Dave Matthews Band
Saratoga Performing Arts Center, Saratoga Springs, New York
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band: The Dirty Dozen Brass Band

Tripping Billies *
Crash Into Me *
The Stone *
One Sweet World
The Space Between *+
Grey Street *
If I Had It All *+
So Much To Say *
Everyday *+
I Did It *+
Seek Up *
When The World Ends *
Sleep To Dream Her * -->
Grace Is Gone *
So Right *
Long Black Veil *+
What Would You Say *
All Along the Watchtower *
Aint It Funny How Time Slips Away (Dock of the Bay)
Ants Marching *
* Butch Taylor on keys
+ Tawatha, Cindy & Brenda on vocals

Christopher S.
I roadtripped up and back from Buffalo (5 hours each) to see this show. We only could go to one of the SPAC's and I picked the second one for our group, and am I ever glad. We had lawn seats, almost dead center on the middle.It was a beautiful night too, not a cloud anywhere. This concert was owned by Dave and Leroi and the word of the night was mellow...... --Tripping Billies- it was an ok version, didnt seem to me to have much energy comparitively, but Billies is always a great opener. Got the crowd grooving right off the bat. --Crash- The second time ive seen it this tour...standard sing along. --The Stone- Also my second, Im beginning to see why people say this song really is amazing, tight version. --One Sweet World - Didn't really expect this......I really never did like this song that much, and it didnt do anything for me, it was "eh".....Leroi had some good solos though --The Space Between - People go crazy, standard version that does not really seemed jammed out more than usual (in contradiction to whoever said that). --Grey Street- Always a treat, Dave was right on at the end.....solid tight version. I love the ending to that song! Crowd liked the song too. --IIHIA - Standard version --SMTS- My friends really wanted to hear this, it surprised me b/c they don't usually play it by itself.....standard, got the crowd singing along. --Everyday- This song has changed a bit since Buffalo......the ending is much cooler and Dave's scatting really added a lot. --I Did It - eh, standard, it does sound better than it did back in the UVA days.--Seek Up- shocked me, and I was screaming when that first note hit......amazing version, Dave messed up a few lyrics i think, but man, he wailed at the end, and I mean he went nuts......never heard him do anything like it......probably the most 15 amazing seconds of the night......get this song somewhere....the crowd went nuts for him.........Also, Leroi's soloing was just amazing on this one.....thought maybe it was gonna go into the PNP-Rapunzel....but nope. --WTWE- Standard --STDH - Standard, crowd got antsy during it, i did too, b/c i wanted to hear what was next :)--Grace Is Gone - Amazing version, this new jam at the end that they just started is just amazing.....it really adds a lot to the song......nice, people all around me were singing along..... -So Right - surprising since they played it the night b4, i like the song a lot, but i hated the ending jam, i always thought that its just been a mess, and theres no real cohesion to it, just a bunch of noise.....but tonight, man, im eating my words......It sure was different than ive heard, it just had a flow for a change......great ending to the song... -Long Black Veil- I knew it was coming.....and this was an AMAZING version. Surprisingly one of the highlites.....ive never heard it done like it was done last night before.....Dave changed the notes up on the last verse, and it made it sooo cool....the new end jam of this was just amazing, the ladies and butch just took it to another level.....fantastic version.... --What Would You Say- Fantastic version, maybe this one just sounds better in person, but ive never heard such a great jam during it.....Leroi just rocked.....too bad one of my friends got puked on during the jam, and i get a bit distracted....... --Watchtower- Great intro by Stefan, one of the best Ive ever heard.....the crowd loved it.... --Aint it funny- nice song, and no matter what anyone says, there was a captain tease b4 and after this, before the song he played 2 or 3 chords, and it was NOT little thing, after it, he played the beiginning 8 or 10 chords from captain......i thought we might get it but i knew we'd get..... --Ants- nice version, pretty standard except Carter went nuts at the end, nice 20 second drum attack.... Overall, a great show, a great venue, and a fairly good crowd, with the exceptions of the people that cannot stand in one place, and have to walk all around the venue.....and for the guy that puked on one of my friends during WWYS........amazing show, very mellow....get it if you can.....
Incognito(Joe L.
what a night...just a few highlights to say before i move on..tripping billies was a hell of an opener. much energy from the band...and dave for that matter. crash..always love to see it in concert and i could not ask for more.. THE STONEEEE!!!!.... OH MY GOD, i didnt go to any concert this tour that had it ... i was in heaven. OSW-pretty weird to see it not as an opener... very nice. Seek uppp-falling back again to daves old waysssss ahhh so good!... watchtower-always greatand spectacular. ants- great closer , kept the crowd bumpin..... all in all 8.5 out of 10. last concert of this tour... see you all next tour.
Aaron A.
I was anticipating the second night of SPAC as being a better set list than the first night, and i think that was true. Tripping Billies started the show off wit a bang, and Crash was a nice suprise. The Stone and One Sweet World were especially nice back to back, starting the show off with 4 old tunes. Next followed three new songs, with Grey Street being the stand out new song of the night. after a very plain Space Between, Grey Street was amazing, best version I've heard so far. Everyday was a expecting becaue he played 41 with the Everyday tease last night. ALways great to hear 36 and Everday intertwined. Seek Up had a nice long jam as always, with Dave wailing away towards the end of the song. Grace is GOne was a nice mellow Lillywhite selection, beautiful as always.Long Black Vail was nice with the lovely ladies, and WWYS wa great. Everyone thought that would be the end of the set, but Watchtower ended the set the way it started, with tons of energy. Good encore, nothing amazing, but Ants is always a crowd pleaser. enjoy the rest of the tour!
Charlie H.
Just arrived home from two nights at the SPAC and what a time it was! If you have not seen the band this tour go asap and you will not be disapointed unless you are after radio tunes. Both shows were great and the weather could not have been better. The people who are attending the shows anymore are way out of control and act like a bunch of morons, not everyone but a good percentage completely ruin the atmoshpere. Beer bottles littered the lots both nights along with rude and drunk people throwing bottles and fighting in the lot. What the hell is wrong with people?? Go to the show and enjoy the music but don't be disapointed if you see stupid people doing stupid things. The band is as tight as ever so go and enjoy. Take care and see everyone in Toronto!
Michael A.
Well, after a solid 1st night, the 2nd nite @ 'Toga, was VERY intense! All Along The Watchtower well jammed out, Everyday was very beautiful. IDI,WTWE,SB,& So Right were the only repeats from the 1st nite. Trippin Billies was a very solid opener, and Stone is always a pleasure to hear. Ain't It Funny How Time Slips Away is a great cover, w/ the "Sittin On the Dock of The Bay" in the middle. Now, as I was leaving Saratoga, a local radio station heard that Dave is planning on taking 2 years off?! I heard that he was think about 1, but 2?? If anyone knows anything about this email me @ neccidm@frontiernet.net
Andrew H.
SPAC is a great place to see any show and to see a DMB show there is just amasing. Traffic was backed up so far cause the track was getting out, but it didn't matter we were all sure to make it to the show. Opening bad the dirty dosen bass band was so amasing they for sure started the night out great. when dmb took the stage the whole place became alive so fast it was amasing. i said to a friend of mine just as they took the stage, it's a tripping billies kind of night, and hey first song, billies-really good opener, surpised a lot to people i think but was just a great song to open and really rocked. crash-with a little dixie chicken which i think they need to get rid of cause i saw they do the dixie chicken thing 3 years ago also at spac so, again getting old, but another nice song to have there. the stone-kind-of usual type but still great to hear. one sweet world was so amasing. with in the first 2 cords i was hooked it was great. space between with the lovely ladies was pretty good i wish they could do more with this song but no the less great to hear live. grey street-me and my sister were so happy to hear this song yet dave wa singing some werid words but it was amasing to hear live and it made my night. if i had it all with the lovely ladies was good again i wish they could do more with the song it needed more to it. so much to say-always a great song to hear was good some god sax parts for sure. everyday-WOW!! starts out as 36 goes into everyday and then back into 36. AMASING for sure if nothing else. lovely ladies back up it was the second best song of the nigh for sure but most unique is playing it. i did it-electirc style with the lovely ladies was great. i don't like this song ever much but it was so nice live. seek up-man it was a nice song to hear, havn't heard it live in 3 years. yet almost no one around me knew the song i was kind-of sad but it was so good, great sax and volin solos. when the world ends was great also had the stop jam at the end was quite nice. sleep to dream her-by this point in the night the people around me had been losing interest in the show and i think were sick of the new stuff. i think i can agree. when into Grace is Gone-man again me and my sister were so happy to hear this one. this is my new favorite song by dmb so it was just great to hear. all the music flowed together and just made one great song. So right-i swear was the set closer but no was great and just rocked. long black veil-man lovely ladies made this song work. just truly amasing, knew set couldn't end on this song. here comes what would you say-always a great song to hear live. set closer at pepsi 12-9-00 but not here. WATCHTOWER-with KILLER i mean Killer bass solo intro. i nearly died it was so amasing. then the song. wow it was so good every thing was just amasing the whole part by far the best song played all night no doubt and the best watchtower i have ever heard by anyone. that was the set closer. encore dave came out and did aint it funny how time slips away a song by willie nelson. it was just a great song, hear it before but to hear it solo dave was great. then the whole band came out and did ants marching which blew the house up. killer solos in all departments and just a great song to end on. all and all show was i think the best concert i have ever seen in my life by far. yet i wish the crowd was in to it more.
Matthew C.
Second night of SPAC! Well basically this was the greatest show I've ever seen! Front row seats helped make this a great show! The highlights included being 15 feet from the boys for three hours of great music! Oh yeah, they played some awesome songs too. Tripping Billies was a great opener! Very pleased to hear this one tonight! Next, The Stone, my favorite DMB song. They did the song justice and played a wonderful version! Another high point, One Sweet World. The song sounded just as great as ever. It was nice to hear a bunch of older stuff tonight! The ultimate higlight of this show was Seek Up! God! I love this song. My second favorite next to The Stone. During Seek Up I made eye contact with Dave for at least 20 seconds straight. Now I know that sounds really cheesy, but I swear we did! It was a really crazy feeling. The close to 20 minute version of this song absolutly rocked! I really cannot think of any low points to this show! The whole thing was great. On a scale of 1 to 10, I would give it a 9. I'll reserve a score of 10 until I can get the Band to play in my living room!
Tony D.
Unfortunatley I couldn't get tickets for the first nite but man am I glad I got to see at least one of the shows. This is my second show this summer. I saw DMB at Ralph Wilson back on June 20th. That show was amazing but this show was ten times better. For one, the ampitheater venues are way better for Dave concerts. I was alot closer than at the Ralph.Anywho, back to the show. Trippin Billies really got the show off to a great start and I knew from the energy from the song, this was going to be a great show.Then into Crash. WOW, thats all I'm gonna say. I don't care if people says he sometimes plays his more radio popular hits a lot at shows. WHO CARES!! IF you love Dave you love to hear classics like Crash. I really have learned to love the Everyday songs alot more becuase of the 2 shows I've been too. He played 7 songs off the cd and I loved all of them. #36 intro/outro with Everyday is amazing. Great song. Can't get sick of Space Between and any of the others for that matter, not live at least. The most surprising song that I enjoyed and was impressed with was Sleep to Dream Her. There was a nice jam in it which really got the crowd goin.Both shows; Watchtower both times. This is probably the best live song Dave plays. The fans really get into it and it just makes you go nutz.I was hoping for an Ants Marching closing because he didn't play it on Sunday at SPAC and my wish came true. Great great song to end with. Everyone's singin and dancin and just lovin the show. Thanks for a another unbelievable show DMB!! Hope to see you guys tourin this winter.
Chris F.
Well my seats were insanely awesome in Section 2 tonight and when we got a very energetic Billies to start things off I knew it was gonna be an awesome night. Boyd was off the wall and it was only a few minutes into the concert but then out of nowhere it slowed down with Crash but i dealt with it and the screaming twelve year olds behind me who somehow got back stage passes. Is it just me or should there be like a written test to get backstage because these girls definately did not deserve to be anywhere near dave. Dave kept the 6 string on and busted out a nasty version of Stone, last years opener. Then comes the instrumental intro to OSW, and it was so funny to hear the little girls behind me not having clue as to what was going on until the opening notes of OSW were played. On went the electric and he played the first repeat song, TSB, which I was expecting to be played both nights but it was played nice and early so it wasnt bad. Next I was treated to my first Grey Street and boy was it worth the wait. I have so many copies of it from all the live shows that I have but its not the same as being able to dance to it live and to watch them rip out an awesome song in person. IIHIA came next and it was pretty good, Dave gets into it and it is one of my favorites off of Everyday. Even though Too Much was played last night I was still hoping for a bridge into it after SMTS but no such luck, oh well. Everyday intertwined with #36 is pure magic and it is the ONLY song that the Lovely Ladies add to. It was incredible to be inside after this song because everybody, including me, kept singing #36, which was appreciated by Dave and the boys. I was kind of pissed off by the repeat of IDI but it was followed by a very jammed out and emotional Seek Up so I got right back into the swing of things. WTWE, all I can say is that you know its gonna be played so you might as well enjoy it even though it was played both nights. The first real slow part of the night came next with the smooth transition from STDH-->GIG but they were both played very well and you need a little break, especially with tonights closers. On went the electric after GIG and it had me guessing as to what was coming next. Shocked by the repeat of So Right but not let down because it was energetic and slightly jammed out. On came the fricken lovely ladies again and they played a sweet version of LBV. I was not expecting this at all and it was first time ever hearing it live so that was cool. I was almost positive that the next song was gonna be the closer and when they started into WWYS I was 100% sure it was the closer. It was a real nasty version of WWYS with a sweet solo from Roi. My friend who was with me was a DMB concert virgin and he asked me why they were staying on stage and i had no clue but as soon as i saw Stefan take the spotlight i knew we were in for a treat. His solo was absolutely nuts, especially with the effects on the screens. After his solo and Dave started strumming he began to rip s**t up again with slide bass. He is so unbelievably talented and when you are as close as i was you can actually watch how nasty he is along with the rest of the band. Watchtower was beyond sick and at this point I thought my legs were gonna fall off from dancing so hard. Thank god there is a break before the encore or i would have passed out. He came out solo again and I got to see AIFHTSA for my second time, Foxboro being my first. I predicted Ants because no other song could have been played after such an awesome version of Watchtower but Ants was great with all 6 guys going all out for us. Overall for both nights, I got to see So Right for the first time, Say Goodbye for the first time Blue Water and Waste for the first time, Grey Street LBV STDH all for the first time and although i have seen watchtower a bunch of times i got to see a Stefan solo for the first time. An amazing two nights that will never be beat for so many reasons. later
Scott W.
How glad am I that I stayed for the second show here at SPAC?..very. After sunday night my friends and I figured they had better hook us up with a great set to make up for the previous show and they sure as hell came through. The thing about sunday's show was that it had so much potential with so many great songs but it just didnt sound like the regular band, hardly and jams. Anyways, monday night was just what we all had in mind. Atleast I heard all the songs I had hoped for...THE STONE was incredible but even before that, as soon as I heard the TRIPPING BILLIES opener, I was pumped. I also wanted/got to hear ONE SWEET WORLD and GREY STREET because that is such a powerful song live. But the highlight of the night...no doubt...SEEK UP. I was awestruck as soon as the intro began. Dave went nuts in it as well, screaming like crazy. I called SLEEP TO DREAM HER into GRACE which was alright, GRACE IS GONE is a nice song and they played a real long version of it. To finish up, LONG BLACK VEIL was a huge surprise and delight, the Ladies tore it up. And a tenacios WATCHTOWER closer. I was excited to hear AINT IT FUNNY HOW TIME SLIPS AWAY as well as WASTE last night. Ants was a suitable closer and topped off a surreal evening. One of the best shows I've seen considering my pessimistic attitude coming into this weekend because i dislike the new album and cherish the lillywhite sessions. Thats all folks...peas and carrots.
Andrew R.
One of the best shows that I've been to (#8 for me). Just when I thought the setlist couldn't get any better...they played an amazing show tonight. Opening with "Tripping Billies" could not have been a more welcomed and pleasant surprise. A huge starter that set the tempo for the night. From then on the crowd was infused into the performance, not letting Dave rest his lungs for a second in between songs. The crowd kept egging the band on and they hit another high note with "The Stone". I've heard "One Sweet World" open a lot of shows and have begun to fear it, but welcomed it in the middle of the set with the long intro to give the crowd a needed breather. The next high note was "Grey Street" which was well received. I absolutely love this song and it seems as though the lyrics continue to evolve from last summer and the "lillywhite sessions". I was happy to hear "If I Had It All", but most of the crowd didn't seem to feel the same way with many taking their seats. But they were soon brought to their feet with "So Much To Say" which tore the roof off. Next came "Everyday" with the "#36" intro. A lot of people have said that it sounds just like "#36", but I just think that "#36" has evolved into "Everyday", much like "Route Two" and "Proudest Monkey" or "Any Noise, Anti Noise" into "Say Goodbye". I wonder if "#36" will ever be played again without some hint of "Everyday". In any case, it was well done and sounded nice blended together with a switchback and forth outro by the lovely ladies. It was almost as if the two have become one without sacrificing the other. I cringed when "I Did It" began, but must admit, it did sound somewhat better than last night. Still sparce in parts. "Seek Up" was the absolute HIGHLIGHT OF THE NIGHT for me. I had never heard it live and was beginning to wonder if I ever would. Nice long jam outro, with some amazing blowing by Leroi Moore. Leroi really shined on a number of songs tonight although the shades didn't come off like last night. "Sleep to Dream Her" into "Grace Is Gone" was a nice combo, although Dave forgot the second verse of GIG. The crowd responded well to GIG after sitting for most of STDH. "So Right" is really starting to come into its own and I welcomed it a second night in a row. Dave introduced "Long Black Veil" as a "lil' Johnny Cash tune" and sounded amazing. The lovely ladies added a sweet ending that was capped with Carter and Stefan ending the number with a new beat that I had never heard before, sort of a stutter step. I was really hoping John Popper would make an appearance this weekend as he was in the area, but "What Would You Say" didn't lack a thing. Once again Leroi shined. Stefan began "Watchtower" with one of the sickest bass solos I have ever witnessed. The band absolutely blazed the stage and Butch even added his keys to the tune which sounded almost like an electric guitar solo. Throughout the night Dave interacting with the crowd a good deal and he seemed to be in the zone, mumbling nothings into the mic on several occasions. The encore began with a solo Willy Nelson's "Ain't It Funny How Time Slips Away" and Dave even added a little "Sittin' At The Dock of the Bay" outro which got quite a reaction. Before the rest of the band joined in on Ants, I could of sworn we got a few chords of "Little Thing" and I know I wasn't the only one that noticed. But sure enough, it was just a tease of a tease and they hit in with a classic "Ants Marching". A Great all around show. Great weather, great crowd enthusiasm and great friends to enjoy it with. Big shout to Bryan, Mike, Ryan and Jen for enjoying the show together!
Dustin D.
Another Great show, in my opinion better than last night. Tripping billies with the nature intro gets me everytime, great opener and a perfect closer. I love the Stone and OSW has the best into. We had three everyday songs overlap two nights it was cool though. Grey Street was probably the highlight for me, the second i saw the twelve string i called it. If I had it all capped it off so i heard every song off everyday played live. Seek Up was wicked powerful, whenever Dave wails it gets to me. First LBV for me and i have to say it was sweet. Watchtower was the best version I have heard with a great long into from Stefan. The closer weres just as predictable as the first night, Stefans bass didnt work at the begging of Ants, Dave and he were waving to the sound man, he came and fixed it and made a great show.
[Name R.
Monday's show was amazing!!! You know that any show starting with Tripping Billies is going to be great -- Everyday and Long Black Veil stole the show. Dave and the band looked like they were so happy -- I've never seen them smile so much -- especially when the inside crowd was chanting "honey honey come and dance with me" after the song and applause had stopped for Everyday. Everyday actually led me to feel like I was in a charismatic church service throwing up my hands and yelling, "LIFT ME UP LOVE!", the lovely ladies soulful voices and Butch's organ sounding keyboard only added -- it was a great moment! Dave looked impressed -- I know I was! Stefan's solo?! OHMYGOD that kid has talent!!! I've never seen him showcase himself like that -- unbelievable. It hyped up the crowd perfectly for the best rendition of watchtower i've ever heard! The encore was a treat too. Time Slips Away was perfect, even better when Dave slipped in Sittin on the Dock of a Bay -- and ANTS to close out?! perfect ending!!! Both Sunday and Monday shows combined they didn't leave much out. Bottom line, Dave and the band remain the kings of SPAC.
Frank Z.
After an incredible first night I was ready for either an even better show, or one aimed more toward the crowd...when I say crowd, of course, I mean the ones that know the radio songs. Opened with TRIPPING BILLIES which was quite nice, a good opener..CRASH comes next and I thought already? wow...but at least the boys got this one out of the way, not a bad song of course, just all the screaming girls in our area (and then rest of the place) made it hard to hear. THE STONE - one of my favorite live songs, I was pleasently suprised to hear this one ONE SWEET WORLD, very nice...instrumental intro was sweet as usual, SPACE BETWEEN, knew this one was coming sooner or later, still a great song thoug, GREY STREET - I was in heaven, and I might have been the only one singing along...I really wanted to hear this one live so it was very very cool...IF I HAD IT ALL - I definitely like it better live, cool song, SO MUCH TO SAY - once again on the radio night thing but I love this song, it's great to sing along to, EVERYDAY was definitely awesome with 36 mixed in there, I really love what the band has done with this song, along with the lovely ladies...I DID IT, definitely knew this one was coming, still an alright song, pretty good live, SEEK UP - very suprised (at this point in the show and cause of the other songs he'd played) but this was the best version I have heard, very mellow and slow at starting out, definitely one of my absolute favorites live, WTWE, knew this was coming too, but I do rather like this one live, the acoustic was a very cool touch SLEEP TO DREAM HER was very cool, kept with the more mellowish mood of the night, GRACE IS GONE - I love this song...definitey cool...still the mellow thing, I was totally grooving at this point...SO RIGHT - I totally love this song live...its great, LONG BLACK VEIL, "a traditional number, a Johnny Cash number..." WWYS, normal, but done well, everyone was singing at this point - and then what I'd been hoping for the whole time...Stefan's completely amazing solo which meant, of course...WATCHTOWER...second best version I've heard (sorry butch, you defintely rock with the piano/guitar solo but Santana was better) TIME SLIPS AWAY is a nice song...let me cool down after that incredible watchtower...and I figured we'd hear ANTS for the final, and we did, a great ending to a great night and an even better night before that.
Jaclyn S.
The band was really energetic tonight as well as Sunday night. I wasn't expecting to hear songs like OSW or Seek Up but they were both incredible. The band really jammed out Seek Up. Especially like the different lyrics at the end. Stephan played an amazing solo going into Watchtower. The crowd was really into it. Was glad to hear some songs off of Under the Table. I was dissappointed that Dave didn't play Captain. I made a gigantic sign ( yes that was me )saying "play captain" and I know he saw it but whatever I can't complain it was altogether one of my favorite shows.
Great show by the band tongiht...crazy energy from the guys and the audience. I was stuck outside trying to get past the security when I heard TRIPPING BILLIES. Finally got in and got to see CRASH, standered version with Dixie Chicken outro. Then came THE STONE, great song!!! ONE SWEET WORLD followed, with the instrament intro, beautiful song, love hearin it live. Then Dave switched to the electric and the crowed knew something new was comming...THE SPACE BETWEEN. One of my fav.'s off the new album but starting to get overplayed on the local radio, great jam none-the-less. GREY STREET!!!! I love this song, great energy from the band..dave kept lookin back @ Carter who had a huge grin on his face...you could see they were enjoyin it. IF I HAD IT ALL another new one, pretty standered. SO MUCH TO SAY, didn't think they'd play this many off the Crash album...awesome jam with the crowed helpin dave @ the end w/ "Little Baby". EVERYDAY this song is so cool live, Lovley Ladies adding #36 lyrics w/ Dave singin Everyday lyrics at the end was cool. I DID IT, the crowed LOVED this song!!! Esp when Boyd too his vocals. SEEK UP, my personal highlight of the show. Awesome song and great solo's by all members!! WHEN THE WORLD ENDS, prob my fav. off the new album...lighting was as cool as the jam itself. SLEEP TO DREAM HER, sounds pretty much lik eit does on the album, but was cool cause it went right into GRACE IS GONE, beautiful song. OUt came the electric again, SO RIGHT how much do I love this song live!?!!? Crazy jam at the end...glad to see them start to jam out a new tune off the new album besides Everyday. LONG BLACK VEIL...wow I didn't expect this one, great to hear!!!! WHAT WOULD YOU SAY, always a crowed pleaser. I thought that would end it but then came WATCHTOWER complete with Stephans AMAZING solo...GREAT CLOSER!! For the encore dave stepped out, after teasing the crowed by poking his head in and out from the side of the stage, and played AIN'T IT FUNNY HOW TIME SLIPES AWAY, i was hoppin to hear this and it was worth the wait, great solo. The band followed on stage after dave thanked the crowed again. Right into ANTS MARCHING...wow creat closer for an amazing show. see ya'll in PA.
Jarrod H.
Night two at SPAC, I was looking forward to a tight set-list with a good mix of old and new (like sunday night), and Dave and the boys did not disappoint. The band played with lots of energy on every song, and it was nice to hear only 4 repeats from the first show. Some highlights were The Stone, which is always a treat to hear, Grey Street which made the crowd go insane, which I like to see becasue it's such a sweet song. Seek Up was the real killer, 20 minutes and I bet no one in the venue could have seen it coming. Amazing. I would have been happy with WWYS at the closer, which I thought it would be, but then Watchtower also! Great Ending, and Ants was so great to hear as the encore, leaving everyone pumped up. This was a great set, show and two nights in upstate New York.
Derek A.
I flew out to New York to see this show, because dave always rocks at SPAC and all I can say about this show is wow! Let's just start with the fact the Dave played for just about three hours. Incredible! "Tripping Billies" was a great way to set the pace for the rest of the evening. The crowd was really into it, and it stayed that way the entire show. "Crash" was an interesting second song, I wouldn't have thought it to be where it was in the setlist, but all the same it was beautiful. (Except for the 13-year-old girls behind me talking about how hot Dve was when he sang that song. Go back to the N'sync show.) "The Stone" was another interesting selection, but a definate favorite. I really love this song, and the jams were sweet! I almost died when I heard the band gear up for "OSW" which followed a great instrumental intro and was just beautiful. "The Space Between" would be a cool song to hear live if it wasn't so overplayed, too bad. "Grey Street" was amazing! I was really psyched to hear him playing something off the Lillywhite Sessions, it's such an amazing album. Ten times better than Everyday. Then, after an ok version of "If I Had It All" Dave rocked out with "So Much Too Say." I was really happy to hear this song, but was again interested in the placement of the song in the set. It almost appeared as if during the first part of the set he was going fast, slow, fast, slow, which is odd because I was expecting either a really chill show, or a really up-beat jam set. But then again, that's just Dave. He then teased #36 into "Everday." It was effective but I would have rather just heard #36 alone. "I Did It" was better live than on the CD, but still not a favorite. Then came the suprise of the night for me. A nearly twenty minute version of "Seek Up." This was so incredible I can't even begin to think of the words to use. Simply awesome! "WTWE" came next. This is my favorite song of the new album, so I was happy to hear it live. The highlight was during the third verse when Dave gave a little wink to the crowd as he sang "When the world ends, we'll be burning one." It got a great reaction, and almost everyone at the show thought the world was ending right then, if you catch my drift. "STDH" was weak, but the jam into "Grace is Gone" was awesome! Grace is one of my personal all time favorites, so I was really chilled to hear him strum those first few chords. Of any of the songs on the LIllywhite Sessions Grace has the most emotion in my opinion, and even more was brought out with the live version. "So Right" was another highlight. It is such a beautiful song, and it sounds great live. Then came another suprise, "Long Black Veil." I love this song to death, and was really supirsed to hear it, especially when it lasted about fifteen minutes. Nice vocal jam by the lovely ladies. Can't go wrong with "What Would You Say." It was a great flash to the past. Then came probably the best song of the evening. After a sweet bass solo, dave began the intro to "Watchtower." Even though it's been over played recently, it was so powerful that you couldn't help but to let it go and just jam out. A good way to end the solid body of the set. The encore was interesting tonight. After Dave took the stage himself to play "Ain't It Funny How Time Slips Away" the band again took a jump to the past and closed the evening with "Ants Marching." Boyd and Dave jammed unlike anything I have heard as of recent, but they were like that the entire evening, so you could only expect incredible jams to close the show. It was the perfect way to end an incredible set. I'm really looking forward to the winter tour.
Bryan P.
A sad night indeed to see a show. Two girls lost their lives on the way to this concert. My girlfriend's friends were driving to this concert when they were hit by a truck and killed. The Dave Matthews band sent flowers later, and somehow the vibe of this show remained silent. I remember hearing the songs Dave picked and couldn't help to think maybe this horrific lost was in his mind as well. Keeping the tempo slow and really just pouring his soul into the songs made this concert one to remember in a different way. Ain't it funny how time slips away really hits home on this one.