percussive strumming during this one on the baritone. There was a pause, as the band gathered around Carter's kit, followed by a long drum solo that let me know that SAY GOODBYE was coming. This song was a highlight to hear, since it hadn't been played yet this tour, but it was a substandard version, since Roi and the flute sat this one out. Roi was not a big factor this evening, as it seemed his equipment was a problem. Nice Dave lyrics about "playful monkeys" however. I DID IT- high energy, meaningless song, standard version but fun to dance to. IF I HAD IT ALL- Dave poured the emotion into this one, as it sounded millions of times better than what it sounded like in April. No "I'd fuck it up", however. DON'T DRINK THE WATER was a very high energy version, standard until the end, when Tawatha made a very welcome appearance and sang some intense backing vocals behind Dave. Anything to spice this number up is a good thing. The end of Don't Drink ran right into LONG BLACK VEIL, which caused me to groan a bit. There's stuff I'd much rather have heard, but even this song was high energy tonight. Dave got into the outro with Tawatha, making this one nothing like Listener Supported, thank God. After Long Black Veil came TWO STEP. This was a long Two Step, with more of a quiet jam near the end before Carter led them back in with a drum solo. I actually thought they were going to end the song without getting loud, and then they did. Good version. I had figured this to be the closer, but CRUSH came next. Good version, Roi found his flute at the end, the one that seemed missing during Say Bye. OK Boyd solos, but it was just good to see him go off. WHAT WOULD YOU SAY? I'd say this was the highest energy song of the evening. Dave danced all over the place, Roi tore it up, and the whole band was just smiling and having a good time out there. Pat thought maybe wed get a Captain tease to open the encore, but we got something far, far better. BLUE WATER rared it's head, but only for a little tease, just like the ones on the Winter 2000 tour. This was a great moment that was soon followed by AIN'T IT FUNNY HOW TIME SLIPS AWAY, which was done fine. Big cheers on the "sittin' on the dock of the bay" line that Dave threw in there. After this one, we all hoped and prayed that Stay was not to close. It didn't. Stefan played a killer bass solo, and that led right into WATCHTOWER, which kept the high energy vibe going into the night. Good solos from Boyd and a electric guitar sounding solo out of Butch's keyboard. Below average Roi work, but still a good Watchtower. Davespeaks this evening were just about the cool temperature, and if Willie Nelson were to run for President, he'd have Dave's vote. HIGH POINTS: BEF-->Bartender, the high energy vibe the band gave out, Carter throwing his sticks out to the audience at the end, Blue Water, the lack of Too Much and two Ladies, and the dude with a mullet next to me. LOW POINTS: Roi disappeared a lot, and there was no chance for Boyd to really explode, like in Nancies or Billies. Long Black Veil, while well played, I coulda done without. Awesome show though, number one of my five. Peas in the Valley, y'all.
Ben B.
i drove up from chapel hill, nc, to catch this show, and it was definitely worth it. great opener of #41 followed by the stone, then a nice mix of the everyday album songs (the only one i really wanted to hear that they left out was the 36->everyday->36 jam). this was my 6th show, yet they managed to play several songs that i had never heard live before, (say goodbye and long black veil) as well as many old favorites. an amazing version of two step with a keyboard solo followed by crush was definitely the highlight of the show. i've heard them close with what would you say before, and didn't like it, but this version was upbeat and dave really got into it to fire up the crowd at the end. the only dissapointment was the encore. i figured with dave doing his solo song that we'd get 2 full band songs as well, but instead they only did watchtower (which is always good but i've heard it at every concert). i was a bit surprised at both encore songs being covers when they still could have pulled out ants marching or tripping billies and really blown up the crowd. anyways, it was a great show to be at, dave really played well in his home state.
Johnny B.
I was at the VA beach show last year, and it wasn't anything to speak of, the band must have wanted to make up for it this year awesome show. "#41" and "the Stone" to start things unbelievable. All the "everyday" songs sounded great. especially "What You Are," the band absolutly jammed on it. "One Eyed Fish"=monkey stay up your fucking tree. "Bartendar" might be the best song the band does live, and it keeps getting better. Highlight of the night no doubt, "Say Goodbye!", first time all tour they have played it, and I couldn't believe it, it was amazing. "DDTW", great. "two step", i don't know if i will ever get tired of this one live. "LBV" awesome. "Crush" was actually better then at june 22nd Tweeter center, which i didn't think could be topped. The crowd practically drowned dave out again. "WWYS" what a closer, first time live i have heard it, and it was unbelievable. Encore, I didn't know what the tease was at the beginning of "...Time slips Away" but it was cool, now i know it was blue water. "Watchtower", this might be the only thing close to topping "Say Goodbye". Butch, Boyd, and Leroi all had crazy solos, Stefan tuned up just like on Listener Supported. This was my 3rd and final show of the summer, and the only time i heard watchtower, but man was it worth the wait. hoping for a winter tour!
Kirsten H.
This Concert really kicked ass. All the band members were really into it. Dave and STEFAN looked hot as shit. #41, Long Black Veil, Two Step and Watchtower were all the best i've ever seen. The crowd was really excited to see Dave back in Virginia (were he belongs!) Everything about this concert was awesome. Even the event staff people were gettin high!!! All Dave's new songs sounded better live then they do on the cd. Well, it was a great concert...
Chris P.
Wow I feel lucky to be alive today after seeing a show like that last night. I feel very privlaged and honored to have been at the Va Beach Ampitheater last night. In fact i missed my favorite song (41) as the opener because we were the slightest bit late. But as the night wore on I didn't care because it was so amazing. I got to see The Stone for the first time live and that made my night right there. Just like Listener Supported but with a little bit longer jam on the end. When the world ends was aweosome, still just like the studio version but nonetheless a great song. So Right is my favorite Everyday song and has an incredibly energetic jam on the end. Next I got to hear Big Eyed Fish for the first time (a monkey should know stay up your fuckin tree). All i can say is wow, Leroi's outro with the pennywhistle was beautiful, then straight in to Bartender which was at least 13 minutes of the most powerful music i've ever heard. I could feel the Band's energy swirling around us while Dave whaled his lungs out and Leroi played his whistle. The space between is a gorgeous song, Only one lovely lady tonight, I found that kind of odd. This song sound a whole lot less pop and more honest live than it does on Everyday. Fool to think was great and sounded a bit different than the studio, but either way is a great song.(Dave has really started to play electric better than he was at the beginning of the tour, or maybe that's just Butch Taylor) What You Are was just like the times I've heard it before this year but still always gets the crowd pumping. After this was over a minute or two went by until a very quick drum roll. (you know the one that sounds like it's going left to right that starts out say goodbye) I called it, from the first drum roll i knew it was Say Goodbye. Carter was on tonight he then completed a 5 minute drum solo, no flute just drums, and then the whole band joiined in for what was everybody's suprise of the night. (First time played all tour) This was truly beatuiful as the entire crowd in a vey melodic way sang along with every word. Then came I Did It which was I did it, but sounded very full with Butch Taylor. If I had it all is an aweosome song and was just the right place in the set. This song reminds me of Don't Drink the Water with all the whailing in the end. Well oh shit Dont Drink the Water was the very next song. God I love this song. Tawatha mimicked Alanis Morisette's part in the studio version and then at the end the song kind of broke down to a simple beat and Tawatha sang this powerful political ballad in a very mystical voice. There was some very trippy things goin on, on the T.V's as well. This went right in to Long Black Veil, and I almost crapped my pants. Props to Butch on the solo, it was entirely new and the song was about 12 minutes long. Very Very Very chill. Next Dave walked over and he and Boyd stood face to face, and I called it, Two Step. And my god it was the Best Two Step ever. With Butch having another incredible solo as well as Boyd and Leroi. Then Carter took over and the song lasted at least 20 minutes. Holy hell I was in Shock. I thought that was it, I mean that was the most incredible song and then in the darkness after the song a spotlight shines on Stefan and the opening notes to Crush are played. The crowd went insane, again singing along to every word. Then Boyd went nuts he played forever, Dave was dancing like crazy, the whole song was of the hook. After that Dave tells us he hopes we had a good time and he'll see us again. Then the longest most aweosome What Would you Say ever came on. Leroi had a solo in the midlle that had the crowd, and Dave, dancing like monkeys. The enegy that you could feel is very hard to describe. Then they go off and about 5 minutes later Dave comes on by himself. He doesn't say anything he just starts to play. On the first chord I knew what it was, I was screaming HOly shit! holy shit! It's Blu Water Babbon Farm. Everyone around me was like, HUh? I proceeded to ejaculate in my pants while Dave played the first verse and chorus of the song. Then he stopped playing and said "this is a Willie Nelson song." Once againd i started screaming it's Ain't it funny how Time Slips Away. Once again everyone was like, HUH? THis song was really beutiful i really want to hear it again. Dave actually threw in a line from Otis Redding's "Sitting On The Dock Of The Bay" in the end. The whole band Came on then and Stefan played a 2 and half minute intro to Watchtower. Then the Best Whatchtower i've ever heard was played. Boyd and Leroi had their solos and then Butch had a very cool solo in an electric guitar voice on his keyboard. Then the show wound up and the huse lights came on. Dave said thank you a million times, then Carter ran down from his drum set to dave and gave him the biggest bear hug right at center stage. What a show, my fourth was definately my best yet. GOD I love the Dave Matthews Band, I can't stop smiling.
Matt H.
Tonight's show was excellent, crisp and cool, like the unusally cool weather in VA Beach. The opener was great. 41(Dave did a nice little Everyday outro) and Stone are very strong songs both musically and lyrically and complemented each other well. WTWE and So Right followed, two of the best songs of Everyday. Then one of the nights highlights, Fish Monkey Man > Bartender. Fish Monkey Man is such an awesome song and Leroi's penny whistle outro into Bartender is so sweet. Than three more Everyday tunes, Space Between, Fool to Think,and What You Are. Next the highlight of the show Say Goodbye. This was sick. Carter's drum solo was unreal and it was great to hear Dave play a seldom heard song live. The rest of the show, minus I Did It was awesome, with the last 5 songs being old favs. Long Black Veil and Crush were nice suprises and Two Step always kicks ass. Now to the encore which left me speechless. Ok Dave comes out alone, so im thinking Waste, right, no. Dave picks up the guitar and does the first verse of Blue Water Baboon Farm, i about passed out. This song is so awesome(my favorite) and it is rarely if ever played. Thank you so much for that one Dave, it was greatly appreciated. Next Dave's cover of Ain't it Funny How Time Sleeps Away by Willie Nelson is phenominal. Great tune. Finally Watchtower. I don't care what anyone says, DMB kicks this songs ass and blows Hendrix's version out of the water. Stefan's Space-like Grateful Dead intro was great and Butch's keyboard solo was tremendous(i didn't know a keyboard could make those sounds). What an amazing show. One last thing, to all those teeny bopper female fans, show Dave and the boys some class and stop wearing those retarded shirts with stuff all over them regarding Dave's physical appearance and things he can do to you. This isn't a Backdoor Boys or N'Stink show. So stop or go were you blong.
Ashley C.
This was such an absolutely amazing show! This was my 2nd Dave show, and I was just blown away. The band opened with #41, exactly what I was hoping for. Next came THE STONE, which was just beautiful. That was the one song my friend Matt (my very best friend who bought the tickets for my birthday) wanted to hear more than anything, but we totally weren't expecting to hear it. WTWE and SO RIGHT, my two absolute favorites from Everyday, were absolutely bursting with energy. BIG EYED FISH, also unexpected was pretty good, and then they went into a fabulous extended BARTENDER. I wasn't really hoping for THE SPACE BETWEEN or FOOL TO THINK, but once they got into them they were great. WHAT YOU ARE, my other Everyday favorite, totally livened me back up. SAY GOODBYE was such a huge surprise, we had been listening to it over and over during the 5 hour drive to the beach, and I never,ever expected to hear it live. I'm really not a huge fan of I DID IT, that was kind of my little rest period. IF I HAD IT ALL got me back up. I absolutely adored DON'T DRINK THE WATER, the Lovely Lady Tawatha (only one made it!) was awesome. LONG BLACK VEIL was nice enough, Tawatha really adds to it, but it isn't a real favorite of mine. TWO STEP, god, words cannot describe the awesomeness of it. Both Carter and Butch had amazingly long solos and it has to have been the longest version I've ever heard anywhere. I live for Two Step! I was so sure they were going to go off after that, but they bounced right back and played CRUSH, which is the most radiantly beautiful song ever. I definitely was not expecting so much off of BTCS. WWYS was next and that got literally every last person in the crowd on their feet and singing along. They went offstage and came back for the encore playing a BLUE WATER tease and AIFHTSA, neither of which I know too well, but AIFHTSA is really quite pretty. I was still holding out for Rapunzel, but I knew not too expect yet another BTCS song. They closed with an amazingly fabulous WATCHTOWER. Stefan's solo is to die for! I have to say it was the best concert I've ever been to. Matt, John and Blair thanks for the GREATEST birthday trip EVER
Jerry H.
Well, I made the 8 hour drive from PSU to see the show Friday night and I came to one conclusion...I would have driven for two days to see a performance as good as this one. This was my 11th show, and unfortunately, the first this summer. It was absolutely amazing (almost as powerful as the firework filled Post Gazette Pavilion in Pittsburgh July 3rd last summer).As soon as Dave struck one string, I knew #41 was coming, and as soon as the song was over, I knew the night was going to be special coming, The guys had more energy tonight than I can remember them ever having...The venue and atmosphere was incredible (even thought I was sitting with all of the 40+ year olds on the left side of the lawn)...and then there was the set list...WOW!...It was the first show that I actually heard songs to please the true fans; no crash, no satellite, no tripping billies, NO STAY!!!!...I must also comment on the "Everyday" section of the concert...I, like everyone else who was sceptacle about the CDs ability to make it on stage, was pleasantly surprised after hearing Dave and the boys put true emotion behind the songs...So Right particularly impressed me (probably because I can't stand the studio version of the song)...Usually the Lovely Ladies become a little tiresome in my opinion, but a solo appearance by Tawatha was a pleasingly amazing addition to the band's vocals...The set list was also extremely long, well the duration of the show anyway...I thought for sure that a spectacular Two Step was going to be the end of the first set, however I was blessed with a bit of a personal favorite Crush and then a crowd uniting SMTS...finally we are at encore time...I think the crowd was too exhausted at this point to even rally enough "WE WANT DAVE" cheers...Everyone simply stood respectively silent, awaiting the next song... And then they came out, well Dave did, and stuck his guitar...It was rewarding to see the dumbfounded look on people's faces as a 30 second tease of Blue Water was performed...I simply stood smiling...AIFHTSA (I hope I am the first to abbreviate that ;o) was beautifully reminiscent to the first few renditions of Long Black Veil...At this point I was completely satisfied with the evening...the beautiful girl beside me however had been pleading for one other song the whole night. I didn't think it was possible that after a night as complete as this one that she would hear it. I was wrong... If felt like I was watching my Listener Supported DVD all over again when the spotlight hit Stefan...what a better ending to a wonderful night than the most unique Watchtower performance I have ever seen...I am back at PSU now...thank you DMB, that blonde,and Virginia for an AMAZING weekend.
Tyler J.
WOW. What a show. Not one of the best setlists, but one of the best "DAVE" performances. Carter, and Boyd were so off tonight, but Tawatha and Dave surely made up for it. They opened up with #41 just like Walnut Creek. Then came out with "THe Stone" which is a beautiful song. One things for sure: it was an Listener Supported and Everyday night. SEVEN everyday songs. TWO Lillywhites. That was unbelievably bad. Big Eyed Fish and Bartender really amazed the crowd and it satisfied me. That was all the evening needed to be perfect. But Dave was really off on Fool to Think and so was Carter, Tawatha was enjoying her one line. "Was i a fool to think". They surprised the whole venue by playing Say Goodbye. HE NEVER PLAYS THAT ANYMORE!!!! It was a beautiful song. DDTW was mediocre but got the crowd ready for what was ahead, which was a heart stopping rendition of Long Black Veil. Tawatha stole the show and her and dave went back and forth amazing the crowd. the song must have been 15 minutes long. But it was so worth it. Then They played a never ending two step. Two step is a concert must. but it seems as though it gets longer and the words change every concert. It was a good finisher, but the crowd wouldn't let dave go off stage. They came back and Dave grabbed the acoustic and they jammed to Crush. WOW. thats one word to explain it. That is definately a jam. He finished that and everyone expected him to leave, nope, he came back with the only UTTAD song of the night. WHAT WOULD YOU SAY. That got the crowd into it better than any song all night. That ended the set, but the encore brought a Blue Water tease and a great cover of the Willie Nelson song, "aint it funny how time slips away". Then the big finale. Stephan started to jam with the bass and everyone knew what was about to happen. They were gonna end with Watchtower. That 1 song can change a life. The first time i ever heard it, it changed mine. That song had everyone jumping, clapping, jamming and singing, for it ended a beautiful night. All Along the Watchtower was the last one they played Friday Night, but it was sure complete. The only 2 bad things about the night was 1. not enough lillywhites, too many everyday. 2. carter and boyd weren't as giddy. But all in all a great show and a show i wouldn't have missed for the world. Thats it for the southeast tour. Hopefully they'll come back in the fall.
Will N.
Tonight's show can only be described using one word: legendary. It marked only my 7th show over the past three years, but I cannot think of any better. After a spirited STONE, the boys really got into a solid groove. Among the highlights were SPACE BETWEEN, SAY GOODBYE, and an unbelievable TWO STEP. Big props to Tawatha Agee (of the lovely ladies) for holding down back up duties tonight, she owned the 2nd half of the show. Honestly, if you can get your hands on a copy of tonight's show, you'll find that the setlist was wonderfully diverse and the band played with great energy and fire. DMB definitely made up for last year's disappoining one-song encore debacle here last year. Thanks, guys!
Justin R.
I drove 700 miles for this show. And was it worth it? Well of course. 41 was a great opener and stone was amazing. When the World Ends was really neat with Butch in the background. Say Goodbye, Dont Drink the Water and Long Black Veil were outstanding. Carter was totally awesome on Two Step. The only downfall was just one song from UTAD was played
Ashley W.
Awesome show, I've seen my fair share of DMB shows and this topped them all. I must say that I didn't like the Everyday though, I find the Everyday/36 to be much better. Other than that, everything was superb, Fish Monkey Man and Bartender really got everyone into the show. Personally, I think this was the best Don't Drink the Water I've ever heard, and then followed with Long Black Veil, Two Step, Crush, and What Would You Say, by this point I was looking at my watch after every song expecting him to head backstage before the encore, but they kept on jammin. Then Ain't it Funny and Watchtower, great show, if you missed it, I'm sorry.
David H.
First off, hands down, best show i've been to thus far. First half was nothing special, but second half was phenomenal. #41--nice as an opener, crowd fave. Dave did alot of walkin around near the front of the stage before playing the first chords, he was really enjoying the crowd. STONE-- solid! glad to finally hear it this tour. WTWE and SO RIGHT-- not bad, just a lil overplayed, SO RIGHT has gotten noticeably played tighter. BEF ->BARTNEDER-- love it, love it, love it!! SPACE B/T, FOOL, WHAT YOU ARE-- nice little run there. SAY GOODBYE--!!!!!!! FINALLY after waiting five years, i finally got it live, drum solo intro and all..i was goin nuts, CHILLS!!! I DID IT-- best version ever!!!(just because it followed Say Goodbye) IIHIA-- mellow but good. DDTW-- solid LOUD!!, Tawatha did the vocals that Alanis sang on the album, I have to say i like her alot better by herself than with the other 2 ladies. From here on the show was so solid and jammed out. good mix of all old songs. LONG BLACK VEIL-- Best version i've seen live, or heard period. Dave sang it with alot of emotion tonight, Tawatha got really into it too. TWO STEP-- Best I've seen live, nice long intro, jammed out again and again..and again. CRUSH-- So good to hear, really fit in the set here, i heard Stefan's litlle bass scats from the get-go. WWYS-- first time i've seen this as a set closer but it was solid. BLUE WATER-- kinda hoping for the captain tease (thanks matt!) but this was more of a surprise. FUNNY- LOVE IT! Dock of the Bay fit the venue's location. WATCHTOWER-- one of the best i've heard, really jammed out,Stefan had a solid intro, Butch had an amazing solo, an electric guitar effect on his keyboard. All in all, the most solid show i've been too, i think its mainly due to the fact the setlist was so great from say goodbye on, it was also very nice and noticeable that the band played as a whole tonight, everyone had atleast 2 great solos, everyone was highlighted individually and of course solid as a whole. It might be awhile before i go to a show that beats this one.
Chris M.
Wow, where to start. 21st show overall, 4th this tour. 2nd best setlist this tour behind 3rd camden show in my opinion. There aren't enough adj. to describe DMB; they are simply the most bad ass band around. Highlights tonight: Stone: beautiful instrumentation, rare this tour, always a treat. Say Goodbye: 1st time this tour!! Carter, Carter, Carter, enough said. FMMan: 1st time hearing it. Phat tune, esp into 'tender. So Right/What U Are/If I had it All: I think these are the most intense, most evolved live out of the everyday tunes. All 3 were jammed out tonight. Crush/What Would U say: Great way to close; I hadn't heard Crush since '99 tour; nice treat for me. WWYS got the crowd in a frenzy to end the set. Blue Water: holy shit! takin it back to the early days. First time i've had the pleasure to hear live. dave by himself, beautiful..Only 1 lovely lady: sorry people, but they need to go; alot of people were happy there was only 1 tonight. Va beach crowd: notoriously weak, but the crowd was very good tonight, i was impressed, and the band really appreciated it... That's about it. See ya in Hartford...
Morgan K.
I said in my last review that Nashville was probably the best show of the year, check that, this was. Like I said before, I'm going on fellow setlist submitters opinions and the previous 4 shows for me this year, so please don't mail me with a powertripping complaint because you thought the show you went to was better, maybe it was. Both shows this week had different themes, for the DMB Nashville was kinda a jam along with your buddies and Virginia Beach was a jam along with the crowd. The vibe tonight felt like we might not see DMB in their homestate again for awhile, or anywhere for that matter, but I'll get to that later. Now to the highlights: 41 was just a perfect opener, seemed like the Everyday jam was a little longer than usual. The Stone was an awesome suprise, hadn't been played alot this year. World came as no suprise since it's been played every show, but it's always fun. Fish Monkey Man for the second show in a row was cool. The lyrics were a little tweaked from Nashville, or it might have been Dave. It seemed like the fish caught the wave, turned into a bird, turned back into a fish then hit the beach and died. Bartender then a few Everyday songs came, and then the show picked up in a huge way. Say Goodbye was just incredible, my girlfriend has been hoping for it for the last 4 shows we've been to, but I didn't think it was going to happen. 20,000 people singing along and it sounded INCREDIBLE! The band even looked in disbelief. Carter went apeshit on his intro. (Just a sidenote, Dave has said in a previous show that he's going to write a follow-up to say goodbye called "Ohhh Shit"). Dave strapped on the electric after Say Goodbye and I was saying to myself, "Don't do it, don't do it" but he did it anyway. Tawatha was the only Lovely Lady there tonight, the other two probably got stuck in the half mile ID check line for beer, but she was putting on quite a show herself. She was really good on Don't Drink and of course Veil. She did this cool intro for every member of the band. She said boyd, "picked the strings of her heart" or something to that effect, and Carter was "the backbone and the man who keeps the rythym". To make up for the other two ladies, Dave came on to help Tawatha with the "Nobody knows but me" part and it sounded far better than usual. Dave walked over and gave her a big hug then she called it a night. Two Step was freakin' amazing, Carter again going apeshit. The lull between the hard jams was different than I've ever heard, Carter was just barely tapping the drums, almost couldn't hear it. I thought that this was going to be the end of it, but instead Dave waved frantically for the tuner to bring him his other guitar and they went right into Crush! I knew they weren't going to end on that, and sure enough we got What Would You Say to close it out. Some peeps down in front were waving Blue Water signs all night and Dave came back out for the encore, pointed to the people with the signs and played the first couple verses by himself which was cool. Then Willie's Ain't it Funny how Times Slips Away. I might be delirious, but it seemed to me that he put heavier emphasis on the "I don't know when I'll be coming around here again" part than he did in Nashville. A salute to the fans for all their dedication perhaps? The rest of the boys came back out and Boyd went right over and shook Dave's hand. He said a couple of words to him and it kinda looked like he was consoling him, like he was bummed about something? A pretty standard Watchtower, but killer as always, closed out the show. All the boys walked off, except Dave and Carter. Carter came out from behind the drums to the center of the stage, said a couple things to Dave, then gave him a huge hug for about 5 seconds. The crowd went nuts and Dave walked off with his head down. Carter stayed out and chucked about half a dozen drumsticks into the crowd, and handed some to some choice individuals. Anyways, a high energy show with a good mix of really old, somewhat old, not very old, and new songs. Also great cause a friend got to see his first show from great seats and loved it. I made it to 5 shows again this summer, my usual, and I'm hoping they come back next year so I can continue doing all this stuff. A note from myself to Dave and Carter-kids are great, but don't forget about the hundreds of thousands of children you already have. It would suck to lose Phish and DMB a year apart. Enjoy the rest of the tour, and good luck to all fellow students on the upcoming school year. Peace, Morgan
Namrata S.
Drove ten hours from Georgia to see this one. I have to say it was totally worth the drive. The energy flowing through the crowd was great. Everyone was up on their feet the whole time (except during I did It a lot of people including all my friends and I just had to sit. This song totally lacks what the Dave Matthews Band encapsulates as their essence.) Anyhow, moving on to the good stuff: The show started with #41. Great opener and my first time to see that one open a set. Moved on to the STONE. Great to hear that one again. The show was going just great and there was a rumour that Jane was there too. I was hoping for STJL but it did't happen. WTWE and SO RIGHT are probably two of my fave's from Everyday so hearing them back to back was amazing. Those songs have turned into incredible jams and I loved them. Only one of the Lovely Ladies was there- Tawatha, she was awesome too. Then comes BEF into BARTENDER, what can I say (Dave gave it his all, specially the wailing at the end of BARTENDER). THE SPACE BETWEEN was next which was great. I don't like the song FOOL TO THINK. WHAT YOU ARE was good too, standard version. Then Carter took center stage. He was the man of the night by far. He played his intro to SAY GOODBYE...and when Leroi brought the flute in I was sure they were playing it, and it wasn't just a tease. SAY GOODBYE was awesome, my first time hearing that live. Then came I DID IT, which I don't want to talk much about. Lets just say I was glad when it was over and I was hoping for no more from that album. But right then comes IF I HAD IT ALL. Got over with that and then the show really started to get intense. DON'T DRINK THE WATER was next, and they totally jammed out and I loved it, my first time hearing this live too it was incredible. LONG BLACK VEIL followed, with TWO STEP right behind. The show was already at its peak. When I was starting to be convinced that this was probably my best Dave show ever...Stefan starts the intro to my FAVE song EVER!!! CRUSH!!!!! Oh I was in 7th heaven and nothing could be better. We all though that that would be it and they were about to leave for the encore...but NO, the boys kept going, they played another one WWYS!! It was incredible. All had sooo much energy and the weather was great and what can I say, amazing show already. THen they come back and Dave does a Blue Water tease, which he actually played for a good three-four minutes till he started AIN'T IT FUNNY...always good to hear Dave on his acoustic, what he does best. The show ended with a great rendition of WATCHTOWER. No matter how many times I hear this one, it is always good to hear it live and its always fresh. So it was a rocked out concert in the pretty town on Virginia Beach. A great performance by my favorite band in the world DMB. Peace, Namrata
Brian W.
Amazing show in Virginia beach the other night. The weather was perfect and the band was into it. Dave walked around for awhile acknowledging friends and family in the orchestra I'm guessing. Then they opened with #41, with was perfect in my opinion. Everyday outro which I think is really cool, as long as they don't then repeat it by playing the song Everyday. Kinda overkill if you ask me. Then Butch came out and they did the Stone, which was a treat because I hadn't heard it in a while. Other highlights definitely include Say Goodbye with the Carter solo to begin it. Carter was on tonight, having a blast, as always. Crush was good too. The Everyday songs are finally finding their spaces, and that is good, I just wish they'd play them alittle more sparingly. Big Eyed Fish -> Bartender were the only Lillywhite/Summer So Far selections, but very good none the less. Long Black Veil was incredible with Dave and Twatha going back and forth on the "Nobody knows" ending. I loved just Twatha there. The 3 Lovely Ladies can kinda be overpowering, but Twatha complimented Dave and the band perfectly. WWYS was a great closer. The encore was one of the best short encores I've seen. Blue Water was a surprise and Dave played it for someone in the front row with a sign. It's kind of chilling when he plays those first chords I think. I just love the rareness. Ain't It Funny was cute. Watchtower tore it up though. Stefen started with his solo and it was nuts from there till the end. The solos from Leroi, Boyd and Butch were intense and Dave was dancing up a storm. So much energy. I'd say the show was probably 2 hours, 45 minutes. They actually broke the 11 o'clock mark, which made me smile. After Watchtower the guys were all shaking hands, hugging and saying goodbye to the crowd. They knew they'd done good for the hometown this time (after the Uva incident as I like to call it) Definitely the best or second best show I've been to. My faith is once again restored. Enjoy the rest of the tour.
James D.
Welcome to Virginia! I was excited to check DMB out for the first time in their home state. The crowd and the Venue is wonderfull and a pleasant change from the Philadelphia DMB atmosphere. The show itself was SICK! The show nearlt broke the 3 hour mark. There were some tremendous versions of tunes including Tawatha on DDTW doing Alanis Morisettes Vocals, The first Say Goodbye of The tour and Blue Water for the main man in the front row with the BLUEH20 Sign. Good Call. It was a hell of a lot of fun, and the band had a hell of a lot of fun too. I cant Wait to go back there. Me and my buddy have come to the conclusion that "Fool to Think" just DOES NOT work live. It throws the whole tempo of the show off, and it is played very clunky live. Well all it was great, one more show to go..Hershey.. see yall
Chris P.
Although this was my first Dave concert, I was definitely impressed. I was glad to hear such a sweet version of SO RIGHT, though not varying too much from the record version, but TWO STEP and CRUSH at the end were both amazing because of Carter's long intro on drums for at least 4 minutes before actally going into TWO STEP. Tawatha's vocal skill stunned me and added a lot to the whole concert, especially to LONG BLACK VEIL. The encore of WATCHTOWER was a little short, but still powerful. All in all, a kickass concert.
Kristin M.
WOW. WOW. WOW. My third show this summer, and definitely one of the best I've ever seen. Gotta love the extended davespeak before Junior Brown about the weather-- it was unseasonably cool and Dave kept talking about how Virginia Beach had been moved to Maine. I was particularly pleased with the band opening the set with two older tunes-- REALLY got the crowd into the show. I simply can't imagine a better way to start the show than with #41 and the Stone (!!!!). I was a little disappointed with the third and fourth songs-- I have heard WWTE at every show this summer, so I am tired of it. And for some reason I just don't care for So Right. I have also caught Fish Monkey Man-Bartender at all three shows, but THEY ARE AWESOME LIVE. The big screen always gives a close up of Dave's howling through "I'm on bended knee." Amazing, just amazing. And then SAY GOODBYE with the Carter's intro solo-- WOW. First time this tour and it was great. IIHIA gets better every time I see it (again, three times this summer). DDTW was particularly well-placed in the set list. I thought TWO STEP was the end of the set because the boys were going nuts, but then they pulled out CRUSH. **SIGH** And then WWYS-- not one of my personal favorites, but the crowd was so into it that it was hard not to love. The encore included one of the best Watchtowers that I have seen. The near perfect evening ended with the signature Carter-Dave hug. How can you not love that? The band had a ton of energy and the crowd loved every minute of this show. A lot of Everyday, but you have to expect that when the band is promoting the album. I'll do my best to never miss a VA Beach show despite the 6-hour one-way drive.
Amber M.
This show was by FAR the best show I've ever seen! The setlist was great and the band really got into all of the songs. This was the first time I've seen them jam out on the intruments like they did. I saw the 1st show in Detroit and it wasnt even half as intense as this show. I think Carter's drum trip was the best part. All of the lights were on him and the rest of the band just stood and watched him go nuts on the drums. It was great! Fool to Think was a pleasant suprise too. The intro Dave sang for it really tripped me out! It was A LOT better than the studio version. The encore was perfect! I flipped out when I saw Dave walking out on stage by himself. Watching Dave sing solo isnt somthing you can do everyday! Watchtower was predictable, but the band was really into it, so I was too! I should also give mention to the crowd because everyone in the entire place was singing and dancing to ALL of the songs. I know a lot of it had to do with the band being so intense, but the crowd had their own level of intensity that made the show even better. I figure this will go down in my history book as the best DMB concert I've ever seen..or ever WILL see.
Gabe C.
It was a great show with a nice set. It's my favorite show of the summer so far, it used to be Camden,NJ 6/22 until last Friday. #41 was a great opener with the Everyday lyrics thrown in at the end just like they have been doin since last winter. Then the Stone followed which was also a great song to hear again. WTWE, good song. So Right has really evolved into a tight concert song with a great jam at the end. BigEyed-->Bartender, great combination of songs, Bartender is one of the best live songs to ever hear at a DMB concert now. Space Between was pretty cool, alot better in concert. I didnt really mind Fool To Think, i dont really like that song. Followed by a cool "What You Are" with 'F#ck the WORLD!' lyric. Then the band paused for 5 min and Carter started up with his solo and Say Goodbye was played, definetly one of the highlights for me, an amazing song, and its really cool that I finally have gotten to hear it live after 7 concerts. The came I Did It and If I Had It All which were both alright. Then the next highlight, DDTW, best song live, with Tawantha doin' the Alanis part was fuckin awesome. Then a great Long Black Veil and tight ass Two Step, with awesome solos by all band members. At this point i thought the set was over, then Dave introduced Stefn and he went into a great Crush and then a now rarely WWYS was played to finish the set. Dave come out by himself and played some of Blue Water that no one seemed to know except me and my friend. Aint it funny was cool like always and then the best Watchtower I have heard with Butch Taylor playing electric on the keys.
Jackie D.
my 15th show all in all, and it finally happened. i have been relentlessly driving and riding to hear the one song that started the unhealthy infatuation i have with this band...say goodbye. right in the middle of the show, with a beautiful intro by carter. i was in awe. i even wept. this was my last show of the summer (7 this year), so what a way to go out! we also got to hear the ever wonderful #41 & crush. what more can a girl ask for?
Scott H.
All I can think of is unbelievable. The best show I have ever seen. We were about 20 rows back and had awesome seats. Dave and the boys jammed all night long. A great opener #41 got the night started off. Everyday followed but I was not crazy about the version.Setlist was incredible, cannot believe he played Say Goodbye. Bye far the highlight of the night. Bartender, Long Black Veil, Crush, and All along the Watchtower were my favorites. The crowd was so much more in to it then last years Virginia Beach Show. Almost got tossed for dancing in the aisle to A.A.T.W encore. Bye far one of the best concerts ever.
David B.
What a great show; but I guess any show would be great from the front row (thanks warehouse). This was my 5th show this year and by far the best. #41 was a great opener, especially with the Everyday outro. The Stone was great to see again. All of the Everyday songs seem to be the same in every show though, except for So Right. It seems to be getting a little better now that they have started jamming a little with it. Big Eyed Fish was great. Dave switched the versus around though but it was still a treat to see. Say Goodbye was truly the highlight of the evening. I think it was the first time they had played it this year. I'm sure no one knew it was coming. Crush also made it's way into the setlist along with Long Black Veil. When they started Two Step everyone thought that it would be the last song, but we were certainly wrong. They played two more after it. DDTW always has a lot of energy and was especially good with Tawatha Agee helping out on it. It was the first time that I had heard Blue Water but it's always good to hear Dave's old stuff. This was an overall great show with new and old stuff. The mixture of songs was excellent. They came on stage around 8:15 and finally went off at 11:15. I look forward to their next tour.
Nick L.
Well, that was definitely the best DMB show that i've ever witnessed. I'd seen 2 shows in Charlotte, before this, and this one blew them both away. Starting off with #41 (Everyday) rocks, I love the energy, especially with the woodwind instuments. Hearing a lot of BTCS was cool, especially Crush and The Stone. Pulling out 2 Lillywhite songs was good as well (especially Bartender). I loved Say Goodbye, I recognized it as soon as Carter started his drum solo, and I know DMB doesn't play it that often, so it was a treat. Two Step was incredible as always, and ending on Watchtower is a perfect way to close a show. I could have done without some of those everyday songs, he played 7, 8 if you count Everyday. I especially didn't enjoy If I had it All, and What You Are, but you can't have it all. Would have liked a little more UTTAD, they didn't play any other than WWYS, would have LOVED to hear Nancies, Best Of, or Warehouse, but overall the energy was great, and Dave had awesome interaction with the crowd. GREAT SHOW!
Troy R.
This was my 18th show in 13 months. It was far and beyond any of the other 17. I like #41 as an opener. When they do FishMM into Bartender with the penny whistle, it is incredible. It's like they incorporate Bartender completey into FishMM. I'm not the greatest fan of the Everyday songs, but they are much better live than on the album. When Carter went into a solo in the middle of the show, I could not figure out what it was. It was nice to hear Say Goodbye. They had not played very many old songs on this tour. I missed the flute, but the drum solo more than made up for it. From Don't Drink the Water until the end was the best that I have ever heard. Someone behind me yelled "TWO STEP" and 2 seconds later they broke into it. That was really cool from the middle of the field. When Dave announced Stefan on the bass guitar I was sure it was Watchtower, but then I was sooo pleased to hear Crush. After this Dave said thank you and I was sure that they were going off, because it was well approaching 2 1/2 hours. I was squatting getting a sip of my drink and low and behold they start playing WWYSay. I thought it may be a 1 song encore since they had played so long. They did the full encore and Stefan's solo on Watchtower, was again the best I had ever heard. This is the type of show that keeps you coming back. (Though I would keep going no matter what!) Thanks for reading.