Dave Matthews Band
Soldier Field Stadium, Chicago, Illinois
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band: Angelique Kidjo / Buddy Guy

onstage 8:20
Grey Street *
So Much To Say * -->
(Anyone Seen the Bridge?) -->
Too Much *
What You Are *
Mother Father *+
Satellite *~
Angel *+^
Sleep To Dream Her *
Grace Is Gone *
#41 (Everyday)
So Right *
Everyday (#36) *+
Recently (Some People Do)
Digging a Ditch
Lie In Our Graves *
The Space Between *+
Stay *+
Aint It Funny How Time Slips Away (Willie Nelson cover)
Ants Marching
offstage 10:55
* Butch Taylor on keys
+ Tawatha, Cindy & Brenda on vocals
~ Angelique Kidjo on vocals
^ Buddy Guy on guitar

Note: at least 4 Pig teases throughout the night

Corbin B.
Wow! Tonight's show was great! Dave seemed to talk a lot more than usual which is always good. Grey Street was a great opener with lots of energy. Dave did a new jam at the end of So Much to Say to fade into Too Much that was incredable (I've never heard it before). Another highlight was when the legend Buddy Guy came up and jammed with Dave during Angel. Both of the guys went back and forth switching leads, which was cool to see Dave play lead on the electric. The absolute best part of the show was when dmb played Lie In Our Graves. This was probably the best they've ever performed the song. Boyd and Butch had incredible solos, and right when the band paused before ending the song with the chorus, the Saturday night fireworks went off at navy pier which made the song that much more magical. The Space Between, Stay, So Right, and Ants Marching were also great as always
Daniel G.
I dont pray but i think im gonna start. after the 7/7 show there must be a god. rock solid set list, grey street opener, about a half-hour LIOG with a boyd/butch solo/duet thing taking up 20 min of it. a fine blend of old and new. not one but TWO special guest was an unexpected treat. lots of dave lingo(something about getting some beers at the taste of chicago towards the end of the show). at the conclusion i wasnt even cheering because i had spent myself giving it up too much during the show. by the way, big big ups to whoever dropped those 3 joints on the first floor by section 20. IOU. a grand show set in chitown, where's my casket.
Collin Q.
Holy crap. This was a great show! The energy was flowing in every member of the band and the setlist was great. We saw Dave with the 12 stringer for the opener, and figured it had to be Grey Street because he played and opened with JTR last night. And we were right. Grey Street was great like always and this marked the second night in a row that the band opened with a Lillywhite song which was cool. SMTS -> TM was great, a good jam to get us going and Stefan was going nuts on the bass for his solo. This was also about the time that the people next to me decided to take apart the chairs on the floor by cutting them and burning them. Always great. Anyways, back to the concert. What You Are was great. The energy in this song alone was amazing, and I loved the "fuck the world" part. Then Dave decided to tease Pig by pulling of a solo of the first couple lines of Pig. This got everyone pumped and only a few hundred people noticed it too. Thanks to the people who brought the "Pig" signs. Dave noticed them too. When he came out at the beginning, he looked right at them and then turned and looked at Boyd, made a shrugging movement with his arms and was like, "What do we do?". He teased it throughout the night. Mother Father was great and was pretty good without Santana. Satellite was great and the lyrics that Angelique Kidjo added were great. Angel with Buddy Guy and Dave jamming was amazing. Buddy added a lot to the song. Sleep To Dream Her went right into Grace is Gone and was great. Dave goofed on the second verse of Grace but caught himself halfway through and made a nice transition to the correct verse. #41 was great like always with Dave adding some new lyrics at the end of the regular verse and then tossing in the Everyday outro near the end before they slowly jammed out. So Right was great to hear again and got the crowd going nuts again. Everyday was great and as soon as the crowd heard the guitar riffs, we began singing old school #36 and Dave noticed and came right in with us. Very nice. Recently with the intro was great. Not a long jam, just the short version into Diggin a Ditch and its always great to hear a Lillywhite. Boyd went nuts on LIOG and the crowd went nuts right along with him. I noticed that during Graves, Leroi left for like 5 minutes and Dave went looking for him. Kinda odd. The Space Between was nice and Stay took us home. Nice version of Stay with the ladies going nuts like always. The encore song was great as well. Dave was talking about Willie Nelson after he teased Pig for about the third time and then went right into the song. Great song, not many people new it though. Ants closed the night with a great jam and the night was over. My 2 DMB shows of the summer came and went in a matter of hours. See ya'll next year. Peace Collin
Kevin W.
GREAT SHOW!!! This was one of the best ones I've been to. Everything about it was great. Did anyone notice all the Pig teases??! I was waitin for it to come on, but it never happened. Grey Street was a great opener, right into So MuchTo Say was amazing. Right now I could have used a little Long Black Veil, but the other songs were just fine. Mother Father was a great song to hear live, i was very surprised with how that went - then right into satellite with Angelique Kidjo, that was great. Everyone had their lighters out, it was a great atmosphere the whole night. Angel was great, so was Sleep To Dream Her. That was a very good song. GRACE IS GONE! Amazing. I love the song. Right into #41!!!!!!!!!! One of my favorite songs, amazing! So Right was good. Everyday! What a great live song, very impressed. Into Recently!!!! AMAZING! With the "some people do, some people dont" "some people like to roll it up, some people like to smoke it in a bowl" Just Great. Diggin A Ditch was great, LIE IN OUR GRAVES!!! What??!! That was great, very unexpected everyone went nuts for this song. Space Between was amazing as always, right into Stay....what cant i say about that song. It was great! The encores were great too, the Willie Nelson song was amazing, with the sittin on the dock of the bay teases(Dave, you're my hero) Ants Marching. . . Simply Amazing. Boyd busted out the solos right along with leroi. Carter was amazing on drums and dave cruised with the jammin. All in all a GREAT concert. Nice job boys.
I have been to 11 shows and this was the worst i think, i mean it was great and all but it was a hard look at reality when dave repeated like 5 songs from last night. i am not a huge fan at all of the new album and i miss old school dave. i can't say that i had a bad time at all, dave concerts are always great, but too much everyday put a damper on the night, there were also those damn 14 year old girls that came to the concert who just had to yell "PLAY I DID IT, PLAY I DID IT!!!"yea i could have done without them. but lie in our graves was outstanding one of the best versions i have EVER heard, boyd was amazing, he was dancing all over the place feeding off the crowds energy. you just had to smile by watching him. Grey street was also very good and im lovin it as an opener. mother father was definetly not good, i hate that song. dave also teased us with pig about 5 times. i was also disapointed with satellite, it was standard, nothing different, usually satellite is great live. to wrap it up, i was dissapointed by daves 2nd soldier field apperance, and i can't wait till alpine in august. peace ya'll
Glenn S.
This was my third show on this tour and just like the others (6-3, 6-4), it was outstanding. Dave was extremely energetic and he played his ass off all night. The highlights were Grey Street as an opener, SMTS-Too Much, Angel w/ Buddy Guy, #41, So Right (the live version is so much better than the one on the album), Everyday (this song is different every time I hear it), Lie In Our Graves when Boyd took Dave's spot in the center of the stage and jammed for like ten minutes, Stay, and Ants marching as a closer. The only downer was that Dave didn't play Pig. There were hundreds of signs asking for it and he must have teased it five or six times. He even started playing it when he came out to do his solo. encore. I thought for sure he would play it. Still, it was a great show.
Mindy W.
It was a great weekend! Friday night was a little better than Saturday, but together, they were a great set! Saturday was really cool for other reasons though... For starters, we got another lizzard up to Stefan, thanks to Daryl (he's the MAN). In addition, it was my lovely sister, Julie Walton (juliezzzzz@aol.com), who had 300 PIG signs made at Kinko's that we passed out to the first 4 rows, and then some, which prompted the multiple teases. It was very cool that everyone in the crowd as well as the band got into it. So props to my little sis for setting that up! :) All in all, DMB gave me a great summer of 2001 experience, with the C'ville show and these 2 SF shows, and I look very forward to the next time they're in the area.
Chris B.
A fairly average show. Highlights definitely include GREYSTREET (even if Dave did forget a verse) to open, Buddy Guy saved an otherwise boring ANGEL, GRACE IS GONE, and LIOG was incredible (first time I have seen it and Boyd was rockin!). Too many songs from Everyday were played and what wasn't from that weren't terribly surprising. All in all good but not great. By the way, Whitney the girl I danced with when I guesse songs right, you are beautiful.
Eric P.
This was a definitly different show than we saw last night. Tonight was definitly more upbeat. Grey Street as an opener got everyone dancing, and even all of us on the lawn that had to stand on our chairs all night, were all dancing the best we could. SMTS-ASTB-Too Much kept everyone still grooving, then a great version of What you Are followed. This is definitly one of the better Everyday songs to hear live. After that they decided to slow it down a little, after they tease Pig, they did 5 slower songs in a row. I thaught it was a little early to be slowing it down, but most of it was good. Satellite with Kidjo singing with Dave was a definite highlight. Hearing Angel again though was a definite disapointment untill Buddy Guy come out and jammed along with the band. Very nice. #41 got the crowd back into it again, with some great solos from Roy. I like the Everyday outro for sure. Another repeat followed with So Right, but that song kicks so mich ass, i didnt realy mind. Everyday (#36) was great, got the whole crowd singing and dancing in the isles. Recently and Digging were short and standard. Then came the ultimate highlight of the show... Lie in Our Graves. First of all it came after a slow song, so it got everyone to thier feet (chairs) and Boyd had a 5-7 min solo that totaly kicked everyones' asses. Ive seen this song live quite a few times with some cool solos, but this topped them all. Boyd just went nuts, and after the song got a little more quiet, Butch takes over with a great piano solo that lasted at least 5 mins. I would say more if i could, but this is just something you would have had to been there for. A repeat of TSB and a great version of Stay ended the set. Dave came back by himself and played the Willie Nelson Cover (I was hoping for a Waste, but it was still good), then the rest of the band came out and played Ants. Pretty standard version, but its the best closer we could have gotten. i was accualy hoping for a Pig somewhere, considering it was one of the few songs th at i havent seen live yet, and the fact they kept teasing it throughout the night. But to no avail. Oh well, theres always next time. Overall both of the Chicago shows were amazing.
Christopher K.
Wow, I went to both shows here in the Windy City and I thought there was no way last night's show could be topped. First off, Grey Street was an awesome opener. That song has tons of energy and it was nice to see another Lillywhite open the show. He moved into the standard So Much to Say --> ASTB --> Too Much. It was cool to see Stefan bouncing around during ASTB because being a bassit there isn't much oppertunity to dance around and really jam. The boys had a lot of energy during Too Much, and even though this isn't a song I go to hear, it was played well, but nice to hear early. By this time the band was dancing around and it seemed as though they were full of energy and really having a fun time. Then we hit a bit of an "Everyday" phase where 4 of the next 5 were off the new album. First was What You Are, which I do like. He played Mother Father next. Blah. But it was over shortly. Satellite was awesome. he brought out Angelique Kidjo, who sang a really pretty melody in the first verse. I thought it was an awesome version. It seemed like the entire crowd had their lighters up as it was the prettiest scene of the night. Next was Angel, in which he brought out the blues guitarist Buddy Guy. He played a pretty sweet solo near the end of the song and then he and Dave hugged on stage. Very cool. Once again one of the lovely ladies stepped forward and belted out a melodious ballard, which the crowd seemed to really love. He played Sleep to Dream Her next. My girlfried was thirsty because it was so humid, so we left to get a drink. It was awfully hot there. We got back before the end of the song to hear him transition into Grace is Gone and from this point on, the show really kicked ass. Pretty Grace is Gone with good, a strong violin solo by BT. They played a good #41 with real stong solos by Boyd and LeRoi. Wasn't the longest or best I'd heard, but it was the most unusual. If I'm not mistaken, he went and switched the words left and right and I found I couldn't sing along anymore. It was fun to listen to nonetheless. He played another repeat from last night, which was So Right, but that is a cool song. We heard Everyday next, with the #36 intro and outro. First time I've heard it live, and I liked it. Recently was the next song, it was short but good. It's a song thay just makes you wanna dance like PNP. Diggin a Ditch was standard. Not one of my favorites of the Lillywhites, but it's short and not a bad song. The we hit the highlight of the weekend. Lie on Our Graves. I haven't heard this since 8-20-00, and once again it was the best song played during the weekend. Boyd had the most fantastic solo I have ever heard. He walked right to the center of the stage and just jammed his ass off. He started creeping around the stage and dancing and having a blast. That was the best song I've seen in my 7 shows. When the song slowed down after his solo, the Chicago fireworks went into their finale and it was the most beautiful sight in the world. The timing was perfect. That song made that show incredible. Next was Space Between which was nice to hear again. And then Stay to close the set was great. It seemed like the girls were singing forever. It was cool. Crowd was pretty riled up for the encore, and Dave stepped out. I thought it was Waste, but he played Willie Nelson instead. It was alright. We all knew it had to be Ants next. I was praying they give Boyd another chance to jam with Tripping Billies but he was awesome in Ants anyway. Really good show. Great LIOG.
Christopher T.
I was blown away. It was only my second DMB concert but this was incredible. Grey Street was a good opener and I always love to hear So Much to Say and Too Much. There were quite a few slow songs there in a row and I felt the show start to drag a little bit, but then again, you can't go wrong with Satellite, and Buddy Guy's solo on Angel was fantastic. #41 was incredible, as always with some great solo work from Boyd and Leroi. It was nice to hear a great new song and a great old one back-to-back with Everyday and Recently. Far and away the highlight of the show was Lie in Our Graves with Boyd going insane in the middle. I wasn't timing it, but it was easily 15 minutes long. Space Between was nicely done and Stay was an awesome finish to the main set. Ain't it Funny How Times Slips Away was well done and Ants Marching was an unreal finish to a phenomonal show.
Aadam M.
What a show last night! I've now seen Dave six times and this is by far the best show yet! The energy from the crowd definitely transcended into the band's music - I've never seen them have so much fun performing. I thought that the setlist was great, highlighted by the Buddy vs Dave face off on guitar during "Angel" and the unbelievable solos by Boyd and Butch in "Lie in our Graves". The Willie Nelson cover to start the encore was a beautiful song that put the night into perspective for me. I didn't know that Dave could sing a song more touching than "Grace is Gone". He's good folks! I appreciate the band's willingness to play such a well-orchestrated (and long) show. Is there anyone better than DMB?
Danielle M.
I thought this show was great! The only thing I do not like is that Dave is opening with songs from his unreleased album! It seems the CD is one of his greatest ever. So dave, when will you release your album? Other than that the show was great. The band played a lot of old songs which was great. Although I did miss him not playing warehouse and crash. Other than that it was a great show.
Reggie W.
This was an AWESOME concert! Hearing them open with Grey Street made me realize what a sweet song that is to hear live. The aisles were flooded with people dancing everywhere. After What You Are, Dave did a little Pig tease, singing a couple lines from the third verse ("I must say I feel as small as dust...etc") On Sattelite, Angelique Kidjo came out and sang the first verse in her native language. After Sattelite, Dave said something like "It's a little warm in Chicago. It's a little HOT in chicago." With the 80s temperatures and 84% humidity, we were all nasty and sweaty:) In Angel, the lovely ladies seemed kind of pointless until the song settled down, and they started this "I'm looking for my angel tonight, ... I think I found my angel tonight" reprise. Then one lady sang, "Buddy Guy - he's my angel" and Buddy Guy was rushed out on stage and began playing a dueling banjos style "competition" with Dave, each soloing at each other. Finally Buddy totally showed Dave up and Dave just looked up and laughed. Then another Pig tease: "Isn't it strange how we move our lives..." I think Dave bobbled the lyrics a little on Grace Is Gone; he sang the "Sun refuse to shine" line twice in one verse. But then he came back and did the verse again a little later, singing it right. #41, at 11 or 12 minutes long, with an awesome solo by Boyd, and Leroi on flute and tenor, was a definite highlight. The Everyday outro was predictable. So Right was so-so (Sorry, no pun intended.) To start off the #36/Everyday Medley, Boyd did an awesome solo with a violin wah-wah. Dave also threw in a line about "get yourself funky with, everyday". In the "some people do" intro to Recently, Dave said "some people roll, and some people use a bong." The song seemed to end a little short, without any outro. Another highlight: LIOG (17 minutes long!). The jam had a screaming solo by Boyd, and then a piano solo by Butch Taylor. Meanwhile Dave meandered around onstage, drank water, etc. Another Pig Tease, then The Space Between, and then a blazing Stay. The whole band, along with the lovely ladies, was just jamming on and on and the entire crowd was dancing. When Dave came on for the encore, he threw in another Pig tease (#4 by my count!) and then introduced Aint it Funny How Time Slips Away by talking about how he would vote for Willie Nelson anyday for president. The entire band then came on for an explosive Ants Marching, closing the perfect night. Overall, not as many Lillywhites as I was expecting, and no Big Eyed Fish which I was desperately wanting to hear. Boyd really seemed in the groove, always packing out sweet solos. Great concert.
Adam H.
Of my 11 DMB shows, this one was by far the best I ever heard. The band was solid, and there were so many extras and unbelieveable efforts on the solos. On an ungodly hot evening in Chicago, you could see the sweat dripping off of the band members' faces. Dave also had alot to say to the crowd, about Chicago and what not throughout the night. The show began with a calm version of Grey Street, and was followed by an awesome version of SMTS, that turned into Too Much with a little added verse in between. When Satellite was played, the extras of the show began. Angelique came out and sang Satellite, a very powerful version of the song with both of them singing. Then the jammed out version of Angel started. I haven't really been a fan of "Everyday," and as my first concert of this tour, I am now convinced Dave is revived and this album has great concert potential. It was unreal to see Dave play the blues on a different electric guitar, along with a true master, Buddy Guy. After that jam, he played #41, my favorite song. This was the best version I have ever heard, he even changed the lyrics at the end of the song, and after the standard jams, the lyrics to Everyday were inserted. And two songs later when they played Everyday, they played a #36 intro with the lovely ladies and Boyd just went jamming with the wa-wa pedal. Boyd improved again with the pedal, and the song ended with #36. It is truely amazing to see them add life to old songs and make the new songs even better. Recently was played with the "Some people do" intro, and he used new words, and it was awesome. Boyd had an exceptional night, and LIOG, just brought out everything. It was so incredibly hot, yet he just kept going nuts. Sweat flying off of his hair. It was a solid solo, and the Carter cam was an awesome view on the screen. At the end of his solo, he started quoting a classical piece, when the tapes come out I plan on getting it. Butch also had a relaxing solo before Boyd and the band held out as long as possible for the.."I Can't believe.." part. Stay also had some changes, and Dave really got into it. Finally, the encore was amazing. Dave came out on stage by himself and talked about having a hero. And he said Willie Nelson was one of his, and he played "Aint it funny how time slips away." This was a true performance from the heart. And as I predicted at the show, the band ended with an awesome version of ants marching. Boyd went on and on during the solo violin part. The rest of the band played that one chord three times in a row, and this all lasted about 2 minutes. At about this time it wasnt 90 degrees and it seemed like they all had a ton left in them. The rythym section was extremely tight, and LeRoi played tons of unfortunately short, but solid solos. He even whipped out the pipe whistle. I think Dave has come to love playing at Soldier Field, and he was extremely psyched about playing, even in the hot, sticky weather. I recommend finding a copy of this show, It was differen t from any one I have ever heard, and by far the best!
Ben R.
Well, I went to both shows at Soldier Field this weekend, and I thought they were both really great shows. Last night's show was really interesting- for one thing, he did entirely new lyrics for the second half of #41. I never thought he would change that song up, but I guess he is moving on from the original experience with his mentor that caused him to write it. The Lie In Our Graves was my first in 6 shows, and it was beyond anything believable. Boyd soloed for like 10 minutes, then Butch for another 7 or so. Mother Father had basically no energy, it was cool to hear but not even as good as the album version. Oh, and Pig. If I didnt like Dave so much I would walk up and hit him in the nose. I'm glad he is at least playing something, but teasing it 6 times and not playing it is mean. Hopefully someone will get to hear it this summer. All in all, a great 2 shows, but I wont go to Soldier Field again unless its the only venue in 300 miles cause it draws the suckiest crowds in the world. Chicago is NOT my kind of town.
Charles K.
Lucky number 13 was not so lucky for me. The show was average at best. Too many Everyday songs, not enough old school. The terrible set list was sweetened by the bands animation, Buddy Guy and an awesome solo by Boyd during LIOG. All in all the 800 miles I drove to see this show was not worth it at all.
Matthew G.
So how does Dave Matthews and Co. top their spectacular performance from last night? Do what they did tonight. A completely different type of show altogether. Somber dress, and that strange feeling I get every once in a while that they're working without a setlist, or at least a very loose one. Since Leroi stole the show last night, it only makes sense that Boyd would shine tonight. GREYSTREET--a great opener, never could have called, yet completely appreciated it. Fourth set of lyrics I have heard for this tune. One of those songs that's always changing, gotta love it. SMTS-->ASTB-->TOO MUCH. I recognized this one very early on, and it picked up the crowd with two pleasers for the price of one. SATELLITE w/ Angelique--She's good, I'm glad I got to hear this. Did I mention she's good on this song? ANGEL--Can't top last nights' version so Dave keeps the guests coming with none other than the great blues guitarist Buddy Guy. This man can play a mean guitar. His band makes Macy Gray look as good as lukewarm, day old, Mac 'n' Cheese. Oh wait, they are. After playing some mean jams and spectacular riffs he stepped off quite early, but left on hell of an impression on those that were not fortunate enough to catch his opening performance. So then GRACE IS GONE pulls a great reaction, and #41(Everyday outro) was just what I personally needed. 60,000 people agreed with me. And since we had the everyday outro on 41, he won't actually play EVERYDAY, right? Wrong--Now it's evident that the show may top last night's, but in a completely different fashion. LIE IN OUR GRAVES--Saw it in Detroit 2001, Alpine Valley 2000--This song's evolution, especially Boyd's jam, keeps improving every time I see it. My friend next to me commented that was the best violin solo he has ever heard, the girl in front of me cried, I couldn't speak. I couldn't see that well, but he had to have destroyed that bow. Then EXACTLY as Butch's jam concludes, the fireworks show at Navy Pier that has been running this whole time has its grand finale. Best LIOG ever. STAY was a sweet closer for the set, I predicted Warehouse would be there, with an Ants closer--but I will not complain. Definitely was glad to hear AIN'T IT FUNNY, but then everybody didn't know it, so they talked, and a clap started. It detracted slightly, but I always like to hear something I've never heard before. ANTS to shut it down. Say what you will, this song is a dynamite closer. 3rd time I've seen it done, never gets old, always makes me dance. What a weekend! Two great shows, I don't want to pick the better of the two because they had such different means of reaching a similar end. Definitely #1 or #2 of 14.
Danny G.
From what I was able to hear Buddy Guy was pretty good....There was two punkass kids sitting behind us that were trying to fight us for some reason that we dont know...This was my 8th Dave show, This show was not nearly as good as Fridays, but it was pretty good. LIOG saved the nite i guess you could say. I've honestly never witnessed anything as amazing as Boyd's solo during this. Dave literally stepped aside and put his guitar at his side and just let Boyd take over. THIS WAS JUST BREATHTAKING. I was literallly in shock for a little while, i'm starting to recover. Grey Street's a pretty good opener, but not the best. The bridge between SMTS and Too Much is simply amazing. Could have done w/out What You Are, but it was ok i guess. DEFINITELY could have done w/out Mother Father and STDH, these are definitely not concert songs DAVE...Buddy Guy definitely saved Angel, i'm just glad that the "Lovely Ladies" do their thing this time. I hate them and i wish that would quit touring with the band. Satellite with Angelique was alright, but Angelique started out the song and this completely butchered any chance of success with this song...Grace is Gone is such a beautiful song, its depressing, but its just so beautiful and Dave performs it live so well...41 wasnt as good as it could have been, hmm maybe becuz Dave was mumbling the ENTIRE DAMN SONG. Dont get me wrong, I like Dave honestly more than anyone in the world i think, but he was mumbling really bad in this one...So Right got the crowd going after a lengthy slow down. Could have done w/out the Everyday (36 outro)..The intro to Recently was fantastic, but he didnt expand on the ending like Red Rocks. Diggiin A Ditch is another beautiful song, as is all the songs of Lillywhites. I've already talked about LIOG, simply amazing. I can't say anything else. Space Between is such a great song also, i am never tired of it. and DEFINITELY could have done w/out Stay. that song gets pretty annoying pretty quickly. Could have done w/out Ants for the encore, but "Aint it funny.." was a pretty good surprise. Fridays show was the best show i've ever seen, i dont think it could have been better, but this one was just average i guess. KEEP JAMMIN DAVE, and oh yeah one last thing....STEFAN IS GHETTO, and I"M LOVING IT...AND BOYD, U DA MAN BRO!
Jason T.
this was a pretty good show not the best i have ever been to but pretty good. highlights of the show were smts--->anyone seen the bridge--->too much, grey street, the willie nelson cover aint it funny how time slips away, grace is gone, diggin a ditch, and liog. liog could not have been more perfect, there were fireworks going off over the lake during most of the song and then during the end of the jam right at the break before they go back into the song the grand finale was going on perfect timing also amazing jam on butch taylors part. one disappointing thing though how everyday went into #36. im not a big fan of his new stuff and when they did that it seemed like #36 had lost all its meaning, personally i would prefer if they went back to singing hani hani instead of honey honey they way it was written. overall great show
Rivers C.
Grey street as an opener ? Holy shit!! Right as this song hit the speakers i heard lighters flicker as blunts joints and bowls alike lit up all around me, this show smelled good folks. anyhow, smts--? too much was the best i have ever heard it, dave and stefan kicked ass on astb. What you are was a highlight for me, carter is jesus. mother father sucked, satelite was great but the only uttad besides ants the whole two days. Angel was much better this night as buddy guy came out to rip it up on a solo. #41 and so right kicked my ass completely, recently could've been better. Then after everyone sits down to chill to some slower songs off the lillywhite sessions, out of nowhere everyone jumps up to lie in our graves. This was the best i've ever heard this song, even without tim there, this song still amazed me. Boyd went fucking insane on the solo which was the best i'd ever heard him, then butch plays this beautiful piano piece and showed off his talent a bit. sb was good and i knew that stay was gonna be the closer, at least they put some energy into it. willie nelson cover was cool, and ants ended up the show kicking my ass once again. great show again by everyone, why the hell didn't they just play pig?!!!
Chad K.
I only saw one person that agrees with me on this board. This show was the most disappointing concert that I've ever been to. It was probably my 7th or 8th Dave Matthews show, and the worst set list by far. I was just starting to give those Everyday songs a chance, but hearing them live was a few steps backward for me. Of course there were good songs, but not too many. Dave messed up during two different songs, and Boyd really was only able to have one good solo. I'm so used to seeing such great shows with great jams that this was just a huge disappointment. It definitely was not worth my money, and I would say I got a deal on all of the other shows I've seen. It's time for a lot of people to stop being so mezmorized and happy that Dave has released new songs and just admit that they're not very good on the whole. On the positive side, Grey Street, Grace Is Gone, Lie in Our Graves were very good. I think Dave was drunk out of his mind though.
John S.
This was my first concert of any kind in about 25 years. My son and I flew to Chicago from Baton Rouge, La. Our plane flew over soldier Field Friday night so we got to see that show from a unique perspective. I was rewarding him for being a great kid by taking him anywhere he wanted to go. Concerts are a lot more high tech than the last time I went to see one. (Eagles- Hotel California tour 1976??). The show was great. I especially enjoyed the searing violin solo near the end. I also liked the cover of Time Slips Away. An extra bonus was BUDDY GUY from my hometown. He is one hell of a guitarist. It was one helluva a great show and one that I am sure we will remember forever.
Jeremy I.
This was the first, and probably only, show I got to attend on this tour. I want to say that the music and the band was excellent, but some things were not - more on that later. Solid opening with Grey Street, and that led to an even better SMTS->ASTB->Too Much. Satellite was excellent with Angelique and it was the best performance of that song I ever heard. Buddy Guy was hot during Angel and I think Dave was genuinely impressed. #41 with the Everyday outro sounded better than anyone has described it yet this tour. LIOG (my personal favorite song) was the best I have ever heard it with Boyd's crazy solo and Butch helping out on the keys. It was the first time I heard Stay in person and it was very good. Ants was solid all around and it was a good finisher. That's the music - and what I didn't appreciate were some of the so called "fans". We were sitting on the field and if you feel the need to pay $60 per ticket to get drunk and/or stoned, please do it somewhere else. When I come to a Dave Matthews show, I come for the music - not to be bothered by people who feel it necessary to smoke pot or drink so much they puke. This is total bull and security does nothing to resolve these problems. I paid just as much for the tickets as everyone else and I am there to enjoy the music. When these idiots ruin my time and make it so uncomfortable that I cannot enjoy the music, something has to change.
John M.
man I was hoping for a much better on key performance by the band and I did....friday's show he missed 2 verses of 2 songs and they were off notes as well as very sluggish, sooo many pig signs in the field, kinda flirting with our asses with the 6 teases as well as first time WTWE not played in 32 shows since UVA! set: grey st.~ first time opener which was a total surprise, standard 7 min. SMTS>ASTB>2mush~standard, no funk by stefan, so no wanting to hear this after so many repeats, bring back nancies>warehouse....14 min what you are~fuck yourself lines twice, dig yourself and all of us to the end of time....5 min PIG tease,mother father~roi had some new notes popping in there, dont like the song only way to be any good is with santana 8 min satellite~angelique, hoping for 2 nights of a crash/satellite free show but what can ya do, added a touch with her but not with her native tongue as Dave said before the song.....7 min angel~dont like this song but love it when the ladies add the solos as well as butchie, just like camden, thought they were not going to top fridays version, buddy guy appearance....very nice but 6 min. shorter 13 min. PIG tease,sleep~ standard what can ya do with this song? 5 min >>into grace is gone~lyrics, sun refuse to shine, very nice melodies with roi!! 8 min. 41~roi and boyd battle a bit, new stomps in the beats, diff. but good, everyday outro 9 min. so right~nice boyd transitions between 1st and 2nd verse...fuck the world again...LOVE this song but slower than the album version in beats but HUGE PRIMAL in this song.....6 min 36>E'day>36~ boyd with his wa-wa peddle gotta love it..a lil' skit-skat 12 min PIG tease,Recently~my low for the evening, 1/2 version, hate when he does 1/2 songs, gotta love though "some people roll and some people like to put in their mouth" 7 min. ditch~standard 6 min....."i'm a sweaty mother fucker" love the speak graves~high for me on the night, waiting to hear this one...brief stomps which are new during the chorus as well as roi with the penny whistle for a chord and then nuttin for the rest of the night and song!!! very nice butchie solo....18 min PIG tease,space between~hate this song gonna be bigger than crash/satellite...standard 6 min. PIG tease,stay~total surprise thought they were gonna pull BOWA but oh well.....2 mini-stomps, stefan and dave were both in a good mood on this song, actually stefan was really in a good mood all night thought we were gonna hear some nice solos by him.....8 min. encore: PIG tease,aint it funny~first time hearing it, SO WANTING TO HEAR WASTE but this is good enough since only the 5th time played on the tour and waste 11 times.....willie nelson is his idol and should be everyones, should run for president and then i said yeah to legalize marijawana....dock of the bay outro lyrics...6 min antz~i knew it but didnt want it, good thing only the 11th time played all year...standard w/ 1,2,3 stomps....10 min. first show without WTWE all tour, 32 shows straight with it....
Valerie J.
What an unbelievable weekend I had! I went to both nights and they were INCREDIBLE! I have now seen Dave three times. The first time was at Neil Young's Bridge School benefit concert in California with Tom Petty, Crosby Still and Nash, etc. The Friday night Soldier Field concert was probably one of the best concerts I have ever been to in my life, and I have seen A LOT of shows! Being from California, I am not used to the wind blowing against me like it does in Chicago. It added to the whole concert experience. I get chills just thinking about it! I like the Everyday songs live so much better than on the CD! My seats were great and the people next to me were all into the show just as much as I was so we all had a terrific time. I thought Friday's show was better than Saturday's. The weather was better on Friday and I thought the set list was perfect for the weather---slow and breezy! On a side note, I got to meet Dave at 6:30pm on Saturday night at a backstage meet and greet. It was a blast. He was so sweet and took pictures with us. My weekend Dave Matthews/Chicago experience (I'm from San Diego) was one I will never forget! If you want pics from the meet and greet emailed to you, drop me a line and once I have them developed I will send them to you.
Rich R.
This Was the worst DMB show ive been to. The show was great dont get me wrong but im sick of the 10 year old girls that only know 2 songs "I DID IT"& "The Space Between" They ruined the show for me and everyone one else in my section. Friday night was alot Better then Saturday, but i must admit it was cool to hear some lillywhite stuff. But to much Everyday.
Pat M.
my 7th show and just like all of the otherwise it was completely amazing. exspecially considering i got backstage acting like a was a worker with my alpine valley staff shirt on. saw carter but i think i left too early for dave. oh well great time! grey street opener really set the pace and got me going crazy. (which lasted throughout the night. SMTS->TM was energetic as can be, and always a good concert song. What are you, god, i went nuts for a second, i thought it was gonna be last stop, but i should have thought it out, but it has awesome energy. Mother Father, doesnt rank real high with me, maybe if c. santana came out or something. Kidjo on satellite was sweet she dinked around with different lyrics what was cool. it made satellite better then how it usually is. Angel, damn repeats, but buddy guy lite it up and made me happy. STDH, dont really remember. GIG, sooooo sweet, one of my favorite lillywhites. #41, i loved lerois solo, the flute is my favorite. So right repeat, but just so damn good. Everday, i was pumped to hear this and i loved the way he tied 36 into it. first time i have heard it outside of mp3. The and huge highlight. RECENTLY i have been wanting to hear this for a long long time and i got it. the some people do intro was great. but unforutely it was jammed, but none the less sweet as can be. Digging a Ditch standard but good. LIOG, another highlight for me, gosh, i could never get sick of this song. boyd solod forever, i was getting tired of dancing my ass of, but i definetly didnt stop. SB is good, biut repeated. i actually liked stay alot even though i am not its bniggest fan, i wishdave would do the "make ya wanna's" but i can handle them. ENCORE: i was pumped! i seriously thought it was going to be pig. i missed the other teases but my diehard friend told then he came out with that last tease and i about shit. Damn! oh well aint it funny..... really was sweet, and i thought the "sitting by the dock of the bay" lyric toped of the night, i was so pumped to just hear that. ANTS was basic, an easy call. i was hoping that it would have been jammed a little more, but i think that they were getting a little tired and sick of sweeting their asses off like me. well overall another huge concert. the 100 sections seemed dull, alot of sitting down, and you know what i have to say about that,"sitting down is for the birds".
Scott R.
great show!! Davespeak was a-plenty as he said things like, "got drunk at the taste of chicago last night, and smoked up there earlier this morning" and "its hot, I'm sweating like a Motherf#$%er." The Buddy Guy jam during Angel was awesome, nice to see the band explore a tiny bit of blues, especially in Chicago! Grey Street as an opener was nice, even though it seemed to tame the crowd a bit because it was an unreleased song. There was a part of the set, the middle, which was a little slow but they made up for it with a great last 5 full band songs. Stay and Space Between aren't my favorite songs, but they are good ones and especially for Stay it is a fast paced dance song. But the best point was LIOG, which just showed why the band sells out stadiums. Not Boyds best jam, he tended to play too fast during the slow parts, but he put a lot of effort and energy into it and it came out good. tough to call between the two nights, both excellent. definetely the best back-to-back the band has had in YEARS!!!
Anthony N.
What a great show! Grey Street was a huge opener, couple of verse changes were pretty cool. Stay, Ants,#41,Grace and Everyday/#36 was a great blend, really rocked the house. Probably the best was when Boyd outplayed the entire Navy Pier firework show. The fireworks were a perfect timing to put LIOG over the top! It was pretty cool to hear Dave talk more. He kept saying CHICAGO!, and thanks for giving us a taste of chicago! He also said wasssup!! which was pretty cool. Like every DMB show I go to, I always sing every word,dance, and rock out all the time, but I was sitting in the most lamest section. When I heard the opening riff I could tell what song he was playing and I would cheer before the song started. People were looking at me crazy, but I didn't care. People weren't into it was much and one person was soo high she spent 50 bucks to take a two and a half hour nap! Thats unreal. And also for the people taking a dump on Dave, every DMB fan should have known that he was gonna play a lot from Everyday b/c the album just came out. Next year will be different b/c he's only gonna play the best live songs from Everyday and things will go back to normal. Have patience my friends and always eat, drink and be merry!!!!
Kyle F.
This concert was really really really good...However I think it could have been better. There was a lump in the middle with "What You Are", "Mother Father", and "Sleep to Dream Her" that I really had a lot of trouble getting into. There were nevertheless 5 highlights that made up for it. #1) Boyd/Butch jam on "Lie In Our Graves" with the fireworks. That was easily the coolest thing I've ever seen. #2) Buddy Guy coming out on "Angel" was awesome. Dave and him were dueling it out on their electrics and it sounded hella fine. #3) "Recently" the Some People Do/Don't intro was pretty funny with a few references to Cannibis and I thought it was a nice quiet version that picked up at the "People stare...." lines. #4) The lighters in the crowd during "Satellite" is always a sight to see. #5) This one also kinda pissed me off, the PIG teases. I wanted it sooo bad and when he started the lyrics i thought we were gonna hear it but we didn't. DMB needs to start playing some more from their best album (Before These Crowded Streets). I wish we could have gotten "Crush" but the night before got that one. Nevertheless the show rocked and kicked total balls!!! It earns my number 2 spot of all time from what I've been too. #1 is the 12.4.2000 show at Allstate. Check that one out! Good concert on 7.7.2001 as well! Peace!
Courtney G.
the 7/7 show was unreal! I've seen DMB 11 times and that show was the unbelievable! I think the mix between the Everyday album (and try not to harshly judge it til you hear it live...trust me it EXTREMELY better) and the old stuff was excellent. The high as you've hear was LIOG as the fireworks went off, but Digging and Grace really hit the spot Saturday. The simplicity, yet utter beauty of this two song had be swept away. Satellite with Angelique Kidjo was amazing. All in all the energy and mix made this show one of the best.
Well, I think the first show was better in terms of the variety of songs played, but this show definitely had its moments. First off, I was supposed to be in Section 14 at the bottom, but the sound tent was blocking our view completely. We were able to get moved, and we got Section A seats! Can't beat that. This was the closest I have ever been to the stage, and it was definitely a great time. Wish the set had been a little better though. Overall, it was too slow. This was probably partly due to the ungodly heat and humidity that day, and if the band played too many fast songs, they would have killed themselves. Started out great though, Grey Street (Awesome, slightly different lyrics), SMTS--->ASTB--->Too Much GREAT! I hadn't seen ASTB live, and Dave did some great scatting through it. Then I heard the opening chords for What You Are and I was slightly disappointed...same goes for Mother Father. I just don't like those songs as much. Satellite was kinda cool with Angelique Kidjo, but I couldn't hear her after she sang her verse. Angel, heard it last night, but the jam with Buddy Guy at the end was very nice. Dave could only do so much before Buddy Guy kicked his ass playing and Dave just laughed and gave up. Sleep To Dream Her....zzzzzzzzzzz. Grace Is Gone, I love this song, but at that point I NEEDED something faster. #41 was nice with the Everyday outro and I really wanted to hear Everyday/#36 at that point because I hoped the crowd would get into it like they did in Vegas. Recently was a shorter version, no outro, but a cool intro (some people like to roll, some people like to put it in a bowl) something like that. Digging A Ditch, nice, but I need something fast! LIOG!!!!!!!!!! Holy crap was that something! Boyd was awesome and Buth played beautifully. I don't know what this clocked in at, but it was a loooooong solo. So long in fact, Leroi left to go somewhere and was gone for a few minutes. The Space Between. It was nice to hear it, but it was played the first night and I would have liked to hear Crash or something else. Stay, it was nice to hear it, and Dave got into it at the end, nice closer. Crowd got into it. Aint it Funny How Time Slips Away. Dave told us that if we didn't have someone to look up to, Willie Nelson is great person and that if he ever ran for president, Dave would vote his ass. :-) I had not heard this song, and I thought Dave did a great version with "Sitting on the dock of the bay" at the end. Very cool. Ants! I knew it was coming, and it was still very nice to hear it. I wanted Dave to let us sing "People in every direction..." but oh well. He was dancing for Section C people when the 'Lights Down you Up and Die' part came, so he just mouthed it and the crowd sang that. Dave teased Pig several times with a couple lines of the song "Isn't it strange?" "I feel as small as dust lying down here" Cool, but I wanted to hear the song! Props to the person who made like 400 PIG signs. Dave and the boys were sweating up a storm tonight with the heat and humidity, but still played a good show, even if it was more of a mellow set. I won't ever forget this show since my seats were so good, but the first night was definitely a better set.
Drue H.
This was my first Dave show, and i have been listening to him for years now, so it was a real treat to finally see him. First off i will say seeing him live is like nothing else, its simply amazing. The highlights were SMTS->Too much, LOIG, 41, Recently, Ants, Stay, i really enjoyed the lillywhite songs too. My major problem was with the Everyday music, thought he played as far as I'm concerned "the better songs" from everyday, i would have liked more older stuff, crush or seek up, or nancies would have been awesome. Definatley way more than i ever would have expected. But i am looking forward to his next tour were he wont play quite so much everyday stuff, and maybe will have evolved some sweet jams intros and outros for his new songs. overall rating 10/10