Dave Matthews Band
South Texas Ampitheatre, Selma, Texas
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band:Junior Brown

onstage: 8:24pm
Grey Street *
When The World Ends *
Warehouse *
Crash Into Me *
True Reflections *+
So Right *
Fish Monkey Man -->
What You Are *
If I Had It All *+
I Did It *+
Grace Is Gone *
So Much To Say * -->
(Anyone Seen the Bridge?) -->
Too Much *
Angel *+
Two Step *
The Space Between *+
#40 (tease)
JTR *+
offstage: 10:50pm
* Butch Taylor on keys
+ Tawatha, Cindy & Brenda on vocals

Johnathan F.
Well, after seein the AMAZING show on Sunday, I was scared that tonight would be disappointing. In some regards, it was, but Dave kicked things back up in the 2nd half and really left me awestruck yet again, surprise surprise. First of all, the 1st two songs were the same openers as Dallas...disappointed? NO! Great songs...on WHEN THE WORLD ENDS, Dave is doing a great sound effect on "We'll be burnin' one" and it drives the crowd crazy! WAREHOUSE was nice, but not varied at all from the usual arrangement. CRASH, well, a crowd-pleaser it may be...a me-pleaser it is not. Sorry Dave. TRUE REFLECTIONS was better than average, at the least...the lovely ladies sounded great on this! BIG EYED FISH was cool, but the seamless move into a great BARTENDER made the coupled songs all the better. WHAT YOU ARE was better than it was on Sunday, a total jam...what a great opening! I DID IT, whatever, not my favorite song, not my least favorite. There's something missing from the sound and I don't know what it is. Then...the show got amazing...TOO MUCH had the entire place jumping, it was my best live version of it yet...ANGEL, well, see my review of Dallas, same thing...stole my heart away. Those ladies could have sung for an hour and I would never have gotten tired of them. TWO STEP was great, as expected. Great choice for a first closer too. The encore songs were noble choices, and JTR was a jam, with an incredible amount of energy from the band...my only complaint...DAVE STARTED #40!!!!! He played "tables turned again, you my friend"...smiled...and started JTR...I felt cheated, I have always wanted to hear that live! Anyway, enough selfishness, Dave started slow tonight but ended huge and left everyone pleased. Thanks Dave!!!
Diego F.
WOW! Its 4:30 in the morning, I just got back to Houston, and im still excited about what happened today. My sister and I got to the show right as they were opening up the gates so we got to meet the infamous Bo, he even upgraded us to the very first row, amazing. We even talked to him for about 20 minutes, he's a really cool guy. We even got our picture taken with him. We might be posted on the WH site. It depends which picture they decide to post. Im the one in the red shirt. If your reading this Bo, Id like to tell you thanks for the hook up. Anyway it was surreal seeing Dave so close, all of them for that matter. I was off to the side a little tight in front of Boyd's microphone so I was pretty close to the lovely ladies. I spent the whole time trying to get their attention (During Angel I wrote on my shirt, which already said "all you want is... all you need is..." and I wrote "an angel", this didnt really help much they noticed me more when I jumped up and down.) and when I did they would blow kisses at me. It was awesome. I think I have the hots for the lovely ladies :) Butch is a cool person. I never noticed how happy he is to be onstage until tonight. He must hang out with Carter a lot because he has a huge grin on his face all the time. At one point he was playing the air guitar mimicking Dave. And I dont think he thought anyone was lookig at him cause when he looked over at me he saw that I was laughing and he got a little embarrased, but was giving me thumbs up, and I was moving my fingers as if playing the piano and he had a big laugh, and did the same. Dave noticed me too. During Grace is Gone he came and stood right in front of me and read my t-shirt which at that point only said "all you want is... all you need is.." And he smiled and a nodded his head as if to say bad ass. Then later during Two Step one of the band's photographers was taking pictures right next to me and I asked him if he could take a picture of me with the whole band in the backround. He did, and it would have been a cool picture had he had a flash, cause my head came out as a black blob on the little display. Oh well... Then I wrote #40 on a sheet of paper during the encore break, and had one of the workers shine a flashlight on it and move the light around, so when Dave came out he saw it and pointed at me and smiled, but he had his electric strapped on, so he couldnt really play it. The whole crowd was loud as hell, they didnt seem to know how to start the Space Between, but they started it anyway. Then the crew man gave him his 12-string which meant that he was going to play JTR. But I never expected him to do what he did next. He walked over to Carter and said something. And as he walked back to the microphone I saw that he was fingering the C-chord on the guitar which is what he starts #40 with. So I look up at his face and he smiles right at me, points at me and starts playing #40, Sings "the tables turned again, for you my friend..." all while staring right at me with a huge smile and then goes right into JTR. I almost fainted, HE SANG #40 JUST FOR ME. Everyone around me was giving me high fives and everything, it was awesome. Something I will remember for the rest of my life. I also stuck around to see what I could get and all I got was to see the setlist, I saw that they were supposed to close with Stay. That would have been not cool, since they closed with that sunday night. One of the crew gave me a lizard, that Stefan had on his amp. Another Diego that was at show was throwing lizards up at stefan and he was picking them up and placing them on his amp. So I guess I got one of those. Anyway it was my last show for the tour (umless I get lucky), and it was a great one. And I'd like to thank everyone in the band and crew, for once again, another great summer.
Amity D.
This show was my 4th this summer. It was good, but by far not DMB's best performance. Actually the Ladies and the Encore were what made it all worthwile, but I'll get to that later. The beginning went in hand with what they've been playing lately...not much to say there. I was excited to hear Warehouse, hoping it would be a night like the Woodlands in May, but I didn't get so lucky. Oh well. Crash had the Dixie Chicken ending, which always tickles me. I enjoyed So Right much more than I remember...they really started jamming it a lot more than early on this tour. That's probably the only Everyday song that I've heard them stretch out. Big Eyed Fish was for me :) I made a big neon orange sign cut into the shape of a fish and glitter glued a great big eye on it and I noticed Dave looking at it a few times. He started with the story of the fish, then sang about the man, then the monkey. I don't know if he does this often or not since that was my first time hearing it live. Then on the Monkey part, he sang "everybody knows a monkey should stay up his fuckin' tree," which got a good response out of the crowd. After Bartender, he said "It's just sweat but it looks like I wet myself." That was really the only time he talked other than thank-yous, and before the beginning of Grace Is Gone, he said "This is a cowboy song....sort of....it's a broken hearted cowboy song." After SMTS-->ASTB-->Too Much is when the Ladies got their 15 minutes of fame. The band did Angel the same way I've heard it at other shows, but then at the end the boys stood to the side and let The Lovely Ladies take over. (Assuming they're standing in order of Cynthia, Tawatha, Brenda) Brenda started singing first... "I'm looking for my angel tonight...someone to wrap his strong wings around me...Is he over here?...Or maybe he's over there..." After she went for a few minutes, Cynthia did the same thing. When they would say "is he over there" they would point out into the crowd and everyone in that section would scream. Then Tawatha went, but after her intro part, she sang "I think my angel tonight is on the Saxophone"...then Roi did a solo. First I thought "Ooooh Roi's gettin some tail tonight!!! But when she introduced Stefan I realized she was doing that for everyone. She sang "Or is it Mister Bass-Man" and Stefan went. She did it for everyone (including Butch)...introducing them by their instrument, with the exception of Boyd who she introduced as the man who "Pulls the Strings to her heart." You should have seen the smile on his face. Then the three of them sang together "We got what you want, We got what you need" over and over again. I've enjoyed the ladies at other shows (contrary to what a lot of people say) but this performance was truly a treat. I don't care what anyone says, that performance made the whole 4 hour drive worth it. Two Step was normal...nothing special about the way they played it. The encore was another one that really got me. It wasn't The Space Between or JTR that particularly did it for me (although I love both songs) but the fact that he TEASED #40 in between. (This coming from a girl who made a sign for #40 at her last show and never ever thought she'd hear it live) I heard the first 2 notes of the song and started jumping up and down and screaming and freaking out and by the time I was done freaking out, he was done playing it. He only sang the first 4 lines ("Tables turned again, and you my friend, You and I face each other, Oh time and time out") before going into JTR. I have to say that I honestly wasn't thrilled by the beginning of the show (with the exception of Big Eyed Fish) but, as previously stated, the Ladies and the Encore made it really great.
Last night marked the 5th time I have seen DMB, but the first time I saw him up close. I was about 30 yards away, so that aspect of the concert was amazing. The concert itself wasnt so strong. It wasnt Dave's fault though, he had a sore throat, or as he put it "an armadillo in my throat". His throat seriously affected his singing ability and you could tell by the setlist, slow. Dave even told us it was mellow. All that being said, the music was still top notch, Stefan, Boyd, Carter, and LeRoi stepped it up and played really well. Warehouse was awesome, Bartender and What you are were really good back to back. Then came I did it. Blah. Time to go get a beer. They jammed out Angel towards the end, which was awesome, but my favorite part of the night was the 2nd song in the encore. I have been waiting to hear JTR live for a while and I kept missing it, but they played the hell out of it. Too bad all the "DMB fans" in San Antonio just became fans after 'Everyday' was released and no one knew half the setlist. One last thing, The Woodlands in Houston is a much better than the South Texas Amphitheater. That place sucks!
Matthew W.
This show was pretty tight but not as good as the one in Irving. The band had pretty good energy. Grey street was a pretty good opener even though they opened with it in Irving. Warehouse was awesome, and so was Two Step. Boyd did a nice singing job on True Reflections. JTR was a nice encore. I love that song. This was my 3rd dave show, and I have to say, third time is a charm
David V.
Great Show. The first DMB show I've been to, and it was awesome. Dave sounded great. The rest of the band played really well too. The Opening Act was no good, however, and you'd think that with a big name band headlining they'd be able to get someone decent to open. But other than that, the show was awesome! Great setlist too, he played a great variety of the old stuff mixed in with some of his new songs. The lights, projectors, everything, it was an awesome expierence. I just hope Dave continues to tour for a long time, because he definitely puts on the best live show out there.
Michael B.
Wow! what a show. this was my fourth DMB show of this tour (saw all the texas shows), but the best one I've been to. First off, it was hot until after the sun went down, but I was so happy to see JUNIOR BROWN open for DMB! I really like Junior Brown, I've seen him before and he's an awesome performer. Dave had nothing but good things to say about Junior and his band, which was cool. Now, time for the show! I caught the Irving show two nights before, with the same two song into, GREY STREET and WTWE , great way to start off the show. My only complaint was that the volume from the speakers was pretty low the first few songs, (more than usual) and it bummed me out during WAREHOUSE, one of my favorites, and they did it well but I wish they were really jamming it like on the Red Rocks recordings. I was so suprised to hear CRASH INTO ME, all the radio fans in the crowd got a kick out of this one, I actually like this song a lot live and they did it well. Boyd stepped up to the mic with the lovely ladies for TRUE REFLECTIONS, it was very nice and mellow. SO RIGHT gets better every time I hear it. BIG EYED FISH! I love this song and was so so stoked to hear it. BARTENDER was absolutely amazing. SMTS-TOO MUCH kept the place rocking. ANGEL was really awesome, I loved the intro's to each band member, they did this in Dallas as well. Then as soon as I heard the into to TWO STEP I knew it was going to rock. the best version of TWO STEP (in my top 5 fav. DMB songs) I ever heard! Wonderful setlist, not a disappointment anywhere for me. Encore - was hoping to see Watchtower, but I saw it a couple nights ago in Dallas. THE SPACE BETWEEN was nice, but I would have preferred it to have not been the encore. JTR is a great song, they are performing it very well this summer. Gave me deja-vu when I saw the same video clips for this song from Dallas interwoven with the stage cameras, but I didn't mind it. All in all, awesome night
Jon A.
Before getting to the show, I must say that this was just not my week for concerts. The friend I was supposed to go with wound up in the hospital during Sunday's show, so he was having surgery instead of going to the show, and then I have a blow out on I-35 before even getting to Austin--dammit. Now for the show, I must say that this was the first of my 8 shows that I left a little disappointed. The set was just too similar to the Texas Stadium one, only shorter and fewer jams. I was excited to here BEF for the first time ever since Dave began playing it at The Woodlands and then forgot the words back in May. Unfortunately, I think I actually like the Lillywhite version of the song better, where Dave does the high pitched "No ways." He did not do this live, but I'm not sure if that's just the way he does it or if it was because his voice was shot. Warehouse and Too Much were both pretty standard, but the crowd really got into both of those songs, which was cool. Aside from that, the only other 2 variations from TX Stadium was Crash and True Reflections--two songs that I could do without. Two Step was a nice closer before the encore--in the intro verse Dave added a nice line about how his voice was gone but he must go on singing--or something like that. He also called GIG a "broken-hearted Cowboy song." I wish #40 would have been more than a tease, but that didn't surprise. JTR is not a bad song, but I'm not sure if it makes the best concert closer. I doubt I will ever say that a Dave concert was flat-out bad, but this one does not rank up there with others I have been to. I will say that after seeing a show in the toilet known as Texas Stadium, the new Verizon Wireless Amp kicked ass. It was nice and spacious, but at the same time, was a much better atmosphere than a stadium. The section I was in went crazy anytime Boyd did anything, so that was cool. I guess the one knock on that place is that the parking scene is pretty awful. Other than that, a great place for a show. Dave was also all about the facial expressions while he was playing with the crowd the whole night. So overall, not the best night ever, but still enjoyable.
Ali R.
After Sunday night at Texas Stadium, I was happy to see the band back at a more intimate venue. I liked this amphitheater, there really isnt a bad seat in the house. The sound was almost a hundred times better than Tx. Stadium. The set list was almost the same as Sunday night. Grey Street is one of my favorite songs but it doesn't quite work as an opener. JTR is also a very cool song but does not quite have the "closer" qualities. The crowd tonight was definitely really cool and totally into the show. So much..--> Too much had everybody dancing. Big Eyed Fish is definitely a cool song. This was probably my last show of this tour, so if anyone from Dallas would like to hook me and my friend Brent Connett up with front row seats next time the band swings through Dallas, let me know. We'll be happy to get them off your hands. "We'll see you again, no doubt".
Carey D.
This is my first review and my 3rd DMB SHOW in the last three yrs. (How I spent my Summer Vac!!! you know the story) Dave came out for the intro of JR BROWN, and said "This Man is BAD-ASS" The DMB,who we all came to see Opened to a Huge TEXAS Howdy! The Topper of the Show for me was WAREHOUSE!!!! My first LIVE!!! So Right,GIG,2-Step,Bartender,and the 40 tease to JTR were also KOIDAK moments. Can't wait til my next Summer Vac w/DMB. OH-YEAH LEROI ROCKS THE PENNYWHISTLE!!! P.S. Lookin for TAPERS of any TOUR!!!! BARTENDER! PLEASE on BENDED KNEE E-MAIL IF U HAVE BOOT-LEGS!!!!! CAREY_ROUSE@msn.com
Raul C.
I'd been waiting to see Dave Matthews for a long time, only to be disappointed. I did not know he is followed such an inmature college crowd. My wife and I could only hear people around us screaming during the whole show for no reason whatsoever. The sound was horrible, as described on the column by the San Antonio Express News the following day. I love Dave's music, but those fans don't know a think about it, otherwise they would have stayed just a little more quiet and made noise only when it made sense. They organizers, on the other hand, did their part to make things worse. They packed 20,000 people into an a theater. That's an arena crowd. Getting in and out was and adventure on its own. The set list was not bad, it's remarkable that the band is ready to play anything on any given night, unlike other bands like U2 that will play the same 22 songs during the whole tour. I loved the Listener Supported video and that's what I expected. Maybe next time will be better.
Trevor Z.
Well this was show two for me this year and no matter what my brother Evan says, the show was not weak unless you are basing it off of the bad-ass Woodlands show we went to(5/12/01). Grey Street is my favorite of the Lilywhite Session tracks and is without a doubt a song I will never get tired of. When The World Ends is just a really good song and Boyd's plucks on the violin are bad-ass. Warehouse was a pleasant change from the new stuff, a pure classic. I don't care what anyone says, down here in San Antonio we don't hear much DMB so Crash is a classic that I turn up everytime I hear it and it's always good to hear live. When I left the Woodlands in May I was only disappointed that didn't hear three of my favorite songs. One of those songs is So Right, LeRoi's solos were pure Magic and I hope that this is the next single. Big Eyed Fish and Bartender were both awesome to hear. This was definately a new song dominated show. I didn't think it possible for any DMB song to sound identical on both the road and in the studio, but damn, I Did It sure does. So Much To Say, Anyone Seen The Bridge, Too Much is nice trio of songs to hear Stefan tore shit up on Too Much and Dave was just flat out being the man on both So Much to Say and Anyone Seen The Bridge. I guess I'm the minority in saying that unless it's Stay or true Reflections I hate the Lovley Chicks and also found the Gospel at the end of Angel was very unnecesary. Up next came Two Step, which is in my opinion, the best DMB song, studio or live. I was planning on the 14 minute version seeing as Butch was in the house, but the short and just as kick-ass version is what we got. You could tell Dave was struggling with his voice on this one as he just couldn't get loud on the last chorus. My friends, being semi-DMB fans that they are had no idea what the Hell JTR was and I had to give them the history of JTR. That is a great song and I think this would've been the single released off the Lilywhite Sessions. Overall, it was a really good show, not as good the Woodlan ds but still very strong.
Cindy P.
Please allow me to add that this DMB show in San Antonio was significant in the sense that we, for a change, DIDN'T have to travel hours on hours for a show, however, I'll still travel to Salt Lake for a final show. This show was the first sell-out at our new amphitheatre, which I hope will guarantee us return, and possibly muliple shows in the future. Lots of newbie's in the audience, which I don't mind. My theory is that given ample exposure to quality music, DMB fans will sprout all over the place! Lot's cleary there for Everyday but what they really NEEDED was a taste of the good old jams, we ARE a simple city, after all. Anyway, my highlights were WH, TR's, I adore So Right, lovely rendition of Barender, GIS, and Two Step. Desperately wanted to hear Waste!!! #41 somehow eludes me everytime, think it's a conspiracy...The lovely ladies were beautiful and brought such an elegance in their several appearances. You just know good things are around the corner when they show their faces!! Never disappointed. Dave even noticed our pink neon/on black poster that simply said: "beautiful" and pointed at it immediately at the beginning of the show. Our nasty 301 seats, were only made acceptable after a lovely meeting that we enjoyed with Dave & Stefan prior to the show. My truck driver brother who joined us gave their bus drivers directions to the venue, since they've never been there. That resulted in a "you need to stand right there and wait" directions---which resulted in Dave happily strolling out of a side door at his hotel. Dave: happy, beautiful, generous! Stefan: lovely, kind, beautiful, and special! DMB in San Antonio: never thought I'd see the day!
Missed Junior Brown AND Howie Day thanks to my wonderful ride (can't complain too much they gave me a place to stay) Anyway we arrived about 10 minutes before the band took the stage, the orch was quite empty (I was in orch 2 row F) Grey Street opener again, I couldn't really get into the crowd around me was really bad. I'm not sure if it was just in the pit, everyone else seemed to think the crowd was great but down where I was everyone was sitting down, talking, and leaving to buy beers every five second, definitely the worst crowd I've ever seen (been to six shows) Setlist was pretty much the same which was a disappointment, but I've been wanting to hear Big Eyed Fish since the first time I downloaded it and the band actually played it! The lyrics were switched around a different but I loved every minute of it, the crowd was eerily quite. BEF went right into Bartender which was also awesome, Dave wailed pretty hard. Another highlight was the SMTS->ASTB->Too Much. The whole band was dancing (especially Dave) on ASTB this was also the first time the crowd around me got into the show. Awesome Awesome Two Step, Carters solo was incredible I never thought it would end. Encore was great as well, #40 tease! Someone in the front had signs and Dave obliged them, too bad he didn't finish. JTR was a great song to end on. I can't wait to see the band again, hopefully this two year break thing is just a rumor!