Dave Matthews Band
AmSouth Amphitheater, Antioch, Tenessee
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band: Junior Brown

onstage: 8:15pm
Tripping Billies (Nature) *
When The World Ends *
So Much To Say * -->
Too Much *
Fish Monkey Man -->
Bartender *^
So Right *
Sleep To Dream Her *~ -->
Grace Is Gone *~
Captain (tease)
#41 (Everyday, Sojourn of Arjuna) *~
Donít Drink the Water *~
Digging a Ditch
I Did It *+
Angel *+
Fool To Think *+
JTR *+
Stay *+
#40 (tease)
Ain't It Funny How Time Slips Away (Willie Nelson cover)
The Space Between *+~
All Along the Watchtower *~
offstage: 11:20pm
* Butch Taylor on keys
+ Tawatha, Cindy & Brenda on vocals
^ Jeff Coffin on saxophone
~ Bela Fleck and the Flecktones

Jason M.
Wow!what a show, the band really went all out, this is probably my 20th show, and this has to rank in the top 3, i am a resident of antioch, and for those who dont know about jeff coffin, you need to fast, he always plays here usually on thursday night at a small coffee shop, but tonight he was nothing short of stellar, but the band opened up with trippn, and electrified the crowd and myself, not too many new songs...but the band played for at least 3 hrs, grace is gone was beautiful, and watchtower was the closer, i must say a great song..but getting a little burnt out on it, but tongiht the crowd at amsouth erupted with the force of st.helens, beautiful show, and dave played funny how time slips away, a sad foreshadowing of how the band might be away for awhile..sorry for being selfish dave, but i understand..tonights show was good enough to remember for years to come..thank you dmb
Courtney G.
One word...UNREAL! This was easily the best Dave show I have ever been to in the last five years. I don't even know what to say...the show was over 3 hour and the crowd was awesome. #41 and Bartender combined were over an hour! There wasn't a song that he could have put more energy and Dave's oh-so-sweet style into. They were pumped, the crowd was pumped, Flecktones kicked ass, and the set list was perfect. I feel as if I should comment on every song, but I don't have the words to say how great it all was...maybe it hasn't all set in...it is 4:45 in the morning! But I can give fair warning to anyone that plans to see a show at Amsouth Amphitheater...don't plan on before-show fun. As always we arrived early for the typical DMB parking lot atmosphere...but come to find out Amsouth won't open the parking lot until an hour and 15 minutes before the show. Once we do get there we decided to make the best of it w/ a little frisbee action...but at Amsouth that was also a no go. I won't go on...but it did get worse. As I ramble on about this so recent experience, I can say that Dave was Dave tonight...w/ the extra long jams, the classic songs worked in, and new songs becoming favorites. Thanks DMB! A special thanks to Rachel and Andy for making it an even better experience.
First of all, I am tired of people complaining about the fans at shows. You don't go to the concert to watch the fans, you go to watch the band. anyhow. This show was so long, the longest ive ever witnessed from the DMB. As far as highlights go, Bartender was sickening. Jeff Coffin murders his sax every time he plays it. #41 neared 30 minutes, and Sleep To Dream Her>Grace is Gone sounds great with a banjo. Carter and Futureman were awesome back there on the drums tonight. It's such a treat to live in Nashville and witness the Flecktones minus Victor at almost every Nashville show. Anyhow, killer show, long show, exciting show. No Dreaming Tree, but who am i kidding, right?
Matt C.
Really, a great night for the boys and friends!And wow, was that the longest show in a long time or what? Couldn't believe my watch when I looked at it! It was a great night, and the rain at the end, made it even more memorable! What a setlist, some good oldies, would have liked more, but I will take whatever I can get. The #41 jam, with the Fleckstones playing their own song was really cool, but was a bit long, but really cool! And will Dave please play ALL of #40???? That song just makes my jaw drop and I want so much more. Great job guys, keep it up!
Jeremy W.
WOW!!! Unbelievable. If you have not seen a Dave show with Bela Fleck, then you are missing out on one of the greatest concert experiences out there. I'm a big fan of just seeing DMB w/o a ton of special guests, but Bela Fleck, Jeff Coffin, Futureman, Butch Taylor, and TLL put on one hell of a show last night! Ok...on to the highlights! Best #41 ever played, bar none, hands down....30 min long!!! Are you kidding me! Boyd, Bela, Jeff, Butch, Carter, Leroi, Futureman, and of course Dave all had brilliant solos. I saw Dave at one point walk up to Bela and motion him out front as if to say "Go on and amaze everyone!" And he didn't disappoint! It's amazing to see artists of DMB's caliber dumbfounded by the music going on around them...they just backed up and let the Flecktones steal the show! Once again, it rained during JTR..great version though. Dave messed up the words on So Right but got back on track. FMM was great and the pennywhistle bridge I've heard so much about into Bartender is amazing. Bartender jammed into about 20-25 min...AWESOME! GIG also had a beautiful, haunting jam at the end...it gets better every time! We got a #40 tease into Aint it Funny... and THEN Space Between AND Watchtower...great encore all around. Also the Captain tease was nice to hear. Bela adds alot to Space Between along with Butch. The boys always look forward to Nashville b/c they get to play with Bela and the Flecktones for that one show every year. Their energy is always top notch: Boyd was jammin, Carter and Stefan were pumpin, Roi was chillin, and Dave was wailin---on EVERY song! Definately THE best show I've seen out of about 10. I was in C-ville and I've seen Bela before...but this one will be hard to beat. The amazing thing to me is that they played the best show ever, without hardly any classics...no other band on earth could have pulled off what our boys did last night...LONG LIVE DMB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Fred L.
What a night. What a show. Boyd definitely got the fashion award - black leather chaps, black leather vest - no shirt, and a black leather cowboy hat - he looked like the Zulu Marlboro Man. But the music! God! Gotta be top 2 shows I've seen (last year's Nashville being neck-n-neck). With the guitar intro to Tripping Billies, the energy just blasted off the stage. I won't do a song-by-song, but it was hard to find a low point for bathroom/beer runs. Jeff Coffin absolutely smoked. And the Futureman/Carter drum thing was outstanding. Butch was on, and the LLs shined. Their gospel-inspired Angel close/band intro was really cool - I don't know if they have done that before. Each LL would sing a little verse about their "angel" and would refer to one of the band members... pretty cool. 4 song (ok, 3 1/2 song) encore was unbelievable. Watchtower explosion - Roi didn't even try a solo - Jeff was smokin' so hard. Over 3 hours... had to be. Great great show. mmmmm salty.
Clawson D.
Wow what an incredible show! It lasted for over 3 hours. Since the show was in Nashville, the home of Bela Fleck, I was hoping he would come out and play on a couple of songs with the band. I got even more than what I could have hoped for. Futureman and Jeff Coffin came out and played with Bela. Jeff Coffin had some amazing solos in Bartender, 41, and Watchtower. This guy is incredible, he was really getting into the show. 41 was over 30 minutes long, I can't say enough about how the song was played. It was awesome. Big Eyed Fish was great to hear, and Bartender had a great jam at the end with Coffin. As fir new stuff, Angel had a nice jam at the end with the lovely ladies singling out each member of the band. So Right had a jam at the end which was a surprise, this song is really developing to be great live. Finally, Watchtower with Bela, Coffin, and Futureman was incredible. I am going to say it is up there as the best version ever so much jamming from everyone. Wow what a show!
Mark S.
This was my 4th DMB show, with the other three being Atlanta 7/28/99, Hershey 8/23/00, and Atlanta 6/6/01, and this one has to be the second best Dave show I've ever seen, second to Hershey 2000. The energy was the best I've ever seen from Dave and the guys last night, but unfortunately, I rank my favorite shows according to the setlist. I loved this venue, very nice and small, and the lawn turned out to be a pretty good spot to catch the show from. I got there early and caught the soundcheck. Very cool, since I've never heard a band do a soundcheck before. I made a setlist of my own beforehand, which had my predictions. I won't get into it because this review is a little long already, but I'll just say that I predicted 19 songs, and I was correct on only 10 of them, if that's any indication of how unpredictable the band is. Anyway, Junior Brown was really good. I especially enjoyed hearing their song off the "Me, Myself, and Irene" soundtrack. I lit up a cigar shortly before the main attraction came on, and if anyone out there doesn't know how long it takes to smoke a big one, I lit up 10 minutes before Dave came on, and finished it when GRACE IS GONE was just ending. Okay, on to the thing that I'm really here to review: TRIPPING BILLIES - I had predicted #41 as the opener, and had a few other choices for a potential opener, and this was not one of them at all. This came totally out of left field, and I was very happy because I had never seen it live before. Two words: "Fuck yeaaaahhh..." WHEN THE WORLD ENDS - good song, but predictable and standard. I knew it was coming sometime, and I'm glad they got it out of the way early. This was actually my prediction for second song. SO MUCH/BRIDGE/TOO MUCH - Fuck yeah again. I'd never seen So Much or the Bridge before, so this was a treat. I was hoping for a Too Much tease into Ants, but Too Much made a very welcome return, having not seen the actual song live since '99. FISH/BAR TENDER - awesome as always. I knew all the words to both of them, since between the last show I saw and this one, I obtained the Lillywhite Sessions, so it was fun to sing along, and tell the monkey to stay up his fucking tree. SO RIGHT - an Everyday song I didn't get at my last concert, so this was pretty sweet. I always liked this one anyway. SLEEP/GRACE - seen both of them before. Awesome, but not much new can be said. I really didn't think Bela and them added that much to these two. After a short little CAPTAIN tease which I felt very fortunate to get, they went into #41, which lasted for-fucking-ever. Bela and the guy on sax - didn't catch his name - did this Irish Riverdance sounding melody line during the jam, that they riffed on for what felt like an eternity. An interesting twist, but I got bored with it after about the 50th time they repeated it. DON'T DRINK made a welcome return. Got it at show #1, but not again until this night. Dave mixed up a couple of the words at certain points. Was originally not too crazy about DITCH, but I kind of like it now that I've seen it. I like the Satellite-sounding riff he plays in the chorus. Then just when I was starting to think that the Lovely Ladies stopped touring with DMB, they come on and do 5 songs in a row. Could have done without I DID IT, but it wasn't as bad as past reviewers on this site have said. ANGEL was inevitable, but one of my favorites on Everyday, and this song makes probably the best use of the Ladies. Didn't expect FOOL, but it was short and sweet. Not one of my favorites, but I hadn't seen it before, so it was pretty painless. Then it started raining, so the next two were rain songs. I love JTR, and I actually like what the Ladies add to it. Being a guitar player myself, it's a fun one to play. I really didn't want or expect STAY, but I somehow survived. Was hoping for Pantala/Rapunzel. I've never been to a show where he closed with this, but I imagine it's a pretty good set closer. Then, traditionally, he leaves and takes forever to come out. I swear, I could have gone and had a nice bowel movement and come back and he still wouldn't have come back out yet. But he finally did before we all had canes and grey beards, and played a nice #40 tease. I don't know if we could call it a tease - it was about the length of the Listener Supported version. Either way, it was just enough to make me feel lucky to be there that night, cuz I know what a rarely played gem that one is. Then came AIN'T IT FUNNY, which I predicted, though I would have preferred Waste, but this one was cool. THE SPACE BETWEEN - nothing really new. Had seen it before. Bela and Co. didn't add that much. I was really hoping for and predicting Ants, but instead - as hard as it is to say - was disappointed when I heard Stefan start his little intro which I knew would lead to WATCHTOWER. I really thought it was the night for Ants to make an appearance, but it was a good Watchtower, and at least I got the second best closer they have. All in all, a really solid show, and I'm glad I went. Was surprised at no Ants, and no Crash. I was certain that Crash would make an appearance, being that it was Tennessee, and a couple thousand people wanted to be Dave's Tennessee Lamb, and we could walk with our Dixie Chicken...you know the rest. I was also expecting Grey Street. But oh well. Good things come to those who wait, and I have faith that one day I'll get a Granny, Crush, and Ants as a closer all in one show. But until then...Antioch 7/25 was the next best thing, and the second best of what's around.
Seems like old times, longest show I've ever been to and 12 musicians performing @ 1 time. DMB w/ the Bela Fleck and the Flecktones are always welcome in my home town ampitheater. It's actually becoming second nature, so to speak. If only Victor would show up once and awhile. The show was awesome, a little too loud for the people up front, but still awesome. Longest #41 I've ever heard, must have been 30 minutes long easily. Same with Bartender, longest I've heard. Big Eyed fish is not quite as good as the album, but still nice to hear live. On a score of 1-10, that show was easily a 9 (just wish Junior Brown would have come out and played with the band).
Kyle S.
WOW! That can sum up this concert in a single word. If anyone writes that this concert sucked or had no energy, then something is definitely wrong with them. First off, Tripping Billies, what an opener. TOO BAD I WAS STILL IN TRAFFIC WHEN IT CAME ON. AmSouth parking is the worst and the directions on the website should be cleared up a little to provide alternate routes. It took almost 2 hours to go 3 miles. But even that negative aspect, combined with a speeding ticket five miles from my house on the way down, couldn't dampen this even. Of the 14 shows I've been to, this was the best by far. The band had so much energy and generally enjoyed themselves. Dave looked like he could play all night, smiling and dancing and jamming. The setlist was great and Bela Fleck and the Flecktones are unbelievable as always. When Jeff Coffin came out first, I knew it was going to be a special evening and I had hoped Bela would be there since the band had two weeks off. I was in Cincinnati in 1998 to hear the 31-minute version of #41 and last night's 29-minute version of #41 was right there with it. Awesome. As were all the songs. And the encore was the best ever that I had seen. First the #40, the Willie cover, then Space Between and an awesome Watchtower that the Flecktones added so much too. I really don't know how this concert can be topped anytime soon. I'm glad I made the 4-hour drive from Missouri and anybody that was there can testify to the magic that occured on the stage last night.
Lee H.
Wow! An amazing show. It was only my second show this summer, but it restored my faith that the band still loves to jam. With an excellent mix of old and new stuff, there was something for everyone in the 3 hour set. Tripping Billies was a great opener, got everyone pumped up and dancing. They kept going strong with When The World Ends. SMTS->ASTB->Too Much kept the crowd alive and happy. Then a slew of newer songs came out, but the whole crowd seemed to enjoy all of them, and most knew the lillywhite stuff as well. Now to #41. This might have been the most incredible song I have ever seen the band play. Beginning at 9:25, and not ending until right around 9:55 or 10. Everyone could not believe what they were seeing, with solos from boyd, leroi, bela, carter, and all of the flecktones. Truly an amazing thing to see. The rest of the show had great energy, and closing with stay right as it began to rain was a lucky touch for the band. The encore was great also, with an amazing watchtower with everyone again getting solos. The old dmb seems to be resurfacing once again in my opinion.
Ryan E.
This show was the first Dave Matthews Band show I'd been to, so I was buzzing the whole day because I was so excited. The lights and came on and Dave + company took the stage to thousands of screaming fans. Butch Taylor was present during all but a few songs. My friends were taking bets as to what the opening would be. I was hoping for Pantala and my friends wanted One Sweet World. But to our suprise, they opened with a great Tripping Billies. They then did a great acoustic When the World Ends. Then went to So Much to Say with the fade into Too Much. When they started playing Bartender, Jeff Coffin came out to play sax with LeRoi so we knew that Bela Fleck was somewhere. That was confirmed when Bela and Futureman came out to play on Sleep to Dream Her. They decided to tease us with Captain then go into a stunning #41. #41 lasted close to 30 minutes with Carter and Futureman wailing on the drums and LeRoi and Jeff dueling with their saxes. The 3 Lovely Ladies were brought out to sing on a beautiful rendition of Angel and then an even more beautiful Fool to Think. The show ended with Stay(wasting time) with a great jam at the end. Obvioulsy everyone wanted an encore, but he took forever to come out. My friends that had been to 6 other shows this year said they never took that long to come back out. Dave started solo with a tease of #40 that got the crowd really pumped up, but then played the Willie Nelson song Ain't It Funny How Time Slips Away. Then Dave picked up the electric and brought out the rest of the crew for The Space Between. Worried faces arose because we were afraid they would only play 2 encores. But alas Dave sent the lovely Ladies packing and picked up the acoustic. Stefan started playing his bass solo, so all my friends were going crazy because we knew what was coming. Then Dave started singing All Along the Watchtower! This song had everyone do a solo. Dave, Boyd, Carter, Butch, Bela, and Jeff. It was close to 15 minutes and I had such an adrenalin rush that I almsot fell over when I was dancing all over the place.
Laura O.
What a great show!! I have to say it--I think this is the best show, out of my 11, that I have ever been to. When they started off the night with Tripping Billies, I knew we were in for an awesome show. The band was full of energy from the second they walked out on stage, and Dave started dancing during Billies and didn't stop the entire night. Also, Boyd was in the spotlight a lot more tonight than I have seen him in recent times, and that made me really, really, happy. WTWE was funky as usual and SMTS --> Too Much was unbelievable! Dave threw in the "f*uck it up's" in the end and everyone totally went crazy. I really like the Fish Monkey Man --> Bartender thing a lot, and I was so psyched when Jeff Coffin came out and played sax. When I saw him come out, it sparked some hope that Bela and the rest of the Flecktones would show up later...and they did! I love Bartender-it was the 8th time in a row I had seen it live. Oh well. So Right gets better every time I hear it, and then when it was over, Bela showed up!! I was certain that a #41 or Lie In Our Graves was on the way, but nope...Sleep to Dream Her. I thought that was a bit weird, but it turned out to be great. Grace was so beautiful, Bela added so much to it. I thought that they were going to go right into DDTW from there-I swear I heard them hinting at it, but they didn't. Then, the moment I had been waiting for all summer...CAPTAIN!! I was so excited that I accidentally punched my best friend in the stomach. Then, when Dave walked away from the mic and I realized that it was just a tease, I was so upset. But then the next best thing to Captain happened. I knew they had to do it sometime during the night...#41. It was the longest version I had ever heard (27 minutes--I timed it), and also the best. Dave and Jeff were both totally jamming to the music. I think at one point, they each had both feet off the floor. It took me halfway through the song to realize that Future Man was there, and then he and Carter played some bad ass solos on the drums. It was all totally amazing. Bela is an amazing banjo player, and every time I see him, I love him even more. What happened on that stage was pure magic, and I feel totally lucky that I got to see it happen. Then, a little later than I had expected, they did DDTW. I love this song live, and I always will. I know some people are tired of hearing it, but not me. Once again, Bela added so much to the song. Digging kind of calmed things down a little bit, and then I Did It came along. I wondered if the Lovely Ladies were going to show, and they finally did! I am really beginning to like them, and I didn't so much before. I Did It was alright, probably the low point of the show for me (if there even was one!). Angel once again blew my mind. The Ladies jam at the end was as awesome as it was in Chicago, and I love how they pointed out all the members of the band in it, even Butch. I think they left out Leroi, but I could be wrong. Fool to Think was really good, and I was totally psyched to hear JTR toward the end. It had started raining by then and "rain, rain, rain down on me" was awesome and everyone, especially the people back on the lawn, went nuts. Stay was a great closer, and I love how they just kept jamming it out at the end. I was surprised to see that they had already been on stage for almost 2 1/2 hours when they left for the encore. Then, when Dave came back by himself, I knew something cool was going to happen. His #40 tease was so great because at one point he stopped playing the guitar and just sang. Then he said he was going to do a song by someone he admired, and I knew it was going to be Ain't It Funny How Time Slips Away. I hadn't heard it before. It was a really beautiful song, and I loved it when Dave sang the "sittin' on the dock of the bay" part. I felt lucky to have heard that one, too. When the rest of the band came out and they did TSB, I was really excited, because I knew they wouldn't leave on such a slow note, and there was one more song to go. Watchtower, highlighted by Stefan's solo at the beginning, was so full of energy that I thought something was going to blow up. They jammed it out for so long. At one point, Dave, Bela, and Boyd were all doing that thing where they face each other and just jam, and I was loving it. When the end of the song finally rolled around, I was certain that I had just seen the best show I had ever been to. I still think that, and I hope that every show I see from here on out just gets better and better. The show ended up being 3 hours long, and it turned out to be the absolute best 3 hours of music that I have ever seen in my entire life.
Jennifer S.
I have been a DMB fan since 1993 and I finally got to see my first show. I was so afraid the band would disappoint me with all the new songs and the new fans, but I had a great time! Also, BELA FLEK WAS THERE....so i was SUPER excited!! I knew they were back from Europe and was hoping they'd be there. So...DMB opened with Tripping Billies, which was so nice to hear right off. Then, WTWE was better than it is on the album. SMTS>ASTB>Too Much was nice. I have always loved ASTB. I was also excited that he played Bigeye Fish and Bartender from the Lillywhites. So right is a good one from Everday, but pretty standard. STDH, i could have done without...but it's DMB and my first show so i'm not complaining...Grace is Gone put another smile on my face...great song. Then, he just teased Captain, i would have really liked to hear that one. 41 was AWESOME....he jammed for a good while and the sax player from the Flektones TORE UP the saxophone...Next, DDTW got the crowd fired up and everyone singing along. I love that song. Digging a Ditch is another great lilly that i was happy to hear, but i wish he had played something with more energy at this point. i really wanted to hear PNP>Rapunzel...but... :( Next was I Did It....MAJORLY could have done without that because that was one of the only songs that these two girls standing behind me knew...(cringe) Angel was better than on the album and i liked that song anyway. nice jam with the ladies singing about each person in the band, that cracked me up! Fool to think..(ugh) JTR was great...my FAVORITE Lillywhite and plus it was raining a bit when he played it, but he changed the lyrics up, so i couldn't sing with him, but i still loved it!!! Stay was great to hear and the line "...and it began to rain..." brought a cheer from the crowd. 40 was beautiful as always, but i wish he did the full version. I figured he woudl do Aint it Funny and i really enjoyed it since i had not heard it live yet. The Space Between was a great song, but it was also the only other song those two annoying girls knew...Finally...All Along the Watchtower...i knew he'd play it...but it blew me away. i loved it....GREAT SHOW AND I HOPE TO SEE ANOTHER!!
Mike O.
Nashville must be one of the best places to see a show, I've seen 4 shows there and by far they are the best. I thought it would be hard for them to top last years show with Emmylou Harris on LBV and Bella Fleck and the boys playing with them, but they did. A great setlist from start to finish, and a fantastic encore. Plenty of high energy from the band and guests, and the lovely ladies absolutely tore it up! Along with some great jamming on Angel, JTR, and Stay, they really put it all together for a fantastic finish on Watchtower. All in all probably number two in the ten shows I've seen since 94'.
Matt P.
Just got back from Nashville and the Jeff Coffin...er DMB show. It was the best show of the three I've seen this summer and probably the best I've ever seen. Three hours plus, great guests, great jams, and a nice atmosphere. Junior Brown opened and this guy is awesome. If you haven't heard him, check him out. His guitar work is amazing. TRIPPING BILLES - Caught me off guard as I didnt expect it to open. First time I've heard it this summer and it was great as always. Boyd was wearing this crazy cowboy looking outfit. He had a great jam. WHEN THE WORLD ENDS - Standard, but this is a great live song and I can see why they like playing it so much. Crowd was into it. SO MUCH TO SAY > BRIDGE > TOO MUCH - First time of the summer for me. Crowd was really into this one. Dave messed up the words a little bit during SMTS. Stefan really got into the bass jam during the bridge. Good stuff! Oh yeah, Dave broke a string during Too Much and had to do a quick guitar switch. No problem. BIG EYED FISH > BARTENDER - A lot of the crowd didn't really know what BEF was but it was awesome anyway. And then during the pennywhistle's segue, I see Jeff Coffin come walking out with his sax and sets up beside Roi. They went into Bartender and it was great just by itself but then at the end, Jeff Coffin went crazy and had an amazing sax solo. I noticed he looks strikingly like 76ers former President Pat Croce....Anyway, I thought he was gonna break his back, the man puts so much energy into his performance. Just breathtaking stuff. Also, it amazes me how Dave can almost bring tears to anyone with his singing. His wailing was great. SO RIGHT - He pulled out the baritone electric and went into So Right. First time i've had a chance to catch it live. It's gotten so much better since the beginning. Good jamming at the end too. SLEEP TO DREAM HER > GRACE IS GONE - I was expecting it in the back of my mind but the minute Bela Fleck walked out I knew the show was about to go to the next level. Bela and Futureman came out as well as Jeff Coffin again. Bela looked like something right out of a Grateful Dead stereotype book. Headband, tie dye shirt, and he has an insane looking banjo with horns on it. I dont like STDH but it was ok. It was a lot better knowing GIG with Bela was coming. I do like the way they handle the segue for these two songs though. Good performance, more Jeff Coffin going nuts...CAPTAIN - Whooo hoo! Noone knew what it was but Dave played 30 seconds or so of this solo. #41 - Highlight of the show, tour, year, decade, whatever. Absolutely incredible. You would have had to have been there to fully appreciate this. After the initial song and Boyd/Roi jam, Bela took over with a solo. Dave actually left the center of the stage and stood off to the left with Boyd while Bela and the Flecktones jammed. Then they went into Sojourn of Arjuna, then Jeff Coffin stole the show again by having a crazy and very long sax solo. Then Carter and Futureman had an amazing drum solo mixed in as well. Dave sang something before the Everyday outro about stars or something that I didn't recognize. He might have just been making stuff up. Everyday outro, oh yeah this song lasted about 28 minutes so it's one of the longest jams DMB has ever done, to my knowledge.DON'T DRINK THE WATER - Bela and the Flecktones stayed and they played an energy packed DDTW. The crowd was really great all night but they were really great during this. DIGGIN A DITCH - This came out of nowhere sort of and it was basically just Dave going solo. Good stuff, I'm glad to hear it.I DID IT - Crowd was into it. Heck even I liked it. Nothing could ruin this show, Lovely Ladies were out for the first time.ANGEL - Lovely Ladies were in the spotlight again. That long extended vocal jam at the end. It was a bit different as they kept saying something about who had their heart and mentioned the "Man with the guitar, plucking the strings, on the keys, on the drums, etc." I knew at this point that the concert was going long.FOOL TO THINK - Dave brought out that red electric guitar and I thought maybe PNP > Rapunzel but he played Fool to Think instead. First time i've heard it so I enjoyed it.JTR - Can't really go wrong with this song. I liked it, good jamming. STAY - Crowd was really into it and so were the guys and the Ladies. The ending jam seemed to go on forever. Really great stuff. #40 - Wow! I know the setlist page says a tease but it was like 45 seconds or so and that's pretty special for a #40 appearance. Was it just me or was the lyrics kinda poking fun at the crowd for thinking he'd play the whole thing? AINT IT FUNNY HOW TIME SLIPS AWAY - I like this song, it has a good encore type feel to it. He threw in a Sitting on the Dock of the Bay outro thing. Fitting to play this in the home of country music, Nashville. THE SPACE BETWEEN - Here comes the Ladies and the Flecktones out again. There was 12 people onstage for this song. It was a pretty standard version but with more Jeff Coffin. WATCHTOWER - What a way to end the show. Best version of Watchtower I've ever heard. Bela and the Flecktones stayed, jams from Boyd and Bela to start the jamming part of the song and then Jeff Coffin went completely nuts again. Roi was impressed afterwards as he gave Jeff Coffin a fist to symbolize his appreciation for it. It really was amazing, you gotta hear it. Pick up the CD-R of the show or something. Show finally ended at around 11:20 so they played for roughly 3 hours and 10 minutes. Absolutely amazing show, Jeff Coffin definitely was the man of the hour. One of the best DMB shows of the summer by far!
Roland P.
It was like I was at two shows. The first show was breathtaking. Dave Matthews Band in it's purest form, a lady-less balls to the wall jam session. The second show sucked very badly. A pop oddesy featuring 3 god awful ladies and more cheesy pop tunes than TRL. With that said, the Flecktones were an awesome suprise. Such a cool vibe they bring. The ladies on the other hand kinda killed the momentum of the show. As Stay was winding down I thought a thought I NEVER thought I would think at a show, "Please make this stop." It was a sad moment as I realized what the band has become. (Call it selling out, call it what you will) The vibe that made them so great is gone. I felt so bad for Dave during Fool To Think I almost wanted to cry, it was just painful to see a once great band playing pop songs. In conclusion, after 8 summers of Dave Matthews Band it's time for a break. Last nights show was so good till I Did It. From that point onward I was in pain. Watchtower was a welcome reprise to bring me out of my shock and pain, but it was to little to late. From someone who really tried to give Everyday a shot, this show proved to me what was once great about the band and what isn't anymore. I pray Dave goes on hiatus for ahile, if he doesn't I most certainly will.
Ben F.
This was my second show this year, my first being the second night at Comerica, and I thought that was a long and energetic show. This show was sooo long and so full of energy that it immediately replaced Comerica as my greatest concert ever. It started off great, with the Antioch crowd going nuts as soon as the band chimed in with Dave on the unexpected Tripping Billies opener. This was one of the most electrifying Billies I have ever heard. I knew Boyd and Carter were on that night after hearing it. He followed it up with the predictable WTWE, where the band got real quiet just before Dave sang "we'll be burnin' one," and the crowd loved it! Then came a standard SMTS -> ASTB -> Too Much, with some cool gibberish during the bridge. Then he started strumming the chords for Big-Eyed Fish, and I knew finally the time had come for me to witness this spectacle of a song in concert. It rocked, but I still wish LeRoi would play on it, but he just stood there until the time came for him to pick up the pennywhistle, and then as soon as Bartender started me and my friend noticed the man with the sax standing behind Roi. I had never seen the 'Tones before, and didn't know what they looked like, but we had heard them before and we knew as soon as he started playing that it was the man, Jeff Coffin. He guested on the best Bartender ever, the jam went on and on, he was going crazy, then it died down but continued on for a long time with Jeff jamming smoothly on that kick-ass sax of his. Then Dave picked up the 'elec and I prayed for So Right, the Everyday song that I actually wanted to hear that night, and it came, and God it was good. Then my friend and I proceeded to pee our pants as Bela and Futureman along with Jeff proceeded to join the band on stage, and they, along with the anticipation of Grace is Gone, made STDH much better than the first time I had heard it, then of course Grace was amazing. It works so well with the banjo. The captain tease was short but sweet; I was hoping that they might play the full thing with the support of the Flecktones, but forgave them after they started up... #41!!! This was "the moment" of the show, the reason I had made the drive from Cinci, and it was the most incredible thing I had ever seen. After the words, Boyd and Roi both had their heartfelt solos (no flute though), and Bela continued on with a long, tight banjo jam followed up by the Sojourn, at which point Jeff started in, then after a few minutes of "Sojourning," Jeff completely went off with one of the most inspiring solos I've ever witnessed before. He was jumping back and forth, playing his heart out, and although I'm sad to report that half the people on the lawn sat for most of the song, Jeff's solo got most of them back on their feet and into the show. Then Jeff and Bela played parts of the Sojourn stop-time style so Carter and Futureman could perform some phat drum beats in between. This went on for a while in a mellow sort of way, then they pulled the tempo back up for a while, brought it down again, and then performed an outro I hadn't heard before (something about catching a falling star) straight into the Everyday outro. The song clocked in at over a half-hour. DDTW came next, and as all Bela versions of the song are this one was great. I thought things couldn't get any better, and for the next few songs, they didn't. Digging A Ditch was a nice surprise, since there was no Recently (unfortunately), but afterwards the show entered Lady-Land. We had all thought they weren't going to show, even though their were three mics positioned behind Butch, but they were there to kick off the weaker portion of the show. I Did It and Angel were next, and though I was pretty peeved at this I'm glad that it at least got the entire Antioch crowd on their feet and cheering. At this point I was looking for the set closer, but Fool To Think came next, and I was pleasantly surprised at how much better it was live than on the album. At the end of the song it started raining, and now I'm groaning because I know that Stay is coming next to close out the set, but no! JTR surprised the hell out of me. Great version of a great song, and the fact that it had just started raining when he started singing the "Rain down on me" part got the crowd motivated. It was so great and I wasn't even close to disappointed when he went straight into Stay to close out the set because I thought that JTR was gonna be it. This was my 3rd Stay Set-Closer in a row, and it was the best because the crowd loved it. Everyone was on their feet and dancing. During the encore break, Pig chants were fired back and forth throughout the lawn, but as usual no results. No problem -- the encore kicked ass anyways. He started #40, which despite its rarity through some act of God I get to hear at almost every show I go to, and of course I love it every time. As soon as he started some reject behind us said, "Oooh, he's playing a new song!" As I resisted the temptation to clock the guy in the face, Dave cut #40 short and started up Aint It Funny How Time Slips Away, a great tune which I had never heard on tape before. I thought Watchtower or Two Step would be next, but before that he snuck in a Space Between with 15 people involved (Ladies, Butch & 'Tones), then Stefan started his Watchtower intro. This may be the best one I've heard, everyone on stage got a solo and everyone in the crowd went home happy. Huge props to Stefan for his kick-ass electric guitar solo during the song. Despite the lull in the action that occured when the Ladies showed up, this was the best concert I have ever been to, and in my opinion the best of the 2001 tour so far, and you should get a copy of it if you can.
Joel N.
This show was in the making to be the best DMB show of 6 over the past 3 years that I've attended. After the band took the stage, I saw Dave form the first chord to the nature intro for Billies and he plucked a string or two. I exclaimed 'Tripping Billies!' to those nearby, and sure enough Dave started into the nature intro. *Great* energy on this, nothing special but definitely a different opener- and really got the crowd going. WTWE kept the energy going, and after a good SMTS> Too Much, AmSouth was absolutely rocking. Next, the 12-string came out and the band went into a solid Big Eyed Fish. During the song, a tall bald man appeared over by LeRoi...and those of us who knew who 'the man' was; we knew we were in for a treat. After Roi completed the segueway on pennywhistle, perhaps the best Bartender ever was performed. Jeff Coffin and LeRoi absolutely tore up the outro to Bartender...Roi on pennywhistle and Jeff on sax. Must have been at least 15 minutes long; absolutely amazing. Jeff was playing so hard he took his ear monitor off...the intensity of the outro was immeasureable. After Bartender Jeff exited the stage and Dave picked up the baritone for an energetic So Right...one of the few Everyday songs I truly enjoy. Next, Bela, Jeff and Futureman were brought out on stage, and multiple '#41!'s were heard. Instead, Dave said 'I'm gonna play a couple slow songs' and went into Sleep to Dream. I don't care much for this song...but Bela added alot and Grace Is Gone was excellent with banjo also. After Grace, the Flecktones remained on stage, and the #41 clamor recommenced. Dave formed the first chord to the intro of #41, but instead went into a short tease of Captain. Afterward, Dave turned back to the band and Bela and shrugged his shoulders like "Hey, I'm just messin' around." This tease was nice to hear; hopefully they'll play the whole song soon. Dave's hand went back into #41 intro position...and AmSouth was whisked away into at least 25 minutes of intense jamming. After Boyd and Roi's solos, Bela took over and eventually meandered into Sojourn of Arjuna, where he was joined by Jeff, who then took over for a mind-blowing sax solo. At this point, Dave and Boyd and Butch were standing to the side of the stage just smiling at each other. Eventually, Bela and Jeff went back into the Sojourn jam, and were joined by Carter and Futureman, who were both seated at Carter's set. Bela, the two amazing drummers, and Jeff worked the jam down to just a few notes before extending it back out in its entirety. After the Sojourn outro, Dave came back to the mic, sang something about 'stealing the moon out of the sky,' then sang the Everyday outro. This rendition of #41 was perhaps the climax of the evening, and easily the climax of my DMB live experiences. The Flecktones stayed on for a powerful version of DDTW, before exiting for a softer Ditch. Finally, the ladies came out to make use of the 3 mics at the left edge of the stage (I was hoping they wouldn't but hey, we made it 12 songs without them). I Did It, while a pretty average song, has a good amount of energy attached to it. However, after an amazing streak, the energy and jamming was stopped abrubtly by two songs: Angel and Fool To Think. Both decent songs on CD in their own right, they were absolutely horrid live. Angel was drawn out and beaten down by a slow and boring outro, while Fool To Think simply has no energy. I've never seen a crowd standing more still than in the outro to Angel and in Fool To Think. Almost whole sections had sat down during Fool To Think. Granted, DMB tired the crowd out a bit with such an amazing set thus far, but these two songs need a major overhaul or need to be dropped. The 12 string came back out and the Ladies stuck around, which could only mean one thing...JTR. Good version, intense outro, and the crowd got back up and into it. After this, the 6 string came back...and for the 3rd time in 4 shows (and everytime the Ladies were there) I heard Stay as a closer. Good song played way too much, especially as a closer. Nevertheless, good energy and the crowd was ready to go for a great encore. Dave came back out by himself for a short tease of #40, then into Willie Nelson's "Ain't It Funny..." A couple good slow songs, then every single guest of the night came out for The Space Between. Bela and Jeff added alot to this song, a good one and one of the best off Everyday, in my opinion at least. Right as the Ladies walked off stage, Stefan went into a chilling bass solo, and AmSouth prepared itself for a jam nearly equaling #41. Solos were passed from Boyd to Butch, who played a guitar-sounding keyboard solo, to Bela, and finally over to Jeff Coffin (Yes, Roi was skipped). I cannot say enough about this man's musical abilities and enthusiasm. Once again, he pulled off his ear monitor due to how hard he was playing, and ripped out an *incredible* solo, jamming away...an all-around intense version of Watchtower. Overall thoughts: Absolutely amazing show up to I Did It. Started off awesome, finished off awesome. Jeff Coffin stole the show. Probably #2 out of the 6 shows I've been to. Also-a great scene at the Best Western. Thanks to Nashville, DMB, the Flecktones, and everyone there for a great time.
A.J. W.
WOW!!!What a great show!All I have to say is #41!What an awesome version of that song.It had to last 20-30min and he mixed in Everyday with 41's music.This was the best show I've seen so far.Bela Fleck was there with his saxaphonist and his drummer.They were out of this world also.It left me speechless until the next day.It was so good I didn't know wether to laugh or cry or what to do.If anybody is trading this show let me know...
Morgan K.
First off, Junior Brown was hilarious. He was telling the crowd "... why don't you hippies get up and dance" and was improving some Rawhide into Ponderosa theme into Foxy Lady. And as for the dmb, I'll go out and say it was by far (from setlists and reviews I've read, as well as the few shows I've seen this tour) the best show of the year so far. Over three hours long with guests Bela Fleck, Futureman, Jeff Coffin, and of course Butch and the Ladies. At one point there were twelve musicians and singers on stage at one time. To the highlights: Billies was a good opener and got the crowd going. Dave messed up the lyrics to So Much right away, then turned and gave a smile to Carter as if to say, "sorry". Fish Monkey Man was really good live, the verses are in different order than on the Lillywhite sessions. The highlight of the night had to be 41, which was jammed out to around 25 minutes to a half hour with Carter and Futureman on the drums and Jeff Coffin on sax. They just went back and forth for about 10 minutes. Get the live show and you'll hear what I mean. The ladies did a little something different on the end of Angel where they introduced every member of the band in sweet, mellow ways. Very cool. Dave was really trying to get out of the way and get Bela to let go on a couple of occasions, and he did a couple of times, but not like I've seen in the past. The encore was incredible, 4 songs, well, more like 3 and a half with only one verse of 40, but still very cool. This was the first time I heard Dave sing Ain't it Funny, and as a Willy Nelson fan, I was skeptical, but it was very nice and in good form. The Space Between was normal, nothing special, but Watchtower ripped. It's worth noting the Jeff Coffin went nuts here, he was just awesome on every song he played on. Bela and Futureman also came on for Watchtower, which was a nice finish, having all those guys on stage. And in closing I'm just going to say that after the first 3 shows I saw this year, and after all the reviews I've read (some very negative) that I was not sure that I was going to get a show worth the price of admission, but this show was classic dmb. I won't doubt again, hopefully. See yas in Virginia Beach.
Morgan A.
Let me start by saying when you go to a show with 17000 plus people there, you will run into some traffic. Once in Antioch, we had 6 more miles to the show, but that 6 miles took us one more hour therefore we missed the first 3 songs in person, but we could easily hear the songs being played while sitting in traffic which was awesome. Imagine hundreds of cars in line to get to the show all listening and screaming to the songs being played while sitting in traffic! Alright well here is my review. Tripping Billies and WTWE's, heard them before live so I wasn't too bummed out, great opener and awesome way to play WTWE's at a slower pace. SMTS--->Too Much was awesome as usual with those songs. Big Eyed Fish, my first time hearing this live, when I walked into the concert they were playing this and many people didn't know it, well it rocked. Bartender was excellent. So Right, wanted to hear this one too, it was great live, that's one Everyday song that is better to hear live. STDH - not a fav of mine but cool to hear Bela pluckin along. Grace is Gone - wonderful song, really gets everyone singing along. Now the next thing he played was awesome, CAPTAIN!, well at least part of the song, but at least he sang the chorus. And the tease was actually longer than other captain teases he has played before. Now if you want to hear a JAM song, #41 is your best bet. First of all it includes Bela and some Flectones, and it was about 30 minutes long which was really cool. DDTW- really cool live. Diggin A Ditch- I was hoping he would play this, awesome song. I did it, well he did it. Angel, nice song, cool how the Ladies sang there own lines. Fool to Think, cool song live, he played it slower than the album version which was sweet. JTR, well during FTT it started to barely rain and when this song started playing everyone was screaming and raising their hands into the air at the new falling rain! Great Song! Stay, very nicely done. #40 TEASE!! I love this song! Aint it funny was nice but I was hoping to hear some Waste. Space B/T was great to hear live, as soon as he hits the first chords the whole crowd jumps in excitement. Watchtower, unbelievable, nuff said. Overall excellent show, nothing from UTTAD and I wanted to hear Two Step but stil an amazing show. Everyone needs to get a copy of this show!
Jeff C.
The length of the show alone made the entire night worthwile...even a few rain drops at the end could not break the trance the band had on me. JTR and Stay coordinated well with the timing of the rain, and an abundance of new material kept me interested, but not necessarily entertained (only eight out of twenty one songs come from "old" material...the rest came from the "two" new releases.) I'm still not sold on the band's new electric style...but hearing Fish Monkey Man live offset having to sit through Sleep to Dream her and So Right, etc. Having Bela and the Flecktones is always a treat, but I had a slight disappointment in some of the songs they selected. DDTW, #41, Grace is Gone, Bartender, Digging a Ditch, JTR, and Watchtower were all played in Antioch last year, too. Although this year's performance was decidedly better, I would have loved to hear a bit more variety. All in all, a terrific performance, one that I MUST find a copy of!!
John O.
I must say, I thought last year's show at Deer Creek was unbelieveable, but the show at AmSouth was simply amazing. Dave and the boys kicked the evening off with an old favorite Tripping Billies. Boyd was his usual self This was a totally unexpected opener, but none the less a great one. Next we got WTWE, SMTS, and Too Much. All pretty standard, but I waqs happy to hear them. The cut off at the end of WTWE is really cool. Next we got Big Eyed Fish or Fish Monkey Man I guess as it's called now. The lyrics in this song are quite powerful. Dave even told the monkey to stay up his "fucking tree". From Big Eyed Fish thery went into Bartender. I love Leroi using the pennywhistle during the transition from BigEyed Fish to Bartender. During Bartender Dave and the boys got a little help from Jeff Coffin. He is a hell of a sax player. So Right followed, pretty standard. Next we got the bigest surprise of the evening. Dave came to the mic introduced Bela Fleck and the Flecktones. They did four songs with Dave. STDH->GIG, #41, and DDTW. In between GIG and #41 Dave did a tease of Captain. Let's talk about #41, God unbelievable. They must have played this song for literally 20-30 minutes. You had Jeff Coffin tearing it up on the sax. I actually thought he was going to collapse after his solo. Next you had Carter and Future man on the drums. They playing dueling drums if you will. Absolutley incredible. The crowd went balistic when this song was over. Probably the most amazing song I have ever heard live. DDTW, DAD, IDI, were all just like the album. Angel was quite interesting with the Lovely Ladies. Angel is stretched out quite a bit from the album. The Ladies go around talk about everybody in the band and let them solo, it's pretty cool. I believe I have found a respect for them. FTT, JTR, and Stay followed. I was psyched when they played JTR. I especially love the jam at the end. Stay was an awesome closer. After DMB left the stage it seemed like forever until they came back on. For the encore we got 4 songs! The first 2 were Dave solo, #40 and AIFHTSA by Willie Nelson. That song is awesome with just Dave. Next dave got out that big black baritone, and played TSB. This song sounded great with Butch and Bela. On SNL it sounded really empty, but Butch and Bela filled in the song nicely. And finally Watchtower. First Stefan did a little bass solo for a miute or two which was awesome, then they went into Watchtower. Great way to finish the show. I have been to 3 shows, 2 DMB and 1 D&T, but this show was the end all. Hands down the best DMB show I have seen as well as the best overall show I have seen.
Jared B.
hey y'all, just flew back into ohio today from the show. Out of 8 shows, and about 300 on CD, i can definitely say this was by FAR the best one I have seen or heard, and that includes the 4/21 opening show in C'ville, and that one was hard to beat, but anyway, my review. Tripping Billes was very unexpected, but started the show off with good energy. my heart stopped with the cords of fish monkey man, incredible, the words were a little different than i'ld heard on most recordings. I had never seen Jeff Coffin before, but i was sure that's who it was on bartender, and i knew then that bela was going to be out soon. i was right, Sleep to dream her was even more beautiful with him there, i wanted to cry. grace is already a personal fav. song and he just made that more incredible too. then the captain tease, we got about 2 verses and the chrorus, i'm just wondering now when they're going to break out the full song. one of the BIG highlights of the night was #41, this had to have been around 41 minutes long, we were all dancing and having a good time, and bela and the rest of the flecktones jammed this out longer than any other 41 i'ld ever heard. i wanted to hear fool to think since i hadn't heard it yet, and i got it, this was amazing as well. JTR came and during each "rain down on me" line the rain started to come down just a little bit harder. i wasn't expecting #40, i had heard it last summer on 6/20/00, and it was just as amazing now as then. Ain't It Funny How Time Slips Away. I had REALLY wanted to hear this, so when he started 40, it kinda dropped my spirits a bit, and then it happened, and i was singing my heart out(i was one of the only ones), and i love the way he puts the sitting by the dock of the bay line in it. space between was unexpected. by that point they'ld only played for about 7 mintues, so i knew something else was coming, and i was right... it was watchtower, and it was better than any other watchtower ever, INCLUDING the one with Neil in C'ville. bela was out on it, and it was about 23 minutes long. the band played for 3 hrs and 15 min. and we got 22 songs counting teases. this was by far the longest and most energy filled dmb show i have ever heard or seen, i can't wait till the next tour!
oh gosh, i just saw my very first dave show the other night and it was sooo awesome!!!! definitely, definitely the highlight of my summer!! my friends and i had been counting the days to this concert since day 90 and it finally rolled around!!! i have been a huge fan for about the past 2 years and seeing this concert makes me want to see 100 more!! i was soooo happy with the setlist and all of the songs were perfect..even with the few mess ups here and there...but he's dave he can sing his songs however he wants! bela fleck really added to it also!! they were all really great!! jtr in the midst of a rain shower was special and grace is gone is definitely a new favorite song!! but tripping billies started if off great and i just sang and danced my lil heart out!!!! there were too many awesome things at this concert to go on about...so i won't, but i can't wait till the next show and i hope it's even better than the first!!!! and dave is a sexy, sexy man!!!!!!!
Ben A.
Best Dave concert ever! 22 songs if you count the captain and #40 teases. Dave was on stage for Over 3 hours!! Great to see the Flecktones joining in with Dave. Tripping Billie completly unexpected as the opener. Set the tone for an awesome set. Unbelievable about of jamming tonight. Bartender lasted at least 20min with awesome tenor sax solo from Flecktone Jeff Coffin. Highlight of the night was major jam session during #41. Another solo by Coffin, and an awesome drum break from Carter and FutureMan. Other highlights were Big Eyed Fish with Dave saying something about "a monkey should know stay up your fucking tree". Also the Encore, 4 songs for an Encore!! AIFHTSA was good, but Watchtower was amazing as the closer! This definitly the best Dave show I've seen(according to dmband.com it was the longest show Dave ever played!). Only downside was the opening band...
Mark W.
4th show of the summer, 13th overall, and i must say this one was the most amazing musical collaberations i have ever heard or seen. this was essentially an evening of bela fleck and jeff coffin featuring the dave matthews band. clocking in at over 3 hours, the band opened up w. a rocking Billies, always preferable to a mellow opener. jeff coffin came out and jammed for a 20 min. Bartender that i wasn't sure was going to end. and then i saw the tye dye, i saw the frumpy white guy and i saw the banjo. BELA FLECK. i knew these guys were prone to show @ a dmb show in nashville, and my hopes were met. and then a 30 minute (at least) #41 with everybody getting their share of solos, including an amazing drum duet w. carter and futureman. everyone on stage was all smiles, seemed to be having a great time. the vibe all night was exremely laid back everyone where i was was feeling the groove, and we all stood and watched in awe the feats of these so very talented musicians and the unbelievable music that was being made. it was everything that not only a dmb fan would want, but a fan of quality musicianship. this was it. the setlist and celebrity was all so secondary to the sound this night, and i hope that everyone felt the same way, that the performances given are the reason that we all go to these shows and that this is what we take home with us at the end. this was quite a memorable performance and unique opportunity to behold. and the only thing i could say all night was "AMAZING". shows like these are the reason i keep going back and that i drive hundreds of miles to get the opportunity to witness such a great group of musicians and hear their incredible product.
Jennifer C.
WOW! This was my 5th and most amazing I have seen yet. Tripping Billies was an awesome opener for the show and it really set the mood. The crowd and the band was the most lively I've ever seen. At one point after one of the songs, Dave just walked up to the microphone and began to make crazy rap noises. That got the crowd even more into the show. During Fool to Think, it began to rain a little and then he went into JTR. When the line "Rain, Rain, Rain down on me" was sung the lawn went absolutely crazy. Then he sung Stay and once again the crowd was screaming at the top of their lungs when the line "The clouds rolled over our head and it began to rain" was sung. It was the most electrifying feeling that's ever ran through me at one of the shows. The band then slowed down a little bit after being so intense. The song by Willie Nelson was a new solo that I enjoyed very much. What better way could to end such a spectacular night than with Watchtower. The longest, most intense set list I've ever seen!
Eric B.
All I can say is that this was absolutely UNREAL. I don't think that DMB would have anything in them to top this performance. As soon as they came out and Dave busted the Nature Intro...it was all over. I'd go into detail about every song, but I won't. All I will say is that there was no let down to any part of the concert. Even when they played Sleep, the crowd's energy was still buzzing. I think the highlight was the 32 min. #41 and the jam at the end of Bartender w/Jeff Coffin and the jam at the end of Angel w/ the Ladies and the jam with Watchtower and Dave doing #40 and Aint it Funny and....well I think you get the picture. The best concert I have ever heard or seen. UNREAL.
Darren C.
#41#41#41#41#41#41!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! im still freakin out! carter is so cool!! what a fantastic experience the entire show was!! bela fleck adds so much!!! future man on the drums with carter was so incredible!! i have nothing else to say but concert #65 was so special, thank you mike welch!!!!
John D.
I just listened to Craig Willoughby's copy of this show. I wish I could of been there! I have listened to over 300 shows on cd, and this one has got to be in my top 5. The band is one fire. I know this one is spreading like wildfire already, so get your hands on it while it's hot
Aaron L.
this was the 8th dmb show i've been to and it was by far the most impressive. i have seen all the other shows at deer creek with the exception of the first night at soldier field this year. junior brown was awful. even the rednecks in TN didn't like him. dmb started off strong with BILLIES. dave forgot some words and had to repeat himself once. when the world ends was next-short and tight. so much to say-has anyone seen the bridge-too much was next-killer. big eyed fish segued perfect into bartender. dave really got into bartender. typical version of so right was next. i thought this song would be cooler live, but i guess it will come around. they played sleep to dream her next and continued into grace is gone. we then got a captain tease and then they started the highlight of the evening-#41. bela fleck, the flecktones, and jeff coffin jammed on this song forever. carter was hot in this song. i need a bootleg of this concert. that song had to last a half an hour. it ended with the new version of everyday. sounded unbelievable. don't drink the water was next. bela adds so much to this song. the lame ass TN got what they wanted when the greatest band on earth broke into i did it. the ten plus minute version of angel was next. i 've heard this twice now on this tour and it was better this time. the lovely ladies tear it up. they played a decent version of a fool to think. got to love the time change between the verse and chorus. it started raining slightly, so they played jtr. the crowd didn't know this songbut went crazy anyway. they ended the show with a soulful version of stay. after screaming my ass off for at least 5 minutes, dave came back out and played #40 and Ain't It Funny How Time Slips Away. dave does a really cool version of this song. the band came back out and played space between and ended with watchtower. butch's keyboard solo got the crowd going. overall this was the best show i have ever been to. bela fleck and the flecktones were awesome, but jeff coffin on sax stole the show. he is so fluent on the sax it is ri-goddamned-diculous. can't wait for the three day stretch at the gorge. peace.
Ryan P.
This is my second DMB show, and i must say it was very impressive. Tripping billies was amazing for an opening song, and Boyd was really into his solos wearing a cowboy hat(I thought was cool). WTWE excellent exspecially the part were it paused on,"well be burning one", SMTS into Too Much was great, FMM was a song i wasnt too familiar with, but sounded good. Bartender was the best i have heard. Bela Fleck and the Flecktones are amazing, #41 Carter Solo! Bela! Jeff C! Boyd! and Leroi! solos after about 15-18 minutes Dave comes back out after the jam session and adds an everyday outro to #41, very cool.