Dave Matthews Band
Alpine Valley Music Theatre, East Troy, Wisconsin
Graph of songs performed, by album
Opening Band: Corey Haris & the 5 X 5

onstage 8:14pm
Tripping Billies *
Donít Drink the Water *
Grey Street *
What Would You Say *
Grace Is Gone *
When The World Ends *
Bartender *
The Stone *
Fool To Think *
Crush *
Song That Jane Likes *
Drive In Drive Out *
Loving Wings * -->
Where Are You Going *
Stir It Up * -->
All Along the Watchtower *
offstage 10:17pm
ontage 10:22pm
Digging a Ditch *
What You Are *
offstage 10:41pm
* with Butch Taylor on keys

Paul D.
Alpine proved to be a let down for Dave fans tonight. He stated at the begining of the show stating that Alpine Valley is his favorite place to play, but the band left the fans somewhat disapointed. Dave came out strong with Tripping Billies, DDDTW, Grey Street, and then WWYS. That is where the concert seemed to climax. From then on out it was a very mellow jam, with hits such as Crush and Where Are You Going, but Dave seemend to be as quiet as ever. Even the acoustics of Alpine could not elevate Daves voice to the back tier for some of his low volume songs. Though Watchtower at the end was a great pick up from the rest of the concert's mellow ways. Mimicing the Tweeter Center a few days before, this setlist was yet to be desired. The encore was very dissapoining, with none of Dave's usual jams coming out. No Two Step, old songs that are a trademark of his encores. All in all the concert was fun and great to be at, but left the fan who wanted to see a good jammin Dave Matthews Band concert wanting more...
First off like to say that dave (twice) said for some reason he doesnt know why but alpine is his favorite venue to play at , awesome. and he didnt let us down. TB is a great opener, DDTW is one of the best songs ever.other hightlites included-WTWE,BARTENDER,the jam at the end of crush, and a great suprize was STIR IT UP, thats right, a little bob into watchtower. after that whatever they did as an encore would just put the icing on the cake,digging a ditch and what you are was great . i dont know how they will top tomorrow but they may be able to, cant wait
Ben S.
STIR IT UP...LITTLE DARLIN...STIR IT UP...LITTLE DARLIN...STIR IT UP...I really wasn't expecting an unbelievable show, but boy was I wrong. It ended up being an EPIC SHOW! Great energy from the start with Tripping Billies. They broke right into Grey Street and Don't Drink the Water. Dave said that this is one (if not, the one) of his favorite venues and I was rewarded with one of the best shows I have ever seen. They continued on with When the World Ends and What Would You Say? Nothing out of the ordinary but the crowd couldn't be happier...Bartender started right out with no Big Eyed Fish, but still powerful and dark. Continued with Grace Is Gone--really just sounded great...Stefan added some slide work on the bass as a little country twang to the beginning. Now something kinda cool happened...Dave pulls out a black Les Paul and leans into Fool to that's a real guitar!! This song fit in perfectly with this type of tone and looked really cool too:) Dave also had "a little tea party" in Drive In Drive Out and slowed it down with Loving Wings. This was kind of slow, but seems to be developing as the whole band will add to it. The "older" fans were rewarded with Jane and it seems to fit the giddy atmosphere of the night. They could play all their old stuff and it would still sound great to me. The Stone and Crush were huge hitting the highs and lows of each song...Dave introduced Stefan and he began fiddling around as the band took a needed rest. Almost unknowingly he slipped into some Bob Marley and Dave began to laugh. He looked at Carter and said "what the hell." They went into Stir It Up. My draw dropped along with most of the audience. It was the coolest DMB experience I have ever doubt. They played in and out of it with the crowd doing most of the singing. (I think the last time they played it was 8/4/98?) What more could we ask for??? Watchtower was next to come and Dave never holds back. Unreal and each member took a turn giving the crowd everything they had. They encored with Diggin A Ditch and slowed it down a bit...very cool guitar riffs and a fun song. The band ended with What You Are which gets more chilling everytime I hear the intro. It kind of teases the audience before it falls out of the sky onto us...really cool and loud. Super show by a super band. Sleep well.
This was just an amazing show. Great energy coming from the band and the crowd all night. Tripping Billies was an unexpected opener, but really got everyone going. The next three were all pretty standard, but still great to hear, and kept the energy going. GIG slowed things down a little, but was very good. Bartender was great, Dave was really wailing at the end, and Roi was on throughout the song. Stone was another highlight, as was Crush. I was waiting all night for Dave to say he had a sister named Jane, that was also unexpected, but very good. DIDO, only Crash song tonight, very good. It was great to finally hear Loving Wings, all the versions I'd heard of it weren't very good quality, and I really like it, it seemed longer tonight than any I'd heard. WAYG was pretty standard. The next highlight, Stefan switched guitars for Watchtower and started playing the bass line to Stir It Up, and everyone started singing the words, so the guys just looked at each other, smiled, and went along with it. They jammed it out for a while, sounded really good. Watchtower was incredible. Everyone was just on during this song, very very good. Encore was nothing special, but very solid. Overall a very good show, great energy all night, Stir It Up->Watchtower was definitely the highlight of the evening, something I will remember for a very long time.
Hmm.. tonight's concert I have mixed emotions towards. I really do think that DMB tried to get too much going, if you know what I mean... Tripping Billies was a cool opener and all, but follow that with DDTW, Grey Street, and WWYS? That's a bit too much. People need to mellow! But yeah, personal highlight of the night: STIR IT UP! Holy crap, this was awesome! Crowd did a great job of singing the lyrics. But yeah, I'm expecting a lot more out of night two... c'mon, no You Never Know, Captain, or Kit Kat Jam? B Please.
Collin Q.
First of all, its was great to have the Boys back at Alpine and Dave said it himself many times. First thing he said when he got on stage was "I don't know why, but this is my favorite venue to play in"! However, tonights crowd didn't into it very much. It seemed like they only reacted when the lights pointing to the audience kicked on. The Boys had some great energy tonight and here's a rundown. Tripping Billies was a great opener and got the crowd moving. It was nice to hear Don't Drink the Water again but it slowed don things very fast. Grey Street was tight like always and What Would You Say had us singing along. Dave broke a string midway through the song but played right on. Grace is Gone was beautiful like always and When the World Ends was standard. Bartender was amazing and the drop into The Stone was great. Fool To Think sounded alot better tonight then it did Thursday and Crush had the crowd singing along yet again. Dave kinda messed up the words a bit, but caught himself everytime. The Song Taht Jane Likes and Drive In, Drive Out were 2 classic songs when we needed them. Drive had the energy and it was great to hear it again. Like always, Loving Wings had people talking but they began singing long with Where Are You Going and the night was almost over. Stefan had a nice little bass beat going on and dropped it into Stir It Up which had the audience singing along. Very nice choice Stefan. Watchtower was great, solo's all around and it topped off the night. Digging a Ditch was good to hear again and What You Are closed the show with Dave screaming towards the heavens. good show tonight setlist-wise, but I'm hoping for more energy from the crowd tomorrow. See ya then!
Of the four shows I've been to, this had to be the best one. Alpine Valley is an unbelieveable theatre. The fans there are more energized than any I have ever seen. There are not enough superlatives I could use to describe this show tonight. First, TRIPPING BILLIES. What a billies it was too. Very energized, the crowd sang back every word, and Boyd was great. After the song Dave said, "Every time we come here, of all places, this is our favorite place to play." The crowd went insane, and then a powerful DON"T DRINK THE WATER followed. Very good song live, I think. Always a lot of emotion in this. GREY STREET was next. Always great. They do play this a lot, but I love it. Then WHAT WOULD YOU SAY. It was great as usual. The band and the fans were really into this, especially during the line "Mom it's my birthday". The fans just added so much to this show, and were great during this. Leroi also had a great solo. GRACE IS GONE next. Sweet tune. Loved to hear it. WHEN THE WORLD ENDS, same as it was Thursday and every other day. Crowd was into it though, but they were into everything tonight. BARTENDER-yes! It's so cool live, so deep, and tonight, unique. Where Leroi usually starts the penny whistle solo, Butch had a great solo instead, and then Leroi did a mini solo, so to speak. THE STONE-awesome! First time I've heard this live, and it was so cool. Toward the end they got really soft and then suddenly kicked it into high gear for the ending. Nice touch. FOOL TO THINK-yuk. I think that they have improved this, but I still don't really like this too much. CRUSH-wow! When isn't Crush awesome? SONG THAT JANE LIKES-great! First time I heard this live too, and it was great! Drive In Drive Out-such a great live song. I love the jam they do with that. LOVING WINGS-zzzzzzz. You could fall asleep during it, but then again tonight every song was high energy. WHERE ARE YOU GOING- same old, same old. I like it though. It gets all the people who sat down during Loving Wings back up again. Then the biggest surprise and highlight of the night. Stefan started playing around on the bass and everyone was under the assumption that this was the intro to Watchtower, but then all of a sudden, out of nowhere, they played the Bob Marley song, STIR IT UP! I'm glad I went to this show simply because of this! I don't think they were planning on going into this, but the crowd starting singing it and waving their arms back and forth, so the band just rolled with it. It was unreal, and an experience that was very rare and unique. Then, of course, WATCHTOWER. Wow, wow, wow, wow! This was the most amazing watchtower I had ever heard, with huge solos from Boyd, Leroi, and Butch, with some awesome drumwork as always by Carter, and Dave was so into it. Encore break, the DIGGING A DITCH. They should scap this, it's too much of a crowd killer. Last, but not least, WHAT YOU ARE. Again, Dave did the "Get down on your knees and pray for me mother f***er" outro. It was amazing. Unbelievable show, and the boys will have a tough time out doing themselves tomorrow night.
Brian G.
Alpine Valley is the very essence of why I am, and will eternally be a Dave Matthews Band fanatic. It is by far the best venue I have been to (as Dave gracefully put it "This is our favorite place to play. we love coming back to Alpine"), the energy, setlist, and overall fun of this 2 1/2 hour period was so far beyond my initial excitement for tonight, it is simply amazing. Now on to the set....BILLIES great way to open the set. the energy level was so high that this song lit up the energy higher. i have never heard a crowd as loud as we were tonight. DDTW i like this song sometimes, other times i dont. tonight was a very powerful version with dave wailing at teh end. Dave pulled out the 12 string, so it was time for.....GREY ST great to hear as always. WWYS. Great version. Dave snapped a string during the jam, but kept on going. GRACE the crowds getting louder and louder. its tamazing. really jammed out version. WTWE. even an everyday song was full of energy. BARTENDER. oh wow. boyd was without his glasses and Leroi took his off too! yes, you read correctly. Leroi TOOK HIS GLASSES OFF. no mroe stage fright i guess. HIGHLIGHT #1: STONE waited 7 shows for this and was not dissapointed. one of my fav songs. cringed when i saw the electric and they played FOOL..much, much better than Tweeter, though still not a huge fan. CRUSH. oh man. crowds roars are deafening. Dave and Boyd went old school jamming with each other. "I got a sister named JANE"...i feel like DMB's sets now are like 1997's, really old school DMB. they're leaving out Everyday songs, and pleasing the olders fans. I have never heard it and it was a treat to hear JANE. DRIVE. amazing. nice tight version. LOVING WINGS i thought this would kill the crowd like it did Thursday, but we just got louder and louder. long sweet solo by Leroi. great version. lead into....WAYG. The 21st Century's "Crash into Me". Then, stefan went into this amazing solo that was an obvious intro to watchtower. at teh end of it, he paused, and went right into STIR IT UP! HIGHLIGHT OF THE NIGHT. words cannot sum up how excited i was to hear this. DMB's only played htis i think 2 times before. i thought it was a tease, but we started singing the words, so Dave jumped in. a FULL VERSION. amazing. then....the best WATCHTOWER i've ever heard. everyone soloed....i was waiting for Carter to jam alone. for whatever reason, this is the second time in the smae year that i've heard watchtower, and tears have been brought to my eyes. this ending of the set, made me realize how much DMB means to me and how much I love their music and how special they truly are. ENCORE. I knew they wouldnt do a Dave solo, so they came and did DIGGIN. surprised again to see that this didnt kill the crowd. WHAT YOU ARE. i love this song live. such a treat to see . getting out of the lot was a hassle, but the show is by far (b/c of Stir it UP) the best show i've ever been to. simply amazing. i will ALWAYS make a trip to see DMB at Alpine Valley. It is simply amazing. I can only imagine MSG and Gorge. The energy tonight was so amazing. Based on what was played tonight, tomorrow will be stellar as well, and i cant wait to see if (doubtful) it can top tonights performane. Thanks for everything you've done DMB!
Chris K.
Considering this was an Alpine Valley show, the expectations very high tonight. When Dave came out to announce Corey Harris, he said "I don't know why, but this is my favorite place to play." The crowd went crazy, but not many were there yet because of traffic. When the band came out to play, Dave mentioned again this was his favorite place, and all 40 000 of us were screaming. It was so loud and we wouldn't stop, so Stefan couldn't help from laughing. I thought he was going to fall over. TRIPPING BILLIES was a good opener with high energy. BARTENDER was played really well tonight, and the outro to THE STONE was cool. CRUSH was awesome and DRIVE IN DRIVE OUT was good. This was probably the best LOVING WINGS I have heard and LeRoi really shined during it. The highlight was STIR IT UP that really just showed how good Stefan really is. Going straight into WATCHTOWER got the entire venue excited. It was good, but I'd prefer Butch goes back to th organ sounds rather than the simulated electric guitar. The encore was pretty cool and the show overall was good. I'd put it in my top ten. 9/31 will be better though.
Josh K.
First off this was the second time that I'd seen Corey Harris and he rocked hard. The only other time that I had as much fun with the opening band was when Buddy Guy opened for Dave last year at Soldier Field. So anyways, Tripping Billies for an opener, just great-can't get better. Then don't drink the water - an awesome upbeat jam to follow. Then Grey Street and What Would You Say - two great sing alongs and great jams for both. Cool slide bass intro to Grace is Gone. When the World Ends sounds great live I really like all the extra jams they added in. Bartender was also great live, long just like on Busted Stuff. Then The STONE! Man, that was flippin awesome, always loved the song and it was great to see it. The Downpoint of the show, if there was one was probably Fool to Think, That's all I need to say about that. But that was soon forgotten when they played CRUSH!! Crazy mad whoa, awesome was absolutely happy. And when I didn't think it could get better - The Song That Jane Likes, I was not expecting this one at all and it was incredibly good. Then Drive in Drive Out - one of my favorite live songs, great singalong, great jam, great Dave improv with the lyrics in the middle, and the band was together throughout all the changes, perfect. And then comes the best part of the show, the last 4 song jam. First it started with Loving Wings, very pretty song and cool to watch. Then from that stemmed Where are You Going, again very pretty but sounded alot like the album version, not much jamming. When that was over Stefan started doing some solo jamming and I thought it was going to be Watchtower but pleasantly Mistaken, When he started playing the bass line to Stir It Up I went crazy, It's one of my favorite Marley Songs and it was great to see Dave play it. Then Stefan sets back into another jam and into Watchtower witch was probably the high point in the show, great song, great solos which culminated in the end with over 40,000 people screaming at the top of their lungs, definitely a 16 on the rock scale, the highest I've ever experienced. I was a little dissapointed with the crowd, didn't really beg Dave back on, they just expected an Encore, and there was one, but it wasn't great. Diggin a Ditch was ok, It sounded alot like the album version. And it ended with What you Are, definetly the best song off of everyday and cool live song. Over all it was a great show, definetly coming back to Alpine next year, Dave even said it was his favorite, twice.
This show should have been great. It was a great setlist in a great venue and there was a lot of crowd energy. The only thing that seemed to be missing was the band. They just never got into the songs. Of the 4 times that I've seen DMB this was by far the worst. Having said that, this show did give me my favorite DMB moment, when Stefan began his Watchtower bass solo and after about a minute started the bass line from Stir it Up. The crowd started singing, and that was enough to convince the rest of the band to start playing too. I still think that the crowd was mostly responsible for this high point of the evening by picking up on Stefans riff. The band just seemed to be sort of bored the whole night and despite the best efforts of the crowd to give them some energy, it was a pretty mediocre performance.
Just got back from Alpine, what a great show Dave put on tonight! If you are a fan of the old stuff, this show was for you. Tripping Billies opened followed by DDTW, Grey Street, and WWYS. A great beginning only to be followed by Grace, When the World Ends, which is an awesome song to hear in concert, and Bartender which had a nice jam following it. Then the Stone, what a great song live, with an awesome outro! Fool to think, Crush, then a little song that jane likes. DIDO, then the new song, Loving Wings, mellowed things out a little bit. Where are you going into a little Marley, Stir it Up, Stefan jammed into this one and then jammed into Watchtower. Dave came back out and sang Diggin a Ditch and ended it with What You Are. What a great concert!
This was my first DMB concert, and I must say that it was an euphoric experience. From the first note of TRIPPING BILLIES to Dave's resonating voice "Buh-Bye", the band was AWEsome. Best points of the evening were no doubt "CRUSH" and "WATCHTOWER". CoolMan jams! Of course I must mention my surprise when Stefan began to play the first few notes to my fave Marley song, "Stir it Up". At this, the whole crowd was ecstatic. I almost peed in my pants! However, the "low point", if there was one, would have to be the encore, which definitely left me wanting more. "Ants" would have been a perfect ending to an almost perfect night. (Aside from getting peed on)
Simply put, this show was amazing! It was strong from start to finish. I'll try to break it down quickly... sticking to notables... Trippin'- Great opener! Same classic, and Boyd rocks. Afterwards, Dave tells us how Alpine is his favorite place to play! Damn! Thanks Dave! Keep comin' back! WWYS- Great as always. LeRoi's jam was pretty long and he was sounding great. Bartender- Almost perfect... Great Boyd jam, followed by a strong Butch solo, followed by a God-aweful pennywhistle outro (which I normally like)... it was so off-key, hideous, and LeRoi was so pissed that afterwards he chucked it on the floor. I also think at this point, he ditched his shades for most of the rest of the concert. Fool- I dunno know... is it me, or is it hard to get into this song at a concert? Drive- Solid. Some different lyrics (although I think that's nothing new... new to me; it was cool). Stir It Up- Really, it was Stephan's intro to Watchtower, and he stumbles upon the bass-line to this old Marley cover. The crowds singing the chourus, the band picks it up, Dave sings a verse, they play for minutes (MUCH more than a tease)... then went back into Stephan's solo and a powerful Watchtower! Very cool experience. WYA- Had the mother-fucker outro. A much better song when Dave's yelling at you at the end of this song... good closer. Everything else was solid, as usual, and the crowd was remarkably good-natured and had a lot of energy. Overall, it was a great show.
This was an amaizing show. It was my 21st DMB show and I was totally blown away. After a subpar performance in Chicago, I was really looking forward to the guys to show their talents off at the best venue in the country. My highlights were Tripping Billies, Don't Drink The Water, Stone, Crush, and Drive In Drive Out. Oh yeah, that Stir It Up tease we all heard at Deer Creek came out for an extremely rare and astounding intro to Watchtower. Night one ranks up there with one of the best shows I've been to and the guys keep getting better with age!
On a scale of ten, this show gets a 7 from me. The boys got off to a great start. No one was expecting them to start things off with Billies. DDTW was great, and the crowd went wild for Grey Street. The band kept the audience involved for WWYS which included a mad LeRoi solo. Then, it slowed down a bit. GIG and WTWE were nothing special. I was disapointed to see so many people in the pavilion sitting down for Bartender. It's a shame because Fonzie had a nice solo. The Stone and Crush were great to hear along with The Song That Jane Likes. Everybody got up and danced again for DIDO. I love the way the band ended the set with Loving Wings (a great tune), WAYG, STIR IT UP!!!!!!! and Watchtower. After Watchtower, you could hear everybody in the State of Wisconsin. It was so loud; everyone was going nuts. We were going so nuts and were so blown away by what we just witnessed, the crowd was expecting something huge from the band. Instead, the boys left us with Ditch and What You Are. Honestly, that's no way to treat a crowd that was very energetic (excluding Bartender and Loving Wings) especially when Dave continued to mention how much they loved to play at Alpine. I must admit that I was thrilled after Watchtower and disapointed after What You Are. Therefore on a scale of 10, I give this concert a 7.
Phil M.
Well to start off it was a tight and energy packed set. The only issue was that it was a very "radio friendly" set. *TRIPPING BILLIES*-great way to start off the show, tons of energy and Carter and Boyd tore it up. *DON'T DRINK THE WATER*-first time since '99 that I got to see it. Love hearing it live, I called this as the opening song, but only off by one. *GREY STREET*-saw the 12 string knew what it had to be. Sounded great as always, but they didn't jam it out as much as previous nights. *WHAT WOULD YOU SAY*-good old school song, Leroi had a nice long solo that pumped the crowd up. *GRACE IS GONE*-first time hearing this live and they didn't let me down. Such a sweet song and it sounded great. At this point I figured it was about time for an Everyday song and he pulled out *WHEN THE WORLD ENDS*. Picked the crowd up, always sounds great live. *BARTENDER*-nice long intro by Boyd. Dave's wailing tonight was intense and the crowd soaked it up. Leroi and Butch had nice solos at the end. *THE STONE* FINALLY!!!! I get to hear this one live for the first time and I was amazed. It sounded so great nice long jam at the end and it faded out...then they kicked back into the ending on it...AWESOME!! *FOOL TO THINK* Tonight's version was probably the best version I have seen. They slowed the tempo down a notch and it sounded 10x better then the studio or previous versions. *CRUSH*-Stefan was strumming his bass, knew it was coming. Great version, the lighting with the blue and green lights created a great backdrop to a great song. Stefan and Boyd kicked in at the end. *SONG THAT JANE LIKES*-take me back to the old school hear. Most of the crowd used this as a bathroom break. Sounded so good and I was glad I got to hear this one for the first time in 5 years. *DRIVE IN DRIVE OUT*-tons of energy Carter and Boyd took charge of this one. A nice 8 minute version of this song picked the crowd up nicely. *LOVING WINGS*-totally lost the crowd here. I like the song, but the "radio fans" had no clue and talked during the entire song. You knew they would all come back, though, for *WHERE ARE YOU GOING*-standard, nothing too big. Then Stefan starts jamming on his I'm thinking WATCHTOWER...and out of no where they go into STIR IT UP. WOW!!!!! It turned into a giant sing-a-long. The first time in 4 years that they pulled this out. *WATCHTOWER*-nice 10 min. version...Dave's wailing at the end brought the crowd to their feet...glad he pulled this out. On to the encore....hoping for LIOG or ANTS but they went into a sweet version of *DIGGING A DITCH*. The lights created a somber mood, the crowd was quiet so you could hear the acoustics nicely. *WHAT YOU ARE*-saw the electric and new what song it was. The intro wasn't as long as previous ones, but it did send the crowd off nicely. Enjoyed this years shows and am looking forward to hitting more next spring. Enjoy the long awaited break guys-you deserve it!!
Drue H.
First off i would like to say Cory Harris, and hjis band were awesome, the kind of had a bluesy funk reggae thing going on that i totally dig. Now on to the main event, starts off with billies, in my mind about the best opener possible, followed with a rockin Don't drink the water, and grey street, followd by what would you say, so for the 1st 4 songs energy just kept pickin up, it was awesome.(except for the fact i got peed on) Then is slows down a little bit for grace is gone, which was good to give us all a break, its a very pretty song, done quite well live, when the world ends, bartender ands the stone were all awesome too, the band just jammed away for a while, got some crazy solos in very good. fool to think, i dont know why they played it, i dont hate the song, and i wasnt really put off by hearing it, but no one was really into it, its not that great......but he saved it with crush afterwards it blew my mind, i've always love it but never before heard it live, and WOW, thats all i can say. then to my surpise he played STJL which is awesome, crazy awesome, i never thought he'd play it, i kinda had this silly grin on my face the wholoe time just cause it was so awesome, this followed by DIDO, which just kicked my ass, i liked the last couple verses he changed it up, its always nice to hear great songs a little different, then he played loving wings which i didnt really know but was still real nice, that into where are you going, good song but heard it enough, thats alright though, now one of the shows highlights, a killer bass solo, into stir it up, where that came from i don't know but it was awesome, that went into a seconds bass solo which was infact the watchtower intro, that song blew my mind, never rocked so hard, then encore digging a ditch which was nice just to catch my breathe, and that what you are, which is very good, burt would have rather had like two step or something older, all in all AWESOME 10 of 10, i dug all the old stuff, since that is the best DMB music.....and alpine is great place to see a concert, we had lawn and still was great, if you get the chance go there!
Jeff G.
WOW!!!!!!!!!!! STIR IT UP>WATCHTOWER. Awesome. The boys were on tonight. The opening of TB and DDTW was excellent. bartender then stone. Jane is always a treat. but when they broke out stir it up that made it a killer show. encore was different but not a let down. I am still just faded by stir it up. The boys rocked alpine tonight and showed why dave calls this his fav. place to play. Rock on to all and take care All fellow DMBers
Excellent show!!! I said that last night's show was way too mellow, and the band certainly changed that. TB was an excellent opener. So much energy with Dave and the guys. Then DDTW... unbelievable. They opened with this when they were at Allstate and it was great to hear again. What I probably loved the most was the fact that they went into some good oldschool stuff. Jane was phenomenal!! Most people had no clue about the song. But that was a great song. Then DIDO was really good. But, like everyone said, the highlight had to be Stir It Up. I was totally amazed that they went in to it. Watchtower was a great close to the set with the entire band jamming like they were fresh out of the box. My only negative, and it really isn't a negative, was the encore. I would have loved to hear Ants as a close but eventhough WYA was unexpected, it certainly didn't disappoint. I loved this show and it was certainly what I expected after the let down at Tweeter. I'd put it up there towards the top with the shows I saw during the Crash and BTCS days.
Matt C.
This show kinda sucked. i really didn't feel any energy from the band. The interesting part seemed to be all the fights, and people practically having sex. This was show 3 this year, and many of the songs seemed old and overplayed. But a good decent show. If the girl who sat in the back reads this, what is up with the shirt that said "Wanted - Female roommate". What does your man think of that. I would really like to know.
My show #35; ranks somewhere in the top third. After a bottom-tier show on Thursday, the Band came out praising Alpine Valley (my favorite venue to see them!) and did not disappoint. BILLIES was a strong opener; got everyone hopping. DDTW was solid, although nothing special. GREY STREET is a great live song with heavy play this summer, but it doesn't seem to get old. WWYS rocked out; tight. GIG was beautiful; definitely a crowd-pleasing sing-along that is only going to grow in popularity. WTWE is my current favorite live song off of Everyday -- the band has fun; I burn one. BARTENDER was strong; wail away, Dave. STONE -- what a treat! Always good to hear. Crowd was jumping to hear this. FOOL TO THINK -- I've heard better live versions, but they jammed. CRUSH always impresses; go Boyd with the counter-melodies. JANE was another crowd pleaser, at least with the old school. Got everyone moving again. DIDO kept us moving; solid, rockin' version. WINGS --> WAYG was nice. WINGS is beginning to grow on me -- especially as LeRoi jumps in after Dave sings the verses. WAYG is another sing-along favorite; one of my new favorites. STIR IT UP! I have been hoping to hear this since the few times it was played in '98, where one of my friends got to catch it. Fonzi had teased it earlier in the evening but I didn't want to get my hopes up. Then there he is again laying down the bass line. Before you know it, the audience jumps in singing the chorus. Dave waves the band in and off they go. Gave us a verse and plenty of Little Darlin', Stir It Up. And of course into a rockin' AATW after that. Good jams all around. E: Entire band comes out, so I figured we were getting DIGGIN' A DITCH. Beautiful song; well played. Ended the show with WHAT YOU ARE, which gets my vote for most improved song this tour (I don't even mind hearing it just about every show I hit this year!). The contrasts within the song that they have developed are great, and Dave really lets loose vocally in the new ending. Solid performance, bumped up in the rankings with a smashing Stir It Up/AATW.
After a shitty night at the Tweeter, my confidence was completely redeemed. Dave comes out saying that he didnt know why, but Alpine was his favorite venue to perform at. After a statement like that, you know you are in for a ride. The energy was off the wall tonight. This was my first time seeing The Stone live, and then being treated to Song That Jane Likes, and Stir It Up into Watchtower was unreal. This show easily ranks up into my top two out of 11 shows. The only criticism of the show would be the placement of the encore and set closer. What You Are is coming into its own, but I dont think that should be the encore close. It is better placed to end the set, and Watchtower should have been the close. Either way, tonight was a fucking sweet show, so I cant bitch. Im pissed as hell that I had to go back to school, so I cant follow it up with the second night. A hell of a way to end the summer.
Rudy .
Wow is all i can say to a very powerfull start of the evening. Trippin b what a great opener didnt expect that then into my friend joes favorite DDTW. Grey street was outstanding and when you think it cant get better here comes WWYS. The boys slowed it down a little but still rocked . Song that jane likes first time ever seen live and well worth the wait. Watchtower was out of this world jammed it very hard. Encore didnt expect them to play what you are i saw this in chicago in april and really liked this song a lot live and the did the same thing dave went a little crazy at the end great show
Matt R.
Had a great time at Alpine, it was nice to see DMB there. It had been just over two years since he played there last. This show was great; Tripping Billies, What Would You Say, Song That Jane Likes, but I just wish they wouldn't mix the new songs in with those; When The World Ends, Fool To Think, Where Are... and What You Are, are actually quite LAME! Anyhow, Stir It Up blew me away!!! Stefan played the base line and every one in the crowd started singing. I was so happy that the band wanted to play it, I thought it might be a tease and then go right into "I Did It", hey Dave's done crazier things! A little side note, at Further Fest 9/1/00 at Alpine almost two years ago to the day, Ziggy Marley came out w/ the Other Ones and sang Stir It Up, very nice also. Seeing two Stir It Up's in Two years was like a religous experience, well maybe not religous but very cool! If interested look at what they played 8/19/00 and you will see that during 8/31, 9/1 they played many of those songs, 7 each day! I missen 8/19 but in esence I guess I didn't! Hope every one else had a fun time! I'm a warehouser and had Pav. seats sec 202 row ZZ, wahoo!
Derek Z.
tonights setlist was pretty decent but i thought it could have been a lot better, but anyways.......Trippings Billies what a great opener, it got the crowd singing and dancing along. DDTW this is my first time hearing it live and what a treat to hear it live. Grey Street one of my fav. songs off of Busted Stuff also good to hear live. WWYS an awesome song that really got crowd going. GIG this is another song that i've never heard live before and pretty damn amazing if you ask me. WTWE if you ask me thats a pretty wanker song. Bartender, WOW! Dave puts so much passion into this song and a great song off of Busted Stuff. The Stone another really good song. FTT actually this was a pretty good song to hear live even though i'm not a big fan of Everyday. Crush had an awesome Boyd solo. STJL, this is one hell of a song to hear live and it was my first time hearing it live. DIDO another first time song and this song is pry one of my fav. from this set list. LW pretty good song live and then going straight into WAYG not a big fan of this song but its growing on me. Stir It Up - WOW!!! what can i say about this song....let me see......STIR IT UP, LIL DARLIN STIR IT UP! DMB did a great job of covering one of the greatest Bob Marley songs and then going straight into Bob Dylan's All Along the Watchtower, and again this was my first time hearing it live and holy cow there was so much energy in this song its was so awesome! Digging A Ditch was a pretty good song to hear. WYA, this song gets better and better each time i see it live...."get down on your knees motherfucker!!" well thats what i'm pretty sure he said tonight. hahaha. but i thought that the encore should have been better w/a Two Step or Ants Marching or LIOG and before those songs a Dave solo like Gravedigger or Long Black Veil. now that would have been an awesome encore.