Dave Matthews Band
MARS Music Amphitheatre, West Palm Beach, Florida
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band: Junior Brown

The Space Between *+
Fool To Think *+
Donít Drink the Water *
Granny *+
Grey Street *
Digging a Ditch
I Did It *+
Angel *+
JTR *+
Crush *
What Would You Say *
Long Black Veil *+
Pantala Naga Pampa --> *
Rapunzel *
(Captain tease)
When The World Ends *
All Along the Watchtower *
* Butch Taylor on keys
+ Tawatha, Cindy & Brenda on vocals

Matthew A.
Light rain became heavier as showtime neared, but by the time Dave got on stage it had lightened up to about nothing--still enough wet to make for a few mud people in the lawn section. The crowd was your typical Mars Music Amphitheatre (formally Coral Sky) crowd: "Entertain us, Dave." I was yelling at the top of my lungs for people to get excited, but until Crush they were just awful. No energy at all, which meant no extended jam sessions this time around, folks. There were some cheers here and there, but not very loud and energetic (a friend and I were the only dancing fools in almost our entire section). #41 to open was good, but low crowd noise meant nothing spectacular. Mellow, which then led to even more mellow tunes like DAD. The breaking point was when the lovely ladies went into this grassroots/soul tangent off of "Angel." After that, JTR helped speed things up into Crush, which got the crowd interested. Danced my way into WWYS, which was good. Happy to hear Long Black Veil in concert--crowd was more into it by then, and Rapunzel finally pushed it all over the edge--just in time for a sweet Waste and Captain tease, which was a bit longer than the one from Ft Lauderdale FL (7/20) (which I also went to--MUCH BETTER SHOW AND CROWD!). WTWE was good fun, and Stefan tore it up as an intro to AATW, which was ear-splitting fun. Overall a show that could have used a more active opener to ignite the crowd. Gems like Crush and Rapunzel made for a good ending. This was my fourth show (though I am an active trader/downloader so I have plenty of live listening experience). Good, but not mindblowing. Grade: B/B-.
Julian N.
Good show, not as good as Friday IMO. Only 5 repeats but a shorter show than Sunrise with different energy feel of the crowd. I've always been partial to outdoor venues so I'm surprised that I preferred Sunrise and am looking forward to the cavernous indoor Ice Palace on Monday. 5th row. Highlights: #41 as an opener can't really beat that. Love the early placement of THE SPACE BETWEEN. FOOL TO THINK was good, DDTW I am ok with or without at this point. GRANNY then GREY STREET as good as it gets for intensely good sing-along and concert euphoria. RECENTLY is good but no Pretty girl or Some People do intro which I would have liked. DIGGING A DITCH beautiful and once again inner peace as the words come out gently while Dave is 25 feet away. I DID IT of course and then my first time to see the extended ANGEL. Good song but I can do the band intro part...they could be playing another song in that time but I can't get greedy and who cares what i think anyway ? JTR is awesome and being on Roi's side i get to concentrate on how important his part is on the rain sections of the song. The opening bass line to CRUSH and I am totally psyched and they proceed to lay it down perfectly a highlight of the show no doubt. Dave very intense dancing and jamming during the song and sang with such passion. WWYS standard and great for the crowd. LONG BLACK VEIL I think it was that ended with a sorta "Bennie and the Jets" outro that i never heard before, I'll have to hear it to be sure. PNP> RAPUNZEL intense as always one of my favorite concert songs of theirs in my favorite place to hear it, at the end before the encore or as the last song. WASTE good and nice to hear more of the crowd sing along as I guess exposure through trading has accomplished. Right before the start of WHEN THE WORLD ENDS i think to myself "Is this the only show on the tour that it will not be played" and then righty-o there it is, I like it live. WATCHTOWER to end with a funkier than thou intro similar to the Phoenix 5-15-01 one. Large bear hug by Boyd to Dave and they were happy as they walked off. Great show, like I said I think Sunrise was more intense but opinions are like a holes, everyones got em. Tampa will be 5 shows this tour and I'm ready for the best show yet as the band heads North to finish this leg.
Jon R.
Another solid show from Dave and the boys tonight. I arrived early with friends and ran thru the gates as soon as they opened to grab our spot dead center in the front of the lawn. The weather was crappy all day leading up to the show. Missed Junior Brown last night, caught him tonight. Seemed more appropriate for a Garth Brooks concert, not DMB. The rain stopped about 15 minutes before Dave came on. I thought JTR would have been appropriate to start again tonight because of the weather, but instead the boys started with #41...unexpected for me at least, but perfectly fine! DDTW he always seems to play here in WPB...nothing special tonight. When he started into Granny I was so happy. I have wanted to hear this live and finally did tonight. It was great. Grey Street, my favorite of the Lillywhites, was awesome. Recently I'd never heard either, so again, cool to hear it. Would have liked the "Some people do" version, but life goes on. Angel was absolutely amazing. I was so happy to see the Lovely Ladies get to show off their skills. What incredible voices. The crowd went nuts when Stefan started into Crush. It was my second time hearing it in WPB and it was a really great rendition tonight. Keeping the WPB streak alive, we got WWYS...Boyd was going nuts. LBV was cool, and the Pantala/Rapunzel closer was awesome. The boys were really jamming here and "Crazy Legs" Dave was dancing up a storm. When Dave came out alone for the encore I thought we were getting AIFHTSA like last nite, but Waste was a welcome alternative. Then WTWE , which I had expected since they play it every single show at some point. During that song I turned to my girlfriend and friends and say "Let's keep the alliteration going...give me Warehouse or Watchtower please!!" Next thing I know, Stefan is jammin alone, which meant Watchtower. I am flipping out, the rest of the crowd still wasn't aware. Finally Dave starts in, and the place goes nuts. I really liked how Dave slowed down the lyrics in the beginning, although it made it difficult to sing along. Once the whole band jumped in we were treated to an outstanding version. Butch had a sick solo when he had the keyboard sounding like an electric guitar. In my opinion, you can't leave the show upset if the band closes with this song. All in all a great show. The setlist was all over the place, which was cool. Only 5 repeats from last night. All the guys had their moments tonight, and the Ladies during Angel was a real highlight. I think there was more general energy last night, but I really can't complain too much about this show. 2 down, 1 to go! I look forward to Tampa. Give me Warehouse please!!
Ben F.
The band was really into the concert tonight, and feeling the audience. They started with #41, and it was a great jam. They ended it with a nice rendition of Everyday, and this also pumped up the croud. Dont Drink the Water was a great version, with Carter doing a drumroll at the beginning, and pumping the crowd up. It was really good, and the crowd was really into it. Granny was a shock I think, and Dave told the namd to keep jamming. Grey Street - he changed the words around, and it was great. Recently, was CD quality, with no jam. I was a little disappointed. I saw a set list, and he was supposed to play warehouse opposed to I Did It. I was disappointed when I found out. For Angel, I met #3. Crush great, with Stephan hittin the bass. PNP always good at Mars. And the Watchtower w/ Stephan on the intro was insane. Great show over all!!
Art B.
I have new respect for Everyday after this show, I never liked the album except for TSB, Everyday and So Right (thank a lot Glen)....but tonight it hit me that the album was excellent. TSB, Fool To Think, Angel (with some great kinda gospel outro by the lovely ladies) and When the World Ends really got my attention, these songs are soooo much better live than in the studio (thanks again Glen). The highlight for the show for me was the Grey Street, Recently, Diggin a Ditch run and also PNP-->Rapunzel was unreal tonight. Hopefully we can catch some more old school songs Monday night in Tampa. Peace yall, all day everyday.
Sam B.
This show was the best show I have been to in years. The crowd didn't get into it until the second song. The fact that it was raining all day didn't stop this crowd from having a blast. I was pleased to see him play "Grey Street", "JTR" and "Digging a Ditch". When Dave announced during the encore he was "playing a song for his friend Trey" I was psyched. "Waste" was great but oddly enough no one there knew it. The ones who did obviously were Phish heads. This was the second time he played "Long Black Veil" in West Palm Beach. This time was, in my mind, ten times as good as his last performance of the song. I was also thrilled that he played "What would you say?". That seemed to be a crowd favorite. Two words: AMAZING MAN
Leslie C.
A Dave Mathews Band show is always a good show no matter what...rain or sun. The show started of great with a very energetic #41. The band and Dave seemed to be taking the weather in stride along with most of us. The night continued to invigorate us with this high momemtum setlist. Crush was a song for sore ears and The Lovely Ladies really sang their hearts out on Angel and added a great new feel to the song. Dave's solo rendition of Waste was incredible with the Captian tease while the band wasn't quite ready to go on yet after the encore break. And what a way to end the night with a phenomonal Watchtower. The crowd was exceptional at this show and it made you feel like you were at home with your family. Thanks to everyone for a geat night! Keep on smiling!!
Dale H.
My last 2 shows were Orlando and Tampa of last year. This one in west palm falls in about 70% of those shows which I thought were about great/awesome. I have such a problem with the majority of the Dave croud that I might not ever go to another concert of his again. Everyone thinks songs are over when dave is just getting ready to go super-mellow with the band and probably play another 5 minutes for that song. I'm a big phish fan and those who know, know that we don't say a darn thing until trey page mike and jon are sitting at 0 dB-why would we say anything, by that point everone is at total harmony with a huge smile on their face just thinking about the music and nothing else! This show seemed so chinsy to me due to everyone thinking a song was over and yelling like crazy when really the song was far from over. The set started off a little too "everyday-ish" for me-kind of poppy. Then when DDTW hit I was jamming hard and mad (sort of hoping for a very long instrumental jam). I was also hoping for just a very long Dancing set after that but it made no sense why he would do anything like that at that venue. I don't know about the music video/concert video deal they had going on JTR on the vid screens, seemed kind of cheap really-especially if I was on the road with them. NObody could get quiet for Digging. WWYS ROCKED! as I expected. I was not into Long Black, but something hit me when the lovely ladies started getting into it. Finally feeding my dancing body came Rapunzel, I turned to my friend chris, smiled, said "yesss" he said, "there you go", and was off for the notable 3 choruses in the song. Being a phish fan I was extatic to hear his waste live, although I think the simpler lyric rythm suits the song better. Expecting to hear something more mainstream or to-the-point after WTWE I thought the bass solo wouldn't open up into Watchtower, but it did, and it rocked. overall B-/C show.
Tim H.
For three years West Palm has never had a strong show.....until tonight. Patience paid off. Right from the #41 opener with the extra everyday lyrics, i knew the night was right. The new songs werent as plentiful tonight and were more crisp. So Right was much better, Dave didnt rush like he did last night. DDTW was a great surprise. GRANNY always rocked, GREY STREET ruled and RECENTLY was superbo even though it was short. The hilites were definitely the awesome Angel. Man the lovely ladies rule. the whole break down during the song BLEW ME AWAY! CRUSH was so sweet, b/c its been rare this tour, WWYS rocked the crowd and Long Black Veil is so phenomenal with the ladies. Waste was gorgeous but the hilight of all highlights was that amazin Watchtower. The beautiful vibe that was in the Palm Beach Air that night was Godly during that song. to put it simply, 20,00 people left that place smiling like kids on christmas morning. The band was filled with SO MUCH ENERGY. Dancing like a mad fool up there. It was truly unbelievable, and definitely entered my favorite show liste. 10 down and this was certainly in the top 5, maybe even top 4. This was the best Palm Beach show ever, and was much better than Sunrise. Wowie!!! Rock On Dave, I WANT SEEK UP IN TAMPA!
Seth B.
WOAH. At times, this was a pretty amazing show. Anyway.. on with the real review. I called the opener: JTR, and I'm calling Grey street tomorrow night at MARS. JTR:Pretty good opener. Great outro. When The World Ends. eh. dissapointing. So Right sounded really great live. The Stone was an awesome surprise, and I was glad to hear a pretty good BEF->Bartender. The ending to Bartender was sooo good. Dave really got into it. Then some more EVERYDAY songs, which the crowd really didnt get into, nor should they really. Too much Everyday. but then... TWO STEP... really long. had to be 15 min. SOOO good. Boyd was awesome on this one. and then a couple songs later, i heard the best live performance i have ever heard: AN AMAZING TRIPPING BILLIES.The band and the crowd were soo loud during this one, and it ws just amazing.. and that didnt even close it! Stay was the closer, which was surprisingly good. First two encore songs were decent, but I knew Ants was coming, and it was great as usual despite some kind of weird stoppage early in the song. Overall, I give the show a 9 out of 10. Gonna be hard to beat tomorrow in West Palm!