Dave Matthews Band
Folsom Field, Boulder, Colorado
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band:Angelique Kidjo / Wyclef Jean

No Woman No Cry
Freestyle about Colorado and rain -->
Jump Around -->
Stayin Alive (first verse)
Fugee-La --> (first verse)
Ready or Not
Rock Music Jam (Wyclef on electric guitar)
Gone 'Til November
Smoke Weed jam
Perfect Gentleman

Don't Drink the Water *
JTR *+
When The World Ends *
So Right *
Fish Monkey Man -->
What You Are *
Crash Into Me *
Everyday (#36) *+
I Did It *+
If I Had It All *+
Angel *+
Warehouse *
Recently (Some People Do Intro)
Digging a Ditch
What Would You Say
All Along the Watchtower *
The Space Between *+
Stay *+
Two Step *
Ants Marching *
* Butch Taylor on keys
+ Tawatha, Cindy & Brenda on vocals

This was the not best Dave show I had been to but I had more fun at this show than any other . We turned up kinda late and missed the opening act , I had bought tickets the night before and could not believe that I ended up 16th row centre , closest I've been . Onto the show - cameras everywhere , DDTW - Nice to see this track open the show , great version , everybody was into this , JTR - was hoping for this one , great track ,ladies sounded really nice on it , WTWE - slower version than on the cd , not that great , SO RIGHT - this sounded really good , great Roi solo in the outro , BIG EYED FISH - First time hearing it live , sounded pretty nice , Dave kinda played with the lyrics on this one > BARTENDER - this was a highlight , amazing version , Dave was really into this one and it showed , very powerfull outro , WHAT YOU ARE - extended intro and they closed it different to the way they do it on the cd , sounded ok , nothing special , CRASH INTO ME - Great placement in the set , I really enjoyed this one , EVERYDAY - sounded really tight , this led into the #36 jam which made me very happy , I DID IT - did not sound to good with the ladies on it , IIHIA - again not to great , ANGEL - they really jammed this one out , I really enjoyed it , about 15 min , got me back into the show , WAREHOUSE - I eas estatic to hear this one , first time hearing it in 4 shows , cool version , crowd loved it , RECENTLY - Was not expecting to hear this one , pretty short version but sounded really good , DAD - Nice and chilled , I dug it , WWYS - also first time hearing this , crowd really got into it , funky , WATCHTOWER - song of the night for me , Dave and Boyd really nailed it , I thought it would be the closer but TSB - beatifull , best of the everyday songs , I loved it , STAY - pefect way to close the set , band were full of energy on this one , ENCORE - TWO STEP - was so happy to hear this one , was not expecting it in the first encore spot , ANTS MARCHING - perfect version , perfect way to finish the show , everybody was on a huge high , what a show , it was really long , like over 2 1/2 hours , I loved it !!!
Dave F.
The Dave Matthews Band is a band full of important numbers. Take for instance 41. Immediately, that means something. Or 36. But tonight, the only number that means anything is 21 - the number of songs DMB played in front of a packed Folsom Field in Boulder, CO. To get to 21 songs, you have to assume the band didn't "jam" as long as they have on past tours. That would be true. But that's not to say there weren't jams. Bartender jammed. Watchtower jammed. Angel tried to jam. And there will be those who say, "That was too radio friendly' or "they didn't play any old stuff." And those people, too may be right. But what was most right was that everybody left smiling - including the band, who seemed more than happy to record another video in our presence. (There was the "What Would You Say" video that was recorded at the Fox, and then the Live at Red Rocks. Now it appears at least part of the new DMB DVD will be from Boulder.) Or. maybe Dave put it best tonight. "We're from Virginia. We're a Virginia band. We played in Virginia and Virginia and Virginia. but there was one other city we could play in and have people come to - BOULDER. 21 songs. Most of the new album. Four Lillywhites. I'll save you the long descriptions. The jams on "So Right" place the song on a level with great DMB songs like Warehouse, which was also conveniently played. The Space Between is far better than Crash ever was. And what is it about Fish Monkey Man that moves the crowd so? And just when you thought DMB had forgotten their old stuff, out comes "Recently" with the 'some people do' that made the Red Rocks show so memorable years ago. This is clearly a live band that is yet to peak. Phish burned out and faded away. DMB isn't close to that point. It rained tonight. The band didn't shy away from that either. There was the "rain down on me" chorus in JTR, the rain references in Stay, in Space Between. All made for good audience screams - which makes for good video as well.. With sweat pouring down his face , humble Dave thanked the Boulder crowd one more time, and mosied off the stage. He has another venue to play this weekend. But even he knew there was something special about this night. It wasn't Mile High Stadium (which was busy with NSYNC), or Red Rocks, or either the Fox or Boulder theater. But it was intimate for a stadium show none the less. And maybe DMB has Wyclef Jean to thank for warming up the crowd - particularly as the cold Rocky Mountain thundershower rolled through. With all this thanks, there's only one group that really deserves it. DMB. We need to thank them for upholding the tradition they've carried on since 1992 here in Colorado.
David E.
My personal notes on a few songs,... Best Watchtower I've ever heard ANY band do, EVER! 'Nuf said. Digging a Ditch - am I the only person who knew the lyrics to this song, or just the only person who has a bootleg of Lillywhite Sessions? Dunno! The Encore with Two Step and Ants Marching was so invigorating and exciting the crowd wanted more, and cheered for a few moments for a second encore, but to no avail. And not to forget the gospel-like jam, if you will, in Angel - WOW! Of the many DMBand shows I've seen over the years, this was the most stimulating and rousing one I've ever seen. The band was on FIRE and the rain off and on all night did not quench the flames the band was spewing out, but rather fueled the whole amazing experience. I guess being in 2nd row center has something to do with my opinion of the show, along with making eye contact with a few band members tonight was a nice treat too. However, I've been in at least the front 10 rows for all my DMBand shows so I've always had an "intimate" view of the band. I'll let my fellow concert goers, the article/link below and once the SHN's are available speak for themselves. Lest there be any doubt - The Dave Matthews Band is still on top, and reaching for higher ground Everyday!! Here's the review from the Boulder Daily Camera's website ---> http://www.bouldernews.com/entertainment/music/12arevu.html
Stan D.
Well, I must say, this was the most dissappointing show I have been to this summer. I built this show up to be great. I mean with VH1 here to film it I thought the band would put together a much better setlist than that. Both shows in Chicago were better and Vegas was better. I only hope that the Gorge will be better. Don't get me wrong, it was a good show, just not what I expected. WAY TOO MANY NEW SONGS. I understand that the band should play a good amount of new songs from Everyday and Lillywhite sessions, but 12 was a few too many. I was very pleased to see them play Warehouse, Two step, Stay and Watchtower is always awesome. Angel was sick too. How about when Dave was singing a little Widespread Panic before WWYS (Porch Song). I definitely would have like to see them throw in some more old tunes from BTCS, Crash, UTAD, and RTT. Overall thought the show was average (Not great, but not bad by any means).
Laura S.
After battling terrible traffic and weather conditions, i found my seat - 8th row dead center, just as Dave lead the band onstage. This was my first show, and having the band play 35 feet in front of me was incredible. Watching the expressions of rapture on their faces during their solos was so personal and intense. i can't compare it to any other DMB show, but it was the best concert i've ever seen (beats Rolling Stones, Fleetwood Mac, Pink Floyd, U2, even Ani Difranco). Dave was so happy to be back in Boulder - he hinted at playing Red Rocks again. I was so happy they played Crash, but musically I thought What You Are, Warehouse and Stay were fantastic. Two Step and Ants Marching were pure joy. Dave got way off track on Angel, frantically trying to pick it up and mouthing apologies to the band, but it was just fine. Thanks to the band and crew for a wonderful show. Let's all encourage the Red Rocks idea...
David S.
Simply put, an amazing show. They pulled out nearly every hit in the history of the band, culminating in a dream encore of Two Step / Ants Marching. I don't know if Dave has a special place in his heart for Colorado or if it was taped or if there were other motives involved, but the set list was maybe 3-4 songs off of my dream set list. Needless to say, I had a great time.
Don S.
Dave said at the start that they were recording the show. All I can say is I hope for all fans that that show will become a DVD. Dave is god and his performance tonight was nothing short of the best I've ever seen.It rain for a good part of the night but nobody seemed to care.If I had to pick a highlight it would be Bartender.
Lila B.
I've been to several Dave Shows in my concert-going-expierance and I can honestly say that I have never to been such a great concert(no fib). There were several elements that contributed to the euphoria I was BAM smack down in the middle of. It rained like no-tomorrow, the wind was blowing whinning cold and practically no one was armed for the mucky weather. But despite all inconviences, the power of the Band, The Crowd and the Rocky Mountain vibe tore through every content outlit in my body. Lights and vibration of the speakers were phenominal. Whoever was at the concert as well knows the same; if you saw it your lucky!
Sarah G.
After fighting traffic for and hour and a half, I finally pulled off to the closest dirt lot and ran a mile to get to the show on time. This could have put a damper on my Dave experience but walking into JTR was amazing. The set was a beautiful mix of old and new. For those of you who have angst over the new...realize that Dave is growing musically and personally...shouldn't we all be? A 21 song set is a treat, even without the jams. The lovely ladies did an awesome gospel interlude that was mesmorizing. The set was definitely geared for the recording which I hope will be available soon on DVD or CD. He can't play it all kids...take what he gives and realize that it can be the best of what's around.
Jeff K.
The rain this evening meant nothing to the packed house at CU. Wyclef did a great job getting the crowd pumped at the end of his set. Onto DMB -- DDTW was a great opener. Not too much was new to this song, however. JTR was wonderful as always, except the lyrics were very different from the Lillywhites. No biggie, cuz Carter had an insane little drum solo in the bridge. Later, came one of my two big highlights of the evening, Big Eye'd Fish ---> Bartender. This was awe-inspiring. They transitioned the songs flawlessly, and the addition of Leroi's pennywhistles in the intro & outro of Bartender was a very nice touch. What You Are was really great. Crash was Crash, nothing all that new. Everyday (#36) was beautiful. I Did It and If I Had It All were also very nice. Then came the next real highlight of the evening. Angel. The jam at the end with the Lovely Ladies was one of the neatest things I've gotten to see DMB do, in all my shows. Very, very well done. I was ecsatic to see them jam so well on an Everyday tune. Then came the two biggest surprises of the evening: Warehouse and Recently. They mixed up the setlist playing a couple really old ones. The Do & Don't intro to Recently was very cool. I'll wrap this up quick. Onto Watchtower. Very much like the version on the Recently EP, but better! Space Between was great and Stay was never ending. Then after a very short break, for the encore they treated us to 2 true classics: Two Step, short and sweet, and Ants Marching, tight and powerful. I really hope this show becomes one of this summer's potential DVDs. There were cameras EVERYWHERE. It was a great mix of old, new, and unreleased. As far as overall quality, there were 21 songs in the set, so you can imagine how that would detract from the typical jam sessions. However, they came out and played from 8pm to 1050pm with hardly any break at all, including the encore. After 10 years of doing this together, they can still walk on stage, play their hearts out, and leave the crowd as uplift ed as ever. Long live DMB. -- Jeff
Daniel H.
Ok...so let me start off by saying this. The crowd this year was a different crowd from years past. Alot newbies. I'm not saying newbies are bad but what would happen is that they would complain about the older songs and only want to hear the "everyday" songs. i just wanted to kick them sometimes. But i tried not to let them bother me. Onto the concert. DDTW opener was totally unexpected. Dave totally got into this song and was jamming. Amazing everytime i hear it. After DDTW he played JTR. JTR sounds just as good as it did on the "Lillywhite" CD. After a short jam at the end he kept out his acoustic guitar for When the World Ends. Similar to the CD but the small differences made it a better song. Again like the end of the song it cuts off but sounding so much better in concert with a bit of a dramatic build
Daniel H.
Ok...so let me start off by saying this. The crowd this year was a different crowd from years past. Alot newbies. I'm not saying newbies are bad but what would happen is that they would complain about the older songs and only want to hear the "everyday" songs. i just wanted to kick them sometimes. But i tried not to let them bother me. Onto the concert. DDTW opener was totally unexpected. Dave totally got into this song and was jamming. Amazing everytime i hear it. After DDTW he played JTR. JTR sounds just as good as it did on the "Lillywhite" CD. After a short jam at the end he kept out his acoustic guitar for When the World Ends. Similar to the CD but the small differences made it a better song. Again like the end of the song it cuts off but sounding so much better in concert with a bit of a dramatic build.On to So Right. My favorite song of "everyday" was that much better in concert. Dave can really jam on that electric guitar. Again with a bit of a jam at the end was great. Back to "Lillywhite" when he played Big Eyed Fish...Great song!...cought me by suprise when he re-arranged the verses. At the end jam of Big Eyed Fish they went right in to Bartender my favorite song was again great just like all the other times i have heard it. What You Are (2nd favorite of "Everyday") was incredible with a bit of an extended opener. Crash Into Me totally unexpected as it was only the 5th time it had been played this tour. Made the whole crowd go crazy. The Everyday/#36 intermingle was incredible...kept going and going just shuffling back and forth betweent the two songs. Newbies annoyed me when they couldn't understand what the hell was going on. I Did It....Big thumbs down...hate that song...end of discussion. If I Had It All....not much different or much better than the CD version. Angel on the other hand was incredible with the lovely ladies...it extended out nicely and was great. Warehouse was a great classic with stop time intro it was amazing. Recently again great classic, it was really good to hear in the midst of all the new stuff. Slowed it down a bit with Digging a Ditch...but an amazing song...its great to hear how far its come since the first time I heard it in '99 at Dave and Tim. WWYS, very cool to hear since it was one of the songs that got me hooked on Dave way back when. Watchtower, wasn't looking forward to it...kind of burnt out on it but once it started i was glad they played it...Stefan's intro was amazing and Dave doing a little riff during the intro was amazing. Space Between was a given, good, a bit better than the CD. Stay was a great song esecially since it was sunny early that day and then "the clouds rolled over our heads and it began to rain" later on that day during the concert. Two Step...jumping up with joy to hear that song...later found out a cool story about it...wanna hear it e-mail me....then to Ants Marching...the original song that got me started on DMB...what a way to close out the concert. Overall best DMB concert in colorado for a couple years. Can't wait to see them again soon.
Jason S.
Wow - defintitely the best DMB show I've seen in a long time. The band was super strong and cohesive throughout the blistering 2 1/2 hour long set. Boulder was very good to DMB in the early days and the performance last night showed that. I was really pumped by the jam that the band played at the end of 'So Right', Dave really got to pounding away on that electric at the end of the song...way cool. All of the seemingly flat and boring songs off of Everyday sounded great live, especially with the new jams at the end of some of them. I was blown away by the #36 tease that went into Everyday and then the band was improving the end where they played both Everyday and #36 at the same time. The Lovely Ladies and the band would be singing the "Honey..honey" line while Dave would be singing the "Everday" lines. Way too cool. A binch of Lillywhite songs too with an emotive version of 'Bartender'. Boyd had a sweet solo where he ran his violin through a Jim Dunlop Cry Baby Wah-Wah pedal...very cool. The band kind of hinted that they will be playing Red Rocks again sometime - They might pull a Phish and play 4 nights in a row. The crowd got soaked during the opening acts and would begin to go crazy when any mention of the word 'rain' came up in a song.
Johnathan W.
To anyone who braved the afternoon rain, wasn't afraid to get wet, and didn't head for shelter...you deserved to be with me on the floor, unlike a good portion of those who were instead. Big props to Wyclef Jean. I'm not a HUGE fan of his, but I needed "Jump Around" to shake the rain off of me. As always, a great DMB show. This was only my sixth show in five years for me, but I have learned that no matter what, it's always an awesome experience to see DMB live, no matter what they play or don't play. 21 SONGS PEOPLE!!!! Our reward for fighting the parking nightmare and getting soaked, and I would happily do it again, and probably more than once. The Ballard songs are growing on me more and more. I got to hear them in Albuquerque in May and started to enjoy them more. "So Right" truly makes me want to "run the red lights" very time I hear it. I loved the little gospel jam that followed "Angel" by the Lovely Ladies. I really wanted to hear "The Space Between" because I have loved it since I heard a sample of it on an interview off dmband.com in January. "What You Are" is rapidly becoming a favorite of mine as well and has that "Minarets"/Phrygian Scale feel to me. I so wanted the Lillywhite Session to be released last fall and I love every song from that "recording." And no you weren't the only one who knew the words to "Digging a Ditch." "Bartender" I have loved since hearing it last year in Mile High, but the addition of Leroi's pennywhistle in the intro was so beautiful. Anybody have any bagpipes? But the highlight of that song is when Dave just leans back and sings his heart out. It almost makes my want to cry, almost. It was really good to hear some of the oldies though. I haven't heard "Warehouse" since Deer Creek in 97 (my first DMB show). I'm a guitar/bass player and I love hearing Steffan rip up that song on a fiver. He is definitely a huge influence of my bass playing. "Recently" was great with a bit of that Red Rocks intro. "Watchtower" is never a disappointment, but I don't know if it will ever get any better than last year when Ben Harper tore it up and sang a few lines. I wanted to hear a nice long "Two Step," but I was stoked enough when I saw Boyd without his bow for the encore, I knew it was coming. And of course "Ants Marching" is a classic ending for any DMB show, and it's the only song that I have heard at all six shows I have been to. Carter, you blow my mind every time, Leroi, you prove that jazz will never die, Boyd, keep making that voilin sing to us at times and explode with your energy at others, Steffan, yu are a true personal influence and hero to me, and Dave, thanks for sharing your music, words, and wicked footwork behind that guitar. There were a hell-a camera crews around in the first sections and I even think that I saw Coran Capshaw, the band's manager, running around. And I'm game for seeing a few shows there as well, so hopefully they'll work something out and if so I'll see you all there.
J. S.
Even though the normal 1h 30m drive took 5 hours, the wait was well worth it. I loved Angel with the Lovely Ladies and their soulful addition, even though Dave kinda messed up a bit. Watchtower was unbelievable, the second best version I've heard after last year's Mile High one with Ben Harper. The #36/Everyday combo was sweet action. Closing the show with Two Step and Ants was simply beautiful. Another thing that made the show so special was Dave giving props to Boulder during the show. Folsom is a nice sized stadium, and the bleachers make it really cozy! DMB put on an excellent show and hopefully Boulder will be put on a DVD!
This was my first Dave show and it was awesome. Wyclef and Angelique Kidjo were much better than I expected. The band started off great with DDTW and JTR. Crash was a pleasant surprise and the combination of #36 and Everyday was cool. Then came the run of everyday songs. This was definitely the low point of the show. Warehouse and Recently got them back on track and they finished with WWYS, Watchtower, and Stay. The encore couldn't have been better. Two Step was nice and the jam on Ants Marching was the highlight of the show. Overall a great expirience.
Justin G.
Without question, this was the best of 6 shows I have been to. I think we were treated to a good set because quite literally weathered the storm. Great to hear LW songs such as BT and DAD. I thought that the Everyday stuff was quality, the best the CD has to offer. WWYS-->Watchtower...incredible. Stephan steps up and starts choking way up on the frets, had to have been his idea. Thought that would be it...then that melancoly riff from Space starts in. Stay, this is an OK tune to end with but would have preffered LIOG or Best of what's. Encore, really thanked the fans for chillin' in the rain. Two step was as good as I had ever heard...by the Carter started the beat for Ants...I was hoarse! See yah in SLC. What's UP to all the cool people I met at the show. antennaewaving
Sean T.
WOW!! What an amazing show. I called a JTR opener casue of the rain, but DDTW was great. The highlights to me were definatly BIG EYED FISH, what an amazing song and to make it better... right into BARTENDER!!!! I was in heaven! From IF I HAD IT ALL all the way to the end of ANTS is what made this concert so great. Everytime I heard the first note of the next song the concert got better and better, not to mention some guy came and moved us from our seats in 205 down onto the floor!!! The everyday songs were solid and I loved the lillywhites as well. This was only my second DMB show and it will be hard to beat. By far the best concert I have ever been to, hands down. Can't wait till the next show!!!! peace
Jim R.
I've been going to Dave shows since 91 about 14 in total now, including the New Year's shows of 95 at Hampton and this is by far the best show I have ever seen. One word, scrumptous. Took my GF to her first DMB show and she was blown away. Another converted one. Anyone who had doubts about the latest album needs to hear it live, except for the radio songs, I Did It, and Space Between. Angel rocked, and Watchtower was unbelievable. Everyday was another great jam. And of course hearing WWYS was awesome.
Ryan R.
All i can say is wow. This show was, from the get go, incredible. I called the DDTW opener, and when it happend, we knew we were in for a great show. Very solid setlist, with many lillywhites popping up, including the elusive bartender. The songs had really developed and matured overtime and it seems the band is really taking a liking to them. The highlight of the night was the INCREDIBLE watchtower. The lighting, crowd, and everything made this the best watchtower period. I personally could have done without recently or stay, but thats my own opinion. The ladies werent as bad as usual, considering they had a lot more clothes on than in years past. They butchered Angel though. The song was great until they took over. overall, this was easily the best DMB show i have seen yet. They were tight, the jams were awesome, and they looked like they were having a blast.
John E.
Great show! We drove from Minnesota for this one and we were all happy, especially because we met Leroi on the streets of Boulder. Really happy with the setlist, except for the chunk of everyday songs in the middle. I'll admit it, I sat down for I did it...Please dave, don't do it. Our minds were running wild with thoughts of Wyclef appearing for a money version of Exodus, but we were shut down....All in all a great time...21 songs!! Aw yeah buddy!
Matt H.
Let me start off by saying we drove all the way from Minnesota to see this concert. We left from Castle Rock which is 20 miles away from Boulder Colorado, at 4:30 for the concert which was at 5:30. I have never in my life seen such bad traffic. We didn't get into the stadium till 8:30. We went down to our seats in section 110 and we got there just in time to hear the end of "Crash into me." When we went to our seats, there were people in them, so we showed them our tickets saying that these were our seats. But the drunk people wouldn't move. So we scrunched in next to them to watch the show. This was my first time seeing Dave. I sat back and watched the band play, seeing the people go crazy, hearing and seeing the thunder and lighting in the background. I must say this, it was the best concert I have been to, even though I only got to see 13 songs. They were on FIRE, there sound was great and the mood was great. I also have to say Stefan Lessard is awesome, seeing him do a cool solo (with slaps and pops) before "All along the Watchtower." I would say they put on the greatest live show that I have seen, baring the other concerts I've seen, Metallica, Creed, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Blink 182, 311, ect.., I am definitely gonna see the again very soon. Thanks P.S. Tell Dave to visit Minnesota more often. :)
Justin W.
This was my first show and it was amazing. The crowd was into it when Angelique came out. Wyclef just got the crowd into even more. Wyclef was fantastic, his cover of "No Woman, No Cry" was excellent. Now on to the show, I was shocked to see the boys come out early like 8:00. I was sooo happy to hear JTR, very good version. So Right is with out a doubt the best live song off of Everyday. Big Eyed Fish was really good. I really love the outro with the penny whistle. Bartender, i was hopeing to see this. I just love watching Dave singing it with so much passion. The inro to What You Are is really cool and the lights just made it better. Everyday was another great one I wanted to hear. Angel was pretty good but its just too long. Warehouse, I was like the first person to start cheering when i heard Dave play digga digga da. The highlight of the song was everyone chanting "Warehouse" when Dave stopped playing during the intro. Recently was a suprise. I was pissed when Dave started playing the Water/Wine Jam and the rest of the band stopped. What Would You Say is great live. It's not my favorite DMB song but LeRoi was blazing on his solo. The highlight of the night was with out a doubt the encore. I was hoping to hear Two Step. I was a little let down that it was a short version but i was flipping out when they went right into Ants. I never saw this coming in a million years. The crowd was going nuts when Carter was banging on his snare. Overall what a great show. I hope this show is the one they release on DVD. This show had the greatest encore ever.
Suzanne H.
Well, I have been to two other Dave concerts and I would have to say that this was very disappointing for me. First off, way too many songs from the Everyday album! I understand that they need to play some to promote this album, but they played almost the entire CD!!! I was happy to hear some songs from the Lilywhite Sessions; which were absolutely fantastic! Big Eyed Fish was incredible! But I felt a big disappointment that I traveled from Kentucky to Colorado to hear these radio-friendly pop songs that were not Dave-worthy. I failed to hear many jams in these versions, they sounded almost exactly like the ones on the CD! Unfortunately I became sick while at the concert and had to leave in the middle of Watchtower. When I realized that I had missed the best part of the show (i.e. his best jamming songs) it made me sick all over again! It would have been nicer had he spread these songs throughout the whole show. I just hope that this concert is not an indication that the band is going to play less of the songs that made them famous, and fail to please the audience with their incredible jam sessions that show the talent of each member! Hopefully I will not be letdown at the next concert I attend.
Sarah M.
this was the most amazing concert i've ever been to in my entire life. i hadn't even heard the new c.d. before i saw the show, and still had a great time. watchtower was, by far, the best song of the show and left me completely awestruck. and who could imagine in their wildest dreams an encore better than "two step" and "ants marching." dave matthews band continues to amaze and inspire me...i think that anyone else who saw this show can agree. i would pay good money to see it all over again. hoping for a c.d........:)