Dave Matthews Band
Texas Stadium, Irving, Texas
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band:Angelique Kidjo / Wyclef Jean

onstage: 8:20pm
Grey Street *
When The World Ends *
So Right *
One Sweet World (Instrumental Intro)
#41 (Everyday)
Satellite *~
I Did It *+
JTR *+
Sleep To Dream Her * -->
Grace Is Gone *
Two Step *
Lie In Our Graves *
Angel *+
If I Had It All *+
What You Are *
All Along the Watchtower *
Ain't It Funny How Time Slips Away
The Space Between *+
Stay *+
offstage: 11:22pm
* Butch Taylor on keys
+ Tawatha, Cindy & Brenda on vocals
~ Angelique Kidjo on vocals

Adam W.
First Review,bear with me! Ahhh..Texas Stadium. I couldn't tell the difference between this stadium and the usual stop for DMB:Smirnoff Ampitheater. Grey Street was not on my list because he played it last year.WTWE was done in fine fashion..slower than the album version. #41 was a nice surprise in the middle of the set. Then Satellite came out to please the teeny-boppers and then of course...I Did It.Gosh...this was my fourth show...it was really laid back compared to the first 3. There were highlights but at the same time there were no disapointments..well,not enough Lillywhites I guess.Angel was done beautifully and paired well going into an awesome version of If I Had It All.I'm glad that Dave squeezed Space Between in before the house lights came up..So, there you have it..a first time review.It stunk I know.
Jon A.
To say the least, this was an amazing set...20 songs, 3 hrs. Grey Street made for a cool opener, followed by WTWE and So Right, which is growing on me every time I hear it. You can never go wrong with One Sweet World and #41, especially with a little Everyday mixed in to the #41 jam. Satellite with Angelique Kidjo singing in her native tongue was interesting to say the least. Still not a huge fan of I Did It, but the Lovely Ladies added a little something to it and then stayed on for JTR. I absolutely love the Sleep To Dream Her transition into Grace Is Gone. That was followed by Two Step and Lie In Our Graves, two more songs that I will gladly hear ever year. Props to Butch on the LIOG solo. The highlight of my night followed with Angel and the Lovely Ladies' solos during the jam--I'll gladly be your angel Ladies. I figured there would be one more song after Angel to close it out, but instead they proceeded with If I Had It All, Bartender and What You Are before finishing off with an energy-filled version of Watchtower--Butch really adds a lot with the synthesizer thing on his keyboard. I thought for sure the encore would be one song, possibly two, since the set was so long already, but Dave came out alone for Ain't It Funny--awesome song for Dave to wrap up the night with. The rest of the boys and the Lovely Ladies then joined him for The Space Between and then a version of Stay that put a spectacular ending to a phenomenal set. Now for the negatives: First, Texas Stadium sucked as a venue--I never thought I'd miss Smirnoff (Starplex) so much, but Texas Stadium tops it as a shithole. Second, the f*cking Irving police patrolled the parking lot before the show handing out MIPs, and then once inside arrested a recorder b/c they wanted his rig at eye level when sitting down, which would've sucked for recording the show. Lastly, a shout out to Matt, who's lung collapsed early in the set, so he had to spend most of the show in the hospital. So other than these things and being out til 2am bailing the aforementioned recorder out of jail, this was one of the most amazing sets I have ever witnessed. Can't wait for San Antonio on Tues.
Johnathan F.
Well, this was my fifth Dave show, and although this may have been due to some really fortunate tickets, it was the BEST performance I've seen him give. They made several comments about tonight being their last big stadium show of the tour, so they really pulled out all the stops, including solos by Carter, Stefan, Butch, and EACH ONE of the lovely ladies by themselves...not to mention a TWENTY SONG SET!!! Overall the show was well structured and energetic, but here are the highlights. #41 was graced at the end by lyrics from EVERYDAY, which he's done before on this tour, but still made people smile. Angelique added some sweet harmonies in her native tongue to SATELLITE, which gave new flavor to a somewhat worn out song. JTR was extented with the lovely ladies, and it seemed like everyone was getting into it, even the ones who hadn't heard it. GRACE IS GONE was amazingly full-sounding, thanks to Butch Taylor. TWO STEP and LIE IN OUR GRAVES were avsolutely out of this world. Of course, they both had extended jams, but like I said before, the energy and "last-night" appreciation for the enormous crowd showed up in their energy. BARTENDER and WATCHTOWER were expectedly amazing, and the Willie Nelson song was a nice touch in the encore. STAY was extra-long, and that was nice too! But, I have to say, the best part of Dave's show tonight was, in my opinion, ANGEL. Surprised? Yeah, me too. While I like the song moderately, he played a little in the background while each one of the lovely ladies did a solo about Angels. Their voices were none other than just that...angelic...and the fact that the band allowed them. on the last big show, to showcase their talent, really touched me and the folks around me. Overall, to wrap things up, Dave Matthews has not fallen behind in quality like some people have said...when he wants to be, he is impressive, happy, and most of all, inspiring...go see him before his wife has those kids. See ya Tuesday.
Leanne S.
Tonight was the greatest DMB night for me so far - show #7 for my husband John and I, and our first Dave meeting. The warehouse members had a great pre-show gathering at the Flying Saucer with a cool cover band and great fans! (Thanks-Cynthia and family!) I got to meet Dave because of a Dave dancing contest that was at the FS, the best girl and two guys were chosen for the ultimate prize of meeting Dave! I won and I was sooo pumped, but disappointed because my husband might have to stay behind, but wait he still has a chance because they are going to draw 5 warehouse members to go also; the second name drawn is one of John's best friends - Kris, our table is going crazy because two of us are going to meet Dave! But Kris is not the kind of friend you come by everyday - he gave his spot up to my husband - oh my gosh we are going to meet Dave together! We felt like we were in a dream! So we went to a suite at Texas Stadium to meet with Dave and Boyd. We took some pictures and got a couple of autographs - it was great. When I told Dave that I won a Dave dancing contest in order to meet him he said - "That's funny because I don't even know how to dance like me", I also reminded Boyd that they haven't played Say Goodbye on this tour yet, he said "Oh, really". I thought I had a good chance of hearing it after that, but no luck. But that was ok, because this show was rocking!! It lasted a little over 3 hours, and I left totally satisfied with what I had just witnessed. This was my first experience with the lovely ladies, and I really enjoyed it - Angel was so beautiful with them and it really helped the band get into jamming on some of the new songs. Also I always love hearing the classics - #41, Lie In Our Graves, Two Step (one of the best I've heard). Also I am pretty burnt out on Satellite, but the band added a nice change by bringing Angelique Kidjo on board. The whole show was great the band was just having a blast on stage and we were feeling every minute of it! After the show we headed back to the FS, Cynthia had more in store for us, all kinds of signed goodies to raffle off. My husband and I both won DMB t-shirts, and I won an Everyday CD signed by Dave and Carter, (after the cool drummer from the cover band decided to let someone else win it)! But we decided after the incredible day we had, to give the CD to Kris - who made it possible for my husband and I to spend an exciting DMB day together!
Andrew G.
I was very, very pleased to hear them open with Grey Street. They played it with so much energy and intensity, it had to be heard to be believed. The band definitely learned how to play So Right live and make it work like a DMB song. It was great to hear old classics like One sweet World and Satellite (with a guest appearance by Angelique Kidjo and a stadium filled with lighters, it was definitely one of my favorite moments of the night). The worthless Sleep to Dream Her was only redeemed by the fact that it was followed by Grace is Gone. Boyd went all out on Lie in Our Graves, definitely one of the best Boyd solos I've ever heard. They came back for an encore started by a Dave Solo and then finished it up with Space Between and the high energy Stay. It was definitely a great concert, but Boyd and LeRoi were underused on the Everyday songs, but definitely had their time to shine on the older ones. The setlist was great, the band seemed to be enjoying themselves, and it was one of the best Dave concerts i've ever been to. Thanks!
Jason T.
Without saying "why in the hell did they have to play so many Everyday songs" I'm going to try to make sense of a surprisingly good show in a downright hellish setting (it really was that hot and Texas Stadium is a nasty venue). -- In doing so I need to first set some groundwork. I have come to a revelation in my relationship with seeing DMB live (going back to 11/20/94), and this would be inconceivable a couple of years ago, but the band doesn't belong to us and we have to accept where they are creatively and what they are going to play. In 7 years I've never been satisfied with a setlist and I don't think that I ever will be. I'm completely assured that my quest to see Crush or The Maker is going to turn into rooting for Ripple with the Dead, I've realized that DMB isn't the Burger King of pop/rock/jambands and I can't have it my way and that setlists are starting to be pulled from an ever limiting catalogue. -- Regardless of what they played, how disappointing some of the selections were and how I cringed whenever Dave reached for the electric, I really had a great time. They hit several epiphanies that were just bliss (during Grey Street, #41, Two Step, Bartender, and others) the rest was just filler. The band sounded polished, tight, a bit methodical in some jams but overall refreshing and surprising. Butch has become an irreplaceable part of the band, Boyd was simply smoking (#41 and two step), LeRoi was completely dialed in and hitting amazing notes (just wish he took over a bit more during this show) and Dave's version of Willy Nelson's Funny How Time Slips Away was just amazing. Not only did his version foreshadow a possible band hiatus during 2002, but it convinced me that the fans don't own the creative flow that is DMB, we can just hope they continue to make music they are passionate about rather than rehashing the mid-90's. -- Gotta go now, -- guess I'll -- see you hanging round -- Don't know when though, oh -- Never know when I'll be back in town... -- Yeah, ain't it surprisi n' how time slips away
Diego F.
The experience was not just the show itself. It started at a private preparty, where a lot harcore DMB fans showed uup and met, and chilled. They even had a cover band. And some people were drawn out of a bag to get to go meet Dave before the show. My friend, won a Dave dance contest at the party and got to go too. He's a lucky guy, I never get that lucky. But anyway, onto the show. We tried our best to get there as early as possible to seee if we could get upgraded, but we got there just in time to see Angelique come out on stage. She was awesome, great vocalist. I wish more people would have gotten up and danced during her set. People sit around too much. Wyclef was awesome. I saw him in March here in Houston and he rocked. Now onto the show, a very long one. Greystreet was a great opener. So right was awesome, since the lyrics "stay up and make some memories" had a cool meaning to me since I basically stayed up all night, we were too exited. Satellite with Angelique was nice. JTR was great as always. I wish they would have done the grace is gone prelude, but they didnt. Two Step was a highlight. Great drumming by Carter. Boyd and Butch jammed out Lie in our graves. Butch was on fire. The lovely ladies stole the show in Angel. I love them. I want to meet them so bad. During If I had It All I was about to pass out. Too much dancing and everything else. I was just waiting for them to close and they kept going. Bartender seemed a little shorter than usual. I love it when Dave moans before What You Are especially the way he did it last night, he kept it going for a long time. Watchtower was a good closer, lots of energy. Aint it funny is a great song. Great theme to it, I love the sitting on the dock of the bay insertion. I was hoping to hear Stay since I have never heard it live and they played their hearts out, Daves legs were goind crazy on this one. So there is the show a rather long show. In my opinion it was one of the best I had been to. The band had a sort of glow. T he whole experience was glowing.
Zach V.
Amazing show. The crowd was really into it from the very start. Grey Street is a great opener. #41 and Satellite were awesome. I'm not a big fan of the lovely ladies, and i think it would be best if Angelique Kidjo replaced them all. She sung beautifully during Satellite. All the lovely ladies did was screw up Angel with all their singing. Two Step was good and Lie in our Graves was great. Watchtower was really enjoyable. The encore wasn't anything special but Dave singing by himself with just his guitar is really cool. Better than last year's at Starplex from the standpoint of song selection but there wasn't as much jamming. I think last year's was better because of the Flecktones and because of the venue.
John M.
Terrific show. Magical setlist: One Sweet World, #41, Two Step, Lie In Our Graves, and Watchtower. All in the same night?!? (Oxygen! Okay...) First, the highlights: 1) Dave sang funky little Everyday outro on #41. (DMB also played amazing Everyday encore in Houston on 5/12/01... Must be something about Texas.) 2) Boyd Tinsley's and Butch Taylor's solos during LIE IN OUR GRAVES were absolutely spectular. (Boyd and Butch embraced following the 20+ minute jam.) 3) Lovely Ladies' contribution on ANGEL was really entertaining. (I think the Lovely Ladies get a bad rap from some fans-- they definitely added to this night.) 4) DMB's high-energy performance despite three hours of 95+ temperatures was inspiring (and perspiring). Next, the (few) low points: 1) Angelique Kidjo on SATELLITE. 2) SLEEP TO DREAM HER and IF I HAD IT ALL. 3) Restless stoners who died out less than two hours into the show. (Dave isn't exactly drug-free himself, but if he can perform for three hours, certainly you can stand and enjoy the entire show.) Overall, I thought it was a great show. Didn't quite match the Woodland Pavilion's atmosphere in May-- what an amazing thunderstorm-- but definitely a memorable night. (CPS, thought about you all night. You would have loved this show. Hope you were able to make it.)
Daniel M.
While this was only my third show, I must say that this was the most excited that I have ever seen the band. The show started off well with a lot of energy, although I couldn't understand what dave was singing for the first couple of songs. Satellite was especially cool because Angelique Kidjo sang with Dave. At the climax of the song most people in the stadium had their lighters out and it was a very cool moment. I am not a huge fan of satellite, but it was one of my favorite songs on this night. Many of the songs from Everyday are sounding a lot better live. Sleep to Dream her and Angel were sounding great. At the end of Angel the lovely ladies had their turns at solos and it was awesome. They helped highlight each band member, and everyone was going crazy. Two Step and Lie in Our Graves were great, especially back to back. Boyd's solo on LIe in Our Graves was awesome! Bartender was definately cool with Leroi playing at the very end, giving it a very somber tone. Although a lot of the Lillywhite songs are fairly well known, it was my impression that much of the crowd did not know some of the songs such as Grace is Gone and Bartender. In fact, much of the crowd sat down on these songs. Watchtower was good as always, and the encore rocked, though I was hoping for Ants Marching. On a personal note, I took my dad to this show with me and he knows a little about Dave from what I have told him, but by the end of the show he was clapping and calling out Dave's name for an encore. In the end, this was the best show I've been to by far.
Betsy W.
first, i just want to say thanks to cynthia again and all of you that partied before the show at the flying saucer. i had a blast even though we showed up "fashionably late." if i met any of yall at the FS or the show, please email me b/c i loved meeting and talking to everyone and i'd like to keep in touch. anyways, onto the show... yes i was quite inebriated, but i do remember it all (by the way i apologize to everyone on the 5:00 bus). it was an average show in my opinion. i was hoping it would be stellar since it was the last stadium show of the summer, but i was disappointed personally. although dave seemed so happy and excited at the beginning, i didnt feel the energy and interaction from the crowd like in the woodlands in may. moreover, i think the hellish heat and humidity didn't help make everyone want to jump around and scream either. i really enjoyed angelique kidjo in satellite, but i doubt ill ever be able to hear it again since they were arresting all the tapers and forcing them to take down their equipment. if thats not bullshit, i dont know what is. the lovely ladies have earned my respect finally. i thought angel was absolutely beautiful with their solo at the end although i would have given my first born for a nice version of Long Black Veil. I was glad i downloaded "Ain't It Funny..." prior to this show to become familiar with it in case they played it in Dallas since Dave did. I totally dig "What You Are" now after seeing it live several times. Oh yeah, and I was blown away by LIOG, Two Step, and #41. I wish they would jam them out as heavily as they did in 2000. Maybe Glen's philosophy on being short, sweet, and to the point is taking its toll on our boys. On the way out of the stadium, as a very handsome young man from OU (i cant remember his name) helped me along, i thanked someone from the crew who was operating a camera (for the dvd maybe??) for the nice show and he said he was glad we enjoyed it, and i said well we'll see ya next year! and he was like "no you wont. we're taking a break for 2 years." AHH!! That ruined it for me, I was so sad and depressed on the way out, but that nice young man was still there with me, so I'm ok. this was my 1st stadium show so i didnt know what to expect. i thought row 8 seats would be great (hey to all the OU boys in row 9!!!). they were except i didnt like how everyone was at the same level so i couldnt see the stage very well. well i guess this was just another chapter of DMB i needed to experience. talk to yall soon and thanks for indluging me! (ps- sorry, no exciting stories this time :( but i did win a tshirt at the flying saucer and hit some innocent people after diego teased me... theres some drama for ya!)
Beau R.
The boys were incredible. Wyclef Jean was really good, and got the crowd alive after cooking in texas stadium(which is a bad venue in the summer).It was triple digits and as soon as dave got on stage, he as well as the whole band were soaking. The sound was great and the setlist was a suprise. Grey street was a great opener, and the crowd was rockin. so right and i did it were highlights. energy was great and everyone was groovin. angel was a pleasant surprise and watchtower and stay were incredible. lovely ladies and butch taylor were the icing on the cake.
David L.
OK I decided to review this one in list form. First for the NEGATIVES. (1) Texas Stadium (starplex much better), (2) Port a Pottie lines, (3) Angelique doing Sattelite (thank God dave took over, if she would have finished the song by herself I would have puked) (4) Sleep to Dream Her... worst DMB song in their extensive song catalogue. They have to see the people sitting down as soon as they start to play it. Now for the POSITIVES: (1) grey street as an opener (2) the four big screens that are at big venue stops (3) the amazing creativity and camera operating of the big screen (4) LIOG, the highlight of the night. Stop beating around the bush and make Butch a full member. Boyd was on fire. Butch and Boyd realized how amazing they were on that song...they hugged each other after in congratutations on kicking ass. (5) Angel, not usually one of my favorites but the Lovely Ladies have changed that. Great job girls! They make their talent seem effortless. (6) Watchtower... always a great pre-encore closer, however, I kinda missed Boyd's Wa-Wa violin solo like in the Woodlands in May. (7) Stay as a closer. Great energy, great dancing, great show. Three hours of non-stop amazing musicianship. P.S. Carter is my hero.
Keith S.
Dmb was brilliant last night! It was my 4th time to see them and by far was the best show I've seen. Anyways we drove all they way from Oklahoma to see these guys, and it was well worth it. Grey Street was rocking, I loved WTWE and So Right! It was bloody hot in Texas but it was worth it. My friends and I got to the show early and fired up the grill even though you didn't need an actual grill, 100 degrees outside. But after seeing how much dave was sweating during the show, I know he felt for all us fans enjoying the show. Anyways, #41 & LIOG was fantastic! I also thought that Sleep to Dream Her was very good. I'm glad that they played a lot of their new stuff. I just wanted to hear dancing nancies or dreams of our fathers. No big deal though. Well to some up the night....FREAKING BRILLIANT! Jenny, Luke, Bigga, Emma, Lyn, Coco, Flicka, Chap, Skip, and Sweet & Tasty...Love you guys....Thanks for enjoying DMB with me, and the ride home back to Oklahoma!
Matt W.
One thing about Sunday evening's concert was the way it showed headliner the Dave Matthews Band's steadily increasing popularity. Starting with shows in Deep Ellum and moving through recent sold-out dates at Smirnoff Music Centre, the DMB can now half way fill Texas Stadium. Equally intriguing is the way the band is flashing--through a savvy choice of openers--a few signs about who might join them in the ranks of pop's big sellers. Benin-born Angelique Kidjo seems a likely choice. This tour and a just-released greatest-hits retrospective may add up (finally) to an American presence for this otherwise international star. She certainly made an effort equal to the reward. Though she was performing while many in the audience were deciding where to park, she projected an energetic presence and ably steered her Afro-Brazilian pop sensibilities through both ballads and uptempo celebrations. Former Fugee Wyclef Jean is the same kind of synthesist. Unwilling to surrender hip-hop to popular turntables-and mics cliches, he blends the island rhythms of his native Haiti and the urban grit of his current New York home and comes up with a cross-cultural melange that sounds brand new. Although he traveled with a DJ and relied on his wheels of steel to keep things on the city side, Mr. Jean also had a full band and even went so far as to strap on a guitar for a rock number based on "Jailhouse Rock"-style riffs. As you'd expect from someone who titled his last album Ecleftic, Mr. Jean was all over the map stylistically, from Bob Marley's "No Woman, No Cry" to House of Pain's early-90's floor-filler "Jump Around" and his own, less definable songs such as "Gone Till November" and Perfect Gentleman." As for DMB, you don't get a market share like theirs without a reliable brand, and all the customer-pleasers were in full effect: the exposition of an everchanging set list, the jazzy interplay of sax and violin and Mr. Matthews' sensitive-but-urgent persona. The crowd was exuberant in its appreciation, and it seems simply a matter of time before the Dave Matthews Band fills the other half of Texas Stadium.
Jeff M.
First off, let me say that I thought I couldn't have been madder leaving the show after what the "lovely ladies" did to Angel and the entire feeling of the show. But, alas, I was proven wrong when I came here and read these reviews posted before mine; What the hell are all you people thinking? The lovely ladies suck. They ruin every song they open their mouths on. I'll admit I like them on Stay if they don't try to steal the entire show, and I can even tolerate them on #36 (which is sadly joining #34 in near-extinction... :( ). But at this show they successfully ruined every song they sang on, including Stay, in this case. Angel was the epitome of their horrible horrible performance and shameless desecration of the music of DMB. As Dave stopped playing and Butch was just playing the chords real softly, I thought they were gonna end it there, and I was just about to say "wow, that was cool...I think thats the best live translation of an Everyday song I've heard yet"....but then those stupid stupid women started singing, making up meaningless words and stealing the spotlight from the real musicians on stage...even the last lady's bit where she introduced each instrument was retarded- we already know there is a saxaphone player, a bass player, a drummer, a violinist, a keyboardist and a guitarist- SO SHUT THE HELL UP! WE DONT WANT TO HEAR YOU. We came to hear the Dave Matthews Band. Please Dave, listen to your real fans, your fans that have been with you since the beginning, your fans that know songs like Spotlight and Blue Water Baboon Farm and People People and The Maker and #34, your fans that spread the live tapes and helped you get all the exposure- Fire the Lovely Ladies. They're only bringing the music down. Forsake the opinion of the radio-borne fans and get rid of the lovely ladies...or at least reduce their role to something very minimal...and to the girl behind me, who after the ladies did their dirty deed on angel said "now THAT was a jam", and to all of the rest of you who think the same thing: you wouldnt know a jam if it sat on you. (i must admit, i stole that line from my girlfriend).**** OK, enough about that. On to the rest of the show. This show started out great, it had all kinds of potential to be an amazing show. Grey St. was really unexpected as an opener, but I couldn't have picked a better one. WTWE was a real good live translation of an Everyday song, and So Right was the best use of the electric guitar I've heard yet (save maybe Dave's solo on Angel). I've never seen OSW live in any show I've been to, so when I heard the first few notes of the nature intro i was pumped...this proved to be a really good version too, LeRoi's solo in the beginning was really really pretty, one of the best I've ever heard...and he even took his glasses off and opened his eyes a bit, which was great! In the fashion of Live at Luther College, #41 came next, and it was a good one, with the everyday outro priming us for a little Everyday/#36 later on, but no such luck. Satellite was interesting with Angelique, if we must hear it. Then Dave thanked the steel(stage and rigging) and sound crew and everybody, saying it was the "last night we're playing these 'little bit bigger places' for a while" and that "we've got the baddest crew in rock and roll, thats for sure"...props to Rex, too, thanks for all the years. It was good to hear 4 songs from "the summer so far"/Lilywhite sessions...JTR was great to hear, carter had a cool little drum solo in the middle of it, (barely even noticed the Ladies, like it should be)...and though im not a huge fan of sleep to dream her, i enjoyed that, and the subsequent transition to Grace is Gone was awesome...thats one that i love hearing anytime...2 step and LIOG really had me pumped, LIOG was waaay long and had great violin and keys solos, with dave offstage, switching guitars and then just chilling with the guitar tech for a bit (being up close helps you see these things :) ...yeah 11th row!)....the first half, the band half, of Angel was great, with a great LeRoi solo in the intro, and dave's guitar sounding real good...like i said, that part was cool....then the lovely ladies f*cked it all up (see above)....the highlight of that was when dave played a little guitar solo...nice licks, dave :).......if i had it all wasnt the best recovery from the horrible end of angel....Bartender was great, as always...what you are was a pretty good jam....watchtower, not a particularly great version, pretty bland, but still a cool song and powerful closer. .... i think the one thing that was my favorite was dave solo doing "aint it funny how time slips away"...really cool to just see him and a guitar, under just a spotlight on him....a really really cool tune, too, plus the "sittin on the dock of the bay" outro....got some cheers when dave said "willie nelson for president"....have to expect space between, and stay was a very disappointing closer for the encore...mostly just cuz i didnt want to hear any more of the disgusting lovely ladies....but whatever....all in all, a good show, but pretty close to the bottom of the ones i've seen.... DMB remains one of the best, if not the best, live act that crosses all different groups, styles, tastes and genres, can still pack stadiums, and does it by actually playing their instruments live every single night...even though i was somewhat disappointed with this show, it still kicks the ass of anything else that's out there in the music scene currently..... our sincere and most grateful thanks dave, for continuing to rock for us night after night, year after year, tour after tour and album after album (be them unreleased or ill-produced, a la "the summer so far" or "everyday", respectively)...we hope you keep it coming for years to come!
Shawn M.
The show was great. It was the last big stadium on the tour and Dave went out with a bang. He played for nearly 3 hours and was jamming the whole time even in the intense heat. He played a lot of the new stuff but it was nice to hear some of the lillywhite stuff too. I'm an "old" dave fan and went crazy for songs like "#41" and "satellite." The only thing I could have changed was the heat and I would have liked to have hear "tripping billies" and "warehouse." But all in all, it was a great experience!
Sarah P.
This is for Nathan Zane Fleming.WOW!What can I say...another amazing show in the South! When Dave began with Grey Street I thought my brother might faint. Luckilly, we held up nicely and enjoyed the Everyday wonders including When the World Ends and So Right. It was due time for #41 and it was definitely a thriller. It's nice to have Butch Taylor back on the keys - he adds a transe-like feel to the wholeset.Angelique Kidjo was a great add to the easy crowd pleaser, Satalite. Last summer I was able to spend two wonderful nights at Starplex with one of my very best friends who passed away in the Oklahoma State plane crash January 27 of this year. Obviously this set list was a pretty emotional one for me because Grace is Gone was his favorite song from Lillywhite which led into an incredible as always Two-Step (his very favorite song of all times, and favorite quote, "Celebrate we will 'cause life is short but sweet") which led into Lie in our Graves and Angel! WOW! Guess he was watching over all of us. Couldn't get better than that! Although we weren't lucky enough to have the pouring down rain as we did at the Woodlands Pavillion this summer, the heat turned to passion as Dave led into an incredible foursome of IF I HAD IT ALL (one of my personal favorites), BARTENDER, WHAT YOU ARE, and we can never forget ALL ALONG THE WATCHTOWER. I swear the excitement in that song could kill someone! Encore was sweet and loveable as Dave belted out an old Willie song "his hero," that had a little of Dock of the bay in it, Space between and Stay. Although I loved WASTE by Phish at the Woodlands, this encore was well worth remebering. Only thing lacking was the oldie but goodie I'LL BACK YOU UP! Thank you Dave for such an emotional tour this year..."CELEBRATE WE WILL 'CAUSE LIFE IS SHORT BUT SWEET!" Never forget that!
Allison S.
What can i say? Possibly the best Dave show i've ever seen. Wyclef was awesome and definately had the crowd ready and rowdy for Dave. The show in general was spectacular. A few too many Everyday songs, but i suppose that's to please the newbies. Nonetheless, an excellent show. #41 rocked, and Watchtower was simply amazing. Dave played many songs on my dream setlist, which pleased me. Just an all around great show. A good time was had by all.
Christopher R.
This was a very good show. Grey Street was longer than usual and totally jammed out. It is nice to see them establishing Grey Street as an opener because it has a lot of energy ang gets the crowd going from the start. Yes, there were a lot of "Everyday's," but that is their new album, so what would you expect? Standard When the World Ends. But a really nice So Right followed. Totally rocked out version. Easily best Everyday. One Sweet World was next. Always a nice tune to hear. Awesome #41. Strong sax from LeRoi and Dave was on with the lyrics. I heard a "fuck a duck" in the everyday outro. By this time the boys were sweating so much in the Texas heat but they kept on playing. They brought out Angelique Kidjo for Satellite. I heard it in Chicago but it was cool to hear again. I like her African tongue through the first verse. I Did It came next. Whatever. JTR is a good song and it was nice to hear. Sleep to Dream Her slowed down the pace but lead into a good Grace is Gone. The Band stepped it up with a bad ass Two Step and lead into a near 20 minute Lie in Our Graves. This was the highlight of the show. Boyd's solo lasted nearly 10 minutes, just amazing. Leroi and Dave left the stage for a good portion of the song, came back and finished it off. They sang Angel again, which seems to really be liked by many in the crowd, though I could do without it. If I Had it All sounds good with the ladies. Bartender was sweet and LeRoi's pennywhislte near the end was awesome as he playeda little "Tin Man," from the Wizard of Oz. What You Are is a good song and I am glad he fit it in. This was followed by a spotlight on Steffan who has a cool bass solo into Watchtower. Good version. Boyd had the loud laugh after "..life but a joke." Good way to close the set. I liked the Willy Nelson song and you knew Space Between was coming. And most could assume Stay would be the last song. I thoroughly enjoyed the show until Stay. I wsa really pulling for Tripping Billies but I gasped in disbelief at what the band had decided to play instead. Stay is a good song, but this is not an encore song. This would have been the best show I've been to (of 8) but because I was left singing stay, 8-20-00 still is at the top of my list. But it was nice to go to my first 3 hour show.
Patrick M.
Ok, this was my first DMB concert, and a great one to have seen as a first. When Angelique opened, I was really dissapointed to see the lack of interest of most of the crowd. She, on the other hand, sang beutifully and energetically danced while all but the front row and a few random people sat, arms crossed and ill-spirited. Her band was very good too, and the applause at the end of her short but energetic set was dissapointing. Wyclef surprised me. His eclectic setlist tried to be something for everyone, and although it was quite entertaining, it was sad to me that he got a bigger rise than the far more talented Angelique. That aside, it was a good opening act. Then came Dave & co. with a surprisingly energetic (considering the excruciating heat) and very satisfying show. I was dissapointed to hear as many selections from the album that Ballard botched, but that aside, the material was actually far better than I had previously thought. Even I DID IT, which I never really did enjoy too much, was really good live, proving that the material itself wasn't at fault... SO RIGHT's lyrics had special meaning to me at the time("stay up and make some memories..." which is exactly what I was doing) considering that it was my first Dave show and an awesome one at that. Amongst the hilights were an awesome jam at the end of #41, the insertions of EVERYDAY were a great touch. Although the Lillywhite songs were a little few and far between, they were awesome as usual, but I was saddened to see that a large portion of the crowd didn't seem to be enjoying them as much as the Everyday cuts, suggesting a much newer batch of recruits, but welcome nonetheless. Angelique adding her vocals to SATTELITE was a great change, and really added to the song, plus the lighters all over the stadium were awesome for the atmosphere. TWO STEP was tremendous, no other way to describe it and its jam. Of all the recordings I've heard, it was for sure the best, and the crowd was going wild. To top it off, LIE IN OUR GRAVES was also awesome, with truly amazing soloing by Butch especially, and it was great to see the whole band congratulate him on such a job well done. LeRoi's Sax solo was also amazing, and his Wizard Of OZ insertion was cool (the IF I ONLY HAD A BRAIN melody line, much like on the Live @ Red Rocks where he did SOMEWHERE OVER THE RAINBOW). Dave really got the crowd going with an extended pause of over 30 seconds before coming back into the end of the song, and the energy in the audience was exhilerating. ANGEL, although not my favorite cut from Everyday, was great with the lovely ladies adding vocal solos and showcasing each individual bandmember. BARTENDER was awesome, if a little short, but a larger portion of the crowd seemed to not recognize it. WATCHTOWER was, as always, intense, especially at the energetic climax, where the entire crowd was brimming with excitement. The encore was great, Dave's solo AINT IT FUNNY...and some of the lyrics to THE SPACE BETWEEN had some special meaning to me, because they reflected on the sadness of the fact that the show was coming to a close (for me, at least that's what it reflected). STAY was a great closer; not only were the lyrics PERFECT for the night and especially for the closing number("so hot outside/that you could fry an egg", plus the whole theme of the song). The INTENSE climax topped off an unforgettable evening and an amazing show.
Tony L.
Now I understand there has been enough reviews for this show, but I don't believe the reviews have given the show justice. Yes, it was hot as all hell in there. Yes, alot of the Everyday songs lack power. But, the fact remains that this show was simply mind-blowing. Wyclef was simply amazing in his opening act, especially with his speed-rapping and Marley covers. It was kind of the wrong crowd, but I was completely impressed and hope to see him again. He was also chillin in the stands about 50 feet from my floor seats. I remember looking right at him and yelling "Thanks for an awesome show." and he said "Thanks." Pretty cool. Now onto the show. First, Dave played for about 3 friggin hours which is amazing enough. There was PLENTY of jamming, despite what some may say. I have been seeing Dave since he was playing frathouses at UVA and I can safely say this is the greatest show i have ever seen. I won't go through every song but just say the highlights. LIE IN OUR GRAVES--my personal favorite song and the fact that they jammed for 20+ minutes made it even cooler. I didn't want it to end. Most amazing version i have ever seen. Highlight of the night for me. Butch Taylor adds so much to the band and I was glad to see him and the lovely ladies there. ANGEL--I think this was explained earlier. ALL OF THE OTHER OLD SCHOOL JAMS--very powerful jam sessions. I was very happy to see one sweet world. TWO STEP was as good as I've ever seen it. 41 was good but not as good as the 30 minute jam session i saw last fall at starplex. JTR--amazing. better than the woodlands. Angelique's contributions on Satellite made for a unique experience. I thought it was awesome despite what others believe. Aint it Funny...i was so suprised to hear this I almost crapped my pants. Dave gave us a unique experience that he doesn't do for many shows and I hope people realized this. While the set list included many new songs (including sleep to dream her, which i almost fell asleep in, and if i had it all, where all i could think of was WATER), the fact that he played for so long and provided new dimensions to sooo many songs. I couldn't have asked for a greater show. BTW--The Girl in Texas that Dave often references particularly when he does Crash is about a friend of my sister's. She was killed in a car accident back in 92 or 93 i think. She used to date Boyd and was really good friends with the Band. She was a student at UVA when she was killed. I think thats what my sister told me. Thanks guys. I missed the San Antonio show. I hope it was awesome.
Ali R.
Great set list, my fifth show overall. Texas Stadium isnt the greatest place to do a concert though. The sound could have been better (not Dave's fault, the stadium's fault). I LOVE the Lillywhite's, but most the people around me had no idea what what they were. The Everyday songs were done pretty cool. I was hoping for the song "everyday", I was surprised he didnt do it. Despite sound and lack of energy around me it was a great show. Dave and the band looked like they were having a good time despite the heat. Hopefully in the future they can go back to maybe 2 or 3 nights at smirnoff where the sound is a little better. "Take care of yourself and each other, buh bye"
My first and hopefully last stadium show. Security was lax allowing us to take pictures and dance in the isle which was great. I was not expecting the Grey Street opener, pretty standard version. OSW and #41 were nice surprises, nice everyday at the end of #41 the whole crowd was yelling Everyday. Awesome Two Step, you have to love Carters solo. Angel had the lovely ladies soloing at the end which sounded great, they also give more life to I did It. Encore was great Dave came out and did Aint it Funny, and then was joined by the rest of the band for SB. Stay was a surprise, I hadn't heard much about it this tour. Great version had the whole stadium going! All in all the show was good not bad but nothing great.