Dave Matthews Band
Tampa Ice Palace, Tampa, Florida
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band: Junior Brown

onstage 8:25pm
JTR *+
The Space Between *+
When The World Ends *
So Right *
Crush *
Rhyme & Reason *
Bartender *
What You Are *
Two Step *~
Angel (no outro) *+
True Reflections *+
Lover Lay Down
Fool To Think *+
Jimi Thing *
I Did It *+
Stay *+
Grace Is Gone *
Tripping Billies *
offstage 11:05pm
* Butch Taylor on keys
+ Tawatha, Cindy & Brenda on vocals
~ Junior Brown

Patrick E.
WOW, 1:15 AM, I just got back to Orlando from Tampa. Impressive evening, to say the least. I missed the opening act so I can't say much about Jr. Brown's performance before Dave. My seats were incredible, thanks to Warehouse! Anyway, on with the show. The set began with the 12-string strums of JTR, a fairly good song, though not jammed out at all. Next came Space Between, followed by WTWE and So Right. Three Everyday tracks in a row! I was skeptical as to how these would turn out, but with the help of a few lovely ladies, and Butch on the keys, they sounded fairly "new and improved", as did all of the Everyday tracks performed tonight. Next was Crush, WOW, what a treat to see it live! I've always liked this song a lot, and it was great to finally see it, especially with an excellent flute solo from Leroi to close it off! Next was Rhyme & Reason. A good song, but not great, no jams either. Next was a rather abrupt but INCREDIBLE Bartender! They really rock the end of that song! It was magic! Next came WYA, standard Everyday. Then came Two Step, jammed out with Junior Brown for a good 25 minutes. ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS!!! Junior's soloing however, could have been better for such a good guitarist. Next came Angel....more Everyday. Then Boyd stepped up and delivered an INCREDIBLE True Reflections, followed by Lover Lay Down. Both of these songs were suprises to me, but nonetheless incredible to hear! Fool to think followed, eh...more Everyday, but still nice to hear. Then came Jimi Thing!! WOW, I finally got to see Dave solo this! Butch and Leroi had small solos here as well. Great song with great jams. I Did It came next...and totally expected of course. Dave closed the set with the most incredible, energetic version of Stay I've ever heard!! Everyone went crazy, especially Dave and the guys! What a way to end the set! Dave came back out to the encore with an absolutely BEAUTIFUL Grace is Gone. I LOVE this song, as I do all of the Lillywhite Songs. He closed the night with an amazing Tripping Billies! Gotta love that song!! Dave was dancing all over the stage, and jamming with all members on stage!!! A truly mindblowing jam to end the evening. The show was all around fantastic, despite the shoddy acoustics of the Ice Palace. A good crowd, and great jams on some great songs made this a night to remember!
Art B.
!!! Unreal show tonight. Opening up with JTR!!! Are you serious!!! That is one of my all time favorite DMB jams. TSB was great as usual. WTWE is a pretty good song, not one of my favorites but it's better live than on the album. So Right has been my favorite song off of Everyday since the day I got the CD and it is explosive live. Crush two shows in a row!!!!! That caught me by surprise. R&R was great but Bartender was UNREAL!!! I love this song soooooooooo much. WYA was normal but then, hold up......TWO STEP!!!!!!! AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW YEAH!!!! With Junior Brown on the electric guitar!!! I thought I was going to die!!! Angel was decent, I liked it a lot better in West Palm when the lovely ladies did the gospel outro, but it was still a good song. True Reflections was a good jam, always good to hear Boyd sing, even if the lyrics are less then impressive. LOVER LAY DOWN!!! ARE YOU SERIOUS!!! What a great old-school song!!!! Then Fool to Think which has become one of my more favored Everyday songs. Jimi Thing was tight, great to hear another old-school song, expecially one that jams out. I Did It was alright, never really liked that song but it's a lot better live. Stay was especially jammed out tonight, that was great to hear. GIG was an excellent encore choice, always loved that song. Then Billies exploded!!! GREAT JAM!!! It was great!!! I hope yall get it on CD. See yall at the next show!! Peace yall, all day everyday!!
Jeff L.
this was my second show (1st was last year in orlando) and this one was better by far. dave seemed like he wanted to be there; last time he seemed to just be going through the motions. some highlights: JTR--real slow, the outro was tight as ever. WTWE--great song, probably the best off everyday. CRUSH--cool song, stefan got a real mellow vibe goin with those opening notes. TWO STEP--great song, the outro was a little long though. it seemed like junior brown didn't know what he was doing. TRUE REFLECTIONS--always great to hear boyd sing. LOVER LAY DOWN--better than any of the other "slow" songs of the night. leroi was great with his soprano sax. I DID IT--great live. a much better song live than on the album. STAY--amazing live song, great way to end the set. at one point, dave went around the back of the stage to play to the people back there. he was dancing all over the place. ENCORE--both great songs, well-executed. i would have preferred ants to tripping billies (only cuz i saw billies last time) but it was great nonetheless. one thing about the venue: the acoustics suck. i could not understand a word dave said. overall, a great show.
Angie H.
Two Words-Awesome show! It was Dave after all right? I could've lived without the trendy mainstream stuff off his new album, but it still rocked because it was Dave LIVE! He played an awesome version of Crush which jammed totally at the end. You gotta love that. He jammed with Junior Brown on Two Step which was a great version as well. Lover Lay Down and Jimi Thing were nice surprises and TOTALLY ROCKED! Stay was a great way to make us think it was over, and the lovely ladies sounded great! Best part of the show-he played Bartender AND Grace is Gone. That was thrilling! Grace is Gone is probably one of the best songs I've heard from Dave, both lyrically, and musically. PLEASE RELEASE THAT ALBUM DAVE!!!! Over all the show was really awesome, but I could've lived without the trendy mainstream stuff and the kind of fans his new album brought out. And I didn't really care for the Tampa Ice Palace as a venue. I would much rather prefer to jam to Dave in the outdoors whether it be in the rain, shine, hot or cold. THANKS DAVE!
Nicholas H.
Well, after seeing an average show at Turner Field (6-6-01) I had a good feeling about tonight's show at the Tampa Ice Palace. JTR was the first song to be played that night and it was awesome. The Lovely Ladies made their presence felt on the first song, but we didn't see much of them until later that night. THE SPACE BETWEEN came next for the band and they played this one with feeling. Dave was amazing tonight. There was not a time when he wasn't doing his dance, or getting into a trance with Boyd. A hint of Captain (very small hint) led into WHEN THE WORLD ENDS which they always play so it was expected. This song is always good to hear. I love at the end of the song where they quit right before the final word, just like the CD. SO RIGHT was next and this one was amazing. I did not get to hear it at Atlanta so I was happy to hear live. CRUSH!!!!!!!!!!!! I could not believe what I was hearing. One of the best songs played, it was sweet all the way through. They jammed it out as they always do. Amazing! RHYME AND REASON came next and the crowd was ecstatic. Dave seemed to play off the crowds' emotions and vice versa. BARTENDER. This is a good song to hear live. Dave hits the "I'm on bended knee" line so well, with so much emotion. WHAT YOU ARE. The best "EVERYDAY" song played tonight. This was a loud song that got the crowd into the concert more and more. Junior Brown was called out on this next song. I was thinking #41, but Dave had other "best intentions" (hint hint) Dave played TWO STEP!! I thought that the best version of this song was from Listener Supported, but the version tonight gave that version a run for its money. At least 15-20 minutes. Junior Brown was awesome. That was bar-none the best song of the night. ANGEL was next and I must say, I thought Dave and the band would opt for the extended version of this song, but to my surprise, this one was not that long, it was still a sweet song though. TRUE REFLECTIONS. Just an amazing song that showcases Boyd's singing talent. Lovely Ladies did a great job on this song. This next song was probably the surprise song of the night: LOVER LAY DOWN! Where did this come from, especially so deep into the night. It was great to hear the old songs from UTTAD & Crash. FOOL TO THINK came after this and I was thinking that Dave had to be finishing soon. Did not get to hear this one at Atlanta either. JIMI THING!!!! What is going on? This was like old times and the crowd was loving it. A jam version of this song as well. I DID IT. I was hoping they would play this, great song live. I knew STAY was next, and the crowd knew this was the last before the encore, and they got so loud. Lovely Ladies, great job on this song. They left for about 5 minutes and that was the loudest 5 minutes I have heard. The crowd was going off the wall. They went into GRACE IS GONE and it was good to hear this one as well. One of the better Lillywhite songs. I told myself either WATCHTOWER or TRIPPING BILLIES. I was hoping for BILLIES and that's what they played. This was probably the second best song of the night. On at 8:15, off at 11:12.nearly three hours of eating, drinking and being merry with DMB. This was the best show of 6 I have been to.Probably one of the best shows of the tour. They seem to have good shows at the Ice Palace. Well, that's it from me.One more thing, I just would like to say that the EVERYDAY CD is awesome. All I hear is how much the Lillywhite is better. That may be so, but they chose to release this one instead. They have done so much for the fans, and because they make a CD that you don't like, you have to put it down.that's BS. You should like whatever music they make. As fans, we owe them a big THANK YOU for the great music they have made and will continue to make.
Brian T.
this show was just incredible. JTR was a nice opener and TSB really got the crowd going. WTWE had a nice groove, a little slower than on the album. So Right was awesome, really energized the entire arena. Crush was unexpected but a very nice surprise, and Rhyme & Reason was a cool reachback to Under the Table. this was the second time i had heard Bartender live, and it was much better this time. i was a little disappointed that the band didn't do the Big Eyed Fish-Bartender sequence, but Bartender still kicked ass (especially the end with LeRoi on the penny whistle)! What You Are was very good, sounded very similar to the studio version. then came the highlight of the entire show--Two Step with an absolutely incredible jam by Junior Brown. the song must've lasted 20 minutes, and Junior Brown is an unbelievable guitar player. that made my night. angel was nice with the lovely ladies and true reflections was awesome--Boyd sang great and played a kickass jam. lover lay down was a nice slow down and another great song from the "old stuff". fool to think was good, though i am not particularly fond of the song. then came another extended jam on Jimi Thing that went on for at least 10 or 15 minutes. unfortunately, all of the teeny-bopper, bandwagon fans were complaining and shrugging their shoulders as if they didn't understand why DMB was playing one song for so long. I Did It was good as expected, but Stay was a great closer. the lovely ladies sounded great and the crowd was pumped. i don't think i've ever heard an arena as loud as the ice palace was as they cheered for an encore. finally, the band came back out, dave said his funny "thank you very much" and they played grace is gone. i really like that song, very sweet. then they launched into their most energetic song of the night--tripping billies. they radiated energy and the end was absolutely amazing! i actually thought there might be a second encore because of how loud the crowd was, but unfortunately the house lights finally came on. oh well--an incredible show overall.
The avid Dave fan that I am--this show was MUCH better than my (slightly disappointed) experience in Chicago on the 6th. Over the past few years going to every show I possibly can, the Tampa show has now been ranked the second best I've seen to date! My wish was for him to play BOTH Bartender & Grace is Gone--and he did!!! I had not listened to any of the Lilly White sessions (since Dave's true approval for release has not yet been given) but remembered his debut of a few in Indpls last year, and the friend I was visiting in Florida had the disc...needlesss to say, after much temptation (and apparently weakness)...I am now completely hooked! Aside from a few mere seconds of irritation with the "radio" fans that were seated next to us, the setlist was perfectly diverse and the show all around was absolutely phenomenal!!! Enough said...
Aarti P.
Coming into this show, I was hoping for something the topped the last couple shows I've seen, and this show truly did that. He played some of my favorites tonight and I was truly impressed. The crowd was great. They played to a sold out crowd- the highest capacity in Ice Palace history. There were some nice surprises in the show, including a great performance of Two Step, which they ended with a great jam session. The best part of the night was Lover Lay Down. I had never seen that performed live and it gave me chills hearing them play it. They also played some of my favorites from Everyday including Angel and Fool To Think. Also played my fav from Lillywhite- Bartender, but wish they had played Grey Street. The show ended with a great jam session with Tripping Billies. Towards the end of the show Dave commented on the fact that there weren't any of the infamous glowing cups from last September. With or without them, the show was one of the best I've seen by far.
Jon R.
I already wrote reviews for Sunrise and WPB. This show was also great. The Ice Palace is huge, a neat venue. I was finally on the floor which was really cool. No screens in the the back of the stage, unfortunately. But the seats behind it were all sold, so it was a packed house. The band was truly inspired tonight, and the crowd ate it up. There were times when I wanted to call it the Boyd Tinsley Band, or LeRoi Moore Band, or Carter Beauford Band. Each guy had their moment to shine tonight, including Dave of course. He was really in to the singing tonight, with more energy in his voice than the last 2 shows. Basically, the setlist tonight was a combination of Friday's and Saturday's shows, so it wasn't as exciting for me. However, I was very happy with all the choices. All of the Everyday material sounds really good in person. The studio version don't do these songs justice. In future years, I will actually want to hear these songs at shows. Crush tonight was even better than WPB, as was Stay. Both had the crowd going wild. I was disappointed that they didn't have the Lovely Lady solos in Angel...that was a real highlight on Saturday. Nice that they pulled out Rhyme or Reason, although I heard this last year in Orlando and WPB. Shocked to hear Lover Lay Down. It was very chill though, I liked it. Jimi Thing was solid. Of course, with all this UTTAD material, I still don't hear Warehouse...just my luck. Now on to the befuddlement (nice word, huh?) of the evening. Before Two Step, Dave announced that Junior Brown would be guesting on the song. So the song starts, and I am telling my girlfriend how ridiculously good this was gonna be, telling people around me how he played it for 17 minutes on Friday...I was psyched. So the song is rocking, Junior's twang is a nice addition. But then, mid-song where Butch played an amazing solo on Friday, the boys give the stage to Junior. For at least 5 minutes, he stood there, staring at his guitar-like thing trying to decide what he was going to play, occasionally spitting out music. Now, I have respect for this guy, and I understand the difficulty of playing with a band of DMB's calibre. But to appear totally clueless is unfortunate. Now perhaps I am the only one who noticed this, but I needed to vent about it. Once Carter sped things back up, Junior was able to throw in a bit more, but for the most part, in this rendition of Two Step - which ran on for an amazing 25 minutes - I was disappointed with Mr. Brown. However, I was blown away by Carter's keeping the beat for 25 straight minutes and his ridiculous drum solo at the end of the song which literally left me speechless. Anyway though, enough of that...the crowd was the loudest I've heard at a DMB concert before the encore and the encore turned out to be great. I like Grace is Gone more now, and Tripping Billies was out of control...even better than Friday. If I had to end my three shows in four days run in any way, that was the song to do it with. We were lucky too, because I got one of the setlists after and the original plan was for Rapunzel, which is good, but is no Tripping Billies! It was a tiring 4 days, but it was totally worth it. If this had been my only show, I would have been blown away. Still didn't hear Warehouse, but I'm still happy. Thanks boys for keeping music alive and well. Keep up the amazing work. Until next tour...
Julian N.
Incredible. The show was the capper for us on a 3 night, 4 day Florida leg. Highlights of this show: JTR an expected and great opener as Florida was covered in rain all day. Driving across Alligator Alley and up 75 to Tampa was 4 hours of pouring rain, therefore the expectation. CRUSH a great repeat from Saturday as my beautiful partner missed it then and got her chance again unexpectedly. BARTENDER incredible as always, full of emotion and Dave's writhing face. Junior Brown comes on for TWO STEP and it was one of but not the best versions I've heard or seen. The telecaster sound gave a reminiscence of Tim Reynolds on LARR. ANGEL short and sweet without the LL outro. Possibly on of my favorite DMB songs live I have ever seen and one of my top 2 songs from this show was LOVER LAY DOWN. You see were married with kids and as life goes on it's the songs like this that have ultimate staying power. Forget about that though, the version was superb and from our 8th row center seats and Dave looking straight ahead at our vicinity the love for the man and the band grew yet once again. GRACE IS GONE the other best song and just gets better every time I hear it live or at the house and it seems as if the roar, or rather yet the subdued non-yelling in tone sing-along of "One more drink" from the crowd gets louder every time. An intense TRIPPING BILLIES to end was as good as that song gets, the same intensity as Friday night. Overall I rate the Florida shows as such: Sunrise and Tampa evenly great, MARS a close second but still a great show. The Tampa crowd superior to the other 2. That's a wrap for this year (I Think...I may have a business trip to Philly next week...please god can I pull off good seats for Hershey ?) 5 shows, the July ones much more intense than the ones in May and I suspect that trend will continue un til Salt Lake. Healthy babies please and hopefully they will do a winter leg, but alas, I am patient enough for next Spring or Summer. Peace.
Brad D.
Another AWESOME Florida run! Tampa was a great show, unfortunately the acoustics in the Ice Palace aren't that great, but what can you do. Interestingly, there were no video screens or "bone tubes" in Tampa. Probably because the arena was full behind the stage. The highlight was definitley Junior Brown sitting in on Two Step. What an awesome jam!! It was almost like having Timmy in the mix. Really nice to hear Lover Lay Down! Leroi had some really sweet solos going on. Crush is always welcome, and Dave did his little guitar jam on a sweet Jimi Thing. They didn't jam out Angel like they did in West Palm, which MAKES the song IMO. Billies was incredible as usual, you gotta love BOYD!!! Everybody sounded great. I loved what the Ladies added to the show, and Butch has been doing some incredible stuff on the keyboard. Carter and Stefan were AMAZING. There were no glowing beer cups for the drunk people on the third level to throw this year. I'm sure that was part of the contract. Anyways, I thought the Friday night show in Sunrise was the best of the three, but they were all VERY solid. Still no Dancing Nancies (where has it gone?). Also, really surprised not to hear Warehouse or Lie In Our Graves at any of the three. Oh well, I guess that's it for this year. Come back soon!! THANKS AGAIN!! :)
Austin B.
Yeah, this show was definitely up a notch from last years show in Tampa. The first couple songs were pretty standard until SO RIGHT, which was also standard, but it had so much energy that it ended up being one of my favorites of the night. And then came CRUSH, which I totally did not expect to hear since they had played it the previous night at WPB. If the concert ended right there I woulda gone home happy...but then there was BARTENDER - YES, TWO STEP - OH YES, LOVER LAY DOWN - SWEET JESUS YES, JIMI THING - KILL ME NOW YES. I Did It rocked too. SNL, Letterman, and TRL do not do it justice, I was really glad to hear this one. Billies closed it all, and all the dancing that Dave didn't do during the night he made up for it during Billies. Kicked ass. Overall a great show, rock on Dave....can't wait till next year...
Livingston H.
This was an incredible show! I was at the Atlanta show on June 6, and this blew that show away (which was surprising). JTR set the mood for the next three hours...Crush...Rhyme & Reason...a 25-minute TWO STEP with Junior Brown, which was truly amazing...by far the best version of Two Step I have ever heard. The crowd was really into it now. I would say the biggest surprise was Lover Lay Down, a great song he should play more often. Of course, he ended the regular set with Stay...then ended with a soft version of Grace is Gone, and a mind-blowing Tripping Billies...a great way to end the show.
Raine B.
Over all a great show, not as good as Tampa's last year. JTR was a great opener, very intense. The outr jam was crazy. I didn't think i would like the ladies on it, but for some reason they worked on that song. The entire show was heavy on Lillywhites and Everyday, but it was good to hear how a lot of everyday has evolved as they've become more comfortable. TSB was nice to hear, pretty standard. When the world ends was cool as hell. So Right was crazy, dave's guitar sounded nothing like it does on the cd. A lot faster and more punk rhythmy. Crush was great to hear, I have't heard it in forever, it was a nice treat. Rhyme was odd. Dave forgot a verse and just seemed to ramble on through out different verses, which kind of through the song off. Bartender was cool, the pennywhistle was a nice touch. Especially since LeRoi was throwing the theme to WKRP in Cincinnati in there. What you are was cool. The intro was cool as hell. There was the sustained sound, and Dave was speaking over it. Of course you couldn't hear what he was saying in the arena as everyone was so loud and the acoustics are terrible.Then Two Step, it was awesome as always to hear the song, until Junior Brown was supposed to start soloing. He was terrible. Not only was he a bad opening act for a DMB show, all his hotdogging and fastpicking and sliding was almost non-existant in his solo, which was also almost non-existant. It just didn't look like he could do it. it was obvious the whole band and the crowd were getting annoyed. Angel was cool to hear, but a bad follow-up to the poor version of two step. It was just too mellow for the time. Dave could do a little more Hendrix style jamming in the song, that would add a lot. True Reflections was great to hear, completely unexpected. Lover...after 23 shows I finally get to hear it. Oh how sweet it was. Fool to think, still not a favorite, but i liked it better live. it still hasn't reached it's full potaential. Jimi thing was cool, not the best rendition but still nice. I did it was standard, it was okay. Stay was pretty standard. Dave danced all around the stage. Grace was cool, although he didn't do the intro to it I have heard so much about. Tripping wasenergetuc as hell. Dave started dancing then boyd started dancing and stefan started swaying as best as he could...amazing. All in all not the greatest show ever, but worth finding just to hear the JTR, World Ends, and to try to hear what he said at the beginning of What You Are. If anyone taped it, please email me. starfish_and_coffee@hotmail.com.
John D.
Ok I will keep this short, Tampa was a solid show, but nothing special. EXCEPT - Two Step. I am not sure exactly how long it was but it was around 20-25 minutes. Junior Brown brought down the house on this. I recommend everyone to give it a listen when the show spreads around :)
Chase W.
Well first off I'm going to tell you that the day started off great when my good friends dad got us a limo to the show that was great! Anyways me and my two good friends Tim and BB were sitting in row 24 seats 1, 2, and 3. Now to the show JTR was a great opener and sounded real good. Space Between sounded normal with Butch and the lovely ladies. So right was cool pretty good jam at the end of this one. WTWE was an awesome song to hear live sounded much better than on the album again cool ending. What can I say about Crush awesome awesome song and had a great jam to it. Ryme and Reason love this song something about it draws me to like it. Bartender great song personal favorite Roi on the pennywhistle was real nice to hear. What you are next. Two Step with Junior Brown was jamned out so long almost as if they couldnt of didnt want it to end, loved it. Angel was nice to hear no extended jam though. Boyd on True Reflections violin and vocals sounding good. Lover Lay always a sweet song, gotta love it. Fool to think sounded better live. Jimi was a cool version nice and long, dave solo at the end. I did it, I was hoping the wouldnt, oh well. Stay, one of the only songs i like the ladies on. Grace is gone glad i got to hear this without Sleep to dream her. Then Billies was awesome and a great ending to a great show.