Verizon Wireless Ampitheatre, Selma, TX
Graph of songs performed, by album
One Sweet World
You Might Die Trying
What Would You Say?
American Baby Intro
American Baby
Jimi Thing
You Never Know
Louisiana Bayou
Hunger for the Great Light
So Much To Say -->
Too Much
Two Step

Old Dirt Hill
What You Are

This show was a highly anticipated show after already seeing the SU songs live first at Bonnaroo. The Selma crowd was suprisingly week, which it definitely hasn't been in the past few years. Good covered isle seats near the center, thank you ebay. The setlist wasn't bad...Lie in Our Graves and You Never Know being the highlights for me. The Selma crowd and overall show was blown away by the following nights in Dallas and the Woodlands.
Phillip M.
This was my seventh show, and definitely one of my two favorites, if not the best, I've seen. The show started off nice with OSW, and Dave then thanked "Texas" for opening up its arms to the NOLA rescuees and survivors, which was followed by YMDT. Put that song in context with the Katrina disaster, and it was really, really powerful. Dreamgirl was nice, as were Granny and WWYS. The American Baby Intro was INSANE. Dave kept screaming "she said, she said" over and over, and by the end was just yelling. Definitely the high point of the show for me, as I think its the most cohesive group song of any of their new songs. American Baby was nice too, but the jam at the end was way better. Jimi Thing is always fun (about the same as most shows, which means lots of fun and good times). YNK is always nice. Crash was excellent, if nothing else b/c it was the first time I'd seen it with my g/f, and that makes it ten times better. Then came Louisiana Bayou, and they did it better than I could have hoped. Great new concert song. Hunger was awesome! Another one I hope they play for years to come. The SMTS-->bridge-->Too Much started at an incredible energy, and only grew. Two Step as a closer was perfect, as I hadn't seen that song in three years and was really, really ready for it. The encore was a little lack, as ODH just isn't very exciting. WYA is very energetic, and while I don't particularly like this song, it makes sense as a closer for this tour. All in all, Dave did tons of dancing, scatting, and funny faces. Boyd and Leroi had their share of equally excellent solos. Steffan played some excellent bass runs all over the frets that I found more enjoyable than any other shows I'd seen, and Carter was Carter, which means he rocked. An excellent, excellent show -- I'd get it on CD for the AB Intro and LB, if nothing else. See you in Houston!
Josh H.
"What You Are" as the encore absolutely drained me. What a phenomenal song. This is my 6th time to see DMB, and this was probably the best closer in my eyes.

The opening to "American Baby" was really unexpected and totally awesome... hopefully it'll become the standard opening for that song.

"Jimi Thing," as always, was an awesome 20-minute jam where I could just lay in the grass, stare at the stars, and still know exactly what was happening on-stage.

Overall it was a fine mix of old and new... and it's a shame that the studio tracks from Stand Up pale in comparison to their stretched-out, puffed-up live versions. My favorites on this night were "Die Trying," "Louisiana Bayou," and "What You Are."
Jon S.
Friday night was amazing. I could never describe the greatness of the show in words its just not possible. Our seats were on the 17th row dead center in the Orchestra pit we had the best seats in the whole venue. Dave decided to open up with One Sweet World which was an interesting opening choice and then towards the end of the jam Dave began to scatt and his scatting was on fire it went so well and the crowd loved it. Dave was definately his crazy self the whole night, at one point in between songs he walked up to the mike and talked some good jiberish and then looked at the crowd like "what the hell is wrong with me?" There was more great scatting to be done in the jam of "Granny". WWYS was awesome the whole band really had alot of energy through the whole thing. Then Dave began to play the riff of what would turn into the American Baby Intro and he slowly got more into it. He started singing the "She said 100 times.." part and after a few lines of that he just went insane and started completely screaming at the top of his lungs I had never seen Dave this into it he just wasnt gonna stop. That was definately one of the highlights of the show. Jimi Thing was great the whole band really jammed it out and of course Boyd got in Daves face which was hillarious. Although the setlist does not look all that spectacular I assure you that the whole band gave it all they had the whole show. SMTS >>ASTB>>Too Much was awesome as soon as they went in to Anyone Seen The Bridge I and the rest of the place went insane. Then they closed with Two Step Which I had never seen live and it was all that I thaught it could be and more, when the broke into the chorus half the crowd was jumping. It seemed like forever but finnaly after a while of the crowds continual cheering they stepped back onto the stage and Just as I had predicted the encore songs were Old Dirt Hill and What You are. Right at the beginning of Old Dirt Hill a girl a few rows down got out of control and security had to drag her away and it was no easy task so as they delt with that I decided to take advantage of the securities destraction and made my way to the very front. I was literally just feet away from Dave I was up against the rail for the last two songs and it was amazing Dave gave all he had during What You Are and he even did the rather angry version with the "and then you pray down on your knees mother fucker..." part but the crowd loved it. As he walked off the stage he threw his pick into the crowd and I missed it by like one foot. The whole show was just indiscribable and I could not have asked for more.